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  • trashbinwonderland
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I made a horrible mistake

    #week ago i bought holy basil seasoning paste and tbh the package said its 25% chili #anyway i put the whole package into a package of ground beef like the instructions said #today i took a bite #i took 3d6 spice damage #this is what happens when white people (me) get adventerous
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  • woohoonooboo
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #u know what? these r good i don't need a caption #but also if u click on the first  one u can see the whole picture #i didn't crop  them properly but then i loved how it looked so i kept it HHCJDSGFCSD #my ocs: candy cane #my ocs#my edits#ts4 #the good stuff #the sims 4 #sims 4#s4#sim spice#LGBTQ sims#lgbtq oc#ts4 edit#s4 edit #sims 4 edit #the sims 4 edit #furry#furry oc#maxis mix#simblr#ts4 simblr#s4 simblr #sims 4 simblr #the sims 4 simblr #nudity
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  • bongvelyz
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    #and BOY DID THEY DELIVER THE JAEHYUN SPICE #I am not the clown #I’m the whole damn circus #notepad
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  • uniquebajar
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • krystal-prisms
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    The entire show of Once Upon A Time is just overwhelmingly White and Straight

    #my bs #once upon a time #ouat #captain hook is hot though ill give them that #but would it kill them to add a little spice to the story #some flavor perhaps #the whole thing is like british cooking #edible but bland as hell
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  • luasworkshop
    19.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Ok... so, sometimes you get the brainrot and the only way to get rid of it is just to... draw it and live with your choices.

    Tender (but absurd) objectification below the cut. Lua picks up a new hobby and Julian enjoys being 'used.' This is somehow, entirely Turel's doing. It's not very sexy, it's really just a segment of character interaction and then a funny image I couldn't get out of my head.

    You could, if you traced everything back, ascribe this to being Turel’s idea. Of course, he was never so direct – always one to simply hand off a little thing or suggest a little scenario and let your own imagination fill it in and get you into some sort of strange place. But he had been about the palace gardens a fair bit of late, quietly interacting with various people as it suited him to do so – oh just a suggestion about a particularly hearty native plant here, perhaps a gift of a strange seed there, maybe a bit more of an intimate suggestion here or there beyond the garden and it’s many plantings.

    You could never figure out why though. Turel’s sense of humor runs so deep it can be as odd as things evolved to live in no light under the greatest pressures of the ocean.


    Despite his continual flirting and open nature, it had actually taken Julian a moment to parse what Turel had handed him. Quite a lovely thing in deep red glass with a faint iridescent shimmer of gold and purple. It’s purpose was quite clear with a thought, but by the time Julian had parsed it Turel was already walking away.

    “Er… uh… thank y-... Oh… thank you!” Julian managed, before Turel was out of earshot, he could see the quirk of a grin at the corners of Turel’s mouth as he winked at him over his shoulder, waving a little parting goodbye for now.

    Julian rolled the thing over in his gloved hands, admiring it’s color, noticing that it had an interesting, hollow shape, almost like a vase, before tucking it in a pocket and heading back up to the palace from his morning constitutional in the gardens.


    Lua had been wandering through some of the spring blooms, looking a bit morose from a project just not seeming to go their way at any point. They had been working with Nadia on something in her workshop and just one thing after another kept falling apart, failing to work, or just not seeming to go to plan. They had been so absorbed in the freesias they didn’t hear his soft approach (and, to be fair, one would have to be listening closely).

    Turel knew better than to touch them for attention, not wanting to startle them too badly “Lua?”

    It did anyway, of course, but they at least didn’t flinch with the benefit of the verbal cue “Ah! Oh… Turel. Hi.”

    His gestures are small, but Lua has known him long enough to understand the open gesture, palm up, arm away from him, is inviting them in for a hug, which they accept by pressing themselves against him, nestling in under his pecs a bit. He hugs them tightly in return.

    “Frustrated?” The word is a very gentle rumble from his lips.

    They nod against him, and he smooths a hand down their back. He can feel an immediate release of tension through their whole body.

    Turel holds them for a while, letting them chew through their own thoughts, until they sigh and he lets them step away.

    “It’s just not WORKING. Nothing’s working. I’m so frustrated my hands keep shaking and I can’t even hold a screwdriver right.”

    Turel nods thoughtfully.

    “Taking a break?” He signs.

    “Yeah… ‘s not really working though… I can’t take my mind off of stuff.” They sigh resignedly, rubbing their thumb across their knuckles.

    “Try something else.” He offers softly, letting them working through their own thoughts. They nod, solemnly.

    “I don’t know what though, everything I think of is… well it’s too much of what I do… you know?”

    Turel nods and they watch him as he thinks a moment. “Ikebana?”

    “Ike...bana… oh! Oh, the floral arrangement. Hm… I guess… I don’t know. I guess it’s the right time of year… for some color… and all… hm.” They fuss a bit at their collar, looking over the blooms in the garden. Turel is never in a hurry for a response, and lets them mull things over a bit “I… I think that’s a good idea. Thank you, Turel.” They look over the flowers, and Turel quietly makes his leave after a gentle touch to their shoulder, reciprocated with a delicate brush of their fingers, lost back in their own thought, but looking with a renewed eye over the colors of spring and something new to mentally chew on.


    Turel went about his business, a bit of a twinkle of mischief around the edges, seeds planted for the day.


    Lua and Julian had run into each other in the great hall, Lua with a fairly careful assortment of fresh flowers in a pitcher of water, and some other tools in hand, Julian vaguely distracted by the weight in his pocket. They greet each other with warm familiarity, and discuss some of each of their current projects. Lua explains the flowers, but expresses some concern of being unsure what sort of vessel to put them in – it should be aesthetic, but suit the theme… once they figure out the theme... but they’ve not figured anything yet.

    “OH! You could use ME!” Julian says, emphatically, hands around Lua’s.


    As his brain catches up to his mouth, he goes a bit pink “Oh… I… I mean I have uh… you could…” And he produces the item in his pocket. Lua is a bit skeptical at first, but after a bit of thought.

    “Well I… suppose it would work, I don’t need to hold a LOT of flowers, it’s more about what you exclude than what you include… You’ll have to be very still.” They’re lost in the thought of technicality over anything else, this new project now fully on their mind.

    He nods, excitedly, “Yes! Yes exactly! Use me Lua!”

    They’re not much one to give in to all but the hints of the ways in which he likes to be controlled (that is much more suited to Aleis and Nadia) – Lua can’t be cruel in their words, and is hesitant with physical force, but they have been known to enjoy some of the more theatrical side of things – when they can feel assured it’s light and playful.

    “Oh Julian…” Lua says fondly, although a bit reproachfully, kissing his cheek.

    “Oh I mean… no that’s what I meant.” He shrugs affably. “Meet you in my quarters?”

    “I suppose so… I suppose so.” Lua says with mirth around the edges, going to put away their gardening tools before meeting him upstairs.

    “Wait… Julian?”



    He shrugs, “Seems like fun, yeah?”

    “Oh… I suppose. Is it odd?”

    “Lua. What about us ISN’T odd?”

    They nod, hesitantly.

    “Please don’t overthink it, Love, you just focus on your flower arranging.”

    They nod with more confidence, and head off to get things put away and cleaned up.

    Stuff happens... eventually we get here:

    (I've had this in the 'wips' folder for months and I need it OUT... and ya'll can have flower vase Julian, please be assured he's having a nice time.)

    #Spice #I'm sorry I couldn't think of a funnier way to present this #I know it needs some build up but I lost my train of thought because I was laughing #IF you feel like this should be a whole thing tell me because I CAN finish it #But my mental energy is not up to it today #Julian#Nadia#Lua
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  • wingeddragonofaaaa
    18.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Your f/o has had a long day and so you decide to prepare dinner for them. What is it that you are making? Is it something you both will enjoy, or are you making seperate meals so you'll each have something you like?

    #self ship#f/o#fictional other#f/o imagines #i know if this was yami marik i would be cooking some hawwaoshi #and then he'd proceed to shame me as a cooked myself a seperate dish with nowhere near the amount of spice lol #fumus would just want some black coffee and be done with it #satanick would probably enjoy a variety of things but also cause a whole mess of problems for me in the kitchen just to see me distressed #strahd drinks blood but he would be respectable and accept whatever dinner i cooked for him #probably a rabbit i found in the svalich woods and make coney stew #and erik #erik will take anything that man hasn't had a meal actually Cooked For Him in a long time #he's tired of having to cook for himself
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  • putmeout2
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    "but aren't you deathly allergic to mangos?" yes

    #shoutout to mango & anaphylaxis for spicing up an otherwise normal day eating lunch #it was the most intense thing ever i felt like i was being exorcized when the reaction was happening. a demon entered me through a fruit #but you know what- mangos taste so good they're worth the whole almost dying thing. give me two epipens & an ambulance im good to go
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  • seekingthestars
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    guess who now gets to make at least 2 more batches of homemade chex mix bc her mom got much bigger bags than necessary for the rehearsal dinner favors and the 3 batches of chex mix she made yesterday didn't fill all of them up? when each batch takes over an hour to make? and the first batch just went in the oven at 8:30pm?

    #personal #IT'S FREAKING ME #screams into the night #my mom was like 'i'll make it tomorrow i'll make more if we need it' #but like #she doesn't know HOW #she can follow the recipe but i'm the one who always makes it bc i get it closest to how my grandma made it #and if she made it then she'd just stop me during work tomorrow to ask about the spices and stuff #which isn't helpful for me either #so HERE WE ARE #and you have to stir it every 15 minutes so you can't really do anything while it cooks bleh #this on top of the absolute disaster of a shipping problem for something i ordered that i had to deal with today have just. #made me SO FRUSTRATED #(short version of that story: splurged and ordered bt21 x creme shop collab stuff from ulta for my birthday) #(specifically ordered online to get the free gift with purchase bc they didn't have it in my store) #(it shipped via lasership and sat in their facility for a solid week with no updates before they claimed they 'couldn't find it' today) #(they freAKING STOLE MY PACKAGE) #(so i had to deal with trying to get ulta to resend it - which they are - but the free gift/eye patches i got when i ordered online?) #(the entire reason i ordered online in the first place?) #(they're SOLD OUT NOW. SO I SHOULD HAVE JUST BOUGHT IT IN STORE AND AVOIDED THE WHOLE MESS AT THIS POINT) #anyway it's been a frustrating day #and this sounds whiny i guess idk but i really wanted to do my dancey workout tonight to help me feel better from all the mess 😭 #but i won't have time now 😭 unless i do it at like 11pm 🙃 #on a plus side though!!! #one of the photocards i bought myself the other night came in the mail!!!! #and my little woozi is PERFECTIONNNNN #i find this card devastatingly cute omfg he was worth it he was worth every penny #i may be so grumpy but y'all i smile every single time i see this card it was a GOOD PURCHASE #anyway if you see me spamming svt posts it means i'm waiting for my dang chex mix to cook fjewiaofwae
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  • curechocolattymilk
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #SPECIFICALLY COOKING - TEI MISSES THE HAMMERFELL CUISINE SO MUCH YOU DONT EVEN *KNOW* #a good chunk of their savings from their time at Windhelm's docks/bounties done in the first couple of years leading up to 201 -- #-- went towards getting certain cheeses. meats or spices sent over to use for cooking #especially after obtaining their first home at Lakeview (which they got before the whole thing @ Helgen funfact! They were savin 4 a while #bcus they wanted out of windhelm lol) #on the few occassions Tei does cook it's always dishes from their hometown or a blend of nordic/yokudic cuisine #when traveling with team dragonborn they actually make the effort to edit someones dish to their liking/dietary needs #(i.e. they learned some neat green pact - friendly seasoning tricks from Auri & they will have less spicy dishes prepared for members who- #-can't take the heat all too well...which would be Rumarin & Inigo in my hcs lol) #oof i ended up rambling more than I wanted to oops
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  • deadrosessociety
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sometimes I just drizzle shower gel all over my body while showering just to feel like a snack

    #salad dressing #I'm a healthy snack #self care #actually no I'm a whole damn meal with seasoning and quality spices
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  • vastberaden-descendant
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    maybe it's even more poetic in a way. more tragic even. to break your family curses, to live in love, to raise children, grandchildren without all that fear of the Things Beyond Your Control, only for your grandchild to be pulled back to the start again, for the lake to finally take its claim. yet he does not respond with despair like you did. yet he tries to make everyone live. yet he tries to fix the past you've killed long ago. and you raised him that way.

    #perhaps it is the vastberaden blood the lake hungered for this whole time. i make no solid claims #i've already concluded too much about canon & added my own spices. i feel bad #ignore for this poemy thing that bern dies when dales 2 so she didnt really raise him
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  • wilbursoot-brainrot
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #HRKSHDHDJD #im naming u ketchup anon just incase u send another ask HAJAJAJ #imagine not being able to handle ketchup 😭😭 i ate whole bottles of those liquid spices as a kid #hollow talks#asks #oof there arent any ketchup emojis. ill just put a tomato #🍅 anon
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  • matchasmall
    07.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    made a bangingg dinner: cherry tomatoes, zucchini and beans mixed with tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, herbs (oregano, rosemary) and spices (salt, pepper, garlic, umami spice blend) and into oven for 45mins at 190 celsius. Idk what it is that makes it so good (no, it’s 100% the balsamic vinegar). It’s acidic & sweet and just idk cozy. (The beans didn’t rly add anything bc they don’t rly soak up any flavor but I needed more protein for today)

    #plus do I ever have a meal without beans; no #but like balsamic vinegar where have u been all my life and why haven’t I used it #also umami spice blend thing; been meaning to buy it for ages and today was the day #bc idk why but craving whole bunch of everything umami today idk it’s the superior flavor #mypost
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  • anxietyvarietyhour
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I,, hate eating in public 🙃

    #i eat 3x as slow in public :| #it's a whole anxiety thing ehhh #unrelated note but i have to give up my POC card bc I dont like spicey stuff #but i do like Spices. there's an important difference #mia posts a thing #oh man i hate wasting food..ill bring the rest home with me but i dont have Tupperware... #ill get another plate and put it over
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  • crazy-purple-kitten
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Bench trio try to have fireworks. They fail miserably. Words: 421 Warnings: descriptions of sensory overload and mental breakdowns (the order is tommy, tubbo, then ranboo if you couldn’t tell :])

    He tried to ignore how the fireworks set him on edge, made him jump and freeze up. He tried to ignore how the sparks came so close (logically they weren't that close). He tried to ignore the bangs that were so loud they shook the ground and pierced his ears. He tried to ignore how the bangs went through him, how each one filled up his ears and made him weary of the next.

    He tried to ignore how his voice shook when he asked if he could go in, how his hands wrung at his shirt. He tried to ignore how he walked a little bit too fast to be polite. He tried to ignore the front door, closer to him and a faster escape, when the back door was unlocked and he wanted to be in the back of the house anyway.

    He tried to ignore the slight, imperceptible shaking in his body. No, it wasn't shaking, that was the other times. It was just… an evenly spread feeling of weakness. It came from an adrenaline crash, he knew that. He tried to ignore that he knew that. He tried to ignore how he knew that. He tried to ignore all sorts of unpleasant memories and nasty thoughts making their way back to him.

    He tried to ignore how the fireworks reminded him of something else. Those times were in the past. He tried to ignore how his ears picked up more sound than he could handle. He tried to ignore the shame of leaving his husband all alone. He tried to ignore how he saw Tommy walk away as he walked to the door. (He knew it was because he wanted to be alone, because of some mental stuff. That made it worse.) He tried to ignore how he sunk into the couch and didn't want to move once he sat.

    He tried to ignore everyone slowly leaving him. He knew this was a bad idea from the start. He knew they wouldn't like them. Okay, they probably appreciated the effort. Or didn't mind the gesture. But fireworks? What was he thinking?

    This whole thing would end up a disaster, and it was all his fault. He was to blame. Fireworks were nice, but even he had to admit that to many were repetitive and bland.

    Maybe next time he could just get sparklers, poppers, and the parachutes with the little army men. They would probably appreciate the little army men.

    Why hadn't he thought of this earlier?

    #dream smp #dream smp fanfic #c!tommyinnit #c!tubbo #c!ranboo #mywriting #hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^ haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :]]]] #i wrote a thing! (and dont tell anyone but im working on another bigger thing) #i am only capable of angst :) #also this is definitely totally not a whole bunch of me projecting (and a little bit of spice thrown in) #this was originally just tommy but. it spiraled #pinned post
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  • tootyfrootycasbooty
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    well i did it on twitter already so…classics spice reveal

    #i got so drunk after work i’m steaming i’m a mess i have work again tomorrow #thank god brydie is off tomorrow bc i literally picked her up off the ground ouhtside the entrance to our workplace twenty mins ago #good things#ldn lyf#classics spice#vp #more than anything i’m proud of how beautiful this whole roll came out
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  • bisexualcharliekelly
    03.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Why is Titans so dark not like the plot I mean like the literal show I hate the color palette 

    #i mean it is dark with the whole 'fuck batman' bullshit too but yeah #kory is the most colorful part of the show #i have hopes for beast boy since he's green spice things up in the color palette #titans
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  • calamarispiderart
    01.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    its sad, its a tragedy, its the loneliness of being

    #death note #l death note #l lawliet#art#my art #just thinking like. being L would be so lonely #imagine living your whole life knowing therell never be someone one quite the same level in a way that could span forever #and the one person you find is going to kill you or die no matter what #an entire life structured around constant work with no break because a break is just more work because these cases are your LIFE and without #them youre bored and youre nothing and sure thats a bit dramatic but since arent you? but you take yourself so seriously whats dramatics #whats truth.and noone else can tell how genuine you are in your strangeness and noone can help fill that empty space of lonely lonely loney #so you fill that space with sugar and spice and thinking thinking thinking so much it stops being anything at all and your life is on #the line and you know youd die alone if it werent for the one who killed you and even still. even still. #HGDBH ok this is a mess of words and im definitely reading between some lines but just. imagine
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