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  • fridgeza
    18.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    cryonic beauty (chapter two)

    when tommy is fourteen years old, phil sits him down and tells him he’s going to private school. tommy doesn’t have many complaints, a good school is a good school, and as long as phil’s paying, tommy and his mama don’t have to worry their pretty heads about it. so tommy takes all the tests, and he goes to a private high school. it’s the same one wilbur went to, which is gonna be a headache, because wilbur was either a violent overachiever or the worst student known to man, and tommy’s not in the mood for either preconception.
    (in which tommy goes to high school, and meets a twelve year old girl with no fear of god, and her brother, who has a lot of fear of god.)
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  • beeindaclouds
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hallo anonymous, thank you for the request <3

    I forgot I wnated to write this so, thank you for requesting it ^^

    I'll do everyone sp that the post is not that short

    Hope you enjoy <3

    How the DSMP act when they have a crush on you

    Pairings: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Quackity, Karl Jacobs, Wilbur Soot, C!Technoblade, Nihachu, Eret, Punz, FoolishGamers × Reader

    ❝ Dream ❞

    His tone of voice changes

    He subconsciously talks to you in a softer and sweetly filled voice

    You don't realize it, because he always talks to you in that way

    But others around you do

    Especially George and Sapnap who don't waste time in teasing the poor man

    ❝ Georgenotfound ❞

    He remembers very random things about you

    You may have told him something when you first met and even after many years he still remembers it

    Sometimes you may forget something you like and he just pops out of nowhere like "yeah, It's this thing"

    To give an example

    "Oh god, my favourite movie, I completely forgot the name-"
    "Isn't it that one we watched last May?"
    "YES! Wait...that was 6 months ago, how do you still remember?!"

    ❝ Sapnap ❞

    He'll start to find ways to have any sort of contact with you

    Like he'll randomly hold your hand, or puts his arm around you, even just having his legs flushed against yours while you're sitting

    He just likes the warm feeling that the touch gives off

    But while doing it he won't look at you and will act like nothing is happening and that everything is totally normal

    ❝ Badboyhalo ❞

    He starts to talk about you more

    Even if conversations that you are not a part of he'll randomly slip your name in

    "Y/N did that!" "Did you know that Y/N" "OH the other day Y/N-"

    Your name pops up so much in random conversations that his friends have started to think that you are the only thing going through his head

    ❝ Quackity ❞

    He'll start going out of his way to make you laugh

    Seeing you smile is one of the things he absolutely loves about you and if it's paired with one of your angelic laughs it's even better

    So whenever you're present, he starts cracking random jokes or awful pick up lines that always seem to work in making you laugh

    He gets so mesmerized when you do so that you have caught him many times

    ❝ Karl Jacobs ❞

    Except being clingier than usual he feels the need to hang out with you more

    He'll ask to meet up even for the simplest of things

    He's going grocery shopping? He'll pass by your house

    He's having a cartoon marathon? Oh time to call you up and see if you're available

    Mr Beast has asked for more people for a video? Why yes, you should be available

    He just wants to spend as much time with you as he can

    ❝ Wilbur Soot ❞

    You knwo that adorable thing where people just naturally lean into someone when they're attracted to them?

    Well, that's Wilbur

    Whenever he laughs, he hides into your neck

    When your cold he'll lean closer to radiate some of his warmth onto you

    If he's teasing you he'll lean in until both of your foreheads are touching

    A cure gesture that cannot go unnoticed by anybody

    ❝ C!Technoblade ❞

    He talks more

    Tries to find anyway to start a conversation with you just so you can get to know eachother

    Also talks about himself, which is something he rarely does

    By doing so he'll building trust with you

    The voices 100% agree with all of his actions, which is rare

    ❝ Nihachu ❞

    Niki gets clumsy

    She gets very distracted which causes her to fall or make things fall a lot of times

    The amout of times she has ran into something because she was talking or thinking of you is uncountable

    But it has his positives

    If she falls in front of you, you'll quickly run to her to make sure that she's ok, so she has all of your attention

    ❝ Eret ❞

    Eret is usually a pretty confident person

    But when she's around you everything goes out the window

    The little dudes in her head are jumping on the "Panic Mode" button

    She gets shy and sometimes forgets how to communicate with another human being

    You find it very cute, especially when it's paired with a dust of pink on her cheeks

    ❝ Punz ❞

    Tries to show off whenever he can

    Especially if you're both playing Valorant togheter

    He's gonna go all out just to get your attention

    And let's not talk about sports

    He'll do all sorts of tricks that will make you gawk at him

    ❝ FoolishGamers ❞

    He does everything in his power to get praises from you

    Especially after he's done with one of his builds on the SMP

    He'll quickly call you up to show it to you and get your reaction

    He melts if you give him any kind of compliments

    #dreamsmp#dsmp#mcyt #dream smp x reader #dsmp x reader #mcyt x reader #dreamsmpscenarios#dsmpscenarios#mcytscenarios #dream x reader #georgenotfound x reader #sapnap x reader #badboyhalo x reader #quackity x reader #karl jacobs x reader #wilbur soot x reader #technoblade x reader #nihachu x reader #eret x reader #punz x reader #foolishxreader#beescenarios
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  • 03junkie
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    DSMP members I watch but it’s things I’ve said


    Ranboo: “Idk how to react to any physcial contact between two people.”

    Tubbo: “I’m feeding my dog my ancestry.”


    Wilbur: “I am the agenda.”

    Technoblade: “Can I smack this old lady with a fucking umbrella?”

    Sapnap: “ArmaDILLOS, not armaDILDOS.”

    George: “Jesus is my sugar daddy.”

    Dream: *smiling* “I will cut you up limb-by-limb.”

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  • skeptical-frog
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Wilbur & Tommy in the back of Techno's car: MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS!

    Phil: We have food at home.

    Techno: *pulls into the McDonald's drivethrough*

    Wilbur & Tommy: YAYYYYYY!

    Techno: *orders one black coffee and leaves*

    #mcyt incorrect quotes #dsmp incorrect quotes #sleepy bois inc #wilbur soot#tommyinnit#philza#technoblade #frog incorrect quotes #tw caps
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  • thequeerspider
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    You know I just realized the red festival accident and the egg arc are really similar in terms of how c!bbh and c!techno treat those situations.

    Both of them were in shitty places where they (most likely) had no choice but to do something shitty to people/someone.

    However in both of these situations, c!bbh and c!techno have ruined any chance of looking sympathetic by blaming other people and having almost non existant apologies (bbh did apologize but it’s really clear he doesn’t mean it with l’sandburg and him taking back his apology in his most recent lore stream). When it could’ve been so easy for them just apologize and move on.

    The difference is that a big part of the fandom gangs up on c!techno for what he did while c!bbh just gets a pat on the back and people saying “he just wanted skeppy bacc

    #dream smp #c!bbh criticial #c!bbh crit #c!techno critical #c!bbh #c!techno #technoblade#badboyhalo#red festival#egg arc
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  • thequeerspider
    18.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    c!bbh and c!techno’s apologist’s tendencies of ignoring and distorting canon are slowly making them just as bad as c!dream apologists and it’s not looking pretty

    also no i’m not saying they’re the same but the similarities are kind of frightening to look at

    #dsmp#fandom critical#fandom criticism#dream smp#discourse #c!bbh critical #c!bbh crit #c!techno critical #c!techno crit #badboyhalo#technoblade #c!bbh #c!techno #oof i'm gonna make people mad with this this one #i spilled the hot tea like the kids say these days #don't try and fight me about c!techno and c!bbh because you are wrong #if you dont aknowledge their bad actions and stop distorting the canon then maybe i'll aknowledge you're guy's opinion as valid #sometimes opinions are just wrong #deal with it #i know most c!bbh apologists just havent watcxh anything other than the egg arc #but just dont have an opinion on a character if you dont know 99 pourcent of their lore pls
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  • rozugold
    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Unfinished Unraveling animatic aka the Tommy losing all of his brotherly figures animatic

    #dream smp #dream smp fanart #Tommyinnit#wilbur soot#Technoblade#awesamdude#dreamwastaken#my animatic #GOSH THIS SONG IS SO GOOD #I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH AAA #sorry the colors kept changing #it was gonna have a really cool color pallete but I never got to that part ;;;; #I’ll definitely remake someday cuz I really like it
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  • kandulce
    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Rough draft of Minecraft pig bois. And Carl <3 ft. Angry dad

    #mcyt#dsmp#technoblade #mmmmmmmm I did this 6 months ago but now I have a software with Timing and Keyframing abilities #notes: horse munches— spend more time e techno feeding horse #michael does the little frantic arm wave longer and more clearly #figure out the character placement Jesus #DONT FORGET THE TUSKS AGAIN #oh yeah Carl pops his head into frame and diges techno a judgmental look #gives** #techno may or may not buy his silence with a golden apple #ah shit Michael has an eye missing too #an ear too? or would that mess with expression #mmmmmmmmm
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  • okeydokii
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    H- hear me out on this one folks….

    I really hope i dont get death threats for this one- toxic genshin fans dni 😟

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  • technoblade-updates
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Techno replied to Skeppy on twitter!

    [Image ID:

    A cropped screenshot of a tweet by Skeppy @/Skeppy with a reply by Technoblade @/Technothepig.

    Skeppy’s tweet reads “I Made It To 22”.

    Techno’s reply reads “Happy Birthday”. Attached is a cropped piece of Techno fanart showing Techno’s smiling face.

    End ID]

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  • sleepingonconcrete
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i cant wait for my spotify wrapped to just be me listening to tommy and technos rap for 10,000 minutes

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  • judas-draws
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago


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  • angst-duchess
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Meeting SBI (You're not a Vampire, Tommy AU)

    A short drabble about an AU I made where Benchtrio are vampires while SBI are vampire hunters!! (usually post this on twitter :D)


    Tommy didn't know what sucked (haha get it?) more: being stuck at 18 for centuries or stumbling into three grown men stabbing a stake into the chest of one of his kin.

    To be fair, he never liked the dude. He always thought he was the "shit" despite being a messy eater.

    Like, who allowed him to splatter blood all over his face and shirt and think he was cool? It was definitely not.

    Though, seeing how Tommy's second death would look like was a bit... Cathartic (see Ranboo, he knew big words). It was both amazing and terrifying.

    Tommy was sure he'd be stuck staring at the stupid ashes of that idiot (he didn't know what his name was, was it Charles? Steve??) if one of the men hadn't called out to him, "What are you doing here, kid?"

    "I'm not a kid." The response was a reflex because he really wasn't. He was probably older than all of these men combined! Just because he had the face of a literal teenager going through puberty didn't mean he hadn't lived like... A hundred or so years!

    Which was why, out of utter spite, he turned to the oldest man of the group (a blonde!!) and he said, "What's it to you, old man?"

    He wasn't even the one that asked the question. The brown haired dude even snorted and turned his face away while his shoulders shook. Whatever the fuck was wrong with him.

    Still, the old (young?) blondie looked offended enough at the comment so Tommy counted it as a win in his book!

    Instead of answering, the pink haired man in the middle responded for him, "You're not supposed to be here."

    Oh mimimi, Tommy you're not supposed to be here. Oh, Tommy you're supposed to be in the other side of the world by now! Oh Tommy, you're supposed to be somewhere else, right?

    Pff, Tommy was always right where he needed to be! This man just didn't get the memo.

    Tommy rolled his eyes (bc he could and no one could stop him) and they landed on the pile of ashes on the floor. He was once again reminded of that asshole who was staked through the fucking heart (he deserved it but you didn't hear it from him) and his eyes widened.

    "Holy shit." He whispered as his hands came up to cover his mouth (a habit he had whenever he felt like he was about to grin so wide his fangs would show) .

    "Look kid, it's not what it looks like." The pink haired dude—who was obviously the Blade, how did he not realize this?—said.

    "You're the famous vampire hunters, Sleepy Bois!!!" Tommy did not screech, he was completely dignified in front of the very people he admired and considered heroes. "Holy shit I really—oh my god..."

    Tommy stood before his three heroes! He stood before his three heroes!! He stood before his three heroes and called Philza—PHILZA—an old man.

    Holy shit, somebody kill him.

    "Holy fuck, I'm so sorry, Philza!! You- I did not mean to call you an old man, even if you are, but still!" Tommy rambled, his hands moving around as he spoke to his hero!!!

    "It's alright kid." Philza—fucking Philza, can you imagine?—chuckled.

    If Tommy had a heart, it's best right out of his chest in his excitement. He had always looked up to these three ever since he found out they were the reason a bunch of stuck up assholes started disappearing.

    Nobody liked them anyways and preferred them gone so really, these three were doing the community a favor! It was extremely hard for vampires to kill each other, especially when it would just cause more problems like in fighting and rebellions but that didn't fucking matter.

    Why? Because right there was the Legendary Famous Vampire Hunters: Sleepy Bois!!!!

    If Tommy wasn't already dead, he'd probably die for just meeting—FOR TALKING TO THESE THREE!!!

    He was so happy to finally meet the fabled vampire hunters! Each of them known for their skills!!

    Their efficiency in hunting down vampires were top tier and Tommy always admired them for that!!


    The Famous Vampire Hunters: Sleepy Bois were right there.

    Emphasis on /Vampire/ Hunters.


    Tommy was a Vampire.


    Well shit.

    #please save this boy #he's not going to die guys #i promise #this will be a lighthearted au :D #mcyt technoblade#mcyt tommyinnit#mcyt wilbur#mcyt philza#sbi au #sleepy bois inc #technoblade#philza#wilbur#tommyinnit
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  • pebbltree
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    honestly, one of my favorite art pieces. it’s a techno loosely inspired by the-angel-incarnate’s webtoon (i couldn’t find them on here but i know they’re other places) it originally had some stuff in the background, but i think i like it this way.

    #techno#technoblade#techno fanart #the man the myth the legend #its him! #technoblade art #oh gosh i really should sleep now #pebbl art
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  • snakeinspace
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    search and rescue

    #dream smp fanart #dsmp fanart#technoblade fanart#tubbo fanart#techno fanart #mspaint with a pen on my touchscreen laptop is. hard ngl
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