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    #maccus #count v dracula #okay but these two hunting and cooking would be disturbing but wholesome #tartare being some unlucky bastard
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    I present to you; the best picture of my kitty. via /r/aww https://ift.tt/3G2peWt

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    Sandalwood ponies walking along a beach on Sumba Island in Indonesia via /r/Eyebleach https://ift.tt/3IIvFzL

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    Kitten petting smaller kitten. via /r/Eyebleach https://ift.tt/3o4wJ9k

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    #bastard 4 bastard relationship it goes both ways #getting avalon to bed before 2am is like trying to catch a fish with a spaghetti strainer #it's possible but you're gonna have a hell of a time #wholesome content for this good time we're having #hope you like self insert fluff nonsense because that's what's going on this blog and i am fighting myself to post it because y'know #the mortifying ordeal of being seen #because i'm avalon in the real and i'm not used to putting myself out there but the people who like this game and frequent this tag #y'all art pretty cool :) #smile for me
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    We may have never met in real life, but you are still my friend

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    Interact with this if you see this

    Tell me anything

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    I find this quite wholesome

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    "C'mon guys, pose for the camera!" via /r/Eyebleach https://ift.tt/3H79Idn

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    This Little Kitty Has my Eyes Refreshed via /r/Eyebleach https://ift.tt/3fZuyiO

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    My best friend once gave me a butterfly shaped pendant on a necklace for no actual reason and it shocked me so much I wore the necklace everywhere and all the time until the metal was a bit red from rust and the pendant faded colour but even now when the necklace and the pendant are stored in a small tin for mints somewhere in my closet because it broke, I always think of her whenever I see any butterfly or anything butterfly shaped or even anything blue and the fact that such a small gesture has stuck with me for so long and how much you can effect someone with something as simple as that really amazes me.

    #wholesome#text post #she deserves the whole world #i love her #so much
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    。・:*゜★゜☆Connexion Puissante

    Summary: Perhaps it was luck, or maybe it was a red string of fate that connected all of you; whatever it may be, perhaps God, whoever may be out there, smiled upon all five of you, and chose that maybe, five broken souls shall be healed with a simple connection of love.

    Pairings: Poly!Crew heads x Fem!Reader- Samuel Seo x Reader, Johan Seong x Reader, Eli Jang x Reader, Jake Kim x Reader, Multi x Reader

    Warnings/Themes: major fluff, some slight hurt/comfort, polyamory, Multi ships, stong Dom/Sub, Hair playing/pulling, neck stuff and hand fetishes (lowkey), nsfw, soft male doms/ soft female sub, past trauma and healing, mentioned anxiety, slightly ooc (I mention Eli being in school, everyone in here is an adult, Eli is just in Uni)

    Masterlist - Written in headcanon format

    ✿ To start things off, you were Samuel's first, everything that followed was merely... accidental. Welcomed, but still not something done on purpose, per say. What had drawn him to you had been similar to what brought them all back, and in part, you also believed this to be fate written by a higher power- what happened was meant to happen.

    ✿ Nature was a strange thing, you grew up believing that for one to connect their inner-self to the universe, they must first appreciate the nature around them. This held true, a belief you carried throughout your young life, it was what brought you to your current career as a florist. You adored your job, surrounded by colorful bulbs and sweet, fresh scents; the joy of your surroundings brought out your inner beauty- to all others viewing from the outside, you glowed.

    ✿ This was how you first met Samuel, when he came in with simple intentions of buying a bouquet for a leaving employee, only to spend the next three hours charmed by the little lady running the pretty flower store. You spoke to him with shining eyes and a chirpy voice, the very nature of you reminding him of a hummingbird.

    ✿ From that day, he made himself a quick fixture around your store, eventually leading to him finally asking you to be his officially. His love for you grew as he learned of your passions and drive, being strongly business-orientated himself, he connected with you on your journey of running your own store. You were clever, able to keep up with him while still keeping your humble roots, and though he wanted to spoil you with gifts, it did warm him when you would shyly decline his presents.

    ✿ It seemed that the both of you were more similar than what was first thought, your shared love language was physical affection. If you had not been inseparable before, that was now the case.

    ✿ Samuel had always needed someone to make him feel needed, it grounded him and gave him a sense of security that there was someone who needed him to be there. You were the one who did that for him, and him the same to you; it was within your nature to be cared for, the two of you fit like hand in glove.

    ✿ Your first encounter with your next love happened up to a year into your relationship with Samuel- a blissful year, the longest relationship that Samuel had been in, and there was no way that was going to end. Your boyfriend had called before his lunch break to let you know that he would be introducing you to a long-time colleague of his, so you did the best you could to make both yourself and the store more presentable, wanting to set a good impression of this person.

    ✿ Your Samuel was picky with the people that he spent his time with, along with anyone he allowed into his heart. This person must be someone special, for them to have been around this long when you knew how hard that could be for some. Samuel was an acquired taste, and though you hit it off easily with him, the same unfortunately could not be said about others.

    ✿ You made sure your hair was styled perfectly, and you cleaned the store down thoroughly; in the middle of wiping down the counter, you hear the jingle of the door opening, followed by Samuel's deep voice reverberating around the small entryway, "Baby! We're here." You turn to face the two people, and find a tall man, as tall as your Samuel, standing in a white button-up and black dress pants.

    He has something very casually formal to him, a leader disguised in normal clothing, he had a charismatic presence that drew others to him. His looks were also deceiving, and as charming as he appeared, he also was very intimidating at first glance; if you had seen him on the street passing by, you would quicken your pace to try and get further away. But, talking with him had been lovely, he was bright in every way, an easy-going, but had an alluring way of speaking that drew you to him- Samuel also didn’t mind how you two hit it off so easily, watching your fiery conversation with soft eyes.

    ✿ Jake, much like Samuel, had made himself a regular in your life from that point on, dropping in to say hello, smell flowers or admire your arrangements, or see if Samuel got any uglier since the last time he visited; he would pull any excuse to come see you. This led to a conversation, one of many, really, about plants. You told him that flowers were symbolic of many different things, depending on their culture, such as how in Islamic culture, the red rose is well-accepted, while the opposite is said in Hinduism- much like Samuel, Jake also loved your passion, and he found learning these little facts such a joy in his hectic life.

    ✿You had gifted him some plants, to help make his office seem a little more vibrant, a woman's touch was really necessary when he had a penchant for grey tones. You one time asked him if he spoke to, or named those plants, and when he laughed at you lightly over this, you huffed, telling him of the many lessons you spent with your father- he told you that for the most beautiful garden to grow, the gardener must treat her creation as if they are her children.

    ✿ It was on a warm summer evening, where you smiled at him your beautiful, half-moon eyes and in a giggling sweet voice, "Of course plants need names, Jakey, they feel just like people do." Your genuine love for your flowers, the way you smiled at him in that endearing way made his heart thud a rhythm completely new to him. From that point, if he wasn't already a regular, he became an attachment to your little store.

    ✿ The second meeting was a month after you met Jake. Samuel had dropped you off at your store, kissing you goodbye and fussing over you before you had to bat him away. The day had gone as it normally would when a young man walked in. He was the kind of handsome that made you almost scared to look at, as soon as you made eye contact with him heat flooded your face and you stammered through your greeting. He had laughed a little at you, not to mock you, but from his point of view, you were adorable. You tried treating him as a normal customer, guiding him around various bulbs and explaining their meanings.

    ✿ When you stopped mid ramble to look up at him, your breath stopped a moment. His eyes were heavy-lidded, a slightly distracted look that made him seem,... sad? Perhaps you had a strong intuition, but something in your gut told you to give him this flower arrangement. Assigning flowers to people had always been a gift of yours, it's one of the reasons why your store was a local hot spot.

    ✿His eyes widened when you gently handed him a bouquet of Asclepias Milkweed and red roses, rather than the sunflowers he asked for, when he questioned you as to why you flashed him a knowing look. "For remembrance and love, I don't know what has happened, but I think these flowers would fit your occasion better."

    His mouth opened and closed, seemingly flushed, before dipping his head and paying you well, telling you to keep the change before heading out. That wasn't the last you saw of him, on his second visit less than two days following the first, he told you his name: Eli Jang. Eli had been helping you clean up some vases when he told you that the flowers you picked for him shocked him, especially their particular meaning, because they were a gift to someone dear but unfortunately passed. You didn't push him for details, telling him that it was simply your job.

    ✿ Eli found your ability a little strange, but fascinating, the two of you had taken to people watching together, where he would then ask you what flower a stranger made you think of. He loved the way your small face would light up as a thought clicked in your brain, he tried to ignore the shocking pleasure that shoots up his arm when you grab hold of it in excitement- reminding himself that you already belonged to another. His guilt grew when he realized how much that knowledge bothered him; you were just a friend, after all, but that didn't stop the budding feelings in his gut when you looked up at him with peony cheeks and glittering eyes.

    ✿ You later found out among his many visits that Eli was a hairdresser, when the store was quiet he would take some flowers you could not sell and carefully arrange them in your hair, murmuring about his day while the gentle tug at your scalp relaxed you into a little puddle.

    ✿ Your last meeting, where a man no older than yourself, pretty with fluffy brown hair and the most lonesome eyes you had seen walked past your store, lingering enough for you to just notice. It was a late night, you were closing up when you saw him looking in. It was cold outside, and he only had a flimsy white shirt on and some sweatpants- it may not have been a good idea, but you pitied him. He had looked surprised at your welcoming of him, slowly sitting on one of the benches while you drape a blanket of yours over his shoulders. You didn't have anything to offer other than a can of coffee milk, he took this gladly though shooting you a guilty look.

    "Are... Are you alright?" You begin softly, the very nature of this boy reminding you of a wounded dog, skittish and weary, ready to bolt should you move too suddenly. He hadn't been alright, anyone could see that in the faint tremble of his lower lip, but he did not answer with words, only shaking his head while focusing on the floor.

    ✿ Johan had always been a prideful person, not one to show his emotions, let alone to a girl like you, but life had been too much, and though he felt guilty for stalling your store closure, the warmth of your little space made him feel so comforted. Lost in his thoughts, Johan failed to notice you shuffling around him. He jumped when he felt a stick-like object slide through the side of his head, looking over he saw you placing a small Centaurea Cornflower among his unruly hair.

    You flash him a sweet smile, "This flower stands for hope; keep your chin up, I may not know who you are, but you have something about you that makes me think everything will be alright." You giggle, your pretty eyes shutting and creasing in the cutest way, Johan himself can't help but smile too.

    ✿ Johan liked you, a lot, more than he would like to currently admit, though he takes longer than the others to make a second visit when he returns you can't help but feel delighted- he brings you a bouquet of wildflowers he picked you himself, a blush on his handsome face as he shyly hands them to you.

    ✿ Small actions, such as fiddling with the zipper of Johan's hoodie, before tutting and zipping it up, or gently brushing Eli's hair from his eye as he hunched over schoolwork. When you would draw little hearts on Jake's papers, because "Of course you need them, hearts make everything cute!" Your home was attached to your store, so they had all been making themselves comfortable there, especially Johan, who had nowhere else to go. You gladly accepted them, as if they were wilting flowers that need a kind touch to bring them back to life- all three of them were like Samuel, hurt and jaded in various ways, but they found comfort in a kindred soul like you.

    ✿ Love is found from the little things, and while Samuel had already fallen for you, hard, the other three had yet to come to terms with their feelings. They could feel a pull as if gravity pushed them closer to you, but they had yet to pinpoint what that little connecting thread would entail.

    ✿ While they knew they all cared for you, they could see it in themselves and in each other, what had really begun to seal everything in was the... neck thing, if you would like to call it that. You loved to have your neck touched, gently caressed and grabbed, something Samuel would abuse any chance he got, often guiding you around with his big hand firmly clamped on your most favoured area. "Please don't, Sammy, you're gonna make me melt." But Samuel would just laugh, immune to your whines and addicted to your adorable reactions,

    ✿ You were both creatures of habit, you loved to be held and moved, and Samuel needed to touch and toy, anything to keep his hands busy to distract his hectic mind. On top of holding your neck, he would often play with your hair, another sensitive spot for you. Whenever you would have troubles sleeping, Samuel would rake his fingers through your hair, his calloused fingers and blunt nails sending shivers down your spine as he lulls you to sleep with rhythmic strokes.

    It wasn't even so much sex that the both of you craved, but more simply skin to skin- something sensual bordering on what could be deemed improper, but between you two, that line was easy to balance.

    ✿ This was something that the others were obsessed with. Johan loved to watch in the morning when you would pepper Samuel's face with little kisses, your sweet laughter even making a man as cold as he laugh. Eli had pictures on his phone of you and Samuel cuddling together on the couch, bundled together as if puppies and not two adults. Jake had even copied one of Samuel's habits when greeting you, leaning his body weight playfully on your small form just to make you struggle and whine, but of course not enough to hurt you.

    ✿The other three had found out about your little soft spot, and to say they were obsessed would not be an over-exaggeration. Eli had taken to joining your evening walks with Samuel, the other man not even minding that he would cling to your other side, watching from the corner of his eye. His focus would never seem to leave the placement of Samuels big hand around the base of your neck, applying mild pressure to help move you along. for a second, you almost thought for a second his hand twitched to do the same when you and him had been walking to grab lunch one day.

    ✿Johan had been less self-controlled than Eli, claiming that a wayward hose that slipped from your hands was a perfect reason to pull you safely behind him where he could then deal with the threat; and, of course, the only way to get you to that safety was squeezing the back of your neck and pushing you behind him with curious slowness.

    ✿Jake had been the least obvious, But you could still feel his desire when he touched your shoulder to grab your attention, fingers grazing a little too close to where it felt best.

    ✿It had not only been the thing with your neck, the more time all five of you spent together, the more they pushed their limits with you. One night you had come tumbling out of the shower, your hair mess. Jake had offered to tidy your hair for you, you almost fell asleep with your head on his knee while you both watched Eli and Johan play a video game.

    ✿ Jake even went as far as asking you if he could carry you to bed, but Samuel intervened. Your man had always loved how you folded in his arms, small and soft, making him feel strong and capable. You both balanced each other out, and he could tell the others wanted the same when they watched you go.

    ✿ To add, there was clear sexual tension that called for some notice as well.

    ✿ One evening, when you were having dinner with Jake, Eli, and Samuel, Eli dotes on you in a way that always makes him blush, he always was rather fathering and he showed that in how protective he was of you.

    ✿ You had sauce on your lower lip, and rather than telling you, Eli rubs his thumb where the red liquid was, slipping it into your mouth and watching with hitched breath as you begin to suck, imagining you sucking on something else in its place.

    ✿ The room is tense with something that makes your insides heat up, more than pleased with all the attention you are receiving.

    ✿ Jake watches with dark eyes, shifting in his seat as he looks at you suck on Eli's thumb, looking directly at him with a look of hazy submission, Samuel's hand holding your neck.

    ✿ Samuel watches with a smirk as you let go of Eli, "Sorry," You murmur, obviously not in the slightest bit genuine.

    ✿ This prompts a discussion, one long need between you and Samuel, of what the current state of your relationship was in.

    ✿ While you were both secure after months of settling together, you still felt unsure of how Samuel felt about the additions to your little family. when you did bring it up to him, he shrugged with a fond smile down at you, uttering that this was all rather pleasant, much to your own surprise.

    ✿ These months had been blissful, the five of you getting closer, even Samuel was starting to soften up. One night, you had woken up in a cold sweat, whatever you had been dreaming of had been ghastly, and in an attempt to soothe yourself, you went to the kitchen to get some water. It was not uncommon for one of the boys, other than Samuel, to come and stay over, so you were not shocked by the appearance of Johan sitting inside of your kitchen.

    ✿ But what had shocked you was the faint sniffling emitting from his shivering form, how his head was bowed in the cold, dark kitchen, your heart immediately started to ache with concern.

    ✿ "Johan?" You murmured meekly, and his head shot up from where it had been cradled in his hands. "Y/n! Sorry I didn't mean to wake you, you weren't meant to see me like this." He quickly wipes his face in an attempt to compose himself, but you knew him better than that.

    ✿ you walk over to him and carefully brush the hair from his face, "Do you wanna talk about it?"

    ✿ Johan looks up at you for a moment, before hiding his face in your belly releasing a shuddering breath.

    "I just... everything is so goddamn overwhelming," you can feel his breath quicken, the beginnings of a panic attack that you desperately attempt to soothe with hushed words of comfort, "I miss the way life was before when I could stand before my mother without shame, that I can see my old friend and cower away. I miss being happy."

    ✿ The brown-haired boy breaks down and you cradle him in your arms, feeling so helpless. All you can do is hold him, and without knowing, you help more than either of you now realize simply by being there to hold and listen.

    ✿ "Johan, I don't know if this will help, but I think you're strong for pushing through. It's not easy to go through what you have, and to do it alone truly makes you one of a kind."

    ✿ "Y/n?" You hear Samuel's soft voice through the kitchen, Johan stiffening in his arms but making no move to remove himself from you.

    ✿ Samuel takes one look at Johan and you, piecing everything together with what he overheard and nods at you, and with that, the three of you make it up to the bedroom, Johan sleeping between you and Samuel.

    ✿ Johan feels exhaustion ebb at his bones, only dimly aware of the conversation between the two people encasing him in warmth.

    ✿ "Samuel, I'm sorry, I couldn't just leave him like that." You whisper.

    "It's fine, you did the right thing," That is all Johan can hear before he is forced into the hold of sleep, wishing that he could hear the rest of your discussion.

    ✿ Samuel had always been so possessive, glaring at anyone he deemed to be eyeing you down. It would only be during one of your nightly rituals would you find out just how ok he was with everything.

    ✿ You both made it a habit to take care of each other, you would massage Samuel's shoulders and back due to how much stress he had in those areas- your man would then rub sweet-smelling creams into your legs, his large hands squeezing your supple thighs with each loving stroke.

    ✿ Johan came walking in, not expecting such a sight and forgetting what he had initially come for, "Hey, Samuel, you mind if I borrow your- oh."

    ✿ he watches you as you lay on your stomach, your hips raised by a pillow with Samuel's hands encasing your rear.

    ✿ "I-I, I'm sorry for interrupting your... session," Johan awkwardly stumbles.

    ✿ "It's fine, I don't mind," Samuel smirks, "distracted?"

    ✿ "What's going on here?" Eli questions when he finds Johan standing in your doorway, the brown-haired man with a blown-out expression, and Samuel looking far too arrogant. Eli Catches where you lay watching them, glazed eyes and parted lips panting like a puppy.

    ✿ "Want a feel?" Samuel croons teasingly, pulling your ass cheeks apart to show the wet patch in your panties, releasing the soft mounds and allowing them to land in place with a sinful jiggle.

    ✿ You let out a breathy whine when Samuel squeezes your thighs firmly, "Close the door, boys." Samuel commands, and they quickly look to you for your consent, doing as told when you nod eagerly.

    ✿ "Naughty girl," Samuel chuckles at your acceptance, "you must be excited to feel them, aren't you? You always did say you liked their hands. Well? Come closer, the little bitch needs it."

    ✿ Both young men swallow thickly, making their way to bed. “You like it when they watch the two of us don’t you?” Samuel asks. You cover your blushing face with your hands, whining when he grips hard again. Eli squirms, feeling far too turned for something he knows he should not do.

    ✿ “Use your words baby.” Samuel’s voice is a pure command. Everyone knew that the two of you must get a little kinky in bed, but the way you go pliant when Samuel goes forceful is something that has Johan biting his lip and drinking in your submission.

    ✿ “Yes, I do” you mumble, turning your head to the side to glance at Johan and Eli, revealing your flushed cheeks and your wrecked expression.

    ✿ Johan is the first to make a move, cupping your ass cheek and swallowing the tender flesh with his wide palm. He almost moans when you arch your back into his touch.

    ✿ Samuel had no need to command the two younger men, both eager to feel the young and ready flesh at the display. Samuel makes his way in front of you, spreading his long legs and laying your head on his lap.

    "Have fun boys," He snickers, forcing your mouth open to take his cock now free from its confines. The boys watch with gaping mouths as you readily begin to suck, their own hardness making their painful presence known.

    ✿ "Does... does she like things rough?" Eli questions softly, and Samuel simply answers in the act of pulling aside your panties to showcase red handprints and splotchy bruises.

    ✿ "Fuck," Johan hisses, palming his hardness through his pants. With the removal of your clothes, Johan buries his long finger inside your soaked pussy, your liquids dripping onto the sheets below with each thrust and curl of his finger.

    ✿ Eli lightly slaps your ass cheeks, the men watching in awe as your little hole swallows the finger and bounces perfectly with each impact of Eli's hand.

    ✿ Johan can't help himself, he leans down and bites your ass cheek making you squeal. The bruise he leaves lasts for weeks, and Samuel will prod at it just to tease you.

    ✿ Johan takes you from behind first, finishing deep inside you fast as the hot wetness of your pussy overwhelms him, your walls contracting around his cock in the most delightful way as you gag and slurp on Samuel's cock. He wishes he could make you finish as he pulls out, next time, he thinks.

    ✿ Eli takes you next, the way he angles his hips with each thrust make you see stars, you squirt around and twitch and shake completely out of control as he too finishes inside of you, slapping your ass and growling praises with each thrust. Good girl, you take us so fucking well.

    ✿ from that day, you reached out to Johan and Eli just as much as you did to Samuel, it was becoming evident in ways of where one day tumble into the kitchen to Johan, quite obviously wearing a shirt too large for you but not belonging to Samuel- said man giving a sly smile to Eli when he noticed, leaving the young man to writhe in his both shame and joy.

    ✿ It wasn't just Johan opening up in his ways, Eli had come to extrapolate on his artistic intrigues and write a song with the aid of Duke.

    ✿ "Damn, you must be down bad." The smaller man had uttered as he read the lyrics, and all Eli could do was nod forlornly.

    ✿ Gifts to match, Eli and Johan had a habit of buying and bringing small things for you throughout the day, competing their gifts such as flowers and pretty rings.

    "My gift is better, what could be sweeter than connecting bracelets!"

    "Whatever, mine was handmade, so there obviously is more love in that!"

    ✿ When you once accidentally dropped your phone, Jake bought you a new pink phone case to match his black one, it was the only thing you could both agree on when he tried buying you a whole new phone.

    ✿ Jake had caught on to the new changes, and he couldn't help but feel jealous.

    ✿ The mornings had never been your favorite, being more of a night person, but for whatever reason, you woke up absurdly early today. You untangled yourself from Samuel's arms, kissing his cheek before making your way to the kitchen to prepare yourself some coffee. Rather than an empty kitchen, you come face to face with Jake. It seemed you were not the only inhabitant of the early morning, you greet him with a friendly hip bump.

    ✿ He looks down at you and smiles at you softly, offering you fresh coffee in your favorite mug, which you gladly accept. "You know, if we leave now, we can watch the sunrise."

    ✿ So, the two of you head out into the early morning, where not a soul else roamed and the sky still dark, only slivers of color shyly peaking from milky clouds. Jake takes you to a reclused area, a small field at the top of a hill, with a good view of the horizon. You don't notice the way his gaze lingers on you as a take a deep breath of the crisp air, your gentle eyes as you watch the slowly brightening sky.

    ✿ "Y/n, I," he begins softly, pulling your attention towards him, "I don't really know how to say this, but I really fucking like you."

    ✿ You watch him with wide eyes as he moves closer to you, "I know we're just friends, but just this once, will you allow me to be a little selfish?"

    ✿ You say nothing, there is nothing to say in this moment when his lips gently press against your own, butterflies erupting in your stomach when his large hand cups the base of your neck, deepening your liplock.

    ✿ He pulls away, tears brimming his dark eyelashes as he quickly turns and makes his way back, You fall from your stupor, making yourself follow him in rapid succession.

    ✿ "Jake, wait!" You call out, trying to grab his attention, but being twice your height he easily outpaces you, damn long legs.

    ✿ The next few days are a bit awkward, obvious tension between you and Jake that everyone else can feel, but have no idea why. Samuel tries to pick your brain but he backs off with no luck.

    ✿ It is only when he grows frustrated with this environment does change, for the good, finally happen.

    ✿ "Pay attention, everyone," Samuel's commanding voice calls for everyone to look at him, from where Johan and Jake play word ladder and Eli feeds you strawberries, his fingers only slightly slipping into your mouth with each piece.

    ✿ "If you haven't already noticed, I don't mind sharing Y/n. That brings us to whatever this fuck is happening here. Jake, grow some balls and stop being weird around Y/n."

    ✿ Jake looks down awkwardly, only to look up at you with a hopeful smile, "I'm not mad at you for what happened, Jakey, I liked it."

    ✿ "Why don't we just make this official, then?' Samuel offers, already knowing the answer.

    ✿ "Offical?" Johan mutters, looking at with bright yet unsure eyes.

    ✿ "Are you both being serious?" Eli asks, holding you close as if he wants to believe, but scared that if he lets you go everything will end.

    ✿ You angle your head and look at everyone with a soft smile, "I don't see why not. Now that we're here, I can really never let any of you go."


    I feel like this ending calls for a more in-depth part two but jbdsfcjdbfldjhbfldf anyway here it is sorry that it's kind of a mess owowowo.

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