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  • Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo

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  • Summary: Anna is picked up by spies, Napoleon and Illya - will they be able to keep her safe?

    Pairing: Napoleon Solo x OFC Anna 

    Word Count: 1,283

    Warnings: Violence, mentions of war, mentions of death (Nothing graphic)

    A/N: Just remember that this is in the ’60s so things may be a bit different!

    Catch up here: A Clandestine Operation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    If you like this check out my masterlists General Masterlist // Male Reader and feel free to send me prompts/requests


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  • Ok, let’s try this u.u

    (I remind you that english is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes that could be in this.)

    THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.: a study in trust and team relationships (Part 1 – Illya Kuryakin)

    Introduction: neither of them trust easily; they’re all spies, so it’s in their job description not to trust people, but what about trust in a team?

    Maybe it seems strange, but out of the three of them, I think Illya is the first one to start trusting them and he does that pretty easily. Of course, at first he doesn’t. He and Solo especially start like enemies and actually try to kill each other and then, when they’re told that they must work together, the first thing they say to each other is an insult. So, not the best of beginnings.

    With Gaby, at the start he tries to see her almost like an object, a mean to an end. When he first talks to her, he looks her almost like he would do with a piece of  gun before a mission: will this tool help me to accomplish my mission? Yes? No? Certainly not with that dress. It must change. It’s obviously just an act. Maybe because I think he really doesn’t usually work with others. I think that even if sometimes he ends up to work with some other KGB agent, like the son of a traitor, they don’t trust him and probably they let him know that he’s not forgiven for the faults of his father, so he in return keeps them at distance and sees them just like tools to use to accomplish his missions. So, he tries to do the same thing with Gaby, but we see immediately that it doesn’t really work. Like it was said in this post, even if he tries to stay professional, to see Gaby like nothing more that a mean to his end, when she jumps away from him, he subtly reacts, unconsciously too, like he’s been hurt by it. Because in the end she’s one other person that, even before he knows him, she kind of rejects him, pulls away from him, even if this time he doesn’t even try to be liked. Then we have the scene at the fountain, when we see that he really doesn’t see her like an object and actually cares more that he wants to admit about what she thinks of him. So he tries to impress the hell out of her, because he actually want to be liked. Later, in the hotel room, since the mugging exposed a bit too much of him, he tries again to regain control and distance himself from her. So he doesn’t accept the drink (but I think he does that also for other reasons and maybe, in a second moment, I will wrote a post about it) and just really tries not to engage with her at all. When she pulls him in her dance, though, he goes pretty easily and even starts to smile, enjoys himself. It’s the first crack in his resolution to keep her at distance. He tried so hard to distance himself but he actually wants the connection so bad that he gives in pretty easily (and this make this post even more difficult to digest). And then we have the “fight” scene and then the bed scene, where he talks to a sleeping Gaby with so much affection that he clearly already got really attached to her. He craves so much some kind of affection, a connection with another person, that when  someone gives him even the tiniest bit of attention, he immediately grabs at it. I don’t know if we can really talk about trust here, but in the morning he’s so completely captured by her that he gives her some of his trust and when she “betrays” them, he takes it really hard. “It’s not the same” he says, because, maybe for the first time since his family, he did let someone gets closer to him. Even if he knew that he shouldn’t have, he did let her easily in, just because he craved so much that kind of connection with someone. So, when Waverly tells them that Gaby is a British agent, he doesn’t immediately believe it. He’s cautious about it, but then, once again, the next time he sees her he already accepted what she done, forgiven her and gets close to her like the betray didn’t even happened.

    Now, let’s talk instead about his relationship with Solo.

    With him it’s more difficult because, since he’s an american, he automatically sees him like an enemy and he does try to treat him according to this. At the fountain scene, he tells him “You’re not needed here” and I don’t think he means only in that moment, but more like “you’re not needed on this mission at all, I can do it on my own” because that’s the way he usually works, even if it’s not really by choice. But then he has to admits that Solo was right about what to do with the “muggers” and the next time, in the hotel room when he’s developing the photos, he’s the one that approaches Solo, shows him the photos, creates an opening  for collaboration. He still doesn’t trust him, he still treats him like Solo is the worst thing it could happened to him in that moment, but he reaches to him anyway for a partnership. He’s open to the idea, like I think he was with the other KGB agents, but once again he gets slapped away. Then he goes to the compound (I don’t know if he was already planning it or he did it because he saw Solo move with the bug he planted on him). When he sees Solo, he doesn’t aggressively tell him to go away, but he doesn’t even try to offer a collaboration again. He’s just like “I’m here and I’m not leaving, so if you want to come, we have to do this together”. Then there’s all the scene of the infiltration where each of them tries to impress the other and all the bickering I think it’s actually more like a bonding experience for them. At the end, Solo comes back to save him and from that moment, Illya starts to trust him. It’s not a complete trust, but like with Gaby, Solo gave him the tiniest bit of attention, the tiniest bit of a reason to trust him and Illya get readily attached to him. In fact, when he goes to save him from uncle Rudy, he seems really worry about him. I repeat, it’s not a complete trust, because Illya is not stupid and he’s a good agent, but it’s a start and he’s really open to it.

    Conclusion: between the three of them, Illya is the one most open to the idea of a team. He always wanted this kind of connection but he always had been slapped away when he tried to get closer, at least until Gaby and Solo came; yes, both of them slapped him away too at first, but then things change and for the first time, the people Illya tries to get close to, start to let him do it and he grabs at it like a man with water after days spent in the desert without it. So, in the future, he mostly like will be the first one to completely trust them. And, at the same time, maybe he will be the first one to have doubts about that trust given reasons because he knows he tends do give it too easily, but about this last bit I’m still not sure. I need to think more about it.

    I’ll do a post with Napoleon and Gaby too, but later xD

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  • Armie Hammer on Man of Steel [x]

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  • Have I been only lurking on tumblr for the last several months and not actually posting or existing here? Yes.

    Am I now resurfacing for the first time just to post about a new fanfic I published, in a five year old fandom? Also yes.

    Will I start posting like, remotely often after this? Likely not. But still, figured I’d give the first fic I’ve written/finished/published in over a year a chance to get some traction! I just love The Man From UNCLE so much!!

    Title: A Whisper Under the Skin

    Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, non-graphic violence

    Chapter: 1/8


    The universe sang to her. That was how Gaby thought about it. She would ask it for help, and it would sing. It would sing rhythm into her body and sparks down her fingers, and any broken and battered machine that passed through her father’s shop would come together under her hands.

    Illya had always been the fastest, the strongest. There was something just under his skin. It would whisper in the quiet moments before his emotions exploded, and then he’d lose his chance to grasp it. Then one day he paused long enough to listen. The whisper turned into a ringing in his ears, like he was a tuning fork of the universe, and then the room exploded.

    Napoleon’s quick fingers, his strong memory, his charm, was the stuff of legend. And none of it was from any goddamn Gift.

    An AU where some folks are Gifted, some folks are not, and despite that, a Russian and an American still have to team up in the middle of the Cold War to stop some Nazis.

    Read Here

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    • Napoleon: Peril, are you ever going to listen to me?
    • Illya: Yes. Absolutely.
    • Napoleon: When?
    • Illya: When you're right.
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  • The Man From U.N.C.L.E

    Gaby Teller


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  • We’re going from a pretty dramatic fight into what’s supposed to be a choke hold, and I’m not actually choking him. Even still, at one point, Guy comes over and says, “That was great! Looked like you really passed out there.” And Henry goes, “Oh, I think I kinda did.” — Armie Hammer on the bathroom fight scene [x]

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  • Alicia Vikander as Gaby Teller in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) dir. Guy Ritchie

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  • Surreptitious Candor part 2

    A beautiful lounge singer and Napoleon Solo cross paths during U.N.C.L.E.’s mission in New York.

    Napoleon Solo x WOC oc

    Thank you to everyone who read and supported the first part, which you can find right here


    Thursdays were Amalia Fernsby’s designated spa days, and Bernard usually spent his time in his favorite upscale pool hall nearby. Gaby was relieved to finally have a more relaxed cover for the mission after repeatedly needing to engage in physical combat in previous assignments. There are certainly worse ways to spend her day on the job than receiving a thorough spa treatment. Illya, on the other hand, had to get a crash course at playing pool from Napoleon in order to ensure he would be a skilled enough player to attract Bernard’s attention. Napoleon drove the “married couple” to their marks’ locations and kept a watchful eye on the Russian agent in case he gave his lack of expertise in the game away. 

    “You’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb with your lack of knowledge. You should let me step in,” Napoleon had told Illya a few hours before they left the hotel. 

    The tall blonde sternly retorted, “Why don’t you focus on teaching me instead of complaining so we can stick to the plan?” 

    Gaby’s end was going a lot more smoothly with her talent in socialization coming in handy. Amalia was quite a talkative woman herself, so the two easily bonded over their shared interest in makeup and dancing. When the German let it slip that she was an entrepreneur with admiration for the Fernsbys’ brand, Amalia quickly took the bait. They eased into discussing jewelry designs and soon, Gaby was being invited to a business meeting with the aforementioned brand. 

    Meanwhile, Illya proved to be a quick study as Bernard took notice of the unfamiliar face’s skill in the sport. Even Napoleon was impressed at his colleague’s ability to pick up a skill after short observation. Illya humored Bernard in a friendly competition and after beating the latter, Bernard invited the agent to a few drinks. The blonde Russian told Mr. Fernsby that he recognized him from the paper and that he and his wife were investors who took interest in his work. Because of the good impression Illya made, he left the hall with the older man’s business card in hand. 

    Napoleon and Ilya took a shortcut to collect Gaby so they would be there before Bernard and avoid making it seem like they were tailing the Fernsbys. Gaby made a show of her affection to her “husband” in front of Amalia and let them get acquainted with each other. Several minutes passed until Bernard arrived, and he was pleasantly surprised to find the man who bested him at his favorite sport was the husband of his wife’s new friend. They all decided to get dinner together in the most posh restaurant of the city, allowing Gaby and Illya to underhandedly fish for information while securing their position in the couple’s good graces. 

    After Napoleon had driven the team back to the hotel, he slipped back out and made a quick trip to the diner. When he arrived, he made a beeline to the counter seating and was greeted by the petite brunette he met the night before. 

    “Leon, what brings you here?” she coquettishly asked as she beamed at him. “It’s way past your bedtime.” 

    “Oh you know, Eula” he playfully began, “swinging by to tip graciously.”

    She shook her head and laughed at his response. “Alright, big guy. If you want your meal to be worth every penny, you better listen carefully.”

    “I’m listening,” he responded in amusement. 

    “Turn to page four of the menu and order the last thing you see on the page. Best meal in the joint, but criminally underrated if you ask me.”

    The emphasis she put on that particular word while giving him a perceptive glance didn’t go unnoticed. When he looked at her a split second later, she was acting as if nothing happened, so he let it slide. “I’ll take your word for it.”

    “See? What did I tell you?” Eula said when she came by for the bill and saw that he wiped the entire plate clean. 

    “Worth every penny indeed.” 

    “It satiates the appetite, doesn’t it? Perfect solution for a midnight craving.” 

    “Quite the contrary,” he answered, catching her off guard. “I still have an unsatiated appetite for some fun. Maybe at the end of your shift?” 

    Eula was not finding it easy to resist temptation. Not when he was grinning at her roguishly with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. How easy would it have been for her to tell her boss that she was feeling unwell and needed to leave early? After all, it wasn’t a busy night, and they can probably afford to lose a waitress on the shift. But Eula needed to make ends meet and she knew it. 

    “Nice try,” she covered up her hesitation with a laugh. “But if I recall correctly, I said Friday night. Remember, good things come to those who wait.”

    “Yes, Ma’am,” Napoleon replied. “Until then.”

    The American spy bid his waitress goodbye and made his way through the double doors of the diner, but not before bumping into a dapper young man and pickpocketing his wallet.  


    Napoleon had an earlier morning than he usually preferred as he had to drive Gaby and Illya to their business meeting. The Fernsbys had invited the “couple” to formally discuss the investment over brunch, which left Napoleon waiting in the car while finding some dull entertainment for him once again. His fellow agents finished the meeting just as he was taking his last bite of the hotdog he bought from a street vendor.

    “Took you long enough,” Napoleon remarked when the pair entered the vehicle. “I trust it went well?”

    “We were unable to get ourselves an invitation to their soiree on Saturday, so no,” Illya deadpanned. 

    “Cheer up, won’t you? We at least closed the deal and earned ourselves a visit to their inventory tomorrow,” Gaby consoled him. “Waverly told us they most likely hide the drugs in jewelry when they smuggle them, so we’ll have a chance to confirm whether he’s right or not.”

    “Yes, but we won’t know how they smuggle the drug infused jewelries and who helps them do it, information we can learn by mingling with people at the soiree,” Illya bit back. 

    Gaby was about to sharply retort at Illya when Napoleon interrupted her. “Calm down, you two. I’m starting to think you’re filling in your shoes as a married couple a little too well judging by how you fight.” 

    “Shut up,” Gaby and Illya said in unison. 

    Napoleon chuckled at the coincidence and saw how they glared at each other. “Lucky for you, I have an invitation,” he informed them, taking one hand off the steering wheel to extract the invitation from his inside coat pocket. 

    “How did you get that?” Gaby questioned him. 

    “While you two were busy playing dress up as rich investors,” he answered, “I was able to swipe a ticket from an oblivious gentleman.”

    “But you only have one,” Illya noted. “For yourself. This is not part of the plan.”

    “It isn’t, but it’s better than the two of you showing up. The Fernsbys know they didn’t invite you,” Napoleon reasoned. 

    “They know they didn’t invite you either,” Gaby retaliated. 

    “Ah, that’s where your help comes in,” Napoleon told them. “The invitation was supposed to be for another woman, but unfortunately, she passed away very recently. Her son will come in her stead, and word has it, they’ve never even met the guy.” 

    “So you’ve done your homework,” Illya commented. “But how are we involved?” 

    “I’ve rented two cars for us to use. We need new plate numbers for this plan to work. A few hours before the soiree starts, go to the address where the invitation was mailed and tie up the guy. Make sure you knock him unconscious and slash his tires,” Napoleon instructed at a red light. “Make it seem like a burglary so he won’t suspect much. That should hold him off long enough for me to socialize with the guests and gather as much information as I can.”

    The German protested, “I’m not stealing anything! That’s something you would do.”

    “I didn’t say you had to,” Napoleon corrected. “Just dishevel the place a little bit and make him think you were there to steal something.”

    “I don’t like the sound of trespassing, but it appears we have no choice.” Illya warned, “This plan of yours better work, Cowboy.” 

    “Peril, you wound me. When have I ever disappointed?”


    Gaby and Illya discreetly scanned the Fernsbys’ inventory during their tour but found no traces of the drug. 

    “Of course they wouldn’t leave their drug lying around for strangers like us to see,” Gaby complained when they got back to the hotel. “I would have appreciated that distraction from Amalia’s incessant prattling.”

    “Bernard’s arrogance is just as difficult to deal with,” Illya added on. 

    “Aren’t you glad you won’t be the ones dealing with them tomorrow night?” Napoleon gloated.

    “You better not get distracted by some pretty lady in a tight dress. We’re counting on you,” Illya reminded him.

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  • Henry Cavill appreciation (69 / ∞)

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    Story Summary: Henry is about to go to bed one night when he suddenly gets a text from a random number he doesn’t know. What happens when you accidentally text the star actor of The Witcher? Memes apparently. Lots and lots of memes.

    Read Part One here

    Pairing: Henry Cavill x OFC (Lizzy Moore)

    Word count: 2.3K

    Warnings: None…yet! Just some fluffy flirting still. 😬😘

    A/N: YOU GUYS. I was NOT expecting the response I got over the first part! Like, I am overwhelmed in the best way possible. Like, what is real life?! I love you all so much, truly truly. Thank you to everyone who read, reblogged and/or commented. I feel so loved. 

    Beta: Thank you to @avengeful-bunny for being my fantastic beta AGAIN. Tis story wouldn’t be what it is with her. 💛💛💛

    Tag team: @fishcustardandclintbarton @mary-ann84 @the-soot-sprite @henrythickcavill​ @contentobsessor @penwieldingdreamer @iloveyouyen @peakygroupie @hazel-eyed-hunter @promptandpros @sycochick @hell1129-blog​ @flouncingxtart @badoopwoop @carlya65 @badoopwoop @yespolkadotkitty @vania-marie @aaescritora @readings-of-a-cavill-lover @magdelen69 (I think I got everyone! If you want to be added or removed just let me know!)

    PART TWO: 

    Hey, so do you remember me telling you about that costuming girl? The one with the pink in her hair that brought me a shirt to my trailer the one time?

    Oh, you mean the American girl with pink hair that you wouldn’t shut up about for a good two hours after you saw her? Yes. I think I VAGUELY remember. Why?

    She accidentally texted me last night and we ended up talking for a while. She seems really REALLY cool.

    She WHAT? OMG. Please tell me everything.

    Keep reading

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  • so i watched tourist (2010) because my amazon account said people who watched tmfu liked tourist and ummmm?? i was cackling at the little similarities like the “a girl from East Berlin whose father’s been kidnapped” line (in the script though it goes: “a girl from East Germany whose father’s been kidnapped by Soviet agents. They’re blackmailing you into stealing… probably a microchip.”) 

    and the bracelet with janus like solo’s ring???


    the pjs???? okay they’re not that similar but i’m still laughing


    anyway i enjoyed the movie

    #tmfu#mfu #the man from uncle #tourist (2010)#armie hammer#alicia vikander#johnny depp#angelina jolie #i have no time for correct capitalization #too tired #thanks for coming to my crap post #thanks amazon you know me well #and the plot twist with Jolie's character???! #i need a similarity gifset now #tourist 2010 #the man from uncle 2015
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