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  • 5-minutes-2-midnight
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I am not a cynic. I am totally “glass is half full.” I just acknowledge that the other half of the glass is a desolate void of disappointment, misery, and regret. Preparing ahead makes me pragmatic.

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  • the-hell-with-it
    27.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    because everyone needs a place to prattle about random stuff and if i’m doing this with an assignment due tomorrow, well no one needs to know

    #someone help me #how do you use tumblr #i'm trying my best
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  • foryouthegays
    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Visiting Dream [Dream SMP] stream summary and timestamps


    Techno starts the stream in his house. The plot is supposed to starts at 3:40. He leaves the house and meets with Phil, and immediately gets distracted with the paintings of Tommy in Phils house. Phil starts glitching and leaves the game, so Techno moves to his backup plan, which is a map of Phils face, but that also glitches and is deleted. He stalls and eventually, at 9:17, Phil returns. They start their lore conversation at 10:13. Techno tells Phil that he’s going to visit Dream. Phil asks if that’s a good idea, and Techno admits that it really isn’t. He knows that everyone whose visited Dream has had something horrible happen, but he also knows that he owes Dream a favor. Techno refuses to let Phil come with him, but he does give Phil his will.

    Before he leaves, Phil and Techno ring the channel member bell, and Dream joins the server.

    Techno leaves at 17:35.

    He goes through the Nether and reaches the prison at 22:20. The warden joins the call at 22:30.

    Sam denies him entry to visit Dream, but Techno came prepared. He brought his field trip form, signed.

    Sam agrees to let him in, and Techno reads the form, aloud. He signs it “Techno Blade.”

    26:10 He answers the prison questions.

    30:10. He’s in the prison. They go through the security stuff for so long oh my gosh like im impressed with the prison but ughhhhhh

    34:50 he signs this book ‘Technoblade’ instead of ‘Techno Blade’. Interesting. Probably just him bein him but whatever

    38:50. Techno walks to Dream. Dream yells that it’s a trap, that Quackity was lying. He says that Quackity and Sam are working together. Techno quickly brushes past that, and tells Dream to explain everything that’s been going on. He says it doesn’t matter, and that he’s already trapped. Techno turns around and asks Sam how long he has to stay, and is told that he is the main threat to Dream escaping, and that he could stay for a long while. Techno tells Sam to send the bridge back, and he refuses. He brings the lava back down, and Techno is trapped with Dream. He tells Dream to write down everything that’s happened, and everything he knows about the prison.

    They talk, and Dream tells him that he used to have a clock. I’m gonna be honest i dont really know much about the prison stuff but i saw a ton about him loosing a clock so i thought id mention it.

    Techno ends the stream.


    Ya know im gonna be honest i like these shorter streams. Less overwhelming.

    Techno recording a vid? Yes? Pog? Please?

    3:40 philza minecraft? Him? Hello? My beloved?

    4:20 philza minecraft has left us :( he is now canonically dead cant believe it this is so funny

    8:07 du du duuu

    9:15 sTEVE- oh hi mr minecraft

    10:45 ‘also itll be views’

    12:00 ‘how many people accidentally punch dogs irl, phil’ alkdhf

    14:45 awwW techno knows his pets favorite foods alsldkhf!

    I stg techno is incapable of being serious when phils around

    18:37 ‘hello brothers’ @ a zombie pigman my Beloved

    Does. Does techno not know the difference between piglins and zombie pigmans. Like im not surprised but *techno*

    22:00 awww darn techno has to die. Like i knew he would but :(

    I literally cant get over how little techno cares about serious lore its so funny

    23:27 ‘….bro ur door broke’ ALDKDHF

    The field trip form im crying

    “Sam. Technoblade will be playing Dream a visit. This is business related. Let it happen.

    It’s also a tax write off :)

    - Quackity”

    25:10 Oh im gonna cry technos reading voice is so nice even when its fast

    31:20 techno appreciating redstone my beloved.

    34:29 techno reading my beloved

    40:35 ‘a nice long stay with dream’ ‘so like five minutes?’ ALDKDHF


    I stg if ANYONE makes a ‘and they were roommates’ joke i Will kill you

    also i am honestly really impressed w the prison. This is the first time ive seen it ’live’ and like. Wow gg thats so cool

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  • quincyamarikwa5
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Rachel Hill | Perfect Soccer Ball Podcast Ep.044

    In today’s episode: Paul interviewed forward Rachel Hill of Chicago Red Stars. Nkosi discusses playing at Uconn, getting drafted 14th overall in the 2017 NWSL draft, and her journey playing in the NWSL and overseas.

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    11 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa’s (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - The Perfect Soccer Ball Podcast, Where your host Paul Guarino goes 1 on 1 to get to know your favorite professional soccer players, on and off the pitch.

    Time Stamp

    0:00 - 1:16 Intro

    1:18 - 3:51 Youth career: Choosing soccer ball over other sports

    3:52 - 5:00 Picking the right college

    5:02 - 6:20 The Yukon experience: 89 appearances and 61 goals!

    6:21 - 6:53 Being an All-American twice

    6:54 - 8:00 Thinking of going pro

    8:08 - 8:44 Leaving Yukon early to get in the Draft?

    8:56 - 10:44 Draft Day and getting traded 3 days later

    10:45 - 12:42 First game and first goal with the pros

    12:44 - 13:36 Biggest difference between college and pro?

    14:00 - 15:58 Loaned out to the “Land Down Under”

    15:59 - 17:02 Joining the Chicago Red Stars

    17:53 - 19:18 From sunny Australia to snowy Sweden, Rachel’s experience is vast

    19:19 - 19:53 Playing for the national team

    19:54 - 24:33 Quincy’s 5 questions

    24:35 - 26:09 Off the pitch questions

    26:10 - 27:25 Outro

    Be sure to follow Rachel on social:


    You can re-listen to this episode and all our other interviews, episodes and audio shows over at:


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    Learn More About Your Mental Strength Coach:


    #soccer ball #soccer ball player
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  • perelka-l
    29.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    a full list of tracks used across JJK anime

    Hello loves. 

    So, ever wondered what track have been used during some episode or moment but you have no idea what is was on OST or are too lazy to look for it yourself?

    Well, here I come to help.

    Behold the list of all tracks from OST used in all episodes of anime, with timestamps and such. The names are used are from JP titles of tracks since when I started doing this there were still issues with titles across platforms, so that’s for sake of consistency. If anything, there is the track number in the brackets! The list contains “unlisted” tracks, which is to say track that wasn’t released on the OST. The list of those tracks is still a WIP~

    Hope it will be useful:

    Episode 1:

    00:00-00:45 unlisted

    02:40-3:17 unlisted 

    4:30 オカ研 (1-4)

    5:43 remix of 人から生まれた呪い (2-17)

    6:00 高木VS虎杖(1-3)

    6:55-7:26 unlisted 

    9:36 いつも通りでいい (1-5)

    12:53 呪いの源 (1-2)

    15:21 迫る危険 (1-6)

    16:16 Impatience (1-7)

    20:10-21:48 unlisted

    22:42 両面宿儺 (1-8)

    Episode 2:

    00:00 Your Battle is My Battle (1-10)

    1:27 最恐 (1-9)

    5:03-5:42 unlisted

    8:17 後悔の気持ち (1-13)

    11:08 Be Prepared (1-11)

    13:27-14:36 unlisted

    15:41-16:11 unlisted

    16:11 呪骸の攻撃 (1-12)

    18:30-19:42 unlisted

    21:18-21:45 unlisted

     Episode 3:

    0:00 Life (1-15)

    2:12 Colors (1-16)

    4:42-5:24 unlisted

    8:54 領域展開への対抗手段 (1-18)

    9:58 remixed 7:3 (2-5)

    11:23 人から生まれた呪い (2-17)

    13:35 呪術廻戦 (1-30)

    14:51 芻霊呪法「共鳴り」(1-19)

    15:42 始まり (1-14)

    18:17-18:55 unlisted

    19:16 いつも通りでいい (1-5)

    20:36 呪胎戴天 (1-20)

     Episode 4:

    0:59 緊急事態で異常事態 (1-21)

    5:15-5:51 unlisted

    5:51-5:54 unlisted (どうしようあ それどうしよう♫)

    6:17-6:41 unlisted

    6:42 呪胎戴天 (1-20)

    9:01 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    9:18-10:42 remix of 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    11:12 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    15:03 拳にのせろ (1-22)

    16:39-18:12 unlisted

    20:24 Impatience (1-7)

    Episode 5:

    0:00-0:15 自閉円頓裹 (2-12)

    00:47 千年の呪い (1-1)

    4:44 平等に与えられている不平等な現実 (1-24)

    5:36 自閉円頓裹 (2-12)

    6:39 平等に与えられている不平等な現実 (1-24)

    7:26 remix of 両面宿儺 (1-8)

    8:55 呪術師・伏黒恵 (1-25)

    10:32 腹の底から出た本音 (2-9)

    12:23 最恐 (1-9)

    16:35-17:28 unlisted

    18:15 Gray Eyes (2-16)

    19:59 呪いの源 (1-2)

     Episode 6:

    2:37(?)-5:18 unlisted

    6:38 強く聡い仲間 (1-26)

    7:15-8:18 unlisted

    9:31 根絶やし (1-27)

    10:50 敗北の謝罪 (1-29)

    13:43 Fight Again (2-21)

    16:39-18:15 unlisted

    20:29-21:33 unlisted

    Episode 7:

    00:31 呪いの源 (1-2)

    1:32-2:07 unlisted

    4:25-5:54 unlisted

    6:05 Your Battle is My Battle (1-10)

    8:41-9:26 unlisted

    9:47 最恐 (1-9)

    12:03 領域展開への対抗手段 (1-18)

    14:54-15:53 unlisted

    19:50 敗北の謝罪 (1-29)

     Episode 8:

    00:00-2:35 unlisted

    2:58 漢・東堂葵 (2-1)

    5:07 漢・東堂葵 (2-1)

    6:54 Blood (2-2)

    11:43 隙 (1-28)

    16:22-17:40 unlisted

    18:19 存在しない記憶 (2-19)

    19:19-19:53 unlisted

    21:52 オカ研 (1-4)

     Episode 9:

    3:25 (3:16?) remixed 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    6:19-7:49 unlisted

    8:46-9:15 unlisted

    9:38 死に方を選ぶために (2-3)

    10:37 呪術廻戦 (1-30)

    11:40 7:3 (2-5)

    13:35 Impatience (1-7)

    17:24 敗北の謝罪 (1-29)

    21:12 伊地知さんと調査 (2-4)

    Episode 10:

    00:00 いつも通りでいい (1-5)

    1:20-2:41 unlisted

    4:46-6:02 unlisted

    6:15 呪胎戴天 (1-20)

    8:17-8_38 unlisted

    8:54 伊地知さんと調査 (2-4)

    12:37 呪いの源 (1-2)

    15:03 呪霊の説明 (2-25)

    16:22-17:19 unlisted (I think this track MIGHT be Blood remix???)

    17:59 緊急事態で異常事態 (1-21) (extends into remix to 21:12) (for comparison, 1-21 is 2:29 minutes long)

    Episode 11:

    00:25 時間外労働 (2-6)

    3:47-4:25 unlisted

    5:09 いつも通りでいい (1-5)

    6:30 夕焼けと友達(2-7)

    9:30 Colors (1-16)

    10:25 呪胎戴天 (1-20)

    11:54-13:17 unlisted

    14:04 後悔の気持ち (1-13)

    15:11 隙 (1-28)

    18:50-22:00 unlisted

     Episode 12:

    00:00 人から生まれた呪い (2-17)

    3:26 特級呪霊の力 (1-23) (remix 4:39-5:08)

    6:52 犠牲の先 (2-8)

    9:40 腹の底から出た本音 (2-9)

    14:48 緊急事態で異常事態 (1-21)

    16:34 Blood (2-2)

    20:21-21:14 unlisted

     Episode 13:

    00:00 領域展開への対抗手段 (1-18)

    1:31-2:06 unlisted

    2:06-3:05 unlisted

    3:23 自閉円頓裹 (2-12)

    6:27 隙 (1-28)

    9:00 強く聡い仲間 (1-26)

    12:16 両面宿儺 (1-8)

    13:50 Impatience (1-7)

    18:54 Stand in the Darkness (2-13)

     Episode 14:

    1:53 最恐 (1-9)

    6:26 Learn The Lesson (1-17)

    7:54-8:28 unlisted

    8:35 Gray Eyes (2-16)

    10:38 オカ研 (1-4)

    11:50 芻霊呪法「共鳴り」(1-19)

    13:11-15:25 unlisted

    15:35-16:48 unlisted

    17:59-19:36 unlisted

    20:10 Be Prepared (1-11)

     Episode 15:

    00:12-00:45 unlisted

    00:55 芻霊呪法「共鳴り」 (1-19)

    5:03 漢・東堂葵 (2-1)

    6:38 remixed Life (1-15)

    8:00 ブラザー (2-18)

    10:07 迫る危険 (1-6)

    10:59 人から生まれた呪い (2-17)

    13:16-15:35 unlisted

    16:55 存在しない記憶 (2-19)

    18:57 呪骸の攻撃 (1-12)

     Episode 16:

    00:09 Life (1-15)

    2:13 拳にのせろ (1-22)

    7:47 緊急事態で異常事態 (1-21)

    10:38 remixed 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    11:26-12:42 unlisted

    13:19 Blood (2-2)

    18:15 いつか皆と一緒に… (2-20)

    20:32 Fight Again (2-21)

     Episode 17:

    1:57 Be Prepared (1-11)

    5:02 呪霊の説明 (2-25)

    7:17 迫る危険 (1-6)

    8:23 生い立ち (2-23)

    10:08 Entertain Us (2-22)

    14:33 嘘つき (2-24)

    16:36 呪術廻戦 (1-30)

    18:45 後悔の気持ち (1-13)

     Episode 18:

    00:06 迫る危険 (1-6)

    2:06 remixed Your Battle is My Battle (1-10)

    5:15-7:20 unlisted

    7:29 remixed 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    8:04 remixed 両面宿儺 (1-8) (slips into what i listed as unlisted 9:25-9:56)

    10:32 呪術師・伏黒恵 (1-25)

    12:35-15:43 unlisted

    19:24-20:42 unlisted

     Episode 19:

    00:35 最恐 (1-9)

    2:56 Impatience (1-7)

    5:51 平等に与えられている不平等な現実 (1-24)

    7:50-8:03 unlisted

    12:03-12:42 unlisted

    13:37 時間外労働 (2-6)

    15:21 Your Battle is My Battle (1-10)

    18:45-20:35 unlisted

     Episode 20:

    00:36 remix of 漢・東堂葵 (2-1)

    3:06 漢・東堂葵 (2-1)

    5:06 不義遊戯 (2-26)

    7:54 Impatience (1-7)

    8:53 Fight Again (2-21)

    15:09 呪いの源 (1-2)

    17:56 虚式「茈」(2-27)

    21:03-21:24 unlisted

     Episode 21:

    00:34-1:30 unlisted

    1:35-4:50 unlisted

    9:09-10:56 unlisted

    11:24-11:53 unlisted

    12:00 Learn The Lesson (1-17)

    12:29 存在しない記憶 (2-19)

    13:34-14:11 unlisted

    14:25 Learn The Lesson (1-17)

    15:15-15:59 unlisted

    16:04 オカ研 (1-4)

    17:23 呪霊の説明 (2-25)

    18:04-18:13 unlisted

    18:50 ブラザー (2-18)

    20:18 呪術甲子園 (2-28)

     Episode 22:

    00:00 呪胎戴天 (1-20)

    04:07-04:24 unlisted

    5:14 オカ研 (1-4)

    8:04 呪いの源 (1-2)

    10:52-11:41 unlisted

    13:08-15:38 unlisted

    16:13 生い立ち (2-23)

    18:52-19:22 unlisted

    19:27 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

     Episode 23:

    00:07 7:3 (2-5)

    2:13 呪術廻戦 (1-30)

    3:59 呪胎戴天 (1-20)

    7:27-8:11 unlisted

    9:41 根絶やし (1-27)

    11:03 Your Battle is My Battle (1-10)

    15:26 死に方を選ぶために (2-3)

    17:41 強く聡い仲間 (1-26)

    19:55 自閉円頓裹 (2-12)

     Episode 24:

    00:00-2:10 unreleased

    3:45-4:30 unreleased

    4:30 remix of 特級呪霊の力 (1-23)

    7:05 呪霊の説明 (2-25)

    8:28 REMEMBER (2-20)

    12:24 痛み (2-30)

    18:53 2nd ED

    22:56 Be Prepared (1-11)

    Please do not hesitate to ask me in case of question!

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen anime #jujutsu kaisen ost #soundtrack#jjk #wah it took me SO LONGGGGG #but i am happy with results #i just hope it wont be stolen around lmaoooooo #fandom pondering
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  • diamondshine
    27.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Public Opinion Is Wanted On Efforts To Designate Camp Amache A National Park

    cbsoptanon.onScriptsReady(function(cmp){cmp.ot.targetingAllowed(function(a){if(a) AnvatoPlayer("p2").init({"mcp":"cbs","width":"100%","height":"100%","video":"5628504","autoplay":false,"titleVisible":false,"accessKey":"5VD6Eyd6djewbCmNwBFnsJj17YAvGRwl","accessControl":{"preview":false},"pInstance":"p2","plugins":{"heartbeat":{"account":"cbslocal-global-unified","publisherId":"cbslocal","jobId":"sc_va","marketingCloudId":"823BA0335567497F7F000101@AdobeOrg","trackingServer":"cbsdigitalmedia.hb.omtrdc.net","customTrackingServer":"cbsdigitalmedia.d1.sc.omtrdc.net","chapterTracking":false,"version":"1.5"},"comscore":{"clientId":"3000023","c3":"denver.cbslocal.com"},"dfp":{"clientSide":{"adTagUrl":"http:\/\/pubads.g.doubleclick.net\/gampad\/ads?sz=2x2&iu=\/4128\/CBS.DENVER&ciu_szs&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=xml_vast2&unviewed_position_start=1&url=[referrer_url]&description_url=[description_url]&correlator=[timestamp]","keyValues":{"categories":"[[CATEGORIES]]","program":"[[PROGRAM_NAME]]","siteSection":"video-default"}}},"moat":{"clientSide":{"partnerCode":"cbslocalanvatovideo181732609431"}}},"token":"default","expectPreroll":true,"expectPrerollTimeout":5});});});

    GRENADA, Colo. (CBS4)– A former Japanese internment camp in southeastern Colorado could become a national park. The National Park Service is hosting a meeting to get input from the public.

    Camp Amache is found near Grenada, in southeastern Colorado.

    (credit: CBS)

    Over the last several weeks, lawmakers representing Colorado are pushing for a bill to make the camp’s history more visible to the general public. U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper and Reps. Ken Buck and Joe Neguse introduced the Amache National Historic Act to make sure the camp is more than a footnote in history.

    (credit: Amache Preservation Society)

    Gov. Jared Polis sent a letter to the National Park Service to express his support for the designation.

    About 7,500 Japanese Americans were forcibly removed from their homes in the 1940s, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Two-thirds of them were U.S. citizens.

    (credit: amache.org)

    The Amache site was one of 10 illegal internment camps created during World War II.

    The National Park Service is hosting virtual public meetings about a special study for the proposed designation. The next one is Thursday evening.

    Thursday, May 27, 2021 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm MST / 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm PST Link: https://brown.zoom.us/j/95324800472 By phone: (877) 853 5247, Meeting ID: 953 2480 0472

    By: CBS Denver Title: Public Opinion Is Wanted On Efforts To Designate Camp Amache A National Park Sourced From: denver.cbslocal.com/2021/05/27/camp-amache-national-park-japanese-internment-camp/ Published Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 17:21:27 +0000

    News.... browse around here

    Horrific story of the week: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2263187828795/parents-sentenced-in-fentanyl-death-of-2-year-old

    check over here

    from cbs - CCN- GG tweets https://denver.cbslocal.com/2021/05/27/camp-amache-national-park-japanese-internment-camp/

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  • thecoloradonews
    27.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Who Is Samuel Cassidy, Gunman In San Jose Mass Shooting At VTA Rail Yard?

    cbsoptanon.onScriptsReady(function(cmp){cmp.ot.targetingAllowed(function(a){if(a) AnvatoPlayer("p3").init({"mcp":"cbs","width":"100%","height":"100%","video":"5626659","autoplay":false,"titleVisible":false,"accessKey":"5VD6Eyd6djewbCmNwBFnsJj17YAvGRwl","accessControl":{"preview":false},"pInstance":"p3","plugins":{"heartbeat":{"account":"cbslocal-global-unified","publisherId":"cbslocal","jobId":"sc_va","marketingCloudId":"823BA0335567497F7F000101@AdobeOrg","trackingServer":"cbsdigitalmedia.hb.omtrdc.net","customTrackingServer":"cbsdigitalmedia.d1.sc.omtrdc.net","chapterTracking":false,"version":"1.5"},"comscore":{"clientId":"3000023","c3":"denver.cbslocal.com"},"dfp":{"clientSide":{"adTagUrl":"http:\/\/pubads.g.doubleclick.net\/gampad\/ads?sz=2x2&iu=\/4128\/CBS.DENVER&ciu_szs&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=xml_vast2&unviewed_position_start=1&url=[referrer_url]&description_url=[description_url]&correlator=[timestamp]","keyValues":{"categories":"[[CATEGORIES]]","program":"[[PROGRAM_NAME]]","siteSection":"video-default"}}},"moat":{"clientSide":{"partnerCode":"cbslocalanvatovideo181732609431"}}},"token":"default","expectPreroll":true,"expectPrerollTimeout":5});});});

    SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — The man who shot and killed eight people at a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail yard Wednesday was identified as Samuel Cassidy, 57, a San Jose resident and VTA employee.

    San Jose VTA mass shooting suspect Samuel Cassidy (CBS)

    Cassidy died at the scene of the mass shooting at the Guadalupe maintenance yard at 101 W. Younger Ave. Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Russell said it’s believed Cassidy took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound since responding officers did not exchange gunfire with him.

    Cassidy had worked for Valley Transportation Authority since at least 2012, according to the public payroll and pension database Transparent California, first as a mechanic from 2012 to 2014, then as someone who maintained substations.

    Cassidy earned more than $114,000 in regular and overtime pay along with an additional $46,000 in benefits in 2019, according to public records.

    UPDATE: Coroner Identifies 8 People Killed At VTA Light Rail Yard

    He was listed as the owner of a home on the 1100 block of Angmar Ct. in the Ramblewood neighborhood of South San Jose, which caught fire around the same time as the VTA shooting. After the fire was extinguished, police and federal agents reportedly found explosives and gasoline at the home and people living in a one-block radius around the home were evacuated as bomb squad technicians” went through the home.

    The San Jose Fire Department said in a statement the damage to the home was “heavy” and that the home was left uninhabitable.

    Doug Suh, a neighbor of Cassidy’s who has lived across the street for the past two decades, described him as “mean” and untalkative, saying he and his wife tried to avoid interactions with him.

    The neighbor said Cassidy lived by himself and would head to work at 5 a.m. every day.

    The neighbor added that Cassidy came out of his house once when the neighbor had backed into his driveway to make a turn, telling the neighbor to get off his property.

    Suh provided KPIX with surveillance video that showed a man — presumably Cassidy — leaving the home at around 5:40 a.m. Thursday morning with a duffel bag.

    cbsoptanon.onScriptsReady(function(cmp){cmp.ot.targetingAllowed(function(a){if(a) AnvatoPlayer("p2").init({"mcp":"cbs","width":"100%","height":"100%","video":"5625711","autoplay":false,"titleVisible":false,"accessKey":"5VD6Eyd6djewbCmNwBFnsJj17YAvGRwl","accessControl":{"preview":false},"pInstance":"p2","plugins":{"heartbeat":{"account":"cbslocal-global-unified","publisherId":"cbslocal","jobId":"sc_va","marketingCloudId":"823BA0335567497F7F000101@AdobeOrg","trackingServer":"cbsdigitalmedia.hb.omtrdc.net","customTrackingServer":"cbsdigitalmedia.d1.sc.omtrdc.net","chapterTracking":false,"version":"1.5"},"comscore":{"clientId":"3000023","c3":"denver.cbslocal.com"},"dfp":{"clientSide":{"adTagUrl":"http:\/\/pubads.g.doubleclick.net\/gampad\/ads?sz=2x2&iu=\/4128\/CBS.DENVER&ciu_szs&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=xml_vast2&unviewed_position_start=1&url=[referrer_url]&description_url=[description_url]&correlator=[timestamp]","keyValues":{"categories":"[[CATEGORIES]]","program":"[[PROGRAM_NAME]]","siteSection":"video-default"}}},"moat":{"clientSide":{"partnerCode":"cbslocalanvatovideo181732609431"}}},"token":"default","expectPreroll":true,"expectPrerollTimeout":5});});});

    According to Suh, a short time later, he looked outside and saw a huge plume of smoke rising from Cassidy’s home.

    At an afternoon press conference, Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen refused to utter Cassidy’s name.

    “I’m not going to confirm that,” he responded when reporters asked him to confirm the gunman’s name. “I feel like I’ve seen it so many places that you have confirmed it. Part of why just confirm it is I, I don’t want to bring more publicity to the person who did this by saying the person’s name. Because I don’t want to give more recognition to someone like this.”

    He said when asked about the murder weapons — “There were multiple guns, but not a ghost gun.”

    According to the Associated Press, Sam Cassidy’s ex-wife revealed that the suspect had a bad temper and would tell her that he wanted to kill people at work.

    She told the AP she never believed him until now.

    According to San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Cassidy was seen working at the light rail yard before the shooting, and said it was clear the victims knew the shooter well.

    There was no word on a motive in the shooting.

    By: CBS Denver Title: Who Is Samuel Cassidy, Gunman In San Jose Mass Shooting At VTA Rail Yard? Sourced From: denver.cbslocal.com/2021/05/27/samuel-cassidy-gunman-san-jose-vta-rail-yard/ Published Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 14:07:58 +0000

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