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  • flashbang-througthe-door
    20.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Duke Bradley headcanons? Lore? Random facts?

    Pretty sweet, most are confused why he was in prison but ✨war crimes ✨

    Met Flint "Sweets" Shepherd in prison and found himself in a relationship pretty fast but he didn't know what he was in for

    He's a good listener

    There is nothing going on in this man's head, he is a himbo

    Head, empty. Heart, full. Bullet, your head.

    Humble as fuck

    This man is so sweet it's sickening


    Kinda is dragged into his boyfriend's plans

    LoFi baby, he loves the music

    Eats stale peeps

    Fucking ✨Dies✨

    Very interested in speaking about ✨ lobotomies✨

    Isn't allowed to practice ✨medicine✨

    “So your Thomas Shepherd, Duke Bradley very nice to meet the man who put Sweets in prison„


    ⬆️ that's not a joke, he's actually pretty scared of people now, after his whole ✨War crimes✨ people being the real monsters really sunk in for him

    Sweets hype man

    Has barbed wire scars from his wrists to his shoulders

    ✨September sun✨


    Also wonders where the fuck Sweets's son is

    Ngl probably gonna murder him and Sweets around the same time

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  • flashbang-througthe-door
    20.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Sweets Shepherd headcanons pt 1

    Brother to Thomas Shepherd aka General Shepherd

    His reign of evil takes place in a year in-between the first and second game

    Tol boy 6'3 GIANT BOY

    Eyes blue like Satan

    Build like a brick wall, but I guess working out in prison helped with that

    Originally put in prison by his brother

    Can hold a grudge for too long

    HATES Harv

    Is the reason why Nov commits war crimes

    Only let's his boyfriend touch him

    Legit would not leave the prison unless Duke could come with him

    The living embodiment of back back backstabber

    “TomTom! I swear to God if this Harv FUCK is following me and Duke everywhere he will die„

    He's got a really deep burp

    Wonders were the hell his son disappeared to

    Would be that meme of Stu Pickles of making pudding at 4 am

    Calls Shepherd TomTom

    Firebug, it's a Shepherd thing

    Appears out of thin air

    Favorite gun is a LMG but he always complains about the name

    *kicks down Shepherd's office door* IM GOING TO KILL HIM

    #Sweets Shepherd#headcanons #that song that goes back back backstabber well have i got a man for you #his boyfriend joins on the mission but thats a hcs list for another time #i can see him talking to Shepherd now #Sweets: Hey TomTom this my boyfriend Duke Bradley he was in for war crimes too #Shepherd: this is why Judy is the only normal one.. #Duke Bradley
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  • flashbang-througthe-door
    19.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Flint "Sweets" Shepherd

    #Sweets Shepherd #just a sneak peak of backstabby mcgee #who does he call Honey #well wouldn't you like to know #edit by me #🥺🥺🥺 #this man is dangerous but sweet #well uh.... #Sweets Shepherd is manipulating people left and right #his story would take place...well thats a post for a different time 💜 #we love a glow up
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  • viatafrumoasa-lifebeautiful
    19.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    A few months ago we adopted this sweetie. She's possibly a mix, possibly purebred, but 100% love and joy. Never underestimate the blessing of sharing life with a castaway. They love you back with great abandon, knowing, somehow, that you've saved them. In the process, they save you.

    #Adopt a Dog #Smart and Sweet #Sunshine on a Cloudy Day #We love you Bear #I can't believe you were abandoned #Doggy snuggles are the best #Doggy Smiles for Miles #Adoptees love you more than you could know #GSD#GSD mix#German Shepherd #dogs of tumblr #dog photos #Black and Brown #farm aesthetic#cottage aesthetic
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  • kaimelia
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #this is so sweet #i also hope these all get finished I'm so bad at not finishing things but #this made me smile so hard <33 #hope youre having a lovely day anon #kaimelia#kai bartley#amelia shepherd#sneak peek
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  • spectrum-color
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    You know Rand has gone terribly wrong when he hears about Lan taking a Borderlander army to the Blight and not only thinks that it may be a good thing if he’s killed because it will distract the Shadowspawn but tells Nynaeve this to her face

    #wheel of time #wot#wot reread#rand al’thor#nynaeve al’meara#lan mandragoran #the sweet shepherd boy is long gone now #and it makes me so sad #only a few chapters until jesus rand though #so the payoff is worth it #wot book spoilers
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  • afieldinengland
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    #you must think my relationship with my god is incomprehensibly intense and insanely psychosexual. and it is. but i don’t even have the words #to express the half of it. well…. look. develop an intensely personal god and worship them it’s fine it’s healthy i am insane but god knows #i wept long enough for the sun to not enjoy myself now i’ve found him. you know? pagan. that word in all its strangeness and its sweetness. #earth-root-mead and soil. you know #i’m a lamb a calf a shepherd bloody handed with prophecies on the hillside. his ganymede his sun worshipper his bride and his boy. regular #and what he is to #me is the sun in splendour the glorious lord the dear old man the warm hand the standing stone and the sunrise on the fields. the lover #you know! i think it’s good to be insane about your god. nobody else is psychosexualising or homoeroticising with me after all… #john donne did it thomas traherne did it. homosexualise with your god he loves it #what am i saying. sorry. just talking and talking…. i miss being kissed. anyway!
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  • thefoolishfewterer
    16.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Bluet loves playing with the little puppies at work

    #he’s so sweet with them too #never gets too rough #Bluet #miniature american shepherd #mini american shepherd #MAS#cute#adorable#cute dog#cute dogs#dog#dogs#dogblr
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  • youngavengerscameos
    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    A variant cover of Empyre: Aftermath Avengers (2020) #1

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  • slitherbite
    22.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    im so excited for my future dog holy shit.

    #yknow i think ill get snarky comments from people because i chose to adopt a dog thats getting flown in from another country #said dog will cost me about 250 euros and like i know ill get shit for picking a purebreed but i dont trust adoption agencies here #all of the time they just go on about how good the dog is how sweet they are maybe theyll mention if its a big bully breed that #it needs an experienced owner #i dont like what they say about the gsd and croatian shepherd mixes sorry i think youre completely ignoring genetic predisposition #in favour of getting the dog a home asap.... like. yea a dog can be trained but yknow. youre not raising it since it was a puppy #god knows what this dog has been thru #or what behavioral problems it has #the greyhound agency doesnt let you pick the dog they match you with a dog but ill request a galgo because theyre smaller that eng greys #but temperament and excercise wise its a perfect dog for me i think im def making a responsible decision #why would i set myself up to frustration if i can adopt a dog thats going to be the right fit for me yknow #my.txt
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  • cvpids-arrow
    13.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ambrose griffith - morningstar

    “Say whatever you will about me, for I am still alive. But you do not get to besmirch the name of the dead by putting your words into their mouths, knowing damn well they can’t correct you. As long as I still live and as long as I don’t, I will haunt you. You won’t be given a single chance to turn their sacrifices into something admirable. My comrades were all lost and scared and human. They did not die for your glory or your cause. They died because you gave them no other choice. And you will never be allowed to forget that. In your final moments, may you lay in your bed only able to think about the thousands that died for you to be there - and how you will greet them.”


    #he’s a former general and self taught 💀 #notoriously known as the black flame #please don’t talk to me abt how there’s no war that goes on recently enough for him to be a general #he’s an oc i carried over and his trauma from being a war hero is unfortunately integral to his character #choice of games #cog#interactive fiction#moodboard#aesthetic #shepherds of haven #shoh#ambrose griffith #hm how do i explain #he’s like painfully average at a first glance #very sweet but almost a pushover yknow #but he is not passive #not in the slightest bit #:)#enjoy #the quote is also a direct piece of dialogue! #from ambrose to the man who enlisted him into the military #for the record he is criticizing the glorification of war and hero worship #he is not looking down on his dead comrades #he is in fact praising their humanity #and making sure nobody uses their death to justify war
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  • bohemian-barbie
    07.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Some Brooklyn content😄

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  • khiita
    25.10.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #i'm so glad u like her !!! these asks are so sweet thank u #shepherds of haven #shoh mc#ask #ari.txt #oc: neassa
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  • ronnie-woody
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Ronnie's backstage vids are one of the best things of this tour seriously 😂 I love that puppy so much omg 💜

    #the rolling stones #ronnie wood #he is so adorable #it's so so sweet how he is always so fucking excited for each show #as if he hadn't been doing this for 50+ years #like omg #but well...obviously he is thrilled to still be able to do this #i wish there were backstage vids from mick and keith too 😂 #bot just keith's inspirational music hahaha #keith should post a pic of his shepherd's pie xD
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  • silentfellchild
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    tag dump: verses edition

    hope you will be staying with me until the end { verse: teenage } in your pose as the dust settled around us { verse: heroes } let’s see where this adventure takes us { verse: undecided } grow as you may like a sweet summer day { verse: shepherd }

    #hope you will be staying with me until the end { verse: teenage } #in your pose as the dust settled around us { verse: heroes } #let’s see where this adventure takes us { verse: undecided } #grow as you may like a sweet summer day { verse: shepherd }
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  • tealopossum
    01.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    my mind has a mind of its own when it comes to pictures characters in books.

    the author makes a character and describes them and my brain goes No. Youre Wrong.

    #when i read the dog books by erin hunter. sweet is supposed to be like. a cream colored sighthound #i decided she was a dilute red merle australian shepherd
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  • eddis-not-eeddis
    01.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Of my two puppies, Arwen loves me more, but she's not as affectionate in a lot of ways as Ze'eva. Ze'eva will dash over to sit in my lap, loves pets, and will shove her way into my personal space to snuggle at any time.

    Arwen will not intrude on me. She'll come sit next to me, but usually a few steps away. I have to actually call her to me before she comes right up. She doesn't sit on my lap, but will put her chin on my leg and sigh very happily as soon as I direct any attention her way. If I don't immediately switch my attention to her, she waits patiently until I do.

    Ze'eva is more than happy to dash into the house every now and again, but she's like her mother. She'd rather be outside. Outside is more fun. There are things to do out there.

    Arwen though, Arwen LOVES being inside. If it's not time for inside, she will try to sneak her way inside. I can't even open the door sometimes, because she's plastered up against it, waiting to slither her way into my room the instant I let my guard down. She'll hop up onto my bed (something Ze'eva hasn't learned to do) and sit there, waiting for me to sit back down and resume my typing. That's her happy spot, curled up next to me on my bed, while her mom and her sister run around outside playing their own version of tag/fetch.

    #i love them both very much #german shepherds are so affectionate and sweet #i don't know what i'd do without my girls
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  • flashbang-througthe-door
    22.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Summer nights

    Ship: Sharp(Harv/shepherd)

    Tw: Swearing, smoking, sexual humor

    A/n: yet again I feel this is my magnum opus

    A/n: Marry, happy September 22 @samatedeansbroccoli haha

    Description: It's a hot summer night on the base, Harv is loving it, Shepherd is not


    Harv was busy working on the always broken jeep, he pulled his shirt off and continues to work. He was keeping himself busy after the last mission he just wanted to ignore that it ever happened. He didn't usually go on missions without Shepherd but last time he did and it didn't go as plan but that's water under the bridge. He was happy with the heat, which reminded him of home and he missed home, sure most of the people there didn't like his lifestyle but he has friends and family there who support him. Watching Harv from a chair was Shepherd, he hasn't moved from his chair in so long. The radio was playing 80s hot one hundred songs of the summer. "Harv?" "Yeah?" "It's called the unfixable jeep for a reason" Shepherd shifts in his seat "That was number 67. Sussudio by Phil Collins, next up is 66. Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes, the temperature is up to 94° on this lovely evening" the radio filled the silence for sometime

    "Are you going to sit in that chair all night Tommy?" Harv pulled the belts out of the jeep and threw them in the grass. "What? Get up and help you? Nope, I'm staying still" Shepherd answers crosses his arms "I hate the heat" he sighs "How's your nose?... A wrench to the face must have hurt" he watches Harv freeze up for a few seconds and then started working on the jeep again "I'm fine, I have a bandage on it...he's going through withdrawal and he doesn't care for me" Harv sighs, yeah Nov has a problem and he doesn't like Harv, and well shit was rolling downhill. "He still shouldn't have hit you" Shepherd stood up sighing walking over to Harv "This jeep has been through so much" Shepherd put his hands on the jeep "Just like us" Harv mumbles working on the engine feeling Shepherd's hand on his back "Too hot for lovey-dovey crap" he looks over smiling brightly "I hate that you love the heat" "And I hate that you love the cold" Shepherd mutters kissing Harv's cheek "Don't I'm greasy" Harv pulls away and fell into the dirt "And now your dirty" Shepherd holds his hand out for Harv, who yanks him down "Ow!" "That's what you get" "Well get off me!" Harv groans "Aw come on, I haven't been on top in a hit second" Shepherd teases smirking "Tommy baby, love of my intestines, get off me before I kick you in your nuts" Harv smacks Shepherd's chest "Its too hot" he mumbles and Shepherd gets up helping Harv up "I hate you...but I love you" Harv wipes his hands on his pants sighing "I'm going to lay down join me or not, I don't care" Harv waves his hand walking in removing his belt, and then his pants laying in the bed curling into a ball tired.

    Shepherd sighs walking in "You did good today, with the P.T training...I am proud of you" He removes his shirt "I was just following orders, they all hate me" Harv calls from the bed now stretching out waiting for Shepherd "Harvard, baby...take some credit please" "No thank you" Harv mumbles wagging his finger as Shepherd lays down next to him "Really?" Shepherd sighs pulling Harv closely "Yeah..." "Tell me about Fruitdale..." Shepherd runs his fingers through Harv's hair "It's hot...but...uh it's pretty, the sunsets are nice...my family has a farm there" Harv yawns pulling Shepherd's arm around his waist "The stars at night are clearer than here...I hope when this is all over I can take you there" "I'd like that" Shepherd smiles softly "We have animals...dont...uh ...dont...mhm...get attached to the cows I did when was a kid and uh..." Harv started snoring not able to finish his sentence "Poor baby" Shepherd mumbles resting his head against Harv's shoulder falling into a peaceful sleep.

    #shepard#harv/shepherd#harv #this is sweet #magnum opus pt 2 #lol #Shepherd doesnt have a first name and I like thomas #so ITS THOMAS! AND ONLY HARV CAN CALL HIM TOMMY
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