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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Party recap:

    Travelling Trauma Centre met with the Divinity of Conflict (affectionately (?) known as Steve) and discovered that they had finally completed their fated task in Suda by killing J and the Aspect of Demogorgon. Kjell punched Steve in the face, which had been coming for a while.

    Back in the party's house Thaddeus revealed that one of Seraph's adventures while time travelling had made it into a history book. During dinner Steve's friend Ioreth visited to offer solutions for Una's corrupted genasi soul manifestation. Her enthusiasm for the idea of killing Una and then resurrecting her with a purified soul left the party feeling very suspicious of her motives.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Andy (playing Una): Guess I'm dying next session.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Slow down. You might as well try the other ways of restoring your elemental manifestation first.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): How the hell does Ioreth know so many details about our lives?

    Adam (playing Billie): She's Steve's friend, maybe she's an extraplanar being too.

    Hamish: I only got a very faint religious aura from her, like a low-level cleric.

    Tati: I don't care what she is, I just know I don't trust her. She was very eager to kill Una. If that's the path we're taking I'd rather let literally any other person do it.

    Andy: She has something against Ioun. I think she's an operative of Vecna.

    Adam: That might be a bit of a stretch.

    Hamish: Steve sent her to help us as a quest reward, how bad can she be?

    Tati: *darkly* Steve sent her directly after Kjell punched him in the face.

    M (playing Kjell): Oh...

    Andy: Don't like that.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    DM: Your cook Daiquiri serves a lightly-spiced dinner.

    Billie (gnome ardent): Delicious.

    DM: As you're eating, there's a knock on the door. Your footman 15-C brings in the woman who was sitting with Steve in The Slippery Stone.

    Billie: Oh! Would you like to join us? We've just started eating.

    DM: She accepts and introduces herself as Ioreth.

    Billie: Steve told us you might be able to cure Una's corrupted manifestation.

    DM: She nods. "There are a few ways to return her soul to its pure form. The easiest is to kill and then resurrect her."

    Una (genasi artificer): Uh...

    DM: "It would be quite traumatic for any of you to kill your friend, so someone else should probably do it. I would be willing."

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): What are the other ways??

    DM: She says, "Well, you could pray to your god if you follow one, I guess. They might deign to cure you."

    Una: Oh, that sounds way better! I just converted to Ioun!

    DM: She makes a face. "I suppose it would be worth a try."

    Una: Have you got something against Ioun or just praying in general?

    DM: "The other way is to go to a place of power where magic is amplified and cast any healing spell. That would remove the corruption and return her to her original form."

    Una: *narrows eyes*

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): What are some places of power?

    DM: She says, "Two you've been to are the Oasis of Riddles and King Ellidir's restored resting place. There's also one in the Feywild practically right on top of this location."

    Thaddeus: *narrows eyes* Who are you?

    DM: She says, "I am Ioreth."

    Billie: Steve said you had other names. What are you?

    DM: "I'm a person. I was brought in to help with the war, but you finished things before I was needed."

    Billie: *narrows eyes*

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): I also ask Sarissa to fetch the rest of the party.

    DM: Eventually everyone gathers in the dining room.

    Hamish: I'm enjoying myself, just staring everyone down from the head of the table, backlit by the window behind me.

    M (playing Kjell): I ask, "Uh... What's going on?"

    Adam (playing Billie): "No idea."

    Hamish: Once everyone's here I say, "I've gathered you all here because I have discovered a piece of information that you all need to know. Seraph."

    Tati (playing Seraph): I look around. "Me?"

    Hamish: I push the history book forward triumphantly, open to the page with your story on it. "How do you explain this?"

    Tati: I squint. "Give me a second. What am I looking at?"

    Hamish: I point out the relevant paragraph.

    Tati: I read it and stare into the middle distance. "What the fuck..."

    Adam: I say, "It's okay, Seraph. It's not something to beat yourself up about. What's done is done and you don't seem to have messed up anything significant with your time travelling."

    M: "Hate to break it to you, but you're not that important."

    Tati: I shake my head. "No, that's not... This is just the weirdest fucking feeling ever."

    Andy (playing Una): I ask, "Is this all you called us here to tell us?"

    Hamish: I say happily, "Yes."

    Andy: "...Why?"

    Hamish: *smirks* "Sometimes I want to be the dramatic one."

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): I'm waiting at home with the history book.

    DM: Just like, sitting at the dining table waiting for people to get home?

    Thaddeus: Yes. For several hours if need be.

    DM: Sarissa, one of your maids, comes in at some point to clean. She looks at you just sitting there. "Do you need anything, Sir?"

    Thaddeus: "No."

    DM: She says, "Okay..."

    Thaddeus: "Actually, yes. Fetch Seraph and Billie for me when they get home."

    DM: Seraph, Billie, when you get back from visiting Mirror Sarissa tells you Thaddeus wants to see you in the dining room.

    Seraph + Billie: *look at each other*

    Billie (gnome ardent): We go find him.

    Thaddeus: I'm sitting at the head of the table, stroking my own arm like a Bond villain.

    DM: *chokes* He's his own cat.

    Billie: Do you say anything?

    Thaddeus: No.

    Billie: *to Seraph* "What did you do?"

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): *to Billie* "What did you do?"

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  • incorrect-dishonored-quotes
    21.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Campbell: As far as I'm aware-

    Geoff, mumbling: Which isn't much...

    Campbell: -and the way I see it-

    Geoff, still mumbling: Which is poorly...

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    DM: Steve is sitting at a table in The Slippery Stone with a woman. He smiles when he sees you and says, "Oh, good!"

    Kjell (half-elf barbarian): *bristles*

    DM: The woman says goodbye to him and leaves.

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): Are we done with the task you set us??

    DM: He says happily, "Yes."

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): Good. *leaves*

    DM: "Oh."

    Billie (gnome ardent): We're definitely finished?

    Seraph: Specifically, the war we were to fight in was against J and Demogorgon, and we won?

    DM: "Against the forces of the Prince of Demons, yes, and you prevailed. Faster than anticipated, even."

    Seraph: Thank Pelor. I need a drink.

    #funny#dnd#it's over#Demogorgon#Kjell#Seraph#Thaddeus#Billie#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #NPCs #Divinity of Conflict #Ioreth#war#J#bbeg #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Andy (playing Una): What now?

    Tati (playing Seraph): I say, "This has been on my mind for four years while I've been stuck time travelling: are we done with Steve??"

    Adam (playing Billie): Ooh, yeah. Let's go talk to him. We know where he's staying now.

    M (playing Kjell): Can I punch him?

    Tati: You'll get us all killed.

    Adam: We'll think about it.

    DM: The tavern is called the Slippery Stone and it's in the waterfront area. It's accessible from land, but as soon as you enter there's a step down into a foot of water covering the floor.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Uh... why?

    DM: It caters to both walking and swimming customers.

    M: ...It sounds terrible for both!!

    DM: Yeah... now that you point it out, it's a terrible design. I didn't think this through, and neither did the tavern owner.

    #funny#dnd#design#time travel#Una#Seraph#Billie#Kjell#Thaddeus#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #ooc #divinity of Conflict #violence#Suda#oops #travelling trauma centre
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  • brown-little-robin
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Strange Redemption of Thaddeus Thawne: part six

    Joseph Wilson? Thad has never heard of this man.

    Wally West says, “I met him once. He seemed nice, but I don’t ‘know him’ know him.”

    Helen says, “I’ve never heard of him. He’s a metahuman?”

    “He took the name Jericho,” Raven offers.

    Thad doesn't know of any “Jericho” either, but it seems that everyone else at least has heard of him.

    Helen says, “Oh, the one with the whiskers?”

    Raven smiles slightly. “Yes.”

    Is he some kind of shapeshifter? A catlike alien?

    “I know of him from the Titans, I think. He seemed like a good person. Didn’t he go into retirement before Young Justice, though?”

    “No,” Raven answers. “Joseph is simply less… public… as Jericho, now.”

    “Robin mentioned him once when he was lecturing Young Justice,” Bart Allen puts in. “He said ‘Nightwing’s teammate Jericho could easily kill most heroes, but he chooses to take a supporting role!’”

    Well that’s alarming. What powers does this “Jericho” have? Thad thinks of asking, but everyone else already seems to know, and he doesn't feel like interrupting. Most of his rapidly-dwindling energy is going towards not running away and hiding.

    He’s still shaky from Raven’s inspection of his soul. He was taken somehow inside Raven, into a vast and horrifying landscape, something like the speed force but full of pillars of bones and desiccated flesh—what is she?—and Raven was standing in front of him. She said “run”, and he tried but he couldn’t slow time even though the lightning was all around him and crackling in his hair. Then… it was ridiculously gentle; she just put her hand on his cheek, and lightning filled his eyes like electric tears, and they both felt it, an ache in Thad’s chest like a hole, a void in the place where speedsters have lightning rods. Raven said “Your wounds are deep, but they can heal in time.” And then he was abruptly back in the dining room with everyone looking at him and— and—

    He wants to go nurse his wounds, but he needs information.

    Oh. Thad just missed another chunk of time. It seems that no one noticed his lapse, though—except Iris Allen, who’s looking at him with a strange expression, like… worry? Thad hastily breaks eye contact. He supposes a speedster who loses track of his own mind is pretty worrying.

    Wally West is saying, “Nightwing trusts him as much as Nightwing can trust anyone.”

    “Let’s ask Batman,” Jay Garrick says. “He must have files. I’ll be back—” and he’s gone.

    “But regardless of who he lives with, how are we going to get Thad into college?” Linda Park asks. “That takes paperwork. He’ll need a legal identity, a high school record—”

    Wally West says, “We can tap into Justice League resources for that. I’m sure they’ll help get Thad settled. But what about his age?”

    Everyone is looking at him. The Thawnes used to make him run simulations of situations like this as a punishment.

    Stop. Breathe. Control. The Thawnes lied about the Allens. The Allens won’t hurt him. Not with Max vouching for him.

    Belatedly, Thad snaps, “What about my age?”

    “People usually don’t go to college until they’re eighteen,” Max says.

    “I’m over six hundred years old in terms of experience.”

    “Yes, and a maximum of sixteen to judge by your face,” Max says dryly.

    “So say I’m a prodigy.”

    Joan Garrick chuckles. “Yes, but we’ll need records of high school education to prove that. Do you think even Batman could fake something so complex?”

    Helen says, “We don’t need public high school records. Homeschooling is legal now.”

    There’s a short silence. Joan Garrick says, “Perfect.”

    Linda Park crows, “Finally, someone in the family is going to college!”

    Max says “Wally, call on Joseph, please, and ask him what he thinks,” and Wally West says “Raven, what’s his address?” and Helen muses, “What about sports? I feel like we should say you did sports. Can homeschoolers do that?” Linda Park says, “I loved college. If you ever want to talk about your classes or anything, I’d love to hear about it, or help if I can,” and Wally West is rocketing back into the kitchen saying “He’s not at home, what’s his phone number? Oh, wait a minute, I’ll try some other places—” and Helen is exclaiming “The ACT! Thad will need to take the ACT!” “Or the SAT, I took the SAT—” Jay is back— “Jay, what did Batman say?” “When do the exams open?” “I found him, but he’s busy right now, he can’t talk until a bit later—”

    It’s too much.

    Thad crosses the room in quick jerky steps, ignoring everyone but Max, and touches Max’s arm. Max leans toward him, meeting Thad’s eyes.

    Thad asks, “May I leave?”

    “Yes. Get some sleep, if you can.”

    “Promise you won’t let them decide anything.”

    “I promise. Go.”

    As Thad leaves, he hears Bart Allen call, “I’m sorry I scared you!”

    Thad keeps walking. He goes to the bedroom, climbs onto the bed, and crawls under the quilt. Huddles into it, breathes warmth into his little bubble and feels his body heat up the mattress.

    It’s dark. Thad likes the dark. It’s comforting, like the blue quilt he stole from the hall closet. Like the ceiling of the Watchtower when the lights were turned off. Like… Max’s shoes, the worn-out black running sneakers. Like Helen’s hair, the black part of it. Shadows. The colors of the Inertia suit, the pine-forest green and the purple so deep it seems darker than black. Thad likes those colors… and the inside of the nutrient womb was dark, too… warm, inky liquid that turned purple when light shone through it. He remembers what it felt like to float in it upside down with his head and wrists and waist and ankles firmly enclosed in the VR equipment, a good secure feeling. He feels like he’s upside down now.

    Thad hears Max and Helen’s voices outside the door. He wakes up a little. Max is saying he’s asleep. He is almost asleep. His body feels… heavy.

    Max is saying, “Thank you for the ride, Helen. I don’t mind that Thad doesn't want to run, but it does make me wish I had a car.”

    Helen says, “Actually, I have an idea. I’ve been thinking about Thad. I think he needs more affection.”

    A sigh.

    “I’m trying, Helen. I am not a naturally effusive person. Have you heard how often I say ‘I love you’ nowadays?”

    Interesting. Thad wakes up a little more.

    “You’re doing great, I just have an idea,” Helen responds. “I need to get groceries. How about I say I’m kicking you out of my car, and you carry Thad home?”

    Carry him home? In his arms? Thad is definitely awake now.

    “I don’t know if that’s a good idea. He’s had an emotionally taxing day already.”

    “Yes, but maybe he’s so tuckered out that he won’t be so prickly.”

    Prickly! That’s how she thinks of him? Prickly, like a hedgehog or a cactus? Thad has a crazy urge to laugh. He resists, but he’s unable to completely repress the shaking of his stomach; he fails to smooth his face out of its grin. No! No! He’ll ruin his chance to pretend to be asleep!

    “I think he’s having a nightmare. Helen—”

    “Just ask him. If he says no, we can take the car.”

    Thad gives a huge sigh, shaky with laughter, and rolls over like he’s going back to sleep. The door clicks open.

    “Thad, kiddo,” Max calls softly.

    The tenderness of it knocks the laughter out of Thad.

    He wishes he didn’t have to pretend to be asleep for Max to feel safe approaching him. He wishes Max still assumed Thad had the capability to love him with a love like a beacon. The Thawnes took that from him. They ruined him. He hates them, hates them, hates them, hates them.

    “Thad,” Max calls again. “We’re going home now.”

    Thad grumbles wordlessly.

    Footsteps. Max’s hand brushes his shoulder. Thad concentrates on breathing evenly. The hand rests on his shoulder. It’s heavy and warm.

    “Helen has a stop to make, kiddo. It would be nice of us to let her take the car… but we’d have to go home on foot.”

    “I don’t wanna run.”

    “That’s fine. May I carry you?”


    Max’s arms slide slowly under him, one under his back and one under his knees, and lift him up, blanket and all. Cold air comes into the blanket. Thad shivers and curls up, trying to get his toes away from the cold. Max holds him tighter, pressing him into his chest. Max is bigger than Thad remembers him, healthier, broader, sturdier.

    Max’s chest vibrates under Thad’s cheekbone. He’s speaking. He’s saying, “I’m going to start running now.”

    Thad nods. He feels Max start vibrating, getting ready to phase them through the walls, and the word “Wait!” rises in his throat, but Max is springing forward already, and Thad squeezes his eyes shut—he doesn't want to see the lightning he doesn't want to see it he doesn't want to see it—and then they’re running, and Thad feels the steady rhythm of Max’s legs, feels Max’s strong arms holding Thad close to his chest, and smells Max’s aftershave, a musky woodsy smell, and he’s okay.

    “We’re home,” Max says. “Thad? Are you awake?”

    What Thad is is a stupid overtired ball of emotions. He moves to unwrap the blanket, and Max quickly sets him down. He blinks against the sunlight. They’re in Max’s house, in the entryway, and it’s early afternoon. It feels like it should be night.

    “It feels like it should be night,” Thad observes. His voice is sleep-scratchy.

    “So go take a nap.”

    Thad goes and takes a nap.

    They have a late lunch, just Thad and Max, leftover lasagna and steamed broccoli. Max lets him stay blessedly quiet for a while, then says: “I thought about telling you what we talked about after you left, but I thought you might be more comfortable reading a letter.”

    Thad laughs a bit, hoarsely. He’s still got morning-voice. It seems like that never goes away, nowadays. He nods.

    “Alright then. I’ll bring it to you later.”

    Thad keeps eating. When he looks up, Max is watching him with a pensive expression.

    “What?” Thad asks before he thinks.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

    Max looks down at his plate with an uncharacteristic hesitancy. It really changed that much for him, then, to learn that Thad has no lightning rod? Yes, of course. Thad lacks an ability to love that’s fundamental to most speedsters. Of course Max is disturbed.

    Thad doesn’t want to hear Max say it. But after a moment, Max meets his eyes again.

    “I’m so proud of you,” he says, and his voice is gravelly and sincere.

    Now it’s Thad who looks down to his plate.

    “I know your accomplishments are none of my doing, but I’m proud of you. You stood up for yourself. You did so well.”

    Thad swallows hard.

    After a moment, Max speaks again.

    “And I’m sorry you had to do that. All of that. I should have delayed the meeting. I should have said no when Wally brought Raven in.”

    Thad says dully, “A solution had to be found.”

    “Still, it shouldn’t have been like that. There was no reason for everyone to know the… exact details. I should have intervened before Raven acted; I knew she’s not good at recognizing privacy. I’m sorry.”

    Thad shrugs. He feels queasy. He’s so tired of all these emotions. He just wants it all to stop.

    “Thad,” Max says gently.

    Thad interrupts, “Don’t. Not right now.”

    “All right. We’ll leave discussion for tomorrow.”

    Thad picks up his fork and can’t bring himself to take a bite.

    "Would like to take your plate to your room? Just for today?”


    Thad stands up to leave. There’s silence behind him.

    “G’bye,” he says, to fill the silence.

    Max responds, “I love you, too.”

    Thad will never understand Max.

    To be continued...

    part one


    next (link to be added next Thursday)

    #sorry. I used up all my emotions on Thad. I don't have any commentary today. #The Strange Redemption of Thaddeus Thawne #Thad Thawne#Thaddeus Thawne#Max Mercury#Max Crandall#Helen Clairborne#Jay Garrick#Joan Garrick#Wally West#Linda Park#Iris Allen#Bart Allen#flashfam#Raven#fanfiction#Danielle writes #updates on Thursdays
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    DM: I have two 'world-building' Dad Facts this week. One is the floor plan of your manor house, which I've put up on Discord. The other is that Thaddeus, when you were reading that history book, Seraph appears in it.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Oops, awkward.

    DM: She and Mirror are not mentioned by name, and it doesn't actually say siren or tiefling, but you recognise the story as one she told after returning from time travelling, and the account refers to 'an angel and a devil working together'. It's not a big story, in fact it's almost in passing, but it definitely rings a bell.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): I'm definitely going to reread that and bring it up in character.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Party recap:

    Travelling Trauma Centre finished settling into their new house while Seraph caught up with a few friends she'd missed during her time travel accident. The party began to ease back into adventuring by helping several ghosts achieve their dying wishes so they could pass on peacefully to the afterlife.

    Thaddeus told Billie that Dorphi, Emperor Cherish's head of security, had recognised the sword she'd pulled from the stone, so the party went to Suda Palace to clear things up. A paranoid Dorphi revealed that the sword had been recognised by dissidents and there were rumours in the city of a coup. Dorphi initially refused to let the party see the emperor as he was too busy, but eventually led them to his office. Billie showed the sword and insisted she had no intention of taking over from Cherish. Cherish and Dorphi were uncomfortable with the idea of letting Billie keep the sword, but reluctantly accepted her promise that she would keep it hidden from now on.

    Leaving the palace in awkward circumstances, Billie asked what Galwyn's plans were, as Kjell had forgotten to bring it up since inviting him to join the party. Galwyn was accepted as a new member of TTC along with Damaris.

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  • samkyle
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    " He will never have what Impulse has; will never know their approval, their pride... their love. "

    Click for better quality

    Thad' needs his redemption arc ! Mercury Falling literally made me cry(twice !!!) ! This boy just needs to be loved :'( Let him get the love he deserves

    Yeah yeah, I recently reread Impulse 1995 and got a little emotional again about the Inertia arc during Mercury Falling :') I love this little grimelin

    It was also a lot of fun to draw this family portrait ! They're all very cute together :3

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  • brown-little-robin
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Our boy Thad Thawne trying his absolute best, featuring Bart’s hand-me-downs and long hair from seven years in the speed force.

    You can view this as an illustration of The Strange Redemption of Thaddeus Thawne, specifically the time around part five, where Thad makes some announcements to the Flash family. part one is here!

    #Did you know that there's not a single pre-reboot panel showing Thad's natural eyebrows? #He's always either in the Inertia goggles or dyed to match Bart's brown hair. #I decided to make his eyebrows darker than his hair because Bart's eyebrows are usually drawn black. #Thad Thawne#Thaddeus Thawne#Danielle draws
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  • kirkwallgremlin
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    remember when I was like ‘thaddeus is a heterosexual cis man’ lmao like, no turns out this man is a bisexual nonbinary disaster and I love him

    #the last few days have been thaddeus hours I’m SORRY #I started thinking abt the multiwarden au fic again last week and he crept to the front again
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  • kirkwallgremlin
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Thaddeus Amell, mage, fashion icon, and absolute himbo <3

    #oc: thaddeus #i was making morrigan too but im too sleepy rn + the hair didn't show up and im too lazy to work out why rn #i love him
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  • incorrectwbanimationquotes
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Dr. Scratchansniff: The Warners are acting crazy!

    Mr. Plotz: Crazy for the Warners, or crazy for ordinary people?

    #submission#animaniacs#incorrect animaniacs #otto von scratchansniff #thaddeus plotz #source: i love lucy
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  • zapgraptrash
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Kinktober 2021 part 2

    Petplay • Zapper/Grappler Part 1 - Part 2

    Bondage • (younger) Masuyo/Vilius

    Double Penetration • Zapper/Grappler/Thaddeus

    Breeding • Zapper/Grappler View 1 - View 2

    Outercourse • Thaddeus/Grappler

    #there's More but like. some things aren't shareable lmao. #kinktober 2021 tag #zapper tag#grappler tag#madnug tag#vilius tag#flashback tag#thaddeus tag#ns4w tag
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  • ironman-tonystark
    17.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Rhodey put me in time out because I stuck Ross on hold so many times in a row that he ended up calling Rhodey and yelled for twenty minutes straight.

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  • foxsketch6543
    17.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Based off of this scene on Emporer's New Groove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy3mHDhJ9Zg

    #i been wanting to do more comics of the venture bros TBH! They are fun to do ^^ #my two special interests coming together ;; #the venture bros #fanart#parody#art#cartoon#adult swim #dr. venture #dr. thaddeus venture #rusty venture #venture bros pilot #venture bros #the venture brothers #venture brothers#movie reference #breaking fourth wall #Emperor's New Groove reference #Emperor's New Groove
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  • a-collection-of-villainous-aus
    16.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Pirate au part seven segment one

    here we go again on throwing cannon out the window XD also I’m on the pc so I can add a read more link so that I hopefully don’t get anyone complaining about that  -.m-.

    It had perhaps been a day and a half since the Pirate King Black Hat had entered his own quarters, he’d walked above them, by them, even stared at the door, still he did not go in, not after their last conversation…the merman who inhabited the tank inside was supposed to be a guest on his ship. Yet he felt like he was intruding on his partner’s personal space, as if they’d had some terrible lovers spat and he was out here pining for the moment he was allowed to be near Acylius again…how pathetic.

    Amadeus had seen 505  go in there earlier that morning to feed their guest the best fish they could catch or they had on board via his command, now as he stood out on deck leaning on the taffrail it rained, his wings manifesting serving as a shield while making sure one was spread enough to keep Demencia dry to.

    Sighing heavily he watched the grey waves lined with foam, listening to their soothing sound and the long creaking of the ship “What am I supposed to do, my past has come back to torment me it would seem, you and I both know I would not give a damn usually…but even I know there must be a balance and Thaddeus has destroyed it…”

    “This isn’t just about the deep sea fishes is it?”

    She answered a brow raised while looking over at him her arms folded

    “Not entirely, but I am sure Acylius is also aware due to the dwindling numbers of the deep sea merfolk  they will die out and so will the rest of the species, the pale ones have executed themselves and have most likely not yet realised it…and being that I gave Thaddeus the sea…”

     He tapped his claws on the railing, the tips digging slightly into the wood, with so few of them left it would be impossible for the deep sea merfolk to breed before they all became too closely related…and the others, their DNA would continue to cycle and cycle until they simply de-evolved into some type of fish. “They will one day become no more than Legend it is unfortunate but I am not the first monster to bring about the end of something, that Christian god is no better with how easily he drowns and burns his subjects, irony really he can do such things and still the people cry out love…if they had seen it like I had…” Black Hat shook his head he was going off on a tangent he needed to stay on point

    “Anyway…my biggest concern is the fact Thaddeus held possession over Acylius, do you know what Acylius is Demencia?” She shook her head, listening to him speak, he didn’t often share thoughts like this and so Demencia wanted to make sure she took in every word “He’s a Legion demon, they live life times and sometimes forget just how many they have lived, he could be younger than me , he could be older…much much older…if they die in one life it is never permanent. The universe simply reconstructs them at random unless there is an anchoring point in which they so desire to return to, in some cases they can completely forget they were ever Legion to begin with, all they will ever know is that they have power and that they are different from those they live with.”

    Demencia just stared at him.

     “That means he’s a-“

     Hat had started to explain only for her to slap a hand over his mouth

     “No way, if he’s really one, he’s barely even a remembered legend, you literally gotta talk to like some of the oldest of the old that even know they exist, this one guy talked about how they’ve chosen to live peacefully amongst humans now apart from a few, one will stay as a guardian of the home they love…damn the merbitches down below musta really fucked up if he couldn’t save them…” Hat removed Demencia’s hand from his face as if he was picking up something dirty and unpleasant from the floor “I implore you not to do that again you ridiculous wench I don’t know where those hands have been, but you are mostly right, but clearly they forgot to tell you they only feast on human souls, so him being down below like that meant he was weak to begin with, their souls would have had about as much nutrients as a rice cracker.”

     “Oh that would make sense, one burp and you’re empty, I have heard Thaddeus is bad but, to others you sound pretty terrible your-

     “Do not compare me to that thing Delilah Evergray or I will show you exactly just how much of a monster I can be.” His eye went dark and pupil a slit of blood red, a long deep guttural growl rumbling in his chest

     “Something tells me you don’t quite fathom the gravity of what my ‘darling’ brother has done, imagine all those humans all those people down to the last five remaining, if you can at all understand a darkness that consumes and feeds off of you, wiping out every last one, not because you’re a pestilence but because you’re beautiful and it is jealous…” How dare she even begin to compare him to that creature! He stepped forward

     “Even us monsters know there is a balance to be respected, of those much older than ourselves there is a balance to be maintained, this is only the beginning of the end of this world, it’ll take millions of years before this world feels the full force of what my mistake has wrought, but to me that time is simply in a blink of an eye…the one place I have ever called home…will crumbled thus taking the balance of this little solar system with it.”

     “I’m sorry Amadeus, I don’t know what Thaddeus is like, you’ve never told me only that you won’t talk about him.”

    Of course she was afraid of him but she kept her composure calm, sure she was very eccentric but you had to be completely off the rails if you didn’t know to still have a respect of fear for the creature who was the captain of the Black Rose, she looked over his shoulder as she watched something form out of the water splashing over the deck, something that looked like it was made of liquid glass and when it took its full form she blinked, well that was different. “You know it’s hard to sleep with all your pissing and bitching up here Amadeus, if Demencia didn’t know just how terrible your brother is she’s not going to know you wouldn’t do the same, she’s not stupid simply uneducated on the situation and you should know better.”

     Hat stalled, his eye returning to normal his size shrinking back down, additional eyes and teeth closing off, if Acylius had just seen him raging at Demencia would he only see Thaddeus…no please…they’d made so much progress.

     “I’m not like him…I’m not like him, I’m not him…”

     “I know you’re not, after all I have met him first hand, but I see this is where you have gotten to captain, does my company not suit you now? Or were you tired of me splashing your carefully marked maps.”

     Hat shook his head, how was Acylius up here he was supposed to be in the water, well it was raining but the fall from the tank, he needed to check to see if his shoulders or  ‘hips’ his head were alright.

     “No I water proofed those after the first few times.”

    “I see but does my company disappoint you now?”

    Acylius asked softly, tracing a finger along the back of Black Hat’s neck, chuckling a little at the surprise sound. Black Hat whipped around about to snap at him for getting water in his clothes, he could feel droplets trailing down his back and he didn’t like how cold they felt

     “Of course not I’m trying to figure out how…to…” Acylius was there before him, standing , made of water six foot seven inches watching him, he hadn’t seen magic like this since…since… He was a young Eldritch , no more than a child himself, playing in rock pools and looking at the little crabs inside the shallow crystal like water surrounded by white sandy beaches, most believed him to have grown up somewhere dark and desolate but in all honesty his home had been anything but…it was the people inside that made it terrible…namely his brother Thaddeus…who on that day had been poking at a fish that was gasping for air and he’d done all he could to ignore the sadistic glee in White’s voice.

     (We all know cannon Black Hat would be right there too poking at the dying fish…well maybe or he’d think it too boring but anyway while there are bad guys, there are also monsters and White is one….I have a headache and would rather save the flash back scene for another day sorry I’ve been so slow about posting anything but at last I’ve made a start hope you’ve enjoyed the first segment of part seven love you guys <3)

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