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  • fuckeliasbouchard
    09.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    most relatable bears in trees lyric out there is “why do i keep eating sand”

    #*mouthful of sand* yes #bears in trees #milo squawks
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  • theretirementstory
    09.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Bonjour a tous, we have a bright sunny day and the temperature is 18c with an expected 27c by this afternoon. I am hoping to have a video call with my friends from Bristol again which I am hoping to do from the garden.

    Talking of the garden, it is starting to produce the green shoots from the flower seeds I planted and my vegetable plot is really coming on, lots of peas growing and more beetroot. I have nine tomato plants in the house along with 17 thyme plants (re-potted those yesterday), the pepper and chilli pepper seeds I planted, had shown no signs of coming through and I was rather disappointed, however, yesterday I noticed that I have about five pepper seeds that have sprouted and there are two or three chillies. Simple things but I am so delighted to have grown these from seed.

    Last Sunday was “Sybil’s Picnic” raising awareness of Huntington’s Disease. So after writing my blog last week I was preparing the “picnic” when my landline rang, apart from “publicity” calls I have just one friend who regularly uses that number, she was ringing to say that she had some lily of the valley for me and that she would call down around 4pm. I quickly sorted out the picnic, saving some of the cake for my friend and I to have with tea, was like a whirling dervish tidying up, setting the table and by the time 4pm arrived I was sitting serenely in my chair in a room so tidy I wondered why I hadn’t tackled it before! Anie, arrived fashionably late at 4.30pm, she stayed for almost two hours and I cannot tell you how my mood had lifted just having someone to sit with, talk too, and enjoy cake and tea.

    What a week it has been weather wise, no wonder my mood had been a bit gloomy! We have had sunshine with temperatures in the 20’s, then days when 7c would be a good temperature, there has been rain, hail, wind, and yet more rain! To be honest, everything in the garden benefits from rainwater rather than tap water, so I won’t grumble too much.

    Monique messaged me to ask how I was. I asked if she was booked for her vaccination, she said “no” but her husband has had both of his. I find it strange that she doesn’t want to be vaccinated but there again, I have always had my “jabs” since I was a child, so to me it is just “the right thing to do”. We have been able to travel further since last Monday but I imagine that she is still spending most of her day in her house and garden. The refugee ladies keep asking me when Monique will come back and take the French class, I said previously “after she has been vaccinated” but to be honest I think that she will not return to the classes at all. I messaged Marie-Therese earlier in the week and am surprised that I have had no response, although there could be a number of factors why she hasn’t replied.

    I have ventured into town a couple of times this week, I had to post a birthday card to my gorgeous granddaughter so that was an important trip for the post office. My second trip was on VE Day, I wandered round by the river, sat on the bench that was my favourite place to sit when I first arrived, and just absorbed the tranquility that being beside a body of water can induce (even if it is on a ring road). I wandered back via the “centre ville” which was like a ghost town, not that it bothered me as I love to wander lost in my own thoughts, plus it gave me the opportunity to take photographs of the some of the restored facades to shops in the town. This town is very old and has a lot of half timbered buildings, seeing the restoration that has and is taking place gives me a sense of pride in my “adopted” home, although I don’t know if I am keen on the coloured paint on the timbers, it does however, brighten up the street so maybe it is a good thing.

    Yesterday was the birthday party for my gorgeous granddaughter although her actual birthday is not until next week. She had such a wonderful day, apart from her Grandad in Canada and myself, everyone else was there to celebrate with her. I was sent a video which showed “The Daddy” carrying her birthday cake with three lit candles on it, everyone was singing “Happy Birthday” and she started to cry, I thought it was the singing but apparently she was frightened by the lit candles, all I can say to that is “just wait until you are my age, that number of candles will frighten you”. Her uncle, who she seems to think of as her playmate, was on hand to be “horsey” and he took the “little princess” around the lounge on his back. She was worn out and in bed early, I imagine that he was too.

    I am keeping everything crossed that I will be able to visit my family this year, especially as a new baby is due in the summer. Not too sure who will look after all of my produce though while I am away (we will cross that bridge when we come to it).

    “The Paralegal” has been working eleven weeks now and as I may have mentioned it has not been a pleasant time, the ogre that is his “mentor”, now doesn’t want him in her office and prefers to either just pass files back with documents torn in half or to send him an email. This woman is 68 years old…….for goodness sake woman, if you cannot train people, RETIRE!!

    Fortunately, his walking at the weekend (which was disrupted this weekend by the birthday party) is doing a lot for him not just physically but mentally too. He was lucky enough to see Lucy and “the babies”, Tilly and Chester, this week and that also cheers him up. Lucy is coming towards the end of her course, it will be exams and of course the dreaded dissertation……..keep going you are almost there, the end is in sight!

    I have finished all parts for another babies cardigan plus I have knit a hat to match, just need to stitch them up now. I was at the knitting workshop with my refugee ladies, although only three ladies were there we still had a lovely time, knitting and nattering. Next week, as Ramadan will have ended I am going to make some coconut pyramids to have with our tea and coffee. I really enjoy the hour and a half that I spend with these ladies and I think that it is good for them too, especially the lady who has a two month old baby, it gets her out of the apartment and gives her the opportunity to be herself.

    I finally made the decision regarding the building of the terrace…….yes you guessed I am going with the “nice man” who was prompt for the appointment and prompt with his “devis”. I sent the signed devis together with the deposit and he contacted me to say they had arrived and he would let me know when he could start the work. I am rather excited, will it be done in time for this summer? To be honest I don’t care when he starts the work as I am just so pleased that I managed to 1) get the quote, 2) find someone who may be able to assist with other “little” jobs I need doing and 3) do the job well within my budget.

    We are due strong winds for the next three hours, it is wild outside, I have just had to run out to make sure that the pots containing the peas and beetroot were not rolling around on the ground (all safe and still standing).

    Goodness knows what my neighbour is doing this morning, first of all I heard a noise which sounded like she was dragging her metal garden bench further into the garden and just now it sounded like steel drums being moved (maybe we are going to have a Caribbean afternoon, wonder if she has any rum punch)!

    Bon week-end

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  • catladyuniverse
    09.05.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Picture This Entry - Illustration 3 - At night Cat had a few visitors whose presence he did not enjoy

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  • postmyart
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have never seen this one before. It’s funny because there is thunder & lightning this morning, and my dog jumped onto the bed first thing, and was licking my hands. I was laughing, wondering what had gotten into her when I saw a flash from outside. The facial expression of the tiger perfectly captures the emotion. Idk about tigers, but I can tell you about Jack Russell terriers. My Tsita becomes positively terrified by the sounds of a storm, and I imagine the changes in air pressure that precede it, from what I hear. No matter how many storms she experiences, her whole body trembles, mind shuts down, she never feels safe. I wonder if Le Douanier Rousseau ever saw a tiger during a thunderstorm... he must have had a little dog.

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  • philosopher-of-fandoms
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Everyday I grind my teeth at the influencers who tell us we gotta wear sunscreen indoors it’s legit the latest capitalism scam stemming from our fear of not fitting the beauty standards

    #babe I don’t leave my house #I don’t go near windows #when I’m out I will wear spf #when I’m indoors that is expensive to be applying 3x a day for no good reason #there are trees in front of my windows too #like the sunlight isn’t gonna kill my skin #the guilt tripping around sunscreen lately has been baffling ‘oh no you’ll get wrinkles if you don’t wear it!!’ so? I’m getting them anyway #‘you need to wear sunscreen all the time even indoors?’ do I really? or are u saying that because u get a bunch of free spf from businesses #that are super eager to sell their product #wear sunscreen if you’re being exposed to a lot of sun #not when you’re indoors #especially if ur inside #philo’s rambles
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  • suresaint
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #rectoress #ans. #how about some angst for your sunday morning #verse: the witcher.  /  wolves asleep amidst the trees.
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  • and-rki
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Forest#trees #photographers on tumblr #artists on tumblr #nostalgic#sketch
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  • mega2wheellife
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    trees to climb

    these things

    that get stripped away

    when I was younger

    the delight of an ice cream

    trees to climb

    another girl to chase

    & now

    this existential angst

    slipping into my shoes

    sleeves of my coat

    & I wonder on

    purpose for

    these faint demons taking over

    crippling the host

    the booze does not ease

    & what drug can help

    with pains unseen?

    neil benbow

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  • supersuperbigdr
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    just struck me how fucked it is that we’re all just resigned to the fact that marvel won’t put queer people in their franchise. it’s just PEOPLE. the audacity to look at a group of people and decide they aren’t worthy, aren’t important, aren’t appropriate enough for your damn tv show? marvel is looking at real people in the real world and deciding they aren’t right and deserve to be completely ignored. basically i just rediscovered queerphobia

    #i'm so mad i could probably punch four trees #it would hurt like hell but i could do it #WHATS UP WITH PEOPLE AND DENYING OTHER PEOPLE RIGHTS #AND DECIDING THEYRE LESS THAN #IT MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP TEARS #i get marvel stuck in joe russo for diversity points and there are gonna be queer charactersin the future but nevertheless #marvel#tfatws #im talking about bucky barnes #im talking abbout everything but specifically this stemmed from bucky barnes #wrote this all by myself
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