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    Carlos Thomas

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    The King's Head Pub | Galway's Latin Quarter

    The King’s Head Pub | Galway’s Latin Quarter

    The Kings Head dates back over 800 years with research showing the building in existence since the 13th century. The building was the home of the Mayor of Galway, Thomas Lynch Fitz-Ambrose. Following the execution of the King of England Charles I on 30 January 1649, Cromwell’s army came to Ireland to assert their authority. Led by one of Cromwell’s most loyal and trusted henchmen, Col. Peter…

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    #Col. Peter Stubbers #England #Galway Latin Quarter #High Street#Ireland#Irish History #King Charles I #King Charles II #Oliver Cromwell#Richard Gunning #The King&039;s Head Pub #Thomas Lynch Fitz-Ambrose
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    Master List

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    Drinking With the Maze Runner Characters

    When You Tell the Maze Runner Characters You're Cold

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    29.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    When You Tell the Maze Runner Characters You're Cold


    Puts an arm around you and rubs your back to help you warm up.

    When you thank him: “Yeah of course, kiddo”


    Gets a blanket and huddles with you for warmth

    When you thank him: “Oh, you’re welcome.” Happily surprised you thank him, because honestly it was just instinct to him.


    Tucks you into his jacket so you’re warmed by that and his body heat

    When you thank him: “Don’t feel special, I do this with Gally too” And then he winks


    “Does that mean cuddles?!” Will cuddle with you under a pile of blankets until you’re warm again

    When you thank her: “No need to thank me for cuddles, doll, this is more for me than for you.”


    Gets you a spare blanket from the med hut.

    When you thank him: Nods and mumbles “you’re welcome” under his breath


    “Yeah me too. Want to share?” Snuggles up with you under a blanket/jacket

    Flirts with you the entire time

    When you thank him: “Honestly this is more of a win for me than anything else.”


    Gives you his jacket.

    When you thank him: “Don’t mention it. No seriously, do not mention it to any of the guys.”


    “Here.” Holds out her jacket until you take it.

    Hugs you from behind, leeching off your newfound warmth. “Taxes.”

    When you thank her: “Cherish it, it isn't happening again.”


    “That sucks.” … “Ah, I’m just kidding.” Gets you a blanket from the med hut.

    “Is that warm enough? Do you need another blanket?”

    When you thank him: “No problem, greenie!”


    “That’s what you get for standing next to someone who’s so cool.” Winks at you. “Here, I’ll warm you, since I’m so hot.” Would hug you, rubbing his hands up and down your arms.

    When you thank him: “You’re welcome! You know, you should feel special, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


    Gives you his blanket and jacket

    “Is this warm enough? Yeah? Are you sure?”

    Sits close by in case you need more warmth

    When you thank him: “Welcome.”


    “I’m sorry. Would you like to share my jacket?”

    Does a sort of penguin huddle thing, tucking her face into your hair/neck.

    When you thank her: “Anytime.”


    Completely oblivious. Would probably say “Sorry it’s so cold.” Then go back to what he’s doing.

    Takes a moment for him to realize then glances over at you. “Uh.. do you want my jacket? Like if you’re still cold?”

    When you thank him: “Don’t worry about it.” And waves you off


    “I’m sorry you’re cold.” Hands you an extra blanket. “Would this help?”

    Rubs your arms and back over the blanket to help warm you up faster.

    When you thank her: A small smile, and a kiss on the forehead, “Of course.”


    “Well damn, Y/N, I don’t control the weather!”...“Nah, I’m just kidding.”

    Gives you his jacket without hesitating.

    When you thank him: Unsure how to take the thank you, so he just sort of nods

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    29.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    To-do list

    i have no idea when i posted last, it has been a while. sorry, but i have been a little sick and unmotivated but alas, i am back with the normal cressworth. i read a post by @ink-insomnia about thomas making a list with absurd things (kissing audrey rose, being a god amongst men) so i made a fic out of it. it is pure fluff, pure ecresswell being dramatic. enjoy!

    Audrey Rose has always claimed I am less organised than her. Despite my plans that surprise her in everyday life, I am more scattered. I disagree of course, Audrey Rose may be meticulous in how she leads her life but I am just the same even if she doesn't realise it. My sporadic ideas are part of my charm. Nonetheless I have devised a plan to help convince my love of her mistake. I shall leave a list of plans on our shared desk, much like she does, in order to show how organised I can be if I tried but I tend to make plans that are open to changes whereas she does not. I also rarely write my plans down but my darling wife loves to sit us down to make plans so she feels comfortable in the knowledge she wont forget an important date. 


    I watch my ridiculous husband write something at our desk, a small smirk playing at his lips meaning only one thing: he is up to something that will only be bad. I roll my eyes and leave the door quickly before he spots me watching him. We had spent the weekend at Thomas's holiday home, taking a much needed break after one of the longest cases we’ve ever experienced. We were only going to take the weekend off but uncle had decided to take the entire week off so Thomas insisted we do the same. Perhaps that insistence has something to do with what he is writing now. 

    Sir Isaac walks out of one of the spare rooms, his room as Thomas claims, despite the beast sleeping in our room and pestering us in every room but that one. However, every time I mention that to him he waves me off saying our little baby needs his own space and it's not his fault he adores us so much he stays with us as much as possible. I smile at the memory of him telling me that he was lying in bed playing with the cat, using one of the many toys he has brought to keep the cat occupied. I had brought up some breakfast for us both, as well as coco for thomas. He gave me a wide smile and came to me as soon as the door opened, taking the tray from me and setting it down, wrapping me in a hug that made sir Isaac jealous enough to start climbing up my leg. He laughed at my scowl and thus began that conversation. 

    The cat walks alongside me as I set myself down in the kitchen, resuming the book I was reading earlier this morning. We sit in silence until Thomas enters the room, a smirk that only results in problems, one that he is trying to hide from me. 

    I debated just asking him what he's done but he would not tell me so easily. Instead I chose to ignore that smirk and ask: “how are you, love?’”

    “Perfect darling, how are you, how is the book?” He sits beside me and starts stroking our cat who purrs loudly at the attention. 

    “I’m well, the book is interesting, mostly, though I am wondering whether I should find another for the night.” my own plan formulates as I begin to stand in order to go to our room and find a new book and peek at what he was writing. He holds my gaze with a knowing look. Of course he knows what I'm going to do, but the question is, will he let me? 

    To my surprise he does and I make my way upstairs. I place my book on the desk, moving around the papers and finding what could be what he wrote today. It is a list. I bite back a laugh as I begin to read.                         

     To-do list

    -Be a god amongst men (as always)

    -Get Audrey Rose to call me a scoundrel

    -Kiss Audrey Rose

    No longer do I bite back my laugh. My husband took to heart my complaints about his jokes about lists. Well, almost. In his own fashion of course. I put it back and go to our bookshelf to find another book, contemplating whether or not to tell him I know his plan or make my own just for fun for him to deliberately find. I was fully aware he knew I would look for it, which leads me to believe he saw me standing in the doorway but refused to look at me. He was infuriating at times, but little did he know I would play his absurd games. ‘A god amongst men’ was completely foolish, and the fact he wrote about kissing me, as if it was some hard task or something that was to plan for. Sitting, I picked up the discarded pen and wrote my own to-do list.                                      

      To do list

    -stop whatever my foolish husband has planned

    -kiss said husband

    -remind Thomas to act his age

    I put the list inside the book and walked back downstairs, to the kitchen where there was a familiar sight of Thomas and sir Isaac playing on the kitchen counter. I smiled at the peaceful sight, a wave of gratitude washing over me. Every case, very close calls made me cherish these smaller moments more. Every ridiculous act of Thomas he got to do just to make me smile was something I felt could be snatched away from us so I stood for a second and let them play. I set my book down, opening it so the note was visible but folded so Thomas had to open it up. 

    “Found one?” He asks not to turn to face me because our cat demands attention and Thomas always complies. 

    “Yes. enjoying playing?”

    “Of course,” this time he turned and winked and I nearly blurted out ‘scoundrel’ but I didn't want to make completing his list easy. Instead I sat and moved the sheet of paper and opened the book and began reading. Silence descended for a while until I felt Thomas's hands around my waist. Instinctively I leaned into him, savouring his warmth and love. He kissed my temple as sir Isaac jumped onto the table and nudged my book, forever in need of our attention. Thomas, as usual, obliges by scratching his head then he reaches for the discarded page.

    “What is this love?”

    “A list, but also a bookmark.”

    “Another list?” He smirks at me and flips it open, reading the list and then I hear his laugh fill the room. I should have added to make Thomas laugh, although that is my goal everyday even if I never go out of my way to try and make him laugh. If his laugh was the only sound I could hear I would still be happy. “My love,” he sets the list down, a smile still graces his face as he squeezes my side, “i agree with only one of these, I’m sure you can guess which one.” he adds a wink.

    I roll my eyes and mutter scoundrel. Of course he would focus on the kiss and not the fact I implied he is an immature child that is pranking his wife. Again. 

    “I have a list of my own, but I’m sure you already know that, and one thing on my list was to hear you call me a scoundrel as it is my favourite word to hear from you. Your filthy mind truly amazes me.” 

    I twist and face him, eyes narrowed. “My filthy mind? You are ridiculous Thomas. Why did you make that list?”

    “I wanted to understand your obsession with them. I think I do now.” 

    I roll my eyes at him but all he does is press a kiss to my forehead. Both of his hands rest on my hips again and he gives me a soft smile. “My love, may I kiss you, and complete something off both our lists?” he asks, moving his head so it rests on mine. My absurd husband makes it hard to be mad at him, or even annoyed. Even though this began with him mocking my habit of making lists, even unintentionally mocking me, i have to admit this has been a fun game and knowing my husband he will keep doing this now as ways to distract us from cases or just to kiss me. Even though he can kiss me at any point now. 

    I lean into him, pressing my lips to his and I feel him smile into our kiss. His hands reach up and cups my cheek, his other tightens slightly on my waist. My own hands rest against his chest as he deepens the kiss. We stay like that, lost in each other until our cat nudges my back making me jump. I curse as Thomas laughs at me, sir Isaac finding his way onto my lap. I scratch the little pests' ears. 

    “I finished my list before you, I kissed you, you called me a scoundrel and I am always a god amongst men.” he winked at me, picking up sir Isaac and moving to sit across from me. I twist, looking at my own list. He out-does himself sometimes with his dramatic nature. 

    “Thomas, neither completed the list, I can never stop your immature games, and you cannot be a god amongst men. It's absurd you even put that.”

    “I can, love, and this wasn’t immature, it was-”

    “Foolish? Childish?” 

    “Okay fine, it was a tad childish, I never meant to mock your list making by the way, I just thought it would be fun and to prove I can make lists to you.” 

    “It wasn’t just a tad childish, but Thomas love, I know you can make them you just choose not to, and there are more things we can do than make lists for each other. We needn’t make lists just to kiss each other. We’re married, if you want to kiss me, kiss me.” 

    He smirks, the cresswell charm in full effect, “you are obsessed with kissing me.” he leans over the table and kisses me. 

    The rest of the week follows similar patterns, sir isaac always interrupting our kisses, Thomas being dramatic and a constant smile on both of our faces. We are both reluctant to leave, to start work again, but we pack our bags and return to our home, uncle already with a case ready for us to uncover.

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    Speargun - Rust by Thomas Butters https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mDyW28

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    Okay, that’s five votes for the Love Square, one vote for the rewrite, and three votes for the toy tie-ins.

    #immaturity of thomas astruc #iota
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    morning rehearsals
    #maneskin #victoria de angelis #thomas raggi#ethan torchio#damiano david#victoria maneskin #victoria de angelis maneskin #Måneskin
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    Patton: What is the meaning of life?

    Virgil: One word… Pumpkins


    #thomas sanders#sanders sides#anxiety sanders#virgil sanders#patton sanders#morality sanders#logan sanders#logic sanders #incorrect sanders sides quotes #tss incorrect quotes #sanders sides incorrect quotes #thegayemo original post
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    Måneskin in Rome to receive ‘The Lupa Capitolina’. 💫 from the mayor of Rome. This is the most prestigious honor awarded by the city of Rome. The honor is bestowed on people who have left an important mark on culture and society

    #eurovision#maneskin #victoria de angelis #victoria di angelis #ethan torchio#thomas raggi
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    something about this photo just 🥰🥰🥰

    like he just looks especially cute here omg

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    Follow for your daily dose of this Janus picture

    #sanders sides#ts deceit#thomas sanders#ss deceit#deceit sanders#ts janus#ss janus#janus sanders #your daily janus #I feel weird but in a bad way #:( #I'm not okay but I'll get thru tomorrow <3 #For the Janus 😌👊
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    Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure

     Thomas Hardy's novel Jude the Obscure tells the story of the stonemason Jude falling in love with his cousin Sue, who is a teacher, and their love affair. Although the main theme seems to be love, it is actually marriage. In the novel, it is frequently emphasized how sacred marriage is, its central value and an important institution. While Jude wants to combine his love for Sue with marriage, Sue believes that marriage will spoil their love. and here we clearly see the rejection of such an important institution as marriage. This was not a common situation in the society of that period.  In Jude the Obscure, Hardy emphasizes a variety of training methods. Obviously, we have Jude's ambition to obtain a college diploma and work as an academic. Hardy, on the other hand, emphasizes the value of hands-on learning. Jude is especially vulnerable to Arabella's seduction since she is inexperienced with women and, more broadly, with social circumstances. In the story, one's typical level of education is strongly linked to the classroom system, and if someone in Jude's class wants to learn, they must educate themselves. After the education theme, social class is also a highly criticized theme. Jude doesn't have many career choices so there's no way to go beyond a certain level. Religion is another important subject. Hardy is also possessed by the church. Jude and Sue had several theological discussions during their relationship, the first of which was more religious than her intellectually curious relative. Jude compares her change after her children's deaths to turning to drink in difficult times. Hardy explores the motives underlying believing in this passage. Hardy contends that these motives were not always pure as a result of Sue's self-punishment to her Christian obligations despite her real nature. Sue, the contemporary female character, is central to the topic of women's rights. She has a full intellectual life and lives with guys without marrying them. Despite the fact that his life has caused him to be ostracized from society, he is a noble person. Another theme is the innovative viewpoint. He frequently criticizes methods to replace old things with new ones, particularly in urban architecture. Similarly, Widow Edlin contends that earlier, more casual attitudes regarding marriage are preferable to the prudish Victorian rules. Jude is a type of wanderer, and the novel's structure reflects this. It is separated into portions based on the position of the characters, rather than random divisions or thematic groups. This geographic mobility reflects the newfound freedom that has resulted from the introduction of rail travel, which has now revolutionized the lives of working people like Jude, who can now afford to chill long distances. Disappointment appears frequently in this novel: Jude is dissatisfied with his work, with his marriage to Arabella, and subsequently with living with Sue. Mr. Phillotson disappointed him by never realizing his ambition of obtaining a college degree. Because many of the novel's tragedies are the result of missed chances, the characters' reactions to disappointment contribute to their personality. For example, when Phillotson is dissatisfied with his marriage to Sue, he takes a mature approach and enables himself to be with Jude. Arabella expresses her displeasure with Cartlett by spying on Jude and scheming to reconnect with him.


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    Thomas Doherty did the most even though Max was barely in this episode

    #but pls don’t do my boy dirty with a student-teacher relationship pls stop 🤢 #gossip girl #gossip girl reboot #trisha talks too much #thomas doherty
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    O personagem autista do dia é: Thomas Jefferson, do livro Magnus Chase.

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    ~Casual Logan~

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    #🍄 anon.txt #simping for thoma and gorou
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    Thomas decides to try taking anxiety medication before a plane ride after Logan convinces Virgil that it will probably improve the experience. Thomas ends up barely being anxious at all, and Virgil sleeps through most of the flight.

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