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  • gabecat
    08.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Mothers day is coming

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  • grokebaby
    08.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    This time I wasn't taking artistic liberties, Leafpool just Is green imo

    But okay. Listen. Isn't it just so fucking convenient their camp got attacked by badgers right the fucking second she decided to follow her heart? Which btw the starclan Medics told her to do?? It's almost like the narrative is like punishing her for daring to think she has any say in her own life. Fuck.

    If her design looks similar to my Moth flight one that's very intentional I want to mirror them

    #Waca#Leafpool#Warrior cats#WC fanart#wc designs #I'm not even a huge fan of Leaf for the record #I don't care about her all that much #But isn't it so convenient how all the female characters get punished and suffer #The series is misogynistic and that's probably not a surprise to anyone on board #I'm mirroring her and Moth flight's designs for the obvious reason that HER RULE IS RUINING LIVES #ACTIVELY RUINING LIVES #LET A GIRL RUNAWAY WITH HER EMO BF IF SHE WANTS GAH
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  • daworriorscats
    08.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    oh and i ship violetpaw and zelda :^0

    #warrior cats #vision of shadows #vos
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  • starhyen
    08.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    💜 FOR SALE: PayPal or Venmo

    OPEN Cat 1: $5

    OPEN Cat 2: $5

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  • the-exiled-comic
    08.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    page 117

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    #warriors#warrior cats#wc#oc#comic#page #the exiled comic #echodawn !!! shes a nice med cat
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  • loafpawdesigns
    08.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • in-heavens-deep-wcrp
    08.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago


    TwistedWatcher//32 Moons// AMAB

    Personality: Competitive | Demanding | Devoted

    Made by Mod Emiel

    #in heaven's deep #in heaven's deep wc rp #warrior cats#wc #warrior cats rp #wc rp#warriors#warrior cat#roleplay#rp #warrior cats adopt #wc adopts
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  • bird--egg
    08.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Such a close and happy bond, mentor and apprentice.

    In an AU where Hollyleaf gets Ashfur instead.

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  • google-drawings-warriors
    08.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Lol imagine having the Reddit upvote arrow as your face.

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  • strikepop
    08.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    these two

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  • sisterswarriorsdesigns
    08.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    My little sister’s Firestar design

    #firestar#wc #warrior cats designs
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  • cowabungacowboycat
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Maybe I'll make a uquiz to assign you one of the wildest warrior cats deaths like:

    Killed by beavers, Tree fell on them and everyone uses it as a bridge now, ice hockey gone awry, time travel reincarnation, or in VOS when that one guy trys to smother someone in their sleep but then he got killed

    and the the free space is just political assassination

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  • marshclaws
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If the Erins kill Leafstar I am going to be devastated I’m in love with her

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  • marshclaws
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Good morning Star Flower fans ❤️

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  • shyrose57
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago



    Leafstar(Dream): A blond, fluffy cat with vibrant green eyes, and white paws, and a white-tipped tail.


    Hollowstep(Eret): A large, brown cat with thick wavy fur, and a birth defect that makes their eyes appear milky. Formerly of Snowclan, he betrayed them for the promise of protection in Earthclan. It’s said he kidnapped and murdered one of Snowclan’s kits to prove himself to Leafstar.


    Brindlecloud(George): Small, light brown cat with one blue one brown eye. Seems to have issues seeing color.

    Flameclaw(Sapnap): A dark brown tabby with amber eyes. Loves to sunbath, and especially loves to go find a two-leg campfire and settle down close to it.

    Goldenheart(Foolish): A bulky blond cat with vibrant green eyes, and a kind face. Brothers with Leafstar,

    Deerwhisker(Callahan): A lithe, mute cat with a reddish-brown pelt, blue eyes, and grey markings over his face, and legs.

    Mousetail(Alyssa): A grey-brown cat with dark brown eyes, and a white under-jaw and tail tip. Due to her hard-working nature, she’s rather elusive within the camp, always out doing something or other.

    Lizardleap(Sam): A brown tabby cat with dark green eyes. Very protective over the kits and apprentices, and enjoys doing his best to help them out.

    Creekmask(Cornelius): Dark blond tabby with grey-green eyes. Mates with Lynxfoot.

    Molefur(Miles Memington): Dark brown cat with black leopard patterned spots, and amber eyes. An incredible hunter. 

    Blackwater(Ranbob): Black and white splashed cat with one gold eye, and one bright blue. Leafstar’s former apprentice. He looks up to him.

    Roseneedle(Hannah): Pale brown cat with light green eyes, and white dappling along her body. A powerful warrior.


    Sheepshine(Puffy): A fluffy white cat with curly fur, and warm brown eyes. Currently nursing Tulipkit(Michelle).

    Tulipkit(Michelle): Pale brown kitten with white paws, and green eyes. 

    Medicine Cat:

    Beetlenose(Ponk): A red calico cat with brown eyes, and a tendency to scare his patients into compliance by threatening to sacrifice them to Starclan for better seasons.


    Dandelionpaw(Foolish Jr.): Hollowstep’s apprentice. Large, dark blonde cat with pale green eyes, and white markings on her chest. 

    Tumblepaw/Honeypaw(Tubbo): A small, blond cat with dark brown stripes scattered about his back. He always seems to smell like honey, weirdly enough. Mousetail’s apprentice. 

    Robinpaw(Robin): Beetlenose’s apprentice. A russet cat with warm green eyes.

    Lavenderpaw(Purpled): A lithe blond cat with grey marking, and purple-blue eyes. Roseneedle’s apprentice.


    Badgertoe(Bob): A bi-colored cat who’s coat is dark, dark brown with splashes of white, and amber eyes.

    Rabbitpelt(Jack): A light brown cat with blue eyes. He worked alongside the medicine cats quite a lot despite not being one himself. 

    Gingerspeckle(Lazar): A pale orange tabby with light blue eyes and white speckles splattered about his pelt.

    Barkberry(Vikkstar): Dark brown cat with green eyes, and a bobbed tail.

    Lynxfoot(Blind Catboy): A pale brown cat with milky blue eyes. He was born blind, but still trained hard to become a warrior. Retired early when he and Creekmask took Robinpaw under their wings, so he could be there for him.

    #Warrior Cats AU #dream smp #dream smp au #dreamwastaken#eret#tubbo#foolish gamers #tales from the smp #georgenotfound#sapnap
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  • blazewc
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • sad-bi-basterd
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tirgerstar is homophobic

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  • retroscourge
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Firestar and Sandstorm

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