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  • I really, really hope it’s a sequel. Like, I keep seeing different ways of referring to it, from “reboot” to “reimagining” and I’m like… “YAY, wait what?”

    We went through five seasons of glorious character development and to have it all reset would SUCK A LOT.

    Yeah I know John Rogers said the OT3 is safe. But I’m still concerned. A complete reboot would set them back to 0 – they’d have to do the whole getting to know you dance once again.

    Everyone is 10 … no… 12… years older, at least, depending on when they get to start filming. (Thanks, coronavirus.)

    Like, Parker and Hardison were always meant to be younger characters, who could benefit from more mentoring. They were young and incredibly talented but still needed more mentoring than Eliot within the team dynamic.

    But with these characters in at least their 30s (Aldis Hodge is 33; Beth Riesgraf is 41; and Christian Kane is 47) the need for mentoring is pretty diminished. Hell, if they still need mentoring now then they’re definitely not the criminal legends they’re supposed to be.

    One of the most satisfying things (to me) about the OT3 is the slow burn and respect for each of the characters’ journeys to something more.  Each of the characters developed relationships with each other than felt organic rather than being shoehorned into it.

    I don’t want to see Leverage feel like it has to rush development with these guys to recreate the OT3. I’d rather just have more from what was already built upon.

    What I really want to see is Leverage International, what happened/happens after Hardison dumped the black book. 

    As much as I loved that Parker became the new mastermind of the group, what I’d love to see more than anything is more OT3 mission goodness, more akin to what we saw in The Rundown Job rather than the usual weekly heist. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the heists are great but MORE COMPETENCY PORN MISSIONS. I mean… the OT3 wreaking havoc on corrupt CEOs in Tokyo, Paris, London. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.

    I had a random thought earlier, particularly about how Sophie had found her calling in directing. 

    But if we get a continuation rather than a reboot, what if Sophie did the “directing” of the crew while they’re out on jobs. Hear me out.

    Parker’s a great mastermind who, in Nate’s words, sees problems three dimensionally. While she is a great baby mastermind, she also really, really loves her thieving. That’s her passion. Planning may be a talent of hers but thievery is what gets her blood pumping and puts a smile on her face.

    But Sophie’s great at cons, she’s done a ton of them, and she loves to direct. The vision would be Parker’s but the execution would mostly be Sophie’s.

    With Timothy Hutton out of the picture as Nathan Ford (at least for now; I’m betting apples to apples that he’ll come back somehow, though I know I’m in the minority that would be happy about that), the announcement that Noah Wyle would be joining the cast, the natural assumption is that Noah Wyle’s new character would be the new not-Nate/mastermind.

    But what if Noah Wyle’s new character wasn’t a mastermind but rather, another grifter? After all, without Nate, the crew would need someone to play the Alpha Old White Guy Asshole characters when need be. 

    Arguably, Eliot is getting to the age where he could do so but his grifting characters tend not to be that archetype. (Also, if we get Christian Kane with long hair as Eliot again, long haired guys don’t do well for the Corporate WASP Guy image.)

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  • Unpopular opinion but i never liked Nate and I’m so happy he won’t be returning.

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  • The Broken Wing Job

    This is the first I’ve seen this episode so bare with me. There are spoilers so, sorry. Here are my thoughts and favorite moments. As always the five are colored accordingly: Nate, Hardison, Parker, and Amy.

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  • The Real Fake Car Job

    This is the first I’ve seen this episode so bare with me. There are spoilers so, sorry. Here are my thoughts and favorite moments. As always the five are colored accordingly: Nate, Hardison, Parker, Sophie, Eliot, and for this one we’re adding the Mark bc he is. Just.

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  • The DB Cooper Job

    Here are my thoughts and favorite moments from this episode! As always, the five will be color coded to make it easier: Nate Parker Sophie Hardison Eliot

    • MCSWEETEN boy has he changed
    • “Do it for me. Please.”
    • Sophie had a poster of DB Cooper as a kid I’m screaming
    • Basically he may be dead or he may not be who’s to say
    • The Flashbacks where the five step in are my absolute favorite I just- I love it so much
    • Boy said the bomb’s a fake
    • Also Stephanie!Parker’s makeup
    • The IRS flagged DB Cooper but didn’t share it???
    • His son asked for DB Cooper so his dad could be happy Im-
    • Steve!Eliot’s costume um those sideburns!! also the mustache
    • “We thought he was just a dirty narcotics dealer. But he’s also a psycopath.”
    • bby Todd McSweeten
    • That Plot Twist tho
    • “Why do care?” “I don’t know!”
    • Stephanie’s perfect plan
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  • The Give Me A K Job

    Here are my thoughts and favorite moments from this episode (The five are colored like this: Nate Parker Sophie Eliot and Hardison):

    • Because I’m a dork I absolutely love the routine at the beginning like those stunts??? A++
    • “So yes, I am the “moron” in charge.”
    • Who works on 1 inch mats???
    • The girl was breathing and she was doing CPR???
    • “They’re teenage girls! What do I know about teenage girls?” “You were one once?” “Only sort of!”
    • “I know right? Pffft, 20 feet, walk it off.” “Parker, you do know that normal people don’t just walk off a 20 foot fall, right?” “So all the times I pushed Hardison off a building and he was all ‘aahhh’ he wasn’t just being funny?” “No way in hell it was funny!”
    • Eliot calling him a frog and he >:(
    • Nate turning it into a sport (Which it should be that shit is hard)
    • Um ok cheerleaders don’t like the government but if they were to keep them safe and set decent safety standards than they would still hate them but they would be safe
    • All the cheerleaders following Parker and talking
    • “Let’s go steal us a congressman”
    • ok so like. The one congresswoman’s point about not taking money from the arts is good but you should still like protect the children
    • Parker pulling out the laser grid kjsfgh
    • That congressman is annoyingly clean
    • Hardison being an adorable dork and “Bam! What! More money!!”
    • They way the girl just fell backwards
    • “Don’t- Don’t pop a nerve. Don’t throw a book.”
    • …competitive cheer is more than just stunts and jumping up an down im-
    • “I will call my whole rolodex!”
    • The honest congressman wholly offended about the bribe
    • “I don’t vote.” “Oh you will.”
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  • Im watching The French Connection Job

    And these are some of my favorite moments. Things are gonna be colored for each of the five so here: Nate Sophie Parker Eliot Hardison

    • Hardison needs to learn to Tip people jesus christ
    • Also elliot being soft and learning to cook instead of kill people makes me 🙂
    • Nate: sophies still at the theatre doing…whatever she does… so run it
    • “You’re happy” “I’m happy.” “Glad everyone’s happy. But Soph we need you.” “UGH” “Oh god, Did I do it wrong?” “No I just have these…voices in my head. Take five everybody…Take forty-five”
    • “-From Pole to Plate: Cooking With Strippers. We haven’t found the accommodation yet so you’d have to live with the strippers-“
    • “LASER!! This is why y’all here right?” “Daddy took away my beemer until I get some kind of degree.” “I want to start an organic restaurant thats only open on the vernal equinox.” “The hells an equinox-“ “I’m just sick of the way my husband looks at Marta, our housekeeper, when shes cooking.”
    • “What’s your name?” *glares*“Chef.”
    • Food is life. Food is life. What is food?” “Food is life?” “Food is life.”
    • HARDISONS GOGGLES hes such a dork I love him “just make you wanna DANCE”
    • Eliot being completely serious. My boy i love him
    • Parker not knowing what her Thing™️ is and Nate trying to help
    • Also Nates “sicko control of people”
    • “It’s my damn gun.”
    • “Food is all the hype” “??????”
    • Hardison holding up that thing he took and smiling like that
    • Eliot being Eliot and walking through the group of drug dealers instead of around
    • “Teach me to like stuff” SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION TO HER
    • That random lady commenting abt nate
    • “He was here lookin all kinds a shifty.” “What do you mean?” “Sh-sh-shifty. Like you. Shifty.”
    • “Is Napoleon still bringing them to you on his horse?” “Ha, napoleons dead.” “…”
    • Parker is my favorite okay? shes just- she deserves everything
    • “Are there more?” “A few” “thousands” ...
    • Wtf is a truffle anyway
    • “You you’re on supply. Supply. Go, go. And stop eating my food!”
    • I need more of these purple tomatoes. “Hope, those are red onions.”
    • Soph’s hair i just-
    • Eliot has me 🥺
    • Eliot touching the kid’s head as he left the terminal zhfbnfnf
    • I love Eliot
    • Parker finding her Thing™️ and smilingher cute lil smile
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    on amazon’s leverage page on info, it has this:



    literally when it came down to it, the show was centered around parker (I reblogged a post about it the other day- the hints were all there leading up to her being the new mastermind)

    I can’t beLIEVE they did that omfg

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  • Leverage Reboot Thoughts

    Alright, now that I’ve had a few days to process the news of a Leverage Reboot, I just need to get this out into the open. I’ll be honest, as excited as I am for more new stories, I’m equally just as anxious/nervous for it to premier.

    What worries me most is how they’ll handle Nate, and Nate & Sophie’s relationship, since it looks like Tim will not be returning. I’m hoping they’ll leave their relationship alone and they’re happily married and they explain his absence by saying “Oh he’s taking care of our daughter,” (one can dream) or that he’s been taken by a former foe of the gang and they all need to reunite to get him back. I really love Nate and Sophie as a couple and I believe they deserve the best and a happy ending. Both of them have been through so much on their own and as a couple.

    Another thing I’m worried about is that they’ll kill Nate off all together; like Criminal Minds did with Jason Gideon in season 10 just to wrap up some loose ends. It’s unfair to his character to have him written off the show so sloppily if that is what is planned. I would love to believe Tim isn’t returning because of a busy schedule and not because of recent allegations. If it is in light of these allegations, it’s unlikely Tim will be back and I really hope his absence is handled well.

    When season 5 came to a close, Parker stepped in to fill Nate’s shoes. Why is Noah Wyle coming in? I feel as if they’re undermining her ability to run the gang. Will Noah be an old friend of Nates? The one thing I absolutely do not want to see is any sense of a romantic relationship between him and Sophie.

    I have all faith in John Rogers and Chris Downey as they have already given us a beautiful series and I’m looking forward to seeing the new adventures they’ll be bringing us.

    If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    #( ooc. ) #leverage#gina bellman#beth riesgraf#christian kane#aldis hodge#timothy hutton #|; my only request is that they don't pair sophie with the new lead dude #|; or i will be mad as hell
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    It was because I was realizing why it must have been done to you.


    Warbreaker Moodboard: Palace (1/3)

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  • “I learned a secret. There’s no without, I am not gone. I’m scattered into so many pieces, sprinkled on your life like new snow.” The Haunting of Hill House, season 1 (2018).

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  • — mgmt, i found a whistle

    #leverage#nathan ford#sophie devereaux#timothy hutton#gina bellman #nate x sophie #tv show gifs #filled reqs #filled reqs; gifsets
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    I….. Don’t know how to react to this……

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  • #leverage#timothy hutton #i hope the accusations are false but i'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt
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    uhm, what the fuck?

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  • Do you ever just sigh with disappointment when someone you liked as an actor turns out to be a fucking rapist

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