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    Summary: Still sneaking around to play the cat burglar you get caught by a certain Avenger again.

    Pairing: Nomad!Steve Rogers x Criminal!Reader

    Warnings: language, the reader is a brat, snarky comments, smut, unprotected sex, restraints (ropes), somnophilia (oral female receiving), dirty talk

    A/N: Not endgame compliant. Steve is still Nomad!Steve.

    Sequel to: Bad Girl

    Dividers by @writeyourmindaway​​


    “There you are, sweetheart,” snickering you pick the lock of the vitrine. Engrossed in getting the job done you feel a shadow behind you. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Rogers.”

    “I knew you would go after Russow to steal his wife’s diamond necklace,” Steve quips, proud on himself he was two steps ahead again. “Just give up and follow me, doll.”

    “That bastard sells people, Steve! He’s involved in human trafficking, just like his prissy wife,” you narrow your eyes when Steve tries to grasp for your arm. “I have to hit him where it hurts the most. His greedy wife loves that necklace.”

    “Y/N, he’s a dangerous man, doll. Let me get hold of him and take his business down. Tony and Natasha are on it,” Steve offers but you roll your eyes, cracking your neck.

    “Whilst they try to reverse the snap? I highly doubt they find the time to help people who suffer meanwhile,” concentrating on picking the lock you ignore Steve is watching you. “No one gives a shit on the poor girls getting sold or anyone else.”

    “I do, Y/N. Let me punish Russow and we can go home,” you scoff at the word ‘home’, glaring at Steve who still tries to talk you out of the heist you planned.

    “I got no home, Captain Rogers. The first time I lost my home was after the snap. A cold-hearted bastard I paid rent to for over six years kicked me out. I never paid too late, but the snap happened and suddenly, I was a cockroach to him. Then I finally had a new home and you came along. I had to run again, thanks for that.”

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  • Ages ago I saw this post by @itsallavengers and I absolutely loved the idea. I got bored last night and finally decided to try my hand at drawing it

    I’m honestly really proud of how this turned out, I would totally do more MCU characters, but for the sake of my sanity I just stuck to the ones listed in the post lol, this already took me all night to finish

    Image Description below the cut

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    Originally posted by writings-of-a-hufflepuff

    word count: 562 || warnings: mentions of injuries + torture

    Steve watched as your limp, battered body lie motionless on the exam table. Bright holograms hovered above your body, blinking and highlighting different areas of your nervous system and bone structure. Something bright red blared red on the bottem corner of the image of your brain. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best physicians had been recruited, busying themselves around the clock to repair the extensive damage that had been dealt. 

    But no matter how much they poked, probed, and prodded, you still hadn’t responded. You had been like this for four days since you had been recovered - and several more before your body had been found with a barely beating heart. 

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    #steve rogers #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers imagines #steve rogers x reader #captain america imagine #captain america imagines #captain america x reader #chris evans imagine #chris evans imagines #chris evans x reader #marvel imagine#marvel imagines #marvel x reader #mcu imagine#mcu imagines
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  • the best part of ultron absorbing all of the internet is that he absolutely got a huge amount of fanfiction written by horny thirteen year old fangirls shipping different members of the avengers together. and they had no idea how sex worked but wrote a ridiculous amount of weird ass kink anyway, and he had to deal with all of that right before meeting them for the first time.

    no wonder he wanted them extinct.

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  • How to Survive a Reality TV Dating Show…Without Really Trying

    ✔️Sea breeze? 🏖

    ✔️Summer vibes? ☀️

    ✔️Stucky? 💘

    All this and M O R E can be found at Love Island! 🏝🏝🏝

    Relationship: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers (Of course!)

    Rating: Explicit 

    Warnings: No archive warnings apply


    Serious, cynical, workaholic Bucky Barnes only has one goal for his participation in a summer-long, reality TV dating competition: to leave as soon as possible. He has no interest in playing along, following the unspoken rules or forming relationships with the other contestants, and he definitely has no interest in falling in love.

    (But perhaps his steadfast notions will be challenged by one particular handsome, blonde contestant, unlike any of the others.)

    AKA: The Love Island!AU you never knew you needed.

    Chapters: 39/60 out now on ao3 (Updating DAILY)

    Join the adventure today! 😎

    🖼- Beyond beautiful, new digital art courtesy of Olivia Kay (@mt.misty on Insta)

    #updating this today for a very important update #wink wink#my fic#my writing#stucky#bucky barnes#steve rogers#stevebucky#stucky fanfic#stucky fanfiction#stucky au #love island au #stucky love island #reality tv au #stucky art#stucky fanart
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  • Mission Report: Het Y/N and Steve together Pt2 (social media)

    #marvel fanfiction #fake social media #steve x reader #steve rogers #avengers x fem!reader
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    Steve x Reader (Dark!Fic)
    Requested: No :)
    Warnings: smut obviously, dirty talk, choking, a bit of fluff, pussy slapping, fingering
    Word Count: 597
    A/N: I really really wanted to write a more, for lack of a better word, willing reader. I always imagine these scenarios where the reader is so brainwashed or “used” to their situation that they now accept it. I hope you enjoy it!

    Social Media AU Masterlist / Writing Masterlist

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    #dark!fic #dark!marvel #dark!steve #dark!steve rogers #dark!steve rogers x reader #dark!steve x reader #steve#steve rogers#steve au #steve rogers au #steve x reader #steve x you #steve x y/n #steve imagine #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x you #steve rogers x y/n #steve rogers imagine #mcu#marvel#marvel imagine#marvel au#avengers#avengers imagine#avengers au
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  • We Meet Again (The Hunter and The Monster Chap. 2)

    (Hunter!Steve Rogers x Demon!Reader)

    Summary: Every hunter has a partner whether it’s a mythical creature or not. There’s a rumor that if they partnered with this one person whose name is Y/N L/N, then they’re cursed with her. No one has ever survived being partnered with her. All of her partner died after the third time they go out on a mission.

    Chapter 1



    You sighed as you saw your so called ‘partner’ waiting for you back at the base. You thought of the guy named Steve Rogers on the lake. You were pretty amazed that he doesn’t have any clue of who you are. How?

    You looked at Cole with a stern look and he raised an eyebrow at you.

    “Come on, let’s get ready for our mission..” He said and he nudge you to follow him. You glared at his back as you followed him.

    This is the last time I’m gonna have him as my partner..” You said to yourself as your eyes glowed red without him noticing.

    You tried stopping yourself from killing every partner you had but you just can’t. It’s like automatic for you to kill them after the third time they hunt with you. The rumors were true and everytime they ask you about it, you just ignore them.

    “Y/N, Cole, we’re going to assign you to this mission because we trust in both of your strengths, don’t fail us..” The Council said. The Coucil is the one who assigns everyone about their mission and their partners. Everyone looked up to The Coucil, everyone but you.

    You always think that they are not really the good guys here, maybe they’re just in disguise and people are blinded by their good deeds.

    You were also confused because why weren’t they making you leave? They knew you always kill your partner but they still kept you, always giving you another partner. Maybe they were testing you? To see if you’re still loyal to them?

    You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t manage to hear every word The Council told the both of you.

    “Y/N are you listening?” They asked.



    They were about to talk again when the alarm suddenly went off and there was a loud explosion outside.

    Your lip twitched upward as you sense different kinds of creatures out there. You were excited once again to kill those creatures.

    “Must kill them to become human” You thought to yourself.

    The Council dismissed you and you quickly went to your room to grab your daggers. Cole grabbed his gun with him and you both went off to kill the creatures.


    “I’m telling you man, she seems fami-

    He was cut off when the alarm suddenly went off, his eyebrows met as he looked at the front gate. There were creatures going towards them. Everyone was picking up their weapons and Steve grabbed his two pistols.

    He also looked around to see if he can see a glimpse of the girl he saw at the lake. He sighed as he see no sign of her at all before focusing on aiming at the creatures. It’s been a long time since he used his guns for real. He was always at the base, teaching the new ones how to fight but he never went on a mission after the incident.

    He always denied every partner that The Council was suggesting and he knew one time that he’ll eventually have to leave if he doesn’t get to have a partner soon. But he’s willing to leave.

    His eyes widened when he saw your H/C as you walked passed him. Your expression was different though. You have a small creepy smile plastered on your face as you looked at the creatures. Cole was behind you as you both led the group.

    He watched you lead with Cole by your side and he imagined himself if he’s also going to be like that as well when he has his own partner or even Peggy. He knew to himself that The Coucil will make him a leader of a group if he has a partner but he doesn’t have one.

    "Hey earth to Steve?” His best friend waved a hand in front of him.

    “Oh hey..look, that’s the girl I’m telling you about!” He said as he pointed at you. James followed his finger and his eyes widened.

    “That’s Y/N L/N!” He exclaimed and Steve looked at him confusingly.

    “I’ll tell you after we’re done here..” James promised and they started to shoot the creatures that was threatening to trespass their base.


    “Y/N slow down!” Cole exclaimed as he followed you in the forest. You kept on stabbing the vampire on the chest repeatedly.

    “Need more to become human!” You chanted repeatedly while breathing heavily.

    “Y/N hey!” Cole touched your shoulder and your head quickly snapped at his way. Your eyes were glowing red as you glared at him. He swallowed hard before backing away from you.

    You stood up and you grabbed him by his neck and you gripped his neck tightly. He started to struggle and threatened to shoot you but you broke his hand. He screamed in pain and you pulledd him closer to you.

    You’re no monster..I need to kill more! MORE!” You said as you snapped his neck with your hand. Your eyes turned normal again and you sighed. Another one down. Maybe you should just deny your new partner..

    You’re tired of seeing your partners getting killed by you. You were caught up in your thoughts when you heard a loud growl. Your eyes widened and was about to stab the wolf with your knife but there was a guy that went in front of you that shot the wolf down.

    “Miss are you alright?!” The guy at the lake asked you and you nodded. He looked at your partner and his eyes quickly locked to yours.

    “I’m so sorry..I was late and didn’t manage to save him as well..” He said as he looked at your partner. Not like you care about Cole anyways.

    Another pack of wolves came by and your eyes glowed red again. Steve was staring at your eyes as you stared at the monsters.

    So you’re a demon..

    Steve thought to himself. He watched you ran straight to them and he followed you behind. You and Steve fought side by side, Steve got your back while you were fighting in front.

    “So are you gonna tell me your name?” He suddenly asked as you both stopped for a minute. You chuckled and looked at him with your red eyes.

    “Y/N L/N..” You said before jumping back in action. He admired the way you move and fight those creatures. You remind him of Peggy. He smiled a lil before going besides you again.


    Few hours had passed and the creatures finally stopped showing up. Leaving both of you breathless. You were resting on the grass as you looked at the sky.

    When will I become human?


    You looked at Steve and raised an eyebrow.

    “I’m sorry that you lost your partner..I know how it feels..you must be really angry right now..” He said as he looked at you concernly. You just stared at him.

    “What? Is there something wrong on my face?” He asked as his eyebrows met.

    You suddenly bursed out of laughter and shook youd head.

    “You’re funny, I like you..” You said as you slowly calmed down and stood up.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Do you even know who I am? Any clue?” You asked as you crossed your arms and looked at him.

    “Um..no?” He scratched the back of his head

    “Seriously?! Oh my..you really are a funny one!” You giggled and looked at the sky. You inhaled deeply before closing your eyes, remembering all your memories.

    “People said that I’m cursed..because everytime I have a partner, they always die. None of them survived that long as they were partnered with me. They always die after the third mission I went with them. I’m pretty famous you know, surprised you didn’t know a clue about me..” You explained.

    “No one really survived that long?” He asked and you hummed in response. This is it, this is where he’s gonna call you a monster like anybody else. You braced yourself for it but he never said it.

    “Scary right? No one even dared to come close to me..or even talk to me unless its really important..” You gritted your teeth and clenched your fists tightly.

    “I think it’s interesting..I mean..does The Council know about it?” He said as he offered a small smile. Your eyes were a little wide on what he just said.

    Interesting? He’s not afraid?

    “Yes..” You muttered.

    You heard a guy called out for Steve’s name and you inhaled deeply.

    “See you..oh and thanks I guess..” You shrugged before walking back inside the base.

    “Goodbye Y/N..” He smiled a little as you leave. Your expression changed as soon as you left him. You were back to your usual self again, needing to kill more creatures to became human.

    You went to your small house where you live with your partner but now that Cole’s gone, you’re all alone.


    “So do you now know who she is?” James asked his best friend and he nodded. He raised an eyebrow at Steve.

    “She’s interesting..” Steve said to him as they walked back to their house.

    “She’s dangerous Steve, better watch out..” James reminded him.

    “She seems friendly?” Steve offered and James scoffed.


    You looked at your face and saw a glimpse of your horns. It’s growing again. You glared at yourself and punched the mirror.

    I just wanted to be a human


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    I posted on my Patreon! See this and more at Patreon.com/MiddiMidori ❤️

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  • Marvel Masterlist

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Bucky Barnes *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Steve Rogers *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Sam Wilson *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Tony Stark *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Wanda Maximoff *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Pietro Maximoff *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Loki Laufeyson *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Thor Odinson *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Natalia Romanava *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* T'Challa *:・゚✧*:・゚✧



    !!Anyone not included above can also be requested. (Excluding Peter Parker).

    #marvel masterlist#marvel#bucky barnes#bucky imagine #bucky x you #steve rogers #steve rodgers x reader #steve rodgers imagine #captain america#tony stark#wanda marvel#wanda maximoff#pietro maximoff#black widow#loki #loki x reader #loki fluff#loki odinson#loki fandom#thor ragnarok #thor odison x reader #thor odinson #winter solider imagine #winter solider x you #winter solider fanfiction #iron man#captain marvel
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  • captain america (2012) #13

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  • This was written by @interstred on Twitter all the credit to her

    (Sorry is the grammer is wrong I used google translate)

    Brutasha fic:

    when everything around began to turn to dust, they realized that everything was gone. they failed. and even the reprisal against Thanos did not change anything.

    they have failed and it cannot be fixed.

    each of them tried to survive it himself. Tony and Pepper left without leaving any contacts. Clint disappeared, Thor went to Scandinavia.

    Bruce locked himself in the laboratory, while Nat and Steve stayed and tried to restore at least a little what they had. Thanos is defeated, but he is not the only threat to the world.

    a week after all the events, one evening nat sat at the headquarters, once again comprehending what had happened and thinking where they went wrong, why they could not cope, scrolling these thoughts in my head for the thousandth time.

    that’s when Bruce arrived at headquarters.

    he came just at that moment when Nat was rapidly sinking into the melancholy that had been her lately companion.

    during this week bruce realized that what had happened could no longer be fixed. you need to live on. and somewhere in the depths of his soul he felt joy because he was taut.

    For a long time he tried to accept these conflicting feelings: relief and joy, pain, longing, anger and self-loathing, the situation was complicated by an internal conflict with the hulk.

    gradually he noticed that thoughts of nat were both calming and agitating to his senses.

    and then he made up his mind.

    “why are you here, bruce?”

    “I .. you and I have lost many: friends, loved ones. we failed. did not do what we saw as the purpose of our life - we were unable to protect the world. but at that moment, when everything around was crumbled, I could only think about how to see you again.”

    Nat stood up slowly, walked over to him and stood beside him, looking into his face, tears streaming down her cheeks.

    “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or in an hour, maybe we will live to be a hundred years old, or maybe we will die in a week. the only thing I know is that you are not at all indifferent to me.”

    “I’m not the best choice: I have a lot of problems, I have a second personality with a difficult character, I can accidentally destroy the house if I get a little angry and I spend a lot of time in the laboratory .. but if you still want to escape, then I want to do it is with you.”

    Natasha came close and laid her head on his chest, Bruce’s shirt immediately became wet. he put his arms around her waist. she raised her head, he bowed his and their foreheads touched.

    Nat closed her eyes.

    “will we build a new world on the ruins of the old one?” she asked quietly.


    leaving Steve in charge, they fled. their refuge was a small house in a small town, where few knew them by sight.

    They lived there for several years. tried to live like ordinary people. Bruce got a job at a local school as a teacher, Nat found a job as a coach. like it worked.

    in the evenings they cooked dinner together, and after that they watched old films and danced in the dark, and the nights were filled with love.

    they contacted Steve once a month, but he could handle it without them.

    nightmares followed both of them. not a couple of days passed without one of them waking up in horror. they reassured each other, everything returned to normal, as much as possible, but after a couple of days it was repeated.

    they couldn’t let go of the memories. very often they talked about “what if ..”, or they sat together in silence, continuing to think about it over and over again.

    Nat never dared to cut her hair, leaving the white ends as a constant reminder.

    after some time, Bruce found the strength to make contact with the hulk. that time they had to rebuild the laboratory for the first time.

    but Bruce’s stubbornness was not overwhelming if he had already decided something. Nat didn’t try to dissuade him because she knew Bruce was right.

    every time she was worried that he would get hurt or the hulk would run away. but after many attempts and several restorations of the laboratory, the bruce and the hulk found a compromise.

    and then Bruce decided on experiments to merge him and the hulk, while not forgetting about Nat.

    one evening Bruce and Natasha were returning home, their road passed the orphanage. Nat casually glanced at the group of children, her gaze caught on the little red head, and her steps slowed down. Bruce understood everything at a glance.

    after a couple of weeks there were three of them.

    Natasha plunged into building a relationship with a girl, whom they named Elena, Bruce spent a lot of time experimenting. in the evenings, they all baked pies and watched cartoons together, and then Bruce watched as Nat put her daughter to bed, humming a lullaby softly.

    she made a great mother, he admitted.

    they had to hire a nanny because they both worked. they didn’t tell anyone about Elena, not even the team.

    six months later, Bruce’s experiment was a success - the merger of him and the hulk was successful, although not in the way they expected.

    having lived together for three years in silence and distance, at one point they realized that they were ready to return. being superheroes with children is very dangerous, therefore, having found reliable people through old connections, they left Elena with them. only a very limited circle of people knew about her.

    they came back.

    Nat returned to headquarters and plunged into work with Steve, Bruce went to another city and often traveled on business trips around the country, checking all kinds of rumors, since the hulk was no longer dangerous.

    they cherished those three years in their memories.

    that all changed when Scott Lange came along.

    Scott gave them both hope and fear.

    and here Nat looks away from Bruce, realizing that it is unlikely that he will be able to return to a quiet life, at the same moment thinking that their daughter is safe.


    yes, they won. but the price was too high for Bruce. the only thing left of him is the memories of three years spent together.

    and he did not know how to explain to Elena that her mother would no longer come to wrap her in a blanket and sing her a lullaby before bed.

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  • Guys I have a fic need. I have a need where old Peggy shoots at Steve again because he messed with her godbaby Tony. Bonus points if there’s stony in it.

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