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  • sunny-fitz
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Soldier saying nom nom has brightened my day beyond belief what the fuck

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  • 500tabsopenatonce-500tabso-pen
    21.08.2020 - 8 monts ago


    #wassup my aniety has spiked over LITERALLY NOTHING nad i am NOT HAVING A GOOD TIWM✌️ #like pls let me sleep....tbere is nothing to be prosuctive about ive done all i can... #and i JUST got some meds and im p sure this started.... day before i started them but also... maybe its them! who knows!!🙃🙃🙃 #vent
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  • a-horse-ofcourse
    18.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    i just realized that i keep putting myself in constant physical danger for my job and like??? there are so many instances where i could’ve fuckin died for those motherfuckers and they don’t even give a shit wtffff

    #its so dangerous all rhe tiwm #and noboysy care? #tbe think im nothing becajw i clean up anf care fot livestock #but if it werent dor me they wounnt have the help in caring for the horses! #i know almost everything about each horse thete #approx 40 horses that i know personally and can immediately recognize if someting is wrong!!! #and i am treates like shit!! #i take care of 40 1200lb + animals worth thousanda of dollars youd think id get alittlw more reapect!!? #i know evethunf aboyt each one and theu begrudihinglu help me when my car is stuck trying yo get to work #my body was soakind wet i. the negatice windchill and theu dont carw #fuck it
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  • slapkorsesbaldhead
    05.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Bad news fwom the zones tumbweweeds, wooks wike Jet Staw and Teh Kobwa Kid had a cwap with an extewminataw and tat went aww cowstaw wika and uhh, got themsewfs ghosted, dusted ouwt on woute wuano. So its tiwme to hit da wed wine and upthwust the vowume ouwt therew. Keep youw boots tight, keep youw gun cwose, and die with youw mask own, it youwve got two. Here., is da twaffic

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  • none-of-your-biscuits
    01.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • 2minjeong
    20.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    At tiwms smn younger calls u didi or akka and just 💔💔❤️💀💔💖❤️💀💖💖💖💔😥💖💖❤️💔💔💀❤️💖🙂😭💖

    #the akulls not sposed to be rhere im aleepy #bye#s #s.talking
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  • cringelemons
    07.11.2020 - 5 monts ago



    It’sh Tiwme Tuwu Pawtyy~

    Shawe yeww shmutty stowies pwease? U//w//U

    #writing challenge #Smut writing challenge #UWU#OwO
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  • mcsh-mmv
    04.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Ok for your consideration: school could be much worse could you imagine if teachers wore OwO masks and taught in furry talk like “OwOk cwass it’s time for your math test xD? No? Well too bawd it’s tiwme fow youw test! I howp you pass :3

    “Today’s avewage is firteen purrcent UwU you guws shouwd have studied mowe! >:3”

    “OwOpen the tewxtbook to chaptewr thwee”

    #for your consideration #owo#school
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  • bisexualcrabking-moved
    05.06.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Tiwm to slep mom will be mad if i dont

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  • blue-firelight1234
    12.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Da Wegend of Zewda: Bwef of da Wiwld

    Memowe 1

    Zewda: Herwo of Hywle, chwosen by da swowd dat seawls da dwarkness. Youz hawve showwen unfwinching bwavewey and skiwll in da facew of dwarkness and adverwsitwey. And hawve pwoven yousewlf worvy of da bwessings of da godwess Hywia. Whever skywawd bownd, adwift in tiwme, or steewped in da gwowing embwers of twiwlight. Da sacwed bwade is forevwer bownd to da souwl of da herwo. We pway for yourw protwection. And we howpe dat- Dat da twwo of youz wiwll gwow stwonger togthew as owne.

    Dawuk: Gee, dis is upwifting. Shwe’s makwing it souwnd wike we aweady wost.

    Wevali: Waswn’t dis yourw ideaw? Youw’re da owne whow wantewed tew designaywte da appowintwed kniwght wif awll da cewamonwial powmp, gwandeuw, and nonsewnse we couwld mustew! And iwf yous ask mwe, da whowe thwing dwoes seewm to bwe ovewkwill. I thinks I’m owen da sawme page as da pwincess wegarding…dis boy

    Uwbosa: Oh, givew it a west. Dat bot is a wiving wemindew of hewr own faiwiers. Wewll, at weast dats how da pwincess sees himz


    #botw#revali#urbosa#daruk#zelda#link #breath of the wild #legend of zelda: breath of the wild #loz#fite me #yes i’ll be doing this with all the memories #maybe the divine beast cutscenes too
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  • sunraise
    30.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    friekugel replied to your post: “  HEWWO !  I  WIWW  BE  YOUW  SUWGEON  today...

    i wouldnt trust my doctor if he manspread as atrociously as you do .

    but hiwda ! dowon’t you twust an awwy in youw tiwme of nweed ??

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  • rhsin
    25.01.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • sprucedarkstache
    16.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    the return of this curse

    Sawme snawke, diffewent skin. Awways spinning his yawns, his webs, his wies. I awways thought you wewe twapped in his gawmes, pewpetually pwundering down the wabbit howes of his stowies. Hewpwess, wost. I know the feewing. Pewhaps, I’m the cwazy one. Pewhaps, we’ve met many tiwmes and you just don’t wemembew it. Pewhaps you’we tiwed of me wepeating mysewf ovew, and ovew, and ovew, and ovew, and ovew, and ovew again! Mawybe you just missed my pwetty face. It doesn’t mattew. Peopwe wike you onwy want one thing... and it’s diwgusting. You want answews. Weww, gawmes wewe awways his fowte. But awwow me this one moment of sewf-induwgence. So much twoubwe, aww fow sowmething so smaww. Do you weawwy wanna know what’s insiwde this bowx? The twuth, not the wies he’s towd you, but the twuth? Weww, I know how much you wove a good gawme. Thwoughout this heiwst, I’ve hidden cowdes. Sevewal codes. Find them aww, and you’ww get youw twuth. That’s aww I’m gownna give you.


    #markiplier #a heist with markiplier #ahwm dark#darkiplier
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  • vagabondaesthetics
    18.12.2011 - 9 years ago

    The Interrupting White Man

    In the short amount of time I've been on Tumblr it has made me want to write a short script/webisode based on The Interrupting White Man. It doesn't literally have to be a White Man, but that's how he or she is usually manifested. TIWM is the guy/gal in comments who always feels the need to break into conversations and offering his/her opinion regardless of whether the conversation has anything to do with them or if they even know anything about the subject. TIWM will always become defensive when people say anything back. The next post or reply will almost always be "LOL" or some variation (let us all silently notice that internet troll behavior is the same where they bust into conversations so saying stupid and then snicker to themselves that people have gotten upset by what they said).

    Defensiveness is damn-near their G-Code. They'll break down how you are the one who is actually racist, sexist, homophobic, and pretty much anything/everything else. Recently, and not so recently, the one example that strike forth to my mind is noticing there aren't any non-white people in some form a media. TIWM will always say that YOU are in fact the one who is racist for pointing it out. Naw dunny. Noticing that there is a lack a diversity in media that attempt to show diversity isn't racist. Of course you don't see it as a problem because you're being represented is all that concerns you (and why you feel the need to interrupt when there are conversations going on that are not about you).

    TIWM only cares about his/her representation. You don't notice that other people aren't there because all you see is yourself and that's all you been taught to see. It's why movies set NEW YORK CITY or LA (or Southern California in general) can be completely whitewashed and it never registers to white audiences, even those that live and grew up in those areas, that something is off about the locales representation. It's also why TIWM gets pissy that there are 3 or 4 television shows that sorta show mostly kinda programming featuring majority Black people. The fact that literally the rest of television >99% of television has them represented in almost any particular facet doesn't register because that's how they've been taught the norm and that's how they accept reality.

    #the interrupting white man #TIWM#race#troll#ignorance#martyr
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