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  • beertengoku
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    {:en}Sakamichi Brewing in Tachikawa, Tokyo{:}{:ja}(東京:立川)坂道ブルーイング{:}

    Sakamichi Brewing in Tachikawa, Tokyo - not brewing yet but a bar in the worth going to when you're in the area. #craftbeer #beer #japan

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  • 99rev
    01.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i just gotta rant real quick to get these bad thoughts out of my head

    i just spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing.

    i struggled to get out of bed, i struggled to make myself something to eat, i struggled to clean the dishes (that have been lying there all week and that i was constantly promising myself to do after work...lol), still haven’t swept the floor like i told myself i would do cause there’s hair everywhere and it’s gross, haven’t done the groceries, skipped one of my drum practice, didn’t write, didn’t do any of the important stuff i have to do and never do, i legit search for sad videos yesterday just to have a reason to cry and let something out, i just- fuuuuuck.

    i don’t know what to do anymore.

    i hate going to work because everything is stressful and i hate being around people, and i’m just waiting to go home, just trying to make it to the weekend...but what for?? i don’t do anything. i don’t go out because i still don’t wanna be around people. i can’t even get out of my apartment to throw my garbage away. how am i supposed to fucking be an adult when i can’t do anything at all without feeling so distressed. i’m just a fucking failure all around. worthless, useless piece of shit.

    and i can’t even go because my mom would be devasted, and she just lost her mom, she can’t lose me, and i can’t tell her anything because it would make her sad and she already has to deal with my dad and her own dad... i just wish i could tell them. just tell them i love them one last time. and that it would be okay. that they would understand. just one last game alt together, and some snacks, just one last perfect game, and then it could stop. i could stop wasting everyone’s time and money. i could give them everything i have, my savings, my books, my games, my music, everything, my hair, my blood, my whole body, people who actually want to live could get everything because i don’t deserve any of it. i’m just a total waste of life.

    i don’t understand

    how does everyone do it.

    how does anyone pretend like this is fun.

    and i don’t even mean about the pandemic. i felt that way before everything went to shit. it’s always been shit. i’ve spent ten years of my life feeling like this and it never really goes away. i feel like i just keep pressing the snooze button. not ignoring it but just. delaying the inevitable. i used to be so fucking depressed. but now i just feel numb. and there’s a bit of disbelief too. because how could anyone feel different? it seems like everyone feels like this, on some level. so why do we keep going forward? i don’t understand.

    #sorry about that #just another case of the sundays #i can't believe my life is just gonna be this #me waiting for the weekend to do absolutely nothing and hate myself #what a treat #today i had : some eggs at like 12pm - crackers at 3 - and then a good old peanut butter sandwich for supper #yuuuuuummmmm #yesterday i had i think a glass of orange juice ? maybe some waffles i can't even remeber - then again at 3 some frozen meal #and popcorn for dinner!!!!!! #seriously the number of times i just eat popcorn as a meal is shameful #i just #can't be bothered #to make food #that i'll hate anyway #none of the process is pleasant #uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggghhh sorry about the ranting i'm done for realz now #i suck
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  • trueapex19
    27.07.2020 - 9 monts ago


    #please pray for Lucy #she’s been sick for a little over a week now #she had diahrrea and puked last weekend #blood and fecal tests came back negative #so we deduced that she either just ate or drank something bad or has a foreign mass obstruction #sent her back home with medication to see #she was doing fine until two days ago where she got scared #of the vacumm cleaner a neighbors house renovation and fireworks #yesterday she seemed better by eating and drinking #but my fam and i just woke up cuz she’s acting strange and has trouble sleeping #vet doesnt open until 12pm and its 4:30am rn #my stomach is messed up and im trembling #maybe she’s heard something and got scared? #god i rly hope she’s just scared and not in pain #please keep her in your thoughts #Lucy #tmi idk? #another vet not open till 9am #but will they even take us with no appointment?
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  • aphroditexwp
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bitter Suite Singalong

    Saturday May 8th, 12pm US Central, the Xena Discord will be hosting a Bitter Suite Singalong. Chatting will begin about an hour prior at 11am, so feel free to grab a drink and join in! Also every weekend there is a Xena rewatch stream you can join in on, usually two episodes and/or bonus material, currently on the season 3 extras and season 4 will be next!

    #xena warrior princess #xwp#xenites#discord server
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  • andifnotheisstillgood
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    My employer posted my position. I've found a new job 11 days later. Should I give a 2 week notice?

    It usually takes about 8 weeks (give or take) to properly train a new employee once they are hired. It's only been 11 days since the posting, with no one hired.

    My current employer will be firing me soon. The listing isn't because they are expanding or anything along those lines. I will be replaced. Some things went down where they want me gone. I've been there for 5 years.

    I found out about the listing from an old coworker at my job. He said he signed up for alerts on Indeed.com and saw it.

    I immediately called my Manager about the listing and he played dumb about it, dumb like he didn't know what I was talking about... "Really? Are you sure?" He said. But when I said I'm going to email him the listing, he said "We only posted it just to see where it goes." I asked him what does that mean? And he repeated "We only posted it just to see where it goes."

    I asked him what exactly does 'We only posted it to see where it goes' mean? And he repeated for a third time... "We only posted it to see where it goes."

    I've been playing it cool since. No issues whatsoever. I tried to use some PTO days but was denied. I have a total of 16 PTO days. I will only be paid out 12 days because of company policy (3/4's of your PTO).

    My position was posted on Saturday, April 24th (verified by the company website and indeed.com). I updated my resume that night and applied for maybe 40 jobs on various platforms over the next few days.

    On April 28th, I got a call to schedule a virtual interview for April 30th. I did the interview and things went great. On May 3rd, I had a second interview, but in person.

    Today, May 5th, I was given a full time job offer for $3 more than I'm making now! And I start tomorrow!!!

    Anyhow, I work the first shift, 7-330pm at my current job. The new job is on the second shift, from 4pm to 12pm (with rotating weekends). If I wanted to, I could work both jobs and grind it out.

    My gut is telling me to give my current employer the big middle finger and quit with no notice. Why? Because they were going to give me the big middle finger and fire me with no notice!

    They will be without me for about 2 months (the time it takes to train someone), and it will likely hurt business (it's why they won't fire me until there is a replacement).

    A mentor of mines told me to give the notice, but be prepared for them to tell me not to come back. The mentor said it would be very unprofessional of me and I might come across someone there latter down the line.

    What should I do?

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  • jmateocas
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago


    The year is 2121. Space travel has evolved and now, scientists are planning on carrying out a 16 year long mission on Europa. The main goal of this mission is to determine if Europa’s subsurface water could have living beings.

    My mission last weekend was to design all of this base according to a series of requirements proposed by the EUSDC (European Space Design Contest) board. Some of its members are teachers working at the International Space University, others are university students, and some are participants from previous years. One of these board members was Randall Perry, Chair, Founder, and CEO of Space Science & Engineering Foundation.

    I woke up at 7 am on Saturday to attend the first introductory meeting. The competition was divided into 3 groups that faced off against each other: Earhart Advanced Industries, Kepler Automation and DaVinci Meccanica. Each group then had a President and 2 CEO’s (previous competitors). Then, we were separated into groups of 4-5 people dedicated to specific functions led by a head of department voted by us.

    I spent most of Saturday sitting at my desk in my room making 3d designs for the moon part of the base. After several hours, we designed some of the individual modules for Europa’s surface and I made a preliminary design for the space base. I went to sleep at around 12pm after a hard day of work, only to wake up at 8am again to keep working. The second day, I helped my team with the costs of the materials we needed and diverse surface areas. We completed the presentation and turned it in with minutes left for the deadline. 

    Our presentation was very good, but in the end Kepler Automation was crowned the winner and some of its members would be invited to the Kennedy Space Center (good luck Álvaro Cameo, I hope you are chosen and thanks for telling me about this marvelous competition). 

    This weekend was probably the best weekend of this year so far, I met lots of wonderful new people and learnt things about subjects I love. If any other SDC’s take place this year, I hope to participate again!

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  • thriveforb0nez
    01.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    (lil blog, catch up, rant, whatever)

    The funny thing is- I had a small binge already 😩 I KNOW I KNOW I JUST SAID MAY WOULD BE MY MONTH TOO HAHA OML

    I really don’t feel too bad for doing it, even though it was like 1000cal. I didn’t binge as bad as the past weekends and I stopped myself because I knew I wasn’t hungry, it was an emotional thing. I’m glad I counted the calories for this binge, it makes me stop faster and realize that I’m literally eating a full day of food in one meal. I wish I woke up later in the day so that I could skip breakfast to prevent weekend binges, or at least have someone else be awake. I usually wake up early and everyone else wakes up a few hours later. I have no self control when I’m alone, but if I know someone’s up I’ll get embarrassed and feel guilty. It’s mostly my guardian who always asks something like “You actually ate all of that? I can’t believe you” or something like that. That’s my motivation and meanspo I guess, at least I don’t have to look it up.

    I have a plan to exercise at least 500cal off by doing a post binge workout playlist off of youtube and do 1hr of running in place. I’ll probably start around 11AM - 12PM so that I avoid lunch and not get hungry Usually I’d go for a walk, but it was pouring all of yesterday and a little this morning and I really don’t want to be splashed by speeding cars or have my shoes be caked in mud. I need more silent workouts to do that burn a decent amount of calories. Since I am 5’1 and like 96lbs (43.5kg) it takes more time for me to burn calories. I lose motivation and attention to do it for a long time though. If someone around those measurements has any workouts or playlists I’d be glad to try it out- I’d appreciate it.

    I hope I can skip lunch, if I don’t I’ll just have fruits and vegetables so that it’s hopefully light on my stomach. As usual, I have no idea what we’re eating for dinner so that makes it worse. If I skip snack and have a moderate restriction tomorrow, I should go back down to what I was on Friday (It was about 95.2 lbs / 43.1 kg when I weighed myself before going to bed). I haven’t weighed myself yet, I’m going to wait until I finish my workout and take a shower. I’m doing that so I give myself a chance, also because I’m taking a cold shower as “Punishment” for the binge.

    I’m about to do a post workout stretch thing. I used to be obsessed with trying to do small gymnastic moves- I stopped doing it but it was still fun nonetheless. I wasn’t in gymnastics it was just something I wanted to show off (mostly the splits lol). I think I’m going to do 30min of that and then do some yoga that will hopefully help digestion. Speaking of digestion, I drank like a shot of ACV and then took two of my dad’s vitamins- I read that it helped the immune system and boosted digestion so..

    Sorry that these aren’t organized, I just type what’s on my mind. I’ll do a weigh in after I do all of my exercises and take a shower. Hope you have a better start to May than me lmao.

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  • neworkimprov
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    BUSY WEEKEND AHEAD Live from Times Square NYC Discount Tickets

    BUSY WEEKEND AHEAD Live from Times Square NYC Discount Tickets

    THIS WEEKEND / MAY LINE UPS Weekly Shows LIVE from Times Square Saturdays 3pmSundays 6pmCLICK HERE for 1/2 price tickets Register on Eventbrite Also Mondays 8pm ON THE SPOT WEEKLY MAY CLASSES Saturdays 10am Central Park Comedy Kids & TeensSaturdays 10am Comedy 4 Teens at the ClubSaturdays 12pm Improv Comedy (Adults 16+ Welcome) at the clubSaturdays 12pm ONLINE Long Form Improv with Samuel …

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  • irondad-creator-awards
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Upcoming Wins

    Hello all

    It’s been a very quiet week on Tumblr for me which was a bit strange after so much activity. I’m expecting things to pick up over the weekend with Winner Announcements.

    The Announcements will be here on Tumblr starting at 12pm PT - WiFi permitting. As mentioned before, Runnners-Up will also be announced, which means there will be a really wide spread of winners across the nominations. 

    Also, tomorrow is the last chance to enter the raffle to win one of the Polariods pictured below created by @krystalpomme. If you’re an Irondad Creators Awards nominee, you can enter by getting in touch with me before Midnight tomorrow PT to be entered. You need to be willing to share your mailing address as this is a physical prize.

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  • hathousehappenings
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    It’s clutch time, folks!! We have less than 24 hours before season 1 hits Disney+! 😱

    For the uninitiated, D+ adds their new shows at midnight on Thursday PST. Which means tonight at midnight/3am Eastern Time the show will go live. And then the party begins!

    Also, quick shop plug! I will be going live tomorrow at 12pm PST. So if you’re interested, stop by and buy a something (no pressure, of course). Let me know what you think of my offerings (constructive criticism is really appreciated) and what you’d like to see more of. My shop will be on Etsy for now and you can find that here: MangyKitten Arts.

    Just a word of warning, I am selling a couple non-AiW items as well. And those items are a tad nsfw due to nudity. Just a heads up. 👍

    I’m looking forward to what’s to come over the weekend! Enjoy the show!

    #shop update#aiw#aiw1992 #adventures in wonderland #gif#Disney+
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