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  • softgrungeprophet
    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    the more i see and hear about the upcoming batman movie (mostly via my mom) the more batshit it sounds and honestly i’m all for it

    #this shit looks ridiculous and really if they're gonna lean into dark  territory why NOT lean all the way into horror territory #either lean all the way into campy like the 80s or all the way into freaky weirdo shit like this #and i assume it's a standalone universe which i'm also all for cause i'm sick of sprawling cinematic universes #like listen i'm generally a very pro-campy riddler that dude has been flamboyant for decades but also #i looked at the costume for this version and my dude is freaky and you know what? i can get into that #rpats' bad hair... the gun in the chest bits.... freaky riddler..... cat burglar catwoman..... #it all seems very interesting and in the realm of batman cinema pretty unique so i'm real curious #as much as i love gay glittery riddlers
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  • countdraluka
    25.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Writing fantasy stories is hard, but it also allows me to take wild creative decisions like loosely basing Alcina's dragon subspecies off those all-female lizards Tumblr went wild over some time ago.

    In my defense, it helps with worldbuilding what her upbringing might have been like. For example, she would not have suffered from a lot of the insecurities her Novitiate counterpart was so affected by, and the versions of traditional milestones like marriage and parenthood that were considered the standard in her society were certainly things she would have wanted for herself, which comes with its own cost when parts of her fairytale future don't go according to plan. Her life path fitting in a lot better with what would be the expectation - a marriage to a noblewoman of similarly powerful magical abilities, a huge chunk of land over which she has complete control, riches to support her advances in strengthening her bloodline - makes any diversions (like illness and a lack of heirs) feel like much grander failures. She falls a greater distance, which ultimately pushes her towards Miranda. But her being a woman has nothing to do with her problems.

    Because of that, an interesting aspect of her characterization is how her dislike of men comes not from any traumatic event of the likes of being raised in a patriarchal society or being considered less than because of her gender.

    No, no, no.

    She was born powerful, and with polymorphism at her disposal, there is nothing a mortal man could do that she cannot do better (according to her own judgment of things, at least).

    So her entire logic of prejudice boils down to:

    Males of all other magical races, including other dragons, register as completely unappealing to her.

    Her legendary ancestors got by without them just fine for the past... Two-hundred thousand years?

    The few men she has to deal with are incompetent buffoons - Heisenberg and his army of boy-toys particularly - and she absolutely has no qualms generalizing.

    Women are so much more charming, anyways. I mean, look at her wife. Who wouldn't commit atrocities for a face like that?

    Her conclusion: men - useful as food and that's about it.

    You know how some people hate mundane things like hay or pigeons for no good reason other than inconvenience?

    That's Alcina's take on "man-things" in this AU. Maria, in all her elven arrogance, just goes along with it.

    #fantasy au #lady dimitrescu x maiden #I do not condone gender-based prejudice by the way #Alcina is a horrible person and I write her as such #her and Karl are just two sides of a very flamboyant gay coin
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  • outlier-roddy
    17.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #objectively very good songs all things considered i DO think most of the flamboyant album still holds up a little
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  • daughterofyourdarklord
    16.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #Lucius or L'Oreal? #sometimes you guys rlly send me with these #like I never know what is going to be in my inbox anymore #the variation is breathtaking #istg#delphini#delphi#Luscious Malfoy#Lucius Malfoy#malfoy family #is it flamboyant or magnificent #somewhere in-between I imagine #black/malfoy family portraits #does LV jump in the shot? #please I would pay for that image myself #bellatrix just chilling in-between Voldemort and rodolphus #narcissa and Lucius looking mad uncomfortable #yes sounds about right #Draco hiding at the very end #mhm #im done now
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  • teahknight
    28.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Towa and Riku~

    #Towariku#Rikutowa #Hanyou no yashahime #Fanart #I like Riku hes like your smug manipulative pretty boy pirate #A bit flamboyant whats nice #I got rly sad after the last ep #He lost a bit brain mass after he fell in love but hes still clever enough to protect Towa #Shes strong physically #but srsl if it wasnt for Setsuna and Riku she'd been long dead #I like her tho #Shes a very unusual character
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  • plasticbile
    26.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    That Fred post reminds me of an embarrassing secret from my childhood. I had the biggest crush on him from like 5th to 7th grade it was so bad omg

    #As a child and into my teen years I just had crushed on very obvious gay men. Characters and teachers #Which is interesting bc flamboyant isn't really my type of guy for the most part I like bears mostly #I use to only be attracted to skinny Emo boys as a kid tho. Until I hugged my fat best friend in 7th grade and it awakened something in me #me
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  • tigwex
    22.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i’m gonna CRY everyone at work is so nice there isn’t a single person who i wouldn’t make a “my beloved” gif for and all my doubts have just. been reduced to a fine mist and dissolved in the wind

    #it's so charming too #like . CHARMING IN A RAT WAY #they don't have an office so we went down to what is affectionately called 'the dungeon' which is like a basement with garden chairs #it's so very . small business #also one of my new coworkers is this extremely flamboyant lad with a beard called nathan #who was on the x-factor and he brings a mic to work because he sings every second sentence #thoughts
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  • justpastryvideos
    17.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #stim#stimming#stim video#pastry#baking#no cutting#cakes#trans #god i love that one tip that's like straight on one end but a big ruffle on the other end #that is so sexy to watch #like the fourth tip they use #anyways this cake is giving very trans rights #it's also extremely flamboyant so i'm living #like she is THE cake she is THAT girl #this is the second cake for the anon who is taking the test today you're gonna kill this
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  • b0n3-h34d
    16.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    just finished my first day at a new school!!! it was pretty cool most of my teachers there were rlly chill n i made friends with a bunch of queer kids

    #one was a gay guy n he was very flamboyant n i want to br like him some day #i met a nonbinary person who i have science with n they wore a rlly cute skirt today #n a bunch of othrr rlly cool queer kids who walked me to my class when i got lost LMFAO #i unfortunately dont have any classes with the flamboyant gay guy we met at lunch :( #maybe tmrw ill have some classes with him cus we're doing the a day b day schedule? i hope so hes rlly cool
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  • justpastryvideos
    31.10.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #stim#stimming#stim video#pastry#baking#no cutting#blood tw#cakes#halloween #nightmare on elm street #freddy krueger #i WILL be wearing my freddy sweater all day today thank you very much #shoutout to one of my favorite drag race drag queens crystal methyd #who did a very sick freddy look on the show you should google it if you care #and i do think freddy is one of the most flamboyant gay leaning horror movie villains but we can get into that another time don't worry
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  • virus-selfship
    26.10.2021 - 3 monts ago



    But thank you 🥺

    I’m glad I at least come off as such, or at least Plague Doctor-sona does lol

    #i'm just very dweeby and express it in vaguely flamboyant ways ;u; #t has done a lot for my self-confidence but completely covering every inch of my body in garb apparently does more
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  • letmybabysleep
    19.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    I wish I had a partner I could force into my incredibly niche hobbies :(( I would be so powerful if I had someone to foxtrot with

    #i used to dance tango so well but the place i went to ended up closing because of the pandemic :(( #also stop thinking about the tango thats this wild flamboyant flamenco-like thing #I'm from buenos aires i dance tango very subtly and its very pretty but i cant anymore #cause the place i used to go where i could dance with whoever was there closed #and i dont know anyone who dances now #:((((#baby babbles
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  • quarkgender
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    this is the shit i'm talking about when i talk about it

    #dont reblog #(just bc i dont like these drawings lol) #chahura femme boyfriends instead of femme gfs they are very flamboyant they should be #spock is a transmasc femme lesbian im in love with them #anyway i am soooo dehydrated i have to go get some water #me.txt #my art #i have No idea how to draw a mullet
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  • chitratxt
    13.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    i have opinions on how i’d direct ragad but the thing is none of them are anything super unique or standout they’re just all really trivial but very close to my heart. the player does a little mocking gesture where he pretends to be hanged in ‘deaths and disclosures, universal and particular’ ros looks at guil during the player’s ‘think of the most private, secret, intimate thing you have ever done’ and they’re both really disoriented to the point of panic when they wind up in the castle directly after talking to the tragedians (there was NOT a timeskip it just. they are there now! time to play their part!) and slowly rationalize it as time goes on

    #guil is played with a hysterical kind of cheerfullness and always on the edge of annoyed condescension #ros is played nervous and bouncy and is very expressive bc he has less lines #the player is less on flamboyant charm OR mundane creepiness he's fucking EERIE #there's a lot of physicality fun and moving around the stage #there's some comedy in all of guil's monologues because he talks with his hands and his gestures are frankly nonsensical #media #rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead #ragad #chitra.txt #also ive seen productions where the 'spies' ARENT over the top while dying and they gotta be. it has to be OFFPUTTING #i am just a fan of the tragedians being played as spooky as possible i think #when guil kills him and he gets back up and is like 'you thought i cheated didn't you' that should be SCARY and it should scare r&g #he should look like he really is undead dragging himself up at first #and then of course that all fades away and theres this bizarre relieved tension #let me direct a ragad production. i want to so bad #or act in one #whatever #this is half how i'd direct it and half how i'd play each of the characters
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  • soullesscircuits
    06.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Just woke up from a very long and vivid dream that ended with a man so beautiful I cried

    #he was very flamboyant and had stunning rainbow highlighter and he gave me a free crown because it was my birthday #the whole dream took place on a couple of blocks (i think?? the residential area might have been like. a separate set?) #it all felt very sesame street but make it gritty and gay #i wish i could remember more. i don't know that I'd classify it as a GOOD dream- #there were definitely parts that read as nightmare #but overall it was very....... hm. i mean it was cinematic for sure but it was also very... warm? #there was a pretty large cast of characters and it felt like i belonged there and that all (or at least most of) them cared deeply about me #there was a part where i suggested (and wrote down) a time capsule for a streaming dnd campaign #and someone else (jokingly) suggested they open it in 3 days bc the whole point was that they were progressing So Fast they might forget #(the suggesting and writing were separated by this suggestion) and they meant it as a joke but were genuinely moved by it when they read it #there were a number of restaurants and shops and such and everyone traded with and bought from each other #and especially this nice old man in one of the shops #it just felt very cozy #i think it was a setting I've dreamed of before? especially recently. like several times.
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  • chrismcshell
    06.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    getting into undertale at this time of year was a mistake because my birthday is in november and then there's christmas after that and basically nothing is stopping me from using my birthday and/or christmas as an excuse to buy myself undertale merch

    #ray speaks #i never get into things that actually have merch that i want......... undertale has so many Fun Little Items. Help #there is a VERY high chance that i will own at least one physical undertale-related object by the end of the year #..........probably the posable mettaton figure tbh #it's the Flamboyant Transmasc Representation ™️
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  • the-inevitability-of-death
    05.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    spent a night out with a bunch of teenagers and let me tell you guys...

    the future is very, very, gay

    #there's this guy who's the community service chair for the mayors youth advisory council #he also holds a chair in the creative writing club #and is the section leader for the baritones in the choir #and wants to start a dnd club at my high school #and he's attempting to be part of the youth senate thing #he's really cool and very gay #but the best thing about myac is the kids are gay but not #✨quirky✨🤪🤪 #ya know? #because there's a line between flamboyant gay and ''im too awkward to make conversation about anything else even though this is rough'' #anyway #i had fun! #i decided this year that im an extrovert and it worked #so yeah
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  • migraineurdean
    01.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    think i may have a leetol crush on the cute nurse at my podiatrists office 😳😳😳

    #he's GOTTA be LGBT i can just TELL #he relaxes around me and swears and his general demeanor is very flamboyant and he's very sweet and cute and omg.
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  • goldendeiity
    24.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    last year i drew my oc Poe as Rouxls Kaard because he was one of his main inspirations when i created him back in 2019, so i thought it'd be neat to draw him as Rouxls for fun.

    the moment i saw him again in chapter 2, i knew exactly what i had to do :] and i had a lot of fun with it!

    #deitys art#deltarune#my ocs#Poe #poe is a bastard and i love him- he definitely kept a lot of his original inspiration's personalities #that ofc being very melodramatic and flamboyant
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  • shimzus
    03.09.2021 - 4 monts ago
    @kingheld​​ — from starter call.

             it’s quite clear that shimizu doesn’t know much about tennis as a sport. she’s seen it on television before , and during gym class had been made to test out a racket against her classmates , but she doesn’t vividly recall either as experiences that would stand out in her mind. volleyball had forcibly taken them over , and if ever prompted to share what she knew about tennis , shimizu would be the type of person to mention her school’s club ( with its ever-popular ace who was difficult to avoid ) or to question why zero points is called ‘ love. ’ but beyond that , she has barely anything to share.  

              admittedly , she’s a bit curious as to why someone so ... significant-looking ... is here. call it her nasty habit— the fact that she feeds into her curiosities more often than not— but it’s impossible not to notice the whispering about a popular tennis icon from among her classmates. it’s all they’ve been talking about today. and though she knows nothing about him or his sport , she can at least admit to herself that he has the sort of strong aura she’d seen in powerhouse school volleyball aces. so then , all that talk about him being an important person is probably true , she supposes.

              funny how things like that work , regardless of the sport. before she can even stop herself from making the comment , shimizu has already mused on the idea , and mumbles to herself that between her own school’s ace player and this one , there’s something noticeably different. only the back end of her statement seems to catch on though , because the first part is inaudible , until she gets to :  “  ... not like oujiyama-san , ne.  ”

    #kingheld #oujiyama is karasuno's tennis club ace jsgdlk but hes um very flamboyant and frivolous #for context #kiyoko thinks hes kinda a handful #anyways shes just talkin to herself here .... check out this guy who also happens to have a beauty mark eh
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