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    27.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    watching mando s2 again i love this pretty cowboy

    #needed a break from trying and failing to draw thicc clone number 6 so i drew cowboy #listen i KNOW it doesn’t look like him ok #let’s just pretend it’s his brother vobb canth #me ​posting this at 3 am when i finished it bc eye have no patience? #it’s more likely than you think #star wars#the mandalorian#fanart#thiccumzart#cobb vanth#vobb canth…
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    27.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Requests Guidelines


    First off, I reserve the right to refuse any request. I may refuse a request because;

    The topic or character requested makes me uncomfortable.

    The requester was rude/demanding in their request.

    I don't write for the fandom the requested character is from.

    My requests are closed.

    I hope you guys understand.

    These guidelines are subject to change; I may stop writing for a certain character, I may become uncomfortable with something I was previously cool with, etc.

    If your favourite character/fandom isn't on my list, don't panic! I may still write for them!! This list is ever growing!!! So feel free to send me a request anyway!!!!

    What I Will Write



    x Reader fics

    LGBTQIA+ Relationships and/or Topics

    Neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD, Tourette's, etc)






    What I WON'T Write (No Buts)


    Underage Characters in Sexual Situations


    Fandoms (In No Particular Order)

    Saints Row

    The Legend of Zelda

    Grand Theft Auto V

    The Umbrella Academy

    The Mandalorian

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Bayverse)

    Persona 5


    Sally Face

    Team Fortress 2

    Detroit: Become Human

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

    The Walking Dead


    Slashers (Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, etc)

    Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

    Criminal Minds


    Stranger Things

    Kingdom Hearts

    DC Comics

    Star Trek: The Original Series

    Once Upon a Time


    How To Request

    If my bio says request are open, send me an ask. Make sure to include;

    The Character/s


    Type of fanfic (Oneshot/Headcanons/etc)

    What you want the fic to include



    Hi! Can I request some domestic headcanons with Prince Sidon from Breath of the Wild?


    When Will My Request Be Posted?

    That's hard to say. It could take me a few minutes, it could take me a few days. Please be patient; if your request fits within my guidelines, I will get to it eventually.

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  • dankfarrikdrabbles
    27.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Monday 9/27/2021

    Hello everyone! We’ve passed our two months of Dank Farrik and are starting week 9! Just thought we’d remind people that it is free to hop in and start writing or drawing drabbles at anytime! Anyone is welcome to play and to share the game with their friends. (Just remember to hide nsfw under a tag if if you want a reblog.) A big big thank you to everyone who has participated so far. Every single story has been a delight, thank you for taking these prompts and running with them!! <3

    Quick Rules: 5 lines written in 5 minutes in a story format. Or, if you’re an artist, a sketch done in 25 minutes or less. You assign yourself a topic by a random roll then share your results!  https://g.co/kgs/WzFPxe Set min to 0 and max to 99. Make a new post and tag @dankfarrikdrabbles to be reblogged! For full rules click here!

    Week 9 


    1. Family

    2. Pet

    3. Mantell Mix (Popcorn!)

    4. Datarod (Space USB drive)

    5. Chain Code

    6. Artwork

    7. Broom

    8. Glove(s)

    9. Feather

    0. Free Choice


    1. Miscalculation

    2. Patient

    3. Competent

    4. Absence

    5. Busy 

    6. Captivated

    7. Dynamic

    8. Pleased

    9. Well-Timed

    0. Free Choice

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    27.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago


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  • blue-hair-blogger
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mando and grogu

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  • mandalorewhore
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    thinkin bout dins hidden dimple under that helmet. got me bricked-I mean fucked up

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  • mandalorian-zine
    27.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Let's welcome RÉMICH!

    Pre-orders are still open! Check the main post! 🌟


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  • niall2017
    27.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    September 2021

    ♟ 1. Flowers - spencer reid x reader @thatfangirl42​


    👓 3. Trapped - dean winchester x reader @superbadassnatural​

    ☕️ 4. figure - poe dameron x reader @tintinwrites​

    ♟ 5. Happily Ever After - bruce wayne x reader @alienguts​

    👓 6. The Right Moment - steve rogers x reader @lovelyavengers​

    ☕️ 7. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ - steve mcgarrett x reader @fandomsandwritings​

    ♟ 8. I‘m here - loki x reader @chiyoyoko​

    👓 9. Closer - obi-wan kenobi x reader @kittfisto​

    ☕️ 10. The Next Day - seeley booth x reader @multi-fandom-inserts​

    ♟ 11. Make-Up Date - frankie morales x reader @fandom-imagines-stories​ 

    👓 12. Your Name - bucky barnes x reader @bombsonboard​

    ☕️ 13. Passwords & Passionate Pecks - spencer reid x reader @samuel-de-champagne-problems​

    ♟ 14. Cold Cuddles - peter parker x reader @vi-trying-to-survive​

    👓 15. What’s Wrong? - the mandalorian x reader @reevesdriver​

    ☕️ 16. The Talk - seeley booth x reader @avenging-criminal-bones​

    ♟ 17. My Girl - bucky barnes x reader @bucky-bucket-barnes​

    👓 18. Trivial Details - spencer reid x reader @june-moon22​

    ☕️ 19. Scratch - bucky barnes x reader @houseravenclaws​

     ♟ 20. Details - bucky barnes x reader @chriscvans​

    👓 21. New Style - spencer reid x reader @spiritualchange​

    ☕️ 22. his thoughts - ransom drysdale x reader @andysbubba​

    ♟ 23. First Choice - bucky barnes x reader @thepokyone​

    👓 24. under his touch - steve rogers x reader @buckysharmony​

    ☕️ 25. Alone Together - obi-wan kenobi x reader @mrskenobi19​

    ♟ 26. Quiet Nights - dean winchester x reader @wearywinchester​

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  • mandalorian-zine
    27.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Let's welcome Volcharis!

    Pre-orders are still open! Check the main post! 🌟

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  • fixyourwritinghabits
    27.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #tbh the post in question was in response to a thread about how Mandalorians are superior because they don't have sex before marriage #ah yes the morally superior Mandalorian... bounty hunters #who hunt people. for money. but no sex outside of marriage so they're BETTER THAN YOU #also: is this even canon anymore #don't at me Star Wars fans I read the story this comes from I know more than you
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  • sunnydaysonthemoon
    27.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    updated - 27 September 2021

    Hi, I'm Sunny 🌞 and welcome to my masterlist and general navigation for my writings. Thanks for checking out my stuff, and have a wonderful day/night!

    ✨ inbox ✨ AO3 ✨ KoFi ✨

    ✨ tag list form ✨ request guidelines ✨

    ✨ fanfic recommendations ✨

    Fics contain multiple different themes and situations that may not be for everyone. Please curate your own safe space and heed warnings given before reading! If you feel like something should be warned about, and is not, feel free to let me know.

    Reblogs and comments on fics are always appreciated! 💕

    Love You - jack x fem oc / one shot
    Go Home - Javier x fem oc / one shot
    Frozen - benny x fem oc / one shot
    A Cicatrized Life - din x fem jedi oc / series: ch 1, ch 2, ch 3
    Nothing & Everything / one shot: WIP
    Just Another Pretty Piece - Ezra x fem reader / series
    Together - marcus x fem oc x miracle guy / one shot
    Forever & Always - bucky x fem oc / series
    #sunny post #why i feel the need to remake my masterlist every 2 months #the world may never know #bucky barnes fanfic #winter soilder fanfic #marcus moreno fanfic #we can be heroes fanfic #ezra fanfic #ezra prospect fanfic #prospect fanfic #star wars fanfic #mandalorian fanfic #din djarin fanfic #triple frontier fanfic #benny miller fanfic #narocs fanfic #javier pena fanfic #kingsman fanfic #jack daniels fanfic #pedro pascal character fanfic
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  • callmedax
    27.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Space Pinterest is an invaluable resource for tired space dads throughout the galaxy

    #the mandalorian#grogu#din djarin#space pinterest #he just wants grogu to eat healthy snacks #tired space dad #my art#digital art
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  • dindjarindiaries
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Listen listen listen I’m probably not gonna watch TLOU because that’s just not my genre of television BUT my chest did swell with pride upon seeing the little sneak peek of Pedro as Joel that they shared today

    #i’m just !!! very happy for him #he was still becoming a household name when i started the mandalorian in 2019 #pedro pascal#molly talks
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  • gothlesbianvamp
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Oh frog lady if you knew what the child did with your eggs you wouldn't have saved him

    #star wars#the mandalorian #ams watches star wars
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  • gothlesbianvamp
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Oh god those space spider creatures from Rebels look so much worse in live action

    #star wars#the mandalorian #ams watches star wars
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  • starlightmornings
    27.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    savory (Din/f!reader)

    Rating: E (Explicit)

    Length: 2.6k

    Summary: Part 4 of a sense series starring our favorite armored bounty hunter. Din has taken to exploring your body with his tongue, and he’s found a few new spots to taste. This is just unbridled filth idk what to say for myself.

    Warnings: SMUT, PIV sex, creampie, oral (f receiving), ass eating, breeding kink, pregnancy, lactation kink, let me know if I missed anything!

    A/N: the wish fulfillment continues. Thanks to my sweet writing wife @ezrasbirdie as always for the beta, love u bby! 🥰

    Previous || Masterlist || Next Chapter

    You and Din could barely keep your hands off each other while aboard the ship. He loved nothing more than getting you in the fresher after a long day and kissing you under the hot spray, his arms encircling you, hands wandering down your back. After a stop at the village on Sorgan, you’d picked up a pack of handmade soaps; made with honey and vanilla beans. Din grasped the bar in one large palm, pressing the soap between your thighs.

    “Let me take care of you, mesh’la,” Din whispered into your neck. You leaned into his chest, sighing with pleasure as he rubbed the lather in, fingers dipping between your folds. He gently worked the bar against the tight ring of muscle between your cheeks, making you gasp and cling to him, face pressed to his shoulder.

    “Is this okay?” he asked, the pad of one thick finger carefully tracing down the cleft of your ass.

    “Y-yes, feels good,” you breathed, resting your cheek against his warm, wet skin as he pulled to open you wider.

    “Wanna prepare you nice and slow,” Din murmured, a soapy fingertip rubbing delicate circles around your rim, making you wiggle and shudder.

    You felt him smile into the soft skin just below your ear.

    “Like that, sweet girl?” he asked as your knees wobbled slightly.

    “You know I do,” you replied, nipping playfully at the flesh of his chest, your tongue flicking out over a nipple. He sucked in a small breath, then carefully pressed the tip of his pinky against your hole, feeling it resist and then give as the soapy digit slid just inside.

    “Fuck, so tight,” he whispered, and you could feel his cock hardening against your belly, the mere thought of your hole clenching him sending blood rushing to his length.

    “You want me, there?” You asked, almost dizzy at the thought. “I’ve- I’ve never-”

    “Not yet, mesh’la. Not tonight. We’re just beginning. Need to work our way up to that,” he purred. “If it’s something you want. Would you really consider it?” He asked, his eyes earnest and hopeful as he drew back to gaze into yours. Droplets of water clung to his eyelashes, making them sparkle like diamonds. All at once it struck you how this man looked like a boy asking for a treat, his emotions painted across his face. There was no disguising his desire.

    You smiled, nuzzling him and holding his face in both hands.

    “I want to give you every part of my body,” you said, enjoying the pleased, dreamy effect of the statement on his expression. “What about you? What do you want, right now?”

    Din paused thoughtfully. He took a deep breath of steamy, fragrant air from the fresher and licked his lips.

    “I want to taste you, everywhere,” he replied. “Slowly. I want to savor you. Then I wanna fuck, somewhere- somewhere other than our bed,” he added, blushing.

    “Where?” You asked, mischief sparkling in your eyes. “Mmm,” he replied, kissing you. “Somewhere with a view. Surrounded by hyperspace.”


    Din wrapped you in a towel and dried you off - a little, anyway, before carrying you naked and giggling to your shared nook.

    “Gonna start with your lips,” he said, cradling your head and kissing you, his tongue sweeping into your mouth to dance lightly with your own. His hums of delight made you nearly glow with pleasure, a feedback loop of sensation coursing through your bodies. A few droplets of water gathered on your chest and you shivered, then gasped as Din leaned down to lick them off your skin.

    “Mmm,” Din whispered. “You smell good, but you taste even better,” he added, thumb pressing up under your jaw to tilt your head back. He licked a stripe up your throat, then under your ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth and making you squirm with delight. He chased each lick with a soft press of lips, which he then licked again, like he didn’t want to waste any of your flavor.

    Din nuzzled his way down your body, pausing at your breasts. He sucked each nipple into his mouth, tongue laving over it as he gazed up at your face, eyes nearly black with lust.

    “Oh, fuck,” you breathed, feeling the walls of your pussy clench with need.

    “Soon, mesh’la,” Din purred. “First I want to taste every part of you.”

    He shifted lower, palms pressing and lifting your thighs as he buried his nose in your curls, lapping at the slick coating your soft folds.

    “So good,” he mumbled, mouth full of you, like he didn’t want to break away even to speak.

    He cupped his tongue around your clit, curling it just so and smiling when you whimpered.

    “You taste so good,” Din said, “Sweet girl, do you want to taste yourself?”

    You felt your cheeks blaze at his words.

    “Yes,” you whispered.

    He climbed up your body and pressed his tongue, coated in your juices, into your mouth. The tang of your own flavor made your mouth water, but Din seemed to enjoy that, too. He licked into you, tasting all he could before breaking away.

    “Want more,” he murmured, kissing his way back down to your soaked cunt. “Gonna lick you until you squirt for me,” he added, making you gasp as he dove back in.

    “Since when do you like to say filthy things?” You asked, a smile curling your lips as you sank your hands into his hair.

    Din paused, kissing your soft inner thigh.

    “Since you. Do you like it?”


    “Good. I want to taste more, mesh’la. Want to lick every soft opening.”

    You whimpered.


    Din traced one thick finger behind your pussy, lightly brushing the ring of muscle between your cheeks.

    “Yes. First, you’re going to soak me,” he said, pulling your clit into his mouth and sucking on it.

    You moaned, fingers tightening in his soft, brown waves. He nuzzled you, smiling as the friction sent a delicious shiver through your body. He flicked his tongue against your sensitive clit, over and over, making you pant for air.

    “Oh, fuck, baby,” you whispered, hips stuttering as he pumped his fingers into you, prodding the soft, spongy place that made your nerves sing.

    You dove over the edge at last, hitting your peak and screaming, your juices spilling out and soaking his lips and chin.

    He lapped at you, making you whine after a moment and nudge him away.

    “Se-sensitive,” you whispered hoarsely.

    Din smiled up at you, his face still hovering near your dripping cunt, and cupped his palms under your thighs.

    “Baby, my pussy needs a break,” you said with a small giggle.

    Din raised an eyebrow.

    “I see something else I wanna taste,” he purrs, pressing a finger still wet from your slick further back, circling the soft, puckered hole.

    “Oh, fuck,” you gasped, head tipped back. Your face burned.

    “Wanna see if I can make you come this way, too,” he said, and set to work without further discussion.

    Din’s hot tongue traced the delicate ring and you whimpered as he licked at you, the slick muscle enthusiastic and strong.

    “Honey and vanilla and-“ he paused to bite your cheek “-you,” he growled, his lips kissing the bitten flesh and returning to your hole, tasting you so intimately you felt as though he was unraveling your body just for him.

    “Come on, mesh’la, beautiful girl. Squirt a little more in my face,” he prodded, massaging your cheeks and plunging his tongue into your ass, the ring finally relaxing enough to let his tip inside.

    “Fuck!” You shouted, feeling juices dribble from your pussy as Din pumped his wet tongue in and out of the hole behind it.

    Din broke away as you came, kissing one soft cheek and rubbing his own cheekbone against your soaked folds on the way back up your body.

    You panted, catching your breath as he pulled you close, into his arms.

    “Baby, that was incredible,” you whispered, kissing him. Every flavor of you clung to his lips.

    Din nuzzled you and pressed his forehead to yours, warm brown eyes dancing with delight.

    “What?” You asked, sleepy and relaxed.

    His cock nudged your belly, hard and dripping.

    “Oh,” you replied, chuckling. “I suppose you want to put this-“ you reached for him, giving his thick length a playful squeeze “-inside me.”

    Din kissed you hungrily, then nodded.

    “Well, first you’ll have to hunt me down,” you said, eyes flashing before you scrambled out of the nook, catching him by surprise. It didn’t take him long to follow. You giggled as he chased you through the ship, both of you completely bare, until you found yourself on the bridge.

    “Now you’re mine,” Din rumbled, the door closing behind him with a soft snick. The stars streaked past, bursts of white light in every direction visible through the cockpit window.

    “In that case, Captain,” you purred, hands on your hips, “where do you want me?”

    Din gazed at you for a moment as you stood before him. Licking his lips, he looped around you to sit in the pilot’s seat.

    “My lap, mesh’la,” he whispered. His cock jutted up, and you grinned as you lifted a knee to straddle his hips, carefully lining up your soaked pussy and sinking easily onto his hard length. Facing him, fully seated, you cupped his face in both hands and kissed him soundly.

    “Feel good?” You asked, voice strained as you felt him swell more inside you.

    “Perfect,” he replied. “Want you to- to-“

    “What? Anything, baby,” you whispered.

    “Bounce on me,” he said. “Fuck- fucking bounce on my cock.”

    “Yes,” you moaned, rising and falling in his lap. Soaked squelches echoed in the small compartment as you fucked, your wet pussy welcoming him and squeezing him tightly.

    Din’s hands gripped the cheeks of your ass, holding you in place as you rode him, rocking wildly, speared through and nearly screaming with pleasure. Your breasts bounced and he buried his face in them, sucking a nipple and tugging lightly on it. His hips thrust upward, pounding into you, the wet slaps of flesh carrying through the ship.

    “That’s it, baby, come for me,” you whispered, hands circling his back. Your fingertips caught on tight muscles in his shoulders and you pressed in, gripping him and bearing down hard on the part of him buried deep inside you.

    At last, he gave out a strangled cry and surged to his feet, still fucking you, and shoved you back onto the instrument panel, narrowly missing a lever or two. You couldn’t even feel the buttons on your back; only him, slamming inside you, faster, faster, until he nearly wailed out your name.

    His cries sent you flying, head tipped back and eyes full of starlight as you came at the same instant, pulsing around him as his hot release filled you, deep within.


    Looking back, you realize there was something momentous about that night on the bridge, but it wasn’t until much later that you figured it out.

    A baby.

    Din had pumped himself into you so completely, it just made sense that his seed took root. You bit your lip a little anxiously as you told him a couple of months later, when you were certain. You were alone on the ship, and he’d slipped off his armor and helmet for the night, letting you see the pure joy in his eyes, filled with the knowledge that you were bringing a new life into the galaxy. He made love to you some more, his hands gentle as he worshipped your body.

    His tender attention blossomed as you grew, and he busied himself preparing a sleeping area for the little one, soft and secure in the nook next to the one you shared with him.

    He kept working, but made sure his quarries were in more populated areas as the baby’s arrival drew closer. Luckily, he was right by your side when the time came, and you’d never seen more complete, uninhibited joy on a man’s face than when he held his baby girl for the first time.

    “Tali,” he whispered, kissing her tiny forehead.


    The three of you settled back into a routine aboard the ship, Tali napping most of the time in a sling across your chest. It felt good to have her close, especially after carrying her in your belly all those months. Sometimes, Din would tie the sling around his own chest and carry her around. The sight made you smile.

    She nursed well, but getting her to sleep was a challenge. One night, she had finally drifted off when you crawled into your nook with Din, falling onto your back and wincing.

    “You okay?” He asked, shifting to put an arm around you.

    “Yeah,” you breathed. “Don’t wanna- wake her up again.” The soft fabric of your shirt was damp around your nipples, your breasts full and tight. “She just ate a little while ago,” you added with a sigh.

    Din cupped your tender breasts and you moaned.

    “Mesh’la,” he whispered. “Can I help?” He lifted the hem of your shirt, eyes falling on your swollen breasts, nipples leaking a few droplets of milk.

    “You would- do that for me?” You asked, heart racing.

    He smiled.

    “I’ve been wanting to ask,” he replied, kissing your shoulder. “It’s the only part of you I’ve never tasted.”

    You felt your cunt clench at his confession, and simply nodded, gasping softly as he leaned in and kissed a nipple, carefully licking off the wetness gathered there. He gave a hum of satisfaction and then wrapped his lips around your nipple, one sweet dimple appearing on his cheek as he smiled, then vanishing as he hollowed them, suckling you.

    “Oh,” you breathed, moaning as he took long pulls from your breast, droplets of you flooding his mouth and dribbling out the corner of his lips. He was impossibly hard against your hip, his cock pressing along your skin as he drank greedily.

    “Baby,” you breathed, and he released you, seeming to come to his senses.

    “Um- other- other side?” You asked, cheeks hot as you considered this newly-awakened need in him.

    Din nodded helplessly, pawing at your body until you turned enough for him to get his lips within reach of your other breast.

    “Taste so- so fucking good,” he mumbled before latching on again, sipping from you and nearly purring as you scraped your nails through his scalp.

    Once he’d taken the edge off, he let go, a few final droplets clinging to his lips as he kissed you, licking the last of your flavor up.

    Your eyes met his, molten with desire. He held your gaze and slipped a hand down between your legs to touch the slick that had gathered there.

    “Mesh’la,” he whispered, “milk and honey,” before sucking his fingers into his mouth until they were perfectly clean.


    tags: @ezrasbirdie @danniburgh @wordsnwhiskey @pascalslittlebrat @mothandpidgeon @wyn-n-tonic @mesmorales @charnelhouse @bubblyani @pedro-pastel @221bshrlocked @dindaddy @supernaturalgirl @yespolkadotkitty @foli-vora @romanosgirl1978 @kesskirata @chattychell @spideysimpossiblegirl @keeper0fthestars @northernpunk @daisy-plier @blackberries45 @princess76179 @littlebopper96 @frostsoldier @mrsparknuts @drinkingwhileblogging @theamuz @sarahjkl82-blog @miulola @poenariuniverse @maievdenoir @wheresarizona @maxwell--lord @hnt-escape @freeshavocadoooo @feministfanboi @green-socks @pinkie289 @leto-duke @mandocrasis @thepoisonofgod @babiiface95 @thisshipwillsail316 @absurdthirst @badassbaker

    #pedro pascal#din djarin#the mandalorian #din djarin fanfiction #the mandalorian fanfiction #din djarin x fem!reader #din djarin x you #kaylie writes things
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