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  • dumbww2captain
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’m currently trying not think that since Francis only married her for her money, he may had treated her awfully.

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  • luna-weasley-rambles
    26.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Endless Six Idiots gifs - 71/?

    Ghosts 1x01, “Who Do You Think You Are?”

    #Mary in the background 😐🤨 #the six idiots #six idiots gifs #bbc ghosts #bbc ghosts 1x01 #1x01 #who do you think you are #the captain #lady fanny button #lady button#fanny button#kitty ghosts#ghosts kitty#thomas thorne#ben willbond#martha howe-douglas #martha howe douglas #lolly adefope#mathew baynton#mat baynton
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  • thecaptainsbf
    26.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Hes just so mecore 😕

    #thomas thorne#bbc ghosts #im not mentally stable
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  • historicalsnail
    26.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    What if every male Ghost has already been in bed with the Captain?

    And they just don’t know that the others have, too? And that’s why they all make that face when the Captain is about to come out.

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  • iloveallmyocs
    26.11.2021 - 14 hours ago


    Tw: outing, toxic relationship mention, after affects of toxic relationship (?), alcoholism mention, physical abuse implications.
    I feel like my matthew is out of character, lets just pretend this takes place in an au where he doesn’t out Kamala to Cordy.
    also since this has some triggering topics, pls feel free to call me out/give me shit if I didn’t handle it well. srsly. do it. That’s how I will learn and improve.
    also I tagged every. single. one. of you! (it took like 20 minutes)

    Don't look at him, Alastair told himself. Just look straight ahead. Yes, keep going. Breathe.

    "Al- Mr Carstairs!" Called out a voice.

    Alastair rolled his eyes before turning around.

    What did Charles want this time?

    "What?" He snapped, before looking around to check if there were any curious onlookers.

    The two of them were alone outside the London institute, everyone else was on the inside attending what Alastair was certain to be the twentieth party they held that year.

    "My mother told me something about you. I didn't believe what she said at first, I thought she was joking-" answered Charles. He burst out laughing before he could finish his sentence.

    "She wasn't joking. It's true" confirmed Alastair, much to Charles' horror.

    "She said that you expressed interest in running for the position of Counsul!" Said Charles, raking his hands through his hair.

    "I am of age and I have been studying for it for a while now" shrugged Alastair.

    "But- you can't just do that! You know how much I've wanted it! You're just trying to take the one thing I've ever wanted from me out of spite!". Charles' face almost turned to the colour of his hair.

    "I'm not taking it away from you" said Alastair, his tone even although his hands had began to shake from being in such proximity to Charles. "I'm only competing for the same position. It's more likely that you'll win anyway, you know you have an advantage over me". He didn’t use the word ‘nepotism’ only because he didn’t want to escalate things further.

    Charles opened his mouth to speak but closed it again because he believed him. "And I'm not doing it out of spite. I'm doing it because I have wanted to do it for quite some time. I've wanted it even before we met, actually"

    Charles let out a frustrated noise. Closing his hands into fists, he stepped closer to Alastair. As if out of reflex, Alastair shuddered and took two steps away from him. 

    All of a sudden, witchlight from inside the institute spilled on the ground between the two boys' shoes.

    The door had opened, and Matthew fairchild stood in the doorway, looking thoroughly bored.

    "Mother sent me here to check up on you two. Charles, we could hear your noise from inside the room. Stop fighting and come back inside or take your fight elsewhere. Although, mother probably would prefer it if you did the former"

    Charles instantly regained his composure, but Alastair caught Matthew noticing his brother's distressed expression.

    "Is something wrong?" asked Matthew, no longer bored. His eyes were on Charles, and didn't take them away to look at Alastair.

    "It's none of your business" snapped Alastair. The last thing he wanted at that moment was to draw attention to himself.

    Matthew's eyes met his. "If it involves you, then I don't see why I shouldn't be involved as well"

    "Matthew, Listen to Mr Carstairs" said Charles.

    Matthew set his jaw. "No. What do you have to say to him that you cannot say to your own brother?"

    "It's about politics, it'll bore you" said Alastair, hoping he could reason with the younger Fairchild.

    "Don't worry, it won't"

    Charles stepped up. "Fine. Mr Carstairs and I were having a disagreement because he is running for Counsul. He knows-"

    Charles stopped talking immediately, and looked at Alastair with a cruel expression on his face. It felt oddly familiar.

    Charles stepped closer to Alastair and spoke in a low voice so that his brother couldn't hear him. "Tell my mother that you've lost interest in being Counsul or I'll tell my brother right now. About us. And he is very fond of gossiping"

    Alastair tried to keep a level head. "But that would mean that word about you would get out as well”

    Charles laughed without humour. “Do you think that will matter to me after losing the one thing that I care about? Alastair, please try to look at this from my perspective”

    Alastair softened. “I- Charles, I think we both know know for a fact that you will be the one who will be elected Counsul. I just-" he broke off, not finding the right words.

    "What is it that that two two of you are discussing so intently? I'm still waiting, you know" said Matthew, stepping closer to the two of them.

    "it's nothing" dismissed Alastair, who decided to head back inside the institute as it was less likely for Charles to pursue him when there where others nearby. He didn't turn back to look at Charles as he entered.

    “Alastair and I once had an understanding” Charles blurted out.

    Alastair whipped his head back and looked at Charles with widened eyes and then at Matthew. Why did it suddenly became so hard for him to breathe?

    Alastair didn’t know how he expected him to react, but what he knew that the way he actually reacted wasn’t it.

    Matthew threw his head back and burst out laughing. Was he drunk? From his years of taking care of his father, Alastair was sure that Matthew was sober. Maybe he had lost his mind.

    “I’m sorry,” said Matthew, trying to recover from his laughing spell. “but that’s just absurd. How did-” he broke off once again and resumed his laughter.

    Charles let out an exasperated sigh. “It began around two years ago. A year later the two of us spent some time together in Paris during his travel year”

    Matthew’s smile faded upon noticing the look on Alastair’s face. “You’re being serious”

    “But it doesn’t make sense. Wasn’t he seventeen two years ago? And you twenty-three?” he continued. He looked at Alastair and added, “did the two of you ever-”, he shook his head, disgusted. “I don’t want to know. But Charles, he is six years younger than you! And he was not an adult yet!”

    Heat crept up Alastair’s face. “I don’t require you to stand up for me” he said to Matthew. “I can do that myself just fine. I’ve been doing it for quite a while”

    He turned to Charles and glowered. “Every time I think you have an ounce of decency left in you, I am proven wrong. You want to know what I was thinking when you told your brother about us?”

    Charles opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Alastair.

    “That wasn’t an invitation for you to speak. At first, I was terrified. Terrified of what would happen when people heard about it. Then, I was relieved, because that was the only way in which you could have power over me and now there that it’s out, you have no hold on me. You’re a spineless, pathetic creature, you know that? Now that you’ve told your brother about us, I can say things like this, which I have been saying behind your back, to your face”

    From the corner of his eye, he could see a grin slowly spreading across Matthew’s face. He ignored it and went on.

    “Lastly, I was angry. Not at you, but at myself. I don’t know what mental state I was in to fall for you. Back then, I thought that was how love was supposed to make you feel. Now that I have someone else who actually loves me as much as I love him, I realise how wrong I was”

    Charles’ left eye twitched a little as he clenched his jaw shut. His hands were fisted inside his coat.

    “I am going to stand for Counsul” said Alastair, “and I am going to win. Do what you must to prevent it”

    With that, he headed out the gate, after having ultimately decided to walk to his house instead of going back to the party. He kept his head high and didn’t bother looking back at Charles or Matthew.

    He didn’t turn around even after hearing the sound of footsteps behind him, he was beyond caring about anything at that point. He held up a single finger, it should’ve been enough to shoo Charles away.

    “I didn’t expect you to be familiar with the rude gestures of the Americans” remarked Matthew. “I thought you to be too proper for it”

    “You’re the one coming from a prestigious family” returned Alastair, relieved to find Matthew behind him instead of his brother.

    “Listen,” said Matthew, his expression solemn, “I don’t know- this is a bit hard for me to say, but I was hoping we could put our past in the Academy behind us”

    “I did move past it, you’re the one who kept holding on to it” 

    Matthew looked like he had something important to say, but instead just laughed. “This doesn’t mean I am going to start being polite to you all of a sudden. It’s just- people like us need to look out for each other. And I know this is none of my business, I’m only asking because I’m curious and feel the need to protect others like us, so would you mind telling me who it is that you are seeing now? I think I might know him, I know a lot of-”

    “Thank you” said Alastair, “and as for the second bit; It’s none of your business”. He tried to hide his smile and fought the urge to add ‘and you do know him’

    no one: me doing research for this fic: when was flipping the bird invented?
    ahh hope everyone liked it and its not disappointing pls I need to go sleep after this but I won’t bc my country’s education system sucks. I’m tried so pls lmk if there’s a grammar/punctuation/spelling error.
     Tagging all who interacted with that post where I asked if anyone would want to be tagged in this :

    @shadowhunting-hooligans @one-fond-mortal @shadowrunner2000 @writeordie-4 @shadowrunner2000 @blackxstairs @lynx-the-treemoss @chaotic-coexistence @thatonebookbitch @doitfor-buckaroo @nicotheangel17 @paulightwood @thechangeling @magnusthefreewheelingbisexual @thestarkster1465 @marzzinaa @a-contented-soul @melanielocke @lovednotrusted @sohalia01 @rznrl @life-through-the-eyes-of @thelastpowers @susufromfinland @pansexualagenderdragon @mariiaarranz @freddyollie @afunkygoodtime @moodymelanist @choisan15 @proofthatshithappend @dreamers-understandtheuniverse @gemmimared @deep-fried-brain-cells @readwithlivvy @frankensteinsdreamhouse @spotsandclawsthings @noxatlas @bookishperfection @jxmesfarrow @theblackthornn @bladesandconstellations @evilsam16 @shadowgays2006 @kiara-herondale @supnafasmbls @lonelybookworm1 @youwerealwaysmysecret @right-where-you-left-me-ts @crying-is-your-latest-fashion @hhvxy99 @aurasobsessionwithtsc @punk-with-trauma @shadowhunterstrashworld @tessa-blackfriar @fortheloveofthecarstairs @nevergonnagiveyouuporlety-oudown @lowkeywannakermit @miss-riddikulus @shadownefelim @charliepants @patalliumapples @alastaircarstairsdefenselawyer 

    #alastair carstairs#Matthew Fairchild#charles fairchild#myfic#tsc#tlh#tsccreatenet #the shadowhunter chronicles #thomastair#thomas lightwood #the last hours #cassandra clare #chain of thorns #charlestair #based on an answer for an ask cc made
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  • thatvampireblog
    26.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I no pronounce you malewife and malewife

    #bbc ghosts#thomas thorne#humphrey bone #i really am out here shipping Humphrey with everyone huh #my art#ghostposting#not vampires
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  • shayneysides
    26.11.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I love drawing glowing things, so I'm starting a series of "what if the ghosts' death scars glowed?" stay tuned for the rest of the gang!

    #bbc ghosts#thomas thorne #bbc ghosts thomas #bbc ghosts fanart #i also did a series for the dream smp with this concept on tiktok
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  • thepictureofsdr
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    i have no explanation for this… i’m sorry?

    anyone remember the alastair dying theory

    #IS THIS TOO MUCH #IM GENUINELY WORRIED WE DIDNT CURSE HERE A FEW MONTHS AGO #LIKE GENUINELY IS THIS TOO MUCH #i’m not even putting the taglist #i am worried #chain of iron #the last hours #tlh #chain of gold #chain of thorns #the shadowhunter chronicles #tsc #the infernal devices #tid#alastair carstairs#thomas lightwood#thomastair#tw blood#tw injury #tw body image #ask to tag #IS THIS GRAPHIC? #idk people on twitter are losing it over horror #like i know it’s just blood #idk if that’s bad #sdr art
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  • lostswampthing
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

     There are two things in Series 4 that have to happen, or else I’m going to be forced to intervene:

    1 - Thomas gets his double denim and aviators.

    2 - Mike gets to have a conversation with his dead friends!!!!!!

    #I don't care how they do it #Just know that they MUST #It's imperitive#BBC Ghosts#Thomas Thorne#Mike Cooper
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  • daisybrekker
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Chain of Thorns: Information

    Release Date: 1st November 2022

    Special Content for the book: Story of the found family tree with explanations as to why it is incorrect and what the true family tree is.

    The book will take place about a week after the events of Chain of Iron.

    Some key word clues Cassie has given on the book are: "Paris, kidnapping, Cornwall, a party where a terrible thing happens, death, inventions, science, secrets revealed, a new Shadowhunter arrives in London."

    The book will open with Matthew and Cordelia in Paris.

    The reason why Lucie flinched while practicing her and Cordelia's parabatai ritual will be revealed.

    There will be an unexpected romantic scene.

    Matthew wants to tell people his secret; especially his parents and James.

    Matthew will explain his personal financial situation.

    Ariadne will pick a new name for herself by the end of the book.

    We will see new locations.

    There will be consequences for the way Lucie raised Jesse though it was not entirely necromancy.

    Blackthorn sword has a name that will be revealed.

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  • patcaps
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    just got the link to vote for the episode being screened @ bfi and ofc i voted woodworm men, i wanna see dip it on the big screen please and thanks

    #i know everyone is gonna vote thomas thorne affair or redding weddy tho lol #be surprised if one of those doesn’t win 🙂 #quill to paper #ghosts bfi 2021
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  • leftabit-leftabit
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    How on Earth did I forget to post these on here?!?! 

    The Gang so far, feat the most recent creation = Julian’s legs 

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  • thepictureofsdr
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    started painting this and i absolutely hated it and i genuinely can’t be bothered so have sketch 🤝

    #chain of iron #chain of thorns #the last hours #tlh #chain of gold #the shadowhunter chronicles #tsc #the infernal devices #tid#alastair carstairs#thomas lightwood#thomastair
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  • historicalsnail
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Trying to imagine Thomas and the Captain kissing and all I see is two stranded cod opening and closing their mouths at each other with their last breaths as they stare into each others’ dying eyes.

    #they're both so awkward about stuff like that #the captain#thomas thorne #i'm sorry capthorne shippers
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  • le-scenariste
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    I'm really glad they had that Kitty-centric episode because, although she definitely has her moments and is a very kind person, for the most part i find her quite annoying. Or at least in the first two seasons. But with her episode we get more insight into her past and just in general, more insight on to why she is the way she is. Plus that episode where the ghosts solve some identity theft mystery and Cap is all encouraging and shit is just so sweet.

    BUT ANYWAYS, again, i mostly find her annoying and i don't like that i find her annoying because i know there's more to her just like how Robin's not actually stupid at all (although i don't find Robin annoying.) But her episode just made me feel so bad for her for not being able to fully accept how shitty her family was and the way she's rearranged her memories and shit just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  • baronesszemo
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Thomas: I would die for you.

    Y/N: I would die for you too.

    Thomas, suddenly emotional: Please don’t.

    Julian, from across the room: You’re both already dead.

    #thomas thorne x reader #incorrect bbc ghosts quotes #incorrect ghosts quotes #thomas thorne imagine #original: ???
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  • britomart
    23.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    GHOSTS ➣ the ghosts + clubs!

    #not sure i got them all but tada :D #vicky.gif #ghosts#bbc ghosts#ghostsedit#pat butcher#julian fawcett#thomas thorne#ghosts mary#ghosts captain#ghosts kitty #the six idiots #ooh almost forgot about this but at this point it's just habit to dump ghosts gifs i had in my drafts in the morning hnjsj
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  • moonah-stona
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    AO3 has me in a CapThorne spiral and I’m sorry I didn’t ship it sooner😭

    Any excuse for Ben and Mat to be close tbh😂

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  • yeahitsstillswamphed
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    hear me out ok

    Thomas x Humphrey

    Thank you for coming to my Dead Talk

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  • ailendolin
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    I find it interesting that on the one hand Thomas mentions twice that you stay how you die but on the other he tells Alison in 1x06, "We can change!"

    I can't quite put my finger on why this feels significant to me - maybe because most of the time Thomas appears to be rather set in his ways, yet in that moment he is clearly willing to adapt to convince Alison to stay.

    #thomas thorne#Bbc ghosts#alison cooper #I've just rewatched ep 6 and that moment always stands out to me #I don't think it's a coincidence he's the one saying that #The six idiots don't leave much to chance do they?
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