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  • layaromsa
    28.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Wip titled: Haitani hoes at school

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  • jaysworlds
    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    serin is a non-newtonian liquid

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  • mamaito
    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Hi, heheh...

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  • jaysworlds
    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    i know im always ‘serin is a fish’ this and ‘serin is a fish’ that

    really hes more of a goop

    a slime, perhaps

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  • gayautisticcas
    28.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    sneak peek of next art ✨

    #Guess Who Is In The Cart #also #hell on earth !!!!!!! #why did I do this it's mostly covered up anyway bfjcbf #i could have just colored the lines #i am happy with it tho #it was kind of fun #my art#wip
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  • pussreboots
    28.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I’m drawing my daughter from an older photo. #procreate #wip #artistsoninstagram #artist #digitalillustration (at Lake Hemet) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkNBLzFtbA/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • splashinkling
    28.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Last Lines

    thanks for the tag @sleepy-night-child! as always, from my wip, Demons in the Den.

    Aliah’s hands feel around the top of my head to my face to my pained shoulder—I yelp—and around to my uninjured arm, which she lops over her shoulders, and pulls me up to my feet. I gasp, feeling the swelling in my ankle knot up and stick like a lump on my foot.
    “Sorry,” she says. Her arms shift as she shuffles my arm onto Russell’s shoulders. I feel him tremble. Shake. He’s just as scared as any other regular person. How could I have thought he betray us?
    “Russell take her and hold onto my shoulder," Aliah instructs, "We’ll walk past that machine.”
    “Okay…” Russell wheezes. He keeps one hand on my arm and he reaches out, placing his other hand on Aliah.
    We start to walk. Slow and painful. I grunt and wince with each lumbering limp and Russell drags me more than I walk on my own, though not either of our faults.

    this tag is open! ^^ anyone feel free to join!

    #ink writes #wip: demons in the den #my writing #last lines tag #tag game #it's from today's writing sprint!! #I just wrote it! #well just wrote at the time of drafting this post #q
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  • plumbtales
    28.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Entryway, Consort’s bedroom and dining hall.

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  • mb62k
    28.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    ok. first of all QUEEN shit,

    #mb.txt #ouuuuu pommie we're really in it now...... hold up actually. worth drawing #(i add this to my ever expanding list of cookie run drawings stuck forever in wip hell)
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  • cmoroneybooks
    28.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Those eyes, that look that only Natalie Dormer seems to get just right - that is what embodies Cerise de Gastar the magnificent bastard who lights up each page she appears on in my WIP.

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  • neocrackheadtechnology23
    28.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Yuta: [kiss Winwin’s cheek]

    Winwin: What is this? 

    Yuta: Affection 

    Winwin: Disgusting


    Winwin: Do it again 

    Happy Winwin Day!💚💚💚 

    #dong sicheng#winwin#nakamoto yuta#nct yuwin#yuwin#NCT#nct127#wayv #happy birthday winwin #nct incorrect quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #kpop#nct crack#incorrect quote #they're wipped for eo #credit to original creator
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  • jaysworlds
    28.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    mercy when he first meets serin: i am about to get eaten by some unimaginable horror, my only choice is to make my peace with god before im torn limb from limb

    the unimaginable horror in question:

    #okay serin is not a kitten he is a fish but he IS extremely cute #when youre not hundreds of miles beneath the surface of the ocean and hes approximately the size of a football stadium #oc:mercy#oc:serin#wip:8gp
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  • dreamysreverie
    28.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #moodboard #Jennifer's body au #YES THIS IS MY NEXT WIP #ripped away
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  • maxielcore
    28.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    I’m once again asking you to help me pick which wip I should finish next >.< please vote here

    #my wips #currently not vibing with the ship most of my wips contain so yeeeeeeeeeh
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  • nimedhel09
    28.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Ok, I hope this works to be available to the person that I interacted with and wanted to elaborate on what I meant.

    So, this is for @valentine--heart (do you get notifications when someone links you in a post? I have no idea, but I hope so, haha)!

    Because I have way too much to talk about here, I'm just going to make a full-on post on why I personally think that Super Broly has a lot more depth as a character than the wasted potential of Z Broly!

    Get ready, this is going to be a loooooong one (but when is it not?)!

    So, first things first. The backstory we got.

    Super Broly was deemed a mutation, and thus exiled to a planetoid when he was just able to do basic functions: walk, eat, and maybe fight for his life. Although I think at the time he was still too weak to take on the Vampa fauna head-on without the full moon.

    He could not talk, he had little to no interactions with other sentient beings until his father and Beets (😢) followed him. We don't exactly know how much time passed between Broly arriving on the planet, and his father's landing. Probably a few days. At most.

    So, starting from there, he had barely any interactions with poor Beets before he was offed by a vengeful, distrustful and embittered Paragus. Paragus, who took over Broly's education and training.

    We don't have views of the years passing on Vampa and how Paragus did actually educate his son, nor their relationship. BUT, we have clues in the film. With how Paragus talks to Broly, what Broly tells Cheelai and Lemo, and how he feels about his dad.

    On Broly's part? Respect, love, and probably a lot of co-dependency. Also fear, because, you guessed it, Paragus is an abusive ass.

    On Paragus's side, he seems to be very stern with his son and probably looks at him like a weapon, although I still feel like there might be a bit of affection towards him. He did flee his planet to find him (maybe because he was his legacy, maybe because he knew he was going to be strong, maybe because he thought he could make him as vengeful as him and take the throne, who knows exactly?).

    He was still scared of his son's power, but I'm 95% certain that, when training, he did not teach his son control at all, just how to kill (as is the Saiyan way, I feel, from what we saw with Vegeta and Nappa in early DBZ, as they embodied "true Saiyans"). Not great to have mastery of his energy, and thus his enormous power.

    And how did he deal with his very powerful and unstable son? Shock collar. That he probably used each time Broly even gave a hint of beginning to lose control, instead of de-escalating things.

    Now, let's talk communication. We don't have thaaaat much content in the film when it comes to dialogue between Broly and his father, but, from what we saw? Paragus gives orders, shuts Broly up if he talks, berates him for showing negative emotions or not knowing proper social etiquette (thanking Cheelai, being introduced to Frieza). If that is not psychologically abusive, don't know what it.

    Then Broly just accepts this, because he's grown up with that and he came to accept that, and he does not know better, because the only person he knows until being rescued from Vampa? His dad. He seems like a very taciturn person, yes, but it may be explained in part by his father's treatment of him. He was prorably never allowed to give his opinions or talk about his feelings or anything like that. Just listen and do what he's told.

    So, the big BOI ended up being kind of emotionally stunted and socially inept, as shown in the beginning of the film until they arrive on Earth.

    Another point: Baa. Broly's only friend in his 40+ years of life (I think he was 45? 47? by the time of the film? Super's timeline confuses me a bit). A friend that was taken from him by his caretaker. A former friend that refuses any more interactions with Broly, if Baa is still alive at this time (we don't know much about Vampa's fauna).

    Broly took the ear that was cut, and made it into a pelt that he keeps on him at every given moment. If someone dares to talk disparagingly or touch it in a disrespectful manner, his temper appears quite violently. That shows that he has a deep connection with the pelt and the memories attached to it. It might also show that he uses it as a security blanket, something to give him comfort. Something that he does not have with his father, comfort.

    Furthermore, we have also the fact that Broly barely knows ANYTHING about the universe he lives in. He does not even know what water is. Water. Which makes me think that, really, Paragus must not have talked to him much at all outside of the basic: be understood for orders, know how to kill king Vegeta III and have his vengeance.

    Thus Broly is deeply uneducated. Does it mean he's stupid? Nope, not at all. It just shows that he has a lot to learn. And I'm sure that he'll learn quickly, since he was shown to have learnt proper fighting techniques during his bout with Vegeta. Like a lot of Saiyans, he's very adaptive.

    Now on with the Earth stuff, because there are tidbits that give some clues about him too. So, you remember that when they came, Broly seemed to be on the brink of going all feral and showed signs of impatience and aggressiveness that Paragus and Frieza talked about very briefly. That might be a sign that, while nearing Earth, Paragus hyped Broly up, or made him purposefully angry enough towards Vegeta to really want to fight him. So emotional manipulation.

    Another thing is Broly being raised as kind of an attack dog by his father. "Broly! Attack!" is not really a sentence you would say to someone you consider to be their own person and with whom you have a respectful relationship. It looks more like a person giving orders to their pets. So beings seen as lesser. A tool.

    (And yep, we also had that in the original! But it was not done as subtly or as good as the Super film narratively).

    And the dude is even scared of being killed by his own son because he does not have the remote to control the shock collar anymore and saw how far Broly can grow in his strength when he goes Ikari. His fear of his own son is there, visually, not just a dialogue like it was done in the Z film. He even said that King Vegeta was right to be afraid of Broly.

    Look at that, Paragus agreeing with the king he so despises because he fears for his life, instead of being steadfast in his belief of his son, or showing any kind of emotional response other than a master being afraid of the beast that was unleashed.

    On the other end, Broly's attachment to his father runs deep. I touched on it earlier, but it's the most apparent when his father is killed by Frieza and he loses all control and goes berserk, unlocking his Super Saiyan transformation.

    Contrary to Goku's transformation on Namek, for example, it's not a mix of hatred and grief, I think, but mostly very deep grief of losing the only person he has known since he was little, his only family, his very respected and loved father. He experienced such deep pain that, in the pits of his despair, he just became a rabid animal and let his pain turn to aggression.

    However, in the last scene of the film, we see him back on Vampa, with Cheelai and Lemo arriving three days later, and he's back to his sweet, adorable cinnamon bun self. And when Goku shows up, he acts protective of his friends, but not overly aggressive, contrary to how he was on the ship when that purple guy assaulted Cheelai, because, then, there was more than just a potential threat, but a danger that already happened to hurt one of the new people he met and latched on to. Because I'm sure since they were kind to him and his father, he did latch on to them like a lost puppy.

    And then, all the thing with Goku showed us that he did not feel any kind of resentment towards Goku, at least. We have not had anything with Veggie-chan, so we can't know if he still feels anger towards the prince or not.

    Anyways, with how he acts towards Goku, I feel like does remember how their fight went up until the death of his father and his complete loss of control, even though he was full-on Ikari with the super Saiyan hair and all.

    Anyways! I've not seen the film in quite a bit, so I am sure that I forgot stuff to show that, yep, this version of Broly has a lot of depth that was absent in the original Z film, although the bases were already there!

    That's the thing with the OG Broly, we got good bases, but not a lot of substance to really get something more than a one-dimensional crazy villain (although I did read a thread on Twitter that was very interesting on why Z Broly dislikes Goku in the first film before he just got his one-liner in the following one - which is horrible narratively, but great visually, lol).

    I hope that the post was not too much of a hassle to read. I know it's super long though, so, if you read it to the end, thanks a lot, and I do hope that you see the point of my original comment with this!

    #answering a question #writing an essay on this even though I can't string two words on my WIPs #Why brain? Why must you hate me so? #Nim rambles#DBZ#DBS Broly#Super Broly #I love that feral cinnamon bun #Can you tell? #also the ikari transformation is the bomb #we need more of him in the franchise honestly #very excited to see him in the new film #and his green girlfriend #and his orange uncle
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  • coffeedemon666
    28.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    The Curse of Being

    He was ugly to me at first, an amalgamation of metals, glass, and wire all fused together into an angel’s figure. 

    He didn’t belong where they put him, amidst the pretentious paintings of splattered color and flat white walls. The art in there was lauded as modern, simplistic, and even “pure” depictions of human emotion. Then there was him, his massive frame corroded with traces of rust, the glass on his wings no longer reflective and laden with a grime so thick they’d become opaque. Whatever his maker sought to capture was a puzzle to myself. Perhaps blasphemy? Surely nothing pure. 

    His shape was jagged, sharp. Dangerous in my opinion. If he’d not been roped off I would have worried someone might cut themselves on his outstretched appendages, the wasting metal a sure home for tetanus or worse. 

    It wasn’t until the night I stayed alone with him that he spoke, his voice in the empty gallery so startling I blamed first the late hour for my misperception. He spoke softly my name, then asked me why I was still there. In disbelief I stared for a time at this unholy depiction of something glorious, wondering how and when I’d lost my mind. There was no movement or emotion along his welded face, the holes that were his eyes unshifting in their eternal emptiness. How could something so rugged sound so gentle? I found myself dumb with awe and morbidly curious.

    Fear found not my feet but impulse touched my tongue and I answered with a truth I’d not yet shared with anyone. 

    “I don’t have anywhere else to go.” 

    My confession surprised me so much I froze, the resounding notes of my own voice making me realize he’d not actually spoken aloud. What I’d heard was in my head, like a second consciousness outside of my own, residing right inside my skull. 

    Of all things the last I expected was humor, yet it was with a warm hint of amusement that he sympathized with me.

    “Me either.” He said.

    That was the start of it, our nightly conversations and unusual bond. Night after night I volunteered to stay late, and even snuck myself in on a few holidays so he wouldn’t be alone. He never told me what he was and I never dared to ask, but he did tell me his name. 

    “It’s the curse of being.” He once explained to me of his plight. “To live without living.”

    Over time I began to see a similarity in his existence comparable to my own. I didn’t know who my maker was or why I existed either. I was alive, but hollow, much like his herculean frame.

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  • leekfl
    28.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    i am sanganomiya kokomi

    #wip#kokomi #but i dont want to finish it
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  • the-sunlit-witch
    28.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Another quick progress update, and possibly the last one for a bit because 60 hour weeks + house chores means no drawing time LOL

    ... But them bricks look SO GOOD NOW HA, worth redrawing the page lol

    #wip#dee art#doodle#line art#concept #I also may have sketched out the rest of the pages?? #And.... added two more because pacing #I am a very smart and very time-wise person I swear #Also Animal Crossing is coming out with its DLC and I've sold my soul for those Pokemon DP remakes so like my hands are tied man
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  • khoshek0
    28.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago
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  • velunaryn
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Great news!

    Hi everyone, I have a great news! For everyone who waited for the continuation of the Red String of Fates demo... Tomorrow I’ll officially release the chapter 3 demo! 🎉🎉 Stay tuned for tomorrow! ╰(*°▽°*)╯🤩

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