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  • we-all-got-chloroformed
    01.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    everytime I try to write a trobedison fic I keep accidentally making annie a lesbian. that headcanon is too strong I can't avoid it lmao.

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  • itsdansotherblog
    01.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    When someone mentions COVID, masks, vaccines, or the 2020 election. 

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  • sleepii-moth
    01.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    its the. gamed chimp

    #sleepiiart #radio tv solutions #rtvs#wayneradiotv
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  • thee-gay-trash-can
    01.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    long hair mobius stans, come get y'all juice

    So far, you've only seen the photo edits, until now!!! x

    #I literally had to animate this so please like and reblog #this took me like 7 hours #loki#mobius #mobius m mobius #mobius edit #long hair mobius #mobius long hair #long hair#owen wilson#lokius#loki tv#mcu#marvel#my edit#my video#edit
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  • memetaped
    01.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    work in progress taken from the tv show.

    you know, it’s just that i approach conflict like an armadillo. i just roll up and play dead.

    i’m gonna have you lay on that couch, i’m gonna make you something to eat, i’m gonna put you to bed and then you’re gonna get a good night’s sleep.

    you know that if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to, hon.

    why do you think it’s okay to reach out and expect me to make you feel better?

    leave me the fuck alone!

    if you are searching for something meaningful to say, just don’t.

    i don’t know why we aren’t allowed to talk about this.

    well, this is fucking awesome.

    don’t make decisions for me, okay? this is not about you.

    honestly, i don’t know where i see myself tomorrow.

    it’s just been a stressful day.

    do you think maybe you should have some water?

    i got to say, for having a whole new family thrown at you, it could be a lot worse.

    like, you try to be proud and you get fucked over.

    that was so mean, even for you.

    i just feel like i’m gonna throw up, you know?

    hey, if there’s anything else you want to get off your fucking chest, now would be an amazing time.

    i’m surrounded by people who are, like, full selves. and i’m like, uh, this building that’s been delayed. i’m that building.

    shitty thing with, like, unfinished beams that is, like, hard on the buildings around it, like, and the people. that eyesore, you know?

    you told me to be honest, and i was too fucking cowardly, and i didn’t fucking do it.

    well, different times cause different reactions.

    it’s only that every almond is a day of my life, so you just ate a day of my life. 

    no, i, um, just wanted to check in. i know you were out this morning.

    thank you for not dying.

    i don’t want to hurt anybody.

    fuck you, dude.

    why do you make everything a big fucking federal deal?

    i don’t want to lose you. i just keep sensing that you’re one foot out the door.

    it’s not fine! this is my nightmare!

    well, who cares, right? it was well worth it.

    uh, i think that’s a really bad idea. 

    i did something really terrible. so bad, so fucking bad.

    hey, is it because my family’s super annoying? because if that’s the case, we don’t have to hang out with any of them.

    i’m sorry. i am having a really hard time concentrating.

    what are you doing? journaling?

    but still, living your truth isn’t all great. like, people don’t always love it.

    i think it will hurt some people, but in a way, i’m doing them a huge service. i’m giving them a gift.

    hey, are you still there?

    these bougie fucking kids, my god.

    i’m happy right now. i’m not gonna jinx it.

    i gotta tell you, i really love conflict. you should please let me do this for you.

    because relationships are about sharing everything. or so i’ve heard.

    what’s the opposite of “bougie bitch”?

    yeah, dish, bitch!

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  • excellence1511
    01.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #قناه Salah Excellence tv صلاح اكسلانس tv Salah Excellence tv تعليم شرح التطبيقات ملخص مباراة مصر والبرازيل 0-1 مباره مصر والبرازيل 31/7/2021
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  • hollysoveralls
    01.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    “I saw you. In the Rainbow Room.”- Eleven

    Stranger Things kids 2/6

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  • atomic-chronoscaph
    01.08.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978)

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  • gxldendxys
    01.08.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    quit your job, cut your hair

    mobius x gn!reader summary: Some days were harder than others, and some times that felt like too much, but you always had Mobius to keep you company and join you in your new adventures. word count: 1k a/n: wanted to work out some feelings i've been having and lucky for me, the TVA is kind of the perfect allegory for trauma and general Bad Things. lightly based on my mobius fic "please stay" and also the post i wrote about mobius letting his hair grow out warnings: trauma and some of the accompanying feelings, slight dissociation? but nothing too graphic or specific. also it hasn't been proofread alskdjf

    “Do you ever get confused when you look at yourself in the mirror?”

    You watched as the mug that Mobius was lifting halted just in front of his lips, partially obscuring your view as he mouthed a series of partial responses to your question. He finally settled on a curious “care to elaborate?” before completing the mug’s trajectory and taking a sip of coffee.

    “It’s like,” your gaze wandered across the walls of your living room, watching as the early morning light danced across the few photographs and postcards you had accumulated in your time living in the space. “I don’t know how to describe it. I look into the mirror, and I see myself, and I know that I’m myself, but then I get caught up in what that means. Like, I look at myself, and I see myself as I am now, the part of me that’s working on healing and moving on, and I know that I’m doing good. But then I keep looking and I see the part of me that went through so much, the part that made mistakes and was hurt so badly and never felt in control, and then I also see myself from before any of this happened, and it just all gets confusing. I feel like I can’t trust my reflection.”

    He sat with that a moment, calmly folding the newspaper that he had been reading and placing it on the table with his now forgotten mug. You were still staring at the patch of light, but you knew that he was looking at you with that piercing gaze that made you want to melt into yourself.

    “I’m sorry you feel that way.” From anybody else, those words would’ve sounded like consolation prizes, the sort of thing you said as an afterthought in a conversation when you didn’t know what else to say. From Mobius, they carried a depth of truth you didn’t know was possible, a genuine hurt and subsequent desire to fix that hurt. “The T.V.A. was more than anybody deserved to go through, it’s normal to get caught up in… not feelin’ right. ‘Cause that’s kinda what it is, isn’t it? It doesn’t feel right now, things just feel weird.”

    “Yeah,” your voice shook, and you knew tears would be quick to follow. “Things feel weird, and we have to carry that now. The T.V.A. never gave a damn about any of us, and they were the ones who did this and gave us this burden that we’re going to carry every damn day. We can try our best to heal and look towards the future, but that’s never going to go away, and I’m never going to feel completely okay looking in the mirror, am I?”

    “I don’t think that’s entirely true,” he leaned forward, moving to wipe away the tears that had begun tracing your cheeks. “I think that one day, you’re gonna be able to look in the mirror, and you’re gonna be able to see yourself for all the things that you survived, and it will all be a distant, bad memory.”

    “Do you really think so?”

    “I do,” his voice was soft, it sounded like a hug. “I really do, and we’re gonna get to that point together. Every step of the way, even when it’s hard, we’re gonna have each other, and then when that day comes, you can step away from the mirror and come find me and say that I get to say ‘I told you so’ and you’re gonna be like wow, that Mobius is such a smart guy, it’s a good thing that I married him.”

    “I mean,” you sniffed loudly, wiping your eyes, “the only reason I’m going to believe you is because I know just how smart you are. If you were only of average intelligence, I’d think you were full of shit.”

    “Always happy to know how much faith you have in me,” he joked, smiling as you laughed in response. “Now, what do we think today is gonna look like? You wanna go do somethin’ or do you wanna take it easy here?”

    “I think today is going to be a movie day.”

    He nodded, moving to stand up and clear the dishes, pressing a kiss against your head as he went.

    “Hey Mobius?” you called as he made it to the kitchen, encouraged by the humming noise he offered as an answer. “I might try to change my hair. I don’t know what yet, but I think it’s time for something different.”

    “I’ll cheer you on whatever you do. Hell, I could do somethin’ with mine.”

    “Are you thinking of a buzz cut, or have you got other plans? Your hair’s already pretty short.”

    “It is pretty short, which is why I could grow it out.”

    You smiled, imagining a Mobius with floppy hair and the Hawaiian shirts he had taken to wearing recently. “I think that would be a good look for you.”

    “See? We will be there for each other, every step of the way, even when it comes to doin’ stuff with our hair. Now that’s love.”

    You laughed quietly, making your way over to the worn couch that you loved so dearly and preparing to wrap yourself in a pile of blankets.

    Time would pass, you realized. Time, which had been your enemy for so long, would continue, and all you could hope was that the brilliant love of your life was right and that you would reach a point where things didn’t feel so bad, and when that day came, you would be able to look into the mirror and see beyond all of the bad that had happened. Whether that was ushered in by something as grand as healing or something as simple as changing your hair, you were content in the fact that Mobius would be there every step of the way, and until that happened, you could occupy yourself with a pile of blankets, some movies, and Mobius’s wry commentary and movie criticism.


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  • newsinsure
    01.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Sensex gyrates 376 pts, ends 66 pts down; Sun Pharma zooms 10%, Tech M 7%

    Sensex gyrates 376 pts, ends 66 pts down; Sun Pharma zooms 10%, Tech M 7%

    After ruling higher for better part of the day, domestic equities witnessed sharp profit booking in the fag end of the session as European stocks slipped in early trade and US stock futures hinted at a muted start on later today. Concerns about the fast-spreading Delta variant and regulatory actions in China dragged the pan-European STOXX 600 index down 0.5 per cent while Dow Jones Futures were…

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  • magiiicath
    01.08.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    —like or reblog if you save any.

    #anne boleyn #anne boleyn icons #jodie turner smith #jodie turner-smith #jodie turner smith icons #anne boleyn 2021 #anne boleyn channel 5 #period drama#period dramas #period drama icons #period drama icon #tudor#tudors icons #tv show icon #tv show icons #icon#icons#twitter#psd #icon for twitter #icons for twitter #twitter icon#twitter icons #icon with psd #icons with psd #icon with soft psd #icons with soft psd
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  • myheartissetinmotion
    01.08.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    zep mysteries that have Haunted Me: a post

    the position hit on the last beat of should i stay or should i go-how did they get there in reality?????

    what song did Zoey hear Max sing during their fight in s2e3?


    and what was that entire Tobin storyline in the s1 finale? apparently it’s not something that happened in s2 so it’s just a completely abandoned storyline but WHAT WAS IT? he and the brogrammers seemed to be singing to Leif in a very intense fashion, and there seemed to be a serious conversation between them on the same day?!?

    did Leif ever find out that it was Joan who wrote the peer review? Idk if it would affect him as much now, he’s over her and rightfully so, but would this change his view of his relationship with Zoey or maybe make him question the way he jumps to conclusions?

    all we got of the Mo/Eddie breakup was a few angry one-sided phone calls, most likely bc they couldn’t get Patrick back due to covid, but why was it that they broke up?

    did Ava and Joan ever reconcile after the promotion and quitting? they seemed great after 1x11, but apparently there was still some resentment there-I hope they end up okay

    was goodnight my angel a potential song for later while the pilot was being written-“when we went sailing on an emerald bay”, etc?


    how did the company softball tournament go?

    what paths would the show have taken if the pandemic hadn’t happened?

    and let me once again ask WHAT WERE THE CUT MO AND TOBIN SONGS?!?!

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  • still-life-with
    01.08.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    running list of things that remind me of spn bc i did those things while watching spn and every time i do those things i feel a wave of longing to watch it for the first time:

    -my sweater vest i crocheted (started crocheting it at the same time as when i started watching spn!)

    -the bag i crocheted for my friend (crocheted it while watching <333)

    -this tea i bought from passau, germany (had a breakdown at 12am - relatively early for me which is what made it worse - and drank that tea while watching the werewolf kate episode in the dark in my living room on my phone)

    #mental illness tbh #i was telling the gc that #i needed to fix my friend’s bag bc it broke and i Could Not bring myself to do it bc it filled me w so much longing for new old spn #if that makes sense #anyways #honestly that’s the best part about crocheting & watching tv bc i have thee most vivid memories every time i look at the pieces #also this is purely for me
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  • totopopopo
    01.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago


    #I don’t have cable and I’m staying at a house w cable and there’s a tv where I’m sleeping bc I’m sleeping in the living room #so I’m watching the Olympics #and fencing is cool bc I fenced when I was a freshman in college me I’m gonna do it again this year #I’m joining the team w my friend olivia :3
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  • sabineblogblr
    01.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Perbedaan Smart TV dan Android TV https://dlvr.it/S4phCx

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  • trickster-grrrrl
    01.08.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    What continues to just baffle me is how Taika Waititi, Mike Waldron, and Kate Herron are all meant to be writers/directors and yet seem to be missing the fundamental, primary skill that is required for good storytelling:


    And they have displayed not only on screen through their writing, but blatantly in interviews as well, how little they care about Loki (and the entirety of the Thor franchise in Waititi's case) and how they neither understand his character, nor obviously do they want to understand him

    But here's the thing, speaking AS A WRITER, to do our job properly we HAVE to place ourselves in the shoes of someone that we do not share common experiences or necessarily agree with or would get along with IRL, we HAVE to put ourselves into their head and make them relatable and human and layered to the audience



    The whole POINT of fiction and storytelling and writing and the creative arts in general is that we get to learn and experience the world and life through the lenses of someone else and so we learn about how other people experience the world and life that way and we learn sympathy from it!

    And yet there seems to be this frankly ridiculous trend going on in Hollywood lately of people in charge of creative projects using their ability to tell stories to just dunk on the fucking characters and boast about how unlikeable and unsympathetic they are like it's a fucking achievement

    Like yes good for you you have displayed that you are unable to think about how other people feel or experience trauma and instead make fun of them for it and demonize them for it!

    JFC how are these people in charge of multi-million dollar productions when they are unable to do the simplest thing required for good storytelling: LEARN AND DISPLAY SYMPATHY

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  • iproverb
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ― Friends S05E05: The One with the Kips

    Chandler: Hey, what if we went away for the whole weekend? No interruptions. And we could be naked the entire time.

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