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    hi guys

    #100% real unedited screenshot right here
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    so about last reblog, i did some digging and literally found their store and it’s. holy shit

    so there’s only certain fandoms they write for without charging a “research fee” on top of it. and there’s a “general fee” of $25 and then an “advanced fee”, the cost of which varies based on what media it is. presumably the advanced fee doesn’t add onto the general fee because the general fee is just them googling a character and reading the wiki, maybe watching youtube videos or smth. the advanced fee however is them actually playing/watching/reading whatever media it is you’re asking for

    a letter is $8 by default. so if i, say, asked for a letter from (censoring just so this doesn’t show up in searches) sh*lk it’s a $25 “advanced fee” because it’s a game not on their list BUT they’ll also charge me the cost of the game bc they had to buy it. so what would be an $8 letter would quickly become a $93 letter. and it would be even worse if i picked a character who was from a huge series w/ multiple games they’re in bc the advanced fee is per piece of media they had to consume.

    shows are the Worst to ask them for tho bc they charge you $20 per episode they have to watch

    meanwhile people on tumblr will do something similar for you for free and they have done that for years.

    #sen rambles #i am not linking the site do not ask #also i think it would be super funny to go for the advanced fee w/ a jrpg. waste their time lmao #i'm leaving out like all my other complaints abt this as a business just to avoid discourse but rest assured i have many #honestly can't tell if this is better or worse than the person #who charged $30 for a pack of unedited rp icons. not as a commission but for anyone who wanted them
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    #this is unedited #but yeah #I've barely started writing it but this is from a story that I don't have a title for yet #I've just been calling it my mishmash of AUs #because seriously this story is like 20 AUs in a trenchcoat #all mashed together like potatoes #tua#five hargreeves#dolores#my fics #thank you for the ask Fiji!
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    The bus was fairly empty when Ben and Diego got on. Ben went straight toward the back and slid into an empty seat. Diego joined him shortly after, swinging his backpack onto his lap as he sat down in the adjacent seat. Ben glanced out the window as the bus abruptly started moving forward, causing them both to jerk forward. With classes ended and exams almost over, the campus sidewalk was empty. It was strange to see it as it was now when it had been so crowded and lively all semester.

    “Anyway,” said Diego, “I get that he’s a good player. He just shouldn’t be such a dick about it. You know?”

    “Oh don’t worry. I know,” said Ben, turning sharply toward Diego and rolling his eyes. “Don’t forget, I’ve been going to school with him since grade nine.”

    “And he was like that back then?” asked Diego.

    “Pretty much,” said Ben. “Believe it or not, he’s actually gotten much better. In high school he was even more of a dick.”

    “How so?” Diego wore a look of disbelief.

    “When Brawl came out, he invited all the students in the grade to his birthday party. Most of us went but it turned out it was just an excuse for him to run a big Smash tournament. Most of the kids had never even played the game before but he insisted on playing each of us in turn.”

    Diego gave Ben a wide-eyed, incredulous look. The bus made a left turn, jostling them side to side.

    “Yeah,” Ben continued. “I don’t know if it was true, but some people said after that he paid them money. Like, ten bucks or something. He even refused to let his mom serve the cake until the tournament was over. It was so bad, a bunch of people just snuck out early.”

    “Oh shit,” said Diego with a dry laugh. “So he was, like, throwing a whole tantrum over it?”

    The bus turned again and the ride got much rougher. The street they were on was full of dips and potholes. Instinctively, they both took hold of the seats in front of them to steady themselves.

    “Yeah and the weirdest part was that his mom acted as though all of it was normal. He yelled at everyone that day, including her and she never chastised or reprimanded him.”

    “Were you fiends with him then?” asked Diego.

    “I guess we talked sometimes because we were both into video games and stuff but we didn’t, like, hang out or anything. Plus, he was always a huge Nintendo fanboy and I only ever had a PC for gaming. In the last year of high school, he had mellowed out enough that we started to hang out a bit.”

    The bus came to a stop in front of a convenience store and three people got on, sitting all the way at the back behind them.

    “Well, I’ve always loved playing Smash,” said Diego. “Even the first one on my brother’s N64 when I was little. But I don’t think I want to play with Jason anymore. I’d play other games with him but it’s just not fun with all his gloating and showboating.”

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    #~ anons <3 #the ones that don’t have the tag ‘filter’ are unedited
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    Pure Snow; Muddied Tracks Chapter 4

    Author: Roro (halfeviltotty)

    Fandom: Osomatsu-san

    Pairing: Todomatsu x reader

    Category: emotional roller coaster??

    Rating: T

    Summary: White day!

    Word count: 25k+

    Warnings: cringe this chapter. a lil bit of violence, yelling.

    Commentary: the start of the totty asshole saga, also forgive my reader for being a bit of a pick me. i wrote her with the idea of being naive and insecure while in love bc i like having variety in my protags. this has been sitting in my drafts since early october...im screaming bc I wrote alla this like last year. Anyways yeah, as fun as just a plucky silly reader would be uh... I mean its a story about growing up ig and those growing pains that come from realizing you've sheltered yourself purposefully and extended your arrested development. And then you realize you want to grow and that someone else is asking you to grow with them. I guess at the end of the day this is a story to process the innocent affection that is unintended malice. Oh, and I guess it's also about how ignorance and manipulation are the toolset of insecurity.

    | Oneshots | All Fics | Multichapter Fics |Todomatsu Tag |

    | Entire Series | Chapter One |

    Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Next Chapter (placeholder)|

    Valentines day was romantic, Todomatsu insisted on having homemade chocolates and after the lovely dinner at the world's coziest restaurant that night you snuggled for hours.

    How many years has it been since you met the love of your life, you dreamily wonder? Oh, only six weeks? Well, six weeks can feel like a lifetime when you're with your soul mate!

    With White day was approaching fast, and you expected the works from your first relationship. Especially after you spoiled the hell out of the man for Valentines. You wined him, you dined him, you took him shopping because you got it like that. A cute new hat was in order, a new wallet, you know you made sure bae had his strawberry body wash set from that expensive ass store, and you got him a little keychain with your combined initials in English. Hell even after all of that and taking your cherry all those years or weeks ago you finally let him bust a nut in your thrussy! That's your prayer box, your direct line to Jesus so not just anyone can do that to you!

    Time zips forward with calls, texts and selfies exchanged nearly every moment allotted for it. When the two of you see each other, you're sewn to each other's sides until it's time to depart. So this is love, so this is love... You're not one for Disney songs but God damn are you floating through life at the moment.

    The week leading up to White day has you on your toes. Todomatsu sure is an enigma, huh? You didn't realize that gift giving would be his love language, but it's good to find out now. You just wanted to be nice and bribe him a little to keep you around. You know there's really nobody but you lining up to be with Todomatsu, but this is the first year since middle school that you had somebody to give chocolates and gifts to. You want to do right by your baby and he's so easily spoiled. A kiss here, a gift there and you get those addictive pouts and sincere thank yous. You've noticed he's fake as hell but when he acts entitled is when your heart is at its' most full. You're an idiot, but thankfully you have your limits and he never tries to cross them. One stank eye look from you and suddenly Todomatsu is rubbing your back and pouring your drinks.

    He's just as desperate to keep in your good graces as you are. The push and pull gotta be your nicotine.

    On the Sunday the week before March 14th the two of you went on your regular date of shopping and getting a small meal. Depending on your pooled resources, you two typically split everything food wise. It's cute sharing drinks and feeding each other, at your big ages PDA on this level should be avoided though, but Todomatsu really likes to be the center of attention. Sunday however your card was not needed, speaking of attention Todomatsu made a big show of denying your right to pay for anything. Instead of just window shopping at your favorite stationary store, your cutie pie bought you a new paper and pen set. Todomatsu subtly insisted it be pink.

    The next day, even though you had a full shift and got off around 10 pm you got a text message with Todomatsu asking to visit. You tiredly replied, "yeah sure." When Todomatsu showed up, he gave you a peck with a small bag then vanished. It was a cute little bracelet with pink charms.

    Tuesday came and went, you received a package in the morning containing an assortment of cute hair accessories, of course they were all pink. That afternoon another delivery was made, a small strawberry cake. With Todomatsu now on speed dial, you invited him over so you could thank him personally before your overnight shift.

    Wednesday you were off, so like always it was shopping and a meal. You strangely did not pay again, but instead were showered in gifts. This time clothes were on the agenda. A cute and trendy pair of sneakers, and yes they had to be pastel pink. You love pink as much as anyone else but it seems like it's all you can see lately. You're in love with this rose tinted world. You were taken to another store and got an evening wear dress. It at least only had pink accents and a mature silhouette. Todomatsu hinted that it would become much more important at a later date.

    Todomatsu disregarded any and all price tags while you freaked out over anything that wasn't at a deep discount. Todomatsu is unemployed as hell, where does he get off trying to trick you into thinking he's got money to burn? With his lovesick and frankly grossly disarming loopy smile Todomatsu quickly had spent well over his allowance budget while clinging to your arm and happily sighing out how much he adored shopping for you. You gently took the time to hint at no more gifts that cost money.

    So on Thursday, as you were locking your door Todomatsu showed up with a gift bag in hand. You sighed, thanked him but then reasserted that he can't keep spending all of his money. "I thought girls liked having their boyfriends hoodies, though?" Well hold up, wait a minute. You won't say your eyes didn't sparkle at digging through the bag and pulling out three of Todomatsu's standard numbers. You felt no shame in hugging your favorite one and inhaling Todomatsu's detergent scent. A chorus of thank yous were sung as you threw the sniffed hoodie on and set the others inside. Todomatsu walked you to work once again deliriously happy while you swung his hand and praised his thoughtfulness.

    By Friday you had slept in the hoodie with no real plans to remove it. You practically snuggled the other ones until you realized there were two small boxes in one of pockets. The first contained a necklace with a small pink gem, and the other was a pair of nice but clearly costume jewelry earrings. You sent Todomatsu selfies with you modeling all of his gifts despite them not matching in the least. You threw in a lewd of your navel too because he's such a sweet guy. Your informed him of all three times since you received the hoodies of when your vibrators trips out of the sock drawer as well. You were rewarded in turn with voice clips of moans.

    So in the present of Saturday before White Day you decided that since it's your half day to wander around. You didn't really have anywhere to go in mind, and let's be honest your head was empty because you had one a different than yesterday Totty hoodie.

    Ahh, it smells just like him! So of course at work that day you had to humble brag about your bae's gifts so you showed up in your pink drip. Just decked out head to toe, looking like a cute wad of strawberry bubblegum.

    It was a little hard to coord the zip up, hair accessories and jewelry because despite him being your forever love he has the worst fashion taste. With a cute hair style, appropriately soft makeup, the right pair of shorts accompanying a black long crop-top and oversized sunglasses you looked good!

    So good you had to actually mentally remind yourself that yes, this is a collab and yeah it's weird to take a detailed note of your outfit in your internal dialogue but this one is special.

    Of course the articles Todomatsu provided were gaudy as all hell, but if he saw how you threw his trash-on into high fashion then he'd know not to underestimate you again.

    Every few seconds you would fiddle with the adorable pendant he gave you earlier that week, just to oh so subtly show it off. Once again, at your big age you need the masses to know you are a kept woman!

    You send a quick text to Todomatsu before finally deciding instead of letting the lord guide you to pay attention to your surroundings. You've lived in this city for a while but had no clue there was a fishing pond nearby. Or that fish market that might have ads for an idol venue, or any of these other weird landmarks. You never really had much of a reason to leave your neighborhood and Todomatsu was more than happy to meet on your side of town.

    Speaking of Todomatsu you would sell your soul to see him right now.

    A large group of evenly height men began walking towards you as you sort of lost interest because Todomatsu replied to you. He sent a cat sticker, how cute! As you quintuple texted in response you could hear as the group came closer the sound of a very familiar laughter.

    A phone's charm catching in the light looks eerily similar to your matching one with Todomatsu.

    One glance in the direction of the pink menace is all it took before your normally dwaddling pace became a sprint towards the group. You feel exhilarating bliss because there he is!! The love of your life, the apple of your eye, the current that turns your seas tides into tsunamis, he is your soulmate that has strangled your pinky with the red thread, the star of hope that burns the brightest in your heart, and most importantly the puppet master who cursed your clit!

    "Totty!" You couldn't contain yourself as you rushed in and hugged him. In the moment it did not really matter there were other people with him at all, and any sense of self awareness or judgment was tossed out the window because look!! Somebody you love and wanted to see has magically appeared in front of you! You were even careful to avoid getting the lip gloss he loves so much on his freshly pressed shirt.

    It wasn't until you realized that Todomatsu has frozen solid from your embrace that you thought something might be up with this situation. You pulled back just enough from nuzzling his chest to investigate. That's his smell alright, that's the dumbass tie and dress shirt, you look up for a second at his slightly homely face to verify this is indeed your boo. The fedora gives it away. Why isn't he happy to see you?

    "Totty?" You debate on giving him a kiss or not. You have really no self respect or restraint so giving in to kiss even this strangely stiff Todomatsu on the lips is no big deal. Ah, you think as you lean to kiss your sweet prince. Everything will be right in the world because you initiated PDA. Todomatsu will be pleased as punch, he's always whining about you being too shy in public after all.

    What is confusing is the subsequent seconds after the fairy tale kiss. At the moment your lips brush his there are so many aggressive voices yelling Todomatsu's name. Ah, yeah he was in a group just now, wasn't he.

    When you're forcibly removed from Todomatsu's person your brain shuts off and you start scratching and swinging at whoever the yellow guy was who grabbed you. "Ah!! My eyes! She scratched my eyes!" Right as your brains fight or flight switch got taped down to fight you realize something. Todomatsu was being shaken and yelled at by a series of his own clones.

    #osomatsu san#ososan#totty#matsuno todomatsu/reader #todomatsu x reader #todomatsu x si #roros fics #multichapter ososan fic #where tf is chapter 3 in my drafts??? #dirty snow fic #dirty snow fic ch4 #yall just getting unbetad unedited stuff sorry id rather be drawing rn but #shrug emoji. idk if anyone was waiting on this fic but here it is loool #i should update peachpit but that fic unfortunately is in the middle of additional chapters and content being put in #so i actually am at a point where itd be really bad to just upload stuff bc uh the rest of the fic wudnt make sense #and im a bit burnt out so idk just have whats in the drafts for now
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    11.26am, 11/21

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    Have another unedited poem

    My dear child, I know you can’t read yet but for when you are able to, I leave you this.

    She created with her hands, an escape from this harsh reality. But she was human to. Anyone can hurt another, weather we want to or not. And this is what made her so real to me. She had hurt them and felt a sorrow like no other had before because of it. She wanted repentance but got little from few.

    And so, her hand became her prison. Her mind a hollow tree. She carried this burden for as long as she could, Until you came along. And she saw your preciousness, and purity. And did not want to ruin it.

    So she took her hands left this world, so that would would not see her.

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    @hayleykiyoko: We hope you know how proud we are you were created ❤️

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    who's going to tell radio stations they shouldn't be bleeping out the word "queer" in industry baby?

    #especially when doja cat's line 'spank me slap me choke me bite me' is playing completely unedited right next to it 🙃
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    Carmen & Bruno

    ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃ qᵘⁱᶜᵏ ᵈʳᵃᵇᵇˡᵉ ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ᶜᵃʳᵐᵉⁿ ᵍᵒⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ˢᵉᵉ ᴮʳᵘⁿᵒ ⁽ᵗʰᵉʸ’ʳᵉ ᵇᵒᵗʰ ᵃ ᵇⁱᵗ ʸᵒᵘⁿᵍᵉʳ, ᵇᵉᶠᵒʳᵉ ᴮʳᵘⁿᵒ’ˢ ᵈⁱˢᵃᵖᵖᵉᵃʳᵃⁿᶜᵉ⁾. @stasammen​ ‘s ᴮʳᵘⁿᵒ ᵐᵘˢᵉ ᵒᶠ ᶜᵒᵘʳˢᵉ ⁱˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒⁿᵉ ⁱⁿ ᵐⁱⁿᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰⁱˢ~

    It was one of Carmen’s days off from her usual work load around the farm, which didn’t mean she was completely free, but she did earn a day to sleep in! Carmen, her siblings, and their parents, would rotate days that they got to sleep in while the rest of the family would head out to tend to their crops and livestock. Today was Carmen’s day and she was ready to sleep as long as possible. Her siblings could handle the morning chores, letting her join in a bit later once she was well rested again.

    Or so she had originally planned. Instead, she was rudely awakened by her older brother knocking loudly at the door. “Ooooh Carmen~ Señor Bruno is in town~” He peeks his head into the room with a smug, teasing smirk at his sister. “Better go propose before he sees some horrible fortune and gets chased out of town again~”

    “¡Cállate, Dante!” The woman scolds her brother, throwing a pillow in his direction, but he closes the door with a snicker before it could reach him, letting it hit the wood and flop to the ground.

    Carmen lets out a huff of annoyance at her sibling. He did enjoy teasing her, for any little thing, and of course as soon as he’d learned she had feelings for Bruno Madrigal, he would show her no mercy... But Bruno was in town!?

    She quickly tosses the blankets aside to get up and get herself dressed. She didn’t have much time, but she certainly didn’t want to completely look like she just woke up. Bruno had been spending less and less time in town, making these meetings a bit more scarce, so she always tried to save her breaks from her work to at least say hello whenever she heard he would be in town with his family. Perhaps her brother was helping her in some weird way by always coming to let her know when the Madrigals arrived, despite his constant teasing. Or so she liked to believe...

    It didn’t take Carmen long to put her clothes on and tie her hair back, tho a little messier than usual. Her parents were in the kitchen as she ran past them in a hurry for the front door. “Mija?¿Adónde vas? Don’t you want to sleep in?” Her mother asked, raising a brow at Carmen.

    “I’ll be back soon to start work, mami! Got something to do in town!”

    “Ay, she’s probably going to see that Madrigal boy...” Her father muttered before taking a drink of his coffee and Carmen shut the door behind her. He and his wife weren’t exactly thrilled to know their daughter was trying to spend so much time with Bruno, who they admittedly believed was just bad luck most of the time. They’d tried to warn Carmen numerous times to give up trying to get close to him, but stubborn as ever, she never listened and would run off to meet with Bruno every chance she got. Eventually her parents had given up trying to tell her to do otherwise, figuring their daughter would simply have to learn the hard way that he was bad news, like the rest of the town.

    Carmen walked quickly through the yard to reach the road, seeing her sisters tending to some of the animals and waves to them. “I’ll be back soon to help!”

    “You better!” Gloria, the oldest sister calls back, hand on her hip. Maia, the youngest, smiles playfully and adds. “Using your morning off to go see Señor Bruno? Ask him if you’ll be cleaning the pens alone today!” The two women giggle to themselves as they return to work and turn away from their sister.

    Carmen rolls her eyes, shaking her head as she carried on down the road to town. She was used to her family’s teasing and warnings, trying for years now to persuade her to stop chasing after Bruno’s affections... But she just couldn’t help it. Something about him just drew her to him, like a moth to a flame. He was different, and not just because of his gift. Everything about him was so different and refreshing. He could make her smile and laugh, and she was even more happy when she could do the same for him. The thought of him could make her heart flutter and fill her stomach with butterflies. It had been so intense when she was young, and always caught her off guard. Sometimes she believed she was sick. These days, she felt it just as strongly, perhaps more, but she was used to it and it filled her with energy instead!

    Yes, he was perfect. Much more interesting and appealing than any of the other hombres her family had tried to set her up with since all her siblings had already gotten married or found a partner. Her brother was even expecting children of his own with his wife! And here she was still just watching from the side, scared to take that step forward. But she’d worked so long to befriend Bruno and now, she didn’t know if she wanted to risk scaring him off and losing even that.

    Ah, speaking of... There was the Madrigal family now! She joins the small crowd that often greets the family, directing the members where their talents and gifts were needed most that day. Carmen pushes her way through the other townsfolk until she caught sight of Bruno. He looked... tired. But she offers him a soft smile as his eyes finally met hers and she waves at him, clearly happy to see him and happy he saw her! She hoped having at least one person to welcome him more warmly would lift his spirits a bit. A smile, even just a small one, fit him much better anyway, in her opinion.

    #this is rough and mostly unedited #BUT LOOK she's just so dang in love #despite her family's teasing and somewhat disapproval #stasammen #waited for you :: carmen & bruno (stasammen)
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    3.34pm, 12/21

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    Doin some funky math bc that last post got me thinking... If I can reach a goal of 120WPM and write for 3 hours a day I could have a 90k first draft finished in a little over 4 days 👀👀

    #rly wanna try and consciously trigger flow states for writing like that #the last time i rly got into a flow state was that 2k watt fic i banged out in like 30 minutes on my phone while also smoking a cig lmfao #but it felt soooo nice #and it wasnt the best fic but even unedited i was kinda proud of it #so i rly wanna try something like this! #zombie post
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    he is my happy place

    #thats sick#jw #just looking at him feels like a breath of fresh air #the way he always tries to do new poses is snandnwjdn HOW SO CUTE ALWAYS #kiss me #the way he just sends unedited photos and theyre awkward and perfect I love him so much #im gonna knock him out and keep him💖 just kidding🙄 no i am not
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    Turning back, Dierre stopped to let her sister catch up. She watched as Dig crawled under a parked cart, leapt to her feet and sprinted toward Dierre with a wide smile. They had been running non-stop for at least ten minutes, darting through the streets, jumping around people. At this point, they were both well accustomed to navigating their corner of the city. Dierre was also getting used to the idea that she didn’t have to hold her sister’s hand the whole way. She trusted Dig to stay close by without getting herself lost.

    “Can we go to see the thrower later?” asked dig excitedly as she ran up to Dierre and recklessly embraced her. Dig had been obsessed with watching the various buskers and performers in Exchange Square lately. In particular, she loved watching the knife thrower.

    “Maybe,” said Dierre. “Careful!” She struggled to keep her balance as Dig pulled at her will all of her weight.

    “Do you remember when they had the blindfold on and they still hit all the targets?” asked Dig excitedly.

    “Yes,” Dierre smiled warmly. Her sister’s excitement was infectious. “Let’s keep going. If we’re quick maybe we can pass through the square on the way back.”

    Dig laughed as she took off at a sprint in the wrong direction.

    “This way, Dig!” Dierre called.

    Still laughing, Dig skidded to a halt, spun around and ran back past Dierre, her bare feet making tiny slaps against the stone street as she went. Dierre jogged after her.

    In the distance a bell chimed six times. The sound echoed through the street as they ran. Dierre followed her sister as she turned onto a side street. She felt proud of Dig; for the most part, she was starting to know her way around the city. They passed under a decorative stone archway decorated with detailed carvings in the shape of leaves. A minute later, they passed under another one, similar but not identical.

    Dierre strode next to Dig and softly said, “Turn right at the next arch. We’re almost there.”

    “Okay,” said Dig.

    When they made the turn at the next arch, the scenery changed. The houses on this street were bigger and spaced apart instead of being built right next to each other. They each had a small yard, often surrounded by a stone wall or iron fence. There were also fewer people on the street. Dig slowed down and stared at the houses with wide eyes.

    “Do you remember which house it is?” asked Dierre.

    Dig shook her head. “Prag says some of these houses only have one person living in them.”

    “Yes. That’s true,” said Dierre, looking around nervously. There was no one close by at the moment. She took her sister by the hand. “Be quiet for a bit, okay? Let’s keep going.”

    Dig stayed silent as they went, still gawking at the houses and marvelling at the yards, many of which were adorned with beautiful decorative gardens. There weren’t many open spaces like that in the city and certainly weren’t many places where plants grew. The streets and squares and markets were always full of people.

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    Integrity Magazine UK Nov 2020 issue Model: Natalie Aponte Designer: Mihaela Panaitescu Nikon D850, Nikkor 180MM F2.8D IF ED ISO: 200 #naturallight #naturallightportrait #editorialfashionphotography #fashiondesigner #fashionphotographer #rudyparias #rudyariasphotography #unedited #nikonnofilter #nikond850 #nikon #pursuitofportraits #makingportraits #fashioncampaign #supremeshutter #oodt #ootdfashion #photooftheday #photoofthedays #streetstyle #integritymagazineuk (at Bryant Park) https://www.instagram.com/rudyparias/p/CXLufVzOXtm/?utm_medium=tumblr

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