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  • Night had taken Boralus and Slade found himself standing on her docks, watching as the ship that was to take him to Stormwind once more was readied. He had his bo-staff on his back, a medium sized bag with what he had was slung over his shoulder. The ship was ready, and the Gilneans cold blue eyes were locked on it, he was frozen, flashes of that night the ship went down passing through his mind. The Sailor shook off the notion with a growl. He stepped up the ramp, then onto the ship where he immediately went below deck and grabbed a drink to shoot back to calm his nerves. This done, he made his way above deck once more, nature taking over as those blue eyes scanned the area around him. That cold gaze went to the rigging and ropes first as he walked over to a set, running his hand along the rope. “New.” he muttered, eyes going to the sails then. “Not worn.” he told himself, taking a deep breath. 

    The ship began to lurch away from the dock and panic grabbed the man again. He grunted and made his way to the railing, looking out over the darkened night. “Nigh’ sailin’, i’s dangerous.” he muttered, but inhaled deeply, unable to fight the smile that found his face at the smell and the feel of the wind on his face again. As the ship danced along the water, the Harvest Witch relaxed, smiling still as he made his way around the ship, looking out here and there, yet still weary of his surroundings. The wind blew his hair back, though it was tied back with several bands going down his long ponytail, his steps confident as he made his way to the front of the vessel, looking to the sky. He was excited now, pacing along the deck, he missed this and it was growing on him quickly once more. Eventually, the ship made it to the harbor of Stormwind and he moved below deck to gather his things. Time on the water these days always made his knee ache, so the staff was scooped up and used as a walking stick as he waited for everyone to leave the ship. Finally, he found himself coming down the ramp, eyes going to Kevin who was waiting, but in that moment all the memories of his time here before flooded him, almost too much to handle. When he finally heard what Kevin was saying, he nodded as they began to walk, eventually splitting off, Slade disappearing into the night of the city. 

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  • It was a rainy, cold Friday. I was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, not my usual attire but it was laundry day. I had walked the four blocks from my apartment to the old wash-o-matic laundromat, just like I did every few weeks. It had been longer than usual this time, so I had everything except for what I was wearing in the laundry bag thrown over my shoulder. By the time I arrived, I was sopping wet, and leaving a trail of drips behind me in the slightly too warm, loud room.

    The rain must have been keeping people at home, because I was the only one there. I had used the last of my quarters to tip the pizza delivery driver the night before, so I walked over to the change machine and inserted a handful of ones I had found in various places around my apartment. On the last dollar bill, the machine froze up and refused to drop the quarters with the usual clank into the metal tray. I hit the side of it with the palm of my hand, and three quarters fell out. I cursed at the machine, knowing that meant 5 minutes less of drying time. But what did it really matter… dry or not, by the time I brought everything home it would be wet again.

    Still mad, I walked over to the nearest washing machine and loaded my clothes. I inserted most of my quarters, leaving me with only the shorted change from my last dollar. After adding detergent, I pressed the start button and sat back to wait. The Wash-O-Matic’s washers look like they are older than me, and apparently at the time the washers were built, people were not in a hurry. I settled in, ready to wait for the forever cycle of the wash. Little did I know, it was exactly that.

    After nearly 45 minutes, I watched the clothes spin faster and faster through the glass window on the front. I sat up in my seat, knowing from experience that this was the final stage in the cycle, when it tries it’s hardest to get as much water out of the clothes as possible. It usually did a very poor job. As I waited for the sad buzz that signified the end of the wash, the clothes continued to gain speed. Finally, I thought, maybe it will actually work for once. But the drum continued faster and faster, now producing a whirring sound, like a plane getting ready to take off. As the speed increased, the lights began to flicker and spark. When the turbine sound reached a roar, the lights popped, one by one across the entire room. But the machine kept gaining speed, any shakes that had started at lower speeds stabilizing to a barely detectable vibration. I ran out of the building with my hands over my ears, crouching as I tried to avoid the shattering glass above me. I stood outside in the rain, looking in on the row of machines through the large glass window. Maybe there was a power surge, I thought. But the speed of the drum had not slowed down. It was running at a stable speed, so fast the inside was a flickering blur of color from my clothes. I waited outside, not knowing what to do. That’s when the vans showed up. Black vans with blacked out windows, carrying heavily armed men in black uniforms. They swarmed out of the van, and circled the building. Before I knew it, I was on the ground and in handcuffs. I guess I didn’t look like much of a threat in my soggy sweats and hoodie, because they walked me away from the building and sat me down in the grass and left.

    I sat there handcuffed in the rain for almost an hour. While I sat there, helicopters started circling around, and men in hazmat suits started towards the building carrying boxes of expensive looking equipment. Finally, a man in a suit came and got me. He brought me into a hastily erected white tent, and questioned me for a while. I told him what had happened, and that all my clothes were stuck in there. After a quick laugh at me, he dismissed me out of the tent and back onto the street. He said I had just solved the world’s greatest problem. My only reply to him was “but my clothes…” With another chuckle, he walked away behind the line of armed men. And that was the day the world changed in a pretty big way. That old machine with all of my clothes had somehow created an infinite supply of energy. That one rickety, aging washer with a load of old gym socks and tattered t-shirts had somehow transformed itself into an endless generator of power. That building became the power source for the entire world eventually, with lines running under seas and into other continents. Power plants were obsolete. Power was free for the whole world.

    A lot of things changed after that. For me though, the only real change was a lack of clothing, and three leftover quarters in my pocket. Not having to pay a power bill any more is nice, but really, I just want my clothes back.

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  • The story begins with Harper tending to his farm as any other day would have it. After a few hours in the field he heads to his house for a break, in order to get out of the midday sun. As soon as he is seated in his house a messenger arrives and gives word to him that he will soon be visited by The Elder. The Elder is a collection of people that are controlled by one consciousness, they have a ghostly presence about them and speak in an odd broken harmony with one another. Once The Elder arrives it begins to explain the reason for its visit and declares that Harper’s son, Arvo, is destined to become the next destined hero that will slay the Great Evil. The reason for this destined fate is due to the coloration of Arvo’s eyes. Like his father, Arvo has heterochromia and this mutation is seen by The Elder as a precursor to the coming of a great evil. The story then flashes back to Harper as a young man, close in age to his son now. It shows The Elder delivering the same message to Harper’s father, then it cuts back to the present day. Harper seemingly stunned by the announcement becomes visibly perturbed by the information. Once The Elder is finished with its message, it leaves a message for Arvo that gives him a time to meet with The Elder in the town square. After The Elder leaves, Harper goes to retrieve Arvo and give him the message left by The Elder. Arvo, not necessarily the heroic type, recounts his father’s tales filled with glory and accolade and believes that this too is his chance to make a name for himself as the destined hero. After Arvo leaves to go to the town square, Harper begins to fear that his past has come back to haunt him. This doubt and uncertainty begins to manifest itself as a vision of people from his past. He first sees a child that is vaguely familiar to him that seems to be slouching in pain. Upon further inspection of the child Harper realizes that the boy is struggling to hold his stomach shut, as it has been sliced open revealing his intestines. The boy seems to die in Harper’s arms, then he fades away. A voice in Harper’s head tells him that this should have been the way of it, then the voice disappears. That night Harper dreams of his quest as the destined hero. How he trained and was effortlessly able to pass each of the trials that test the ability of the hero. He then dreamt about finding the tower that housed the great evil and fighting his way through it in order to ultimately defeat it. As he climbed higher into the tower, the bodies of those slain rose higher and higher. Eventually he reaches the highest room in the tower, it has been a while since he has seen any type of guard and it seems as though the inhabitants of the final room are oblivious to their forthcoming doom. Before Harper can open the final door, he awakens from his sleep. The next day Arvo tells his father that he has accepted the task set forth by The Elder and that he is going to start his training immediately. Harper, reluctant to accept his son’s decision ultimately agrees that it is the best course of action not to upset The Elder.

    When the time comes that Arvo must leave, Harper decides to go to town and see his son off. On his way back to the farm he stops off at the town cemetery to pay a visit to his departed wife. Harper’s memory flashes back to when his wife was pregnant with Arvo, then to his delivery and them noticing how his eyes were the same as Harper’s. It was after the birth of his son that Harper decided to move out to the farm with his family. He snaps back from his daydream once he notices that he is not alone in the cemetery. A shaded figure is seen viewing Harper from a distance behind a willow. As he walks closer to the shaded figure, he begins to weep as he realizes they look just like his deceased wife. As he continues to walk ever so slowly towards her, he demands to the shade that he be made aware as to what is going on. The visage of his wife then states that Harper knows what is going on, that he must be made aware of the consequences of his actions, and that his current grief is his own doing. The apparition tells Harper that it must be a manifestation of his own guilt over his actions that made it appear. The manifestation then leaves the sullen man alone, grieving. Time jumps forward a few weeks, and it is being let known that Arvo has passed the first set of trials and is on his way home to prepare for the next round. Back at the farm Harper makes ready for his son’s return, but once he arrives, he sees that his son is in no state to rejoice. His son’s body is bruised and battered from the trials that he had managed to complete. Harper tends to his son’s wounds and then sends him to rest in his bed. After Arvo has been asleep for some time Harper can hear The Elder nearing his home, and he goes out to meet them. The Elder speaks cryptically asking if “He” is ready for the next trial or if “He” is ready to quit. Harper states that he has tended to his son and wishes against him from pursuing this adventure, but ultimately knows that the decision is left up to his son. Hauntingly The Elder replies “Then it may be made so,” and turns around to return to town. Puzzled, Harper returns to his house to check in on Arvo. Time skips ahead to when Arvo has finally completed the trials. It is unknown how long has exactly passed. Arvo returns from the final trial more broken than last we saw him, and it takes a few months for him to recuperate fully. Once he does, he is called to the town square by The Elder so that he can be bestowed the title of destined hero and set out on his journey. Harper accompanies Arvo to this ceremony, and once again is asked by The Elder if “He” is prepared for what is to come or if “He” is ready to stop. Harper, puzzled by the questions remains firm that it is his son’s choice, and that he will accept whatever his son decides. The Elder replies “Then it will be so.” After the ceremony in Arvo’s honor is complete The Elder tells him that the one he seeks is covered in darkness and bears the mark of the fog, grey eyes. After this encounter with The Elder, he and a retinue of scouts and militia see him out of town and guide him to the edge of the realm. Harper sets out back to his home. It is late in the evening. As Harper reaches the outskirts of the village, he sees the shade from before, taking the image once again of the young boy. The boy does not seem to be hurt in any fashion this time around and is approaching Harper. Once the boy reaches Harper, he asks why has he done this. Confused, Harper replies with, “what have I done?” Before the last syllable leaves his lips, the street runs red with blood, and bodies start floating to the surface of the crimson river that is set before him. Harper turns back to the child and realizes that he knows who this child is. He has seen him before, but it was so long ago. Harper remembers back to the last door of the tower. Ripping it open, seeing a wealthy looking man amongst his guards, he effortlessly begins to cut them down. The wealthy man can be seen trying to mouth something but is choking on his own blood as tears roll down his face. The dying man looks away to another door at the back of the chamber. As Harper approaches the far side of the room he can see the door is slightly open. Before he opens it, he is able to hear a faint whimper. Harper swings open the door ready to strike whatever lies within but stops. Before him is a child, no more than six or seven years of age. The child bears the mark of the fog, but Harper is hesitant to strike the child down. He thinks to himself, “what has a child done to deserve a fate such as this?” In knowing defiance of The Elder, he lays down his weapon becoming painfully aware of the atrocities that he has just committed in order to get to this point. Having deprived the child of a family and a home, Harper decides to just leave the child where he is. He cannot bring himself to end the child’s life but believes that a natural end from the elements would be more fitting. He returns to his town a broken man.

    Time jumps forward again. Whisperings travel to Harper’s ear that Arvo is returning from his journey. Pleased to be informed that his son is returning from the difficult quest relieves the old man’s heart. Harper sets up a banquet in his son’s honor at the farmhouse and sends out a messenger to invite others to join him on this wonderous day. Once Arvo arrives at the town’s palisade, the shade appears once more. This time the shade has taken the form of a youthful Harper, about the age that Arvo would be. The shade tells Harper that he knows he should not be preparing a feast, but readying funerary arrangements. The messenger returns from his task, bearing a guilt-ridden face for he knows that he must break the news to Harper about his son. Harper needs no words from the messenger and drops to his knees. After the messenger leaves, the shade returns. It tells him that we must understand that our choices always have consequences, whether they be immediate or far reaching. Harper picks himself up and heads into town to retrieve his son. Arvo is being kept in the main hall at the town square, watched over by The Elder. Once Harper arrives, The Elder begins to speak to him, but Harper does not notice. He slowly walks to his son’s broken and lifeless body. This is the first time he has seen him in nearly a year. The father holds his son and remembers him as a child; how he would fall asleep in his father’s arms, comfortable and safe. How badly Harper wishes for this to be the case now, but his son just lies in his arms limp and devoid of all that which had once made him who he was. Harper felt anger, sadness, pain, and remorse knowing that he would never be able to see his son smile or laugh again; to live as he once had, carefree and unburdened from responsibility. Harper faintly began to hear what it was that The Elder had been saying. “Now that you have made your choice, are you now ready to destroy the great evil?” Harper looked defeated. He had now come to realize that The Elder had known that he had never killed the child. That the entire time he had been living his life, making a family, The Elder knew what had happened. The trials that Arvo had undertaken and the nursing of his broken body after each iteration, none of it was designed to test Arvo but rather to test the lengths at which Harper would go to hide his choice of not killing the great evil all those years ago. And now that Arvo laid lifeless before him killed by his father’s own arrogance The Elder gave Harper an ultimatum, “You can choose to live out your days as a part of The Elder, or you may finish your task and defeat the great evil. If you choose the latter, you will be afforded the time to carry out your task, but once you return you will become a part of The Elder.” The choice was obvious to Harper, he had to make amends to the loved ones he had wronged. He was not worried about what would come after. He made his way to his farm one final time, prepared for his journey, then set out. Harper was given the location of the great evil by The Elder, for The Elder had glimpsed it from the dying mind of Arvo. As Harper left the palisade, the shade returned still looking like a younger Harper. Though this time it did not appear as an adversary, but like a friend that had not seen him for many years. The shade allowed Harper to obtain a focus on his objective. It enabled him to see beyond his thirst for vengeance against the great evil for the death of his son and allowed him to see that the death of the great evil was a necessary thing for order to be maintained in the world, as this was something that he could not understand while he was younger. Because of his mercy, how many other children had died, he wondered. How many families destroyed because I was unable to finish the task that had been handed to me by destiny? Harper found solace in the fact that he was venturing into the great evil’s lair doubtful that he would return. Harper reached the area the great evil occupied. He climbed the tower to meet his foe. For a while they stood, staring at each other. Both reliving their shared history. The great evil could see it in the old man’s eyes that he had returned to finish what he had started all those years ago. Once the tension seemed palpable the great evil exclaimed, “You took everything from me, and so now I will destroy everything that you hold dear!” Harper, reliving the past few days in head, remembering the guilt and anguish he felt upon holding his deceased son in his arms found the fortitude to lock eyes with the young man across from him and spoke in a terse manner, “You threaten to take away from me that which I no longer have. You face a broken man, who is no longer shackled by the ties of family or love. No, I have nothing to fear this day for I know that I am not leaving here alive, and I am taking you with me.” After their brief exchange, the room went quiet and the air had gone still. Then in a flash, the gleaming of their blades striking and flailing around one another commenced. The battle lasted what seemed days to the men, neither of them stopped for they knew once they had then it would be over. They raged on and on until finally Harper stopped, and he waited. The younger man took the opening and ran Harper through. Pleased with himself for killing the man that slayed his father, the great evil was unprepared for what was to follow. Harper was prepared for death, for nothing awaited him back home. He allowed the younger man to land a fatal blow, for he knew that this would be his chance. Once the blade was sunk deep enough into Harper, he acted. Harper grabbed the young man and pulled him to the ground. Working as a farmer for the past thirty years gave Harper immense upper body strength, such that the great evil could not escape. Once Harper had the man firmly on the ground, he removed the sword which ran him through, and used it to slit the man’s throat. As the great evil laid there dying, gasping for breath, Harper managed to get himself to a chair that was in the room. As he sat there bleeding out, Harper understood why this had happened. No glory was won, no honor found. “Only the dead are freed from destiny,” and with that thought he died. As the sun sank below the horizon his quest had finally ended.

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  • My mother has always been very secretive about her past. My father has always told us not to take offense if mom chooses not to answer any questions we have about her family, or her past before she met Dad. It’s like everything that happened before she was 18 is gone, and the woman she is now was born the day she met my father. As a child, I would pester my mom about my grandparents, what she was like as a little girl, basically anything I could think of. Sometimes she would answer, but always in general terms that would answer the question but never give any insight further. As I got older, I asked my father why mom was so cagey about her past. I was older now, and was beginning to see there was a darkness there and I wanted to know what it was. My father said nothing until one day, when he told me we were going for ice cream. I was maybe 15 by this time and knew something was up immediately. He started by telling me that my mother had sworn him to secrecy and that I was NEVER to repeat what I was to hear. I swore. My mother is the younger of two sisters. My aunt was committed to a psychiatric hospital since she was my age. She had shown signs of mental illness all her life till she snapped and killed my grandparents, and tried to kill my mother by setting the house on fire. My mother had gone to a slumber party and had not been in the house that night, and my aunt had been convicted but because she was clearly insane she was locked away in a hospital instead of a jail. I didn’t ask for more details than that, already feeling like I knew too much. My father had a stroke a few days ago and has been in the hospital. Mom refuses to leave his side so when she walked into the house, I was surprised. I hugged her, and started asking questions about Dad. She was acting very strange but I chalked it up to stress. I could hear her walking around the house saying how lovely everything was and that caught my attention. I ask her if she’s hungry, and before she can answer, the phone rings. I ignore it, and go back but it rings again…and again…and again. It’s different numbers I don’t recognize so I don’t answer. When it rings a fifth time I turn off the ringer and go back to my mother who has disappeared into her bedroom. She doesn’t answer when I call her so I figure she’s sleeping and check my phone. I have a voice mail. It’s my mother screaming to get out of the house. My aunt has escaped and is probably heading to the house as we speak…
    She’s already here..” I whisper before a hand takes the phone and turns it off.

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  • I skinned off the meat so neatly with my filet knife and smiled at how inticing the cut looked.

    I turned the knob on the little butane camping stove and watched the fire roar to life. My hands shook a little but the bottle of wild turkey helped with that.

    It smelled nice when I dropped the cut into the pan and heard the familiar sizzle of meat caramelizing. Reminds me of pork or maybe chicken.

    No pork.

    Definitely pork.

    You see, I’ve been stuck in this vault for a few days now. I shit you not, we had to hide from zombies. Sounds so contrite. I know.

    They eat us. They ate the neighbors. They ate the cops. They ate the army guys. The preacher. The baker. The banker. The asshole at the corner store.

    They ate them all but not me.

    I thought I would starve. But not yet.

    Lucky I had my camping equipment in my car. My stove, some pans, my filet knife.

    Too bad I hadn’t packed food.

    But I’m a pretty buff guy, plenty of meat on my bones.

    And I’ve still got my whole left leg…

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  • Things in the closet go bump

    Things in the closet go thump

    You open the door and nothing is there

    Things in the closet are nowhere

    You leave the room and don’t hear a sound

    Things in the closet can never be found

    You think you hear something again

    Things in the closet aren’t your friend

    You take a deep breathe and face your fear

    Things in the closet are still nowhere

    You turn around feeling happy and bright

    Things in the closet pull you in, goodnight

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  • Not sure if I’ve done this already but I might as well put it out there.

    So for anyone passing by, here’s a scenario;

    You’re in the middle of nowhere and starvation has the reaper waiting for you around the corner.

    However you smell delicious life saving food and soon you come across the man pictured below who’s cooking up the food.

    He spots you and simply offers you a fresh plate of his cooking yet there’s something off about him.

    Do you take a chance and have a bite or just continue on your way with the reaper looming ever closer?

    Comments would be very appreciated

    Character portrait is by @gemkimart

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  • 7/9/20

    I tried to astral project, but to not avail. Instead of the feeling of getting close like I’ve experienced the past few times, this time it felt like the bottom half of me was shoved- but not like something or someone else shoved me? Does that even make sense? It was like being shoved but nothing actually shoved me. And it was only briefly- I was still in my body even after the fact.

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  • Should have never opened that door. Out of all the doors in this house, why that one? The smell was overwhelming. Sulfur, decay, and mold. The door was only opened a tiny crack, but the scraping and shuffling from inside was enough to raise the hairs on your neck. Where to hide? There are no ways out of this nightmare. Up is the only way to go now. Coming slowly. It will be over soon. At the bottom of the stairs. Thump, creak, thump creak. It is maddening to hear. Reached the top now. The doorknob to the room is rattling. The door opens with a screech on rusty hinges. In the room now. The screaming commences. Oh how they taste better when they scream…

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  • The boy woke in his bed finding himself in a nightmare. A man stood above him holding a knife to his throat. The man mumbled something to a woman nervously standing next to him.

    “What if we’re wrong?” the woman said with tears streaming down her face.

    “We’re not.”

    “This is sick John! I don’t think I can do it!”

    “If we don’t do this, everyone we love, everyone, will die. You know that.

    “But he’s only a child!”, the woman sobbed.

    “Don’t let him fool you Sara. He’s a monster. He can’t be allowed to live.”

    The man looked back at the child staring up at him frozen in a state of shock. He gritted his teeth and started to push the blade firmer against the child’s neck.

    The door flew open with a crack. An older woman ran in dressed in night clothes. “Hurry Martha!” she screamed! Moments later Martha burst in pointing a shotgun at the intruders.

    “Call the police Bridget.”

    “You don’t know what he is!” the man pleaded. “You don’t know what he’ll become. We have to do this! It’s the only way!”

    “Stay away from my child!” the woman screamed back pumping the shotgun. “Both of you against the wall now!”

    The intruding couple slowly moved to the wall both shaken with tears. The police arrived soon after and placed them both under arrest as they begged for someone to murder the child.

    “Don’t worry ladies. You all can rest easy now.”

    “I’m not sure of that officer.”, Martha said. “Who were those horrible people?”

    “Religious fanatics. They belong to that cult on the other side of town. Until now they stayed out of trouble and kept to themselves. But these two must have snapped. Said that the boy would usher in the end of the world. That the Antichrist was here. Real fire and brimstone stuff. But don’t let it worry you. They won’t be bothering you again.”

    The women thanked the police officers and saw them out. Bridget sat down in the kitchen and began to cry overwhelmed by the events of the night. Martha made a cup of tea and sat down next to her.

    “He’s safe Bridget. We’re all safe.”

    “More will come now that they know.”

    “He won’t be young forever. He grows stronger by the day. Soon it will be them that need protecting.”

    “Even witches worry Martha. I do hope we can fend them off until he’s ready.”

    “Take heart sister. It won’t be long now. Children grow up so quickly!”

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  • “We’re over hayata!! Come tomorrow and get your shit!” I read her message with sadness in my heart.i had already decided. That day i took my life… Ok wait! its not what you think. I mean yea i was gonna but then- OK. Let me start from the beginning. I had a pretty rough childhood, my mom was beat constantly,but still tried to show me the bright side of life. my dad was a low-life scumbag,and by time i was 16, I accidentally got my girlfriend Ana pregnant. I loved my little maya. But my god was raising her hard. Ana and I married when she was three and we lived with her parents, I struggled to find a good job, and Ana refused to leave mayas side. I tried my hardest to be the best father i could, but i kinda sucked at it.At 24 i had finally saved up enough money for an apartment. But i could tell Ana wasn’t happy with where we were at in life. To be honest neither was I, but i put up a front for maya, she was eight and she got the bedroom while Ana and I slept on the couch. I would always try my hardest to make my maya happy. I got her the toys she wanted whenever i could, i spent time with her as much as possible,until, 3 years later, Ana filed for divorce, never told me why, got sole custody of my little maya, and got the apartment. Well that was 5 days ago, and i was at my lowest of lows. I went out and bought rope yesterday for… uh, the obvious. Went to my hotel, and no matter how hard I tried. I couldnt kick the stool. I already had my note on the table, my mom was supposed to come over for pizza and, well i wanted her to be the first to find me. “Well, if i wont hang myself.. ill jump.” I thought. So i headed up to the roof, and stood at the edge for a while, all i could think about was maya. This is the cruelest thing i could possibly do to her. I broke out of my haze when i heard sirens and screaming. I looked down to see a crowd of people looking up at me. News stations recording the situation.Police telling me that “i have much too live for, im young, sure life’s tough now-they dont know the half of it- but you can make it through.” It started to rain. The officer gave my mom the mega phone” HAYATA PLEASE!” She was sobbing. I started to cry too, hard. “ I know life feels like its just hit rock bottom…-she took a pause, and started to cry harder- but please, PLEASE just come down and talk to us… for maya, for me, and for yourself.” I.. i was balling at this point.”STUPID. YOU STUPID SELFISH BASTARD! HOW COULD YOU MAKE YOUR MOM FEEL THIS WAY?! NOT TO MENTION MAYA HAS PROBABLY SEEN ME NOW!”i thought to myself.I shouted down how sorry i was. How they were right and im getting down now. But that damn rain… i slipped. My fall felt like an eternity. But was in reality only a second or two. And i hit the ground,and,dark. It’s only been darkness since I hit the ground. All I can think about is my mom, my daughter, and what could’ve been.

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  • Rachel, what’s for dinner tonight?

    I don’t know dear, I was going to look around and see what I could come up with.

    Let’s go out, I heard restaurants are opening back up! There’s a place not far from here, I heard the fish is so fresh it’s still flopping


    What are you going to have?

    The fish looks great but I think I’ll have the frog legs


    Rachel’s frog legs came before my fish dinner, I told her to go ahead and eat first, I wish I hadn’t.

    She takes a bite, tells me how delicious it is and offers me some, “go ahead” I say. She goes in for another bite, her face drops in panic, blood coming from her mouth.

    I scream her name, everyone around us starts screaming and fleeing, she’s disappearing.


    Josh! I got a nibble!

    If you get another one, yank your rod and start reeling babe.

    Look! I got a fish! I can’t believe I actually hooked one!

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  • Dear Tumblr and… possible hoomans.

    I’ve come to tell you a story!

    So, I pulled an all-nighter (due to overthinking) and the events that occurred so far are quite amusing to me.

    1. I wrote a long poem to my girlfriend, not even remembering how long it was, but I might have cried a little afterwards.

    2. I made a new Breakdown AMV (go find it yourself, this is a story, not a reference page) and it was good (but still a bit crappy).

    3. I watched Tumblr videos on YouTube.

    4. I was on my way to shower when this phrase entered my mind: “Fuck you, you micro-sized phallus of an ostracized bird.” I have no clue about what it means.

    5. My bodywash is called Radox Men: Feel Awake. If I knew irony was going to be a part of my morning, I’d have slept.

    6. I have to go shopping today and my eyes are the colour of the SANBS logo.

    Have a good day

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  • Kevin made his way down to the docks, the previous meeting more informative than he expected, smirk on his face as his boots pressed along the worn wood of the walkway. He paced, much like a caged animal as he knew the ship would arrive momentarily. A pocket watch was pulled from the inner pocket of his coat, the device flipped open and the time checked before it was returned to the coat; a growl leaving the man. “Shoulda been here by now, yeah?” he bit at one of the dockhands, who merely shrugged and went on about his duties. A few moments later, along the horizon broke the silhouette of the ship that traveled between Boralus and Stormwind. That smirk turned into a smile as the ship came to a stop and the crew began to throw tie ropes to the dockhands, the Kul Tiran nodding to himself as they made quick work to do so. 

    Grey hues scanned each person as they exited the ship, and in typical fashion, the Harvest Witch was the last one to leave, limping down the ramp, bo-staff used as a makeshift walking stick, what little possessions he owned in a bag slung over his shoulder. Kevin laughed now as he eyed the Gilnean over, Slade donning his own matching smile as he stopped in front of Kevin. Both men’s right hands came out and gripped the other’s forearm before they each leaned in, wrapping their left arms around each other and patting the opposite shoulder before backing away. “Ladies and Gentlemen! The Ghost a Keel Harbor, Slade Harlow!” Kevin yelled out, chuckling as he looked the man over once more. “Ya look like shit, but calm as usual.” He told Slade. The Gilnean simply rolled his eyes. “I ain’ seen th’ Doc in’a few days, righ’?” He told Kevin, sighing.

    Kevin, in turn waved a hand, nodding toward the city. “I’m sure she’s fine, Brother, very capable from what ya tell me, yeah?” He quipped, heading in the direction he nodded. Slade merely grunted, narrowing his gaze at the man. “Wha’ y’ go’? Bet’a be clean, righ’?” He told his friend, giving him a knowing look. “Aye, s’clean, ya just makin’ potions, stockin’ ‘em and gettin’ ‘em sold. I already got ya a shop, it’ll be fully stocked. Everythin’ ya need will be there in the mornin’.” Kevin told him, nodding as they walked along. “Also set ya up a month in the inn, until ya on ya feet again, I don’t know what ya saved and what ya spent tryin’ ta get that Doc a ya’s ta notice ya again.” 

    Slade looked at the man as he spoke, nodding along. “Righ’ then, in the mornin’ work starts, I’ll go set that room up.” he said, grabbing Kevin by the arm. “Than’ y’, brother, truly. I’ll no’ let y’ down an’ y’ don’ need’a worry bouth wha’ I spend and I don’, yeah?” He growled, nodding to him. “I’m goin’ t’ the farmhouse.” He said, before he split off to do so. Kevin clapped the man on the shoulder and laughed. “Drink and be Merry, Ghost. Live life for once!” he chirped, heading in the opposite direction, smirk on his face. “Easy money.” He told himself.

    @the-lost-quartermaster @ocean-eyed-medic For mentions!)

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  • Weird question but do you have those weird anime dreams?

    ‘Coz this bitch did.

    This happened a long time ago but lmao, it is still stitched well in my mind and from time to time, I visit those memories to satisfy my thirst for affection (I’veneverfeltsosinglewithasentence)

    So the dream goes like this, I woke up in this weird room, it has nothing except a bench in which I am sitting on.

    The weird thing is, remember those flashy backgrounds in shojou mangas? The ones they use when the main character does something so soft?

    Like this one?


    Yeah. Those. The room is just filled with floating bokes in a shade of pastel pink and I was just so confused like:??? What is this place?

    Then suddenly, I feel a pat in my shoulder which made me jump in my seat. Then I abruptly look at my right.

    Only to see Usui Takumi’s face.



    I was so shookt like JFKSKJDFNJK what is this boy doing in this room? I literally felt my cheeks flush in heat so hard because Usui looked so clear in my dream and fucc HE LOOKS SO PRETTY I WAS SO FLUSTERED!!!!


    He then spoke!

    “Are you alright, Misaki?”

    That kinda caught me off guard.

    So like, that’s when I noticed that I was wearing their uniform and I touched my face and it was slimmer than it is supposed to be. Conveniently, I was holding a compact mirror and I checked my reflection.

    If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re right.

    I was Misaki.


    I was so red at Misaki’s reflection and basically looked like someone who painted her entire face with tomatoes. My thoughts were scrambled and I was shaking so badly (with the fear and excitement).

    “Are you sick, Misaki?” Usui took my attention again.

    And like, I can’t do anything at this point but just stare at Usui Takumi staring at me intently like I was some kind of experiment. Like, he went closer to check my eyes, touch my cheeks, touching my forehead again, patting my shoulders.

    He thinks I’m sick ‘cause I’m so hot (literally) and I was so red. He kept asking me if I was alright and stuff or sick and stuff. I didn’t really reply because I was scared I didn’t sound like Misaki so I just nodded from time to time.

    Then suddenly, he says, “Come here, Misaki…”

    (Note: Every conversation we had was in Japanese and it remains a mystery to me how I understood him very well lmao)

    Then, he gently pulled me by my shoulders and made me lie down on his lap. This point, I was going berserk internally BDSBFBFIKABFQFB LIKE HOW LUCKY AM I TO LIE DOWN ON USUI TAKUMI’S LAP? SUPER LUCKY I CAN REST IN PEACE!

    Anyways, so I was just lying down on his lap awkwardly, straining my lips from smiling while looking at him looking down on me. And boy was I melting with how he looked at me so lovingly while stroking my hair and getting rid of some strands.

    Although it saddens me that he’s doing all these because in his eyes, I am Misaki and I am basically stealing Misaki’s moment.


    So Usui kept on stroking my hair, trying to lull me to sleep in which I was fighting so hard not to. I mean, you don’t get to see Usui Takumi with cute manga screentone background in a daily basis, do you? I was trying my best to cherish the moment.

    But I guess I was about to wake up that time ‘cause eventually, my eyes drooped and before waking up, I heard him whisper, “Sleep tight, Misaki…”

    Then I woke so confused and my head was aching.

    That ends this story time I guess.


    And don’t hesit8 to talk to me please c: I am hungry for affection C:

    #Anime #Anime is life #Usui Takumi #Usui Takumi is life #kaichou wa maid sama #Misaki? #Misaki I'm sorry I layed down on Usui's lap #but not really #i enjoyed this #Story time#Story #thank you 45 people #I love you
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  • Walter decided to go talk to a man working in a small kiosk in Strangerville, as this seemed to know everything. Or well almost and some of the man’s stuff was, well, questionable.

    It was evening, but still strangely bright in Strangerville, but it still didn’t seem to cause any problems for Walter. For his skin at now days was not compatible with sunlight. Especially since he could no longer change into a humanform, allowing him to move at any time.

    But that strange light this time did not come from the sun, but from a strange, surprisingly pink cloud formation that rose above the crater. It was probably a cloud created by that motherplant, Walter concluded.

    In addition, he notices that the strange plants he had seen last time, had now grown bigger and in addition something was hovering in the air. Something very pink and strange.

    So he tried to talk to the kiosk man, but got nothing out of him that would have been helpful. Just some conspiracy theory nonsense. As well as vague accounts of how the residents of this small town seemed to behave strangely.

    Walter meant to answer that, but then he saw that cowboy he had once talked to before. This seemed as confused, if not worse, than then.

    He tried to talk to the weirf cowboy, but this didn’t come up with any sensible words. Some vague murmur and some strange words, mayde a praise about the motherplant.

    “Okay, that’s clear, I realize there’s no help from you,” Walter growled and continued his journey.

    ‘If all the inhabitants of the city were indeed in the same state as that confused cowboy, then there would be no help here either. After all, they couldn’t say a single sensible word. Maybe it was the effect of that motherplant that made people behave strangely’, he concluded.

    In his thoughts, he leaped between the buildings and only then realized how deserted and abandoned they looked. On the other hand, there was something that didn’t seem to fit the picture at all, namely a military car.
    ‘What would they be here for, unless …’, the idea cut out in the middle, because something sank firmly in his thigh. It was weird, because usually everything bounced off his rocky skin, leaving no scratches.

    This, whatever it was, had been properly stuck in his thigh and soon everything went dark.

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    Chapter 1: The things we don’t know.

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  • Welcome to the darkest chapter in our adventures…

    And by that I mean somepony is going to need a flashlight cause it’s really dark down there.

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