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    #reblogs are appreciated #Jellystone#Jellystone fanart#suicide squad#Hanna barbera #jellystone villain au #el Kabong#Snagglepuss#bingo#Fleegle#Choo Choo #loopy de loop #yippee#drooper #Hanna barbera fanart #au#fanart#villain au#hbo max #hbo max fanart #banana splits #banana splits suicide squad #dc
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    Death Follows

    Death Follows by NerdyGay

    Izuku fascinated Death in ways they could never fully justify to themself. They decided to stick around, even if the boy could never see them. Even so, they could raise him, in their own way.

    The boy in question would like everyone around him to stop dying, please.

    Words: 1865, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Categories: Gen, M/M

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Death

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku

    Additional Tags: Midoriya Izuku Has a Quirk, Sort of maybe, Personification of Death, POV Death, Homeless Midoriya Izuku, Dead Midoriya Inko, Villain Midoriya Hisashi, dadmight, Nonbinary Character, sorta

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36615244

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    A Call For Help |12

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

    Summary: Everyone is dead, or are they? Virgil sees Logan again and Logan asks for answers, to communicate... but it’s not safe here

    Warnings: Murder, Blood, Gore


    Corpses of Loved ones littered the room. Blood leaving an everlasting mark of remembrance. An Intruder hid, watching expectantly. Patton was sprawled on the floor of Virgil’s apartment, a kitchen knife sticking out of his chest, blood pooling under him. Remy was collapsed on the floor, his neck broken, his lifeless eyes staring off at nothing. Emile stood slumped over the back of the couch, his throat slit open. His blood staining the couch. Virgil stood at the door staring at his friends… his family. All of them dead because of him. He couldn’t save them… he should have never said anything. Then… Virgil saw someone stepping out from the shadows. Kraken stood there in front of Virgil. He was dressed in his extravagant black and green suit, the same suit as he wore during every one of their meetings, silvery chrome mask and all. Looking more Virgil noticed that in Kraken’s grip was Starlight, his hand wrapped around the other’s neck, choking him. Phantom couldn’t let Kraken kill him… he couldn’t lose everyone. He couldn’t be alone. Virgil screamed and rushed forward, he needed to save him in time. Though it was too late already as Starlight’s body was dropped to the floor. Unconscious, and probably… dead. Virgil cried out seeing… Logan, dead with all he’d ever loved. Kraken now gone, as if he had never been there. Virgil was left surrounded by bodies of those who were once his family as he cried, wishing he hadn’t had said anything.

    Hands were on him, grabbing his shoulders. But he couldn’t care if it was Kraken going to end him. He already lost all he cared for, he had nothing to live for. Reluctantly he opened his eyes, expecting to see Kraken. He was expecting to see the reflection of himself in Kraken’s mask, staring back at him. But all he saw was blinding light… Slowly his eyes adjusted to the light and he saw Serpent hovering over him. “Dear, you’re alright.” Serpent whispered, pulling Virgil closer. “They… they’re all dead.” Virgil whispered, shaking his head. He tried to pull away, he couldn’t stay. He couldn’t sentence Serpent to death through his sheer presence around him. “Who’s dead?” Serpent asked softly, holding onto him closer. He could tell that Phantom wasn’t in his right mind… he had heard him yelling in his sleep. “Everyone… my family… Star.. He killed them all.” Virgil whispered out of breath, he  looked up at Serpent as he answered, tears streaking down his face. “No, they’re not dead. Everyone is safe. Phantom, it was just a dream.” Serpent replied, rubbing his back and holding him close, just hoping to comfort him… he knew that Phantom wasn’t going to trust his word easily though. “But…” “A dream, a real feeling dream. But still a dream… It was all fake. Call them if it makes you feel better, make sure they’re ok.” Serpent nodded and started pulling away and getting out of the bed, “I’m going to make some coffee, everything is going to be ok. Just relax.” He knew he needed to give Phantom some space. Virgil sat up and found his phone. It was nearly 4am… but it didn’t matter, he needed to be sure everyone was safe, that everyone was alive. He needed to call them like Serpent had suggested. Patton had been woken up with the call, but assured that he was ok… nothing was wrong. Emile had been awake and preparing for the day before he had to get to work. He had been the next Virgil called. He answered and told him that he was alright and Remy was safe and just asleep in bed. Everyone was ok… Everyone he could call was safe and ok. He carefully got out of bed and pulled his jacket back on. “I’m not staying for coffee.” He said looking over at Serpent. “Why? Where are you going?” Serpent asked, walking over with a mug in hand. “I need to go check on Star… I can’t call him. But I need to be sure he’s ok too.”  He said walking away to leave. Serpent reached out to stop him but was too late as Virgil disappeared with the shadows in the corner.

    Virgil stepped out of the shadows and into Logan’s room. He sighed softly relieved, seeing him safe… seeing him alive. Logan sat slumped over his desk asleep with his head near his computer. Though he’d probably regret the position in the morning when his back was hurting. Virgil sighed looking at him in the position, he had to move him. At least put him to bed, without waking him hopefully. Virgil had shadows wrap around Logan, lifting him from the chair and slowly moving him to the bed. He had Logan gently lowered before he let go and walked over pulling the covers up over Logan. At least now Logan would be comfortable, it was the least he could do for him. Logan opened his eyes, slightly waking up as he was put down and reached for Virgil’s arm. “Phantom?” he asked, confused, staring at him half asleep. Virgil sighed looking over, “Hey, Star… You should go back to sleep.” Logan shook his head, sitting up a bit, “What are you doing here?” He asked softly and pulled Virgil’s arm to bring him closer. “It’s late…” Virgil sighed. He let Logan pull him and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I know that… Why are you here?” “I was just leaving…” ‘It’s late.” Logan whispered slowly, pushing Virgil’s jacket off of him. “Are you going to tell me why you’re here?” Virgil shrugged, “I just did… But I’m going now.” Virgil pulled his jacket back on as he stood up. Logan turned on the lamp and got up grabbing Virgil, stopping him. He stared at him and saw Virgil’s eyes were red and puffy, Logan could already tell, he had been crying recently. “Are you going to explain why you’re here and… what’s wrong? Or do you always need to be dark and mysterious?” “I can’t explain… or it’ll all come true.” Virgil whispered, shaking his head and looking away. Logan pulled Virgil back into the bed and held onto him, “It’s not like you could see the future. I think after all this time I’d know my adversary’s powers.” “But he’ll know.” Virgil whispered, shaking his head,  his eyes squeezed shut. “Is it… because it’s not safe to talk here?” Logan asked after thinking for a moment and remembering the interaction from earlier. Virgil opened his eyes and looked at Logan for a second before nodding softly, just nodding and not talking. Logan nodded and pulled him close, hugging him, “Then I’ll find somewhere safe.” he whispered. “There’s nowhere nearby that’s safe. I can’t say anything. Nowhere will ever be safe.” “Virgil… you could essentially teleport places. If you took me with you, would I be able to control where we end up?” Logan asked suddenly. Virgil stared in confusion at the change of topic. “Well… I guess it could possibly work.” he nodded. Logan nodded back and got up, “Alright, let’s go!” “Wait? Go where?” Virgil asked, staying sat on the bed. Logan sighed leaning close, “Somewhere safe.” he whispered.

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    _______________________ A Call For Help @star-crossed-shipper

    #A CALL FOR HELP #hero villain au #sanders sides fanfiction #sanders sides#tss fanfic#tss fic#logan sanders#ts logan#Hero Logan#virgil sanders#ts virgil #villain!Virgil #Janus Sanders#ts janus #tw blood and gore #tw blood#tw murder
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    #tears of themis #tears of themis fanfic #villain au? villain au.
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    Deku Daycare

    Chapter 15: Sprain

    “You want me to what?” The villain almost shouts in bewilderment.

    “I want you to help me at the day care today. You know I sprained my ankle and I can’t take care of the children like this.”

    “Seriously? What makes you think I’d help you with that?”

    “How many times have I helped you with Izuku?”

    The man ponders for a moment, going back do the dozens if not a hundred or more times you came over to help with things he should know. “Alright…. But it’s only because I really like you…”

    You wink. “Thanks, Toshi.”

    It isn’t long before all 3 of you are in your car heading to the daycare. When you get out, your about to try to climb the stairs up but Toshinori sees you struggling with the crutches so he lifts you up, bridal style, and carries you into the building.

    “Put me down! This is embarrassing!” You whisper at a volume that’s more like light yelling.

    He kisses your forehead. “I don’t see you struggling and your red face tells all.” The man’s teasing causing the red hue to move all the way down your neck. He places you down on a chair in the middle of the play room and gets going. He follows every direction you give to the best of his abilities. Some tasks were easier than others but with little effort, it isn’t long before the daycare is ready for all the children to arrive.

    “Why is he here?” Tenya’s mom asks as she drops off her son.

    “Oh, I sprained my ankle and I can’t walk. He is going to be helping me today.”

    “I knew he was such a good man! Just look at what he does to help his girlfriend!” Ochako’s mom shouts with glee.

    “Calm down ladies. Let’s just drop off the kids and get on our way, we don’t want to make too much of a ruckus today.”

    “He is so professional! Like he has run a daycare before! Now let’s go get some coffee.” The moms then leave in unison.

    The villain then stands there a moment with 6 children in his arms. “Alright kiddos, Uncle Toshi is here to help today. Let’s have some fun today!” He shouts in his booming voice with a gigantic smile.

    “Don’t get too comfortable.” You interject. “Children will walk all over you if you’re not careful.”

    “I’ll be fine, I can deal with a few children.”

    You direct Toshinori throughout the day. Some things he got easier than others. You still taught the kids, giving the man a break, while he got the snacks ready. They were not as neatly cut as you do but the kids are up their fruit and vegetables all the same. Bathroom time was another story, watching the large man try to help the small kids do their business was a riot but he managed. The worst or funniest part was play time where the kids were having fun. Toshinori was sitting on the floor, Indian style, while the kids played around him. You hobbled to the office to rest for a moment and after you returned, you had to stifle some laughter. The man is sitting, clawing at his body as he picks kid after kid off of himself. His efforts were on vein as the small children would just climb right back up on the villain shaped jungle gym. You walk over to the man and he looks up with Tenya in his hand, squirming and giggling.  

    “Need any help?” You say trying. It to laugh.

    “P… please!” The man begs.

    “Alright! Children, it’s outdoor activity time! If we are not in line at the door in 5 seconds, there will be no time outside today. 1…… 2….” As you are counting, the small humans begin to quickly jump off the man and start to all like up at the door in an orderly fashion.

    “How did you….?”

    “You have to show them who’s boss. It’s funny watching the number one villain struggle with such small people.”

    “Normally I would just use violence but I can’t with children. I tried to yell but it made them giggle more.”

    “Yelling isn’t what makes them listen, talk at their level and make them understand what’s going to happen if they do or do not listen.”

    “You really are a pro.”  

    “Thanks, come on.” You run your fingers through his hair while he is still sitting, causing the man to almost purr. “Let’s watch the little ones play outside.”   The rest of the day goes smoother as you give Toshinori more supervision. The kids calmed down and you both enjoy a nice warm drink while they nap. During pick up, the moms were going nuts over the fact that such a large man took care of their children that day. He just laughs as he helps them gather their children. Once they all leave, the place looks familiar again, Toshinori the last to leave with his son. He gives you a kiss on the lips and offers to take you home, which normally you would decline but you decide to take him up on the offer. He even lifts you up the stairs to get into your apartment, causing you to blush again. That night, you were busy texting him on the phone, which normally he isn't very good with but that night he was like a teenager texting back instantly. The last thing you send him is “Good Night, All Smite”. He responds with “Night, Shadow Mare.”  

    #All Might #All Smite x female reader #Deku Daycare#baby Izuku#All Smite #all smite au #Dad Smite #dad smite AU #dad might #villain all might
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    Look at Me, Look at Me, Look at Me, Because I Exist, I Exist, I Exist

    look at me, look at me, look at me, because I exist, I exist, I exist by toomuchtrauma

    Hagakure had only ever wanted to be seen.

    Why does nobody see her?

    Words: 1260, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 4 of the dorms need fixing (you're going home)

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Hagakure Tooru, Hagakure Tooru's Mother, Hagakure Tooru's Father, Hagakure Tooru's Parents, Class 1-A, League of Villains, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead

    Additional Tags: Traitor Hagakure Tooru, Villain Hagakure Tooru, Hagakure Tooru Needs a Hug, Angst, Hurt No Comfort, Child Neglect, Neglect, Parental Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Abandonment, Heavy Angst, Depression, Not Canon Compliant, Out of Character

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36573760

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    look who's finally working on update.

    #villain AU IS COMING BACC #tears of themis
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    not to literally exude Capitol Behavior by just talking about the shipping in thg but. perhaps everlark had a point there

    #like i was gale > peeta for the LONGEST but this reread + rewatch has me like....damn i really stanned a war criminal for what #for the childhood friend trope ?? which i guess overrode having the idea of bombing the area the mc's beloved little sister would die in #also i say war criminal but lbr he was never meant to be the actual 'villain' of thg. his ideologies became extreme and thats where he fell #cant blame no one but the system lbr #also this is horrible lmao but i did not give peeta my full attention until rewatching MJ pt 2 #where he tells her he'd been better off feeding the bread to the pigs #like HELLO that is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! #but also THE DRAMA!!!! THE ANGST!!!!!! #the moment where he asks her what was real in their relationship and what wasnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the fuckin MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #everthorne is juicy too though ugh the angst of gale giving into his own beliefs. his own ideas of whos life is actually of value in the war #it makes prim be part of the crossfire and its what makes katniss drift away and hhgnnHGHHHNnhhrhhhuhhgh!!!! HGHUUGHHH #new au they all just date each other and heal from their scars from the fuckshit these dumbass adults put them thru #anyways thats my rant thank u for coming to my ted talk #shitpost.txt #also how fuckin powerful would it have been for her to not choose either of them #but anyways-
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    The Family of the Mermaid Sister's (Roughly)

    This is LONG! Full of stuff. Missing Ancestors because too many to name.

    The Sister Ancestors -

    Damica (Oldest Sister)






    Riona (Youngest Sister)

    Their Partners:

    Blaine (Damica's Partner)

    Aldrich (Astrea's Former Boyfriend, later Husband after reunited after death)

    Hephaestus (Etta's Husband)

    Kenton (Orla's Husband)

    Adelio (Riona's Husband)

    Their Children (More Ancestors) -

    Damica's Children (All implied dead, also adults):

    Saija (Her Oldest Daughter)

    Bardrick (Saija's Twin Brother)




    Lilliale (Her Youngest Daughter)

    Etta's Children (All implied dead, also adults):

    Isolde (Oldest Daughter)

    Maelle (Isolde's Twin Sister)

    Sadie (Youngest Daughter)

    Riona's Children (All implied dead, also adults):

    Wanda (Oldest Daughter)


    Sera (Zella's Twin Sister)

    Rey (Youngest Daughter)

    It is unknown how the family split after this...

    But it is confirmed that Lillaile, Maelle, and Sera had children and partners, but their partners and children are unknown. Many generations are skipped past this to the recent generation, the generation closest to Dahlia.

    Family connected to Dahlia's Sisters and her -

    Neila (The Oldest Child)

    Nora (Neila's Twin Sister)



    Rose (Raelynn's Twin Sister)

    Rosalie (Youngest Daughter)

    Their Partners:

    Wyatt (Neila's Husband)

    Ruth (Nora's Wife)

    Jaxon (Raelynn's Husband)

    Adrian (Rose's Husband)

    Ana (Rosalie's Wife)

    Their Children -

    Neila's Children:

    Camilla (Oldest Daughter)

    Catherine (Camilla's Twin Sister)




    Makenzie (Youngest Daughter)

    Nora's Children (All adopted):

    Melissa (Oldest Daughter)

    Will (Only Son)

    Celeste (Youngest Daughter)

    Raelynn's Children:

    Rylie (Oldest Daughter)


    Raven (Rei's Twin Sister)

    Rosalie's Children:

    Heaven (Oldest Daughter)

    Hanna (Heaven's Twin Sister)



    So far, only six of them have partners... So the partners.

    Their Partners:

    Everett (Camilla's Late Husband)

    Parker (Madilyn's Husband)

    Carly (Will's Wife)

    Rhea (Heaven's Wife)

    Silas (Rei's Partner)

    Their Children -

    Camilla's Children:

    Dahlia (The Oldest)

    Dianella (Dahlia's Twin Sister)



    Rosemary (Rue's Twin Sister)

    Rosalie (named after Camilla's aunt)



    Belladonna (Blossom's Twin Sister)


    Clemencia (Canna's Twin Sister)


    Genium (Gardenia's Twin Sister)




    Hala (Hibiscus's Twin Sister)


    Ixora (Ione's Twin Sister)

    Calix (Youngest Brother and Only Son)

    Madilyn's Children:

    Callaia (Oldest Daughter)

    Carmel (Callaia's twin sister)

    Will's Child (adopted):

    Cole (Only Child)

    Rei's Children:

    Scarlett (Oldest Daughter)

    Stella (Scarlett's twin sister)




    Lyla (Lydia's Twin Sister and the Youngest.)

    Their Partners -

    Gaster (Dahlia's Husband)

    Flint (Daphne's Crush, future Boyfriend)

    Jasper (Hina's Boyfriend)

    Aster (Hibiscus's Boyfriend)

    Napstaton (Hala's Boyfriend)

    Their Children -

    Dahlia's Children:

    Amaryllis (Adopted Daughter, adult, and oldest)

    Georgia (Biological Daughter, child)

    Lora (Biological Daughter, child)

    Genera (Biological Son, youngest, child.)

    Amaryllis's Partner:

    Mettaton (Boyfriend/Fiance)

    Astrea, Ilysse, and Damica were revived and are now sort-of ghost monsters. Astrea has reunited with her former partner, Aldrich, and has children with him. Ilysse is shown to be in love with a woman named Regina.

    Astrea's Children (with Aldrich after Revival, all children):

    Abigail (Oldest Daughter)

    Aurora (Abigail's Twin Sister)

    Alaric (Only Son)

    Alice (Alaric's Twin sister, and the youngest.)


    @kiokooo / @kiokodoodles @underfell-crystal

    #THIS WAS LONG #MISSING A FEW ANCESTORS #BUT WORTH IT #mermaid ocs #the ancestral weapon spirits #the masquerade pirate mermaid au #the ambitious crossover #mermaid pirate au #the undertale au university #villains and heroes au #band au#adventurers au
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    #Choco event orders #sagau #genshin cult au #genshin self aware #cult genshin au #genshin sagau#venti#sagau venti #sagau villain au #yummy angst #this is a literal drabble #it's so short and im so sorry i just #i didn't want to stretch it out
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    Cordelia (Proper Info)

    Cordelia - The Guardian of the Ancient Kingdom

    Personality: Cordelia is the guide for the Ancient Civilization, which has trapped the Handless Crew. When it comes down to it, she is a tenacious and harsh person. She's direct, but she's also kind, and while she acts as if she doesn't care, she's actively assisting them. She assists people who are in need. She is a healer who knows the ancient city like the back of her hand and can heal everyone in it. Unfortunately, she has no memory of her previous life, which could cause complications. She is extremely resourceful and keeps a bag of food on hand in case she needs to assist them.

    Appearance: She is roughly 5'4". She has long white hair with pinkish highlights. She has a muscular, but slim figure. She has red eyes. (Photos from a Dollmaker by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)


    @kiokooo / @kiokodoodles @underfell-crystal @the1920sisntaphasemom

    #Guardian OC #the masquerade pirate mermaid au #the ambitious crossover #mermaid pirate au #the undertale au university #villains and heroes au #band au#info dump #oc info dump #character info#proper stuff#:D
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    Better Character Stuff (Other Mermaid OCs)

    Dahlia - The Oldest Mermaid Princess

    Personality: Dahlia was the most beautiful mermaid in her community. Her gentle and kind nature was well known, and her curiosity served as a guide. She was perceptive and considerate. She was willing to go to any length to protect her sisters, even if it meant being separated from them. She felt bad for leaving Amaryllis with the burden of believing she had died. She was so proud of Amaryllis for saving her sister rather than herself. She is terrified of upsetting others. She is very empathetic and patient, with a kind and gentle demeanor.

    Appearance: She is roughly 5'6". She looks like her younger sister, Hala. She has a slim form. Her hair is brown with red tips and is long. In mermaid form, she has red fins and a red tail. She has a locket with a dahlia flower on it. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)

    Dianella - The Lost Mermaid Princess

    Personality: Dianella is Dahlia's twin sister. She is a resourceful and astute magic user. Unlike her twin, she was wary of defying her mother. For her, she is easily misunderstood, but she is more withdrawn than Hibiscus and more open than Dahlia. She has been traveling since leaving her previous life with her mother. She is both patient and perceptive. She wants to free her twin sister from her unhappy marriage and prevent other unhappy marriages from happening, but she lacks the authority to do so. She is a gentle and kind woman with a fiery temper who doesn't take crap from anyone.

    Appearance: She is roughly 5'5". She looks like her younger sister, Hibiscus. Her hair is brown with purple tips and her hair is long. She has a muscular, but chubby figure. In mermaid form, she has purple fins and a purple tail. She has a locket with a dianella flower on it. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)

    Daphne - The Forgotten Mermaid Sister

    Personality: Daphne is the youngest of a trio, the other two being her older sisters, Dianella and Dahlia! She is withdrawn, shy, and easily startled. Because she was her mother's favorite as a child, she is easier to manipulate than her two older sisters. She isn't thrilled with her status as the favorite because it makes her feel guilty and causes her to doubt her own worth. Despite her problems, she is a very sweet and caring person who is also intelligent and gentle with her family and friends. She lacks faith in her decisions as a result of her mother's constant deception, but she is confident once she has made a decision.

    Appearance: She is roughly 5'1". She looks like her younger sister, Hina. Her hair is brown with blue highlights. She has a petite and slim figure. In mermaid form, she has blue fins and a blue tail. She was chosen as the favorite as her tail is very similar to her ancestor Damica’s tail. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)

    Cynthia - The Guardian

    Personality: Cynthia is Dahlia's best friend, and Dahlia's mother tasked her with bringing her daughter back. She is rash and self-assured, but she is also intelligent and caring. She refused to return Dahlia to the community because she knew Dahlia would return on her own. She wanted Dahlia to be free, so she traveled with her before returning to the community. She is a very passionate person who will never back down from standing up for what is right. She is very protective of Dahlia's sisters and makes every effort to keep an eye on and protect them.

    Appearance: She is roughly 5'6". She has long brown hair with orange tips. In her mermaid form, she has orange fins and an orange tail. She has a slight scar on her left eye. She has a muscular figure. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)


    @kiokooo / @kiokodoodles @underfell-crystal @the1920sisntaphasemom

    #mermaid ocs #the masquerade pirate mermaid au #the ambitious crossover #mermaid pirate au #the undertale au university #villains and heroes au #band au#info dump #oc info dump #character info#proper stuff#:D
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    One of these days I'm gonna break and subject y'all to a long post of my rambles about the au I'm working on, but today is not that day

    #Reformed#good side #damn i want to so bad #but if i talk about it before properly structuring it ill simply pass away #still writing the doc for it #its a Villainous au if that isnt apparently #idk what to tag this? #writing#fan fiction#au#idk yall #it isnt Hero x Villain cause the Villain is reformed #well it's stjll Hero x Villain becsuse the Villain is still doing some pretty evil shit theyre just on the now #so it's considered not evil #damn i fucking love writing about Corrupt systems #i could go so indepth about my theories About Villainous i just dont for my sanity and y'all's #Villainous #cause these tags are just talking about that anyways why not tag it
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    Better Character Stuff! (Mermaid OCs)

    Hibiscus - A Mermaid Princess

    Personality: Hibiscus is a bright and cheerful person who is compassionate and understanding. She's a little mischievous and very clever. She is a little shy, but she makes an effort to be social. Hibiscus is well-known for her beauty and talent. She is constantly concerned about her friends and companions, but she isn't afraid to back down when necessary. She tries to be patient, but she also has a slight temper, which she controls like a queen. She adores people, animals, and plants. She also has a motherly side to her personality.

    Appearance: Hibiscus is roughly 5'3" and has a slim, but chubby figure. Her hair is brown with purple tips at the ends, her hair is long. In her mermaid form, she has purple fins and a purple tail. She has a locket in both forms that has a Hibiscus Flower on it. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)

    Hala - A Mermaid Princess

    Personality: She is well-known for her inquisitive, brave, and sweet personality. She has a high level of emotional intelligence and is very good at reading people. She's a notorious flirt and one of many mermaids who people admire for their beauty and grace. She's also a spitfire and a rule-follower. She has a reputation for being brave but not particularly bright. She also knows far more than she admits, but most people don't believe her. She is the catalyst for Hibiscus' motherly nature because Hala used to get into a lot of trouble when they were younger. Unlike Hibiscus, she avoids singing in general and prefers to dance when her sister performs in the streets.

    Appearance: Hibiscus is roughly 5'5". She has a slim and muscular build compared to her twin sister. Her hair is brown with red tips and is long. In her mermaid form, she has red fins and a red tail. She has a locket that has a hala flower on it. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)

    Hina - A Mermaid Princess

    Personality: Hina appears to be a gentle and kind individual, but she is extremely hostile to humans (namely corrupt humans). She is far less inquisitive than her sisters, but she is forced to follow them in order to keep them safe. Her demeanor is that of a saint. She is also a skilled sword fighter. She is more withdrawn and, if possible, avoids flirting. She encourages her younger sisters' personalities while attempting to keep Hibiscus from pranking people and Hala from getting into trouble. She is a fiercely protective woman who will fight or kill to protect her siblings if necessary.

    Personality: Hina is roughly 5'2". She has a slim form. Her hair is brown with blue tips and is long. In mermaid form, she has blue fins and a blue tail. She has a locket with a hina flower on it. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)

    Amaryllis - A Mermaid Princess

    Personality: Amaryllis is a renegade mermaid on the lookout for "princesses." She is, in fact, a very sweet and kind woman. She makes an effort to assist others and to be patient with them. She is extremely bright and eccentric, and she adores all types of fashion and style. She is very loud and obnoxious to everyone except the Phantoms. She has erected an ego-centric barrier to protect and conceal her emotional and sensitive side. She's a little naive, but she wants to help everyone she can. Regardless of her goal, she works to assist anyone she can. She enjoys assisting anyone she can.

    Appearance: She is roughly 5'5". She has a slim but muscular form. Her hair is blond-ish with pink tips and short. In mermaid form, she has pink fins and a pink tail. (Photo references are from Dollmakers by Pastelkatto and Missangest.)


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    #deltarune#deltarune memes#deltarune shitpost#mike deltarune#deltarune mike#ralsei deltarune#deltarune ralsei#ralsei#krispam#spamtis #kris x spamton #they only show up briefly but im tagging it just in case #the audio is from real time fandub #villain teamup au #my art#digital art#my animation #why did i put effort into this
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  • zozobegone
    23.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Villain recruiter x Twisted wonderland part 1

    1. Farja first time coming to the Scrabia Dorm with the dorm heads

    2. Jamil reminds her of Jafar sometimes

    3. Scolding Kalim for being to nice

    4. Meeting Jamil's sister

    #twisted wonderland#twst #disney twisted wonderland #twistedwonderland #twisted wonderland x villain recruiter #Disney villain recruiter #farja#Kalim#Jamil #twisted wonderland Jamil #twisted wonderland Kalim #new students au #ramshackle
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    #turtle n others #tho it’s just me in this #mikey tmnt#tmnt#tmnt 2012 #<- bc this is a tmnt 2012 au #speaking of which #mikey villain arc au
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    🩸(Day 7)🩸

    Some toga and Shigaraki fanart for the vampire prompt! Btw I’m so glad to be back ❤️ MISSED UUUU

    I’ll still be continuing the g0re/k!nk-tober prompts cuuuz why not🥴

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  • squareupgod
    23.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    personally a c!crime vigilante au i’ve been daydreaming about is where c!wilbur is a hero and c!tommy is a villain during the day but they’re both vigilantes at night, and idc but it’s a funky idea to me. like. i just like menace and Problem Causer tommy with a heart of gold who isn’t really a malicious villain and grows uncomfortable with other villains actually Hurting people and wilbur who used to believe in the ideals of the superhero org but realized they’re more corrupt than he knew and is trying to take them out from the inside. i want c!crime boys who both become disillusioned within the systems they grew up in and turn to Vigilantism to try and be the people they want to be. i want them to get to know each other outside of being Rivals and find they both have the same goals (wanting to help people). like imagine them being friends as vigilantes and enemies as hero and villain. imagine the identity reveal moments. the banter. the betrayal. it’s sooo spicy i love it.

    #i have no idea if this is already a thing #but yeah this is my fav c!cb superhero au #apart from other things #i love villain c!tommy with a heart of gold #there could also me a mir/aculous ladybug thing where they know each other irl too
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    the sports festival arc! pls take this very lazy done pages as my apology and thank you to anyone who is still interested in this au

    #avillian au?idk #villian todoroki natsuo #let natsuo be a villain #himiko toga#akaguro chizome#sports festival
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