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    16.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Good morning to us 🔥

    #brooke lynn hytes #another day another thirst trap #she knows what she’s doing
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    16.05.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Can't get over that David and Dwight art like . Warning him there's trapper, OI, thank you leader ! :) *Two seconds later steps into trap*

    #ive known abt the killer since birth #its just So Funny is the thing cus its so real #makes me think of when me and wil kept stepping in this trap trying so hard to destroy this hex totem
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    16.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #Redman#Trap#hip hop #Dare Iz A Darkside
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  • starrybrock
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    long story short: the briefing (11) ✧ sam and colby

    long story short ✧ a parallel universe snc au | taglist | ao3

    disclaimer: i do not own any aspect of the karate kid universe. does not *totally* follow the karate kid canon (i’ve taken a few creative liberties). 

    summary: arden talks to colby about their next move. 

    word count: 1,639

    warning(s): mention of panic attacks,

    When Colby was in high school the first time around, in his own universe, he usually used study hall as a time to sleep or, in the years that Sam had the same study hall as him, they’d brainstorm content ideas or plan out their business endeavors. In this universe? He was so on edge, so sure that there was something he should’ve been doing to help keep this universe on track but he didn’t have the first clue what to do, so he hid at a table in a far corner of the library, where no one could see him, as he tried his damned hardest to not have a panic attack in public. He could feel his emotions when he knew that he wouldn’t be made fun of, when he knew it would jeopardize everything they were working on. This was the fucking 80’s, the fucking peak of the stupid masculine bullshit. If he showed any sort of emotion that resembled “weakness” in public, he knew that it wouldn’t end well. He couldn’t risk it. So, he rested his head on the table, trying to take deep breaths and steady his breathing. 

    “Hey, you good?”


    Why was Arden here? 

    Didn’t she have class? 

    Colby slowly lifted his head, blinking as his eyes readjusted to the light. “Hey. I’m…fine.”

    “You sure?” she asked, sliding into the chair across from him. “You wasn’t lookin’ too hot before I got here.” 

    Colby shifted. This wasn’t a conversation he wanted to be having. He knew what her response was likely going to be—that he had to suck it up, that he had to get through this, that he had no other choice. (Or would she? Would she care? Was she as cruel as he was painting her to be?) So, instead, he said, “Why are you skipping class?” 

    Arden pursed her lips, but she didn’t press the issue. Perhaps she was not as stone-cold as Colby thought her to be. “I just wanted to update you on the situation.” Colby sucked in a breath, ready to be told everything was falling apart, but Arden’s voice was more hopeful as she explained, “Daniel’s now avoidin’ Ali, which is right where he needs to be. We need to make sure that this train stays on its tracks.”

    “And how’s that?” Colby asked, praying that he’ll finally understand what the fuck he was supposed to be doing, instead of winging it.

    “He needs to keep avoidin’ her until the Halloween dance. But before that, he needs to go talk to Mr. Miyagi who makes him his costume—a shower. Yeah, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. But it serves its purpose, which is to hide him so he feels comfortable with Ali while not having to worry about the Cobras attackin’ him.” 

    “So, I need to make sure he gets to Mr. Miyagi.”


    “And after that?” 

    “At the dance, someone comes dressed as a chicken and starts throwin’ eggs at people. Daniel gets hit by one, and has to go to the bathroom to wash the egg out of his hair. While in the bathroom, he finds out that Johnny is in there, rollin’ joints. He decides to get a lil revenge, and hooks up a hose to spray on Johnny from above the stall he’s in.”

    “And after that?” Colby felt like that wasn’t going to end well for Daniel—he could practically envision the pure rage on Johnny’s face after Daniel pulls that stunt. And if he had to be there too? Oh lord, he prayed he could hone in on his inner-Sam and run as fast as his bullet of a best friend. 

    “Daniel gets chased out of the dance, all the way to the apartments, where the Cobras catch up and beat him up. Then Mr. Miyagi swoops in, and saves the day.”

    “And I have to make sure all of that happens?”

    “Of course.” Arden paused for a second. “Do you have any other questions? I know that you’re pretty clueless about what’s supposed to be happenin’ and the role you have to play in all of this.” 

    Colby’s heart soared. He was finally going to be clued in? He wouldn’t have to play the role of the idiot anymore? He could finally have a fucking idea about what he was supposed to be doing instead of bumbling around like an idiot? “Tell me everything I have to do.” 

    “Everything?” Arden asked.

    “Everything. Give me the Spark Notes of The Karate Kid, please.” 

    Arden nodded. “Mr. Miyagi takes Daniel back to his workshop and patches Daniel up. When Daniel wakes up, he finds out that Mr. Miyagi knows karate and asks to be taught. Mr. Miyagi denies, and ends up telling Daniel to go confront the sensei of Cobra Kai. Daniel convinces Mr. Miyagi to go with him, and so the next day, they drive down to the dojo. Long story short, John Kreese—that’s the sensei of Cobra Kai, if you didn’t know—and Mr. Miyagi agree that they’ll settle their differences at the tournament. Mr. Miyagi then begins training Daniel, but does so through a series of household chores.”

    “That’s where that wax on, wax off thing comes from, right?” 

    “That’s right.” 

    Well, at least Colby wasn’t totally clueless to 80’s pop culture. 

    “Daniel gets annoyed, thinkin’ it’s all for nothing, but when he confronts Mr. Miyagi, he quickly finds out he was buildin’ muscle memory and was learning basic defense moves. Most of the movie from there on out is focused on Daniel’s trainin’. But, there’s also the subplot of Daniel and Ali’s budding romance. He asks her out, and they go to Golf N Stuff. It goes well, but there’s a small strain when the Cobras show up at the end, and Daniel thinks Ali is embarrassed of him. A small hiccup, that builds up. They have another date, with Daniel meetin’ Ali at the country club. She’s late coming out, so he goes in and sees Johnny kissin’ Ali, and thinks she was just usin’ him to get Johnny jealous. But Daniel finds out that’s not true much later, and they make up. Then comes the tournament.”

    “Where Daniel wins, right?”

    “Of course. This is the eighties—everything’s black and white, good versus evil, the hero triumphs. Um, Daniel advances to the semi-finals where Bobby, one of the Cobras, injures his leg on the order of John Kreese. Daniel convinces Mr. Miyagi to let him continue, and he goes out to fight Johnny and he inevitably wins with the famous crane kick.”

    Colby nodded. “Okay. And I’ll have to train with Daniel and all that shit to make that happens?” 

    “That’s right.”

    “…and I’ll have to fight.”

    It wasn’t a question. He knew what he had to do, but that didn’t mean he liked the idea of it.

    “Yes, you will.” 

    Colby needed something to distract himself from the anxiety that was building up, so he asked, “So, why did I have to wing all of this shit from the beginning? Why couldn’t I know anything? If you don’t mind my asking?”

    “No offense, but you’re a bit of a shit actor,” Arden snorted. “The MTD had me watch your YouTube videos and anything where you had to act? Sorry, but you’re not gonna be winnin’ a Tony anytime soon. Sam was a lot better in that department, so he was a less of a concern. But now that you have an in with Daniel, you’re in the clear to know what was happening.” 

    “Oh.” Colby laughed quietly. “Well, I guess that makes sense.” 

    It was quiet for a moment, before Colby said, “You know so much about Sam and me. Why don’t we know anything about you? Besides that you may or may not be named Arden?” 

    She laughed. “Well, you ain’t ever asked. Whatcha want to know?” 

    “Uhh, how did you end up in the MTD?” 

    “Family business,” she said. “My great-grandmother was the one who invented the first portal opener. She was a real genius, ya know. Smarter than I could ever dream of being. She even founded the MTD. Ever since, my family decided to carry on her legacy. My grandmother, my mom, and my aunts were all part of the MTD. I was the only one of my siblings to join, and I…I couldn’t be more proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I’m the youngest agent the division’s ever had, ya know. I just, I hope I’m makin’ her proud.” 

    Colby smiled softly. “I’m sure you are. You’re already doing amazing here.”

    She pursed her lips. “I haven’t yet, though. Not yet. Back when she was still alive, her first portal opener was lost. No one could ever find it. And I’m sure I don’t need to explain how dangerous that could be. It, it could be totally destroyed, but just the mere possibility that someone could use it for evil is terrifying. I…I got into the family business to make sure that mistake never happens again, and I have to start by making sure that mistake is fully rectified.” 

    Colby frowned. A lost portal opener? How odd, since they just found one in their universe. But that couldn’t—no, definitely a different one. He was sure of it. Instead of focusing on the portal opener itself, he decided to ask, “Is that why you jumped on this case? Not just because you’re the youngest agent and could fit into the scenario?”

    “You’re smarter than people give you credit for, Brock,” Arden laughed. “I’ve got to make things right. It’s in my life’s purpose.” 

    And, Colby decided, that, at least until he could go to his home universe, it would be his life purpose, too.

    #long story short: a parallel universe snc au #sam and colby #sam golbach#colby brock#snc#xplr#traphouse #traphouse 2.0 #trap house #trap house 2.0 #sam and colby fanfic #sam and colby imagine #sam and colby fanfiction #sam and colby fic #sam and colby fan fiction #sam and colby fan fic #sam golbach fanfic #sam golbach imagine #sam golbach fanfiction #sam golbach fic #sam golbach fan fiction #sam golbach fan fic #colby brock fanfic #colby brock imagine #colby brock fanfiction #colby brock fic #colby brock fan fiction #*written by: me #starrybrock
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    👅👅👀FRECUENCY MLMRECORD👀👅👅 by M.L.M.RECORD https://ift.tt/3bu8pY9

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    avere i tuoi occhi per vedere chi sono davvero


    che chiudessi gli occhi per sentire chi sono,


    - Blanco
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    RazorRed - NOT OUR LAST NIGHT (Preview) (Release XX.XX.21) by RazorRed SOUNDCLOUD: https://ift.tt/30pprR3 BEATSTARS: https://ift.tt/3kPhRsu INSTAGRAM: @razor.red TIKTOK: @razor.red All credits, trademark, copyrights and/or other proprietary notices are associated with RazorRed. THIS IS THE FREE VERSION FOR NON PROFIT ONLY. YOU MUST GIVE ME CREDIT (prod. RazorRed) IN YOUR TITLE/DESCRIPTION. This means YouTube or Soundcloud use with NO monetization. The free version of this beat is NOT available for streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. If you want to monetize on this beat, please check out my Beatstars page. Thanks! © RazorRed 2020

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    graduated school and now i can pursue my true dream of being a thot

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    16.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Rage Beyond Death wouldn’t have saved Yasha from getting killed by 10 inuit charges.

    Rage Beyond Death stops her from dying when taken to zero hit points. But if the party had been hit by that pile of inuit charges, she wouldn’t have been taken to zero hit points. She would’ve been taken to -300+ hit points

    In 5e, if you take massive damage (which 500 psychic damage undoubtedly is) like that and it takes to beyond zero and into the negatives past your max hit points, you are dead. No saves. Nothing. Just dead.

    The only way she would’ve survived if she also had some way to neutralized the damage entirely or been healed above 100 hp and found someway to resist the psychic damage so she could halve it then use Rage Beyond Death.

    #Critical Role#cr spoilers#Yasha Nydoorin #I think Mercer's only ever killed a PC via the massive damage rules once in 5e (that I'm aware of) #And even then it was 1000% an accident because he rolled a Nat20 on some trap damage and killed Chris Hardwick's character outright #IIRC it was like the first 10 minutes of the first episode of that Storm King's Thunder promo game he DM'd for WOTC #that incidentally I think Ashley was also a player in
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    #{{♛The snake's trap-ask box♛}} #{{talentbloomed}}
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    #Flowstar - #TheSamu Winner of Best Fusion Song 2021 TheSamu https://youtu.be/1sMn4TQrauE 

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    People see boo & I and think we a cishet couple but we both non-binary and neither of us are straight 😂

    #and whenen they find out they trap & i bang #i be screaming #its comical
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