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    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    crying and throwing up rn don’t touch me

    #how the fuck was jack grabbing him by the shoulders lmao on his tippy toes making a fool of himself #anyway OUCHIE MY HEART he loved his lover.........i'm so sad for him #and im OUT OF ACTIONS BOOOO #jack's fallen london adventure
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    26.08.2021 - 4 monts ago
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    08.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hazy Light of Gaslit Stars ROs

    (note: neither ROs nor their names or nationalities are final)

    Amos Oakley: (19, trans guy,British-American) An american outlaw who came back to England with the intend of trying his luck here. Unfortunately his luck has never been great.

    Basil Mutton: (25, cis guy, British) Journalist, dandy and professional pain-in-the-neck.

    Finley O’Connor: (19, cis guy, Irish-American) Following the events surrounding the ghost town of Devil’s Creek, Finley headed for London in search of a proper occupation and inspiration for his writing.

    Bernadette ‘Dotty’ Wilton: (36, cis woman, British) Coroner, inventor and a bit of a whirlwind.

    Terpsichore ‘Tippy’ Bloom: (23, cis woman, British-American) Aspiring conwoman, probably stemming from a rich family. Much too eccentric to be successful.

    (potentially, if not romanced in Ballad) Inspector Giles Lynwood:  (white, 46, male, British/French American): A former Pinkerton agent who now joined the ranks of Scotland Yard, and who has the misfortune to get wrapped up in the mysteries you stumble upon.

    #halogs spoilers #the hazy light of gaslit stars
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    08.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

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    #Where Is Melanie Safka Today
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    07.12.2021 - 1 mont ago


    – "changing of the guard" in glasnost-era Moscow as pre-USSR Kindred come out of hiding and stage a counter-revolution against the increasingly less Carthian Gangrel Prince

    – underworld/criminal/demimonde chronicle set in London, 1585 (an Elizabethan version of my usual Guy Ritchie With Fangs bullshit)

    – just a regular-ass sandbox in Venice because it's such a symbolically resonant place for vampire stories – decrepit and endangered, beautiful and anachronistic, preserved at colossal effort

    and I don't want to tippy-toe around what the Wiki says about Baba Yaga and the Brujah Council or Mithras or even my beloved Giovanni – these game concepts that have locked the cities in question down in the imaginations of Masquerade players and that, I, personally, will have to work against in my own head if I decide to decanonise. I don't want Lore to dictate how those experiences work, even as an absent presence. I want the places, the historical moments, to be the point.

    #vampire the requiem #gonna be tiresome about my secret love on here #there are concepts that work in Masquerade and concepts that work in Requiem #vampire the masquerade #just tagging for 👀 i will stop when i feel vtr posts are not Wasted on the Void
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  • dominiqueliberati
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 3 Of Winter Wonderland

    Today's theme is Mistletoe

    Look Up- LIYF

    Word Count: 1,253

    A/N: the story mentions the trigger warnings they don’t have them in the story

    TW: cancer, stabbing attack and abuse

    POV: Star Walker

    George was in a mood today. I don’t really know why or how, but when I woke up I could sense it. We’re at his parents, so I didn’t want to start a possible fight and them overhearing. George's parents are still yet to decorate for the holidays, due to Mrs. Harrison’s illness. George went out as I volunteered myself to help his parents, so Mrs. Harrison didn’t have to do much. She sat on the couch and created the live garlands with lights. I stood on a chair with tippy toes to follow the same height as Mr. Harrison, on a stepping stone later to put the garlands up.

    “Y’know, it’s great to have someone to help this year,” Mr. Harrison slightly grunted, trying to tie the cut plant to the painted over hooks.

    “Do you want me to get it?” I asked, still pretending to hold up my side so Mr. Harrison doesn’t feel like he’s taking a long time.

    "No, No, I got it, but thank you," Mr. Harrison smiled as he finally got the hook, then looked at me, "You can put your side up now."

    "Oh, okay," I just let go and Mrs. Harrison crackled up as she realized I'd been holding up a tied up garland for Mr. Harrison's pride. Mr. Harrison sighed as Mrs. Harrison was having trouble making one of the livestock decorations. I walked over to her and sat next to her, "Do you need help?"

    "Yeah, for the love of god, I can't remember how to do this," Mrs. Harrison showed me the mistletoe. Due to her cancer, she has memory blanks, and I could tell she's getting frustrated with not memorizing.

    "Here," I carefully placed my hands over hers and gently took the mistletoe out of her hands and looked at the supplies in front of me, "I haven't made a mistletoe in years. Back in London, we just bought fake decorations since we're in Liverpool for most of December."

    The ends of the plant have some shinny stuff dried on the tip of the steam to preserve the plant for the decorating season. I put all the mistletoe together and tied it with this little rope to hold it together. Which I left a little axcess, then made a loop hole for hanging it. The berries are more pinkish, closer to white then red. I found this sparkly ribbon. I wrapped the ribbon around and hot glued the one end to the other, then made a perfect decor bow and hot glued that to where the two ends are overlapping.

    "It looks so beautiful! Thank you dear," Mrs. Harrison smiled as she patted my shoulder. I smiled with a hint of sorrow. I used to come over for the holidays here oftly a lot growing up. Anywhere was better than my home due to Nancy's abuse. I always remember Mrs. Harrison humming whatever the lads were playing as she put the decorations together, so when Mr. Harrison came home, all he had to do was put them up. Now, this woman, who I might add I highly look up to, has a tumor in her brain. She can't remember how to do it. I would see the frustration and sadness in her eyes, too, which made me feel even worse.

    "Where does this go?" I asked the two, "My memory is a bit fogged, I haven't been in Liverpool for christmas time in roughly two years."

    "I'll take it," Mr. Harrison smiled as he looked at it and smiled, "You did really well."

    "Thank you," I smiled.

    "Y'know, your a good one, I think your the only one in this family who's willing help us with decorations," Mr. Harrison moved his ladder to put the mistletoe up, "Lou is in American and flies back day before, Harry and Peter has wives and children and they're all busy and George is always busy with the things in London."

    "London is always chaotic," I rubbed my arm, feeling a bit guilty since recently George has been busy with me since my stabbing from my ex.

    "Woola," Mr. Harrison put my creation up and the bow twinkled with the lights.

    "Oh it's just beautiful! Thank you for making it!" Mrs. Harrison was in awe of it as I felt my heart warm up with the feeling of putting a smile on her face. Not going to lie, I felt a little warm on the inside knowing after so many years with so many partners, I'm finally accepted by my partner's parents. George came back not too long after, he forced a smile on his parents to make it seem like he was okay, then ran up the stairs. I excused myself and followed him up. I was a bit hesitant to barge in, so I just knocked on his door.

    "Who is it?" George asked.

    "Santa," I quickly responded, using jokes as an instant instnict.George opened the door, and gave me a look.

    "I think your too short... and skinny... and blonde to be santa," George looked up and down at me, "And a woman. Very beautiful woman, I might add."

    "Hey the jolly old fat man can be beautiful," I crossed my arms as George chuckled. I smiled at his mood change, "Why were you in a mood earlier?"

    "No reason," George blocked me as I tried to walk in, "Don't go in there."

    "Why?" I raised an eyebrow.

    "Because," George acted weird.

    "Is my present in there?" I smirked.

    "No! Don't go in," George sounded a bit like his mood had started to creep back.

    "Are you sure you weren't in a mood?" I asked again.

    "I'm fine," George started to be more shutting off as I sensed I should stop before I push it.

    "Fine," I muttered as I walked off, a little annoyed.


    I decided to go to Venessa's for dinner. I left George at his parents. We just took takeout, nothing really big, but soon as I got back I saw George in the living room playing around with his guitar.

    "You left without me," George glued his eyes to the strings.

    "You could've met up with me," I took off my shoes and coat. I walked over and gave him a kiss on the jawline, "I wasn't pushing you in a mood."

    "I'm sorry for being in a mood," George put the guitar on the ground as I started to sit on the couch he moved me on top of his lap as I giggled.

    "It's alright, as long as you tell me why," I moved his hair.

    "I was pissed because I found your present for me and I wanted to out present you," George pouted.

    "Fuck, now I have to get you a new present!" I groaned.

    "No you don't," George chuckled at my grown. I sighed then felt something in my pocket. I quickly glanced without George noticing, and saw a little piece of mistletoe that most likely fell in my pocket earlier. I tucked the mistletoe in my right sleeve and wrapped my arms around him, then moved my right arm and made the plant over the two of us.

    “Look up,” I smirked as George was a bit confused but did what I said and saw the mistletoe.

    “I guess that means we have to kiss now,” George chuckled.

    “Mmhm,” I hummed and gave a kiss on his cheek then George looked down and kissed me on the lips.

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  • queenbabyqueenbaby
    26.11.2021 - 1 mont ago


    When people say “every cloud has a silver lining” or they have a similar sentiment stuck to their kitchen wall in vinyl italics, I really do believe them. Take, for instance, the very thing that upended my personal equilibrium this year - paintings I’d made being put into auction. It’s embarrassing to reflect on the effect it had on both me and my hardened gallerist, maybe because we’re silly women. I think V thought I was thinking she had sold my work to scumbags, and maybe she sensed I sensed a sensitivity in her as to how I was taking it, this rite of passage, and how my wanting to watch the auctions, every single auction, maybe wasn’t coming from my healthiest side, but not necessarily being able to stop me watching

    Anyway for all its tackiness and it leaving me feeling unmoored in the studio, said auction results end up satisfying the reptilian estate agents who still can’t quite take my homeownership seriously when I enter the office with indistinguishable stains on my jacket. What makes me queasy also legitimises, and frankly it’s the least an auction house could do

    The agent who shows me around three properties of ascending prices takes me through north London in his white Audi which has a child’s tippy cup in the cup holder, and smells of cigarettes smoked quickly before returning home to whichever child is the cup’s custodian. It’s so grim but I will still take a cigarette’s perfume where I can get it, if only to solidify my position (26 days nicotine free)

    I’m not good at beating salespeople at their own game, and overshare immediately out of fear. By the third viewing this man knows my finances inside out, how amenable I am to trickery (very), phantom pressure (very), and email phrases like “it was an honour to meet you earlier today” (very). I’m relaxed about being a sucker, being laughed at by brokers of all stripes and in all headquarters across all boroughs. It must be exhausting to be a man and have to embody all this faux-shrewdness, having to somehow let the agent know that you, too, own an Audi, a nicer and more expensive Audi, while in the agent’s Audi

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  • writersblog20
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    First Christmas

    Tom Hiddleston x reader

    Summary:  It was around Christmas time and you and Tom got ready for Christmas.

    Warnings: homesickness, brief mention of a passed loved one. 

    Teeth rotting Christmas fluff

    Words: 2,8K

    A/N: Zawe is in this story for a short second but I mean no disrespect towards her or Tom ( just thought to put it out there.) Also, I feel like I have a writers block, so I’m currently not so happy with my stories but I want to keep going.

    First Christmas

    It was around Christmas time and this would be the first time celebrating with your boyfriend Tom. Yes the Tom Hiddleston. You didn’t know how this happened but you were glad that it did. You met because you work at a livestream service, and because of the pandemic this was a great way for people to attend events. It wasn’t the same but it was something. A theater asked you to livestream a play that they were doing, Betrayal. You knew Tom was playing in it because you were a huge fan. The company you worked for, and colleagues, send you to do the job because they knew you were a big fan.

    Anyways you had to do a livestream every night for about 5 days. Because it was nicer for the actors to see some people in the crowd, we sat people down from the crew. But every night, you were the one Tom looked at. His eyes fixating on you when he had to do a scene towards the crowd. You would of course get flustered profoundly. You were tested at doing your job at that point and you nailed it.

    The last night, they were having a drink to end it. only the actors and some crew members and Tom asked you nervously to join them. You talked to Zawe before their performance and you could see her nod expressional. You smiled and said yes. That night turned out to be the greatest one yet. Tom had walked you home like the gentleman he was, carrying some of your stuff, and asked you out on a date. And that was how it started.  

    You currently had a Christmas vacation because it wasn’t going well with the pandemic and you knew the livestreams would pick up and you needed energy for that. Tom took a break as well so you could spend time together.

    “Darling? Why don’t we go and search for a nice tree?” Tom softly asked in your ear as he stood behind you, rubbing your arms. You smiled and turned around to be met with a loving smile. “I’d love that.” You told him and gave him a kiss.

    Tom knew you were having a hard time right now, more then you showed. This would be the first Christmas without your mom and it hasn’t even been a year ago that your godfather had passed so you really felt for your godmother. Tom knew you were having a rough time with that and you dealt with it through writing. Which you were doing a lot lately. He loved your stories and motivated you to write a book. So that was what you were doing.

    You got your stuff so you could go. You grabbed a warm coat, scarf, gloves and a beanie. You were packed since it was so cold in London. Tom smiled at you and grabbed your hand. You drove towards the location and looked around with Tom for the perfect tree for the both of you. Once found, Tom immediately agreed and took that one.

    And not even an hour later Tom placed it in the right spot, in the corner, by the window and fireplace. Tom got the decorations from the attic. You helped him as he stood on the ladder, handing you the boxes. Tom got downstairs and you put some music on. You unpacked the boxes and found the decoration for the tree. Tom smiled at you and put on the fireplace. You started to decorated together and as you looked outside, you could see it snow. You tapped on Tom’s arm, grabbing his attention. He looked at you and then outside. His smile grew wider “Do you want to go outside once were done darling?” he asked you. “yes please!” he chuckled and walked up to you, pulling you in a big embrace. He kissed the top of your head “Of course we can darling. Everything for you.” you looked up at the tall man and stood on your tippy toes to give him a kiss

    You gave him some Christmas balls to hang on his side. He would always give you a kiss when you did that. You were almost done when the doorbell went off. You and Tom looked at each other in confusion because you weren’t expecting any visitors today. You placed the ornaments down and opened the door to see the mother of Tom, Diana. “Hey sweetheart,” she told you kind. Diana loved you and made sure you knew it. she was such a kind woman, you saw where Tom got his kindness from. You smiled and gave her a big hug, ushering her inside because of the cold.

    She walked to Tom to give him a kiss. You smiled at the sight but felt a crack in your heart, missing your own mom right now. you felt yourself getting a little teary and turned around quick to make some tea for her. She walked in the kitchen “I made you some cookies and a red velvet cake. I hope that’s okay.” You smiled at her kindness. “Oh Diana, you didn’t have to! Thank you so much!” you told her as she handed you the cake. Which you immediately put in the refrigerator.

    You gave her the tea and placed the cookies on the table. At this point Diana was more interested in you than Tom. She loved talking to you and found you very well spoken. It made Tom laugh every time she wanted to talk to you. She would always tell Tom, before she left. that you were a keeper and that he wouldn’t dare to break up with you because he wouldn’t get any better than he had now. It always made you smile so bright.

    You drank your tea and ate some of her delicious cookies. “It’s so goo Diana, if you could teach me one day that would be lovely.” She got excited and agreed to your plan. After an hour of chatting she left and you finished the Christmas tree with Tom. Of course he noticed that you had a hard time when Diana came in. you were an open book for him.

    The Christmas tree was done and you both looked proudly at it while he held you close to his side. “I love it.” you told Tom who looked with love in his eyes your way. “And I love you.” you felt flustered again and hugged him a little closer “I love you too Tom, so much.” He placed his finger underneath your chin and made you look at him so he could give you a loving kiss.

    You decorated the rest of the house, which didn’t took long. You looked outside at the snow. Tom walked up to you and gave you a hug from behind. His head rested on your shoulder. “Do you want to go outside love?” you smiled at him “Yes please” you gave him a smile. He already had your coat in his hands and helped you in it. He placed the beanie on your head, giving you a kiss on your nose. You got the scarf as he got Bobby on the leash and put your gloves on. You got your camera with you in case you wanted to take some pictures.

    You walked out the door hand in hand with Tom. You were always a big fan of snow, it made you feel so happy and safe and that was exactly what you needed right now. Bobby was so happy, he jumped around in the snow and wanted to run back and forth making you and Tom laugh at his antics. You strolled through the snow and you found so many beautiful things to photograph and of course Tom couldn’t be missed. He got the camera for a while, while you played with Bobby, unknown of Tom, who was now taking pictures of you.

    After a hour and a half you started to freeze and decided to head back home. Once in Tom immediately started the fireplace again and lit up the Christmas tree. Tom wanted to cook his spaghetti for you tonight while you had a nice warm bath. You took a book with you so you could read.

    After a while Tom walked upstairs towards the bathroom and knocked before walking in. He smiled at the sight in front of him and kneeled down next to the bath. He rested his head on his arm and with his other hand he stroked your hair. You sight in relaxation and leaned into his soft touch. Tom looked at you with a loving look. “I hate to disturb you like this but dinner is ready love.” He told you softly and you smiled, keeping your eyes closed. “You never disturb me Tom.” He smiled and gave you a passionate kiss before holding up the towel. Once you got out he wrapped it around your body and dried your body off with care.

    You got into some sweats of Tom and a sweater and walked downstairs with him. he prepared the table with candles and a rose. You smiled “Tom, this looks perfect. How did I get this lucky.” He smiled “Believe me, I’m the lucky one. I’ll do everything for you darling.” He pulled the chair out for you and shoved you carefully closer to the table.

    You enjoyed dinner and of course, Tom had cooked amazingly.  After dinner you both did the dishes with some music playing in the background. You got the red velvet cake out and placed it on the plates until you felt a soft hand touching yours. You looked up and Tom pulled you towards him for a dance. You giggled because you’ve never been treated like this before. Tom really treads you like the queen that you are.

    You waltzed towards the living room. You started to slow dance and you rested your head against his chest. “words don’t even describe how much I love you.” you told Tom. He started to dance a little slower, not stopping entirely. “Love I feel the same way. I would do absolutely anything for you, and I mean that.” He told you looking sincerely into your eyes. He softly rested his thumb and finger underneath your chin and pulled you closer for a kiss. He pulled you closer towards him so there was no space left between your body’s.

    After the little dance you got the cake and tea and walked back. plopping on the couch. “Why don’t we facetime your mom?” Tom asked careful. You thought about it and decided that would be very nice. You called her and she picked up. Tom softly rubbed your back the entire time you were on the phone with her. Of course you missed her but this was really helping and at least you had Tom with you. After an hour of talking to your mom you hang up and immediately felt a sort of calmness flowing through you. “Thank you” you told Tom he smiled as he pulled your body closer and kissed the side of your head. “Of course my love.”

    You sat there cuddling for a while before you got an idea. “why don’t we play a board game or card game?” you looked up at Tom, knowing he loved games. He smiled “I’ll get the cards, you get the hot chocolate milk.” You chuckled and stood up to make the chocolate milk. You heard a lot of things and knew he wasn’t only getting the cards. You chuckled and embraced yourself before walking back into the living room.

    Tom had his Loki smile on, waiting for your reaction. He had placed all the pillows and blankets on the floor next to the Christmas tree and fireplace. You chuckled and smiled at the romantic gesture. “Okay I love it.” you giggled making him chuckle as well. “Come on, what did you expect?” he asked you in his Loki voice. You giggled and felt flustered. He noticed and laughed walking up to you. “Like I said. I would do anything for you.” he kissed your forehead, nose, cheeks and eventually your lips.

    He let you to the blankets and helped you sit down as a gentleman. You laid down on your stomach and Tom laid down on his side with the cards in his hands. Bobby took a place next to you and curled up against you. Tom was hustling the cards and you looked outside. Everything was covered in snow and you smiled, feeling at peace.

    You started to play the card game for at least two hours and you both laughed a lot. You heard your favorite song come up. “Ahh I love this song!” Tom immediately got up, helping you stand up as well. He started to dance with you again but this was more an upbeat song so the dance was faster as normal and you both got a fit of chuckles and giggles. He twirled you around and picked you up very quick to spin you around making you laugh louder.

    When the song ended you both fell on the soft blankets and pillows. You tried to catch your breath as Tom laid next to you. You rested your head on his chest as you both stared at the ceiling still chuckling. Once you calmed down a bit you turned to your side, facing Tom. You placed kisses on his cheek, making him smile again. You leaned on your elbow and tilted yourself up so you could give him a passionate kiss. You felt his tongue slip in and you gracefully accepted him. His hand found it’s way to your cheek as he the other placed some hair behind your ear. He placed his head back on the pillow, his hands still in place as he looked at you with adoration in his eyes.

    You placed your hand on his chest and rested your head on your hand. You went with your hands through his hair, massaging his scull and playing with his hair. He got the blanket and placed it over you so you kept warm. Tom played with your hair as well and just wanted to touch you in general at this moment. You felt Tom relax underneath your touch.

    You laid down on your back and Tom looked quizzingly at you, why you moved in the first place. you tapped on your chest, letting him know that he can cuddle you. You loved to get cuddled by Tom but you also loved to give him cuddles.

    He laid his head down on your chest and your hands found his hair immediately and you held his head close to you. Your other hand rested on his back and you held him tightly, giving gentle strokes on his back. He placed his arms around your waist and one of his legs was placed over yours. You laid there for a while and you could feel Tom’s breathing come more relaxed. You kept playing with his hair and closed your eyes for a while.

    You woke up from an ache in your back because of the ground. Tom laid almost on top of you. “Tom, love, wake up. We need to go to bed.” you whispered but said it loud enough for him to get out of the slumber. He grumbled. “My back hurts from the floor.” He rubbed his face and sat up. “I’m sorry love, let’s get to bed.” he stood up and helped you up.

    “Tomorrow I’ll massage your back.” you smiled at him. “Thank you Tom. Now let’s get to bed.” he nodded and you both walked up the stairs and brushed your teeth and got freshened up for bed. Tom had made the bed and you couldn’t wait to crawl into the clean sheets. Tom laid next to you and pulled you closer with ease. You giggled at him. you were like his personal teddy bear. You both laid on your sides. Your head was tucked underneath his chin and his arms were wrapped around you. “Good night darling.” He whispered. “Good night Tom”. You just couldn’t wait for the next days with Tom, you had so many Christmas plans for the both of you. You fell into a deep slumber thinking about the days ahead.

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  • devilscreekballad
    28.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Hey, psst...

    Have a WiP overview of the sequel’s ROs:

    Amos Oakley: (19, trans guy, white, British-American) An american outlaw who came back to England with the intend of trying his luck here. Unfortunately his luck has never been great.
    Horatio Mutton: (25, cis guy, white, British) Journalist, dandy and professional pain-in-the-neck.
    Finley O’Connor: (19, cis guy, white, Irish-American) Following the events surrounding the ghost town of Devil’s Creek, Finley headed for London in search of a proper occupation and inspiration for his writing.
    Bernadette Wilton: (36, cis woman, mixed (mother from india, father white), British) Coroner, inventor and a bit of a whirlwind.
    Terpsichore ‘Tippy’ Bloom: (23, cis woman, white) Aspiring conwoman, probably stemming from a rich family. Much too eccentric to be successful.

    (also, you can romance Lynwood if you didn’t do so in Ballad)

    #baodc sequel #the hazy light of gaslit stars #baodc spoilers
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    #Ms Tippy London

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    #Ms Tippy London

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    #Ms Tippy London

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    #tma#kiss prompt#prompt#kiss#distortion michael#michael shelley #distortion!michael #gerry#gerard keay#gerry keay #the magnus archives #gerry/michael #this is what i wrote instead of my final essay #this wasn't supposed to get so long #it was supposed to be a slightly soft slightly angsty drabble #i spent an hour on this #i wasn't supposed to do that #even my throat was getting tight towards the end #and i WROTE THE DAMN THING #i don't even really ship this #but it made me HURT #i'm proud of this one #tw body horror #tw distortion#tw unreality
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    our first kiss on the ferris wheel !

    ʚ♡ɞ 𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚 > irl!georgenorfound x gn!reader

    ʚ♡ɞ 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦 > cursing

    ʚ♡ɞ 𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬 >

    ʚ♡ɞ 𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗 𝗖𝗢𝗨𝗡𝗧 > 0.7k

    ... fully inspired by new girl 😩

    follows , likes , reblogs , and feedback are all encouraged and enjoyed tysm for reading my work <3

    The sounds of childrens shrieks and screams of pure terror and joy surrounded you as you and George stood in line for a funnel cake. George wrapped his arms around your neck from behind as he rocked you gently. You sighed, contently throwing your head back on the boy behind your shoulder.

    He cocked his head slightly to the side meeting your eyes and giving you a small smile. You and George had met five months ago when you ran into each other while you were touring one of the universities in the Uk.

    Immediately after he pointed you in the right direction of where to find the entrance of the university you had traded numbers and began talking everyday. You had gotten to hang out at a coffee place near his house once before you had to go back home to the states, and it had been the most fun you had had in a while.

    The two of you talked for hours on end learning things about each other until closing time when the owner practically had to drag you out.

    The night was still fairly young so you walked around London until three in the morning when you realized you had one more uni to tour before meeting up with a few friends that lived Chelsmford.

    After that you had developed a bond with the british boy. Once you went back home you talked on the phone, fell asleep on facetime, and texted endlessly.

    And George knew he was falling for you, so you spontaneously booked a flight back to the Uk just to visit the boy who had somehow captured your heart.

    “You okay?” He smiled. His nose nudging against your cheek, a warm honey smile on his face.

    “Never been better.” You hummed a smile on your face as well. “You sure?” His eyebrows knitted concern washing over his features as he started to question if you really wanted to be here with him.

    As if you could see the thoughts floating around in his mind you quickly shook your head turning out of his grasp and cupping his face.

    “I am perfectly okay, was just thinkin’ about how lucky I am to have met you.” You leaned up on your tippy toes slightly pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek.

    “I can get whoever's next!”

    Proceeding down the dirty rock path that led around the Carnival grounds, Georges’ hand wrapped around your waist as you feed him pieces of the cake in your hand every time he’d open his mouth the obnoxious ‘Ahh’ leaving his pretty lips.

    “Ooh.” He put a hand over his mouth as he chewed and talked at the same time. “We should go on the ferris wheel.

    The line doesn’t look too long.” He finished pointing at the big moving wheel in the corner between a game and small ride. “Yeah lets go!”

    “God I can’t believe I allowed you to talk me into this.” You whispered gripping onto George's arm peeking at the ground ever so slightly. His laugh rumbled from his body causing you to feel the vibrations from it. “Why’d you come up here then!? I didn’t talk you into anything you came willingly.”

    The boyish smile on his face was evident in his tone as he jostled you slightly.

    “George I swear to fucking god I’m going to kill you.” The threat was an obvious empty one as you only grabbed onto him tighter.

    Figuring it’d be better for him not to tease you when you were genuinely terrified he slowly moved his arm from your grip before wrapping it around your shoulder and bringing you closer to him just as you stopped right at the top of the wheel.

    “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

    Wearily you opened an eye when you felt soft breathing on the side of your face. The british boy smiled scrunching his nose a bit concealing a giggle. “We’re going to be perfectly fine.” A relaxed sigh left your mouth as you nodded but neither of you made any movements to pull away.

    “May I kiss you?” You nibble at your lip the question catching you off guard. Once the realization of what he had asked settled in you nodded, George wasting no time connecting your soft pillowy lips to his.

    The comfort of having his lips on yours made you feel at home, as if you were on top of the world.

    Well.. you were sort of.

    taglist : @spacenova @heyskeppy @inniterhq @basilly @yamturds

    #mcyt x yn #mcyt x reader #georgenotfound x y/n #georgenotfound x gn!reader #georgenotfound x reader #mcyt ff#fanfiction#fluff #dream x gn!reader #dream x yn #sapnap x yn #sapnap x reader #dream team x reader #dream team x y/n #ferris wheel
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    Royal Issues VIII Finally Free (sherlock x reader)

    A/N I Accidentally posted this but it wasn't finished so I had to delete it but here it is my lovelies. This is the last part of 'Royal Issues' and I really hope you like it. Thank you guys for sticking up with me and this series as every single one of you mean the world to me. xxx

    Two days later after Sherlock rescues you from the dreaded wedding with Stefan, you are pacing around your room waiting for one of the maids to come and tell you if the Prime Minister arrives at the palace.

    You sit down on your bed with a sigh and stare out of the window, deep in thought. Suddenly, you hear three knock on your door followed by one of the maids "Your Highness, the Prime Minister is waiting in the Main Room with Sir and Lady (l/n)"

    You nod at her "Thank you, I'll be there in a second." She bows slightly before exiting your room, closing the door behind her. You let out another sigh as you stand up from the large bed and walk towards the door and glancing once more at your bedroom, you walk down to the Main Room.

    The doors are opened for you by some guards, you enter the fancy room and see your parents and the Prime Minister sitting on the couches, you also notice some tea and biscuits on the coffee table.

    You walk forward and sit down next to your mother, facing the Prime Minister and your father who are sitting on the couch in front of you. "Good morning, Your Highness. I have the papers you requested for you to sign." said the Prime Minister before turning to his case and handing you some papers in a file.

    You open it and read to yourself 'Royal Certificate'. you turn to look at your mum and then at the men sitting in front of you "So, I just have to sign this and I'm not going to be part of the royalty anymore?" you ask.

    "That's correct, Your Highness. If you turn to page three," you flick through the pages until you find the one he just said "you can read some important things that you need to know. I just want to make clear that your bank account will be at your total disposition, seeing that all the money in there is from your monthly salary, you'll be taking that as well as your personal belongings and the Parliament agreed to give you a thousand pounds per month for being part of the royalty."

    You nod at the Prime Minister's words and you start to read the whole document. "Are you sure about this (y/n)?" ask your mother. Turning to look at her, you meet her sad eyes "Completely." she let out a sigh and then your dad says "Whatever you choose, (y/n), we'll still love you. And you can come visit us whenever you want." you smile up at him "Thanks dad."

    He returns your smile and once again, you focus your gaze on the papers in your hands.

    You read the whole document twice, to make sure everything was clear and after fifteen minutes of silence, you say "Does anybody have a pen?" you look up questionably until your mum hands you hers.

    You smile at her "Thanks." you take the pan and sign all the sheets of paper that require your name and signature, then you pass the papers to the Prime Minister. He signed them too before saying "Well... it's done."

    You let out a breath and a smile appear on your face "Are you going to leave today (y/n)?" ask you dad "Yep." you say, popping the 'p' making your dad smile at your antics.

    "Where would you be going dear?" Your mum asks you "I already have a flat in mind, it's in Chelsea Street, but firstly I need to go and see someone." you then, stand up from the couch and start to walk back to your room "(y/n), once you arrive at your flat, send us a text and I'll personally hire someone to bring your things there." you smile and say "Thanks dad, I will."

    And with that, you turn on your heels and exit the Main Room, leaving your mum with a few tears in her eyes as your father hugs her tightly.

    You couldn't help the smile that was plastered on your face through the entire trek back to your room. Once there, you start to pack a small bag with some essential clothes for the next three-four days.

    Then, with your bag in hand, you walk to the door and take one last glance to your bedroom, you close the door behind you and make your way to the palace's main entrance.

    You meet your parents there and they both hug you tightly "Visit us soon (y/n)" says your mum "I will, I promise." Then, you turn to your dad and he wraps you in his arms “I'll miss you dad." you say "Me too (y/n). And no matter what those papers say, you will always be my princess." you smile at his words and give him a kiss on the cheek before you continue walking out of the palace's big gates.

    You step out of the palace, your golden cage and turning around, you wave at your parents who wave back at you. A smile never leaves your face as you start to walk down the streets with a certain address in mind.

    When you are walking near Central London, you recognize the streets from when you and Sherlock escaped the palace that day. You chuckle slightly at the memory and continue down the road. Arriving at Baker Street, after a very deserved walk around the city, you step outside 221B and ring the doorbell, waiting patiently outside.

    Suddenly the door is opened by none other than John Watson "(y/n)! What...what are you doing here?" he asks looking around you searching for guards "Hi John. I have something very important to tell you and Sherlock. Is he inside?"

    He looks back inside and then at you "Yeah, yeah. Please, come in." Joh moves aside and lets you in as he closes the door and you follow the ex-army doctor up the stairs.

    "Sherlock, (y/n) is here. She says there's something important she needs to tell us." The detective looks up from his experiment in the kitchen. His icy blue eyes lock with your (e/c) ones, you feel how his piercing gaze searches you up and down.

    "I know exactly what you want to say but seeing that you walked all the way from the palace to here, I'll leave you to say it." he gestures for you to go to the living room and all you three walk to the messy but cosy room, John sits down on the couch while Sherlock sits in his chair, you stand in the middle of the room and say.

    "Well...firstly I'd like to thank the both of you for helping me and my family with Stefan. I really appreciate you guys' help. Secondly, this morning I signed some documents... and well... I quit my royalty rights."

    A small smirk appears on Sherlock's lips and John's expression is beyond shocked "You mean... You are no longer a..." John says and you finish for him " A Princess? No, I'm not. I'm... I'm finally free." a wide smile adorns your face.

    "Would you like a cup of tea?" asks the consulting detective "Yes, please" you answer politely and he stands up from his chair while John signals you to sit on the couch.

    "So... you just quit? Like that?" he asks, still amazed. You giggle and say "Yes John, the Prime Minister brought some papers for me to sign, they gave me access to my bank account as I had saved all the money that was given to me from the Parliament. I also got a bonus from the British government as they agreed to give me one thousand pounds a month for being part of the royalty."

    Sherlock comes back from the kitchen with a cup in his hands, you take it from him, your fingers brushing lightly against his and a small smile appears on your face "Thanks." You take a sip from it and hum to yourself "Just how I like it, how did you know?"

    The detective, who is now sitting in his chair, gives a knowing look "I simply observed." you laugh and take another sip from your hot drink.

    "And where are you going to be living (y/n)?" you turn to look at John and say "I have a flat in mind. It's in Chelsea Street and for what I've seen, it looks really great." you take another sip from your tea.

    "Why don't you stay here? Mrs. Hudson has a spare flat downstairs." says John. You look at him in surprise "Really?"

    "Yes, she does." answers Sherlock as he goes to look out of the window to the busy London streets. "I'll go and get her. Maybe you two can get into a deal." John says as he stands up from the couch.

    "That'd be very much appreciated." you say and the bond man nods to you before disappearing down the stairs. You place your cup on the coffee table and stand up "You have a lovely flat, Sherlock." you say.

    He turns to look at you, his now grey eyes piercing into your soul but you can't help but smile at him "I'm aware of that. You expressed that same thought when you were here the day we escaped the palace."

    You laugh at the memory "I must say that that was the best day of my life." you take a step towards him, Sherlock imitating your action.

    "Was it?" he asks, taking another step forward "Yes Sherlock, it was." you respond, with another step that you finally are close enough that you have to tilt your head up a bit to make eye contact with the detective.

    "I'm glad." he mutters before starting to lean down to you. You stand on your tippy toes meeting his soft lips with yours.

    Your hands are resting on his shoulders while his big hands are on your waist, the kiss was soft and tender but before it could get more heated, heavy footsteps were heard downstairs. You two separate from the kiss but you stay in his arms, looking lovingly into Sherlock's enchanting eyes.

    "(y/n), dear, John told me you wanted to-" Mrs. Hudson cut off herself at the sight of you two in such a lovely moment. You turn to look at the older lady standing in the doorway with John behind her with a knowing smirk on his face.

    "Hello, Mrs. Hudson." you say while Sherlock walks back to the window "It's nice to see you again." your words seemed to make the poor lady snap back from her trance "It's good to see you too (y/n)... John just told me that you are interested in renting the flat downstairs."

    You nod at her "Yes, I'm looking for a flat right now. I had my mind in one located in Chelsea Street." she smiles at you "Well, dear, the flat downstairs has a kitchen, a bedroom with its bathroom and a spacious living room."

    "Can I see it?" you ask and she nods, gesturing for you to follow her downstairs.

    "So... you and (y/n)...?" John starts to say once you two left the flat "Don't you dare finish that sentence, Watson." Sherlock says sternly. John raises his hands in surrender "Okay. Okay." he walks to his chair "Geez." he mutters under his breath.

    Some seconds of silence falls between Sherlock and John until the peaceful silence is broken by the ex-army doctor "I'm going to make a deduction," "Go on." says his friend dismissively "And if I'm right you are gonna tell me the truth." Sherlock nods, facing his friend "You like (y/n)."

    Sherlock blinks rapidly and then says "What?"

    "You like her, it's obvious. And I can tell you that she likes you too." john leans back on his chair "You are being ridiculous, John"

    He raises an eyebrow "Am I?" Sherlock glares at him "Yes, you are."

    John chuckles to himself "You can say whatever you want but I know you like her. I also know you will never admit it, but that's good! You are opening yourself to other people."

    Sherlock looks at his friend with an unbelievable look on his face but before he could argue back, you and Mrs. Hudson enter the flat and you announce "Well, it looks like I have a new flat." you smile at the two men in the room "That's great (y/n)!" John says and you smile at him.

    You turn your gaze to Sherlock and he says "Indeed it is." you sigh as you walk to the couch and make yourself comfortable in it. Suddenly, Sherlock's phone rings loudly making you all look at the mantelpiece where his phone is.

    The sleuth walks towards it and answers the call "Sherlock Holmes... yes... where?... on my way." He then hangs up and says while walking to the coat ranging "John, there's a case come on."

    He lets out a sigh and stands up from his chair "What is it this time?" A gleam of excitment flashes through Sherlock's eyes as he turns around with his coat on and his scarf in hand "Triple murder at the Thames, no witnesess and just two bullets. Come on!"

    He then turns to look at you "Would you like to come (y/n)?" you smile at Sherlock and stand up, taking your coat in your hands, you say "Why, of course. I thought you'd never ask." he smirks down at you and taking your small hand in his large one, Sherlock starts to walk down the stairs, with John following close behind

    "Well, then let's go. The game is on." and with that, the three of you left the building to your next adventure.


    A/N So this is the final part of 'Royal Issues' I really hope you like this last chapter as well as the whole series. Thank you so much for staying with me throughout this journey. Also, IMPORTANT as I mentioned in a previous chapter, I will be publishing this series on Wattpad. My profile is @AliceHolmes_076 so if you see this story on Wattpad on my prfile its me guys. But I'd like to make clear that I won't post this in any other page or account. If I do so, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

    Thank you again and take care my sweet sugar cubes xxx.

    #bbc sherlock#sherlock #bbc sherlock x reader #sherlock x reader #sherlock x you #reader insert#sherlock holmes #high functioning sociopath #sherlock bbc #british royal family #royalty#princess#sherlock imagine #sherlock holmes x reader
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    Lights, Camera, Action

    Part thirteen

    (Part twelve)


    Summary: You’re a production assistant on the set of Cursed. The night before your first day at work, you opened your laptop to shockingly realise you’d be working with Daniel Sharman (and a plethora of other amazing actors), someone you’d been watching on screen since you were a teenager. You kept your expectations low, the PAs rarely got to interact with the talent…what was your chance?

    Word count: 3.4k

    Tag list: @5am-cigarette @lancelotapricot @demoiselle-en-detresse00 @slytherlight  @ceruleanmusings @glxctt @cavillxhenry @lovelyapplessss @hereagainsstuff @linkpk88 @aliceperdida @weeping-redemption @magicalsaladnacho @ineedyourskulls @fandomarstrash @cheythefangirl @pure-ghost @estrielle @tessxblxckthorn  @bubblyanis @[email protected] @everlastingdreams @thehatredofshiprrick @reddish-kpop @mdawgs01 @cam-blog98 @laheysdork @beananacake @hanakin-im-panakin @gurkiloni @gems--doyle @fandom-victim @ayayai @thesneakylittleminx @drunkinthemiddleoftheday @abm111815 @thiswitchyweirdo @yunsh-17 @hazel-light @amaroho​

    Warnings: age gap between reader and Daniel, swearing, slow burn

    Notes: Helloo, I don’t have much to say about this chapter but I hope you all like it! Let me know how it was haha

    A couple of months later

    May 5th, Monday

    10:20 pm

    The production had taken a break so you guys hadn’t worked in more than a week. Daniel had gone to Scotland two weeks ago to do something with Moncler. The past couple of months hadn’t been life changing but you could definitely say that you had gotten more close to Daniel than you could have ever imagined.

    He was still talking to Grace and didn’t reciprocate your feelings at all. You were almost dreading when filming would end because that would mean him going back to LA and being with Grace. There would be nothing between them getting together then. You knew it was a selfish train of thought but you couldn’t help it.

    Since that day at the movie theatre, you (usually with Jasmine, Siara, or Louis) had hung out with Daniel multiple times out of work. Your feelings had grown, but not as much as you thought. You didn’t know if what you thought of your feelings was legitimate or a result of you trying to suppress them 24/7 when you were around him.

    He had come back to London today (his flight had arrived at 9:00 pm) and filming would start again in a week. You couldn’t suppress the fact that you were positively ecstatic that he had come back. You missed talking to him so much and even just being around him everyday when you were at work. You didn’t even realise how much you loved spending time with him until he left and suddenly things weren’t the same.

    “We’re meeting him tomorrow right?” Jasmine said from her bed. You were sitting on your own and Siara was in the bathroom.

    “Yeah” you said opening your chat with him to read over the messages again.

    Daniel Sharman

    You: Which time is your flight arriving tmrw?

    Daniel: 9:00

    You: Would you mind if me and Jasmine came to say hi the next day?

    Daniel: Of course not

    You: Great, thanks

    Daniel: Looking forward to it

    You involuntarily smiled as you read his the last message.

    “What’re you smiling about?” Jasmine laughed, glancing over at you.

    “Nothing really” you said, scrolling through Instagram now.

    “Something about Daniel? He always makes you smile like that”

    The smile returned to your face. You noticed how she wasn’t joking, her tone was pretty serious.

    “Really?” you said, genuinely curious.

    “At least that’s what I’ve noticed” she replied.

    May 6th, Tuesday

    9:04 am

    Your alarm was set for 10 but you weren’t able to go back to sleep once you’d accidentally awoken at 9. Adrenaline from the excitement of seeing Daniel had kept you awake. You’d also decided that you and Jasmine could go around 1:00, not too early but not too late either.

    1:11 pm

    You swallowed, your heart racing as you knocked on Daniel’s hotel door. Jasmine was getting a coffee from the Starbucks next to the hotel. You knew she was only doing it so you’d have a few minutes alone with him.

    When he opened it, you were even surprised yourself at how happy you felt.

    He smiled widely, “Y/N, hi”.

    As soon as you walked in, he wrapped his arms around you tightly, you doing the same. Your face was buried in his blue sweater and you took a deep breath. You felt like you could stay in his arms forever. He straightened his back, lifting you on your tippy toes for a split second before putting you back down.

    “I missed you so much” you blurted, laughing nervously. You did not plan on saying that.

    “Me too, me too” he said grinning and walking over to the couch. The hotel room was much larger (and nicer) than yours.

    “How’ve you been?” he said sitting down and patting the spot beside him.

    “I’ve been alright, how was Scotland?” you said also sitting down and turning towards him.

    “It was beautiful…really great” he said.

    “Jasmine’s downstairs by the way, getting coffee”

    “How’s she been?” he asked.

    “She’s been good, the same thankfully” you laughed.

    He smiled. You had missed him a lot. You’d missed his voice and his smile and just everything about him. It messed with your head how much you liked him.

    He rested his elbow on the back of the couch, resting his head in his hand.

    “Who knew I’d make such a great friend out of a production assistant of all people on the set” he joked.  


    “Oh come on, I’m practically a make up artist at this point” you laughed.

    He chuckled before there was a knock on the door.

    “That must be Jasmine” he said, getting up and walking to it.

    He hugged her as well as she came through the door. Asking her how she’s been and all.

    You guys all chatted for almost thirty minutes, most of the conversation revolving around how Scotland was, before Jasmine decided it was time for you guys to go.

    “Alright, I think we should get going” she smiled, looking at you for approval. You reluctantly nodded.

    “Yeah, I actually have to go to a friends house in a bit as well” he said, checking his watch “She just had a baby”

    You smiled, “Oh great, congrats to her”

    “I’ll see you guys later then?” he said escorting you to the door.

    “Yes of course” Jasmine grinned.

    You nodded.

    “I feel like he’s glown up” Jasmine commented as you both stepped into the elevator.

    You laughed, “Really?”

    “Yeah…the fresh air must’ve done him good”

    You shrugged, “Maybe”

    “He’s just as sweet though” she winked, nudging your shoulder.

    “Yeah, so sweet, I love him” you said not thinking anything of it until Jasmine turned to you, her eyes widening slightly.

    “You love him?” she said.

    It is now that you processed what you’d blurted out in the moment.

    “Oh..well..no not like that” you spoke, “I guess generally…or um… as a friend maybe” you stuttered.

    Jasmine furrowed her eyebrows, shaking her head. “Y/N if your really like him that much just shoot your shot”

    “I can’t” you said…as if it wasn’t even an option.

    The elevator dinged open and the both of you walked out.

    “Why not?” she said.

    “He likes someone else” you said plainly.

    “So? You think your own feelings will disappear if you keep running away from them?”

    “Maybe” you said.

    Jasmine rolled her eyes, “It’s unhealthy how much you lie to yourself”

    “I know, okay?” you said, getting slightly annoyed now, “What do you think will happen when I tell him? He’ll fall in love with me?” the both of you were walking down the street to the bus stop.

    You continued,“No, he’ll be surprised or disgusted or creeped out and everything will be awkward as fuck between us for months”

    “Alright, alright I’m sorry” she said, as the both of you stepped onto the bus.

    When you got back to the hotel you still couldn’t stop thinking about how you’d said you loved Daniel. It was a different thing saying you loved an actor when you didn’t know them. But saying you loved them when you were friends was completely different. It wasn’t actually possible that you loved him, right? It was only a strong crush and it would go away at some point. Nothing more.

    May 7th, Wednesday

    11:43 am

    You had just gotten back to the hotel room from having breakfast. You missed him. A lot. It had only been a day but you wanted to see him again.

    “I miss Daniel” you whined to Jasmine.

    “Ask him to hang out” she said simply.

    “That’ll seem too desperate” you said.

    “It’s not trust me…he’s not one to judge” she said.

    She was right…he would be the last person to judge you.

    “You sure?” you said, still a bit nervous.

    “Yeah just message him” she said, walking into the bathroom.

    You nervously opened your phone to message him and he replied back in less than ten minutes.

    Daniel Sharman

    You: Hey, what’s up?

    Daniel: Nothing much, at my mum’s right now

    You: Ohh alright, have fun

    Daniel: Why, did you want to meet up?

    You blushed…how’d he know exactly what to say?

    You: Yeah but don’t worry about it, spend time with your family

    Daniel: No come over, my brother and sister in law are here too and doing their own thing. I’m getting bored anyways

    You smiled…very surprised.

    You: Are you sure I won’t be intruding?

    Daniel: Definitely not.

    You: If you say so…could you send me your address?

    He did and you couldn’t believe you were actually about to go to his house (Or more so his mom’s house?).

    “What’s the plan?” Jasmine asked you

    “I’m going to his mom’s house” you said, trying to sounds casual.

    “That’s a huge step… meeting the parents” she said smirking.

    “Yeah it’s just like that” you said sarcastically.

    12:15 pm

    As the taxi dropped you off outside the house you couldn’t help but be nervous. What if this was the wrong house? Did his family even know you were coming? What if they didn’t like you?

    The thoughts gnawed at your mind as you knocked on the door. There was a small glazed window on the door and through it you saw Daniel’s silhouette coming to open it. You grinned and for a second your fears melted away.

    “Hey” he said opening the door, “I’m glad you came”

    “Me too” you said, stepping in and giving him a quick side hug. His height was even more apparent this way and it made butterflies float in your tummy.

    He led you to the living room on the right, where his brother and his wife were sitting on the couch. The house wasn’t huge but had a cozy warmth to it that radiated comfort.

    “Hi y/n” he said getting up to shake your hand. You were grateful that he remembered you from that one time you guys had dinner.

    You greeted him and also his wife who seemed very sweet.

    “Daniel has told us a lot about you” she said laughing.

    You giggled as well, had he really?

    “You’re a production assistant right?” she asked.

    “Yep…but I actually met Daniel when I was pushed into working with the make up department”

    You guys chatted like this for a bit. Hugh and his wife (her name was Ruby) sat on the couch and you and Daniel sat in big arm chairs set next to it. At some point Ruby went to the kitchen for some reason and it was just you, Hugh, and Daniel.

    “I’m just gonna go get some water from the kitchen” you said to Daniel.

    He nodded, “Sure”

    You went to the kitchen, which was separate from the living room and on the other side of the hallway that you’d entered into when you came inside the house.

    “Hey, where are the glasses?” you asked Ruby, who was looking through the fridge.

    “In the cupboard to your right” she said smiling and pulling out a carton of juice.

    You pulled one out for yourself before getting a glass for her as well.

    “Here” you said handing it to her.

    “Thanks” she smiled.

    You filled your glass up from the sink, leaning against the counter as you sipped from it.

    “So you and Daniel” Ruby said suddenly.

    You nodded indicating for her to continue.

    “Are you guys a thing?” she said quietly.

    You almost spit out your water. What was with people assuming that?

    You swallowed quickly letting out a laugh, “Oh no no not at all. Just friends”

    She smiled apologetically, “Oh okay sorry…I was just curious. Daniel’s a pretty private person”

    You nodded, “No problem”

    “He was just telling us yesterday how he’s never gotten this close to any crew member before” she smiled.

    Your heart beat faster, “To me?”

    “Well to you and your friends I think” she said taking a sip of her juice.

    “Oh right” you replied, your cheeks turning red.

    “But he did seem to mention you a bit more than the others if I’m going to be honest” she said, lowering her voice a bit more and flashing you a small smile.

    You smiled back, not knowing what to say. Thankfully you didn’t have to, as she started exiting the kitchen and you followed her. As you passed the hallway to get into the living room, you noticed there were a few paintings on the walls in the hallway and in the living room that were painted in the same style. As if they’d been done by the same artist.

    “Who’s painted those?” you asked Daniel as you sat in the arm chair next to him.

    “My mum” he said, looking over to where you were gesturing at the painting.

    “Really?” you said impressed and surprised at the same time.

    He nodded.

    “They’re beautiful” you said.

    He smiled, agreeing.

    “Where is she by the way?” you asked, suddenly remembering this was her house.

    “I’m not sure actually…probably in her room or out in the backyard” he said, looking a bit confused.

    “I’ll go get her” he said, getting up. Before you could protest he was already out of the room.

    You talked to Hugh for a bit before Daniel’s mom entered the room, Daniel nowhere to be seen.

    “Hi darling” she said smiling and walking over to you.

    You got up and gave her a small hug, matching her smile, “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you”

    “You too” she said, taking a seat in the arm chair Daniel was sitting in previously. You sat down too.

    “Would you like some tea?” she said

    “Oh no I’m fine, thank you” you grinned.

    “Are you sure?” she said.

    You nodded. His whole family was so welcoming.

    You chatted with his family for a bit, talking about your job, their jobs and what London had been like so far. Daniel finally came back after about seven minutes.

    “Me and y/n were actually thinking of going out for a bit” he said as he entered the room. You noticed he had pulled on a jacket over his sweater and he was wearing shoes as well.

    “We were?” you said looking at him, not opposed to his plan at all.

    He nodded eagerly.

    “I’ll see you all later then” you said, smiling and saying goodbye to everyone.

    “Didn’t feel like asking me before?” you laughed as you exited the house.

    He mock rolled his eyes laughing as well, “You know you wanted to”.

    “We’ll never know now” you sighed jokingly, getting into the passenger side of a black minivan in the driveway, he had gotten into. He was right though, you were lowkey in ecstasy every time you were with him alone.

    “Where’d you wanna go?” you said, pulling your seatbelt on and glancing at him.

    “You tell me” he said, readjusting the rear view mirror.

    “Outdoors or indoors?” you asked.

    He thought for a few seconds, “Outdoors”

    “Let’s have a picnic” you said, the idea popping into your head.

    He laughed, “Alright, but we don’t have any food”

    “Well, take me to the store, I’ll buy us some snacks” you said matter of factly.

    “Good plan” he said, pulling out of the driveway. As you guys drove, you decided to ask him a question.

    “How’re things with Grace going?” you said. You had honestly been curious about it for a couple of weeks.

    “Good” he said making a satisfied face. You mentally rolled your eyes.

    “Oh come on, give me the deets” you said. Before you’d never have tried to persuade him to tell you more about his personal life. But now you supposed you were at that level of comfort where you could.

    “Alright I’ll give you the deets” he said, grinning and teasing you. “It’s going good, but I don’t think things can get any more serious until I get back to LA”

    “Really? You’re not up for long distance for a few months?” you said.

    “I am…she isn’t” he said.

    “Oh sorry” you said. You could imagine how annoying it would’ve been for him having to leave this girl for ten months, right when things were on the verge of getting serious.

    “It’s alright…she’s a friend, I don’t think we could really drift apart because of a few months away from each other” he said, a slight smile on his face.

    You had to admit that you felt a pang of pain at his words. You were suddenly reminded that you really only got close to Daniel because of work. Once filming ended, you would probably drift apart. Maybe it would be for the better anyways.

    He pulled into a parking space in front of a Tesco.

    The both of you browsed through the aisles for almost twenty minutes. You ended up getting some cut up fruit, cookies, lemonade and also a whole pizza from the dominos next door because you were starving.

    “You sure this is enough?” Daniel laughed, as you guys were putting all the food in the backseat.

    “Yes” you smiled, knowing he was teasing you. You honestly wished he’d stop teasing you like that. Not because you didn’t like it, but because you loved it…and it made it so much harder not to fall in love with him.

    1:29 pm

    The both of you walked around Hyde Park for a bit, trying to find a good spot to sit down. You found a nice big tree and decided to set up your picnic under it, but on the side where there wasn’t any shade. It was a chilly day and the sunshine was welcome.

    As you sat down you realised that you were still in your sweats and a shirt. You thought about how you could’ve at least freshened up before going to his house. Oh well…nothing you could do about it now.

    He sat down beside you, cross legged, the food splayed out in front on the grass.

    “I was a fan by the way” you blurted out. You had never really told him about that.  

    He giggled, looking surprised, “What’d you mean?”

    “I watched teen wolf and all that…I was so excited to see you on set before my first day”

    He smiled widely, “Can’t say I’m surprised” he teased and nudged your shoulder.

    “Oh please…I hid it well” you said, popping some fruit in your mouth.

    “You did, you did don’t worry” he said, opening the box of pizza.

    “Really?” you said. You were almost joking before.

    “Yeah” he glanced at you, “You were a bit shy, but I didn’t think it meant anything”

    “Well now you know the big secret” you joked, grabbing a slice pizza. Little did he know that wasn’t actually the big secret.

    “I’m honoured we’re close enough that you decided to tell me” he laughed.

    “Me too”, you meant it.

    “There’s an Arsenal game on Sunday by the way, did you wanna come?” he said suddenly.

    “This Sunday?” you asked.

    “Yeah, against Burnley” he said, also taking a bite out of his pizza.

    “I think I can, yeah…who else is coming?” you asked. You had never been to a proper football game before and were all up for it. You followed along with the sport but had only ever watched it on your TV.

    “I only have two tickets, my brother was supposed to come with me but something came up for him” he said.

    “Ohh I see” you said. So it would just be the two of you…great.

    “If one of your friends can come that’d be great too…I’m just not sure if tickets are still available” he said apologetically.

    “I’ll ask them when I get back…otherwise it’s fine, I’ve never been to a football game before” you said, feeling thrilled.

    “Really?” he said.

    You nodded.

    “Well I haven’t been to see Arsenal in a long time so I’m ecstatic as well” he grinned.

    You mirrored his expression, “How many football games have you been to?”

    “Oh too many to count” he boasted.

    “Well I’m honoured to be going to my first with such an expert” you said.

    He laughed.

    “Could you pick me up before the game?” you asked.

    “Yeah, of course” he scoffed, like you didn’t even have to ask.

    “Thanks” you smiled.

    “It’s a date” he said, picking at a piece of grass with his delicate fingers.

    You smiled, already feeling excited.

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