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    ❤ #wandamaximoff x #agathaharkness

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    Try And Try Again - Wanda Maximoff

    Warning: I mean, it’s kinda angsty bruh. Fluff. Mentions of cheating (neither Wanda or Reader). I dunno, ya find out if ya read lmao.

    Words: 3163

    Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x reader (female reader) (avenger reader)

    (A/N: Pietro survives in this fic, okay. Don’t question it. I mean, he’s only mentioned like once, but still).

    R/G/N = Random girls’ name R/G/N/2 = Random girls’ name 2

    (I didn’t wanna give these girls names since I didn’t want to accidently use someone’s name and they would have to change it anyways).


    It was now 2pm and you had finally come back from your morning run. The team were confused what had held you up for so long, extending your morning run to last past midday, but as soon as they had spotted you stepping out of the elevator with a wide grin and giddy expression, they started to somewhat piece together what had happened.

    “What’s got you so smiley?” Clint spoke from his spot on the couch along with a few of the others.

    Your attention snapped towards him, but the smile had never left your face. “Oh, nothing. Just a good run.”

    “Must’ve have been a really good run since you left at 7a.m.” Natasha commented from her seat near Clint.

    You shrugged your shoulders and continued your path towards the kitchen. “I guess so.” The pair raised their eyebrows at each other in question but decided against digging further, for now.

    Nearing the fridge, Wanda finally looked up from the book held in her hands and smiled brightly at you. “Hello Y/N,” she greeted you in that beautiful Sokovian accent.

    “Hey Wands. Good book?” You questioned as you reached your intended destination, beginning to retrieve a new, cold bottle of water from the fridge.

    She blushed slightly and adverted her gaze from yours, smiling softly. “Yes, quite.”

    You gulped down the refreshing drink before sending her a kind smile. “Glad to hear it.” You walked towards her and she swore she had stopped breathing. Her eyes were wide as you brought your hand towards her face to sweep the strands of hair that had fallen in front of her face behind her ear.

    Her face burned a deeper red and released an inaudible but shaky breath. You grinned down at her as you straightened back up. “There. Now we can see that beautiful face of yours.”

    Wanda squeaked as her blush intensified, her heart pounding against her ribcage. She felt as if she would faint any moment.

    You walked back towards the living area where majority of the team still resided, acting as if nothing had happened just a moment ago. Wanda was frozen to her spot whilst you sat on the arm of the couch some of the team occupied.

    “So,” Sam spoke up from his place. “We’re having a movie night tonight. You in, Y/L/N?”

    You sheepishly grin towards your friend before replying. “I uh, can’t. I have a date.”

    The whole team that was present stopped what they were doing as their attention shot to you. You shrunk under the teams’ intense gaze; the silence palpable. “Nice one, kid.” Tony broke the silence.

    “So, that why you were looking so happy, huh? I guess this mystery woman is the reason why your ‘run’ had taken so long, too?” Clint smirked towards you as you scratched the back, cheeks tinted pink ever so slightly.

    “I mean, yeah. I guess.”

    As the rest of the team continued to tease you about your date for the evening, Natasha looked over towards Wanda who now had a sullen expression, her face held sadness. Her heart ached for the young witch, who was undoubtedly in love with.

    Wanda’ eyes connected with Natasha and all the ex-assassin could do, was send her a sympathetic and comforting smile. Wanda tried to return the smile as best as she could, but Romanoff could see the tears build up within her eyes. Barely a moment later, Wanda stood and quickly made her way to the elevator, stepping inside quickly before disappearing to her room.

    Natasha sighed inwardly and shook her head. She would need to go comfort her soon.


    The night you had went on the date with R/G/N had clearly been a success. You and her had went on many more and soon becoming an official couple.

    You gushed about her constantly to the team, how she continuously made you pancakes in the morning or how you two had come up with your own handshake. You had even so boldly stated that she could even be the one. As your relationship had bloomed and grew with R/G/N, Wanda felt her heart break each moment.

    The young witch had cried multiple nights over you and tended to stay her distance, opting to stealthily leave the room when you entered. Natasha had become her anchor, her shoulder to cry on for she was the only one to know of her feelings towards you.

    The ex-assassin had even cursed you a few times for being so blind. Of course, you hadn’t even notice the lack of Wanda’ presence around you for you were too deep of a haze with R/G/N.

    But just as you thought you had found the one, it came crashing down and burning ‘til nothing remained but ash, a reminder of your once great relationship with the girl.

    Pancakes were no longer made within the morning, the handshake no longer preformed between you two. You drifted and drifted until eventually, she left, crushing your heart.

    You had changed for a short while, neglecting your need for food, rarely showering, practically never leaving your room, but the team knew that all you needed was a little time on your own, so that’s exactly what they had given you. And soon enough, it had worked, and you were back to normal, making ridiculous jokes with your friends and exuding confidence once more.

    Wanda had still felt heartbroken, although the pain had lessened. It was bearable to be around you after your relationship had ended. You no longer gushed about someone else when all she wanted was your attention and love.

    She finally felt a tinge of happiness once more in your presence. That was until R/G/N/2 came along.

    You were quick to enter yet another relationship. The others had hoped it to be a rebound since it was so soon but, no such luck as the relationship seemed to continue for a week, then 2, then 4, soon turning into months.

    Once again, you had stated that you may have found the one, someone who even your parents could be proud of. You boasted about how you loved her tanned skin and long legs, how you loved to listen to her talk and the way she says your name. She was a ten and she made sure that you had known it along with every other.

    Wanda was quick to distance herself from you once more, only this time, you had noticed. You didn’t question it too much, why would you? But, by now, the whole team could tell of Wanda’ feelings towards you and quite honestly felt disappointed in you and how you seem to easily upset and hurt the girl, even without noticing.


    “Alright people,” Tony clapped his hands to gain the attention of everyone who sat in the living area. “Party, Saturday night. Be there, look hot and have fun or so help me.”

    Multiple people groaned and rolled their eyes as the eccentric billionaire. “And what is the occasion this time?” Steve questioned.

    “Because parties are great. Plus, a few certain people could do with their moods lifting.” At this, his and the rest of the teams’ eyes trailed over towards Wanda, who was curled up on the couch, half paying attention.

    You hadn’t noticed the teams’ eyes turn elsewhere and had not picked up on what Tony had said about others down moods. “So, are we allowed to invite people or what ‘cause we need to get some old fellas laid.” Sam slapped a hand down on both Bucky’ and Steve’ shoulder as the others chuckled.

    Tony sighed deeply through his nose. “Yes, you can invite people.” You slightly perked up from hearing this but still opted to stay silent.

    “Great,” Sam replied. “I know the perfect girls for these two.”

    “Now that’s out of the way, can we get to watching the movie?” Bucky spoke in a tone you could easily detect as annoyed. Before anyone could speak up, you stood and stretched your limbs.

    “I can’t watch tonight, meeting with R/G/N/2.” Many of your teammates groaned at hearing this, causing your eyebrows to furrow. “What?”

    “It’s just, you’re never around except training, sleeping and mission,” Pietro started.

    “Plus, she’s a massive gold digger,” Clint continued.

    “Dude, the fuck?” From looking at each and every one of your friends’ expressions, you could tell they had all agreed. You shook your head, disgusted at even the thought of your friends acting like this. “You know what, never mind. I’m just gonna stay with R/G/N/2 until the party which we’ll BOTH be attending.”

    You snatched your brown leather jacket from your seat before angrily marching across the room and hastily entering the elevator, hitting the button that will take you to ground level.

    You knew they had spoken some truth, but surely, she wasn’t a gold digger, was she? Of course not. You just liked to spoil her, that’s all. She rarely asked for anything. They were just being unreasonable.

    You shook your head once more before reaching ground level and clambered out of the elevator as the doors opened, quickly heading to your car outside ready to drive to your girlfriends to spend the rest of the week with.


    True to your word, the team hadn’t seen you since that Wednesday night and now it was 2 hours into the party. You had yet to turn up, whether it be alone or not they did not know. They felt bad but they knew they needed to tell you at some point.

    Wanda and Natasha were together getting ready when they heard a knock on the door. Natasha quickly finished the last piece of Wanda’ hair before crossing the floor in her heels and opening the door. There stood Steve wearing a grey dressing shirt and black suit pants.

    He smiled towards his red-headed friend before he spoke. “Are you ladies ready yet?”

    “Almost, Steve. Wanda just needs a few more minutes and then we’ll be down.” She smiled towards the super soldier as Wanda finalizes her makeup before making her way towards her bed where her dress laid atop it.

    “Of course. See you down there.” And with that, Steve turned on his heel and began to head towards the elevator as Natasha closed the door.

    Wanda stared down at her dress with furrowed brows as Natasha turned and walked towards her. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    “Do you think Y/N will be here?” Her voice was so soft, Natasha almost hadn’t heard what the Sokovian said.

    “Of course, she will. She was just a little angry, but we told her what she needed to know, even if she didn’t want to hear it and now, she has had a few days to cool off.”

    “Do you think she is mad with me?”

    Natasha sighed as she brought Wanda into a warm embrace. “If anyone should be mad at anyone, it should be you that is mad with her.”

    Wanda softly giggled before pulling away. Natasha looked at the girl before nodding her head towards the beautiful black dressed still laying there on the bed. “Come on, lets get you ready and get going.”

    With a quick nod and a smile, Wanda picked up the dress and hurried into the bathroom to begin changing.


    Wanda and Natasha headed down towards the main floor where the party was being held together, arms linked, and both dressed beautifully. The red head and the witch both scanned the crowd below, quickly finding their friends scattered.

    Bruce was sat by his lonesome in a corner, Clint and Pietro occupied the couches with Vision, Tony was mingling with Pepper by his side and Bucky, Sam and Steve were at the bar accompanied by three women dressed to the nines, no doubt the girls Sam was talking about earlier that week.

    “I’m going to see how Bruce is. You okay on your own?” Natasha asked over the music and loud chatter of guests. The witch simply nodded and gave her a smile which Natasha took as her go ahead to head off.

    Wanda did another quick scan of the crowd below and her eyes land on a figure hunched over the bar by their selves, drink in hand. She instantly recognised the hunched figure to be yours. Wanda had admitted to herself that you looked good, wearing black jeans that accompanied your blue dress shirt, jacket, and boots.

    She noted that R/G/N/2 was not by your side and furrowed her brow. Where was she? Surely, she would have come with you, not leaving you high and dry.

    Taking a deep breath and ignoring the twang of pain that struck her heart, she descended down the stairs and glided across the room over towards you. Once reaching your form, Wanda tapped your shoulder to gain your attention. As you straightened your posture and turned to face whoever had tapped you, your breath hitched, and your eyes widened.

    There, in front of you, stood Wanda in a beautiful black dress where the front came up to mid shin as the back trailed right down to her ankles. Her hair was intricately down in soft, loose curls that framed her face perfectly. You looked her up and down and couldn’t help but think that she was the most beautiful woman to grace earth.

    You swallowed dryly. “H-hey, Wanda. You look...wow…you look amazing.” Inwardly cursing at yourself for stuttering and gaping at the girl, you still couldn’t help but feel elated when a small blush spread across her cheeks and a small smile appeared across her lightly painted lips.

    “Thank you, Y/N. You look wonderful, too.” Her smile soon turned into a frown. “Where is R/G/N/2? Is she busy?”

    At that, you dryly swallow once more before glancing down at the drink in your hand, avoiding eye contact. “We, uh, we broke up. Well, I broke up with her,” You started. “It seemed she forget we had planned to spend the night together and when I walked into her apartment…well, you can guess the rest, I’m sure.” You chuckled nervously as the end of your rambling.

    Wanda gazed at you with sympathy. “Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

    “You guys were right, by the way. She was kinda only into me because I bought her gifts.” You sighed deeply through your nose before quickly bringing the glass up to your mouth and finish off your drink with one big gulp.

    Wanda quickly surged forward, crushing you into a hug. Although her heart was and still is breaking, she knew yours was too, at the moment. It took you a couple of seconds, but you had eventually returned the hug, wrapping your arms around her waist tightly and burying your face into the crook of her neck.

    You inhaled her sweet scent as she rubbed soothing circles across your back and gently kiss the top of your head. “I’m so sorry she did that to you.”

    You chuckled as you pulled back slightly to look up at her face from your sitting position upon the stool. “You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I’m just a dumbass.” You grinned at her and she couldn’t help but smile back, glad that you were already feeling somewhat better.

    “Let’s get a drink and join the other, yes?” Wanda suggested, which you happily followed along with.

    You quickly grabbed to drinks, handing one to Wanda before leading her over to the others, your hand on the small of her back, guiding her through the crowd. For the rest of the night, you had enjoyed the company of your teammates’, your friends’, even if it were a bit awkward at first.


    It had been 3 months since your disastrous last relationship and it’s fair to say, you’ve never been happier. Everyone seemed to be happier at this point.

    But no one was happier than you.

    You and Wanda had grown even closer than before you met R/G/N during your morning run those many, many months ago. Almost joined at the hip. The others had even joked that you had acted like an old married couple.

    And it was in a moment, just like this, where they compared you to such a thing.

    Wanda was sat along the couch reading yet another book, her legs stretched out and across your lap as you flicked through movies on the massive screen in front of you. With a small glance, you looked over at the witch from the corner of your eyes and smiled.

    She mouthed each word she read, solely focused on the text in her hands. The light from the window gleamed into the room and gave her a heavenly, morning gold glow. She was the epitome of perfection.

    Her hair fell in front of her face once more, but it seemed she was so enthralled in her book that she had yet to notice. You internally debated with yourself and with your quick decision, you leaned over, coming closer towards her, and gently tucked the hair behind her ear.

    She looked up wide eyed at you and was startled by the little amount of distance between you. She began to flush as she lowered her head slightly. “Thank you.”

    You smiled and moved your hand to her chin where you softly grasped it between your index finger and thumb. You raise her head to look at you once more. “I’m in love with you. Utterly and undeniably in love with you.”

    Wanda’ eyes widened once more as she blushed a deeper shade of red. “R-really?” she squeaked out, eyes searching you for any sign of falsity, but she found none as you shook your head and replied with a whispered “yes.”

    Your hand moved from her chin to cup her cheek before leaning closer. “I always said that I had found the one with the others but, it never felt like this when I say it now. I don’t think my parents could get anymore proud if you were the woman, I had brought home for them to meet,” you whispered against her lips, looking intently into her green eyes. “I have said the others were the one but, you’re the only one I see in my future, the one I want to spend every second of it with.”

    With that, you closed the gap and share a long-awaited kiss with the Sokovian. Her eyes fluttered shut as the gentle caress of your lips against her own. She had anticipated this for so long and, now that it has happened, she feels on cloud nine.

    You slowly part from one another, eyes still closed, breathing heavily, foreheads rested against one another as you both bask in the warm light and the touch and presence of each other. “I’m in love with you too. Utterly and undeniably in love with you.”

    You chuckled causing a smile to break across Wanda’ face before leaning in and kissing her once more.








    I mean, I like it but God knows where I was going with this one lmao

    That’s pretty much all I got to say about this honestly

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy

    As always, constructive criticism and requests are welcomed and greatly appreciated :D

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    Tony: Is that a hickey?

    Wanda: No… I got bitten by a snake.

    Steve: That’s a really big bite for a snake.

    Wanda: Well, it was a really big snake!

    [Y/n enters the room]

    Natasha: Hello snake.

    Y/n, to Wanda: You can’t lie better than that?

    Wanda: Shut up!

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    I wanted to do the lil' head bump with my kitty but she started licking my forehead and nose instead and I got the biggest serotonin rush out of that

    #ambie.txt #wanda#I'm SCREAMING #my baby i love her so much she's my little angel #I love my dorter more than anything else in this world whenever I look at her I get instant serotonin #I would be literally lost without her she's the loml
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    Wanda Maximoff

    Yes, I know. I'm sooooooo late... The thing is that I’ve never seen Wanda Maximoff as a sexy comic girl. Fuck! Those pink pants with the red body are so out!!! But it's difficult to resist the temptation with all those Wandas on my feed so...

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    In the Middle (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader)


    Double Lizzie! The beginnings of chaos start here. Enjoy! :)

    Summary: Y/n and Wanda take a step forward, but is Leigh taking steps back? Featuring a glimpse into the past.

    A comfortable silence had settled in the air at Wanda’s apartment as you both sat side by side, enjoying the peace that came whenever you were together. Being together brought you both comfort even if no words were spoken. You turned your head when Wanda suddenly began speaking so she knew she had your full attention.

    She always did.

    “You know, I spent so many years angry at the world. Angry that it took my parents, my brother.” Her gaze fell to her lap. “For a long time, it seemed like my life was destined for tragedy and I blamed the world for it.”

    Your heart fell. She deserved so much more than what the world gave her. “Do you still feel like that?” You asked quietly, knowing that she had every right to.

    “No… It’s like I forgave the world when I met you.” Wanda admitted quietly, her eyes vulnerable when they lifted to meet your gaze. Your heart stopped.

    Before your mind could process what you were doing, you gently took her face in your hands and pressed your lips to hers. Warmth spread throughout your body on contact as you became completely overcome with feelings for the beautiful woman sitting before you. You couldn't fight it anymore.

    Until you realized what you had just done.

    Fearfully you pulled back, watching the way Wanda was frozen in place. “Wanda, I am so sor-” Before you finish your apology Wanda came to life as she leaned forward and connected your lips in a deep kiss. Her hands slid up your shoulders until they were rested on each side of your neck, moving as close as physically possible.

    The rest of the world fell away as you lost yourself in the kiss. All that mattered was Wanda. All you would ever know again was Wanda’s lips and the sweet scent of sandalwood invading each of your senses until you were sure you didn’t even know your own name anymore.

    You felt at home.

    Wanda eventually pulled away, a soft laugh falling from her lips when you chased after her lips. You couldn’t help it, you were addicted after the first taste. “Y/n.” Her giggle was muffled against your lips. “I need to breathe.”

    You tenderly cupped her face in your hands, your lips never leaving hers. “Breathing is overrated.” You mumbled unable to stop the smile that formed automatically at the sound of her laughter. “Okay, okay.” You pulled away when your matching smiles made it impossible to continue.

    Wanda bit her lip as she watched you, her eyes glimmering happily under the dim lights of the room. “I was wondering when you’d finally do that.”

    “I was waiting longer than you know.” You admitted softly, reaching over to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

    A knowing smile spread over Wanda’s lips. “I think I have an idea.”

    Your eyebrow quirked in amusement. “Is that so?”

    She nodded slightly, the look in her eyes making your heart flutter. The teasing smile on her lips fighting to break through. “It is.”

    When she looked at you like that you couldn't help but feel like you were you were meant to be. I’m falling for her so fast. You thought dazedly to yourself, losing yourself in her eyes.

    Her cheeks tinted pink. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “I’m just happy.” You admitted with a smile. “Things are better with you... Including me. I’m better with you.”

    Wanda’s smile was blinding as she took your face in her hands and tenderly pressed her lips against your once again. Your lips falling easily into the rhythm, as if it was where they were where they were destined to be all along.


    “Leigh… Please… Don’t marry him. I love you.” Your voice shook with each word you spoke, and your vision swam with unshed tears. “And I know you love me.”

    Leigh’s lip quivered when she finally met your gaze. “Why are you doing this? Please, don’t do this.” She pleaded.

    Shakily, you made your way forward until she was within touching distance. You took her hands in yours and breathed out an unsteady breath of relief when she didn’t pull away. “You needed to know. I love you.” You lightly squeezed her hands. “Please, Leigh, chose me. Run away with me. I know you feel it too.”

    Tears flowed steadily down Leigh’s cheeks. “You’re my best friend.”

    “Don’t.” You whispered. “We’re more than that and you know it. Friends don’t know the way you taste.”

    Leigh’s eyes shut as her face crumpled in pain. For a moment the only sound that filled the room was your shaky breathing. “I do love you.” She finally whispered, and your heart soared because for a moment you were sure you could finally be together.

    “You love me?” You rested your forehead against hers, your heartbeat faltering at the way your breath mingled. She nodded, but her eyes remained closed. With unsteady hands, you placed one of her hands lightly over your racing heart. “Does it feel this way to you?”

    Her head fell slightly as you gently wiped away the streaks of mascara that had left a trail down her cheek. “Y/n...”

    It was over. You knew it in the way she said your name.

    “The day we met, I knew I would love you. Even as a child, I knew. I knew I was putting my heart in your hands and giving you the power to crush it. I knew I would leave it with you no matter how many times you did.” You admitted, needing her to know.

    With trembling hands you tilted Leigh’s head up to meet your eyes. Your palm slid against her cheek to lightly caress her jaw.

    The way she naturally leaned into your touch broke your heart even more.

    Her breathing became labored. “Why? Why not just avoid the hurt?”

    The tears in your eyes teetered precariously on your eyelids as they threatened to fall with each word you spoke. “Love is a gamble and I knew there was always a chance that I’d get hurt. That I’d have to watch it all crumble underneath me. That we’d always end up like this… But I had to try.”

    When her eyes lifted to meet yours again, your heart fell. It was done. A part of you knew it would never be you. “I’m sorry, Y/n.” She said faintly, her voice breaking.

    With a deep breath you dropped your hand from her and wiped away your stray tears, forcing a weak smile on your face in the process. “You don’t have to apologize, Leigh. I don’t blame you for any of it. You never took anything that I didn’t give you willingly.”

    "I never wanted to hurt you."

    A silence settled between you both as you stayed in limbo. Knowing that the moment either of you moved everything would change.

    As much as it killed you, you knew it had to be you.

    Gently, you placed a soft kiss to her cheek as you unsteadily stepped away from her. “I’ll be okay. I just want you to be happy.” Your chest clenched with the knowledge that her happiness could never be because of you. You took her hand one final time in comfort. “It breaks my heart that this is what we have to become to each other... It breaks my heart to say goodbye.”

    The admission caused Leigh’s breath to hitch as her tears began to fall more rapidly. Her grip on your hand tightened. “You don’t have to say goodbye. You’re my best friend. You can still be that.” Her eyes were wide, pleading. Pleading you not to go.

    You took one final look at her. Of how beautiful she looked in her white dress. Not even the tear stains that marred her cheeks could take away from her beauty.

    With a deep breath, you began taking slow steps backwards, your connected hands between you being the only thing anchoring you to the room. “I’m sorry.” You whispered as you finally dropped her hand and walked out the door.

    You sat up in bed with a gasp, furiously rubbing your temple as if you could physically erase the memory that had infiltrated your dream. The sunlight seeping into the room grounded you as you tore your mind away from the moment that you hadn’t thought of in almost a year.

    The blaring of your phone in the late morning air reminded you why you were woken up in the first place. A quick glance at the time let you know you should have been awake regardless.

    With an annoyed groan you grabbed your phone and looked at the screen just in time to see Leigh’s name disappear. It had been a week now since her birthday and you were ashamed to admit that you had been avoiding her various calls and texts. You had sent her one message to let her know you needed space.

    You needed time alone to tend to the wounds that her words had left you with. Well… almost alone.

    Wanda was the exception.

    Despite whatever you were feeling you couldn’t help but seek her out. To seek out the daylight that she seemed to bring into your life. She was warmth even under the shroud of mystery. Your mind was so lost in thoughts of the Sokovian woman that you almost missed the chime of your phone that indicated you had a new message.

    A voice message from Leigh. That’s new, you thought to yourself as your finger hovered over the message, not sure if you wanted to hear it. In the end your curiosity won over as the message began to play over the speaker.

    “Y/n. When you said you needed space you didn’t tell me you were never going to speak to me ever again. It sucks that we were in each other’s lives again and now you’ve dropped off the face of the earth. I think it sucks.” A humorless laugh floated over the line. You shook your head at her frustrated tone. “And you know what? You said you’d be here. If I need you, you said you’d be here and now you’re ignoring my existence. So, why don’t you just think about that next time you decide to ignore all of my messages.”

    With a groan you tossed your phone to the side and flopped back on your bed. All you had wanted was an ounce of remorse, maybe not for what she said but for the way she said it at least. You’d call her back.

    Just not right now.


    The chart in your hands distracted you as the pressures of your life began to overwhelm you. In hopes of avoiding conversation for the time being, you rushed into your office for a moment of reprieve. When you had finally reached the safety of the office you dropped your head on your desk with a tired sigh.

    It had been a long week

    A soft knock on the door caught your attention a few minutes later. You couldn’t be bothered to lift your head. “I know, I know. I’m going. I just needed to collect myself after my last patient. It was… heartbreaking.” Your voice was muffled by the desk pressing against your face, but you didn’t care.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” You knew that voice and it wasn’t your colleague. A groan fell from your lips before you could stop yourself. “Y/n.”

    Briefly you considered slamming your head on the desk to avoid the disaster that this conversation was sure to be. “Now is really not a good time, Leigh.” You grumbled into the desk, clenching your eyes shut.

    Leigh stepped further into the office as she closed the door behind herself. You begrudgingly lifted your head to meet her eyes. A tentative smile adorned her lips when you did. “The nurse outside said you have time in between patients.”

    You pushed a hand through your hair in frustration, making a mental note to have a talk with said nurse later. “I have to prepare.”

    Leigh ignored your words. “You’ve been ignoring my calls and texts.” She said flatly.

    It was clear she wasn’t going to let this go. You bit back a groan. “Yeah, well, you made it pretty clear you didn’t want anything to do with me.”

    “I-I took the week to myself to think.” She tucked a piece of hair behind her ears.

    You sighed, rubbing at your temple. “That’s great, Leigh. I’m happy for you. Now if you don’t mind…” You gestured to the door. “I’m really busy right now. Thanks for stopping by.”

    There was silence that followed your words which could only mean one thing. Disaster.

    When you looked up again, Leigh’s eyes were watery, and her lips were set in a line. She was angry. “We’re in the exact same place we were two years ago when you disappeared from my life. This can’t keep happening!” She marched forward, so she was towering over you. “You can’t just be my friend one minute and a complete stranger the next! You can’t be there and do all these thoughtful things just to disappear again.”

    Not wanting to deal with the conversation you picked up your clipboard and moved to leave. Leigh blocked your path. “Leigh, let me go.”

    She shook her head in response. “No. I’m so sick of this! Why can’t you just be my friend?”

    In disbelief you threw the clipboard on the floor. “Are you serious? I tried to be!” Leigh jumped in surprise. “You make it so hard! One minute you’re kissing me and sleeping with me and the next you’re pushing me away and screaming in my face that I’m pathetic!”

    Leigh’s eyes were wide in surprise, usually you wouldn’t bring up the nights you shared together. Like an unspoken agreement. You sighed and picked up the clipboard again, turning away from her as you attempted to collect yourself. “Y/n. I’m sorry.” You could hear her take a deep breath. “I didn’t mean what I said.”

    You kept your back to her. “Why say it then?”

    “I don’t know! I lash out and I don’t know why.” Leigh moved so she was standing directly in front of you. “I’m just- I’m angry. All the time. But I feel a little less angry when you’re around.”

    Even with her guard up, you could see the glimpses of vulnerability that shined through with her words. You sighed, knowing you were about to step back into the hurricane. “I understand, Leigh. It’s fine. We’re fine. I’m fine. I’m used to it.”

    Leigh looked at you as if she'd just been hit. “Used to it?”

    “Your words. I can manage. So, let’s just forget about it.” You said with a sigh.

    Her brows furrowed as she watched you. “Yeah… okay... Wait, no-”

    Before she could finish, your pager went off indicating you had to leave. “I have to go now, but friends?”

    As soon as you saw Leigh begin to nod you ran out. “Yeah, friends…” She mumbled as she stared out the door you had just run out of.


    As soon as your shift ended you took and shower and changed out of your scrubs. Eager to see Wanda again even if your conversation with Leigh was still lingering heavily in your mind. Thankfully her apartment was just a short drive away and you were knocking on her door before you knew it.

    “Hi.” She greeted with a smile that you easily returned, feeling the weight lift from your shoulders ever so slightly at the sight of her. “I was beginning to wonder when you’d be arriving.”

    Leaning in you placed a soft kiss on her lips, relishing in the way her cheeks flushed. “Sorry, it was a hectic day at work.” She pushed the door open further and ushered you inside, pulling you into a deeper kiss as soon as the door was shut.

    After a few minutes Wanda pulled away, shaking her head in amusement at the way you dazedly stared back at her. “Why was work hectic today?”

    You hummed in response not quite hearing her words even though your eyes had never strayed from her lips.

    Wanda laughed at your response, snapping her fingers in front of your face. “Y/n.”

    “Right!” You smiled at her innocently as you followed her into the kitchen. “Just some difficult cases with my patients.” You answered, purposely leaving out what happened with Leigh.

    Explaining what happened with Leigh just meant you would have to go into the history you shared with her. The thought alone terrified you. It terrified you to think about how Wanda may react to the information. You didn’t want to lose her because of your past.

    Instead you decided to avoid all together telling her despite countless opportunities.

    Wanda began stirring something on the stove as you washed your hands. “Do you want to talk about it?” She asked. The concern in her eyes made guilt bubble in your chest.

    A heavy sigh escaped your lips. “I just wish there was more that I could do for them sometimes.” You explained as you dried your hands and moved to stand behind her, leaning your head against her shoulder.

    She placed down the utensil in her hand and turned so she could rest her hands on your hips. “Hey, what matters is that you don’t give up. You keep trying when others wouldn’t.” Wanda reassured you as she lifted a hand to lightly caress your cheek. You leaned into the touch.

    Just tell her. You thought to yourself, trying to work up the courage.

    The hand on your cheek tensed slightly and you could see Wanda’s brow furrow. “Is there something else you want to talk about?”

    You tilted your head in confusion. “No, why?”

    Wanda turned back to the stove. “Just making sure.” She pointed to the carrots on the counter. “Do you mind chopping those for me?”

    Playfully you saluted her and turned to the carrots. “Aye-aye, captain.” She laughed, and you couldn’t help but smile back at her, getting distracted for just a moment as you watched her cook.

    Everything really is better with her. You observed to yourself before turning back to the carrots, not catching the way she smiled to herself at the stove.

    “Wanda, this is amazing!” You praised as you took another bite of the dinner she had made. “Honestly, is there anything you can’t do?”

    A bashful smile spread across Wanda’s lips as she pushed the food around her plate. “I can’t take all the credit. It was a recipe my mother taught me in Sokovia.”

    You reached out and took her hand from across the table. Smiling slightly when Wanda’s eyes met yours. “She would be so proud of you.”

    Wanda wordlessly lifted your hand to her lips and pressed an affectionate kiss to your knuckles as your conversation settled into much lighter topics.

    When you had both finished dinner, Wanda took your plates to the sink. Not before threatening to kick you out of the apartment if you attempted to help her clean. You simply raised your hands in defeat and shook your head at her pleased smile.

    Only moments after she had walked away, a phone buzzed on the table. Wanda’s. Before you could stop yourself, you glanced over. Your brow furrowed in confusion at the message that flashed across the screen before it went dark again.


    I need you. Meet me

    tomorrow morning.

    Usual place.

    Before you could think about it much more, Wanda made her way back over to the table. “Do you want to watch a movie?” She asked as she picked up her phone.

    You nodded slightly as you analyzed her expression. “Sure. Is everything okay?” You attempted to ask nonchalantly when you noticed her type a quick reply.

    Wanda hummed. “Everything is fine. It was just Jules asking me a question.”

    A pit settled in your stomach with the knowledge that she had just lied to you. Why was she lying to you?

    Part 4! Been loving all the commentary! This part was a journey to write, but now you all have some important insight into y/n's history with Leigh, was it really one-sided? Plus, Wanda and Y/n have ventured into even more romantic territory but they both still have secrets. Alsooo the voice message loosely follows actual dialogue from "Sorry for Your Loss".

    Team Leigh vs. Team Wanda, go!

    Thoughts and comments always welcome! :)

    (p.s. I listened to "Dandelions" By Ruth B. for the first Wanda scene and it made it so cute for me idk, just thought I'd share.)

    Tag list:

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  • oizzys
    18.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Okay lets talk absolut Wanda (and Tony)

    Firat i just sant to say that I adore Wanda. I love that the most powerful superhero in the MCU is a women and I love that despite what she’s been through she still wants to protect the earth. And I know that she’s done horrible things but I believe that any person who wants to find redemption is capable of being redeemed. (Which is why I love Tony and Natasha)

    Even so I can’t ignore all the things she’s done wrong. We first saw her in age of ultron where she joined HYDRA, a nazi terrorist organization. Then when the Avengers come to take the scepter. She starts to play on their fears. Now, with Tony she doesn’t just sense a fear, but also the will to overcome it (or fight it). His fear is the Avengers dying, the earth being destroyed and he wants to find away to stop that from happening. Wanda senses all of this and uses Tony’s PTSD and Anxiety against him. And then she lets him take the scepter, why? Because she has spent years with experimenting with that scepter and being experimented on. She knows the power of that scepter and no how out of control it is. And then he lets Tony take it because if he tries to weponize it it will backfire and that will be revenge on Tony. (Bruce was also triggered by his fears and then wants to create ultron but that’s another story) anyway so she lets them go hoping they will do something that puts people in danger. And when she meets ultron she agrees to help him because this was what she wanted. And again she joins something that wants to end the world.

    Anyway then she realizes that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea and decides to help. And you all know what happens and after it’s over she moves into the Avengers compound cus what else can she do. Now Wanda triggered Tony’s severe PTSD and used it against him and she was just as responsible to creating Ultron as he where (so was Bruce but he’s of into oblivion). And Tony own and sometimes live in this compound and he still made sure Wanda had a home there, without blinking. And Wanda still hated him.

    Now I now Tony indirect killed her parents by producing those weapons. But he also stopped manufacturing them. And is now trying very hard to undo the evils he’s done, even though he believes he can never redeem himself he still tries. But still let her hate him a lot of people do. (Hate Doesn’t justify what she does in AOU though)

    So she’s alone in a new country trying to redeem herself and I feel for her because she is so alone. And then Vision is there and he’s also new to all this and they bond.

    Now its CACW and she blows up a building, accidentally. And the sokovia accords. And listen if this group of enhanced individuals was anything but American superheroes no one would bat an eye at having them sign accords like that. They should have signed. Or at least made a promise that they should sign when changes where made. How do you think this stuff is decided you find compromises. But to flat out refuse the will (and this people seem to forget) THE PEOPLE OF 117 COUNTRIES. Is not “protecting” them, which is what the Avengers swore to do. So, yeah, the accords should change but they shouldn’t be tossed aside.

    And this is where a kind of lost respect for Wanda. When she victimize herself insinuating that being in the compound is like being in a prison. Bjatch? Have u seen a prison? Have u seen the compound? A would give my soul to be locked up there. And besides the reason she was there was because the government could very well decide that she was to brought in, maybe dead or alive if she so much as used magic. Everyone was stressed and she had just blew up a building with her mind. People where scared. So yes they may have phrased it as trying to keep other people safe by keeping her there but it sure was for her own safety. And even if it was for peoples safety, if she cared about people’s safety more than herself she should have just stayed in the paradise she be going around calling prison.

    To prove my point where does she end up when she goes outside and fights battles she shouldn’t be participating in? The raft.

    But then vision dies and she dies and she comes back and vision is still dead and it’s kind of hard to hate her cus all of this and everything she’s doing it’s because she’s broken and alone all over again.

    But then she holds a whole town hostage, and it’s justified by saying that she was hurting and I just... Wanda has been walking the line of villainy ever since she joined the MCU and that’s what a like about her and I really hope that in the end she will choose the hero path.

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    Our Song (Gender Neutral Reader)


    ⛈-Angst 🌧-Both ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know

    Word Count:516

    Warnings: not really any?

    This song is forever stuck in my head, okay, thanks

    Also, I changed it from ‘God’ to ‘gods’ because I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with using ‘God’. I don’t know why though

    Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)

    @bonkynsteeb @rosiexx8 @fangirlfree @marilynmonroefanfics @leniram1890 @talksoprettyjjx @veronicapaula @drpepperobsessed @quezzzzz16 @marvel-baby  @southernraven

    Requests are CLOSED

    Song List

    Song 26-Our Song by Taylor Swift

    Wanda Maximoff Masterlist

    Main Masterlist

    Wanda’s hair had been pulled down from it’s previous messy bun as she sat next to Y/N, who was driving. One hand was on the steering wheel and the other was holding her hand. She untangled their hands and turned the music down and Y/N looked at me concerned, “Is everything alright baby? Is something wrong?”

    “No, nothing’s wrong. It’s just...” She sighed, “It’s just that I realized that he don’t have a song like other couples.”

    They raised their eyebrows and spoke, “We don’t?”


    “Huh, I coulda sworn sworn that our song was the the sound of a window shutting. As we sneak out late at night and then the sound of the tapping on a window when we come to get each other. Or when we’re on the phone and you talk so low ‘cause it’s late and your friends don’t know. Our song is how you laugh and me thinkin’ about how I shoulda’ kissed ya on our first date and I didn’t. ‘Cause whenever I get home I ask the gods if they could play it again.”


    It had been a few days since the conversation in Y/N’s car and so now Wanda was walking up to her room. Exhausted both mentally and physically. Name something that could have gone bad and it did. She felt like she had gotten trampled on by everyone. When she opened the door, she almost missed the vase filled with roses. She walked over and saw the small note and read as it said,

    “Our song is the slamming window seal Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window When we're on the phone and you talk real low 'Cause it's late and your friends don't know Our song is the way you laugh The first date: "Man, I didn't kiss her, and I should have" And when I got home 'fore I said amen Asking the gods if they could play it again”

    She smiled and placed the note down and moved the roses to next to her bed and smiled again as this was the best thing to have happen that day.


    Everytime she would listen to her music and listen to the radio, she waited for something to come along that was just as good as their song. And she secretly loved it because that means nothing is better than their song since it goes, “Our song is the slamming window seal sneakin' out late, tapping on their window. When we're on the phone and they talk real low 'cause it's late and their mama don't know. Our song is the way they laugh. The first date: "Man, I didn't kiss ‘em, and I should have". And when I got home 'fore I said amen asking the gods if they could play it again”


    Wanda smiled as she once again was sitting in Y/N’s car, riding shotgun, as her hair was down. And she leaned back and grabbed an old napkin and a pen and wrote down everything to their song. Knowing one day she would be able to sing it to them.

    #elizabeth#olsen#Elizabeth Olsen#wanda#Maximoff#wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff imagine #Scarlet#witch#Scarlet Witch #scarlet witch x reader #scarlet witch imagine #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel imagine#x reader#imagine
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    image made by me. dm me for a bigger, higher quality version

    #i almost replaced vision with agatha harkness #wanda maximoff#wanda#maximoff#vision #wanda maximoff blend #wandavision#marvel#mcu#sokovia#scarlet witch #scarlet witch blend
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  • talatomaz
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    forever | wanda maximoff x fem!reader

    a/n: i decided to write this since it’s my 21st birthday today. hope y’all like it :)

    (feedback/positive comments are appreciated)

    warnings: smut - kinda dark wanda, slight dubcon, mommy kink, innocence kink, overstimulation vibrator, strap-on

    word count: 3.8k

    masterlist | request list | request rules

    on your birthday, wanda - your boss - decides to give you the one gift you’ve always wanted

    “Happy Birthday to you!”

    Everyone in the office said, voices faltering as they reached the end of the celebratory song, waiting for you to blow out the candles on the cake they’d gotten you.

    The words, ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ were sprawled across the top, written in red icing that was accompanied by a ‘2’ and ‘1’ candle to signify your age.

    Closing your eyes, you inhaled a breath and blew out the flames lighting the two candles.

    It was silly but you still loved to make wishes where you could. Whether it be when blowing out candles, wishing on a shooting star or even blowing on a fallen eyelash. You supposed it was the innocence of it all that made it appealing. But mostly, you wanted to make use of any opportunity you had to make your one wish come true.

    To have your feelings for Wanda be reciprocated.

    Though, there weren’t enough wishes or luck in the world for that to happen. She was your boss after all. And considering the fact that you were her assistant, there definitely wasn’t going to be any way she’d compromise that.

    Not long after you’d started, late in the evening, she’d told you how she’d practically searched high and low for a good personal assistant. She’d constantly took Tony Stark up on his offers of personnel she could employ. She’d believed they’d be above standard and she trusted Tony’s word but she soon found that none of them fit her needs.

    Until you came along.

    You’d shown up to her office, almost an hour before your interview time, your body wrecked with nerves. You were still reeling from having been fired from your old job without cause but instead of wallowing, you’d decided to apply for the personal assistant job, having seen the flyer for it outside your dorm room on one of the bulletin boards.

    But despite how nervous you were, you’d been calm and collected in the interview, though you were surprised that Wanda was the one doing them; you assumed she’d have someone with a lot more free time conduct the interviews.

    Once the interview was done, she’d hired you immediately and you were grateful, even going so far as hugging her before pulling back, stammering with apologies about your outburst. Wanda had chuckled and brushed it off and ever since then, your crush on the ex-Avenger had grown.

    Wanda often praised you on a job well-done after you’d completed any major task. And each time she did, you couldn’t help the blush that rose to your cheeks, or the way your body froze when she murmured the words “good girl” when she was evaluating some of your work.

    You were pretty sure she’d caught you staring at her a few times too, especially when she’d dress in something particularly low cut that still somehow remained modest.

    She looked like a goddess in anything that she wore.

    “What’d you wish for?”

    Blinking, you looked up at the redhead that towered over you, her hands tucked into the pockets of her slacks.

    “Oh um...I can’t say.”

    Your breath caught in your throat as Wanda laughed, “Why not?”

    “Because it won’t come true.”

    You blushed in embarrassment as everyone else huddled around you chuckled at your answer.

    “Here, open one of your presents.”

    Thanking one of your close colleagues with a silent look, you picked up a present that was neatly wrapped and topped with a red ribbon.

    Delicately opening the paper, so as to not rip it, you let out a soft gasp at the contents. It was an expensive perfume. And not just any perfume.

    It was the exact brand that Wanda used.

    Your stomach began to flutter as you thought about lavishing yourself in the scent, feeling as if part of you belonged to her.

    “Go ahead, spray it.”

    Obeying Wanda’s order, you sprayed the fragrance twice on your neck before settling the glass exterior back in its box.

    “Thank you.” You replied politely to your boss who smiled in response.

    You then began to open the rest of the presents, taking much less care with those than you did with Wanda’s; though you were unsure why.

    You’d gotten several gag gifts and some alcohol too, now that you could legally drink, a colleague of yours joked causing laughter to erupt from everyone else. The presents lay unwrapped, on a spare desk, until finally, one present remained.

    It was smaller than the rest, having being concealed by the larger presents which was why you’d only just noticed it. But you still held your breath just the same when you recognised the small red ribbon that sat atop the shiny wrapping paper. It was another gift from Wanda.

    As you were about to lean over the table to reach it, Wanda’s voice suddenly filled your head. It wasn’t the first time she’d done this, usually only when she was too busy to signal you into her office, but it still made you pause.

    “You might want to open that when you’re alone, honey.”

    The use of the pet name had you swallowing audibly. You tried to shake it off, knowing that she was a kind person and often used those sort of terms with her twin boys - you just assumed she saw you in a similar manner given your large age difference.

    You nodded your head once, hoping she noticed the movement. You knew she did when she smiled briefly at you.

    Before anyone could question you as to why you hadn’t opened the last present, Wanda spoke, silently commanding the attention of the room.

    “Who wants cake?”

    Everyone started to laugh as they bristled around, presumably to find some plates and cutlery to eat the cake with.

    “I’ll be right back. Y/N, follow me to my office, would you?”

    No one questioned you or Wanda as you walked after your boss, assuming she needed you to run an errand for her.

    Reaching her large office, she closed the door behind you and led you to her large desk that stood towards the back of the room.

    “Take a seat.”

    Wanda gestured to the fashionable yet comfortable desk chair that was tucked into the wooden frame.

    Her chair.

    “Oh, Miss Maximoff, I-I couldn’t.”

    “Y/N, sweetheart. You’ve been working for me for almost 6 months, you can call me Wanda.”

    “Miss Maximoff, truly I don’t mi-”

    You paused when you saw the stern look in her eyes. She often gave that look to the rest of her employees when they’d messed up, but never to you.

    “Wanda, I’m okay with standing.”

    You fought the breath of relief that would have fell from your lips when you saw Wanda’s eyes soften as you obeyed her.

    “Okay, at least open your gift now so I can see your reaction.”

    You frowned in confusion until Wanda extended her hand and, in her open palm, you saw the gift that had previously lay unopened on the office table.

    You hadn’t even realised she’d picked it up, but rather than questioning it, you plucked the box from her hand.

    Gently opening it, as you did the perfume, you took off the lid that covered the black box. Picking up the item that lay inside, you gasped, more audibly than you had with her first gift. You blinked, not believing your eyes at what you were currently holding.

    Looking up at your boss, you saw her face was expressionless, except for a slight red gleam in her eyes.

    “I-Is this-”

    Wanda finished your question when you fell silent, “a vibrator? Yes, it is.”

    “B-But I-I don’t-” You stumbled over your words as your palm enclosed around the device.

    “You don’t know how to use it?” Wanda asked, her lips tugging upwards into a smile.

    “No. I mean, yes, I know how to use it. Not that I use one. I just meant t-that-”

    You continued to stammer, unsure of the right words you were looking for.

    “Breathe, honey.” Wanda soothed, chuckling lightly at your demeanour. She’d never seen you this flustered before.

    Taking the vibrator from you with one hand, she used the other to guide you behind her desk where she gently pushed you so you were half sitting-half leaning on her desk. She then moved to sit on her chair, gracefully pushing it forward so she sat between your legs.

    When you’d finally regained composure, you looked down at her and felt your cheeks burn. She was staring up at you, her eyes turned a light red that was filled with lust. She looked at you like she wanted to devour you.

    “Miss-Wanda?” You said, correcting yourself.

    She hummed in response so you built the courage to speak again, “Why did you get me a vibrator?”

    “So I could use it on you, of course.”

    Your eyes widened at her words. You opened your mouth to speak but no words came out.

    “Oh honey, don’t think I haven’t noticed the way that you look at me. I can also read minds, remember?” Wanda laughed lightly at your shocked expression.

    “I’m sorry. I was inappropriate and that won’t ha-”

    You were cut off when Wanda tsked at you.

    “Baby, there’s no need for you to apologise. It’s quite alright. Especially when I’ve been wanting to...what was the word you just thought of? Ah, devour you, for a very long time.” Wanda explained, standing up and moving until she was directly in between your legs.

    “Do you want me to fuck you?”

    Though your eyes widened again, you nodded shyly at her bold words.

    “Use your big girl words.” Wanda said, lightly tapping your forehead with her finger.

    Swallowing, you spoke, “Yes, please fuck me.”

    “Good girl.” Wanda praised, causing you to drop your head to hide the blush that rose to your cheeks.

    Wanda hooked her finger under your chin and lifted your face up so your eyes could meet hers.

    “You’re so adorable, baby.”

    “Thank you.” You murmured.

    “And so polite too. Such a good girl. Now before I fuck you, I want to try out this new toy I got you.”

    Wanda switched on the vibrator and a gentle hum filled the air making you buzz with anticipation.

    You silently thanked yourself for deciding to wear a flowy skirt today because it allowed Wanda to easily hike the material up to your hips, revealing your panties to her. It was a simple black cotton blend but the sight alone made Wanda moan.

    “God, you’re such a gorgeous thing.”

    Wanda murmured, more so to herself than you, and then she guided the device to your pussy. Not wasting any time, she pressed it against your clit making your hips jolt at the pressure.

    “Fuck.” You groaned, rutting your hips against the small device. Your arousal starting to grow as you felt yourself become even wetter than you’d realised.

    Wanda moved the device up and down your pussy, still over your underwear. You just wished that you could tear your panties away because you needed to feel the vibrations directly against your bare clit.

    When Wanda growled, you looked up at her with hooded eyes and saw her own shine red. Next thing you knew, you felt your underwear tear away from you; red tendrils flowing through Wanda’s fingers.

    You forgot that she could hear your thoughts. That should have frightened you more than it actually did. Which was not at all. You couldn’t find it in yourself to ever be truly afraid of Wanda. Though she may be terrifying when angry, she was always soft with you which you relished in.

    Your train of thought was cut off when the vibrator was pressed directly against your clit as you wished.

    You moaned at the feeling, not used to the sensation. You were right in what you had said to Wanda. Though you knew what a vibrator was, you’d never actually used one.

    You’d never actually done a lot of sexual things.

    Sure, you played with yourself at times and you’d fucked some people whilst at a dorm party, but they weren’t anything truly satisfying. Yet, you had a feeling that this experience with Wanda would be. And you could only hope that you’d have a chance to return the favour.

    “I love the way you moan for me. But you gotta remember, we’re at work, baby. You don’t want anyone to hear, do you?”

    As if just now remembering your surroundings, your head snapped to turn to the door where the blinds were half drawn. But you could hear people walking around the office, fingers typing on their keyboards and the clicking of mouses.

    Your head turning back to Wanda, you bit your lip when another moan rose up your throat.

    Sensing your worry at anyone catching you, Wanda spoke, “Don’t worry, baby. No one’s going to come in here.”

    Wanda flicked her finger and the blinds became fully drawn closed; it would have completely darkened Wanda’s office had it not been still daylight outside.

    You heard a click and then felt the vibrations increase against your sensitive nub.

    “Holy fuck.” You groaned at the increased pressure, your thighs instinctively closing as the sensation almost became too much.

    Wanda, however, used her free hand to push your thighs apart again.

    “Don’t try to hide from me, sweetheart. Don’t you want Mommy to make you come?”

    Your eyes practically rolled as your hips jolted once more at the name.

    Remembering Wanda’s earlier words, you spoke, “Yes, Mommy. Please make me come.”

    “Good girl.” Wanda moved the vibrator through your wet folds before dipping it into your entrance. The new position allowing the vibrations to travel through your entire body, right up to that sweet spot inside you.

    “Please, Mommy. More.” You begged, tears springing to your eyes at how close you were.

    Wanda thrust the device in you a few times before clicking another button causing the vibrations inside you to intensify tenfold.

    A string of quiet curses fell from your lips as you rode the small device, chasing your high.

    “God, don’t stop. I’m so close, Mommy.”

    “Go ahead. Come for Mommy, babygirl.”

    Wanda harshly thrust the device upwards once more and pressed right up against your g-spot. Your legs shook as you felt yourself come around the vibrator, your pussy clenching around the device.

    Wanda continued to work it in you as you rode out your orgasm but you soon felt the pressure building again. Your legs shook again, this time because of how you were being overstimulated, and soon after, you found yourself working against the device once more.

    Not having the energy to form words, a long whine escaped your lips making Wanda kiss you to quieten you.

    You moaned into her mouth at the feeling of her soft lips against yours. It was the first kiss that the two of you had shared and whilst you’d imagined it happening under slightly different circumstances, you were still relishing in it just the same.

    Your lips moved against the redhead’s, her tongue slipping into your mouth as she continued to work the device in you. Soon after, you felt yourself coming again, your back arched as you sat atop the desk.

    Your thighs were almost practically soaked with your arousal as Wanda withdrew the vibrator from you, switching it off before bringing it to her lips so she could clean the evidence of her handiwork off the device.

    “Fuck. You taste amazing, baby.” Wanda moaned as she pulled the vibrator out her mouth with a small pop.

    “That was amazing, Wanda.” You said, catching your breath.

    “What’s going through your mind, sweetheart?” Wanda asked when she saw you worry your lip.

    “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about how much I wanted you to fuck me but this was incredible.”

    Wanda laughed dryly making you frown. She placed the vibrator on her desk and unbuttoned her slacks before pushing them, along with her underwear, down her thighs. Your mouth grew dry as you saw a leather harness attached to her waist, a red dildo springing to attention

    “Oh, baby, didn’t you know? I aim to please.” Wanda smirked, as she stepped out of her clothing and moved back between your thighs.

    “Still want me to fuck you?”

    “Fuck yes.” You replied causing Wanda to chuckle heartily as she pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

    As Wanda wrapped her hand around the strap, your brain only just noticed how huge it actually was.

    Wanda guided the tip to your entrance and gradually pushed it into you.

    “I-I don’t think it’s going to fit.” You said, voicing your concerns.

    But Wanda shook your worry off as she continued to push the strap in you, “I’ll make it fit.”

    About half the dildo was in you before Wanda stopped, briefly allowing you catch your breath and adjust to the huge size. You’d not taken anything of this size before.

    When you nodded, Wanda started to push deeper into you until you let out a gasp when she’d bottomed out. The feeling was odd at first, intrusive was the only word to describe it, but after a few minutes, you wanted nothing more than to be royally fucked with the strap.

    Moving your hips, Wanda noticed that you were now comfortable so she drew her hips back, until almost all of the strap was out, before roughly pushing all the way back in.

    You whimpered at the feeling, pleasure tingling through your entire body.

    Wanda gripped your hips and continued to snap her hips back and forth, as the dildo moved harshly in you.

    As she fucked you, Wanda, still holding onto your hips, pushed them so they could meet each thrust. And with each one, the harness smacked directly onto your clit.

    Just when you felt yourself ready to come again, Wanda pulled out and flipped you so your body was bent over her desk; your skirt still hiked up around your hips.

    “Mommy, please.” You wiggled your bare ass in the hopes that she’d bury the strap in you again.

    You hissed when a harsh smack reigned on one of your cheeks, a second soon following.

    “You’re such a needy slut. Just for Mommy. Right baby?”

    Nodding furiously, you spoke, “Yes, only for you, Mommy. No one else.”

    Content with your answer, Wanda thrust back into you, this time not giving you anytime to adjust.

    You felt the wind being knocked out of you when she buried you to the hilt. The new angle meant that you felt even more full, if that was even possible. Her thrusts also grew harsher and rougher as you ground your hips against the strap, trying to relieve the pressure on your clit.

    You moaned when you couldn’t so Wanda wrapped her hand around your neck, not too tightly that you couldn’t breathe but just enough that you were beginning to feel lightheaded.

    “Does my baby want to come again?”

    Wanda said harshly through her teeth as she used the additional grip around your neck to drive deeper into you.

    “Please, Mommy. Let me come. I need to. I want to for you.”

    “God, you’re everything I knew you would be. Better even.”

    Wanda’s words came out in a pant right beside your ear as she leaned down to cover your body with hers, her thighs still slapping forcefully against yours.

    The sounds that she elicited from you, both from your mouth and pussy were enough to even make the devil shy but you absolutely adored the way she was ravishing you.

    Wanda continued to pound into you until the only sounds filling the air were the slapping of thighs, your moans and Wanda’s grunts.

    With one hand still around your neck, Wanda brought the other to your clit where she rubbed the nub quickly.

    “Come on, baby. Come for me. Come for Mommy.”

    With her body pressed directly against yours, the smell of her perfume consumed your senses making you whine. Wanda also moaned when she kissed your neck and inhaled your scent.

    “You smell like me, babygirl. That’s because you’re mine now. Fuck, come on. Come for Mommy.”

    Wanda repeated, and with a few more rough thrusts and her hand squeezing the sides of your throat, you came around her strap, harder than you ever had before.

    Your back arched against her chest before slumping down onto the desk, wincing when she withdrew from you, your pussy clenching at the emptiness.

    “Now, that was mind-blowing.” You said breathlessly, your chest rising up and down off the desk.

    “Just wait til the next time.”

    You turned your body around, now facing Wanda.

    She somehow still looked as beautiful as ever, barely a hair out of place, her slacks now buttoned back up around her hips.

    “The next time?”

    “Baby, you didn’t think this was a one time thing, did you? Now that I’ve gotten a taste of you, I don’t want to let you go.”

    You blushed at her words before raising your hands so you could smooth out your hair and straighten your skirt, deciding to forego the underwear considering it was now ripped to shreds on the floor.

    “I’m glad. That it’s not just a one time thing, that is.” You replied when you’d finally gotten the courage to speak.

    “Good. Now, I’m sure everyone’s wondering where we are so go outside and grab some cake. I’ll be out in a second.”

    Nodding, you smiled bashfully before opening the door and closing it behind you, your stomach fluttering as your mind raced to try to comprehend what had just happened.

    Wanda smiled as you left before it turned into a smirk when you gently closed the door, her mind bringing up old memories.

    She’d wanted you ever since the first time she saw you in that coffee shop.

    She remembered how, with one phone call, she had gotten you fired from your job and she’d then conveniently placed an ad for a personal assistant right outside your door room - secretly, of course.

    She’d paid some kid 50 bucks to do it and he was all too keen for the money that he’d not even recognised who Wanda was. Although, she was grateful as it had saved her the trouble of having to use her magic to erase his mind.

    And the very next day, after that ad was placed, she’d received an email from you with your resumé attached.

    And the rest was history.

    You were hers. And hers alone.

    And now that she had you, she was never letting you go.

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  • nellynkk
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    lil wanda sketch bc i love her

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    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hi i colourised that one picture of Liz Olsen bc I love it sm and I couldn’t find the colour version anywhere (If you have it PLS send it xoxo)

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    I cannot stop thinking about What the new avengers is going to look like. Like sam and bucky being the new dads of the group because Doctor Strange is definitely going to be the weird uncle because he’s not going g to have enough patience to do it full time. Wanda and Peter are going to be the best siblings ever. They both are going to call Sam and Bucky Dad and Mom respectively. WANDA AND PETER ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE SO MANY AUNTS AND UNCLES OKAY! Let’s just list them real quick:





    Doctor strange




    Peter Quil





    Like do you think Bucky will let Peter work on his arm, if he can’t get to Shuri????? There’s so much potential there! What if Peter made a set of wings for Sam’s Captain America outfit!!!!!!! Just imagine Bucky and Sam giving Peter dating advice!!!!!!!!!

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