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  • stina-is-a-punk-rocker
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    the worst book I’ve read all year: stephanie perkins’ ‘lola and the boy next door’

    “It’s fun to write a review if you hate the movie. It’s easy to talk about the things we hate.”

    Is it really meta if it’s probably unintentional? I don’t know, but it sure feels like that line was oddly self-referential.

    For me, at least. Not for the hundred-odd gushing reviews I read on Goodreads (my one-stop shop for all my book reviewing needs).

    I’ll admit, I did not open Lola and the Boy Next Door with high hopes. There was a sneak-peek for the first chapter on the back of my copy of Anna and the French Kiss, and it was an effort and a half to get through it. I was not expecting particularly beautiful prose or an incredible plot.

    And that was an overestimation.

    Lola is easily the worst book I’ve read in months- and that’s counting Red Dragon and Six of Crows, both of which I abandoned several pages in (admittedly, it was neither of the books’ fault, but moreso the fact that I got into several new ships, and spent hours scouring the tags on Ao3. Also, I didn’t want to force myself to read something that I knew needed to be read carefully to properly appreciate- I think I pushed myself a bit too far with The Goldfinch, and I didn’t want to make the same mistake again).

    I wasn’t a fan of Anna, either, but that was because of the shitty characters that Perkins expected me to root for. That being said, I did like her style of writing, and she had some genuinely good jokes and cute moments. In Lola, she takes those few merits, and slam-dunks them into the garbage chute.

    Lola’s protagonist is Dolores ‘Lola’ Haze Nolan (I spent an embarrassing amount of time wondering what the name of the main character was), seventeen years old and someone who’s taken #quirky to the extreme. She’s a budding fashion designer. She lives with her parents, Andy and Nathan (who is biologically her uncle. Her actual mum, Norah, is a drug-addicted fortune teller who mooches off of Nathan and Andy) and a dog, Betsy, in a presumably well-off San Francisco suburb. Her best friend is the token Asian, Lindsey Lim. And she’s got a boyfriend, Max Whatsisname, who’s a metalhead and in a band called Amphetamine (which is only slightly better of a name than- ugh- ‘Penny Dreadfuls’).

    Max is twenty-two, by the way.

    The Bell family used to live next door to the Nolans, once upon a time. They’re direct descendants of Alexander Graham Bell, by the way. Aleck is the oldest, and then you’ve got the eighteen-year-old twins, Calliope and… Cricket (yes, that is his real name. These people really named one twin after the Greek muse of epic poetry and eloquence, and the other after an arthropod). Cricket is the titular ‘boy next door’.

    Lola has a thus far undisclosed history with Cricket, which we’re led to believe is far more intense than it actually is. Lola drops a stack of plates, gets distracted while kissing Humbert Humbert Max, gets distracted during work (by the way, Anna and St. Clair are in this book, as her coworkers), and has her wigged head in a tizz for quite a while… only for us to find out that it was because Cricket supposedly didn’t invite her to his birthday party.

    (Later, it turns out that Calliope orchestrated the whole thing and Cricket didn’t have a clue, because Calliope didn’t like Lola, because she [Calliope] felt like Lola was stealing Cricket away from her.)

    Shit happens, Lola goes through the problem every cishet girl in a YA novel does (“I like boy! But I also like other boy! Both boys like me! Best course of action: string them both along!”), and Lola ends up with Cricket. Big whoop.

    My hatred for this book was so intense. I’ve never hated a protagonist as much as I hated Lola, and I’ve read loads of books with shitty MCs. At several points, I considered not reading it (you know, like a rational person), but because I am a petty bitch, I plowed on- hey, if I can’t get an ounce of enjoyment from the book, I might as well crank out an impassioned rant to let off some steam.

    For any other book I’ve read, I can list out merits. Hell, even Anna had its perks. But I can’t think of a single one for Lola; not even the writing style. It was boring and bland and sounded like something written by a thirteen-year-old who’d just discovered Wattpad. Even worse, actually- I wrote better in 2014, and I wrote Harry Styles fanfiction back then (since deleted off the face of the earth, in case you’re curious).

    So, yeah. I fucking hated every last page of Lola, and here’s a long and unnecessary spiel why.

    · the plot (or lack thereof)

    Girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy. Boy leaves. Girl meets placeholder. Girl meets boy again. Girl dithers between boy and placeholder for far too long than is necessary, ultimately going for the boy again. It’s a tale as old as time.

    But it’s not impossible to make those clichés work. Unfortunately for Lola, it does not.

    I guessed the entire plot within pages- which isn’t particularly hard for a contemporary YA rom-com, but, like, let me have this, dammit.

    Everything that happened seemed a little too coincidentally convenient; Max being a total arse to Lola in the last few pages so any of the straggling readers on Team Max (seriously, if you were on Team Max, you were setting yourself up for disappointment on this one. Just look at the damn title; it doesn’t say Lola and the Man Who Groomed Her); at one point, Lola, who’s standing up, ‘tumbles’ into Cricket’s arms; Cricket arrives in the nick of time while Lola’s throwing a tantrum about her prom dress disaster, and knows how to do rectify hairdos because his sister is a figure skater and he’s done her hair before.

    I know I say this a lot, but there’s so much of the plot that could’ve been chopped off. But of course, we’re in Idiotville, Moron Town; which brings me to-

    · the characters are cunts

    I don’t vibe with Lola Nolan. Intensely. I made an effort to like her, I really did- but she’s insufferable.

    Perkins made an effort to give Lola a passion she was actually knowledgeable about- unlike Anna, who was a self-asserted film critic but didn’t know that France was popular for film. Lola’s a budding fashion designer, and fashion designers are always eccentric every time they appear in a piece of media. Lola’s no different- she’s certainly got an eclectic sense of style;

    - [I wish to] attend the winter formal dressed like Marie Antoinette. I want a wig so elaborate it could cage a bird and a dress so wide I’ll only be able to enter the dance through a set of double-doors. But I’ll hold my skirts high as I arrive to reveal a pair of platform combat boots, so everyone can see that, underneath the frills, I’m punk-rock tough.
    - Along with my pajama bottoms and Bakelite bangles, I’m wearing a tank top. I’ve also got on my giant white Jackie O sunglasses, a long brunette wig with emerald tips, and black ballet slippers. Real ballet slippers, not the flats that only look like ballet slippers.
    - I’m wearing a long black wig with straight bangs, a white dress I made from a bedsheet, chunky golden jewelry, and- of course- ancient Egyptian eyes drawn in kohl.

    (That last one is a bit yikes, but that’s a topic for another day.)

    People are allowed to wear what they want to, and if dressing up like every day is Hallowe’en is your cup of tea- go for it. Hell, I support you 100%.

    But something that bothers me (that probably shouldn’t, but I’m bothered by everything, so go figure) is when people act different for the express purpose of being different. I just find it kind of icky when people try too hard to stand out that they end up losing sight of who they are. It gives off too much ‘special snowflake’ energy that makes it way too cringey for me to take seriously. Bitch, like what you like, no matter who else likes it. Stop trying so fucking hard to be unique. And something about Lola made her seem like one of those people.

    Just so you know that I’m not pulling this out of my arse:

    “I don’t see me,” I say. “I’m gone… I’m lost. I’m hidden.”

    Be weird because you are weird. It’s all about authenticity, babe. Manufactured eccentricity is fake and pathetic- and there’s nothing wrong with being like everybody else if that’s what you genuinely like.

    Maybe I’m getting too worked up about this, but I’ve known people who try too hard to be something they’re not, and none of them are happy.

    Huh. Maybe I made myself pity Lola a smidgen. Who would’ve thought?

    That still doesn’t make me like her any better, because it doesn’t negate the fact that she causes most of her problems for herself.

    The love triangle, for example. The constant going back-and-forth between each (boring) white boy. There was literally no reason to drag it out that long, ma’am- the title of the book already let us know who’s gonna make the cut. Cricket literally told her that he liked her, and had liked her for a long time, fairly early on in the book. Make up your damn mind, honey- it ain’t that deep.

    She has the voice of a preteen, by the way. I forgot several times how old she was, because of the way she acted/thought/talked (which made for a very disconcerting read, since we’re constantly reminded that her boyfriend is twenty-two). I mean, you’re allowed to complain about things that bother you- look at what I’m doing right now- but Lola made a huge deal out of everything.

    The way she acted at the news of the Bells’ return made me think that Cricket did some Real Fucked-Up Shit to her. And it turns out that all that happened was her not getting invited to a stupid party his sister hosted.

    Also, apparently, she believes she has “the world’s strictest parents” (*laughs in Asian*), because they ask her when her ADULT boyfriend is dropping her UNDERAGE arse (which he has witnessed, by the way, because he’s fucking disgusting) at home and reminding her to call them because they, I don’t know, love her and want her to be safe??? Man, you white kids confuse me.

    Maybe it’s to be expected of someone who romanticizes Mary Antoinette, but Lola comes across as so. damn. ignorant. 99% of her problems would be solved with this fascinating new concept those of us in the medical field like to call ✨ c o m m u n i c a t i o n ✨. She’s so self-centered and selfish and has all of those other adjectives beginning in ‘self-’ applicable to her, except for ‘self-aware’.

    She constantly ditches her friends for her boyfriends, throws fits over minor inconveniences (and this is coming from someone who is prone to making much ado about nothing), is honestly quite a bitch to the people who care for her, lies, fakes- you get the gist.

    Lola is a caricature of an actually eccentric person, and a bad caricature, at that.

    And then we have our non-floppy haired white cishet male love interest;

    Giving someone who is long and gangly a nickname like ‘Cricket’ would’ve been okay. It’s a lot less hurtful than kids calling you ‘elephant’ or ‘pig’ (I speak from experience). But a name like ‘Cricket’ is just cruel. Especially when your twin’s called something fancy like ‘Calliope’.

    Imagine if Cricket had turned out to be the figure skater instead of Calliope. Was this planned, Mr. and Mrs. Bell?

    Horrendous name aside, Cricket’s pretty decent compared to other YA male love interests. He’s smart and reserved and awkward and inventive… and he’s so fucking boring.

    His character had potential, which is what hurts me the most. I love science, and I love seeing characters who love science as well (representation on a tiny scale, but, like, I love it). So many YA books have artists and poets and writers- and while that’s not a bad thing, I’m tired of every fucking book having some soft boy™ love interest who quotes fucking Brontë and Austen to show off how smart he is.

    But Cricket Bell (I can never take that name seriously what the fuck) is so fucking bland, goddamn. He’s literally so fucking uninteresting. I didn’t understand the whole ‘manic pixie dream boy’ trope until I read Lola.

    Cricket’s sole reason for existing is Lola. His only goal in life seems to be getting with Lola. He’s a lovesick puppy (for Lola, in case that wasn’t clear), and that’s about it.

    Calliope’s a far more fleshed-out character, by a wide margin. She’s actually one of the three characters that caught my interest. Admittedly, her possessiveness over Cricket rung several alarm bells (Cersei and Jaime Lannister gave me so many trust issues, now I side-eye every interaction between a pair of fraternal twins in media). But the pressure on her to be perfect, the fear of losing the person closest to her- they made her seem more human than the cardboard cutout her brother was.

    Max is another interesting character. He’s dating a minor, which is icky, and I’m not about to defend him for that- and he is a prick, but he seems like his own person outside of Lola, unlike Cricket. And as much as I don’t like the guy, that sudden change in character towards the end of the book seemed far too convenient for the plot to be realistic. Lola breaking up with Max because he’s an arsehole is more likely to get the reader on Lola’s side, instead of Lola breaking up with Max because she caught feelings for another guy.

    Max’s name bothers me too, because I’ve only ever met dogs named Max, and it’s too basic of a name to give an important character. At one point, I forgot who Max was and thought it was one of Lola’s dads, so it led to a pretty nasty misconception when Lola described Max as ‘sexy’.

    Lindsey’s the token POC, and one of the most useless characters of them all. Honestly, the only thing her presence added to the story was showing us what a bitch Lola was. Lola describes Lindsey as “pretty, bordering on plain”- and Lola also says she’s “very loyal” to Lindsey- then ditches her for sex with Max.

    Again, Lindsey had potential, because she gives perhaps the only funny line in this entire dumpster fire of a book:

    “I like Max,” I say. “He likes me. What’s wrong with that?”
    “The law,” she says.

    Lola’s dads are pretty decent, although I’m a bit peeved by;

    Shouldn’t a couple of gay men sympathize with the temptation offered by a sexy, slightly dangerous boyfriend?

    Not if you’re underage!!! Bitch!!!

    And I know I’m looking too deep into this, but gay men are often (obviously, wrongfully) accused of being pedophiles (yes, I’m going there), so Lola comparing her relationship as a minor with an older man, to a gay relationship, just sounds Very Not Good to me.

    And here’s this preachy bit:

    Andy is always the first to soften in difficult situations.
    Which, by the way, doesn’t make him ‘the woman’. Nothing annoys me more than someone assuming one of my dads is less than a dad. Yeah, Andy bakes for a living. And he stayed at home to raise me. And he’s decent at talking about feelings. But he also fixes electrical sockets, unclogs kitchen pipes, squashes cockroaches, and changes flat tires. And Nathan may be the resident disciplinarian and a tough lawyer for the ACLU, but he also decorates our house with antiques and gets teary during sitcom weddings.
    So neither is ‘the woman’. They’re both gay men. Duh.
    Besides, it’s not like all women fit into those stereotypes either.

    … Thanks for the clarification? Didn’t really ask, but okay?

    Norah’s the third- and last- character who seemed like an actual person. The scenes she was in were perhaps the only not horrible parts of the book. She didn’t really add any depth to Lola’s character, though- so I don’t know why she was a part of it, except as a discount Trelawney- but she was interesting. And I respect that.

    And then we have… sigh… Anna and St. Clair.

    Why were they a part of this why why why why why

    It would’ve been okay if they’d made a cameo; a little Easter egg for those who came from Anna- but this was fucking ridiculous.

    Anna and St. Clair were nauseating- and not in a good way. It wasn’t, “It’s cute. I hate it.” It’s more like, “Fuck this for existing. I hate it. Die.”

    It felt too much like Stephanie Perkins giving herself a pat on the back for writing a couple that stayed together 5ever and loved each other 3much. Lola thinks Anna is pretty and that her skunk stripe is cool, and that St. Clair’s cute or whatever, and apparently shrugs in a European way, whatever the hell that is.

    Anna and St. Clair had a bigger role than Lindsey did. And I’m mad, because my girl Lindsey deserved better.

    · the writing was legitimately bad

    I liked Perkins’ writing style {Anna’s voice} in the first book of the series. As questionable as some of the things she said in that voice were, Anna made for an engaging heroine that kept me reading until the very last page.

    What the hell happened with Lola?

    The writing seems pretty unpolished and amateur- way, way too much showing- I get that Lola’s a fashionista and Fashion Design is Her Passion, but there are ways to describe what your characters are wearing instead of making it seem like it came straight out of a bad Wattpad story. Honestly, the only thing that’s missing is a link to a Pinterest board.

    And it gets so… boring (which makes Lola perfect for Cricket, in a way. They’ve both got as much personality as a loaf of bread). Anna’s internal monologue was interesting. Lola’s was one of my diary entries from 2012. When I was eleven.

    Maybe the ‘moon and stars’ and all that crap was meant to be #deep or whatever, but by the time, I was so fucking done with the book that all it did was make me roll my eyes. Again, I’m getting the vibe of one of my younger self’s diary entries, and I am Not Liking It.

    To conclude: Lola has made it onto my list of DNF books, I’m appalled that it actually made me appreciate Anna more, and you bet your ass that I’m going to be reading Isla and the Happily Ever After, because I am a masochist and a petty bitch.

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  • aiceazeneth
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ¿Sabías que...

    la inercia es la propiedad de los cuerpos de modificar su estado de reposo por la acción de una fuerza?

    En esta historia Veronica Roth, su autora, presenta un cambio de estado sentimental en sus protagonistas. También, presenta el concepto de inercia como una canción, que justamente habla de su significado como palabra.

    Inercia de Veronica Roth se encuentra en Días de Sol y Noches de Verano. Una complicación de historias de amor veraniegas con la edición de Stephanie Perkins.
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  • stefito0o
    03.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    It's just so strange when in your head you always connect an author with a certain genre and than boom suddenly you find out they have a book which is in a totally different one.

    My reaction when I saw this at work was "What? The same Stephanie Perkins with Anna, Lola and Isla?"

    P. S. I do realise this book is not new and authors change genres but I was just surprised and thought I'm gonna share my amazement with you all.

    And yes, I do sound a bit stuffy or narrow-minded when it comes to literature sometimes but I am really not lol

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  • onpagetwentyone
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    It’s been a while since I bought more than 2 books in a month, in fact, since I got my kindle months ago, I stopped buying paperbacks. Well, stopping may be a bit exaggerated but there’s a drastic decrease of book purchases which makes my wallet and my bank account happier. LOL!

    This month, however, I decided to reward myself a bit, ok, I KNOW! I’ve been rewarding myself since January but I know I deserve all the stuff I buy for myself. Right? Right! 

    There are tons of bookstores online that are so freaking tempting, and second-hand bookshops, too. I might have enjoyed adding books on my cart too much because I somehow ended up buying 6 books for the month of February alone. I wonder how that happened. *insert thinking emoji* 

    As you probably know, I’m a huge Colleen Hoover fan! I loved and enjoyed almost all of her books and it’s in my bucket list to buy all of her books (and some of my favorites from other authors, too). I have all of her books in my kindle but I’ll be happier if I’ll have them all in my bookshelf as well. So here we go, the books 

    1. LAYLA by Colleen Hoover - I ordered at Fully Booked website but I believe copies are already available in our local bookstores. I’m about to buddy read it with a friend but I’m a busy bee so we’ll probably read it when we’re both free.

    Some of Colleen Hoover’s books are indie so it’s impossible to find them in local bookshops here in the Philippines, luckily, I found an online shop via shopee and they are selling authentic CoHo books! Yaaaay! A bit pricey for a paperback but I just thought of it as a reward for myself for being alive. LOL!

    2. VERITY by Colleen Hoover - this book is freaking twisted. I never thought that Colleen Hoover would write a book as twisted as this. No it’s not that dark but it’s completely different from all the Colleen Hoover books I’ve read, not to mention a mind-blowing ending. Go check it out.

    3. HEART BONES by Colleen Hoover - another cute Colleen Hoover book. Beyah and Samson are so freaking cute. I liked how the story and the characters developed and a plot twist that I somewhat expected but it still hurts, a looooot.

    You know, whenever I read a CoHo book, I feel butterflies and kilig all over but I also brace myself for a heartbreaking scene. No matter how cute/ fluffy/ sweet the book was, when it’s by Colleen Hoover, trust me when I say that a heartbreaking plot twist will happen because it will and just like any other heartbreak, it won’t be pretty. So if you want to fall in love, become a sobbing mess and fall in love all over again, go and do yourself a favor, read Colleen Hoover’s books.

    4. ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Stephanie Perkins - One of the series I binged last year was the Anna and the French Kiss trilogy, while I enjoyed the 1st book in the series, I didn’t really enjoy the 2nd one. Isla and the Happily Ever After is my favorite! My first five-star read last year! Isla and Josh are just so cute, they made my heart melt, definitely one of my favorite YA books of all time! I got frustrated that I don’t have a paperback copy of it and for some reasons, they are not available in our local bookstores.  Luckily, I saw a copy of it online, it’s pre-loved so I was able to buy it at a cheaper price plus it’s in a very good condition! Awesome deal, y’all!

    5. EDGE OF NEVER SERIES by J.A. Redmerski - I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback about this duet plus J.A. Redmerski never disappoints. I’ve seen a pre-loved copy of the Edge of Never series online so I added it to cart immediately. I only got these books for Php 650.00, in perfect condition and considering the fact that her books are not available in our local bookstores, then that’s also a good deal.

    There you go! Thank God for online shops, I’m one happy bookworm! In my next post, I’ll be sharing some books that I bought from second-hand bookshops and will also do a new list of book recommendations featuring SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE and MAFIA ROMANCE (I accidentally deleted the post I’ve made before so I’ll just post it again and will probably add more) novels so stay tuned! Thanks for reading! Stay safe, stay healthy!

    — 𝓳𝓵 🥀

    PS. Book buying ban starts now. LOL! 

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    17.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    “For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”

    📸IG: B3tweenthepage

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  • stina-is-a-punk-rocker
    14.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    stephanie perkins: ‘anna and the french kiss’


    Then again, if you’ve read any YA book, ever, it’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen.

    I was going to go easy on this book; I really was. It’s really unfair how media aimed at a female demographic is seen as frivolous and vapid, and more often than not bashed and bullied when it comes to reviews. “People actually enjoy this crap?” ask the powers that be. “It’s worthless! Pulp! Dreamy-eyed nonsense only complete nimrods could ever like!”

    And I take offense to that. There’s nothing wrong with liking romance or happy endings or stories about cute European boys. I was ecstatic when I stumbled across Anna and the French Kiss upon a chance trip to the bookstore. The cover was… meh (Century Gothic? Really? There were no other fonts?). But I’d heard nothing but praise about the book, and I was prepared to stay up all night and into the wee hours of the morning to finish it.

    Admittedly, I was far from impressed upon the first reading. The characters were unlikable, the plot would’ve worked better for less shitty characters, honestly fuck these characters am I supposed to like them, fuck Anna, fuck Étienne, fuck Bridgette, fuck Toph, fuck Dave and Meredith and Amanda and Seany and every other stupid character in this stupid book.

    The second time around, I expected to not hate it as much as I did when I first read it. It’s happened- I hated Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda when I first read it, and when I read it again, all that red-hot anger simmered down into an overall dislike. I thought To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was trash at first, and then I read it again, and it got promoted to recyclable waste matter.

    I found Anna and the French Kiss horrendous the first time I read it, and then I read it again, and… yeah, it’s still pretty awful.

    Le Sommaire:

    Anna Oliphant is a seventeen-year-old wannabe film critic who is #NotLikeOtherGirls – so she’s exactly like every other female YA lead. To her credit, she never explicitly says she’s special… everyone around her does.

    She has a pretty meh life in Atlanta, Georgia with her mum and little bruv Sean- and then her dad decides to ship her off to France for her final year of high school. I’m not judging Anna for bawling her eyes out on her first day; I’m a huge mummy’s girl myself and I’d probably (definitely) do the same.

    Meredith is Anna’s next-door neighbor, who does that thing which only happens in YA where she’s like “Oh, newbie? Let’s be friends!” (Or maybe it does happen irl and I tend to make a bad first impression which is why no one has ever approached me.)

    Meredith’s friends are: Rashmi and Josh (who are a couple), and Étienne St. Clair. Guess which one is the love interest.

    Étienne is cultured in that white person way where he’s half American, one quarter French and one quarter British. A true international.

    But- *gasp*- American-British-French boy has a girlfriend, Ellie.

    Anna has an absolutely gorgeous punk rocker (yum) boy with sideburns (yikes) back home named Christopher. Also, Christopher’s nickname is ‘Toph’ instead of ‘Chris’ because he too is #NotLikeOtherGirls. Anna tells us that nothing will happen between her and Étienne.

    Anna is wrong.

    Meredith has a crush on Étienne. So does the Regina George of the school, Amanda.

    Étienne and Anna have some moments ™.

    ♫ Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but Anna ♫

    I tear my hair out in frustration.

    Several other white boys vie for Anna’s heart. Anna remains blissfully unaware (♫ that’s what makes you beautiful ♫). Étienne (who is still dating Ellie, mind you) is unreasonably agitated by this.

    Étienne’s mum has cancer btw, which excuses all the shitty things he does, because he’s just a poor, misunderstood boy.

    Ellie dresses up as a, quote unquote, ‘slutty nurse’ for Hallowe’en, though- so it’s perfectly okay to dislike her (even though, in the first interaction she had with Anna, where Ellie meets Anna and Étienne, after Étienne takes Anna to the movies, Ellie is perfectly sweet).

    Anna, however, is NOT a slut. Amanda is, though. And Rashmi’s cold. And Meredith’s desperate. And Emily’s a slut, too. And her friend Bridgette from Atlanta is a traitor. Anna has an intense case of internalized misogyny.

    Anna’s friend Bridgette from Atlanta is screwing Toph, and Anna throws a fit.

    Étienne and Anna have some more moments ™.

    A truly chaotic series of events befall Anna. She somehow winds up dating Dave (one from the harem of white boys who likes her) to spite Étienne, she gets into a fight with Amanda, more drama ensues, there’s a hint for a spinoff, Étienne and her kiss, Meredith sees and feels betrayed… several misunderstandings and more bullshit later, Étienne and Anna wind up together, because true love conquers all.

    Mes Réflexions:

    (If the French is off, blame Google Translate.)

    Usually, it takes me half a page of my notebook to scribble down my thoughts about the book I’m reading. This motherfucker took me almost an entire page.

    Granted, a solid 30% of those notes are me throwing insults at Étienne, but still. ‘STOP STOP STOP YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND YOU DICK’ counts, right?

    (That was #17 in my notes, by the way.)

    For the record, I like Stephanie Perkins’s writing. It’s not as over-the-top and unnecessarily introspective as Jenny Han’s in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and the interactions between Anna and her classmates were natural and not the “How do you do, fellow kids?” style of Becky Albertalli’s Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. The pacing is decent- I didn’t feel like it was too rushed; not the insta-love trope most YA romances unfortunately fall prey to.

    And yet. AND YET.

    Anna: “What’s your problem?” Amanda: “You.”

    Same, Amanda, same.

    Anna Oliphant is one of my least favorite leads in a book, ever. Étienne’s even shittier. And it’s not like Nick or Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, or any of the main characters from The Secret History, where readers pretty much unanimously hate them. You’re meant to relate to Anna, you’re meant to find Étienne charming and dreamy. I literally had to put the book away and calm myself down several times- especially in the last quarter of the book.

    One of my main gripes with Anna is how… dumb she is. I guess Anna’s “Oopsies, silly me, I don’t know French!” is meant to be relatable to the readers. And some parts (like her not knowing how to order food because she can’t speak French) are plausible, but- sis, you didn’t know how to spell oui? And my idea of a cinematic masterpiece is Kung-Fu Panda, but even a dumbass like me knows that France is the film appreciation capital of the world. And yet Anna, a self-professed film freak, doesn’t?

    Of course, Anna’s gorgeous, but she has no clue, because of course she doesn’t- even though she has multiple guys falling head over heels for her.

    I’m in a short skirt. It’s the first time I’ve worn one here, but my birthday seems like the appropriate occasion. “Woo, Anna!” Rashmi fake-adjusts her glasses. “Why do you hide those things?”
    Étienne is staring at my legs. The scales covering them throb under his intense gaze, and the pincers sticking out of my thighs start clicking rapidly in arousal. My hooves shiver in ecstasy.

    … sorry, that’s not funny.

    Her friends think Anna’s weird for wanting to write film reviews (which is the most contrived thing I’ve ever heard) instead of being the next Margot Robbie or whatever, but of course Étienne doesn’t and he thinks it’s not weird and cool and that Anna is such a special snowflake.

    (Man, I sound like Amanda.)

    And then we have this spiel by Anna about how she got into film critiquing (?), because we the readers need to know how special and #NotLikeOtherGirls Anna is.

    To this, I say, “Piss off, you pretentious fuck.”

    Of course, Anna’s a virgin and she’s never gotten drunk before or worn short skirts- she’s not a slut, she shaves below the knees only.

    And would YA really be YA without several hearty helpings of internalized misogyny?

    First up, we have the bimbo; the Barbie doll archetype whose only goal in life is acquiring the main guy (who is quite obviously uninterested in her), and making life hell for our protagonist. Amanda Whatsername (is she ever given a surname?) has this coveted role in Anna and the French Kiss. She’s blond (because of course she is); the first time we meet her, she’s in a, quote unquote, ‘teeny tank top’, and she also ‘positions herself for maximum cleavage exposure’. She’s always flipping her hair, getting her grubby paws on Étienne, giving Anna the stink-eye, being homophobic and a grade-A bitch.

    Meredith goes batshit when Anna and Étienne kiss, and is very pouty and unhappy during prior Anna x Shittiene moments. Honey… he’s just not that into you. Rashmi’s the Ice Queen reincarnate and halfway to bitchdom. Anna doesn’t go as hard on them as she does on literally every other female her age in the book, though.

    Rashmi looks at me for the first time, calculating whether or not I might fall in love with her own boyfriend.

    Anna, hate to break it to you, but not everyone’s a possessive fucking weirdo.

    About Cherrie, her ex-boyfriend Matt’s new girlfriend:

    And maybe Cherrie isn’t as bad as I remember. Except she is. She totally is. After only five minutes in her company, I cannot fathom how Bridge stands sitting with her at lunch every day.
    Her lifeless laugh is one of her lesser attributes. What does Matt see in her?

    Even Bridgette, Anna’s best friend from Atlanta, isn’t immune to Anna’s anti-female propaganda. She’s screwing the guy Anna used to like, and Anna, the hypocrite, throws a huge fit.

    For context: Bridgette and Toph are in a band called the Penny Dreadfuls (why is it with YA books and horrible band names? ‘Emoji’ from Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda was bad enough), and Anna + Matt + Cherrie go to a bowling alley to see them perform. After the performance, Toph announces that he’s sleeping with Bridge, and Anna confronts Bridge… onstage.

    “… You’re welcome to move in when I leave again, because that’s what you want, right? My life?”
    She shakes with fury. “Go to hell.”
    “Take my life. You can have it. Just watch out for the part where my BEST FRIEND SCREWS ME OVER!” I knock over a cymbal stand, and the brass hits the stage with an earsplitting crash that reverberates through the bowling alley. Matt calls my name. Has he been calling it this entire time? He grabs my arm and leads me around the electrical cords and plugs and onto the floor and away, away, away.
    Everyone in the bowling alley is staring at me.
    I duck my head so my hair covers my face. I’m crying. This would have never happened if I hadn’t given Toph her number. All of those late-night practices and… he said they’ve had sex! What if they’ve had it at my house? Does he come over when she’s watching Seany? Do they go in the bedroom?
    I’m going to be sick.

    Give me a goddamn break.

    Anna, about Ellie:

    To my amazement, Ellie breaks into an ear-to-ear smile. Oddly enough, it’s this moment I realize that despite her husky voice and Parisian attire, she’s sort of… plain. But friendly-looking.
    That still doesn’t mean I like her.
    “Anna! From Atlanta, right? Where’d you guys go?”
    She knows who I am? St. Clair describes our evening while I contemplate this strange development. Did he tell her about me? Or was it Meredith? I hope it was him, but even if it was, it’s not like he said anything she found threatening. She doesn’t seem alarmed that I’ve spent the last three hours in the company of her very attractive boyfriend. Alone.
    [about Ellie’s Hallowe’en costume] Slutty nurse. I don’t believe it. Tiny white button-up dress, red crosses across the nipples. Cleavage city.
    If I didn’t like Ellie before, it’s nothing compared to how I feel now. It doesn’t matter that I can count how many times we’ve met on one hand.
    I fantasize about their break-up. How he could hurt her, and she could hurt him, and all of the ways I could hurt her back. I want to grab her Parisian-styled hair and yank it so hard it rips from her skull. I want to sink my claws into her eyeballs and scrape.
    It turns out I am not a nice person.


    Emily Middlestone bends over to pick up a dropped eraser, and Mike Reynard leers at her breasts. Gross. Too bad for him she’s interested in his best friend, Dave. The eraser drop was deliberate, but Dave is oblivious.
    One of the juniors, a girl with dark hair and tight jeans, stretches in a move designed to show off her belly button ring to Paul/Pete. Oh, please.

    And I’m meant to like this character? I’m supposed to root for her?

    I’m not saying every girl in the book should be perfectly sweet and friendly- that’s just not realistic. But when Anna has something judgmental to say about every other young female character… maybe she’s the problem.

    In fact, the only girl I recall getting a pass is Isla Whatsername. And why do you think?


    And now we have the amalgamation of almost every fanfic boyfriend trope from 2014, Étienne St. Clair. Brown-eyed Harry Styles. I can’t fucking wait.

    Étienne could’ve discovered the cure for cancer, or abolished poverty, or volunteered at animal shelters in his spare time. He could’ve been the most virtuous guy around (fret not; he decidedly isn’t). And I still wouldn’t’ve thought of him as the man of my dreams because HE HAS A BLOODY GIRLFRIEND.

    I mean, which girl doesn’t want her boyfriend to say:

    “I cheated on her every day. In my mind, I thought of you in ways I shouldn’t have, again and again.”

    Fuckin’ smooth, bro.

    “No matter what a terrible boyfriend I was, I wouldn’t actually cheat on her. But I thought you’d know.”

    Such a gentleman!

    “So you can keep dating Ellie, but I can’t even talk to Dave?”
    Étienne looks shamed. He stares at his boots. “I’m sorry.”
    I don’t even know what to do with his apology.
    “I’m sorry,” he says again. And this time, he’s looking at me. Begging me. “And I know it’s not fair to ask you, but I need more time. To sort things out.”

    And this gem:

    “If you liked me so much, why didn’t you break up with her?”
    “I’ve been confused. I’ve been so stupid.”

    *me, banging pots and pans together* F U C K Y O U

    “Ellie’s not like you, Anna; she’s a slut and a whore even though I’m the one who’s been thinking about another girl inappropriately and I’m the one who gets my knickers in a twist when another man glances in your direction because my masculinity is extremely fragile and I’m a total hypocrite and a dickhead.”

    I mean, he didn’t actually say that, but that’s the gist.

    WHILE DATING ELLIE: he gets Anna a book of sexual love poems, he calls her attractive (“Any bloke with a working prick would be insane not to like you.”) multiple times, he gets jealous whenever another guy so much as breathes in Anna’s direction and constantly interrupts such interactions, he’s been ditching his friends for his girlfriend but suddenly decides he prefers a new girl over said girlfriend, he thinks bread pudding tastes good- in conclusion, he is a Massive Fucking Prick. Though in hindsight, him and Anna deserve each other. They’re awful.

    I had loads more notes taken down (Anna using Dave; “The important thing is this: Dave is available. St. Clair is not.”); the implication that cheating is okay because Ellie is bad or whatever, even though the sudden change in her character seems contrived because she was perfectly okay with Étienne and Anna hanging out before; how my blood boils whenever I read an American book and American girls are like “oOoOh AcCenT!!!1!!1!!”; me reading “DAVE SAYS YER A SLUTBAG” in Hagrid’s voice; the sheer atrocity of the name ‘Étienne St. Clair’ (sounds like a caricature of a French person)… but this ‘review’ is already pushing 3k and I can’t be fucked to expand on any of those points.

    Verdict (which is apparently the same in French):

    Who needs Christopher when Étienne St. Clair is in the world?

    Speak for yourself.

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    The prettiest prettiest prettiest book.

    #thebookferret#books#booklr#book worm#book nerd#book pets#book addict#book photography#bibliophile#ferret #ferrets of tumblr #pets of tumblr #wasabi #anna and the french kiss #stephanie perkins #tenth anniversary edition
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    Bir insanı başkası için mükemmel kılan o kişinin kusurlarıdır.

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  • theotterbooks
    02.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Killer Game, Stephanie Perkins

    “ Tout bascule lorsque des élèves du lycée se font assassiner les uns après les autres. Pour éviter de devenir une proie, Makani va devoir affronter un terrible secret. Qui a dit qu’il ne se passait jamais rien à Osbourne ? ”

    C’est la première fois que je lis un slasher, j’avais un peu d’appréhension parce que même si un genre que j’affectionne en film, je n’étais pas sûr que la formule fonctionnerait par écrit. 

    Pourtant force est de constater que j’ai vraiment apprécier ma lecture. 

    Bien sûr on est à fond dans le cliché mais on évite les clichés “irritant” les adolescents ne sont pas trop rebelles de bac à sable.

    Les problèmes qu’ils rencontrent les rendent légitimes dans leur comportement enfin sauf Alex mais bon je n’ai pas réussis à m’attacher à elle. 

    Les bullies ne sont même pas si méchants, et le personnage trans ne se fait pas bully d’ailleurs ce qui rassure un peu. C’est d’ailleurs le premier livre que je lis qui à un homme trans en protagoniste et ça me rend très heureuse parce qu’il n’est même pas le personnage principale ce qui normalise beaucoup je trouve. 

    Le rebelle n’est pas un fuck boy bien au contraire.

    Et Makani est une protagoniste assez cool pas tout à fait typique de la final girl classique. 

    C’est une histoire assez simple mais avec un petit twiste moderne assez sympa, si vous aimé Scream ce livre sera totalement votre came. 

    Les petits points noirs que je peux noter sont : Le secret de Makani genre dans quel monde on vit là pour qu’elle culpabilise comme ça juste elle enfin je dis ça mais cela reste très grave. C’est juste que tout le long je m’attendais à ce qu’elle ai tué quelqu’un.

    Et le tueur, sans révélé qui c’est je trouve que c’est pas hyper bien fait. Il n’y a aucune raisons à la mise en scène de ses crimes et ça psyché est trop peu développé dans le cadre d’un livre. Mais il fait le taf et fourni des images mentales assez gore.

    Je trouve aussi que le livre s’arrête un peu trop brusquement, ça fait vraiment la fin d’un Halloween où à partir du moment où la police arrive c’est fini, autant au ciné okay mais par écrit c’est vraiment trop brutal.

    Bref si vous cherché un petit slasher facile à lire je conseil vraiment mais il ne faut pas s’attendre à quelque chose de life changing. 

    Lecture fini le 31 janvier 2021

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    books to be read (and bashed) by yours truly in february 2021

    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han The book which became the movie which catapulted Noah Centimeter to stardom… or something close to that. Hey, at least he joins Douglas Adams and Dylan O’Brien on Wattpad’s male faceclaims for 90% of all stories that aren’t fanfiction.

    Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins Alternatively titled: Stina and the Struggle to Not Burst into Tears When She Realizes that She Spent Way Too Much on This Damn Book.  

    #books#book review #to all the boys ive loved before movie #to all the boys netflix #noah centineo#jenny han#ya #anna and the french kiss #stephanie perkins #lara jean covey #peter kavinsky#chicklit#romance#novel#valentines#love
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    31.01.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #anyway #the way figure skaters can do that #can fail out loud and keep going #have to keep going #is amazing to me #i can't even do that privately #lola and the boy next door #stephanie perkins#books#booklr
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    Current read: My true love gave to me by Stephanie Perkins

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