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  • nothininteresting8
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me: introduces Crosshair to my friend as I was screaming about him the previous night This is Crosshair, he’s a clone in Star Wars

    My friend: So what makes him different from all the others?

    Me: Explains

    My friend: He still doesn’t seem that different

    Me: Girl I will throw your tiny ass into the sun

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  • hellothere-generalangsty
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #don't worry Moon AnOn #for you he's a 12/10 #perfect hubby#star wars #the bad batch #crosshair#tbb#mesa answers#ask game #I might be biased here because I was both crushing on and relating to him when tbb came out fizbdoej
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  • lilithastar
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    So he’s finally finished and I think I’m pretty proud of him. Who do I try to do next?

    #digital art#digital drawing #the bad bad crosshair #clone trooper crosshair #Crosshair#tbb #the bad batch #clone wars
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  • unwhitewashthebadbatch
    29.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Welcome to Day 6 of #BadBatchArtWeek!

    Today's Main Prompt is Screenshot Redraw! This can be great practice for artists who want to learn poses, lighting, and composition. What's your favorite scene in the Bad Batch?

    Today's Alternate Prompt is Roleswap! What if Wrecker was the sniper and Omega was the leader? What is Hunter was the computer genius and Echo was the destroyer?

    And remember: it's never too late to post the art you want for the previous prompts!

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  • dinbeskarbaby
    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Wrecker never would have let go of Crosshair and Crosshair never would let go Firepuncher... He loved this wappon like his life and if he had died that day he died with this rifle. The fact that he let it go so easily in the final of tbb and that his brothers took it with them made it even more sad based on the fact that he gave his brothers the thing he would let his life for...

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  • dinbeskarbaby
    29.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Which one of your desperate souls saw him and thought 'thats my comfort character now.'

    (I mean...except from me...)

    #ugly rat meow meow #love him #mr. sexy #crosshair#ct-9904#commander crosshair#tbb crosshair#star wars #the bad batch #clone wars #clone force 99
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  • retrodaft
    29.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Day 4 : au ( western)


    Original I had set out to draw a Hunter in a western but then I saw a pose on Pinterest and thought “well I could draw that.” And end up drawing Crosshair later on my brother suggested I draw Wercker in the background like the yelling cowboy meme.

    #starwars#fanart#badbatchartweek #the clone wars #tbb#tbb crosshair#tbb wrecker #unwhitewash the bad batch #watercolor on mix media paper #copicmarkers #the bad batch
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  • sarasanddollar
    29.11.2021 - 16 hours ago


    #tbb #the bad batch #tbb hunter#tbb tech#tbb echo#tbb wrecker#tbb crosshair#tbb omega #the bad batch hunter #the bad batch tech #the bad batch wrecker #the bad batch echo #the bad batch crosshair #the bad batch omega #hunter#tech#wrecker#crosshair#echo#omega #arc trooper echo #the bad batch fanart #tbb fanart #not tumblr making this look grainy for NO REASON
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  • moonstrider9904
    29.11.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #i had so much fun writing this #soft crosshair my beloved #moonstrider answers #the bad batch #clone force 99 #star wars#bad batch#crosshair#soft crosshair#tbb crosshair#commander crosshair#tw pregnancy
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  • neuromancey
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    So does anyone relate to the bad batch simply because they are neurodivergent or is it just me?

    Gonna start calling neurotypicals regs now bye.

    #bad batch#star wars#tech#crosshair#clone wars#sorry REGS#neurodivergent#autism representation #every member of clone force 99 is autistic rep and you cannot prove to me otherwise #sw tbb#tbb
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  • moonstrider9904
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • marvel-starwarsfangirl
    29.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    How I prioritize things in my life rn

    #star wars #the bad batch #tbb crosshair #crosshair needs a hug #stats#psychology
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  • echosrobotarm
    29.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    ire // a crosshair fanfiction

    jedi!oc x crosshair

    commander layah kerriss is set to become a general, but the council has one final task for her: demonstrate her leadership abilities with the gar’s rowdiest bunch, clone force 99. while the others are open to the challenge, one trooper in particular is none to happy to be taking orders from her.

    pre-order 66, canon-typical violence, canon divergent but only because i wanted echo in this fic but that doesn’t give us much time before o66, mentions of fives’s d**th, jesse and kix are besties, crosshair is a bitch but we love him anyway

    tw’s will be listed before each chapter. nothing too serious, but just in case.

    slow updates, because i’m in college and i work a lot, but i already have some stuff written, so i’m gonna aim to update every two weeks.

    first post coming this wednesday!

    #crosshair tbb #crosshair bad batch #crosshair #crosshair x oc #crosshair fic#crosshair fanfiction #the bad batch #tbb#star wars#clone wars #hunter bad batch #tech bad batch #echo bad batch #echo clone wars #wrecker bad batch #clone wars kix #clone wars jesse
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  • silvasbabe
    28.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    FAMILY Pt. 32 | Crosshair x Pregnant!Reader

    Read Pts. One and Two and Three and Four and Five and Six and Seven and Eight and Nine and Ten and Eleven and Twelve and Thirteen and Fourteen and Fifteen and Sixteen and Seventeen and Eighteen and Nineteen and Twenty and Twenty-One and Twenty-two and Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight and Twenty-nine and Thirty and Thirty-one

    The room is mercifully quiet as you scrounge through the bodies, looking for anything that might prove useful. A pistol lays heavy in your hand as you step behind Cross. He’s kneeled next to a commando, refitting a heavy blaster with a scope he took from another fallen trooper.

    “I didn’t know about Diayah tracking us,” you tell him. He makes no reply, and shows no sign of acknowledgment. You bite your tongue. “She told me she was going to Ryloth and that was it,” you tell him, voice quiet enough for only him to hear you. “I would have told you if there was anything else.” You glance across the room at Hunter as Cross’ shoulders tense up. You hold your breath as he twists around and peers up at you. His gaze falls to the side, thinking, before refocusing on you, brow furrowed as he gives a firm nod. “I have no idea what she’s thinking,” you murmur in pure, unabashed disbelief.

    Cross stands up, gun slung across his torso. He steps towards you, lips parting slowly. “I know you would have told me.”

    You take a breath, shoulders rising up tensely before you release the air like a popped balloon. You shake your head sharply. “When Hunter told you she was here… you didn’t look like you believed that.” You remember the quick turn of his head, those cool brown eyes narrowing on you before quickly looking away.

    Cross takes a beat. Then he sighs. “Whatever… look that I gave? It was because I was worried about you,” he says, looking down at you softly. Holding his blast with one hand he reaches out and wraps his fingers softly around your forearm.

    You peer up at him. “Worried? About me?”

    He nods. “It’s been two years, Y/N. Diayah’s been through hell. We all have. I just…” he looks down and takes a moment to find the right words. “After all that time apart, and all the pain you’ve both been through, what if she’s not the person we used to know? The person you knew?”

    “People told me the exact same thing about you, you know,” you tell him as you reach over your middle and set your hand on his. You don’t mean for the words to sting, but the flinch that wrinkles his cheek tells you they did.

    “That’s why I was worried,” he says quietly, slipping his hand out from beneath yours and you step closer, not letting him retreat. He doesn’t look down at you, instead focusing on the men behind you. “I know what you went through to get me back. And I know you love Diayah but—”

    You step forward, hand reaching out to cup his cheek as he stares down at you. “Cross, all I’m worried about right now is us getting out of here. Focus on that, alright?”

    His shoulders slump in that way they always do when he knows there’s no point in arguing. He nods and turns his head as your fingers lay against his chest. You tilt your head and watch as Wrecker and Hunter approach, armed and ready.

    “We’ve got three floors between us and the roof,” Hunter relays as your stomach tightens into knots. He looks down at his comm and taps. “Echo and Tech have Omega. They’re getting ready to take off so we don’t have long. Troops will be stationed at choke points, but hopefully the general has cleared a way for us.”

    “And if she hasn’t?” Cross asks tightly.

    You heft the pistol in your hand. “Then we improvise.”

    “Three clone deserters and a jedi,” Wrecker says glancing at your stomach. “Those are some kind of odds.”

    “Not the worst ones we’ve ever had though,” you quip back. You look to the side and find Cross watching you. You give him a reassuring smile. “Let’s go,” you say.


    Hunter takes the lead, Crosshair close behind with you following him. Wrecker brings up the rear. As you all slip through the door, you keep your pistol raised, keen eyes watching for any movement ahead. But instead, all there is to see, is carnage.

    Your mouth goes dry as you take in the torn bodies. The scars on the wall, ones that only a lightsaber could leave behind, still glow with heat.

    “Stay sharp,” Cross says glancing back at you. “There could still be survivors.”

    As if on cue, Hunter raises a fist in the air and you hold your breath as you sense it a second later. “Get down,” you hiss, crouching next to a column along the wall as the others follow suit.

    Up ahead, at the fork in the corridor, a squad marches by, rifles at the ready, lights on. They scan this way and that as they sweep through. Lights wash over the floor before you as you keep yourself still, unmoving. You look across the hallway and find Cross doing the same, his eyes glinting in the light as he meets your gaze.

    Your fingers tighten around the butt of your pistol as the lights fade and you turn to watch as the last guard disappears around the corner. You follow them with your senses and when they are far enough away you rise up in tandem with Hunter.

    “Should we flank them?” Wrecker whispers as he and Cross join you.

    Hunter shakes his head. “We go up the way they came and we can avoid them.”

    You keep the ‘maybe’ to yourself as you all begin inching down the hallway again. You reach the juncture and Hunter immediately turns to the left, picking up speed, passing more bodies. Around a corner and then another and you come to the emergency stairwell. Lights flicker in through the window in the door.

    “Nice and quiet,” Hunter says as he opens the door and steps inside. He looks up first scanning the stairs above before stepping forward and checking the stair well below. Twisting around he waves the rest of you forward and you glance down the center spiral. A black maw looms below and you swallow. There’s no sign of Selia or Diayah yet and everything points up the stairs, as you glance to the ceiling, move saber marks along the wall as if they were dueling as they went. You’re following after them you realize and your stomach turns as you imagine what you might find when you catch up.

    “Y/N?” Wrecker calls your name as he waits for you to start the climb. Blinking you look to the side and find Cross and Hunter waiting for you on the stairs.

    “Coming,” you say as you grip the handrail and propel yourself upwards. You climb one level before reaching a landing. Everyone’s eyes and ears are scanning as you go, a cohesive unit ready for anything, and it’s only when you reach the first step to the top floor that you stop. Your heart stops. You hear it.

    Blaster fire. The sound of lightsabers.

    Crosshair steps next to you as everyone strains their ears to hear. “That sounds bad,” you breathe as he slips his arm behind your back and waves Wrecker ahead of you.

    “The roof is the only way we’re getting out of here,” Hunter says grimly as he and Cross share a look.

    “Then we go in and lay cover fire for Diayah until Tech gets here,” Cross says. “If we clear off some troopers, she can finish the job and clear out the senator and her guards.” Hunter and Wrecker nod before starting up the stairwell without you. Cross turns and you can tell you’re not going to like what he has to say. “Stay in cover. Let us handle the guards.”

    “I might not be the best shot here—”

    “That’s not it and you know it,” Cross cuts you off.

    You narrow your eyes. “If I’m getting shot at, I’m going to shoot back, Cross.”

    His eyes lift to the ceiling as he bites his cheek. “I just don’t want you making yourself a target.”

    “I won’t,” you tell him, shaking your head. “Trust me. I’m no more eager to get shot than anyone else is.”

    Cross sighs. “I just—”

    “Are you two coming or what?” Wrecker’s voice calls down softly.

    You and Cross share a silent look, before you start up the stairs without him. Each steps brings you closer to the top floor and final door. Each step brings the impact of sound closer and louder and harder to listen to without flinching at every blast or scream. You reach the landing and find Hunter and Wrecker waiting by a door, light peeping in through a crack at the bottom. Checking your pistol’s safety is off you press your back to the wall beside the door and glance at Cross as he does the same, taking up his own position opposite you.

    “Ready,” you say firmly as you swallow a breath. Hunter and Wrecker look between you and Cross who cuts his eyes up from his rifle sharply.

    “Ready,” he breathes.

    Shrugging his great shoulders Wrecker hefts his blaster and steps towards the door. He raises his foot in a kick and a loud thud breaks through the room, echoing off the concrete walls as he busts open the door.

    Wrecker and Hunter dive through the door, taking cover behind a solid metal railing at the edge of the platform. You stand on one side of the door, Cross on the other. You peek out over the threshold, trying to see. Your eyes adjust to the light of day quickly, taking in the far side landing pad, the bridge connecting your side of the tower to the other. You duck as a shot hits above the door, sparks showering down on the floor around your feet.

    “Stay back, Y/N,” Cross orders you as he takes aim and lets off a series of quick shots.


    You turn your head and peek around the corner. As Wrecker and Hunter and Cross aim for the white armored guards, your gaze is drawn to a duel in the center of the far platform. It’s not the familiar faces that draw your eye. It’s not the way that Selia defends herself against each terrible blow Diayah throws at her. It’s the sabers. They clash and sparks fly, the familiar thrum of the weapons fills your ears as the sound of blasters fades away to mere white noise.

    Your heart clenches at the sight of the lightsabers. Your eyes flit from your saber in Diayah’s right hand, to the one in her left, raised high over head before sweeping down to connect with Selia’s.

    It’s red.


    A/N: Dun-dun-DUUUUUUUUUN

    Y'all the next chapter is gonna be booooooomb.

    I wanna talk about TBB so if you want to discuss something, pls hit me up.

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  • neon-junkie
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tbbwriting#smut#nsft #the bad batch #the bad batch x reader #female reader #f!reader #reader insert#star wars #hunter x reader #tech x reader #crosshair x reader #echo x reader #wrecker x reader #tbb #tbb x you
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  • unwhitewashthebadbatch
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Welcome to Day 5 of #BadBatchArtWeek!

    Today's Main Prompt is Scars. We know Wrecker has some, but how about the rest of the Bad Batch? Does Omega possibly have a scar?

    Today's Alternate Prompt is Downtime! How does the Batch relax? Is cards and music or a bubble bath?

    We're past the halfway point of the art week, but it's still okay to post your art from earlier prompts in the tag! And again, don't be scared to tag us @unwhitewashthebadbatch in case we miss your art!

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  • blade-liger-4ever
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tbb #star wars the bad batch #swtbb#sw#star wars#tbb hunter#tbb crosshair#tbb wrecker#tbb tech#tbb echo #arc trooper echo #tbb omega#the a-team#a-team#a team #dee bradley baker #speaking of could someone perhaps link this to him?
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  • donkey-rider
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Today I let my inner child have fun and made a new friend, SnowHair of Snow Force 99!

    Let's just pretend my deodorant is a rifle :D

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  • s1st3r
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Bad Batch Reacts Series #Bad Batch x Reader #the bad batch #bad batch#tbb #the clone wars #clone wars#tcw#star wars#hunter#tech <3#echo#wrecker#crosshair #clone force 99
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  • dinbeskarbaby
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Can we talk about the fact that he looked like he hasn't had a single second of sleep in his entire life-

    #poor baby needs to rest #crosshair#ct-9904#commander crosshair#tbb crosshair#star wars #the bad batch #clone wars #clone force 99
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