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  • lyriumwrath
    05.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    I love how, despite Fenris’ eyes clearly not being blue, they really went with blue in the comics.

    #ooc #it's okay they have the right to be Wrong #there are things about his design in the comics i like and things i don't #but at least with most of their design things i can look at it and be like #ok i don't agree but i see how you could make that translation from relatively old video game model to 2d character i suppose #but this is eye color??? #it's right there #i feel it's pretty much not open for interpretation #i mean... i flip flop between thinking they're more hazel than green sometimes but #blUE? #liGHT BLUE? #not my fenris #not in this household!
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  • clinically-not-straight
    05.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Ok so I've got a thing that got to me. I was on youtube today, ad comes up "instaglam glo-up girls" they look like this:

    And from how they look it seems relatively whatever, just kids dolls. But, look at the name "glo-up" as in the "I look prettier now" trend. And you might think to yourself "Ok well, it's a doll, they normally have some weird, sometimes sexist shit tied in with them." And you'd be right. What I didn't expect was for them to be so blatant about it in the ad. They basically, put make-up, and facial cleanser, and hair product shit on them.

    Now, most dolls you see have a concept like that to some degree but then when you see it tied with the "glo-up" thing. Those two things going together rubs me wrong because I reading that as "you're not pretty unless you spend money on it, and the only thing worthwhile is your looks." I know Barbie has weird shit like that going on where it gives girls a weird message about who they are but i've never seen them do it right in the fucking advert.

    Either the fuckers that made the ad are blind, think we're blind, or both.

    #also tell me why I saw this on a game theory vid #aint watched him in ages until now but his videos always trigger the worst ads on YT #also his content is not great still:/ #but I always go back #his stuff is like a car crash. you don't want to look but you know you're gonna #objectification#beauty standards#feminism #I feel like tagging this with feminism is a bad omen but oh well #i mean it does come under feminism sooo #oof
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  • felassan
    05.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Some thoughts on the new short stories & art, cut for length:

    Won’t Know When
    the red ground, the negative space around them both and the heart-shape created by the darkspawn bodies is genius.. so romantic.. the ultimate Battle Couple.. The way they’re looking at each other is so soft, tender.. I’m weak. this art is really beautiful. they both look cool and it’s interesting to see a different style of Grey Warden clothes/uniform. I’m obsessed with Antoine’s epic winged bow and long ears. the attention to detail in this picture is also grand, love the squashed head under Evka’s hammer complete with splat. as for the darkspawn lots of them have red eyes which really reminds me of him and them.. in the case of the latter so does the general design, coloring and the wavy bits on their bodies. what’s up with these darkspawn and the red lyrium sus-ness 😬
    Evka and Antoine from TN’s Hunger are back! Evka was also with us last year on DA Day in The Next One. there’s a bit of poetry almost - in The Next One Warden Lawrence promised to get Evka out and save her from the darkspawn, then he died, and here now she’s gotten the miners out and paid Lawrence’s actions forwards, while things aren’t looking so good for her now either. she got the next ones 😭 
    ah the timeline.. in Hunger, Antoine was newly recruited into the Wardens and they had received the summons to Weisshaupt that had gone out to available Wardens. now he seems experienced and their relationship has progressed to the point where they’re in love.
    Antoine is an Artificer, right? “I never said it was a good plan” reminds me of when Solas said that exact line. baby halla are called fawns aahh. The sentence “The brackish swamplands filled with grey sludge” is lurking ominously in my brain because of The Horror of Hormak and the gross, briny, brackish gray fluid that kept getting mentioned in it.. 😬 what if there was one of the 11 other Ghil labs near Kassel? maybe Evka and Antoine dealt with one there?
    where is Eichweill in relation to the Merdaine? hurlocks in the High Reaches - darkspawn close to Minrathous? I wonder if the thing they encountered near Arlathan was a forest guardian like the one from Three Trees to Midnight. and if their colleague Warden Dernel went on his calling recently, I guess there hasn’t yet been success or widespread success with the HoF’s quest to find a cure for the Calling.
    The Eternal Flame
    loving Johanna’s glasses/goggles, the art has almost a bit of a steampunk-magipunk feel which reminds me of parts of the TGA 2020 trailer, although those were in Minrathous not Nevarra. young Emmrich could double as Dorian’s long-lost suspicious uncle. the skull and the color of the necromancy magic remind me of Skellington.
    30 years ago! I guess we’ve now reached 9:52 Dragon in the timeline. how exciting!!! I dig the timeskip. I like thinking about how old characters would be now and seeing the story of the world [for me the World of Thedas in the Dragon Age is the main character in this universe] continue to unfold through time. like witnessing history! it’s possibly also a mechanism to distance the next game just a bit from the instant/short-term effects/impacts of some of our DAI choices, to make writing and accounting for them a bit easier.
    there’s an element of ‘Solas what have you been doing for all this time lol, lying on a beach?’ But in Trespasser Solas did refer to “a few more years of relative peace”. he refers again to these few years plural in The Dread Wolf Take You, and explains why there will be some years before his plans come to pass: “I told myself that it was because you all deserved to know, to live a few years in peace before my ritual was complete.” sounds like it could be due to the nature of his ritual and how long it could take to do? which sounds odd, a years-long-ritual, but whatever it is he needs to do to take down the Veil is probably ancient elvhen magic-related/-based, right, and remember he comes from a time when they were immortal and “Some spells took years to cast. Echoes would linger for centuries, harmonizing with new magic in an unending symphony”. That’s normal for some kinds of ancient elven magic/ritual. there’s also older Dorian in the Trespasser slides.
    did parts of TN maybe take place a bit later than we originally thought? if “A year later, nations would stand, and tremble” in Genetivi Dies In The End refers to nations facing down or being in the path of the big bad in DA4 or similar, perhaps the expedition took place around 9:51?
    We’ve met Emmrich before, he’s the older Professor necromancer and Mourn Watcher from Down Among The Dead Men (also by Sylvia) in TN (In TN his surname is spelled Volkahrin, in this short it’s Volkarin.) it’s impressive how in only a few sentences in the short Sylvia nailed his char consistency from TN! - he’s academically curious, fascinated by the dead/his work/the unknown in those areas, a bit eccentric, good-natured/amiable and skilled in what seem to be niche kinds of necromancy in both. Johanna Hezenkoss is new. again we see there are different schools of thought among the Mortalitasi on the dead (which is pog, that kind of thing adds depth to the worldbuilding)
    this short taught me what an ossuary (a container or room in which the bones of dead people are placed) and a fane (a temple; a place consecrated to religion; a church) is :D thankyou Sylvia.
    “An attendant had noted it, informed the Mourn Watch, and a pair of necromancers had been dispatched.” shoutout to the Necropolis janitors
    the lorehound in me is dying to read Emmrich’s paper, hear more about corpse whispering and variations on possession and know the lore implications of “sub-astral manifestation”.. thedosian astral plane when.. I’m also dying to explore the Necropolis in-game, pun intended. And I wonder if Mortalitasi are being highlighted again as a faction for a reason, like pertaining to DA4 storybeats.
    some websites say white roses are associated with death/mourning but idk how reliable they are and flower language/symbolism isn’t something I know about. and it’s interesting, there’s the fire and flames and the flickering of the skull but the Eternal Flame reads more like a reference to the metaphorical eternal flame of the dead person’s love for their wife, which persists so passionately, even in death. :’)
    #dragon age 4 #the dread wolf rises #da4#dragon age#bioware#solas#video games#long post#longpost#mj meta #i feel like i havent warbled thoughts on da stuff on here for a while #so idk this is nice #hnnnnn dragon age #dragon age on the brain #dragon age brainrot
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  • kreuzdrache
    05.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    I need to replay Sigma Star Saga again, that was a cool game.

    #Sigma Star Saga #video games#dumb#random
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  • superschade
    05.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    💥Take That!💥

    After 12+ years of loving these games, I finally got my Ace Attorney tattoo!!

    #ace attorney#phoenix wright#gyakuten saiban #dai gyatuken saiban #great ace attorney #anime tattoo #video game tattoos
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  • pixelrhys
    05.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    i drew this LATE last night so it isnt the best but i havent drawn phoenix in literal years. i miss you king

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  • zedtheartblog
    05.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    drew a nebulous mod of redemption <3 been feeling off today so i wanted to draw smth, and i gave her cat eyes and refuse to admit she still looks better w/o them.

    no cat eyes under cut anyway

    #terraria#terraria fanart#modded terraria #mod of redemption #fanart #video game fanart #digital art#idfk #haven't actually played MoR but ugh it seems really cool <3 #after SoA and then I'm between MoR & Cal #i need a new fandom to adore <3 #maybe it'll be pokemon tho however mad it makes me #terraria community is small esp on tumblr sadface #and also hard game for dumb man #idk <3
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  • catthey
    05.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    norman rockwell sounds like a video game name

    #like. from video games or from 1985 or 1986 or whatever that dystopia book is
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  • squinko
    05.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    i cant stop laughing at this

    #i was in a domain and i saw this and nearly died wjjzxbznz #video games#ollie tag
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  • silyabeeodess
    05.12.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    START: https://silyabeeodess.tumblr.com/post/168398877729/preview

    PAGE 79: https://silyabeeodess.tumblr.com/post/669690133961916416/start

    PAGE 81: Next Saturday! 

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  • negative-chemitaxis
    05.12.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Is it weird that I miss the first lockdown? Life used to be so much simpler back then.. There used to be so much hope, while now it's just disillusionment..

    #Playing video games all day #Not caring a single thing about the things I was supposes to do #A good relationship with my family #I miss that #so much
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  • silyabeeodess
    05.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    START: https://silyabeeodess.tumblr.com/post/168398877729/preview

    PAGE 78: https://silyabeeodess.tumblr.com/post/669003096808161280/start

    PAGE 80: https://silyabeeodess.tumblr.com/post/669690414674149376/start

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  • jinglyjangly
    05.12.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Yeah honestly id put far harbor above honest hearts story wise and like my list is:

    Dead money

    Lonesome Road

    Far harbor



    Honest Hearts

    Fo3 dlc

    Nuka world

    Vault 88 or whatever god that was a waste of my money

    #idk if im missing any but hey #this is ranked by story #i liked automatrons story and i thought she was very cute and fun. i wish it wasnt a dumb callback to fo3 but like…it was still decent #but its worldspace was pretty boring #honest hearts has my favorite world space in a video game but. the story fucking sucks. #like the story had potential to be very good in van buren but like. hm.
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  • layce2015
    05.12.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur Morgan x Female!Reader)

    Clemens Point

    Previous Chapter

    A few days later…

    After the gang settles into their new place, Arthur wakes up and sits up on his cot before he looks over at the tent next to him, which was (y/n)'s. He sees (y/n) cleaning Annebeth up as best as she can before she looks over at him. She smiles at him, which he returns, before he stands up and goes to find Dutch. He stands on the bank of the river and looks out over the water.

    "How you doing, old friend?" Dutch asked him. "Fine." Arthur said. "It’s funny…us ending up down here. My daddy died in a field in Pennsylvania, fighting this lot. I ever tell you that?" Dutch asked him. "Many times…" Arthur grumbles. "I see I’m boring you, Arthur." Dutch said as he turns to him.

    "Worrying me…we lost men back there." Arthur said. "We have lofty goals, Arthur. We’re trying to reform society to a kinder, truer, better way, now of course there’s gonna be casualties." said Dutch. "We’re thieves…In a world that don’t want us no more." Arthur said. "We are dreamers in an ever duller world of facts, now I’ll give you that, but come on…We got the day. It’s nice out." Dutch said and Arthur follows him as they walk up to Hosea, who was standing near the camp's horses.

    (Y/n) watched them talk to Hosea for a bit before they mounted their horse. As he got on his horse, Arthur looks over at her and nods a goodbye to her. She smiles at him then nods back at him as she gives a bit of a wave to him while he, Dutch and Hosea take off.

    "Momma?" Annebeth said in a small voice and (y/n) looks down at her. "Yes, sweetie?" She said, giving the young child her full attention. "Can I ask a question?" Annebeth asked. "What is it?" (Y/n) asked, curiously. "A-Are you and Uncle Arthur...um...sweet on each other?" Annebeth asked, sounding like she was trying to make sure she said the right words, and (y/n) was taken aback by that.

    "I heard Aunt Mary-Beth and Aunt Tilly talking about you and him...and they were saying something about how you and Uncle Arthur were, uh...being sweet on each other." Annebeth added. "Oh, well...uh..." (y/n) stammers, trying to think.

    How do you explain this kinda thing to a four year old?

    "What does being sweet on each other mean?" Annebeth asked her. "Well, it means...when two people really like each other, they tend to show...affection to one another. Like a hug or a kiss..." (y/n) said, a bit embarrassed. "Like Uncle Dutch and Aunt Molly? Or Uncle Sean and Aunt Karen?" Annebeth asked and (y/n) chuckles.

    "Something like that, yeah." (Y/n) said then she ruffles the hair on top of Annebeth's head. "But that's something you don't need to worry about right now, alright?" (Y/n) said and Annebeth nods before she looks down, slightly. "Hey, don't you worry about this boring grown-up stuff. You just go and play with Jack, okay?" (Y/n) said and the little girl nods. "Okay, momma." She said and (y/n) smiles before she kisses the top of her head.

    "I love you, darlin'." (Y/n) said. "I love you too, momma." Annebeth replied and she runs towards Jack. (Y/n) let's out a heavy sigh, like a heavy weight was lifted off of her shoulders, then stands up and starts to make her way around the camp.

    As (y/n) walks around the camp, she noticed that Kieran was fixing up a fishing pole. She was still a bit nervous to approach the kid, as he was an O'Driscoll, but he hadn't done anything so far, plus he did save Arthur’s life a few weeks ago. So she takes a deep breath and lets it out as she approaches him.

    "Hello." She greets him and he looks up at her. "Oh, Miss...(l/n), right?" He asked and she nods. "Yeah..." she said. "Well, nice to finally meet you." Kieran said and (y/n) bites her lips and nods. "Yeah, I'm very sorry about that. You know...you use to be around O'Driscoll's...it was a bit...scary, I guess I should say." (Y/n) said and Kieran stands up, nervously, to her.

    "I-I promise, ma'am, I ain't an O'Driscoll." He stammers and she looks him over and nods, slightly. "You've proven that so far." She said and Kieran let's out a sigh of relief as (y/n) looks at the pole he's holding. "You goin' fishin'?" She asked him. "Yeah...yeah. I found an interesting spot will do well." He said and she smiles. "That's good." She said.

    "Do you wanna go fishin' with me?" He asked her. "I'm not a great fisherman." She said, shrugging. "But I am...I'll teach ya somethin'. Will you come?" Kieran asked and she smiles again. "Alright, sure. But I'll let you know...I may not look it but I can hold my own...so if you try anything..." she warns and he nods. 

    "Oh I wouldn't doubt it." He chuckles, nervously, and he gestures for her to follow him and they start walking towards the horses. "Let's get on the horses." He said as he dismantled his pole and puts it in his satchel and gets in his horse. (Y/n) checks her satchel then mounts her horse.

    "Okay, follow me. I know a great little fishing spot along the beach." Kieran said and they trot off towards the river bank by the camp. "It's funny...not too long ago...I was tied up on the back of Mr Morgan's horse, begging for mercy. And now...I'm able to walk amongst you." He said and (y/n) looks over at him.

    "How do I know that this fishing trip isn't just some scheme of yours to kill me and run off back to Colm?" (Y/n) asked him and he looks over at her, panicked. "B-B-Because I've showed Mr Morgan and the others one of Colm's hideouts. Not to mention killing one of them to save Mr Morgan's life." He stammers and (y/n) cracks a smile and giggles a bit.

    "I'm just messin' with you." She said. "Oh...okay." he sighs with relief. "So where is this spot?" She asked him. "Um...not too far out." Kieran said as they go around a corner and go down the bank.

    "This is the place...beautiful smallmouth here." He said as they slow down and dismount their horses. "This strip of shore looms perfect, pick a spot." Kieran said, happily, and the two pull out their fishing poles and get right up on the shore. 

    "Seeing alot of Bluegill and Bass over here. Bait with worms or crickets if you've got 'em. Otherwise, maybe some bread or cheese." Kieran advises and (y/n) digs in her satchel and found some bread in her bag. She sticks a chunk of bread on the hook then cast it in the water.

    Minutes go by and (y/n) seemed to not attract any kind've fish. She slowly reels it in but nothing. "So...just out of curiosity...how long were you with the O'Driscoll's before you were captured by Arthur?" She asked him, curiously. "Only a couple of months. I was just a runner, helping out with the horses mainly. Bottom rung of the latter." He replied and (y/n) looks over at Kieran with pity.

    "Colm goes through men like cigars. They ain't like you folks...he barely knew my name. I'm more Kieran Van Der Linde than Kieran O'Driscoll at this point, honest to God. Most of the time, I'm Kieran Duffy." Kieran said just as (y/n) felt a tug on her pole.

    "Think I've got something." She said and she starts to reel it in. "Not too fast, don't want to break your pole." Kieran instructs and she does just that and pulls in a Bluegill. "Nice catch, Miss (l/n)." He exclaimed and she smiled at him. "Thanks, Kieran." She said and she baits the hook again and casts it out in the water.

    "So...you think Dutch trusts me now?" Kieran asked and (y/n) looks back over to him. "Honestly, Kieran, I'm not sure." She said, shrugging, and Kieran sighs. "I can't win. I promise loyalty, he says But you wasn't loyal to Colm. And if I say, I got no allegiance to nobody he says How do I know you won't turn on us then?" 

    "I'm sorry, Kieran." She said, sincerely, then she looks back out of the water then sighs as she thinks over her next words. "Maybe...maybe I can talk to Arthur...and through him...talk to Dutch." She said and Kieran perks up at this.

    "Really?" He asked, hopeful. "Now that doesn't mean it won't change Dutch’s mind but...I'll see what I can do." (Y/n) said. "You're too kind, Miss (l/n)." Kieran said and (y/n) chuckles. "Too kind for my own good as my father used to tell me." (Y/n) said and at that moment they hear someone whistling.

    "What in the world?" Kieran said, confused, and they look over and see a man swimming in the water. "Miss (l/n), are you seeing this? That feller is naked as a jaybird." Kieran exclaims and (y/n)'s eyes widen. "Oh my goodness!" She said, a bit embarrassed, as the man kept swimming along.

    "Hey! Watch the line!" She called out and the man stops swimming. "Sorry! Didn't see you two there! You two should take a break and come on and join in! The waters fine!" The man called out. "Uh..no thank you!" (Y/n) said as she felt her face heat up a bit.

    "Oh! You two out fishing?" The man asked. "We hope to. You didn't scare them all away, have ya?" (Y/n) asked with a bit of sarcasm and the man chuckles a bit. "Well, just so you know, there was some real big ones over that way." The man said as he points off to his right. "Well, I better keep the blood pumping. I hope you two catch something." The man said. "Well thanks for that! We'll go take a look." (Y/n) said and her and Kieran reel in their bait as the man swims off.

    "I know where that is. C'mon, let's go!" Kieran said and he runs towards his horse. "Wait up!" (Y/n) calls out after him and she goes up to her horse and mounts it just moments after Kieran gets on his horse and he starts to trot off.

    The two go up the little hill and over it as they follow the direction the man pointed towards. "I think this was the place that naked feller was talking about." Kieran said as they come up to the shore.

    As they come up, the two stop just as they see a large fish pop up out of the water. "Did you see that amazing bluegill?" Kieran asked her. "I sure did." She replied as Kieran jumps off his horse, quickly. "That got you real excited, didn't it?" She asked with a laugh. 

    "C'mon, Miss (l/n)!" He said, excitedly, as he runs over to the shore. (Y/n) dismounts her horse and goes over next to him and pulls out her fishing pole. "I hope we'll be able to catch that monster." Kieran said as the two put bait on their hooks and cast it out. "I guess we'll see." (Y/n) said and the two stand there for a few moments.

    "So who taught you how to fish?" (Y/n) asked him. "My pappy mostly. I lost my mammy and pappy when I was young to cholera." Kieran replied. "Your mammy?" (Y/n) said, in confusion, as she turns to him. "Like I said, I was real young. After that, I was on my own pretty much but....I knew horses and fishing." Kieran said and (y/n) gives him a sympathetic smile. "Well, just think...you'll never be alone again." She said and Kieran looks over at her and let a smile creep on his lips.

    "How about you? How'd you get involved with Dutch, anyway?" Kieran asked her and (y/n) stares at the ground for a few moments before she lets out a sigh. "Well...him, Hosea and Arthur saved, not only, my life but also my daughter's life and they took us in." She replied. "Oh." Kieran said. "Yeah..." She tells him and they stand there in silence for awhile as they continue with the fishing.

    Eventually, they only caught a few of the smaller fishes but not that big one they saw. "Guess, we're gonna need better bait, if we're gonna catch that big fella." Kieran said. "Yeah...maybe I'll go to the shop and buy some bait." (Y/n) said as they pack away their poles. "Let's head back to the camp." She said, Kieran nods and they mount their horses and head back to camp.

    As they got close to camp, (y/n) noticed a boat coming up to the camp and getting to shore. She looks it over and noticed that it was Dutch, Hosea and Arthur coming back from whatever they had been doing.

    Once she got up to the stables, her and Kieran dismount their horses and Kieran turns to her. "Thanks for coming with me, Miss (l/n)." He said. "Please call me, (y/n). And you're welcome. I...strangely, I enjoyed it." She said and Kieran smiles. "Well, I'm glad." He said and the two share a look before (y/n) waves him a goodbye and heads over to her tent.

    As she walks over to her tent, she hears footsteps and looks over to see Arthur coming up to her. "Hey..." she greets but noticed he had a stern look on his face. "Did I just see you talkin' to that O'Driscoll?" He asked her and she folds her arm across her chest.

    "Yes, you did. Not only that, but he and I went fishing. " She said as she looks at him straight into his eyes. "Are you crazy?!" He asked as he walks closer to her while she stands her ground. "He could've killed ya." 

    "Arthur, I can handle myself. Besides, he's just a kid." She said and Arthur scoffs at this. "Oh, Arthur." (Y/n) sighs, exasperated. "He just wanted someone to go fishing with him and everyone here just...ignores him. I guess I took pity on him and we caught some fish." She said and Arthur stands there, listening to her. "He's just a scared kid that's looking for a home." She added and Arthur looks down then back at her.

    He sighs, heavily, then says. "I just...I'm just worried about your safety is all." (Y/n) gives a small smile towards him before she speaks. "I know. I understand, Arthur. But you gotta trust me and know I can handle myself." She said as she takes his hands in hers and continues to stare into his blue eyes.

    Arthur knew she could handle herself but he still felt that urge to protect her whenever he can. He figured it might be because he wasn't there for Eliza and Issac and for that, they were killed...all for ten dollars. And when he saw those crosses when he went to go visit them....He didn't want to endure that again and especially didn't want (y/n) and Annebeth to suffer the same fate. And if that means risking his own life for theirs, then he'll do whatever it takes to protect them.

    "Arthur?" She said, concerned, when he didn't answer. He looks at her then squeezes her hands as he lets out a sigh. "I'm sorry, (y/n). I just..." he stops and lets out a heavy sigh as he looks down at their connected hands. "Arthur, what's wrong?" (Y/n) asked, worried. Arthur looks back at her and was about to speak when they hear Sadie shouting at Pearson.

    "Say whatever you damn well please…but I tell you, if I don’t get out of here soon, I’m going to kill somebody." Sadie growls and Arthur and (y/n) look over at Pearson's wagon to see him and Sadie preparing food but Sadie seemed agitated and angry.

    "And if you don’t stop hissing at me, I’m gonna kill you." Pearson yells at her. "Come near me, sailor…and I will slice you up!" Sadie threaten as she holds up a knife at him. "You put that knife down or you’re going to be missing a hand, lady." Pearson shouts at her as Arthur and (y/n) go over to them.

    "What is wrong with you two?" Arthur asked them. "I ain’t chopping vegetables for a living." Sadie said as she sets the knife back down. "Oh, I’m sorry, madam…was there insufficient feathers in your pillow?" Arthur asked her, sarcastically. "Arthur..." (y/n) said, disapproving.

    "Look, I ain’t lazy, Mr. Morgan. I’ll work, but not this." Sadie said. "Well ain’t cooking work?" Arthur asked and Sadie scoffs. "My husband and I…we shared the work…all of it. I was out in the fields…I can hunt…carry a knife or use a gun." Sadie said then she turns to Pearson. "But I tell you, you keep me here…I’ll skin this fat old coot and serve him for dinner!" She yells as she points at him with the knife. "Watch your damn mouth you crazy, damn fishwife!" Pearson yelled.

    Sadie starts to charge at him, screaming, but (y/n) comes up and grabs Sadie's arms. "Enough! Both of ya." Arthur yells at them as (y/n) pulls Sadie back and turns her away from Pearson. Then Arthur turns to Sadie. "Well come with me then. You wanna head out there? Run with the men? So be it…but we do more than just hunting…we’re hunted. And them things hunting us…well they got guns of their own." Arthur tells her and she glares at him.

    "I ain’t afraid of dying." She replied in a small growl. "Good." Arthur said and (y/n) turns to Pearson. "You need anything, Mr. Pearson? Mr Morgan, Mrs. Adler and I'll take a little ride." she said and Pearson nods. "Yeah, sure. Here’s my list and…can you post this letter for me…while you’re there?" Pearson said as he hands her a list and then an envelope.

    "Sure." (Y/n) said and she turns to Arthur and nods. He looks over at Sadie and shouts. "Come on, princess." But Sadie stands there, shocked, then Arthur turns to her. "Are you coming with us then, woman?" He asked and she follows them as they get on the wagon, Arthur taking hold of the reins as (y/n) sits next to him and Sadie takes a seat in the back of the wagon.

    "So I’ve graduated from chopping vegetables to shopping?" Sadie asked, annoyed. "Shut your damn mouth…" Arthur growls at her. "Okay, you two...don't start." (Y/n) said to them, in firm voice, and both of them scoff as they leave the camp.

    "You cooled down then yet?" (y/n) asked Sadie once they break through the woods and take a right turn on the road. "I guess. And I ain’t no scullion, and I sure as hell ain’t taking orders from that sweating halfwit." Sadie said. "Well, I guess we all gotta do our share, Princess." Arthur said to her.

    "Where’s that letter?" she asked the couple. "Oh, you reading his mail now?" Arthur asked her. "Oh, robbing and killing’s okay, but letter reading’s where we draw the line?" Sadie said, disbelief, and (y/n) chuckles a bit. "She's got a point." (Y/n) said and he grumbles under his breath as (y/n) hands Sadie the letter.

    "Here." She said and Sadie opens it, clears her throat and begins to read the letter, aloud, mimicking Pearson's voice as best as she could. "Dear Aunt Cathy. I haven’t heard from you in some time, so I prayed to the Lord above that your health has not deteriorated further…." Then she stops and looks over the letter. "Blah blah blah, it’s boring…Oh! Wait a sec. Listen to this…" said Sadie and she does her Pearson voice again. "Since we last corresponded, I have traveled widely, making no small name for myself."

    ​​The trio laugh at this before Sadie continues. "Before you ask, I am still yet to take a wife, but I can assure you it’s not for a lack of suitors…” she reads and they all laugh alittle harder. "He ever actually even talked to a woman he ain’t paid for?" Sadie asked the two. "Look, we’re all hiding behind something…" (y/n) replied and Sadie nods as she looks over the letter and then the envelope.

    "And what’s this? Return to Tacitus Kilgore." She asked as they make it into Rhodes. "Oh, that? Now that’s Dutch’s idea. All mail to be sent to the same alias. Whenever we set up somewhere new, Strauss, he heads into town, tells ’em to start expecting mail from a Tacitus Kilgore, or whatever they changed it to…" Arthur replied and (y/n) turns to Sadie. "Here, gimme that back. We got work to do." she said and Sadie puts the letter back in the envelope and hands it back to her.

    She takes it and puts the letter away just as they get close to the grocery store. "Okay, here we are." Arthur said as he stops the wagon.

    "So? What’s the plan? I shoot the shopkeeper while you…" Sadie asked and the couple turn to see her pulling her gun out. They both freak out as Arthur places a hand on her gun, pushing it down to signal to her to hide it. "No. You insane?" Arthur whispered to her.

    "Well, I thought we was outlaws…" Sadie said. "Outlaws…not idiots. We rob fools that rob other people. These people, they’re just trying to get by. So you and Miss (l/n) head on in there, and you two buy us some food to eat. And no guns…" Arthur tells her.

    "Are you sure?" Sadie asked him. "This time. There’ll be time for killing soon enough." Arthur said as the three of them dismount the wagon. "What are you doing?" Sadie asked him. "I’m gonna go check the mail, nothing exciting…" Arthur replied then (y/n) holds out Pearson's letter to him. "You'll need this." She said and he takes it.

    "Thanks. Make sure she doesn't shoot up the place." He mutters to her. "I'll do my best." (Y/n) said and she turns to Sadie. "C'mon, Mrs Adler." She calls out and the two women head towards the store while Arthur heads to the post office, which was inside the train station.

    The bell jingles above the girls' heads as they head inside the store. The shop clerk looks up at them and stands up straighter, although (y/n) could tell he was judging her clothes as she wasn't wearing the traditional clothing most women wear. She was wearing black pants, boots, and a white dress shirt with the top button unbuttoned.

    "How can I help you two?" The clerk asked. "So, we need potatoes, carrots, onion, flour, oat, salt, eggs...apples if you got 'em." (Y/n) said to the clerk. "Sure...not a problem. Big family, have you?" He asked the girls. "Something like that." Sadie replied as the two give a small smile to him.

    "Do you sell clothes?" Sadie asked him. "We do. Not the widest range of ladies fashion, I'm afraid." The man warned her. "That's alright. I'll look at everything you got." Sadie said. "Of course, Miss...?" The clerk asked but (y/n) steps in. "Miss Watson is her name. And I'm her cousin, Mrs Kilgore." She replied. 

    "Alright...well...here's where we have our clothes." The clerk said as he leads the two girls towards the back where a door was. He opens it, revealing a dressing room, and shows them the clothes Sadie could pick from. "I'll go get the stuff you asked for." The clerk said and he walks off. Sadie and (y/n) share a look and then they chuckle as Sadie looks over some of the clothes.

    After showing the clerk where their wagon is, (y/n) heads back to the dressing room and knocks on the door. "You doing okay?" (Y/n) called out and the door opens to reveal Sadie wearing brown pants, boots, a yellow dress shirt and a hat.

    "What do you think?" She asked (y/n). "And now you look the part." (Y/n) teased. "Oh, shut up." Sadie chuckles and (y/n) laughs and they walk out of the store as the clerk carries their groceries out onto the wagon.

    "C’mon, I’ve birthed foals with more strength than you. Hell, my sister’s newborn had more strength than you and he came out bright blue." Sadie yells at the clerk. "I’m trying." the clerk said. "Try harder." Sadie said and the clerk puts the last few groceries in the wagon.

    "I think this is everything." The clerk said. "Thanks…here, take that for yourself, okay?" (Y/n) said as she hands the clerk some extra cash she had. "Thanks…" he said, sounding a bit unappreciated, as he takes the cash and walks away. "Well, give it back then. Jesus…didn’t ask for his damn help." Sadie grumbles. "Sadie, it's okay." (Y/n) said as they hear footsteps coming.

    They look over and see Arthur approaching them. "Got it taken care of?" She asked him. "Yeah, let’s go." He said and they get onto the wagon and Arthur turns to Sadie, who was taking her time to get on the wagon.

    "Come on, lady, get a move on." He yells. "I like Sadie, not lady." Sadie said as she gets on the wagon and steps around the groceries. "I know. So, you two get everything?" Arthur asked them. "Think so." the two girls said as Arthur takes the reigns and urges the horses to go.

    "And some…new clothes, I see?" Arthur points out as he looks over his shoulder at Sadie. "Don’t start. I can wear what I damn well want. Like I told you, my husband and I shared all the work. I wasn’t some little wife with a flower in her hair baking cherry pies all day." Sadie explains.

    "I don’t doubt that." Arthur chuckles. "She sure looks the part now, don't she, Arthur?" (Y/n) asked him with a smile. "Sure. Won’t be long before she's smoking cigars and playing the harmonica." Arthur said and the two chuckle at this as they get out of Rhodes.

    "I’ll have you know I used to love playing the harmonica before, well, my house and everything I owned got burned to the ground." Sadie said as she looks down, sadly. "I know…I’m real sorry. About what you…you know. Maybe I’ll keep my eye out for another one." Arthur said and Sadie looks up at him then nods.

    "I don’t want no pity. Just treat me equal and know…nobody’s taking nothing from me ever again." She said. "Just don’t kill the camp cook…please." (y/n) pleads to her and Sadie smiles just as some folks ride up to them.

    "Hey there." One of the men called out.

    "Hey." Arthur greets.

    "What are you folks up to?" The first man asked. "Just heading home." Arthur replied and (y/n) felt a bit uneasy around these newcomers. "You’re in Lemoyne Raider country. You need to pay a toll to pass through here." the man said and (y/n) turns to Sadie, who was glaring at the men.

    "Keep it cool, Sadie." (Y/n) whispers to her as Arthur talks to the men. "No, I don’t think so." He said. "You don’t think so? How about you pull over right now?" the man ordered. "Pull over?" Arthur asked as (y/n) gives him a worried look. "That’s what I said." the man said and Sadie starts to pull out her gun.

    "Hey, how’s about this?" She asked and she shoots the man in the head. "Go, go, go!" Sadie shouts and Arthur flicks the regins to make the horses go faster then turn behind a large boulder.

    "Damn it! What the hell was that?" Arthur asked her, angrily. "They was gonna rob us." Sadie said as they get off of the wagon a few the trio pull out their guns and fire at a few of the men. "A new pair of pants and you think you’re Landon Ricketts." Arthur exclaimed. "Well she wanted to see some action!" (Y/n) said as they kept shooting at them until the ones that were alive ran away.

    "Yeah, you run, you damn coward!" Sadie yells after them then she turns to Arthur and (y/n). "I think we’re good here. Nice shooting." Sadie said to them as they head back to the wagon.

    "Alright, I’ll drive us back." Sadie said as she starts to get on the front seat of the wagon but Arthur grabbed her shoulder. "Oh, no. I'll drive." He said. "Why?" Sadie asked. "Because you’ve caused enough trouble already." Arthur said to her. "I’m fine." Sadie grumbles but the three of them take their respective seats on the wagon and continued on.

    "We showed those bastards, huh?" Sadie said, smiling. "Remind me not to get on your bad side." (y/n) said to her and she laughs. "And they was clearly planning to bushwhack us." She adds. "You did good, but that’s a lot of mess to make near camp. Hope it don’t bring anyone sniffing around." Arthur said.

    "Are you going to tell Dutch?" Sadie asked, a bit annoyed. "Maybe, if he asks. But maybe not." Arthur said, shrugging. "So who did they say they were? Lemoyne Raiders?" Sadie asked. "Yeah, something like that. Who knows…" (y/n) said as they make a left turn and start to make their way into the woods.

    "Anyway, don’t you go ribbing Pearson about that letter." Arthur said to Sadie. "How dare you? I wouldn’t dream of it." Sadie said, pretending to be offended. "Right you wouldn’t." (y/n) said as she looks over at Sadie, who was smiling.

    "I have traveled widely making no small name for myself." She recited and (y/n) laughs at this. "I won’t be giving you no mail to post any time soon, that’s for sure." said Arthur. "I just want a peek in that journal of yours. The mind boggles." Sadie said. "Not a chance…" Arthur tells her as they come up to the camp and towards Pearson's wagon.

    "You didn’t get yourself killed then, Miss Adler?" Pearson asked her as they get off of the wagon. "Not quite." replied Sadie. "Well, I’d like to say I missed your refined conversations, but…I’d be lying." Pearson said. "I…I enjoyed myself out there." said Sadie as she, (y/n) and Arthur grab some of the groceries.

    "Yes, we err…Mrs. Adler did okay." (Y/n) said to Pearson. "At shopping?" Pearson asked. "Yes, at shopping…" (y/n) said and they walked over to Pearson's wagon. "Thank you, Mr. Morgan and Miss (l/n)." Sadie said, appreciatively. "Don’t mention it. I would ride with you again, Mrs. Adler…if you will ride with me." said Arthur.

    "Maybe…if you prove you can handle yourself." She teased. "Well, they say I lack finesse, but…I ain’t afraid of gun smoke." Arthur said and the three of them laugh as they set the crates and bags of food down before Pearson turns to them.

    "We got this, you two…you’ve already done me a big favor today." Pearson said then he turns to Sadie. "Okay, Miss High and Mighty…And…nice pants, by the way." He teased. "Oh, shut up." Sadie said and (y/n) chuckles at this before she turns to Arthur.

    "Meant to ask but...you okay?" He asked her. "Well, I'm still breathing and I'm still moving...so I guess I'm okay." She replied and Arthur smirks a bit before it fades and (y/n) frowns at this.

    "Everything alright?" She asked him, worried. He looks back at her then said. "We need to talk." (Y/n) nods and Arthur gestures for her to follow him and they walk towards the shore, at least alittle bit away from the camp so that the others couldn't hear them.

    "Sooo...what did you want to talk about?" She asked him as the come up to a large log that was laying on the beach. Arthur sighs as he sits down on it and (y/n) sits next to him, her eyes still on Arthur as she gives him her full attention.

    Arthur looks down at the ground as he thinks over his next words. Few seconds of silence pass and (y/n) starts to worry, she places a hand on his back and pats it, soothingly. 

    "I..I had a son once. I don't talk about him much." Arthur said and (y/n)'s eyes widen in shock, she didn't expect that. "It was years ago, sometime after Mary, I met this waitress, Eliza, and...well, she ended up pregnant. She knew who I was and I couldn't promise what I couldn't keep. I said I'd do right by them. Every few months I'd stop by there for a few days." He continued and (y/n) gives a small frown.

    "What was your son's name?" She asked him.

    "Issac. He...he was such a good kid." Arthur said and she noticed a ghost of a smile appeared on his lips. It seemed to her that Arthur really cared for his son. (Y/n) swallows, afraid to ask the next question. "What happened...to them?" She asked him. "I got there one day and...saw two crosses outside. I knew right away." He replied and (y/n) felt her heart breaking at this.

    "Oh, Arthur...." she whispers, sympathetically. "Turned out some bastards came through. Robbed them and shot 'em dead, all for ten dollars. It harden me, feeling that kinda pain, I guess. I had to..." Arthur explained but stopped then let's out a sigh. "I don't know. I learned that you can't be a bad man and expect good things to come to you." He said and (y/n)'s frown deepens.

    She removes her hand off of his back and placed it on his thigh. "Arthur...look at me." She said, gently. He, at first, didn't want to look at her but the gentle and soft tone in her voice made him comfortable enough to look at her.

    "First off, you're not a bad man, at least, not in your heart, you're not. You have a good heart...you've just...I don't know...you've just been through some horrible things in your life." (Y/n) said, firmly. "And, second, I am so sorry about your son and Eliza. I can't even begin to think..." she stops, looks down then back at Arthur.

    "Is that why you've been so harsh on John about him being gone for a year?" She asked him. His eyes lowers before he nods, slightly. "And...is that why you've been so concerned for mine and Annebeth's life?" She asked and he nods. "Yes. And I meant everything I said." He replied and she makes a small smile towards him. "I'm also sorry for my behavior earlier about you and that O'Driscoll." He said and she shakes her head a bit at this.

    “It isn’t easy to trust people at first, but in time we have to see for ourselves if they are worthy of our trust. And you do what you have to do, because you have a reason to feel this way.” she said and the two share a look before (y/n) looks away, a bit shy. 

    She looks out towards the water, the sounds of the sloshing liquid breaking through the silence, and the light from the sun reflecting on the surface as it hangs high above the blue skies.

    "Beautiful sight, ain't it?" (Y/n) said. Arthur looks out towards the sight before him for a moment before he looks back at her. "Yes, it is." He mutters as he continues to stare at her. She turns her head to face him and noticed him still looking at her and she felt her face heat up.

    They smile at each other and (y/n)'s eyes dart to Arthur’s lips before looking back at him. They slowly lean in towards each other until their lips meet, their lips move in sync as they enjoy this moment.

    They stop the kiss for a moment as they tilt their heads a different way and kiss once again. Things got more heated as (y/n) cups Arthur’s face in her hands while he wraps his arms around her waist, picks her up and places her on his lap.

    This made (y/n) squeal out a sound of surprise, which made Arthur let out a deep chuckle. (Y/n) was about to say something but Arthur goes to kiss her again before he moves his lips to her jaw then down her neck. (Y/n) moaned, softly, and she could feel his smile as he continues to attack her neck.

    She leans her head back to let him have better access and let's the moment continue as she was curious on how far this'll go. It had been a long time since she felt this way towards any man.

    He started to kiss down her sternum and towards the top of her breasts when a voice called out. "Momma! Momma!" 

    It was Annebeth.

    The couple stopped, froze for a second as they hear footsteps coming. (Y/n) quickly gets off of Arthur’s lap and stands up as she fixes her shirt while he stands up and straightens up his clothes just as Annebeth comes up. 

    "Momma! Momma! Come look!" She said, excitedly. "What is it, sweetheart?" (Y/n) asked her, after clearing her throat. "Jack and I found a dog!" She said, excitedly. "Is that so?" Arthur asked and Annebeth nods. "Come on! I want to show you!" She said as she grabs (y/n)'s hand and tugs at it.

    "Okay, okay. I'm coming." (Y/n) said and she gives a shy smile towards Arthur before she follows Annebeth. Arthur smiles back before he goes and follows after them as they go see this new dog.

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