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  • uptownthots
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #on ANON no less #'transphobia is based' but you can't say that with your face??? can't say it with your whole chest huh??? #transphobia tw
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  • dilfstrahm
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Tw: Transphobia?

    (Being outed)

    Someone I was friends with for 13 years outed me behind my back AND told someone my deadname and I’m still not over it :/

    It’s been like almost 5 months and I’m sick of getting so worked up over this shit but I can’t help it.

    #vent post#tw//transphobia #daniel rambles on #If you know me irl stfu
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  • catgirl-kaiju
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    This is so over the top obvious fasc it's fucking hilarious, I can't take this moron seriously. What a petty loser

    I swear to god the hate mail I get

    Oh yeah, this guy is a nazi, straight up

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  • catrakomtrikru
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hey, I was just playing chel online and there's a team called wekilltrannies. So I reported them. And if anyone has nhl 22 please go do the same. That shit isn't funny and it's uncalled for.

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  • dapperskeletonbird
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Its not my job to force my grandpa out of transphobia by coming out. My mom acts like everything will change the minute i come out, and that his blatant transphobia will just ~disappear~. It won’t, and i’m tried of her saying this shit

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  • broughtmeyourlove
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
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  • systemshoutouts
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #system pride. #plural pride. #system positivity. #osdd. #did. #otherwise specified dissociative disorder. #dissociative identity disorder. #ddnos. #plurality. #system shout outs #to Ian#to Felix#tw transphobia#Finn
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  • adalynn-is-lost
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Whenever my mother mentions how I have so feminine body I just want to disappear. Why can't you understand that I hate it, that it's not me and not how I want to be viewed... And that if I could, I'd change it to look, idk more androgynous? But it's so pointless to try to explain these things to my transphobic parents. I already get so much shit for coming out as asexual and they've had years to come in terms with it.

    #thoughts.txt #delete later #tw transphobia mention #tw aphobia mention
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  • fruity-dean
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Scraping and crying my way through school like sorry fam I know you want me to do well on my math test but I’m just sitting here thinking about what my likelihood of being killed is if I follow the gender transition I want :/

    #tw implied queerphobia #??? #ask to tag #sorry fam squads it’s just :/ out here #happiness but :/ at what cost #tw queerphobia #tw implied transphobia #tw transphobia #just wanna be safe skfjajjdak #shorten my lifespan by living as a girl forever or shorten my lifespan by living as the andro fluid I am :// choices #trans#transgender#queer#lgbtq
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  • librarywent
    24.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    𝐑𝐄: 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐓𝐘.    (  F.S.  )

       Fayren is biologically female, yet raised as a male by his mother. This is also the case for his older sibling, Akito. Their mother, Ren, is mentally unstable and incredibly abusive. She refused to give birth to her children unless they were raised as males, in order to ensure that she was the only woman whom her husband, Akira, loved. ( Akira died around the time of Fayren’s birth, but the babe was raised as such regardless. ) The only people that know of his biological sex are the older members of the Souma family, namely Hatori. The doctor regularly takes care of Fayren frequent injuries and overall frail health.       Growing up, Fayren complies with being referred to as a boy, and makes a great deal of effort to ‘pass’* for a cisgender male. He hopes that if he succeeds in convincing those in his life that he is biologically male, then there is a possibility of pleasing / impressing his mother, thereby offering the potential for gaining her love.

         While Fayren was always rather small, once he started going through puberty, his mother commented on the fact that he was developing feminine curves and starting to ‘look like a girl.’* Desperate to avoid this, Fayren develops and eating disorder.** It is an ongoing battle with those in his life to make him eat enough, as he is terrified of being mistaken for a girl, and thereby ‘failing’ his mother. The thought of others finding out that he’s not a ‘real’* boy greatly distresses him, and situations where he might be expected to undress or do something that might reveal his biological stress causes a lot of anxiety in him. He is also afraid of others finding out he is queer because of the stigma and potential for hate crimes / discrimination. 

         * It is important to note that there is no such thing as ‘passing’ when it comes to gender expression and identity. There is no such thing as a ‘real’ boy, girl, or other. There is no ‘looking’ like a certain gender. However, in many cultures, gender binaries and gender stereotypes have been, and continue to, police gender expression.       Somewhat similarly, Fayren is Japanese. The mun is not Japanese, and has not lived in Japan; however, from the research I’ve done, as well as discussing such topics with Japanese individuals, it seems the stigma of the LGBTQ+ community is rather present in Japanese society ( however, it’s important to acknowledge that history is changing every day ― I know that X-Gender [ Xジェンダー ] is gaining popularity in Japan, which is amazing! ).       ** Additionally, the mun has ( / continues to ) struggled with an eating disorder their whole life; and I promise you, as a trans person myself, it will not help you ‘pass.’ Eating disorders ( of all varieties ― not just anorexia ) are incredibly destructive, dangerous, and life-ruining. If you are struggling with disordered eating of any kind, please reach out for help. Here are some resources. I am also available to message any time <3 

         Fayren is very unaware of popular culture, and is not educated about the LGBTQ+ community. He comes from an old, wealthy, and well-known family, and thus is taught to be extremely careful with cultural taboos, lest he smear the Souma name. Fayren knows very little about the various identities and spectrums included among the LGBTQ+ acronym, but he knows that the community as a whole is seen as taboo by his family.      While hesitant to bring any attention to himself as a queer individual, he holds no judgement for others in the community ( he is, after all, a member as well ). He will use any name or set of pronouns provided to him, even if he needs a little help sometimes. Personally, he thinks nothing less of LGBTQ+ individuals, and doesn’t really understand why societies are so hateful in the first place.       Despite being forced into presenting as a gender separate from his assigned sex at birth, upon reflection he truly feels more comfortable presenting as a male. He does not know that being transgender is a common occurrence, and is ignorant of its surrounding terminology; however, I refer to him as a trans-man because that is what he is.   ( see also ‘re: gender preferences’ [tbd, will be linked asap] )

    #F.S. #hc #read more bc yeah lotta potentially triggering stuff and also Long #abuse tw #child abuse tw #ed tw #eating disorder tw #homophobia tw#transphobia tw#anorexia tw #fruits basket spoilers #also i use 'queer' as an affirming umbrella term and identify as a queer individual #but i know others in the community have mixed feelings about it #anyways i hope this is phrased alright i really am trying to like be as educated as possible
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  • matthasnobinary
    24.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Note to parents from a trans person with a transphobic parent:

    If your child comes out as trans, NEVER tell them that they're only trans because they're insecure about themself!

    Even if your kid grew up in the wrong body, do NOT use that as a weapon against them!

    This can make it more likely for your kid to be even more insecure about themself than before and your job is to PROTECT AND SUPPORT THEM!

    If you don't, you're kid will be more likely to have suicidal thoughts/actions, which you should be PREVENTING from happening!

    If you'd rather have a dead child on your hands than a trans child, then you've failed as a parent.




    EDIT: I'm making this post because of personal experience with being told that myself from my dad. It's never fun to have a parent who doesn't support you for who you are and no amount of trauma dumping or begging for forgiveness should justify making your kid feel like a living punching bag.

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  • apolloendymion
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    oh that reminds me, i have to show y'all the dni i found on a sanrio aesthetic post the other day:


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  • carnivorous-tomatoes
    24.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #i really get how much it sucks I went homeless to escape transphobia it just wears and tears you down #ask#anon#tw transphobia
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  • carnivorous-tomatoes
    24.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
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  • prowl-apologist
    24.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Just cishet white guy things: calling a gnc, queer, trans person a nazi for saying if they were a nurse they would ventilate the vaccinated patient first.

    #seriously#dude #its a bad look #and like i wanna explain why he was wrong #but i also just wanna be mad #and i know being mad about it will undo every other conversation we've had ao far. #tw nazi#tw transphobia #juat ranting right now
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  • cartoon-campground-official
    24.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I fucking hate Instagram!!! just saw a fucking TERF account. And there were actually comments. And likes. What the actual fuck!

    #˚₊·╰┈➤꒰ 🌲 ꒱— black sheep? black stars #╰┈➤ ❝ [steam out of our ears] #it's 'quotesbytranswomen' or smth? #anyways it's really obvious it's a TERF account #it talks about how trans women are just men who pretend to be women bc it's uh #I can't phrase it in a way that's sfw #but#yea#tw terfs#tw transphobia #tw terf mention #terf mention#terf tw#tw terf#tw transphobes #gods I fucking hate terfs so fucking much they fill me with so much rage
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  • love4thestars
    24.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    one time i asked my mom if she’d accept me if i were trans and she said, and i quote, “yeah, but i don’t see why you can’t just be yourself.”

    #transphobia tw #the irony of it all
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  • lordfuckr69
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    le me: *watches video and follow-up video discussing a few violent British transphobes within the gender critical movement*

    le me: oh god that’s awful. good 2 know.

    Youtube: hey here’s THREE videos from said violent transphobe oh and if you click “dont recommend this channel’ or ‘not interested’ we’ll keep recommending it 2 u :)

    #Hate Youtube I Hate it I hate it #transphobia tw#MPG
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  • rjalker
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I am really going to need someone to explain to me what, exactly, specifically, is wrong with the term “transandrophobia”, and why it’s wrong for transmascs to talk about the specific forms of oppression they face.

    Nonbinary people have exorsexism and now mispergeny to talk about the specific forms of oppression they face.

    Transfems have the word transmisogyny to talk about the specific forms of oppression they face.

    Why are transmascs not allowed to have their own word? They can’t have the word transmisandry because that’s apparently a joke, now they can’t have transandrophobia, and I bet you ten dollars that if they come up with another word, that one will be shot down just as quickly and violently.

    We’re always talking about how exclusionists cycle through targets. Bi, then pan, then ace, then nonbinary, then bi, then mspec lesbians, and now it’s blatantly clear that the new target is transmascs. 

    this post is 2,922 words long and there are typos near the end because I just typed this all out at once, you’ve been warned.

    Why is it apparently evil and wrong for transmascs to have a word to describe the specific oppressions they face as specifically transmascs?

    If you are upset that it doesn’t include all AFAB people (because not all afab people are transmascs, because unaligned, transneutral, transvoid, transnull, and ect nonbinary people exist), then that’s what exorsexism and specifically mispergeny are for.

    And if you don’t feel like those words apply to you, then you can create your own! The way transmascs have created their own word!

    I keep seeing people claim that transmascs talking about their oppression literally amongst themselves is somehow ‘speaking over transfems’ and ‘pretending that transfems oppress transmascs’. When that’s literally not what people are saying.

    I made a post yesterday literally just stating the fact that binary people have privelege that nonbinary people don’t, because, as you may have noticed, people keep misgendering a nonbinary character I care about, and I know for a fact that it wouldn’t be happening if they were a binary woman or man. Like. It literally would not even register in the realm of possibility for people to misgender this character if it wasn’t specificaly nonbinary, specifically using ungendered pronouns.

    And because I said that nonbinary people face specific issues that binary people don’t, I had multiple people immediately telling me to kill myself and claiming that I was saying that transfems oppress nonbinary people. When I literally said nothing about transfems at all. I literally didn’t even fucking make a post explaining the issues myself, I literally linked to an article written by a binary trans woman about the priveleges that she’d made a list of that she had that nonbinary people didn’t. Specifically she even states that until she started thinking about it, she assumed that because she was a trans woman that there was nothing else she needed to learn about gender issues or transphobia. Until she started talking to nonbinary people and started thinking about the kinds of issues they face that she doesn’t.

    I literally linked to an article written by a binary trans woman about some of the priveleges binary people have that nonbinary people dont’, and I was accused of being a transmisogyny and told to kill myself by multiple people, sent NSFW images, and had these same assholes block evading so they could continue to suicide bait me.

    All because I said nonbinary people face specific challenges that binary people don’t. Literally because I’m confronting exorsexists in one of my fandoms and sighing about the complete lack of gender neutral and yet required honorifics on the arbor day foundation’s website, who have randomly chosen me as the recipient of all the little surveys and stuff they send out, and because I am going to be trying to get my coworkers to use my proper pronouns. I am literally a nonbinary person dealing with shit binary people do not have to deal with and I literally just stated a fact and I was immediately dogpiled by aphobes (and yes, I know for a fact they were aphobes) telling me to kill myself and lying and saying I’m saying that transfems are evil evil oppressors.

    what I’m trying to say is that there are literally just a few very loud and aggressive assholes on this site who will take any trans people talking about their experiences and they will twist it into being transmisogynistic even when it has nothing to do with transfems at all. These people literally aren’t even being genuine at all, they are literally just looking for a reason to shit on people they don’t like, and they know that accusing them of transmisogyny is one surefire way to do that. Like I literally know for a fact that these specific assholes were aphobes who support the ableist peice of shit who said they should be allowed to murder ace people on the street for acting autistic, and they are pretending to be Good and Virtuous and Telling Me To Kill Myself On LiveStream For The Right Reasons™.

    No, transfems do not systematically oppress transmascs or nonbinary people because transfems literally have no systemic power. They are literally incapable of systemically oppressing anyone because transmisogyny is systemic and literally fucking exists.

    Transmascs talking about the specific issues they face as specifically transmasculine people is not silencing transfems. It is not saying that transfems are oppressing them.

    Nonbinary people talking about the specific issues they face as specifically nonbinary people is not silencing transfems or saying they oppress them.

    Trans people are fucking allowed to talk about the issues they face without being told they’re taking up too much space or silencing other people.

    If you don’t like the word transandrophobia because you don’t like the creator? Fine! If you don’t like the word transandrophobia because you don’t like that it’s not inclusive to all AFAB trans people? Fine! Then you don’t have to use it. You can use another word.

    But you cannot go on and on about the ways in which AFAB trans people are oppressed and then literally turn aroudn and say that transandrophobia doesn’t exist. It’s not a concept in and of itself. It’s not some godlike entity. It is a word to describe ways that afab trans people are oppressed.

    Listing out the ways that afab trans people are oppressed and then saying transandrophobia doesn’t exist is like describing a tree and then saying the species doesn’t exist because you don’t like the common name.

    There are specific forms of oppression that specifically transmasc people face that people who are not transmasc do not face. This is literally just a statement of fact. Not all afab trans people are transmasc, but that doesn’t erase the fact that transmasculine people exist and that they face specific oppressions other trans people don’t.

    I literally cannot find the posts because they are as old as my blog. But literally years ago I still remember it now there was a post by a trans man explaining how he literally watched, in real time, as his HRT began to take effect, the way he was slowly but surely othered and treated like an enemy by his former friends, over time, as he transitioned further and further into being more masculine. The same people who’d said they were his friends literally began to abandon him and be nervous around him and treated him as a dangerous scary enemy now that he was more masculine and more obviously a man.  He literally spoke about his so called feminist friends turning on him and pretending like he was a threat to them now that he was a man, even though they’d trusted him before with no problem.

    That post still probably exists somewhere on this site, but I don’t know where the fuck to find it because it is literally so old.

    What word would you say that person should use to describe that horrific scenario?

    “just” transphobia, as though the only reason it happened was because they were trans? Ignoring the fact that is specifically happened because they were a trans man?

    How about all the transmascs of color who are and have been speaking up about the ways in which racism specifically intersects with them being transmasculine in particular? How their transitions put them in even more danger than they were, because men of color are stereotyped as threatening and violent by our racist society? Should they just settle for the word transphobia and ignore the role that racism has t play in it?

    people are claiming transmascs talking about their experiences is “reactionary”, even though this conversation has been happening literally for as long as trans people have existed. I literally remember seeing posts about it in 2013, 9 years ago, when I made my blog. 

    Why is it suddenly now that people are flipping their shit about it? Why is it suddenly now that transmascs talking about the issues they specifically face is getting treated like the fucking end of the gods damned world?

    Bigots cycle through targets like clockwork. It is very fucking blatantly obvious that this time they have chosen transmascs as their targets, and in a few years people will look back on this and know exactly that that’s what happened, just as fucking surely as we look back on the last few times it’s happened, just as surely as we fucking predict when it comes full circle.

    If you don’t like the person who created the word, then you don’t have to use the word.

    If you don’t like the word because it’s not all inclusive of all afab trans people, other words exist, and instead of telling people they can’t use transandrophobia, you can just. explain why it’s harmful to lump all afab trans people in with transmascs. Mispergeny exists if you are afab but not transmasc. And if you don’t feel like that term applies to you, then there’s nothing stopping you from coming up with your own term.

    Biphobes said that bi people shouldn’t have the word biphobia to discuss the specific forms of oppression they face.

    Aphobes said that aspec people shouldn’t have words to describe the specific forms of oppression they face.

    Exorsexists said that nonbinary people shouldn’t have words to describe the specific forms of oppression they face.

    And now people are saying that transmascs shouldn’t have words to describe the specific forms of oppression they face.

    There is a pattern here and it is clear as day as soon as you actually start thinking about it for more than five seconds.

    Transmascs speaking about the issues they face silences no one, the same way aspec people talking about the issues they face silences no one, the way bi people talking about the issues they face silences no one, the way pan people talking about the issues they face silences no one, and so one and os on inte eternity until we get to the next temporarly socially acceptible target within the community!

    Telling transmascs that they can’t talk about the issues they face is bigotry, the same way aphobes and biphobes and panphobes and exorsexists telling aspec, bi, pan, and nonbinary people that they can’t talk about the issues they face was bigotry.

    If you think that transmascs shouldn’t have a word to describe the bigotry they face specifically as transmascs because men aren’t oppressed, that’s quite literally just radfem bullshit, but now it’s pretending to be trans friendly. It is the fucking idea that men are always the enemy and incapable of being oppresed but now it’s extended to transmascs to silence them when all they’re doing is talking about the problems they face.

    Are there transmisogynistic transmascs? yeah. The same way there are bigoted people in literally every group you can think of. Saying they should all be condemned because a few of them are bad people is the exact fucking idea that exclusionists and bigots always use. “Aspec people are bad because some of them are homophobic” “pan people are bad because some of them are biphobic” “bi people are bad because some of them are transphobic” and fucking so on and so on!

    All trans people should have access to the language they need to accurately and susictly describe the specific forms of oppression they face. Unless you also think the word exorsexism is bad, there is no damn reason for you to think transmasc people in particular having their own word is bad.

    A group of people talking about the issues they face does not silence any other discussions being had. Transmascs talking about the issues they face does not silence nonbinary people does not silence transfems.

    If you want the trans community to be united, then we all need to have the ability to talk about the specific ways in which our transphobic, cis-run society treats us.

    Transmascs talking about the oppression they face as transmascs does not imply that nonbinary people or transfems are systematically oppressing them.

    Nuance literally fucking exists. Intersectionaly literally fucking exists. It’s just that a small group of vocal assholes has decided that any people who are trans talking about the issues they face is speaking over them, even when the conversation has nothing to do with them.

    You can literally just state the fact “binary people have priveleges nonbinary people don’t” after spending two days straight ranting about the treatment of a nonbinary character, and people will immediately leap out of the woodwork to call you a transmisogynist and tell you several times to kill yourself and send you NSFW images.

    Transfems are not the enemy. It’s literally just a few fucking assholes attacking people under the pretense of being on the behalf of transfems, the same fucking way aphobes pretending to suicide bait aspec people on behalf of autistics, the same way panphobes do the same to pan people on behalf of bi people, and literall fucking so on and so fucking forth into fucking eternity and the past.

    the cycle literally just keeps repeating and this is just the newest fucking iteration, now with radfem and baeddel bullshit sprinkled on top for extra flavor.

    transmasculine people should be allowed to talk about the specific ways our transphobic society oppresses them without being told they’re speaking over other trans people.

    If you want the trans community to be united, that means all trans people need a fucking seat at the table. More than one form of opression exists at the same time, and they do not cancel eachother out. Transmascs talking about their issues does not erase the existance of transmisogyny r exorsessim and it does not mean they’re saying other trans people systemically oppress them.

    The enemy is literally our transphobic society. But the cycle demands people hate transmasculine people right now, the same way it demanded people hate ace, bi, pan, trans, nonbinary, and mspec lesbians.

    Give me one good, real reason that transmasculine people shouldn’t be allowed to have a word to describe the specific forms of oppression they face specifically for being trans masculine.

    Because they can’t say transmisandry, because misandry is a joke. And they can’t just call it transmisogyny, because that’s used specifically to describe transfem peope. They can’t just call it transphobia, because that covers too many topis and the whole point of a new word is to be more specific.

    what word could they create that wouldn’t be shot down with all the excuses as the last ones?

    What’s the difference between a transmasc person saying he faces specific issues specfically because he’s transmasc, and me saying that nonbinary people face specific issues because we’re nonbinary, and both of us immediately being told to kill ourselves by people?

    why is it okay for nonbinary people to talk about the way our transphoci society oppresses nonbinary people, but not okay for a transmasculine person to talk about the way our transphobic society oppreses transmasculine people?

    how the hell is this conversation “reactionary” when it’s literally been going on for decades? Is it really reactionary, or has the cycle of bigotry just swept you up in it too? is transmasc people talking about the issues they face actually silencing anyone, or is that just what the vocal and violent minority of bigots whose first insticnt is literally to tell people to livestream their own suicide is saying?

    you can not like the creator of the wrod, but you cannot aknowledge the ways that afab trans peopel are oppressed and then turn around and say that that oppression does not exist. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and that’s no different from aphobes or panphobes or biphobes or enbyphobes saying aphobia, panphobia, biphobia, and exorsesism tdon’t exits.

    I cannot think of a single good reason that transmasculine people shouldn’t have a specific word for them to use to describe the way our transphobic society oppresses them. People at first said they only had a problem with the term itself because of the person that coined it, but now it’s gone way fucking past that to saying that transmasculine people shouldn’t have any word, and shouldn’t speak at all.

    I literally can’t even just talk about the speciifc problems nonbianryp eople face without immediately ebing accused of transmisogyny and told to kill myself.

    how do you expect me to believe that people are silencing and harassing and sending death threats to transmasculine people ‘for good reason’?

    if the argument is that “some of them are bad people” then congrats, that’s literally the argument used by all bigots ever, to justify their bigotry.

    people are literally regurgitating literaly TERF rhetoric and calling transmasculine people “transadropboia truthers” the way fucking TERFs literally call trans women “transphobia truthers” and “TRAs”. 

    people have literally fucking normalized calling afab transp eople equivalents of Qanon for daring to talk about teh ways in which they’re oppressed as though misogyny magically stops existing when you figure out you’re not actually a cis woamn. How the fuck can anyoen think this is normal or okay?

    This conversation has been literally ongoing for decades, but now all of a sudden its the end of the world. How is that s coicidsnce.

    #suicide baiting tw #transphobia #discussion of transphobia #discussion of exorsexism #transandrophobia#treiphobia #it's literally just the cycle of exlusionism AGAIN #LITERALLY!! #LITERALLY!!!! #yesterday was tuesday but today's tuesday too!! #it;s literall ythe exaxt same fucking bigots doing it again! #it was literally aphobes telling me to kill myself for talking about nonbianry specific issues under the guise of prtoecting tanasfS!! #it's literally the same fucking peopel wh ohate mspeclesbians now doing this shit!!!! #you can literally fucking cheick their fucking blogs!!! #it's clear as fucking daY! #ask tot ag #literally explain it to me like I am an idiot because I don ot fuckign udnerstand the logic here #at all #what is the logic #where is it #because this all literally just reeks of radfem shit #mispergeny#exorsexism #discussion of mispergeny #aaaaaaaaaa #how is this difference from the aphobia era. how is this different from people targeting mspec lesbians #how#exlain #because it makes no fuckign sense
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