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  • Goodnight Astro Community🥰💞🌙 I just wanted to spread some love and joy wishing you the best full moon for tomorrow so you can prosper living out your dreams or bundle up in a blanket and cuddle while drinking tea/coffee or whatever you desire💞💞

    I love you all🥰💞💕🌙🌙

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  • Daily Weather, 2.26.21

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    Aries: We often think of happiness as a matter of accumulation or gathering our favorite things around us. But what about the pleasure of giving? Compassion is not some far-away skill to be studied with your mind. It is presence. It is responding from your deepest, quietest place. And to be useful to another, if only with your silent attention, is a gift that goes both ways. See the emptiness of giver, receiver and gift this month. Find a way to dissolve through. 

    Taurus: Consider how you are being supported during this time. Are there networks you can talk to or people to call to pick you up in a crisis? There is support also in those you can make things with, whose ideas bolster and lifts your up. These connections will be especially prominent this month, especially where you don’t feel comfort relying on others. What do you do to deserve the care of others? Nothing. Find a way to keep it so. 

    Gemini: “It’s not meant to be a strife,” Björk sings on “Undo” “It’s not meant to be a struggle uphill”. She’s right and this especially applies to you, dear Gemini. You are more and more focused on climbing up your individual mountain and the climb yields better results when you follow a flow instead of muscling through. We are taught to see our vocational paths as only hard work but what if it could be easy, a pleasurable listening? Try it for yourself. 

    Cancer: In “Eros the Bittersweet,” Anne Carson makes a connection between desire and knowing: “Both mind and wooer reach out from what is known and actual to something different, possibly better, desired. Something else. Think about what that feels like”. I encourage you to heed this last sentence. Let your studies this month have the taste of eros: reaching, insatiable, physically felt. Search for what you feel you do not know until it becomes a part of you too. 

    Leo: Whatever touches you this month sinks to the very bottom, dear Leo. While not the best for temporary flings, it can be quite useful in healing deeper wounds. Give yourself plenty of space to explore the dark and be judicious about who you let witness your process. Be on the lookout for the resources these trusted others can give you. The more you let your deeper feelings wash over you, the less burden you have to carry alone. 

    Virgo: What’s in the air that makes everyone else seem so charming? No matter: relish in the beauty of all you meet, trusting that what you see mirrors what’s already in you. It may take some time to adjust to the porousness of the next month, but simply ask a trusted other for their help in that area. The joy of partnership of all forms is currently cresting for you. Even if one is going poorly, you have the power to let bygones be bygones. Relish all the people you can be. 

    Libra: We tend to see work as a place of frantic activity , thanks in part to our capitalist system of exploitation. But there’s a way to enter activity with a clear and open mind so you’re not just going through the motions but they’re going through you. Can you find wisdom in washing the dishes and shopping for groceries? Can you let your body feel good just by breathing? Trust the simple things this month and your ability to accomplish.

    Scorpio: Indulge in flings, dear Scorpio. Flirt. Let your charm out and watch it be returned. But know that just because a relationship doesn’t last a long time or is just talk doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. On the contrary, pay attention to the people you feel you’re supposed to know even if you’ve just met them. You have the potential to experience real, psychic meetings as well as a deeper growth. These people are just mirrors. What will you create with the results? 

    Sagittarius: What emotion do you feel entering your home or private space? Joy? Dread? Anxiety? Now’s the time to do what you can to bring luxury and beauty to your domestic sphere. Buy nice linens. Hang up art. Create protection rituals. Create a space that lets everyone who enter know that they are moving through somewhere sacred. Do the same with the part of you that no one sees. 

    Capricorn: In her poem, “Songs of Johannes,” Mina Loy writes of “[talking] till there were no more tongues/ To talk with”. Though words are clunky, poor approximations for our internal experience, they certainly aren’t nothing. Give yourself over the vivifying effect of good conversation. Let yourself be open to new ideas and find conversation partners who match your openness. The key word here is listening. That’s what allows the meeting to dissolve separation

    Aquarius: What is your relationship to your resources, dear Aquarius? Do you wish you had more? Do you feel guilty for what you do have? I would encourage generosity with both yourself and others. Give to mutual aid funds and black people in need. But also give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Let yourself make mistakes and do things just for the heck of it. Treat your (ethical) desire with reverence. Practice reminding yourself you deserve everything you desire. 

    Pisces: Turn the charm up, dear Pisces, and see where it goes. I am more than confident that you will use your blessings well this month, that is, with altruism and mutual benefit. Dress yourself up. Wear lingerie under your clothes, or, better yet, a lacy bra as a top. Don’t doubt your allure and glamour. Use it to invite the right people closer and help you lose track of where you end and others begin.  

    ***if you enjoyed this offering, consider signing up for my weekly newsletter, which focuses on astrology, intimacy, deep attention. You can also follow me on instagram here. ***

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    Originally posted by spirituxl-dxrling

    🧜🏽Astro Notes (2) because we all love them!! 🧜🏽

    (this time i actually feel confident about posting these. i have a lot of other shit to do, but if i don’t post these now, i’ll probably forget later and this will never make it out in the public. so here goes nothing!! 🤞😵)

    🫂 mercury in libra is such an underrated placement!! these people amazing diplomats ( no shit lol). they have this ability to give solid advice which is also somehow neutral. they won’t tell you what you WANT to hear but you NEED to hear. they are people who sympathise with your situation but would never rule out a judgement based on their emotions.

    🧩 uranus in 3rd people make great writers , poets and artists . but the thing is, they tend to have PROLONGED periods of an art block or a creative block. so that is why it’s possible that will write something phenomenal once and will disappear for a long time, to come back again in a blue moon and hit you with something even better.

    🐙 air signs get a lot of shit for ghosting people, but have you guys ever noticed earth signs!? one day, you’re having a good conversation with an earth sign and the next day you know, you’ve been ghosted. they’re just bad texters in general and if they feel like you don’t match their vibe, they’ll be gone before you even know it.

    🧑🏽‍🎤 gemini venus people are always criticised for being flighty and inconsistent. on the contrary however, gemini venus people are extremely grounded when it comes to someone they care about and love. most of my friends have gemini venus and they’re ALWAYS there for their loved ones and would actually listen to everyone’s problems before giving an opinion. they are types to really be there for you when no one else is.

    ☁️ much like neptune in 3rd, mercury in 12th placements have their head in clouds. they express in a very dreamy way and their subconscious mind is often influenced by their past experiences. when it comes to voicing their opinions, they lack self-confidence, but they usually don’t show it. their judgment is often based on emotions rather than logic and their tend to be a bit secretive about their thoughts and feelings.

    😞 chiron in aquarius people really have it rough. they often find it traumatic when they can’t make their utopian visions turn into reality. these people dream about being independent but they often have to work very hard to achieve it. they are often wounded deeply by their friends and it affects their mental health a lot.

    😳 neptune in 3rd people have a tendency to relate a lot with music ,art , and poetry and how it has been composed. they feel that the lyrics of a particular song symbolise a sort of life which they are living.

    🥷🏼 speaking from personal experience, lilith in cancer and moon square pluto, doesn’t always mean that you have a rough relationship with your mother. i have this placement and i am SUPER CLOSE to my mom. but, these people do tend to be empathetic towards their mothers and may have grown up watching their moms struggle and suffer. that is why, these people also tend to be sort of rebellious when it comes to family matters. they also have a knack for independence and want to live a life without that emotional pain they witnessed their mothers go through. they make great feminists and women’s rights activists.

    🪶 saturn in 11th house makes people who are very diligent and persistent. 11th house helps these people to have a wide circle of friends but because saturn is located in it, it makes people born under this placement, sort of detached from their friends. in simple words, they have very few close friends and consider their other friends as merely ‘acquaintances’.

    🦩 aquarius moons are sass machines!! they are extremely straight-forward and blunt. the most ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ people you’ll ever meet.


    link to my 1st astro notes:-

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  • How virgo of me to get a job at a gym.

    #cleaning job no less. #ill actually be doing customer service stuff too but #i work at a gym now lmfaoooo #personal#virgo#gym
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  • any other virgo women hate f*rt jokes and whatnot…. The V in virgo stands for Victorian lady

    #virgo #i am so complex just as soon as yall think u have me understood #i whip out another facet of my personality... just as authentic as all the other ones ive shown u #U think this username is a joke?
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  • Cosas que los signos aman de Capricornio:

    Aries: Aries ama su aspecto “frio”. Su rudeza superficial que la hace tener un estatus superior.

    Tauro: Ama las palabras con las que capricornio se expresa, la hace ver como una persona Elegante, valiente e indiferente. Hace que tauro se sienta un raramente atraido a lo intimidante que Capricornio puede ser.

    Géminis: Ama su inteligencia. Gem es astuto y algo que le impresiona es la creatividad y forma de pensar sin límites. En otras palabras, una mente como la de Capricornio.

    Cancer: Ama lo cuidadosa que Capricornio es. La manera en la que cuida a otros atrae a cancer más que nada ya que sabe que es una persona digna de mantener a su lado.

    Leo: La atracción física que emanan estos dos es única. Capricornio deja totalmente loco a Leo.

    Virgo: virgo ama lo similitar que es con Capricornio. Sus emociones, sus gustos, su personalidad. Capricornio es alguien que entiende a virgo a la perfección.

    Libra: Ama su ambición. Su persistencia para llegar a sus objetivos. Su pasión, la vibra ambiosiosa — En el buen sentido— que trae Capricornio

    Escorpio: Ama su independencia emocional, ya que logra que Escorpio no se aterre y sabe que con capri hay un amor y una relación estable y sin ataduras enfermizas. Ama su libertad que se da a si misma y a los demás

    Sagitario: Ama cuando Capricornio está vulnerable y se abre a los demás de una forma sorprendente. Su forma de sentir deja totalmente loco a sagitario.

    Acuario: Ama ese lado rudo de Capricornio. El rebelde e independiente que siempre sigue a su buena moral. Lo hace una persona admirable

    Piscis: El pez ama la primera impresión que da Capricornio; inalcanzable e inefable. Las vibras que trasmite atrae mucho a piscis en ese aspecto

    ❗️comenta el siguiente signo❗️

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  • the placement and condition of the sun in your natal chart can also indicate things like:

    • ego
    • purpose and potential
    • job or career field (whether it suits you best or you simply enjoy it)
    • what you’d like to identify yourself as
    • how others identify you
    • what drives you
    • your energy levels
    • your willpower and levels of motivation in different circumstances
    • how you take risks
    • what you are willing to risk
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  • Work Astrology

    Work and jobs are displayed in the natal chart in the 6th house. Your career however, is located in the 10th house. Your coworkers are also located in the 6H. Your relationship (Venus) can be showed through aspects between your 6H or 6H ruler. I picked Venus for this interpretation because I look at Venus as any type of relationship. Venus could also represent social appeal.

    Ex: My 6H is empty so I would look towards which sign my house is in. My 6H is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). My Neptune is in Aquarius. I saw on @ijaadee’s twitter that the house Aquarius is in can show where you surprise people. My Venus (relationships) is in Taurus. The aspect I have is that my Venus is square Neptune. I interpreted this as in my relationship (Venus) with my coworkers (6H) is distant (Aquarius). At work (6H) I tend to be independent (Aqua) and do things alone. At my old job people were also surprised (Aqua) about a friendship between myself and my coworker (6H) because of how we didn’t get along at first. At my current job (remember not career) I work independently without anyone right next to me while my coworkers desks are right next to each other. I don’t socialize much and can be seen as an outsider because of this independence (Aqua).

    At my old job I didn’t really fit in anywhere at first and was mainly there just to work and leave. I typically worked alone (Aqua) but when I did socialize with my coworkers it mainly was involving food (My Venus is in Taurus). My relationships (Venus) with coworkers (6H) mostly began because of us eating (Taurus) together.

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  • When embarrassed, I make weird faces. 

    What about you?

    Zodiac Signs when embarrassed

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  • Virgo placements-

    When your teacher/prof/boss compliments you or even brings up a thing you did as a point of reference, do y’all feel ✨some type of way✨? Like a praise kink sorta? I’m trying to see something.

    I’m a Virgo rising and when my prof uses me as a point of reference, I get whole ass butterflies 🦋

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  • “Cuando tienes miedo pero lo haces de todas formas, eso es valentía”.

    -Aries, Sagitario, Escorpio, Virgo, Capricornio, Géminis

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  • ♍︎ Full moon in Virgo ~ 27/2/2021!

    (Moon phases reflect and assist the pattern of human activity and universal emotions. Choose dates to harness your intentions).

    ✨I have recently found a great quote, written by Norma K for the website: Woot & Hammy: ‘The full moon is round and completely illuminated. It represents completion, the height of power, the realization of your desires and the peak of clarity. It is a time to celebrate your growth, take note of what progress you have made and to reflect on how far you have come’. ♍︎✨

    A little guide….

    ✨Don’t be quick to make judgements of people. Being less critical will make life a lot easier.

    ✨A good time for working. Good time for studying small details, cleaning, restoring, critical reading and proof-reading.

    ✨You may feel more physically efficient. Having consistent efforts and being practical will benefit you.

    ✨Try to remain open-minded. A beneficial time for any kind of physical therapy or rejuvenation. Resting the mind is also vital during this period.

    ✨It will feel easy to be overwhelmed and worried, remember to focus on things that calm you down, you can write a list of these ideas and carry them around with you during this time, as the planet of communication: Mercury, rules Virgo.

    ✨When the Moon is in Virgo, surgery related to the abdominal cavity (for example the spleen, liver and pancreas) are not suggested.

    ✨ What are you proud of? Take some time to revel in alllllllllll your glory ;)!

    💜Let me know what you are proud of and reflecting on! I love hearing your replies, they make me so happy. Thank you for reading :)💜✨♍︎

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  • the sun:

    this is a breakdown of the sun’s energy when placed in each sign/house, designed to provide a stable understanding of each individual energy by going much deeper than simply memorizing facts.

    i have used both hellenistic and traditional methods of astrology to form the basis of my practice, so that is what you will find here.

    it is a collection of things I have learned through a combination of reading ancient texts, modern interpretations, and analyzing thousands of natal charts.


    in astrology

    most commonly represents

    also indicates

    in the first house

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    Hi! I just completed a little project where I do my own version of the Zodiac signs ⭐️ Tumblr only lets me post 10 pics so I’m splitting this in two 😁

    Part ½ ♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️

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