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    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Soulmates VIII

    TW: eating disorder

    You knew it was going to be difficult; you knew it all right but you didn't think it was going to be THAT hard.

    The meals had become so unbearable that you had tried in every way to escape. With chores, with work ... whatever seemed better to you than sitting down to eat with Wanda and Natasha who were next to you and "forced" you to eat everything on that damn list.

    You couldn't take it anymore and that was exactly what you would have said to Diane in today's session if she hadn't stood you up. You didn't blame her, she had a fight with her wife of hers and she had to be forgiven and you're a good person so you told her she didn't do anything and that you were fine.

    Of course, that wasn't true and it isn't true now. There are two hours to lunch and you already feel on the verge of a panic attack.

    You're at work and yet you can't help but think about the French toast you're going to have for lunch and the very thought of it makes you want to throw up.

    The sound of the shop door opening distracts you from your thoughts. You are surprised when you see Diane walk in with her wife, Sydney.

    You frown as they approach the counter.

    "In case you didn't understand ... we made up." Diane smiles at Sydney and kisses her cheek.

    "You are adorable," a spontaneous smile purses your lips as you set up a computer on the shelf to your right.

    "After twelve years of marriage ... I learned to bear it"

    You laugh as soon as you hear Sydney's words, followed immediately by a light slap on her shoulder by Diane.

    "Diane told me that because of our little fight she canceled the session with you and I forced her to come and talk to you." Sydney squeezes your hand and gives you a small smile.

    "Now I'll leave you alone, honey I'll wait for you at Starbucks"

    Diane nods and the two kiss one last time before it's just the two of you left in the whole store.

    "Are we alone?"

    You nod and Diane smiles.

    "How are you?"

    You sigh, you motion her to follow you and after hanging the "CLOSED" sign on the door of the shop, you take her to the back, to Bob's office and sit on the two chairs in the room. Facing each other.

    Diane sets her gaze on you staring intently at you.

    "So ... how are you doing?"

    You shrug and Diane takes a notebook and a pen out of her purse.

    “I know this is not a conventional session but we are here now. This week is going to be tough y / n »Diane pauses and watches your body movements. Your shoulders are tense and you are closing in again, you have your arms folded under your breasts - a clear sign of closure on your part - and a stiff jaw.

    “Y / n, you never work around lunchtime; you won't solve your eating disorder if you keep running away "

    You stick your nails in your arms and Diane's words begin to flow in and out of your ears without leaving their mark. You don't want to listen to it, you hate that stupid diet and yes, you are doing what you always do, what you do best. You run away from your problems, always.

    You stand up and Diane sighs, she already knows what you're going to say and she gets up too.

    «This session will lead nowhere, you are not in the mood and I understand it but tomorrow come to the studio. If this diet doesn't work you already know that I will have to get you hospitalized y / n and I would really like to avoid it "

    You say nothing as you see Diane walk out the door and hear the shop door open and then close.

    "Fuck" you whisper running a hand through your hair.

    "You can't do it right, can you?" you shake your head as some tears fall down your cheeks. You slide with your back against the wall on the floor and bring your knees to your chest by tucking your head between your legs.

    You don't know how long you stay there but a little jolt shakes your body when someone strokes your shoulder. You jerk your head up - almost hitting the person in front of you - as you quickly wipe away your tears. Your neck hurts and you wonder how long you've been in that position.

    "Hey" Wanda gives you a small smile as she hugs you in a hug.

    Your body acts on its own and you hold the Sokoviana in your arms as you let go.

    Sobs shake your body and Wanda's heart aches to see you like that.

    You stay like this for a couple of minutes before you finally manage to calm down. You detach yourself from the embrace and do everything to avoid meeting the gaze of the redhead.

    "What time is it?"

    Your voice is hoarse with the effort and Wanda gently strokes her cheek as she replies.

    “It's almost three, we got worried when you didn't come back and I came to check. Nat is out here, we came on foot "

    Wanda smiles at you and that smile makes you feel slightly better. But the thought of food and the particularly lousy day you're having doesn't make you in a great mood. Not at all.

    "I'll let you close the shop, then let's go back to the tower okay?"

    Both her tone and her gaze do not allow for replies and you are forced to nod as you get up and prepare the shop for closing.

    When you approach the door, having rigorously fixed everything, you can't help but think about the conversation that awaits you, most likely, as soon as you walk through the door of the store.

    So you take a good deep breath before you hit the street.

    The light forces you to close them for a few seconds. As soon as you reopen them, lock the shop and take the shutter down. For sure Bob won't set foot in the shop today and with a bit of luck you won't get a lecture for leaving earlier.

    You reach out to your soul mates and give them a smile, pretend you haven't just gotten out of a panic and start walking with them at your sides.

    You interlace your hands and the silence hovers over you, disturbed only by the typical noises of Manhattan.

    In less than ten minutes you arrive in front of the Avengers' Tower and go inside by immediately taking the elevator.

    Natasha pushes the button on the penultimate floor before turning to look at you. She gives you a smile and she gently strokes your hand.

    "Wanda has prepared the French toast, it's probably cold now but we can heat it up, it'll take real-"

    You smile - you try to make the most spontaneous smile you've ever done - while shaking your head slightly.

    “I'm not really hungry, I think I'll go straight to sleep. I'm really tired and this day seemed endless "

    Natasha just wrinkles her nose at your words if you bite the inside of your cheek. Disappointing them makes you physically ill, you had heard that it was one of the "side effects" of having at least one soul mate but you didn't believe it too much. In fact, you didn't believe it at all.

    "We know you're not hungry but we can't leave you without eating, at least a sandwich ... please"

    Wanda tells you as soon as you get out of the elevator, you leave a kiss on the knuckles and give you a smile.

    "I make the best sandwiches in all of New York"

    A small smile purses your lips and you nod. Just the thought of food makes you want to throw up but - and you can't explain why it happens - when you're with them you feel like you can do anything, even eat a fucking sandwich.

    Wanda claps her hands, happy, and she immediately goes to the kitchen to prepare it for you.

    Natasha grabs you by the hips and turns you towards her leaning her forehead against yours while she looks you in the eye

    "You are beautiful" Natasha whispers to you a few inches from your lips and you want to protest but she kisses you. She asks for access and you grant it quickly. Natasha is like a lion locked in a cage, majestic and ready to attack.

    She draws circles on your back and slides her hands over your butt pushing you even further into the kiss and making it even deeper.

    Already disconnected for lack of air and Natasha smiles at you kissing the tip of your nose before taking a few steps away. She moves a lock of hair from in front of her face and a sigh from her escapes her lips.

    “I just wish you would see yourself the same way Wanda and I see you; you are so beautiful moya lyubov »Natasha's voice barely cracks. For anyone other than Wanda, the widow is still holding the mask high and yet you can feel that tremble in her voice and her eyes particularly bright.

    You draw her into a hug and you don't know how long to stay like that but you only break away when Wanda calls you from the kitchen.

    You Give Nat a last squeeze and while she reaches the Sokoviana in the kitchen you, even if you are an unbeliever, begin to pray to whatever or entity or person there is up there as long as you send it good and you can eat that damn sandwich.

    Thanks for reading! I am very sorry for the short chapter but I have started school again and I really have to go to sleep so I will post another part tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, leave a comment if you want <3

    Taglist: (send me a message if you want to be added) @your-my-mission @fishlikestuff @liladoesfanfics @coollemonsaresour @nuianced-tck-girl @ktstwice @8plasma @wandamaximofflovers @finca-lotr @funniesmemesblog @battleg03 @orangelife @idontknowhowtogay @yeeterthekeeper @nightingalxx @maria-403 @mmmmokdok @definethief01 @marvelwomen-simp @kawaiitoga

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  • darlingsteve
    21.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    ☁︎༄。⋆. 𝗱𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀𝘁𝗲𝘃𝗲’𝘀 𝗿𝗲𝗾𝘂𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗽𝗼𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗲𝘀 .⋆。༄☁︎

    — before you request.

    i’m currently not accepting requests but if you do want your request to sort of be answered i have weekly schedule days and if you wanna talk about your favorite character and adding like what a chill day would be like with them or whatever i should be able to answer it on the corresponding day! there can be asks i might not find inspiration in and i have the right not to write anything that makes me uncomfortable.

    you MUST be 18+ only to send a request, when sending one you are acknowledging you are of age. please emphasize if you want me to write a oneshot, blurb, or headcanon. name of who you want me to write for. send requests through asks only so it helps me keep track of them <3

    — what i will write.

    dark themes ; non-con, dub-con, stalking || ddlg, mdlb || smut, fluff, angst. || au’s ; dilf, milf, dads best friend, neighbor, pornstar, librarian, roommate, professor, etc.

    — what i won’t write.

    underaged smut (also in general, i do not write for any underaged characters/reader.) || pedophilia || incest || mental abuse || physical abuse || sexual abuse

    — who i write for.

    marvel cinematic universe ; steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, natasha romanoff, yelena belova, wanda maximoff || criminal minds ; emily prentiss, spencer reid || the walking dead ; negan smith, rick grimes || chris evans + co ; andy barber, ransom drysdale || tom holland || harry styles

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  • hollywood-video
    21.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago
    #madi answers #steve rogers is bisexual and in love with bucky barnes <3
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  • greyhavensking
    21.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Of Dog Dads and Meet Cutes

    Steve Rogers brought home the wrong dog.

    It was an honest mistake! The yellow lab cheerfully gnawing on the leg of his couch is identical to his own dog, he’d swear it on anything; the cute star patterned collar he’s wearing is even the same, although this one is in red, not the understated navy Steve spent two hours stressing over picking a few months back. He lost sight of Cosmo for thirty seconds at the dog park this afternoon when he went streaking after a tiny pack of neighborhood dogs and apparently found Major in his place. At least Major’s got a number on the back of his tag — Steve’s just praying Major’s owner took Cosmo home and that they can resolve this little mix-up as peacefully and painlessly as possible.

    When he does meet up with Bucky Barnes, Major’s strikingly good-looking owner who (thank god) does indeed have Cosmo trotting dutifully at his side, Steve thinks it’s lucky he’s already got Bucky’s number, because he’s definitely too tongue-tied to ask for it in person…


    Square Filled: G1 - Pets

    #stucky#stevebucky#bucky barnes#steve rogers#stucky bingo#moodboard#my edit#my fic #for anyone wondering Major is short for Canis Major because astronomy need bucky holds a special place in my heart #also yes that’s Cosmos as in the telepathic russian space dog from the comics #they’re both got spaced themed names because I wanted them to match #they’re also probably from the same litter which is why they look so similar #is the dog version of the parent trap? maybe so #who knows maybe cosmo is still telepathic in this au and wanted his dorky lonely human to find love #also featuring a gaggle of other avengers owned pups #Clint still has lucky don’t worry
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  • livingprophecy
    21.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    @seesgood​​   )   continued from here. 

    caroline starts slightly at the statement, eyes snapping up at him, mouth opening to respond that she's fine. there's nothing to worry about. but --- in all fairness --- the evidence to the contrary is incriminating enough. she looks like a mess. frazzled. overwhelmed. exhausted. her curls are limp and twisted back in a crude bun, the pile of papers around her have lost any semblance of neat organization, and she's pretty sure the three empty mugs next to her are evidence enough that she hasn't slept in...awhile. if it were anyone else, she'd brush it off. but there's something about looking up at six feet of solid muscle and concerned brow furrows and righteous goodness that makes it impossible to lie. ❝ i'm --- ❞ caroline falters. blinks. exhales and lets her shoulders curve forward slightly. ❝ getting somewhere. i'm good. really. on the list of things you need to worry about i'm like...not even in the footnotes. ❞

              𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐏𝐈𝐓𝐄  𝐖𝐇𝐎  𝐇𝐄  was  now,  who  he’d  become  after  all  these  years,  there’s  one  thing  steve  won’t  shake:      caring  for  the  people  around  him,  even  if  there’s  bigger  problems  to  solve.  and  caroline  is  a  perfect  example,  considering  she’s  A  BIT  OF  A  DISASTER  in  this  moment,  even  if  he  won’t  say  that  part  out  loud.      (though  she  might  agree  with  him  at  this  point).      he  doesn’t  say  anything  as  she  speaks,  only  raising  a  silent  eyebrow,  as  if  to  ask,  you  expect  me  to  believe  that?  gentle  hand  rests  on  her  stressed  shoulders,  unsure  of  what  mountains  she’s  attempting  to  carry  but  knowing  he’d  help  regardless.      “the  only  place  you’re  going  to  be  getting  is  a  HOSPITAL  when  you  collapse  from  sleep  deprivation.”      he  teases  softly,  though  he  does  worry  how  close  she  is  to  that  line.  letting  out  a  sigh,  the  old  soldier  shakes  his  head.      “well,  the  world  isn’t  currently  ending,  so  i  think  i  can  make  time  for  the  footnotes.”

    #PLEASE BREATHE CAROLINE #smh steve rogers is existing and caroline is just staring and yknow. good for them both #KLASNDFKLNASKDLFN#seesgood #seesgood   )   steve & caroline.
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  • winter-angst
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Jack: I want to ask him out but I’m afraid

    Bucky: do it

    Steve: yeah the worst thing he can say is no


    Jack: would you like to go on a date with me?

    Brock: ew


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  • thechimcra
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #FC#Wonder Boy #v: captain's beauty [annabelle x steve rogers] #i feel i posted this #GUESS WHAT ITS GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN #MY EDIT
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  • willow-ashes
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me, reading Stucky fanfictions and sobbing: Why are y'all so gay? I'm gay. You're gay. This whole situation is gay.

    #steve rogers#bucky barnes#stucky#marvel#random#shitpost#i'm suffering #and so are they #we're all suffering h E L P
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  • defectivexfragmented
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dressed up to play the part of the Winter Soldier, Zemo had paraded him into Madripoor, tight black jacket with one sleeve missing to show off the vibranium arm along with black combat pants and boots. But to top it all off, to drive the point home to anyone who looked at them, his face was masked and smudged black war paint was around his eyes, the chest harness only showing how controlled he truly was again. It was all effective in catching people's attention, eventually bringing him and Zemo upstairs to meet Selby while Sam waited in the half destroyed bar below.

    "What's the offer?" Selby chided with a devilish smile, eyes raking over the Winter Soldier's body as he ignored the chill running up his spine at her grin.

    "Tell me what you know about the super soldier serum..." Zemo stood and walked over to the Winter Soldier staring mindlessly straight ahead at the wall, forcing himself to pay no mind to the hands on his arms as he breathed calmly into the mask. "And I give you him. Along with the code words to control him, of course. He'll do anything you want."

    Just a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes and Selby would give Zemo the information they needed, and he could make his escape shortly after he knew they were both safe. But every second felt like an hour and he was starting to struggle to remain emotionless.


    #fatedtragedie #muse: bucky - staring problem - barnes #steve rogers - i thought you were smaller #v: madripoor
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  • twoghostsfromeden
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Laundry Day

    Dark!Steve Rogers x College!Reader

    Summary: Who knew a broken washing machine would lead to finding out you’ve been stalked

    Warning: dub-con, dry humping, sexual tension, dark steve, mentions of stalking, breath play

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” You groan, kicking your foot against the washing machine for extra measure. The metal sends a throbbing pain through your big toe, your face contorting in pain. You try another method of jostling the machine to life, shaking it.

    It doesn’t work.

    You have to go to work early in the morning, you need to wash your uniform tonight. You’re already on thin ice with your boss, you don’t want to know what she’ll do if you don’t wear your uniform. Your apartment is infamous for things falling apartment, you should be used to this by now.

    “Clem, can you help me with the washing machine?” You call out. Normally, she calls the maintenance workers, uses her amazing charm, and gets them to fix the machines without charge. That’s something you’ve never been able to understand about her. Clementine can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants. You’ve never had that privilege, especially not with boys.

    Not that you want that privilege, but it would be nice to have right about now.

    “Can’t, I’m getting ready,” Clementine calls out, the hum of her hairdryer starting up. Great, you think. She must be going on a date. Which means you’ll be all alone tonight, bored out of your mind.

    You sigh, almost ready to accept defeat, when Clem steps out of the bathroom. “Why don’t you just take your stuff upstairs? Bucky won’t care if you use his washing machine.”

    Clem and Bucky had a fling months ago, but it was serious enough for you to meet him. He hung out with both of you several times, so it wouldn’t be that awkward if you went up there. Right now, it seems like your only option. You gather up your laundry basket, pushing the hair out of your face.

    “Can you text him and let him know I’m coming over?” You ask, walking over to the door. Clem pulls out her phone, stopping immediately. “I just remembered he won’t be home, but that’s alright. You know he never locks the door,”

    You groan, hating the thought of just barging into someone’s apartment. But you know Bucky doesn’t have a roommate, so what’s the worst thing that can happen? You quickly say your goodbye to Clem, wishing her luck on her date, and head up to Bucky’s apartment. Just as she said, the door is unlocked.

    You make a bee line for the washing machine, humming to yourself. You love Clem, but it’s peaceful being by yourself. You’ve never been the roommate type, preferring to live by yourself and do your own thing. Once you get your laundry in, you take it upon yourself to prance around the apartment, curious to see how the infamous Bucky Barnes lives.

    You step into his room, examining the walls and the counters. It’s nothing like you thought it’d be… It’s clean. Bucky has surprisingly good taste when it comes to decorating. You walk over to the window, your eyes trained on the view from the apartment.

    He has such a better view of the city than you do.

    In your amazement, you step on something warm and wet, the substance mushing between your bare feet. You gag, fuming. You take back everything you said about Bucky being clean. You hate Bucky right now.

    You can’t even look down, you almost don’t want to know what you stepped on. You run, squealing, to the nearest bathroom. “Gross. Boys are disgusting,” You mumble, feeling the substance tracking through the apartment. You immediately strip out of your clothes, throwing them in the hallway. You feel disgusting, there’s no telling what you just stepped in.

    You turn the water on the hottest setting, the warmth immediately cleansing you. You still can’t bring yourself to look down at your foot, worried you’ll puke in the shower. You scrub yourself clean with a random body wash, doing a shit job of keeping your hair from getting wet. Once you feel like you’re clean, you hop out of the shower, grabbing a nearby towel to dry off with.

    You dry yourself off, bending down to pick up your clothes. When you grab them, you realize that they’re soaking wet. You groan and drop them back on the floor. Could this day get any worse?

    You quickly wrap the towel around you, making your way to Bucky’s room again. You desperately search through his closet for a t-shirt, knowing you can always give it back to him once your laundry is done. You drop your towel on his floor, your (h/c) curls dropping down your back. You slip his big shirt over your head, immediately inhaling the scent. There’s something about being in a big t shirt that makes you feel so safe and comfortable.

    “Buck, is that you?” You hear a voice call out. Your eyes widen, your hands grabbing at the bottom of the shirt, pulling it down over the tops of your thighs. “Shit, shit, shit,” you mutter, searching for somewhere to hide. Who could this be? You thought nobody would be home!

    You stay silent as your eyes frantically move around the room. “You’re finally doing your own laundry?” The voice asks, adding a chuckle to the end of the sentence. You hear the footsteps getting closer, your body freezing in its spot. The first thing you see is a blond haired boy dressed in a white tank and grey sweats rounding the corner. He raises an eyebrow as soon as he sees you, his cheeks heating up.

    “Oh, um, sorry. I didn’t realize Bucky had someone over,” The boy says, his eyes drifting down to your exposed thighs. Your heart stops as your hands fumble to pull your shirt over your legs, your cheeks heating up.

    “Oh, he doesn’t, I uh… He doesn’t know I’m here,” You say, trying your best to redeem yourself. Who is this guy, and why is he in Bucky’s apartment? Then again, he could say the same thing about you. You’ve been friends with Buck for a while— you’ve never even heard of this guy.

    Steve furrows his eyebrows, cocking his head to the side. “Should I be concerned?” He quips, the corner of his lips turning up. You hadn’t realized how illegal the situation seemed until just now. Here you are, in someone else’s apartment, admitting the owner has no idea you’re here.

    You frustratedly sigh, throwing your head back. All you wanted was to have a relaxing night alone, now, you could be getting arrested for breaking and entering. “Bucky is a friend of mine, I came over to use his washing machine. I didn’t think anyone would be here,” You explain.

    With the explanation, Steve’s body relaxes, smirking at your awkwardness.

    “I'm Steve, I'm one of Bucky's good friends," Steve explains, moving forward to shake your hand. You awkwardly let go of the bottom of your shirt, extending your hand out to his. Steve's hand radiates warmth, sending a shot of warmth throughout your whole body.

    “Uh, I’m y/n,” You say, not sure where your relationship with Bucky falls. You can’t just flat out say you suspect Bucky is fucking your roommate.

    Steve smiles, looking over his shoulder. “Leave it to Buck to not even be here when I visit from Boston,” He jokes, the smile still on his face.

    You awkwardly laugh, wishing you were anywhere but here. Steve is an attractive guy, which makes it even more worse! You've never been great with guys, which is why you're home alone while Clem is on a date. You can't help but notice his broad shoulders threatening to break through his incredibly tight shirt, the way you can tell he's not shaved his face in a few days.

    "I should go," You say, moving to push past Steve. Steve frowns, reaching forward and grabbing the end of your shirt. The action spins you around, lifting the shirt slightly above the waistband of your panties.

    "Don't be silly... Your laundry isn't even done," He says, a smirk on his pink lips. You gulp, glancing over your shoulder, trying your best to avoid eye contact.

    "I can come back in the morning and get it, it's not a problem," You mutter, barely even audible. You don't trust yourself around this stranger. You can already feel your wetness pooling in your panties, simply by the dominance he has asserted over you. This isn't like you, you don't get turned on by strangers. You just need to go home, have a quick session with your vibrator, and go to bed.

    Steve steps closer to you, tightening his grip on your shirt. "Come on, I need somebody to keep me company until Buck comes back," He suggests, his voice dropping an octave. You finally look into his eyes, feeling your self control slowly slipping away.

    "I'm not very interesting... I don't know how I'd keep you company,"

    Steve smirks again, only releasing his hold on your shirt to gently grip your chin. "I've got a couple of ideas," He mumbles, eyeing your lips. You can feel your legs weakening as you clench your thighs together, your tummy turning. There's something about this guy that you just can't shake-- a feeling that something isn't quite right.

    "I need to leave," You say, your voice firm. Despite your increasing desire, you don't trust him. You can't give in.

    Steve uses the hand on your chin to keep you steady as he slips his other hand to the back of your shirt, slipping it down to your butt, giving it a gentle squeeze. "So you're telling me you don't want me to kiss you right now?" He asks.

    His face is centimeters away from yours, his eyes staring into yours. You've never felt such electricity between you and another person. Your breathing picks up, your hands trembling. "Don't you dare," You whisper, barely recognizing your own voice. Steve raises his eyebrow, taking the statement as a challenge.

    Giving you no time to protest, Steve's lips crash against yours, his warm tongue instantly invading your mouth. Your body melts into his as his arms wrap around your waist, your hands resting on his chest. You whimper against his lips, being completely taken aback by this kiss. You'd been kissed before, sure, but never like this.

    Steve places a hand on your jaw, pulling you impossibly closer to him. The simple movement brings you back to reality, causing you to pull away. Steve furrows his eyebrows, his eyes searching for an explanation as to why you had pulled away. You exhale shakily, your lips swollen from the assault. "Why are you doing this?"

    Steve chuckles under his breath, cocking his head to the side. "Doing what?"

    "Kissing me... You don't even know who I am," You say, feeling his hands roaming your body. He almost distracts you from your own question when his hand slips under the waistband of your underwear, giving the flesh a harsh squeeze.

    "I know more about you than you think I do," Steve murmurs, leaning forward to kiss you once more. Steve towers over you, reaching down far enough to slip his fingers between your folds, gathering your slick on his fingers. The bold action startles you, your breath hitching in your throat.

    You hadn't expected him to move so fast, but you can't deny that you like it. You whimper against his lips, feeling helpless against his actions. You find yourself frozen in your spot, trying your best to hold back your moans. Steve dips a finger in your waiting hole, teasing you with the tip.

    You pull away once again, your cheeks burning red. "Please," You whisper, watching Steve smirk down at you. "Touch me,"

    Steve doesn't waste any time, pulling his hand out of your panties and lifting you up. You wrap your legs around his waist, working to pull his white tank over his head. As soon as you get a glimpse of his broad shoulders, any doubt about whether or not you want to go through with this goes out the window.

    Your hands explore his shoulders as he kisses your neck, kneading and smacking your ass. "Love your body," He murmurs, sucking a hickey on the side of your neck. You feel him stumble against the couch, earning a giggle out of you. "Wanted you for so long,"

    You squeal as he plops you down on the couch, hovering over you. His blue eyes have gotten darker, his lips pinker. "Tell me you want me," Steve demands, his hands wandering over your body. You arch your back, pouting your bottom lip out.

    "I want you," You repeat, wrapping your legs around his waist. Steve grinds against your center, a devious smile on his lips. "Beg for me," He demands, his cock hardening against you. You can feel your cunt sticking against your panties, soaking through the thin fabric. You hate begging, but you'd do anything this man told you to.

    "Stevie,” You whine, the nickname rolling naturally off your tongue. “Please fuck me, I wanna feel you, need to have you,” You mumble, already cockdrunk. You don’t even know if you’re making any sense, but it feels like the right thing to say.

    Steve chuckles, his hand sliding up your body, giving you an extra hard thrust, making you wish there were no clothes between you. He wraps his strong hand around your neck, squeezing ever so gently. “I knew I’d have you begging for me, knew you’d be so good for me,” He groans, his fingers tightening around your neck.

    You try to inhale, only to find that he’s squeezing your throat a little too hard. Not enough to restrict your breathing entirely, but hard enough to make you struggle for air. “S-Steve,” You struggle, your hands on his wrist. You try your best to wriggle out of his grasp, but the action only seems to turn him on more.

    Steve smiles darkly, staring into your eyes. It’s only now that you realize you’ve seen those eyes before. You don’t know where, you don’t know when, but you recognize those eyes.

    Just when you think you can’t take any more, Steve lets go, leaving you gasping for air. You quickly scurry off of the couch, your eyes wide. “Steve, what the fu—“

    Before you can finish your sentence, you hear the click of a doorknob, making you jerk your head to the apartment door. You see Bucky and Clem standing there, attached at the hip. The messy hair and smeared makeup makes it clear why they came back to the apartment. You have almost no time to process to fact that they were out together.

    Bucky furrows his eyebrows, cocking his head. “Steve, what are you doing here?”

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    hope yall are ready for the absurd amount of bucky/reader, steve/reader, and (my personal favorite) bucky/steve/reader coming your way

    i am simply a gay man with a special interest and tendency to hyperfixate with no requests in the inbox so i wrote what i want lmfao

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