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  • headacheorheartache
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    #exm//orm//on vent/rant incoming;sorry #fffffUCK. apparently tonight theres a young adult conference/fireside being broadcast so of fucking COURSE my family put it on #and i dkdnt know it was happening i didnt even really remember that today was sunday bc my family didnt wake me up to go to church ssince im #sick so i was just vibing without thinking abt anything but. FUCK. #i was downstairs in the kitchen getting water bc im supposed to be hYdRaTeD and i was just minding my business with my headphones on but #they turned the broadcast on and i could hear the hymns even through my headphones and i just got so fUCking panicky but my mom came in so i #had to act like everything was fine and talk to her like a Normal Person but when she asked oh-so-hopefully if i was going to #stick arohnd and watch the broadcast with the rest of them bc ''i think its going to have some messages that would be really good for you to #hear'' and i just. had to make some excuse i dknt even remember and run back upstairs to get my breathing level again #god. fuck. its been so good being home this time around bc theyre all trying to get my name+pronouns right so i hhavent been NEARLY as #dysphoric as before. like this is the first time in YEARS being home i havent been terribly fucking dysphoric the ENTIRE goddamn time so i #just. didnt really expect to get so fucked up over every tiny little church-related thing #but. FUCK. get me the fuck out of here #since our walls are so thin if i turn my headphones down at all iican hear the speakers and the hymns even through my music and i dont WANT #to hear the shit those old-ass white men and their poor brainwashed Diversity Points have to say abt my life & the livesof those i care abt #its all i can do to fight that judgemental voice in my own goddamn head the rest of the fucking time; i dont need my brain to have any NEW #ammunition for doubting or hating myself; ive already got so fUcking mUch internalized bullshit to unlearn!! #just. FUCK. i hate this goddamn fucking c//ult. i hate having fucking rel//igious tr//auma!! i hate that it gets triggered so FUCKING EASILY #like!! i realised the other day after getting rly fckng panicky for no reason that it was actually triggered by hearing a specific kind of #big-ass open space acoustics/mic echo thing from some old white man's voice echoing in an ooen theatre?!?!?! and like. WHAT THE FUCK. ik #exACTLY wHy but STILL. WHAT THE FUCK. hearing it even when it was COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of ANY sort of religious context still made my ENTIRE #body tense up and start sweating and my stomach dropped. bc i WASBRACING MYSSLF to hear some judgementla/homophobic/transphobic/exclusionary #bullshit. and like??!! thats fucking INSANE. i shouldnt feel like that?? i shouldnt *have to* at least. but i DO. GOD. #just. FUCK. like!! i love when people touch my hair i think its lovely i love it. but if anyone touches my head in the way they do when #giving a blessing or a ''laying on of hands'' then i might have a full-blown panic attack the way i did when my (nevermo) friend #accidentally did and i had to explain it wasnt her fault and idk why that freaked me out so much but holy FUCK #i juts. i want to scream. god. god. GOD. FUCK. #i hate this. i dont know when itll get better -- ik it will eventually since all of this is new -- but. i HATE this. god. i fucking hate it. #my family isnt doing it on purpose!! they dont even know theyre doing it!! but theres no way i can tell them without making it into a huge f #ucking deal bc its so important to them and i qant them to share important things with me but i cant. i CANT share this with them rn. G O D
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  • headacheorheartache
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    #vent/rant incoming; will probably delete; plus more health talk; sorry. #im still fucking sick. and im at my checkup today and my doc just told me she thinks its fucking MONO??? #im going to fucking SCREAM. #if they gave me fucking mono im going to just. die. #i choose death over that. god. that feels so fucking humiliating. #at this point theres literally not another option for where i got it #bc ive been so fucking careful except for when i was with them again. #holy fucking hell. holy goddamn motherfucking hell. #so im getting the fucking bloodwork done ina minute to see wtf it is but. #if its mono. im literally never going to talk to anyone ever again #where the fuck else would i have gotten it??? no one else in my family has it. otherwise!! ive been terribly careful with my fucking. sALiVa #god. where the fuck did they get it. who the fuck else did they give it to. god. god GOD. #what the FUCK. #this is just. icing on the goddamn fucking cake that last year was. #it would explain the fatigue. and the swollen throat. and the fever. and honestly even the weird shit from last week. #and im sitting here fucking wondering if theyre fucking sick too!! if theyre okay or not!!! because im still so goddamn worried abt them!! #and im ALSO worried for whoever they got it from. and whoever else theyve given it to. #god. i fucking hate every part of this #giving me fuckig mono on the way out. thats... honestly im kind of impressed. any last shred of dignity i mightve had over the whole thing #is definitely just. completely ruined by the fact that ive been sick as a fucking dog for two weeks now #from the fucking. kissing disease. #my friends are never going to let me hear the end of this #i definitely deserve it though. god. fuck. god. i feel so fucking stupid. i cant tell my fucking family SHIT about it now #any of it. and im fucking atrocious at lying and this is so fucking stupid and my mom keeps pressing but theres no way in HELL im explaining #the whole situation to her. theres too fuckjng much and its all so. god. fuck. kill me now. bc if the end result of that whole story is just #''i trusted them (again) they broke my heart (round 2) and they gave me mono (new!). and i still want them back.'' #godddddddddd. im going to light something on fire. and sleep for a billion years #as soon as im out of this fucking office. im exhausted. #this morning woke up from a dream where we kissed & they turned away only to become someone i didnt recognise before walking out the door. #felt like the wind was knocked out of me when i woke up. i hate this. i hate this. god i fucking hate this. i need a fucking break.
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  • deus-ex-mona
    04.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    so, work was i n t e r e s t i n g today…

    #very strange text rant incoming i just needa vent it allll out sorry #i can’t believe the *only* 2 coworkers i dislike fought with each other in the middle of work today… #they were yelling at each other and everything… other coworker and i were standing in the middle all 😳 while they shouted… #a fourth coworker tried to mediate but things only cooled down (kinda?) when coworker 2 walked away in frustration #being with coworker 1 ages my brain by increments of 10 years #can’t believe i have to see coworker 1 for *every* single scheduled shift so far s o b s #inedible blubbering
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  • boybutgenderneutrally
    01.12.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #long rant incoming #neither of my parents would accept my gender #they prefer my studies over me #i have a bad cold rn and i'm too scared to ask to stay home bc i already did last week #and in their eyes anytime spent home in schooltime is a waste #I'm wasting my life currently #5 years studying everything in italian will bring me nowhere #i hate this study plan or whatever it is #i hate Italian i have nothing i could do with it. #there's nothing i can do with my life #I'll probably never even meet my partner irl #why am i even alive? #and then of course I live in hungary with almost no acceptance #ohh and right at the best time I can feel my main hyperfixation fade #for the last few months falsettos has been what I relied on it can't just fade now. #i Don't want to exist #i can't do anything bad to myself rn or ever honestly so don't worry ig #I'm going to try to sleep now. #sorry for being a bother #vent tw
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  • sex-blood-metal
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #Vent/rant incoming #I feel so alone #like i work retail-pharmacy and its currently xmas rush so im not technically alone but still #my presence is negligible at best #i dont have anyone to talk to #my closest friend is currently ignoring me and treating me like i dont exist despite us living together #my online d&d group all have their own shit and i only barely talk to one of them outside of games #my depression is back in full swing and i cut myself for the first time this year today #i feel so drained and out of place no matter what i do #and im extremely touch-starved #normally im high-functioning SAD but lately its been a struggle to do anything #yesterday after work i only spent 2 hours trying to game before i just got into bed until i fell asleep sometime after 1am #i wanna kill myself but at the same time i so badly want to actually live #not survive #but do shit that makes me feel alive and ill enjoy #but this world doesnt let that happen #and so death is looking more and more likely
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  • skrillien
    14.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    a quick emotional comic I made bc I'm indefinitely retiring haiidyn as a character. Matias is taking it hard

    #spesnart #aight. rant/vent incoming #between slúshíí being a crурто bro #n a реwdíерie fan #n haiidyn being a centerpiece of several bad relationships #i just dont feel the same attachment to them as i did before #ik people like them. but. i dont 🤷 #ironic ig considering they were supposed to be a vent oc that was MEANT to have bad things attached to them but like these are just #a different brand of bad. ya no #like theres a difference between repping my intrusive thoughts n repping someone whos ok w nаzis having a platform #so yeah im retconning them i dont rly feel bad abt it #tho now i have to fill the holes in some of my other dudes' lore 😞 ug #originals#not bops#not fork
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  • slytherinanimuswrites
    19.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    New Mom Issues: The Vent Post, The Covid Story, The Stress Post

    Guys seriously I love my daughter I do.

    I was told I wouldn't be able to have her and while my experience was horrible with pregnancy and the event of near hemorrhaging at 26 weeks pregnant I'm very happy to have her.

    So is her Daddy

    Lately though she is getting on my nerves, as newborns tend to do.

    I feed her “On Demand”, change her multiple times an hour cause she hates being wet -no matter if she had been JUST changed like 5 minutes ago how the fuck you pee that much?!?!-

    Rock her, swaddle her, entertain her, play music, put on kids shows for colors and sounds, sing to her about how much she is driving me nuts...and she still will cry and cry and scream till it sounds like she's being murdered.

    Now I'm sorry I am not going to make my child DEPENDANT on being held every time she cries, otherwise we will NEVER be able to put her down in the future. Not to say she doesn't get held or bounced as we meander around the room or while sitting

    And before anyone comments about what about her Dad let me get to the next part of this post...

    My Husband the love of my life; who nearly died on us due to Covid -a second time and was told by the Hospital it was their worse case for someone his age-

    Covid Caused Pneumonia, Covid Caused Blood Clots in his lung and leg, and near Kidney failure due to dehydration because of how sick he was and his 103*F fevers.

    Is still in recovery, having had been intubated to breathe because the Asthma he has plus the Covid, the pneumonia AND the clot had gotten him in such a horrible state he needed to be put under.

    Now for those who don't know this causes something called Muscular Atrophy. When a disease or injury makes it difficult or impossible for you to move an arm or leg, the lack of mobility can result in muscle wasting.

    My husband from the start of his sickness till his discharge from the hospital lost 54lbs, and nearly ALL his muscle. This man is built like a (American) Football player, and is now 186lbs.

    The PTSD of the hospital machines beeping, the sensations of the Tube and cannula, the experience of the horrible treatment the first hospital gave him, the second hospital admittance then the Airlift to ANOTHER hospital...

    It really messed him up, nearly dying, being put under while he was sleeping, the pain in his chest while struggling to breathe, and waking up having had no idea what happened to him or what day it was,

    It took me a week of constant reassurance that he was home, nothing was on his face, he could breathe on his own and he was finally home with us for me to see any semblance of the man I married again.

    I was now after 3 months of living in a Hospital, having had become a NICU mom with a NICU warrior...taking care of both my new baby and my spouse.

    Hes been doing better, slowly getting back strength and stamina again, able to help me a bit more with caring for our daughter. He is well enough to let me sleep for 2 hours here and there, which I appreciate even though he is healing too.

    Still, I’m exhausted and Baby Zelda is currently going through a growth spurt which makes her even more fussy.

    I take care of a 5 person household, my SIL who is special needs -mostly blind, partially deaf, and having the mental age between 10-14 depending on the situation at physical age of 25-. The animals, the chores and errands, the cleaning and cooking, my child, my spouse and most the time I'm on my MILs ass about her health due to her working 6 days a week and not minding her health all that well for a woman of 50 years.

    I’m tired and stressed but relieved my love is alive, we are together and will sort out our situation financially and otherwise a day at a time.

    The consensus of this rant...

    Covid is not a Joke, Vaccine or not you can STILL get it, be hospitalized, and nearly die from it. 

    {This is not a intro to a discussion or political trigger of debate about the virus or vaccine because I honestly don't care to hear it. I've dealt with enough}

    Blood Clots are DANGEROUS please be aware of that, it can and WILL take your life if it hits your heart or lungs.

    Being a NICU mom is very hard, very stressful, very traumatizing, and we and our babies are WARRIORS. Unless you have had a Premature baby yourself and have had a child in the NICU you will never understand what it is like.

    To my fellow NICU Moms and Dads I understand and I am here to emotionally support you through that journey if you need it. Transitioning with a child just out of the NICU is rough too so you know.

    And I needed to vent it out...Hope everyone else is doing well, please stay safe and healthy!

    _Vent Closure Complete_


    #venting#rant incoming#covid19#hospital#nicubaby#nicuwarriors #near death experience #blood clots#pnumonia#covid complications#stress #its to much #not a discussion #just needed to get it out #im emotional#im exhausted#new mom#newborn#not politics#no discussion #just needed to get this out of my system #off my chest
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  • bukuoshin
    06.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Bro, I wanna support small businesses but like. Some of y'all should not be running businesses.

    #rae rants #if i have to go to your personal twitter/tumblr to find out what is going on with my order. thats bad. #and you should feel bad abt it. you are literally being paid for this. #vent // #like! i have skin in the game dude. to support you specifically. don't whine. #at a certain point it goes from 'i understand uwu' to 'why the fuck did you think you could run a business?' #im going to bed soon. i just suddenly got so stressed abt this i couldn't sleep god #i don't have a lot of disposable income. so when i use it and the service sucks? not fun.
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  • konmari-dogs
    03.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I’m all for highlighting problematic “funny pet videos” but oh my god dog groups really go for the most trivial minor nitpicking details just enjoy the fucking video you humourless fuck

    #jfccccccc #share an amazing dog video because its pretty damn cool #and im feeling disillusioned with the group so hey post what i want to see ! #income nitpicky mc nitpickers #because the dogs are out of perfect position in a 15 second video #like thank you person who thinks repeatedly sharing photos of them stacking it on technical trails they're not ready for #your nitpicking of literal gold medalist competitors dogs on a 15km run is really desireable in a video #where u want to share some inspo #jfc#rant#vent #its not the big fucking deal ur trying to make it out to be #dogs crab all the time #especially when tired #like these guys are #because they're at the end of 15km if you'd read the description!!! #oh my god they're not fat just LOOK AT THE PAGE FOR OTHER POVS!!! #over a 15 second video! #WELCOME TO SPANIEL ANATOMY #THEY'RE SHORT SQUAT AND BIG RIBS!!! #the trainer competes in stamina races so yes they're tired!!! #URghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #this was the video meant to cheer myself up about this stupid group of just sharing an enjoyable video to have a #BREAK from the endless useless shitty comments by people who read one guide and take it as law #urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #this group is turning so useless just a culture of ecollar addicted nitpickers stuck in the one way only way culture #im not getting any value anymore might be time to move on #the best parts were the files lmao #and a couple of users #i might friend before leaving
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  • constellation-falchion
    30.07.2021 - 5 monts ago


    #rant incoming #i fucking hate nightmares they are so disorientating and :( #like ik i fucked up. ik i have the overwhelming need to be held. you didn't have to remind me through semi realistic scenarios #pls just let me sleep in peace it's like the main time i don't overthink #fuck man. they always really throw me off #but to be fair it wasn't wrong :(sorry for the vent asdfghj
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  • enjscurls
    21.07.2021 - 6 monts ago


    #jobs are infuriating as fuck #i just want to cry what the hell #you dont fucking contact me for three months and then suddenly expect me to work for you?? #wheres the logic???? #im so fucking mad #but i have no other source of income #logan speaks#logan vents#logan rants
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  • nebula-nevermore
    19.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    “my child is fine” your child is severely misinterpreting and upsetting themself with the smallest and most innocent of comments

    #/vent#/tbd #feeling some kinda way in this chilis tonight. and its not good #rant incoming so feel free to skip past #literally anything seems to get me sometimes #like is it the rsd? am i just a bitch? #perhaps a combination of the two? #i go ‘this is the hill i’m going to die on’ when there’s no hill there dumb bitch. not even a molehill
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  • tunashei
    15.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    One of the arguments I see against a living wage is the idea that minimum wage jobs are intended to be part time, for teenagers, to earn a bit of extra cash.

    And I’d be all for this is there was universal income

    But there isn’t, and there aren’t enough jobs that pay a living wage available, so you have all sorts of ages and types of people working these minimum wage jobs. When you ask those anti-living wage people what about the others, they say ‘well they should have made better choices’.

    Do people deserve to die for ‘making bad choices’? Lets ignore the huge amount of influence your environment has of choices. Even if somebody with full mental capacity does something utterly stupid with no reason, like try to fight a bear, do we just let them die? Do the bystanders who saw them get mauled not call an ambulance? Does the hospital ask patients as they come in ‘but is this injury your fault?’

    Is the person says ‘yes’. Run. They cannot be reasoned with. Is they say ‘nooo! People shouldn’t die for bad choices, but I still don’t support living wage’ then you know that while they wouldn’t hold the knife they’re content with people dying as long as they don’t see it.

    Because people do die from poverty. They might not be starving to death but they’re malnourished, they’re skipping meals, they’re getting sick more often. They’re stressed, their bodies breaking down, they’re dying early. They’re freezing to death on the streets. They’re dying because they can’t afford insulin. They’re committing suicide because they cannot cope with such misery.

    To say workers don’t deserve a living wage is to say they don’t deserve to live. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t personally kill them, you let it happen, you are complacent.

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  • casually-shipped
    11.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    I live in government housing and there are some strict rules I must adhere to. A rule in which my sister and I have discussed is no smoking, or smoking pot is aloud in or on the premises of our home. I caught ignoring this rule, and smoking weed in the home, thus risking my housing. Because our neighbor has been doing the same, and I have complained about it because I have asthma and the smoke and smell bother me, there's often nothing the manager can do, unless they catch it themselves. The manager has been eyeing me in a negative way, and I have felt different treatment from her then other tenants in a negative manner. So I feel there is a major target on me. I may be paranoid, or my anxiety is at fault, but my fears are real regardless.

    With this logic of our neighbor getting away with it, my sister felt she too could get away with it. When I confronted her, and told her she can never risk my housing like that again, she said ok, but was very dismissive. She can be like me, self righteous. But I was very real, candid, and final, about this issue. Barely a month later, she is toking up a again with the window open, hoping I won't smell it, or catch her because ofc she feels she knows best, but what I don't know won't hurt me right? I smelled it big time, and the open window did nothing, other than if anyone walked past it they'd know where it was coming from. I confronted her, and she was indignant, even explaining the window was open, and the same bs excuses about how the neighbor get's away with it. I once again, had to reiterate my issue, and concern. I was fuming, am fuming, and hurt. I said how dare you? I said I told u this from my heart! I said I can't trust after this, especially seeing how she is so willing to risk our housing. I have no issue with weed, I just don't want to be homeless.

    I also understand her depression is getting to her more than usual. But she doesn't get to risk my housing and undermine me in such a disrespectful manner. Her depression makes her such an asshole omg. We have been through so much shit in life, we have been destitute, we've experienced traumas, and loss. We have been through so many evictions I've lost count. After all we've been through, after everything we did to finally have a secure roof over our heads, she risks it for a drag of a blunt!!! No thought to the consequences, no care of my asthma or feelings. It was far more important to smoke a blunt, then have a roof over our heads!!! Make it make sense! I told her before to buy edibles if that's what she needs, she never did, instead she made a damning choice I have no idea how to get past or look at her the same way with trust, and confidence. She to me is now unstable, and a symbol of fear of what I could lose. At any moment I can't help but wonder what else she will do, if she could do this!

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  • oddlyspecifictshirts
    30.06.2021 - 6 monts ago

    instagram let me vent on my private story challenge

    #rant/vent incoming #may be triggering probably best to just ignore it lmao #'your post was removed for violence blablabla' I WAS JOKING AND VENTING ABOUT MY ABUSE SHUT THE FUCK UP #I EVEN SAID 'for legal reasons that's a joke' #do u wanna fight me because i will gladly fight you #ignore me i am angry at everyone and everything especially instagram #oh boohoo 10 people are gonna see me angrily use the word k/ll in a venting context this is definitely something u should act against but #when i get literal r*** and d**** threats on ur fucking app then u don't care. ok. also what about the fucking pro-ana coaches targeting #young vulnerable kids on ur fucking app?? but no I'm the problem. got it. #anyone else wanna gaslight me and use me as a punching bag apparently everyone gets a go today #shut up jess
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  • gardenerian
    26.05.2021 - 7 monts ago

    cool cool coolcoolcoolcool cool coolcool cool coolcoolcoolcoolcool cool coo-

    #tag rant incoming i'm sorry asfdhaksdja i am just ✨freaking out✨ #been seeing a new pdoc since the thing and i am starting to realize that she kinda sucks? #she is constantly changing doses or adding things #it's only been three months and i haven't been able to get used to anything #so it's been a wild ride of side effects and mixed features #and it's fine i'm just tired of it ya dig? #but then last week she was like #oh you're still experiencing x y and z? let's change /everything/ #so she took me off all the current ones and then prescribed one single med instead of a combo #which is an ssri? which i am not supposed to take?? #she was like oh no i trust this for you we're gonna try monotherapy asdfjhoas #i do not function without the antipsychotic i just don't #and there was nothing wrong with my original cocktail!! i just stopped taking it! that's on me!!!! #and my insurance straight up denied it so i can't even get this demon pill #AND she gave me no refills to taper off the others #so i ran out! and it's been four days of cold turkey straight up taking nothing #she's not responding to me or my pharmacy and i am losing my shit #things were already so sloppy like it's gonna come for me #so if anyone needs me i will be DOCTOR SHOPPING idk why i didn't push back on this more #so sorry for this vent please disregard me as a person thanks #and if i get weird or idk then i am very sorry but at least it's not totally my fault this time #i'm just panicking like my kingdom for a mood stabilizer #mental illness tw #medication tw #mel complains and overshares and weirds everybody out tw
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  • revolutionnews
    16.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    FED UP with all of the Bo0mers saying this sh#t?

    “If you’re vaccinated, you won’t die. You MIGHT get sick. But you won’t die!!” - says Bo0mer

    Tell us more, o’ aged fountains of wisdom!

    It must be really nice to have MEDICARE pay for your hospital visit when you get sick.

    It must be really nice to have SOCIAL SECURITY pay you every single month reliably, like clockwork -- whether you get out of bed or not.

    So go ahead, continue your SELF-CENTERED thinking.

    Go on your VACATIONS.

    Go EAT OUT.




    You know “that look” young service workers are giving you while you’re chowing down at Dennys?

    While you’re pushing your cart in Walmart? While you’re at the Dollar Store?

    THAT LOOK in the eyes those workers is the look of utter contempt.

    Quite frankly, you are endangering our lives.

    We waited behind you so you could get vaccinated first.


    HA! We are not as lucky as you, Bo0mer.

    Go shopping, eat out, have fun. Chances are you are spreading COVID. You can be fully vaccinated and still get OTHERS sick, you know?? (Or maybe you just don't care.)

    Those "others" are US, you D*#kS!

    Us. The under-insured, the non-insured.

    And who the hell is going to pay for our hospital visit if we get sick??

    "Thanks for caring about our lives, B0omers."

    You've treated us like crap from the beginning, Bo0mers, and of think you have the right to make us sick, then we have the right to: pee in your soup, spit on your burger, give you the dirty cup we just used.

    Fair is fair.

    #boomer#politics#news#rant#medicare#health #medicare for all #bernie sanders#free college #free health care #universal basic income #roy ayers ubiquity #ubi now#blm #sorry for the rant #my rants#vent#minimum wage
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  • bongdaddy666
    26.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    i hate that even though by no means i am responsible for how my friends and family go about their lives, i feel like im obligated to set them on the right path. nobody fucking asked for my guidance. im not a professional or a teacher, what do i know about life? who am i to tell someone to do better when i am doing terribly myself?

    plus- they are all grown ass adults who can do whatever they want. im not theyre parent, but i still care so much about their health. i can see them doing things that kill them and it infuriates me because what the hell can i do to stop them? being nice isnt working, they just say its not a big deal when it is a HUGE deal because they dont want to burden you. if i cant tell them i love them kindly, then i have to either scream it at them or just watch as they destroy themself.

    and i dont want to do either because that means i have to hurt them by telling them the truth (and not in the nice way i have been for months, but in the "you are an idiot and its going to kill you, why arent you fucking listening to me or anyone else?" way) or hurt myself by watching them do this.

    #personal#ranting#venting #this sounds like its about drug addiction but its not #i just have a friend who going to work herself to death #and i mean this literally #and at what point do i walk away #because how can i force someone to quit their job #this isnt some 90s cartoon im not going to sabotage my friend's source of income #but FUCK #im so frustrated and worried and confused #long
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  • daveashburn
    18.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    I don’t like thinking about grown up things :(

    #text post#rant#vent #I talked with my bf and he’s ok waiting #but know I really have to think about my education and source of income #he wants me to move out there in the future #but that means getting my GED and finding a stable income so I can get an apartment #god… I’m not ready for this.. but I’m not ready for anything so… #*sigh* #what am I doing with my life… #I have no idea what I want to do #I…#…#idk…
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  • almostnoisydonut
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    𝓣𝓲𝓹𝓼 𝓽𝓸 𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓹 𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓖𝓮𝓽 𝓣𝓱𝓻𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱 𝓪 𝓑𝓪𝓭 𝓦𝓮𝓮𝓴 𝓪𝓽 𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓴

    Having a bad day at work is a nightmare. What more if it was a week of nothing but bad news? A good and strong willed virtual assistant knows what to do in situations like this. To help you overcome this ordeal, here are tips to help you get through a bad week at work.

    Unpleasant days at work can be caused by a lot of factors. They usually happen because of uncontrollable events. The worst thing you can do in situations like these is to take things personally; this will only make matters worse. If you let a bad day or bad week affect you personally, you’ll start doubting yourself and your capabilities. Once this happens, your productivity and efficiency will be negatively affected.

    It’s always a good idea to stay professional. For example, if you got reprimanded by your boss, treat it as a learning experience so you can improve yourself and your craft. Sulking and feeling bad will only affect your work and eventually your career.

    Nothing beats getting through a bad week by spending time with family and friends. Once your work week is over, spend time with family and friends. There are two ways to deal with a bad week once the weekend comes. First, is to spend time with family or friends and totally forget about the bad week you had. Treat it like a “reset” button and try to feel optimistic that your incoming week would be better as you can start fresh. The second option is to rant and talk this over with friends.

    Letting off steam also helps you feel better. If your family or friends are willing to listen, this is one type of therapy you can do to help cope up with depressing thoughts because of a bad week at work.

    OK, sometimes this just isn’t possible because your boss is the worst. But if you don’t work for a complete monster, your manager’s probably aware of the fact that part of her job is to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. If that happens to be a venting session about how the week has gone down, so be it.

    You might be surprised to see what happens after you open up. Maybe nothing, but maybe deadlines can be moved, or tasks can be delegated elsewhere, or you’ll find an extra slice of leftover birthday cake at your desk.

    I know—you want to do such a good job that everyone you work with knows that you can be trusted with anything. And that’s really admirable. However, the reality is that even the most talented people need a helping hand occasionally. And that includes you.

    There’s probably at least a small part of you who wants to harp on all the things you did to make this week difficult. After all, you have all the control in this situation, right? Well, not always. Sometimes you just have a packed calendar with meetings on meeting. And other times, work is just tough.

    Sure, if you make a mistake, you should fess up and take the appropriate steps. But on weeks when it feels like you just can’t catch a break, it’s important to take a step back and remind yourself that there are things you simply cannot control.

    Literally, search your heart out. Pinterest has walls of quotes that are uplifting and motivational. Whether they're religious or just quotes that make you feel good, it may end up as a new wallpaper on your phone or just a loved image that keeps you going.

    Sometimes even the best jobs can feel like, well, work. And some weeks are going to be harder than others. You can’t control everything, but you can rethink the way you cope with a particularly difficult stretch. And if nothing else, you’re only getting closer to Friday.

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