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    From Spirit of Vengeance to Librarian closed

    Johnny was certain that his friend sensed the dreaded Darkhold in action once more. If the tales surrounded the book were true and Zarathos made it explicitly clear they were it was a book too dangerous for any being to hold.

    Not even the Supreme Sorcerer himself should keep such power under its realm. It needed to be sent back to where it came from...hell.

    So here Johnny was on an international trip to the wilds of Somovia in search of the Darkhold beholder and try to either convince them to give him the book or take it. Altough if rumors are true and the Scarlett Witch has it it might be much more of a challenge.

    Tracking the book down to what seemed to be the resident of the cabin as he parked the bike and knocked on the door a few times.


    #the rider himself: johnny blaze #scarlett and crimson: wanda maximoff
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    Who: @crvena-vestica​

    Where: the park

    The majority of the time, he spent in the Mousehole, only going to the city, when he really had to, like when he had to work, or when he needed to buy something, which was very rare, since he always had everything he needed at home, but there were times that he went there just so he could get out a bit. He remembered when he first got there, how nervous he was all the time, scared that he would give any hints that he was a vigilante, and that he didn’t sign the accords. After some time, he was able to get used to it, but it wasn’t easy, and part of him was still nervous, it was why he tended to stay in the castle.

    That day, he felt like he needed a little bit of fresh air, he thought about maybe taking his guitar, and playing a little at the park. It was so calming, that it made him forget all the things that happened in the city. In the end he decided that he would just take his phone, so he could listen to some music. He took one of his comic books with him too.

    Instead of sitting on the grass, like a normal person, he climbed a tree, and sat down on a branch. One of his legs was hanging, as he moved it back and forth while he read and listened to music. He ended up, allowing himself to be completely immersed as he read the comic, which caused him not to notice that his phone was slowly slipping out of his pocket. He only realized when it was too late and the device ended up on the floor, “Oh gosh,” he hoped it didn’t break, “Hey,” he called out to the nearest person, not wanting to hop off the tree, “Do you mind grabbing my phone for me, please?”

    #𝔰𝔞𝔶 𝔪𝔶 𝔫𝔞𝔪𝔢 || (wanda maximoff) #//figured despite it not being on the page #it could be on the park
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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    Art Credit to Valentin Romero

    #Valentin Romero#Wanda Maximoff #Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch #The Scarlet Witch #What if#Zombie
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    an offer (pt. 8) (18+ only)

    part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | all my stuff

    pairing: dark!wanda maximoff x reader

    summary: these past few days have been overwhelming. wanda is here to help if you’d only let her.

    warnings: 18+ only (seriously if ur r a minor leave and go finish ur math homework. it’s due tomorrow.), noncon/dubcon, power dynamics, kidnapping, smut

    a/n: everytime i try to write smut i feel like it turns out like i’ve never seen a boob in real life. anyways, enjoy!

    Wanda is getting worried. It’s the day after your meeting with Detective Foley when she realizes this isn’t a normal one of your sulking episodes. You would get into them occasionally, when your brain was cruel enough to allow you to ruminate on the injustice of your current circumstances. You missed your friends. You missed your apartment. Some small part of you was even missing Richard.

    Normally, during one of these days, you would spend hours on the couch, curled under a blanket. Every response to Wanda was curt or borderline rude, begging her to start a fight. But, she never would. Instead, she would levitate a glass of water onto the coffee table, which you would always pretend to ignore, and she would go into her office, giving you some space. Within a few hours, you had always finished the glass of water, and by the night, you had always crawled back into your shared bed, making a quiet, contented noise after Wanda wrapped her arm around you.

    But today, after an afternoon on the couch and cereal for dinner, you don’t come to bed as expected. The witch has to extract herself from under the white duvet to look for you. She’s concerned when she doesn’t see you lying in your expected heap in the living room and borderline frantic when you’re not in her office or any other room on her floor.

    “Miss Maximoff,” FRIDAY chirps in. “Are you looking for Y/N?”

    “Obviously,” Wanda responds. “Where is she?”

    “The top floor, Miss Maximoff. Natasha Romanoff issued clearance for Y/N to travel to that floor yesterday. Is this not acceptable?”

    Wanda clenches her jaw. “No. It isn’t.”

    “My sincere apologies, Miss—”

    She’s already bounding across the room, using her powers to dissolve one of her floor-to-ceiling windows and flying out of the building speeding to the rooftop. This isn’t a situation for an elevator. A rush of wind blows through the empty apartment. “Y/N!” Wanda says, snapping you out of your daze as you soak in the flickering lights of the city. “Come here.” She pulls you into a tight hug and doesn’t let go until the tightness in her chest has eased at least a little bit.

    She knits her eyebrows in concern at the tears welling in your eyes, using her thumb to wipe them before they can even fall. “What’s wrong, baby?”

    “I want to go home.”

    Wanda sighs, running her hand through your hair. “Y/N, why can’t you be happy here? What do you have out there, hm? No family? A ‘best friend’ that waits a month to look for you after you fall off the face of the earth? What kind of life is that?”

    This time tears actually breach, running down your cheeks. She wipes them tenderly. “I’m sorry, baby. I know. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just telling you the truth. Stay here with me and we could have the perfect life. Pepper’s been sharing your research reports with some of the company’s top scientists and there’s been a lot of interest. You could be running a lab in a few months.”


    “Do I not give you everything?” Her voice is lower than before and she runs her right hand possessively over your stomach, the other grabbing you by the small of your back. “Anything you want, just ask.” She tucks a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “Let me in.”

    You don’t pull back when she leans in to kiss you and you can’t tell her to stop when she snakes her tongue in your mouth. Her hands are holding you steady when you feel like the next light breeze could send you to the ground.

    She scoops you up in one fluid motion and you drift through the heavy summertime air, landing inside her apartment with the gentle tap of her bare feet against the hardwood floor. The glass window rematerializes behind her, though she pays it no mind as she walks down the hallway carrying you bridal style.

    She places you down on the bed gently, towering over you, her hand roaming your body. “Let me show you what I can give you,” she whispers in your ear.

    Before you realize it’s happening, your clothing disappears from your body. You whine at your sudden exposed state. Wanda responds by meeting your lips with hers, humming into your mouth. She kisses you passionately with a hand tracing your jaw.

    You find yourself reduced to whines and gasps as she takes her time removing her own clothing, peppering you with kisses between every article that she pulls off. Goosebumps line your arms and legs.

    She traces down your stomach leaving red splotches and saliva on your skin. Her breath ghosts over your heat forcing an involuntary shiver that erupts from your core. “Wanda,” you cry out, your hand flying to her auburn hair to pull her head closer to you. “Please.”

    She smiles, a playfulness you’ve been missing from her in her tone when she next speaks. “Of course, baby. So eager.” Her tongue slowly circles your clit. Invisible fingers begin pinching and rolling your sensitive nipples. Your back arches off of the bed and a bead of sweat runs down your spine. The wet sensation on your clit continues but Wanda pulls back her head, kissing your inner thighs. “What do you need?” she asks.

    “More” is all you can muster in your present state. She leans back down, dipping her tongue into your entrance. After a minute, she pulls back, suddenly nipping at you lightly on the thigh, sending a jolt of electricity coursing through your veins. She replaces her tongue with her hand, resting her chin on your knee as she watches you getting fucked by her, her eyes glowing red.

    You feel your pussy squeeze around her fingers as your clit throbs under the constant attention from her magic. Wanda continues fucking you with her graceful fingers, moving from her perch to mount you, pinning you under body. She begins kissing the area just below your jawline and you throw your head back to give her more purchase, leaning into the sensation. You feel your climax building quickly, the edges of your vision begins to blur, and you come loudly, your nails scratching long red lines down Wanda’s back.

    Wanda continues pumping into you, guiding you through the longest orgasm you’ve experienced. By the time you’re done and she pulls out of you, you’re completely exhausted. Your toes are tingling. Your head feels floaty. The contrast between your two Wandas: the Wanda who just did that and the Wanda who did that kidnapping thing—or maybe they were always the same Wanda—the confusion is hurting your head. You lay on your back, trying to keep everything straight.

    She’s laying on her side, studying you intently. “Well, I definitely know that’s not supposed to happen after sex,” she coos, wiping away the tear that’s running slowly down the side of your face. “I was that bad, huh?” she jokes, taking your hand in hers and rubbing soothing circles against the back of it.

    You look at her. “That was amazing, Wan. I, just-”

    God, it feels like all of your time lately is spent thinking about her. Thinking about leaving her and being with her and that thing she did last week after you had teased her for taking so long to get the harness on. You thought about that thing she did last week a lot.

    It’s hard not to think about her when she’s right in front of you.

    “I’m here, baby. It’s you and me against the world. Let me protect you,” she says. Unable to read your thoughts, her eyes implore you for any sign of answer before you can open your mouth.

    @’s: @mrromanoff @harleyswanda @nicolesangel @cristin-rjd @devilishbubble @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @itwasnever-real

    #dark!wandamaximoff x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #dark!wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff #dark!marvel #my stuff
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    WANDA and VISION in "Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience".

    #wandavision #wandavision episode 1 #Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience #wandavision gifs#wanda maximoff#vision#gifs
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    This song makes me think of Wanda so I got bored and made a quick montage video!
    Song: “Scarlett Witch” - Samsara
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    Some Lokius , WandaVision and Jedtavius sketches asked on Twitter

    Nothing special, they kinda suck lmao but I love my babies so I had to draw them❤️ >:3

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    The One With The Funeral

    Summary: A continuation of The One With The Loss

    Warnings: Sad. That's all. Yeah...sorry not sorry.

    A/n: Agatha angst...interesting. I'm lowkey really proud of these two chapters, it's rare that I like my writing. Pls, read both of them! I promise I'll post some happy fluff in a bit to pay for what I've taken your emotions through.

    Please reblog or interact if you use the gif! Gif visual used in the bolded part of the chapter.

    It was an open casket. She wore her suit that had been fixed and repaired for the occasion. Agatha was still grieving. It was difficult. She didn't have anyone to go home to. She wasn't close with the others. They didn't really want to be close with her. But they were friendly, professional.

    "I need a second," Agatha said stopping at the door. Vision nodded and entered taking a program and finding a seat. The others filed in slowly, nodding their heads or giving a touch as they passed her.

    "What do you need?" Bruce asked as he walked up the stairs. He was the last in the group. The others found their seats and waited as a string quartet played song choices that all of them had picked out.

    "I don't think I can do this," Agatha said, tears forming in her eyes looking in to see the casket.

    "Look," Bruce said, "this is the first time you're seeing her, the first time you've been out since it happened. These emotions are okay."

    "I know that," she snapped looking at him. "Do you think I don't know that?" she asked. He wasn't sure what to say. He looked down at a program that he held in his hand. A photo of Wanda on the front. She realized that he wasn't saying that for her. But really for himself. He wasn't close with Wanda like the others. They had not worked together often. But the times they were together he cherished. And he never told her, which haunted him forever now.

    "I'm sorry," she tried to say, looking down at her feet.

    "It's okay. We can stand out here for as long as you need." He smiled at her, his eyes slightly wandering. It was a beautiful day outside. The birds chirped loudly, the clouds were large and fluffy, and the world seemed to be in celebration. "You Are My Sunshine" played in the background. The music floating out into the autumn afternoon.

    "I've loved and lost," Bruce said after a while. "It gets better in time."

    She looked up at him, her face scrunching as she began to cry. He leaned in to hug her. She was hesitant at first. She wasn't much of a hugger. But she finally gave in to his touch.

    "I used to be able to hear her always," she said over his shoulder. "I can't hear her." He pulled her in closer, unsure of how to respond to the statement. They just stood outside. He was kind, waited for her to find her bearings. "I sang this to the twins once. When I was putting them to bed."

    "It's a pretty song," Bruce smiled, glancing at her.

    "I had forgotten about it for a long time. But Wanda always talked about the sun. How I was a ray of light in her life and her mine. So I thought...," her voice broke. "I thought this would be a good song."

    "It is a beautiful touch." They continued to stand as others entered the building. It was time for the memorial to start.

    "Come on, I'll walk you in," Bruce said, giving his arm. She locked her arm with his as they walked in. The moment she saw her, she felt her legs lock. Her chest felt heavy and her breathing labored.

    "You're okay," Bruce said as they walked down the center aisle. Everyone watched as she took a seat next to Vision. Bruce finding a seat at the end of the row next to her.

    She finally caught her breath as the memorial began. The whole time she sat there, her arm still interlaced tightly with Bruce's as she took deep breaths trying to calm herself. This wasn't about her. She tried to be as small as she could. To not bring attention to herself.

    "Are you okay?" Vision asked, leaning over to her.

    "I'm fine," she said quickly to end the conversation before it began. She took another deep breath. Bruce watched her out of the corner of his eye. He could only do so much. But allowing her to know that she had a shoulder to cry on felt good to him. It was the least he could do.

    "Agatha Harkness has a few words," Natasha said as she finished at the podium. As Agatha stood the two passed each other. She had a slight fumble, grabbing onto Natasha as she got a close look at Wanda laying there. Natasha caught her, helping her up to say her words to Wanda before stepping up to the podium.

    "This is my fault," she whispered. Natasha held her arm tightly as she leaned on the casket. "I'm sorry," Agatha said a few times. She lost her breath as she began to cry again.

    "You're okay," Natasha said, still not fully knowing what happened on that fateful day. She began to walk her up to the podium repeating herself. "You're okay."

    She gritted her teeth. Agatha was sick of hearing that. Of hearing that she was okay. She wasn't okay. She didn't need sympathy, she just needed a support system as she went through this.

    She looked out at the sea of agents and friends of the Avengers as she stood at the podium.

    "Wanda and I started off on the wrong foot when we first met," Agatha said after taking a second. "All I wanted was to know how she was as powerful as she was. How she was so capable. But that changed and in that time I found a friendship. A bond. It was the strongest relationship I'd ever had with anyone," she read from a card. Her hand shook. She looked up to see people wiping away tears. Fanning themselves, some even hiding their faces from view. She looked at Bruce who watched her eyes.

    "You are not alone," she heard him say in his mind. "You're okay, you're not alone,” he repeated over and over again. She didn't know if it was to her or him, but either way, she accepted it. Only from him.

    "Vis. Boys," she said looking at them on the front row. "I'm so sorry." Vision nodded his head giving her a grief-stricken smile. "Today we are here to celebrate Wanda's life. Her love. Her commitment. To herself, her job, her friends, and her family. Wanda dear, I love you," she said her voice cracking. "I'll miss you terribly. Keep practicing. I know I'll see you again."

    The others stood and spoke before the visitation started. Everyone lined up to say their last goodbyes. Agatha walked with Bruce who seemed to be the only one willing to lend emotional support that day. Or at least in the way that Agatha needed it. She couldn't blame anyone. Everyone was grieving in their own way.

    "Go ahead," he said stopping to allow her time by herself with Wanda. She stepped forward peering into the casket. But she didn't cry. No. She wasn’t going to allow the last time she was face to face with her to be tearful. She looked at Wanda with reverence. She leaned over to kiss her forehead and walked away, not taking another look back. She turned and walked straight out of the building needing air. Her pace getting faster and faster the closer she got to the doors. By the time she got outside, she was hyperventilating, becoming a little disoriented.

    She watched as Bruce said his words and walked out to join her.

    "Hey," he said. There was stillness.

    "What can I do?" he asked, wanting to move in for a hug.

    "Please no hugs," she said. He nodded taking a step back. "And please don't tell me I'm fine," she said quickly. Her tears flowed as she looked around. "I don't know. I don't know," she repeated leaning on the wall and covering her face. The slight chill in the air created goosebumps on her skin. She shivered slightly as the wind picked up.

    "I'm sorry," she said as she began to cry. They were her last tears. They would be her last tears. She had decided that.

    “Don’t be. You need time to grieve Agatha. You haven’t done this kind of thing for a while.”

    “I let my guard down. I became soft,” she said wiping away her tears. Her voice sounded normal. Rich with slight gravel to it.

    “You didn’t become soft,” Bruce said. “You learned to love.”

    She hadn’t thought about it that way before. She had never loved the people in her life. She lived centuries. Many of the people she was even remotely close with died. She just stopped trying to love. There was no point if everyone she did love would leave. Her mother tried to murder her and her coven turned their backs on her. She was alone for the majority of her life. And then she met Wanda. Or rather she felt Wanda. It was different for her. New.

    The others began to exit the service on their way to Avengers Campus.

    “I know you’ve heard this a lot,” she heard Vision say coming up behind them, “but are you okay?” he asked.

    “No,” she said quickly, shaking her head. He too went to touch her but she moved away. He stepped back nodding his head instead. “But I will be," she said after a moment. "You?"

    “I will be.”

    They all headed back to Avengers Campus together. Making sure that Agatha had been pre-approved before getting there. She sat quietly in the car holding in her emotions. She pushed them down just like she always had before, though this time was a challenge.

    “I shouldn’t be here,” Agatha said looking out the car window.

    “Wanda wouldn’t want you to be alone today,” Tony said from the front seat. Agatha was going to respond but nodded her head in acceptance as they drove down to the car garage.

    The rest of the day seemed to be full of laughter and drinks and memories. It was difficult for her. But Agatha was good at smiling through the pain. She had done it before and she would do it again.


    Previous Chapter | Next Chapter


    #kathryn hahn #agatha harkness fanfiction #avengers#mcu#marvel #agatha harkness angst #agatha harkness x wanda maximoff #agatha x wanda #Agnes harkness
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    Title: welcome home Fandom: Marvel 616 Characters/Relationships: Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff Rating: General Audiences Length: 1,072 words Summary: Wanda is now a member of the Avengers and she thinks about how her life has changed and what this new life means for her. Set briefly after Avengers (1963) #16

    written for @maximoffsweek day 3: comfort

    #my fics #maximoff twins (616) #pietro maximoff (616) #wanda maximoff (616)
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    “I don’t need you to tell me who I am.”
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    The Vision and Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    elizabeth olsen as wanda maximoff in wandavision

    primetime emmy award nominee for outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie

    #elizabeth olsen#wanda maximoff#wandavision #lead actor in a limited series or movie #2021
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    Lost in Assistance - Ch. 43

    Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
    Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
    I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.

    All chapters

    A/n: Hello! Sorry for taking so long to get this done. This chapter is inspired by two songs. Surrender by Natalie Taylor and Sometimes (Backwood) By Gigi. This chapter started the same way like the previous one. It's not a flashback, it starts with the night before on Lizzie's POV. Well, buckle up! Enjoy the ride in this chapter. Happy reading!

    *Saturday evening in New York*

    Back at her apartment, Lizzie is having her dinner while reading her script. She gets distracted by a text notification from you. It’s a picture of a yellow sticky note with a song title and the singer. “Hi, Liz. I haven’t heard from you. I hope you are okay. I know you are busy. Sorry for bothering you but there is this sweet song I know you would like. I love the singer’s voice and the lyrics. I hope to hear from you soon, or see you soon.”

    Her heart skips a beat as if it forgets how to beat when she sees it was a text from you. A smile slowly crept up on her face when she read your handwriting on the picture of the yellow sticky note that you texted her. After reading your text, she plays the song from you “Surrender” by Natalie Taylor and puts the phone down without replying to you then back to what she was doing but she can’t focus. She gets distracted with the song.

    We let the waters rise

    We drifted to survive

    I needed you to stay

    But I let you drift away

    My love, where are you?

    My love, where are you?

    Whenever you're ready, whenever you're ready

    Whenever you're ready, whenever you're ready

    Can we, can we surrender?

    Can we, can we surrender?

    I surrender

    No one will win this time

    I just want you back

    I'm running to your side

    Flying my white flag, my white flag

    My love, where are you?

    My love, where are you?

    As she listened to the song, her posture drooped and her shoulders slumped. Her chest feels heavy with sadness and her breathing slowed. She feels numb all over her body. The corners of her mouth slowly turn down. She then covers her eyes in the crook of her arm that lays on the table and starts to cry. Sorrow closed up her throat. She misses you. After a few minutes letting out her sadness through her tears, she sits up straight. She doesn’t care how much the crook of her arms is soaking wet from her tears. She swallows the lump in her throat. She sniffles and wipes her tears.

    She stays seated. Her eyes stare into the distance on random spots of the room. She has lost count on how many times or how long you think about her the whole day. Once again, she thinks about the whole situation, about her conflicted feelings but this time the warm feelings grow stronger. Thinking about how nice it looks the two of you in the paparazzies pictures where both of you look like a happy couple. It makes her want to see you. She yearns for your presence. The pain of being away from you has become more and more unbearable.

    She was going to use the week off to think more and then ask you to come back to work and see her again but she became more and more vulnerable from all the sadness from being away from you and all the yearnings. It’s driving her insane. It makes her doesn’t even care about the paparazzi and she will deal with later as time goes by perhaps. She knows it will not be easy, she’s not sure what she will do about it. All she knows, she wants to see you, see your smile. She wants to hear your voice calling her with all the pet names you want.

    She gets her laptop and tries to book the earliest flight to you. As luck would have it, she found a flight for tonight. She quickly packs her bags, she grabs the framed picture of both of you. “I’ll see you soon, sweetie.” She smiles, feeling the warmth in her heart when she sees you in the picture as she puts it in her bag to bring it with her. She gets ready in excitement thinking to give you a surprise visit in the next morning. Thinking how she wants to jump into your arms and see your smile when you greet her with the pet names. She even plans to spend time with you and your mom in the facility. She wants to hold your hands, and then drown in your hugs taking every scent of you in each breath she takes. She wants to...kiss you.

    The urge she has to call you and tell you that she’s coming to see you was so hard to fight but she managed to contain herself not to. She wants to see your smile when you are surprised with her visit. Five and a half hours flight feels like forever for her with her huge excitement to see you. She unconsciously keeps checking on time every so often. She leans on the window of her seat. All she sees is you and your smile, it makes her smile wider like she is under your spell. She falls asleep on her flight.

    After the flight, and the drive home Lizzie finally went to her room. She feels so relieved that she is finally close to you again. She is only a few minutes drive from you. She can’t wait to see you in the morning, she even tries to go to bed early so the night passes faster.


    *Back to present day, Sunday in L.A*

    The morning that Lizzie has been waiting for has finally arrived. She turns off her alarm a few seconds after it blares as if she has been waiting for it to go off. She gets ready right away, trying to look her best for you. As soon as she is ready, she doesn’t go to your house. She goes to get a bouquet of red roses for you, just like what you gave her. As soon as she gets to her car in the parking lot, she hears a voice greet her.

    “Hello, Elizabeth, right?” She gasps in shock from hearing the heavy male voice that gives chills down her spine.

    “Hi. I’m sorry, do I know you?” Her chest stuttered. Lizzie asks as she tries to stay calm and nice to the person. Little does she know, Clint has been watching both your house and hers. He saw that Lizzie got home last night and he followed her this morning. “We haven’t met but I’m sure you heard a lot about me from y/n, I’m Clint.” He tries to look friendly to her and offers a handshake to her. Lizzie gives a small wave, tries to disguise her panic feeling and fear with a forced smile.

    “I don’t know why you come to me but please stay away from me.” Lizzie takes a few steps back from him. An alarm rang in her mind. “Please, listen to me. I just want to know how Leah is. I’m worried about her. I haven’t seen her. I love her. You might hear something bad about me but it’s not true. Y/n is manipulative and selfish. She has never liked me since she was a kid. I love her like my own kid but as soon as she has a good career and money she tries to separate me and Leah.” Clint tries to trick her with his fake sad face.

    “No, I trust her. I don’t trust you because---” Clint cuts her off. “I’m manipulative? But has she ever told you what really happened? She lies. I didn’t do anything. She just wanted me to leave Leah. She is playing the victim. I am the victim. She is doing it to you too.”

    “No, she is not!” Lizzie tries to not listen to anything he said but what Clint said gets into her head a little when she realizes that you never really talked about what happened but she is still fighting it but it gets worse when Clint continues. “I saw the pictures all over the internet. Do you really think she cares about you?

    The pit of her stomach fell after she heard his question. Worry clawed through her. “She does. I know she does.” Lizzie retorted as she internally fights her doubt about you. “Well, you should see who she is with right now. That’s how manipulative she is.” Clint’s words get into her mind more and more.

    “What do you mean? Who is she with now?” Her heart pounded, she slowly raised her voice. Oh Clint knows that she fell into the trap. “I don’t want to say anything, I want you to see it for yourself.” He added.

    “I’m not buying anything you said. Leave me alone!” Lizzie quickly tries to get into the car and drives away. Her heart drummed after everything that happened. Her knuckles turn white as she grips the steering wheel so tight. She tries to refuse all the mind games that Clint did. She is so upset. Upset with what happened, upset with herself for letting his words get into her head but she is also upset with you even though she doesn’t know why. She is trying hard to remember all the good memories about you to fight all the doubts that slowly creep into her mind. She turns on all the love songs you gave her, to remind her of you. It slowly helps. She starts to calm down.

    She arrives in front of your house. She takes a deep breath and releases it slowly. She grabs the flower she bought for you. She looks at your door from her car. She whispers to herself as if she is talking to you. “I’m here, y/n. I’m coming for you.”

    She gets out of her car, walks excitedly yet nervous. Internally hoping that everything Clint said were just empty words. Hoping that you will open the door, only you. Nobody else. The bouquet of roses in her right hand and her left hand rings the bell. Anticipation is killing her. Once again, she lets out a breath slowly. A few seconds after she hears the lock with the view of the door knob is turned from the inside then the door is slowly opened.

    Her heart dropped when she saw somebody else open your door. A woman with wavy black hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin color in medium height greets her. “Hi.”

    Lizzie tightens her grips on the bouquet as her hand moves lower, stays on the side of her body. The bouquet of roses that was held high proudly are now hanging low facing down as if it dies instantly just like her heart died a little when she sees the quite familiar stranger. Her eyes staring daggers at the woman that she thinks she knows but not sure who it is. “Can I help you?” Oh Lizzie hates her voice. Her voice burns her ears. That smile on her, she wants to get rid of it off her face in so many ways if it's possible. Her mind is spinning with many thoughts, one of them is if this is what Clint meant earlier.

    “Yes, I’m here for y/n. Who are you?” She answers coldly then asks in the most intimidating way. “Oh yeah, she’s here. I’m Gwen and who are you?” Gwen asks, feeling Lizzie’s glare stab through her chest like a knife. Lizzie instantly gives her a death stare as soon as she hears her name.. Oh trust me, if a stare could kill, Gwen would probably be dead by now, instantly.

    “Gwen? As in Gwen y/n’s ex??” Lizzie asked for clarification in gritted teeth, her eyes widened as she tilted her head. Her hand squeezes hard on the bouquet of flowers that if they can scream of suffocation, they would.

    “Um yeah, but not for so long anymore. I’m working on it. Who are you again?” Just like gasoline to a burning fire, every word she said, her voice, and when she makes eye contact burns Lizzie more in rage.

    The jealous blonde scoffed. “Who am I? I’m ELIZABETH OLSEN. I’m her girl---” She stops herself, realizes what she almost said then corrects herself. “I’m her boss. I want to see her.” She tries to calm herself down and she slowly raises her chin a little bit to show an intimidating bossy vibe to the black hair woman in front of her. “Oh yeah, I saw you on the internet with y/n in the picture.” Gwen answers and gives a challenging look and a smirk to her. “Babe! Love bug! Someone wants to see you here!” She calls you out loud with the pet name on purpose as she looks at Lizzie through the corner of her eyes.

    All Lizzie wants to do is to let out the rage she has for what Gwen did to you. She wants to make Gwen know what pain is, the pain that she gave you. It would be a lie if she says she is not mad at you as well. She is disappointed with you. She tries not to jump into a conclusion but everything feels like ganging up on her to do so. After the last two weeks she lets herself hurt to give you time and space, and this is what she found. But mostly, she is hurt even more. Her heart bleed as if a barb wire wrapped around it so tight that squeeze the blood dry out of it.

    Her heart drops when she sees you walk towards the front door. “Gwen, how many times did I tell--” You were interrupted by the view in front of you as you finally got to the door. Your heart was in your throat seeing Lizzie is here with Gwen. You know this is not going to be easy.

    You see her with her angry face. No, not an angry face, it's a furious face. You never see her this furious since the huge argument you both had in New York, and this time is ever worse. But you know her very well, you know behind that furious face was a disguised sad feeling and it slices your heart to know that her heart is hurting right now.

    "L-Liz, Hi. I'm so glad to see you again! What are you doing here? Are you done filming? Why didn't you let me know you are coming? I could've picked you up." You ramble in nervousness, worried that she will misunderstand Gwen's presence.

    Ignoring everything you said, she steps in to give a kiss on your cheek as her effort to claim you as hers in front of Gwen and stays inside close to you, in front of Gwen that subtly forces her to move a few steps back. Then she asks you slowly in gritted teeth. "Y/n sweetheart, what. is. she. doing. here?" Her eyes flick angrily between you and Gwen. "Uh I--she uh, she--I" Gwen cuts off your stuttering. "We are actually working things between us out together, right babe?” Gwen gets closer to you and tries to hook her left arm to your right arm in front of her. You awkwardly try to pull your arms away from her to avoid getting Lizzie even more mad. “No, we are not Gwen.”

    “So, tell me Gwen. What are you exactly doing here again? I thought you didn’t love y/n anymore?” Lizzie asks in a calm yet very sarcastic tone, her green eyes trying to lock on Gwen’s.

    “It’s none of your business actually.” Gwen answers, staring back at Lizzie. The tension between the woman who cares about you and the ex who hurts you floats in the air. “Liz. Please, ignore her. Calm down. I can handle this.” You slowly try to calm her down as you try to touch her arms as you can see how mad Lizzie is. “What’s the matter, love bug? Are you scared that your boss knows about us?“ Gwen tries to add some more gas on Lizzie’s fire.

    “This is between y/n and me. It’s our relationship but since you are so nosy and want to know, I will never stop loving y/n, I still love her and I come here to win her heart back. You are just her boss, so leave us alone.” Gwen keeps her gaze at Lizzie’s and grabs your hand once again.

    You can see Lizzie’s annoyance flared, her very muscle tensed. Her blood boiled from Gwen’s words. Lizzie raises her right hand with the bouquet and slams it onto your chest for you to hold it with her gaze that never leaves Gwen’s. You quickly put the flowers down. She scurries towards Gwen very intimidatingly once again forcing Gwen to take a few steps back and stops trying to gain back her confidence in front of the angry blonde.

    “Leave you alone?!” Lizzie scoffed. “Oh yeah, I forgot, LEAVING is your talent, that’s why you like that word so much.” Lizzie added another sarcastic remark. “How dare you talk about love, saying you still love y/n?!” Her voice starts to raise in so much anger and jealousy. “Liz, stop please. Ignore her. Don’t waste your energy on her.” Once again, you try to stop Lizzie from getting angrier.

    “Shut up y/n! I’m not done with her.” Lizzie responds to you instantly as she raises her right palm in front of you to stop you talking. Gwen takes a step back for every step Lizzie takes as she starts to ramble until she is stuck between a wall and Lizzie. You follow her and stay close with her. “Lizzie darling, please calm down. She doesn’t even deserve your anger.” Everything you try to say to calm her down seems all in vain. All you see is the jealous and possessive Lizzie. You are surprised with her right hand moving back towards your direction to find your right hand and holding it as if she is trying to protect you, from Gwen, from the pain Gwen is causing you as she continues talking to Gwen.

    “If you love her, why the hell did you leave her?! If you LOVE her, where have you been for the past fucking five years?! Leaving y/n in so much pain, do you have any idea how painful it was for y/n??! And you have the audacity to come back like nothing happened and to win her heart back?! Dare to dream! Because I’m not going to let that happen!” Her eyes flared with anger.

    “You don’t know me, don’t know the real reason why I did what I did. So you don’t have the right to say anything about it!” Gwen argued back everything Lizzie said to her. “Okay, you two please stop. Come on, stop fighting please. Gwen, you need to leave Lizzie alone! Lizzie, love. Please come talk to me. I’ll explain everything.” You try to separate both of them but the two of them yell at you right away at the same time as they glare at you. “NO!” You shoved your hair back away from your face, don’t know what to do.

    “I don’t have to know about you to know what you did to y/n was messed up. Y/n has moved on from you, she doesn’t love you anymore so you better leave her alone just like you did!” Lizzie points at the door.

    “If she doesn’t love me anymore, if she has moved on from me, then why did she let me hold her hand? She let me touch the back of her neck, and let me rest my forehead on hers?” and just like that, a wave of pain and sadness washed Lizzie’s anger towards Gwen. She feels like just got struck by lightning. All of a sudden, she lost her words. You are shocked with Gwen's tricky words, you know right away it gets into Lizzie’s head. She quietly and slowly turns her head at you. Her green orbs look at you, sadness obviously overfilling her eyes. Her hopes disintegrated. Her spirits fell.

    “Is that true, y/n?” She asks in a very low and painful tone. Gwen’s words feel like a knife to her heart. “Liz, I-I was having a panic attack, I was hyperventilating. I--” You couldn’t finish your sentence because Gwen cuts you off. “She let me calm her down the way I used to do to her.” Gwen added, knowing it will make everything worse between you and Lizzie.

    “Oh shut the hell up Gwen!” You yelled at Gwen and you put your focus back on the Olsen sister next to you.. “Lizzie darling---” Lizzie raises her voice as she cuts you off. “DON’T you Lizzie darling me, y/n! Answer me, is that true?!” Her voice is breaking in almost a cry. Her throat thickened with sobs. “Y-yes but it’s not what you think Liz.” You tried to explain but before you can continue, you see her quickly walk out of the door. “Liz! Wait!” You try to run after her but Gwen holds your hand to stop you. “Let me go, Gwen!” You pulled your hand hard from hers and you ran after her.

    “Lizzie, wait! Please.” You call her as you try to catch up with her. She walks faster to her car. You finally close enough to grab her hand. “Let me go y/n. I want to go home. Why don’t you just go back to your Gwen and let her calm you down!” She tries to pull her hand from yours.

    “No. I won’t. I haven’t seen you for over two weeks, you came back for me. So I won’t let you go right now. Please, let me explain.” She halts her steps and turns around to you without saying a word. Her eyes say it all. She is disappointed, broken and sad.

    “Why did you do this? I gave you time and space you needed but I came back for you with that psycho Gwen opened the door for me at your house. Manipulated me to let you go back here so you can spend time with Gwen?” Her voice is weak yet sounds angry. All her thoughts from what happened just now and Clint’s words collide in her mind and clouded her judgement.

    “Manipulated you? What the hell did you mean? Where did that thought come from, Liz? I didn’t even know she was coming, Liz. I was as shocked as you were. I tried to kick her out but she stayed.” Your eyes furrowed, confusion is written all over your face as you try to explain.

    “Maybe you didn’t try hard enough! maybe you wanted her to stay?!” Her emotion and jealousy makes her lips work faster than her brain, saying things she didn’t mean.

    “You kidding, right? I told you, I didn’t even know she was coming. I told her to leave multiple times but she just randomly did her things there and didn’t want to leave like nothing happened. She wouldn’t come here and find me, none of this would happen to us if you didn’t send me back here, away from you!” As soon as you finish your last sentence, you know you said things you should not say. You know it will make it worse, and you were right. “Liz, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say the last part I said to you.

    Lizzie chuckles sarcastically, her right hand on her forehead and her left hand is on her hips. “Oh so now you are the victim and these are all my fault?” She raises her hands up, her face shows disbelief as she rolls her eyes.

    “Victim? Liz, what is going on with you? You are talking weird things, first you called me being manipulative and now you said that I’m playing victim? What has got into you?” You tried to hold her hand but she didn’t let you.

    “Nothing. It’s just this whole Gwen thing with you, it’s--It’s--” She couldn’t continue as she is trying hard holding her cry back. She looks away so you won’t see the tears that pool in her eyes.

    “I’m gonna go home now, y/n.” She walks to her car and gets in.

    "No, please Liz. I still want to talk with you.” You plead. Begging her. “You need to figure your things out first before we talk about us!” Lizzie drives away with another broken heart pain in her. As she drives further, her tears start to overflow and roll down her cheeks. She tries to call Aubrey as she drives but no answer. She left a voicemail for her best friend. “Hey Aubrey, can you call me back when you can. Please.”

    Your heart crumbles as you see Lizzie drive away. “I miss you, Liz. So much.” You whisper under your breath as you take a painful deep breath and let out a harsh one. Your eyes are teary but you try to hold your tears and wipe it. You walk back into your house. A weight settled in your heart, your steps are as heavy as your heart feels..

    Ch. 44

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    A/N: There’s not a lot to say about this story, I just wrote it under the night sky, with my cut fingers, and with a bit of idk… sorrow? Good reading!

    Summary: Tonight is the night you are hanged, under the playful eyes of the Avengers. And under those of your now broken love, Wanda Maximoff.

    Warnings: hanging, death, …

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    ✦ ✦ ✦

    The night is heavy on the valley. Your soul is silent in the face of the hubbub of your past. You hear your demons slowly rise and you pray that something will stop them. But there is no more hope, the end is near. Your heart has been deaf since they put a noose around you.

    A devil on a world of too many heroes. You’re the enemy to be brought down tonight. There in your skin burns the fire of your sobs. If you could, you would go back in time. So that you don't have to choose between fire and ice. So that you don't have to kill in cold blood thousands of passing souls.

    Time seems to go by very slowly as you gaze at the clock on the steps. With your hands tied behind your back, you see your life receding. They are going to kill you tonight.

    Finally in the square, they stop you at the scene of the crime. You are in front of the crowd of these smiling heroes. They know it's the end, at least yours, and they're won over. You would like to scream but you hold back. Only one tear fell down your cheek.

    But there, among the crowd, between Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff, you see a face that does not show joy. You recognize those eyes that are already crying over your absence. You see the fire again and it is the harshest sentence.

    A countdown. A few seconds before the end. Soon the rope around your neck will tighten. You will hold your breath before you breathe out one last time.

    Wanda looks at you, she cries in silence. She's the only one who ever loved you, the only one who trusted you. You gave her your soul and your love for eternity. But we must believe that ‘forever’ transforms into ‘never’.

    That's it, here's the last second. You grit your teeth and close your eyes. Another tear on your cheek and the meaning is goodbye. It’s only for Wanda and the brunette knows it. Your last tear is for all the love you had for her.

    “There it is,” Tony finally announces, “She stopped breathing.”

    The Avengers rejoice and congratulate each other before walking towards the exit. Only Wanda remains motionless. Her eyes are fixed on your lifeless body. The body of the girl she loved so deeply and sincerely.

    “Wanda,” Steve calls, “Come on, let’s go.”

    But the witch doesn’t move. She can’t. She only thinks of you. You are dead. It’s too late. There’s nothing she can do. Nothing that could bring back her love. Nothing that could bring back her dreams. The ones she shared with you. It’s over. You died there before her eyes. Without a farewell.

    ✦ ✦ ✦

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