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  • chaoswins
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #awd#wilbur soot#dsmp#dsmp wilbur#revivebur#mcyt #i tried posting this with a caption but tumblr would add like a paragraph of or some variation everytime i tried to type a letter #i couldnt delete it either #had to reload the page #idk what kinda fuck shit tumblr is on today #anyways #i might color this sometime #but probably not #dont smoke 👍 #also i didnt use a reference so please ignore that he looks like hes falling over #mine#my art
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  • ace-of-tnt
    18.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Oh hey, this one’s chaptered!: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33951109/chapters/84432007

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  • technosimping
    18.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #cherrysins#cc:technoblade#cc:wilbur#cc:sapnap#dsmp imagine#dsmp techno#dsmp smut #dsmp x reader #mcyt headcanons #mcyt x reader #mcyt imagine#mcyt smut #sapnap x reader #wilbur soot x reader #technoblade x reader #sapnap imagine #k: sub reader #k: service sub #k: praise#k: degradation#k: teasing
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  • mean-uwu
    18.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Wilbur will do what he has to

    #Mcc17#Mcc17 fanart #Wilbur soot fanart #Ranboo fanart #Scott Smajor fanart #Shubble fanart#Mcyt#Yellow yaks #Anyways cyan coyotes winners pov cos Karl needs to keep that 100% win rate idc #Meanuwu art#Artist#Ibispaintx
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  • sugarrbbee
    18.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Saying "I Love You"

    Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, Wilbur, Foolish, and Niki

    Pronouns: Gender neutral

    Notes: I'm trying to write for Niki again because I liked the last one (but I still don't want to mark her as someone I officially write for). Also, I was listening to Are You With Me by nilu while writing this and I'm emotional now.



    He definitely said it first

    And I feel like he would have said it accidentally

    By accidentally I mean he's known he's loved you for a while and just accepted it without saying it out loud

    And since he was so used to the idea, he just said it

    Like just blurted it out while you two were cuddling and about to fall asleep which leaves you both speechless and in awkward silence

    Because he's like 'Oh god, did I just say that? I'm so dumb. What if that was too soon' while you're like 'Did he really mean it? Or was it just an accident due to his half-asleep mind?'

    But, Clay repeats himself, and this time he's more awake and tries to be more affirmative with it but you can still hear his nervousness

    You instantly take his nerves away when you lift your head off his chest and make eye contact with him and say it back

    He smiles so big and kisses you before hugging you

    "I mean it, I Iove you"


    Theirs no way he said it first

    You did

    Okay he wanted to say it but was just nervous that you didn't feel the same

    He just isn't one to fully put his emotions out there without being certain that he won't be made fun of or rejected

    So, you had said it first when you two were having a date night

    It was an ordinary date night, you two had been eating the dinner you just made and you decided to just go for it

    Reaching across the table, you put your hand on Georges which caused him to lookup

    And when you make eye contact, you said it with a smile on your face

    George blushed lightly before smiling back and saying it too as he flipped his hand over to be able to hold your hand better

    "I love you too"


    I feel like he said it first

    And he choose to say it like right before you left the house to go meet up with your friends

    Which caused you to not want to leave

    Sapnap gave you a goodbye hug, then kiss and when he pulled away he said it

    You instantly said it back, no hesitation whatsoever

    Which made his heart do things he would never speak aloud

    Like Sapnaps heart just went crazy because you hadn't even slightly hesitated or even let a second pass before saying it back

    After he said it you began thinking about just staying home but he forced you out the door with a forehead kiss and another 'I love you' and then shutting the door in your face

    "Now I don't want to go" "You're going, doofus"


    Karl said it first, no doubt about it

    And he somehow made it seem so natural and like you've been saying it for years

    He had said it during your morning cuddle sessions where neither of you wanted to get out of bed and just wanted to enjoy each others company

    Karl was playing with your hand and brought it closer to his face so he could press a kiss to the back of your hand as he said it

    He then looked at you, as to gauge your reaction

    Smiling at him, you said it back and kissed his jaw

    Which led Karl to pull you impossibly closer to him as he hugged you, relieved that you said it back

    Mans was smiling so big and internally screaming lmao

    "I love you so much"


    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he said it first

    Remember though, he gets flustered after a bunch of your affection and love so he needs a little breather after

    I imagine Alex saying it when you had brought him lunch as he was doing his work for law school

    And as you kissed his cheek and went to leave he said it which caused you to stop in your tracks, saying 'What?' and turning back around

    Once he realized he said it, he turned slightly in his chair and just accepted it as he smiled at you

    Walking back over to him, you kissed him and said it back before telling him he needed to continue with his essay

    Leaving the room, you left a very flustered Quackity who was trying to calm his heart and focus on his essay

    He loved you, but your love was going to kill him one day

    "Thank you. I love you"


    Okay listen, I get the vibes from him that he would write a whole love song for you, then after he was done he'd say it

    Wilbur would ever so excitedly opened the apartment door and rush to find you to show you the song he had been working on

    And once you were sat on the chair and he was on the couch, he strummed the guitar as he started singing

    He brought literal tears to your eyes, the song alone just told you how much he loved you

    Once Wilbur was done, he looked up from the guitar and at you as he said 'I love you'

    You shot off the chair you had been sitting in, Wilbur preparing for what was about to come by setting the guitar next to the couch, and you practically tackled him in a hug

    Causing him to fall back on the couch, laughing

    You placed kisses all over his face and then one final one on his lips before saying it back

    To say the least, Wilbur was completely enamored with you

    That song would never be released, it was only for your ears and your ears only

    "I love you, darling"


    I feel like Foolish would say it first

    He had said it right before you were leaving to go back to your hometown since you were only visiting him

    You and him had been in a long-distance relationship and this was your second time visiting him

    But that still didn't make it easier to leave

    Noah would hug you and say it

    And as you pulled out of the hug slightly, he put his hand on your cheek as you said it back

    Oh god you both cried 100%, I'm taking no criticism

    Foolish definitely didn't want to let you go after that but he did reluctantly after he got you to promise to come back soon

    When you got on the flight he sent one more text that said 'I love you, come back soon <3'

    Tears literally falling down your face when you read it

    "I love you"


    I feel like Niki wouldn't say it first

    So it was you

    Don't get her wrong, she loved you

    But she just didn't want to say it too soon and lose the person she loved most

    So she waited until you said it first so she knew you were okay with it and ready for the 'I love you' part of your relationship

    But the minute you said it, oh man she a goner

    Niki had been wanting you to say it and imagined it happening, but it was a whole different story when it actually came out of your mouth

    She had tried to cover the blush on her face by pulling her your sweater over her hands and covering her reddened cheeks as she said it back

    It came out slightly muffled due to the clothing, so you asked her to repeat it as you pulled her hands away from her face

    She blushed more but said it again, this time it was more clear but still not loud

    Holding one of her hands, you rested your other hand on her cheek and gave her a little kiss

    "I love you too" *muffled by sweater*
    #dream x reader #dreamwastaken x reader #georgenotfound x reader #sapnap x reader #dream team x reader #karl jacobs x reader #quackity x reader #wilbur soot x reader #foolish x reader #foolish gamers x reader #niki x reader #nihachu x reader #mcyt x reader #mcyt x y/n #mcyt imagine#mcyt fluff
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    18.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago


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  • churomo
    18.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    i am not immune to devilinnit propaganda

    (+ precanon crimeboys nonsense )

    #tommyinnit#wilbur soot#my art#shitpost #an elaborate one but a shitpost nontheless #mcyt#dsmp
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  • manifold-updates
    18.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Jack is in Scott’s & Shelby’s uploads!

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  • dumbass-villaindude
    18.09.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    hello worsties on the webbed site of tumblr dot com

    i am handing you images

    also the tntduo isnt like. romantic/ship i just want them to break down and have no one else to turn to but eachother because they are fucked up and im mentally ill

    #mcyt#dsmp#maxs art#dream smp#ranboo#technoblade#philza minecraft#tommyinnit#wilbur soot#quackity #also listen to 'being so normal' by peach pit it is v tnt duo song. oh yea gotta put the duos in tag #emerald duo#tnt duo#crime boys
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  • mcyt-sh1t
    18.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    y/n comes in on will’s stream to cuddle

    summary: y/n walks in on will’s stream with tommy to cuddle not caring that his facecam is on.

    warnings: pure disgusting fluff, none really-

    pairing: younger sibling! y/n and older brother! wilbur

    a/n: this isn’t a request i just really love wilbur and wanted to write something fluffy with him, because i needed the comfort :’) also this is mostly for @natalie2-exe/@lavenderjacobs because its her 16TH BIRTHDAY tommorow WTF?? /POS. YOUR OLD NOW 😭/POS

    some days you just hold your cat to your chest and stay in bed because moving sounds like a bit too much effort. you looked out of your window since it was the closest thing to you that you could see without moving. its raining, which kind of ruined your mood even more. you cuddled up to your cat more closely.

    from the other room you heard wilbur yelling at tommy,  while filming a ylyl. (you laugh you lose) you, tommy and will have always been close, will because he's your older brother and tommy because he's always helped will look after you.

    even though you were sick your child insticts told you to go to will's room anyway and take part in the ylyl or at least just sit and cuddle up to will. your footsteps echoed on the wooden floor of the apartment and when you got to will's door you could barely reach the handle so you had to go get a stool to stand on and open the door.

    (wilbur's pov) "NO TOMMY I SWEAR I DIDN'T LAUGH-"

    i heard the click of my door opening and next thing i see is y/n standing on a stool with blankets all around them.

    "WILL YOU DID LAUGH- oh.."

    "will!!" you say running up to him and climbing onto him giggling."

    "oh no." will muttered. but it was too late, chat had already seen you and they were going insane.

    (username): YOU HAVE A CHILD??

    (username): will. you have to explain.

    (username): CHILD.IN.WILBUR SOOT'S. HOUSE.

    "woah!! chat calm down!!" tommy said trying to calm the situation down. "hi y/n!" he says smiling and waving at you.

    "tommy!! hiiiii" you say smiling and waving back at him, showing most of your baby teeth.

    (username): i don't know who this child is but oh my god are they adorable!-

    (username): adorable child!!adorable child!!

    (username): i love children, oh my god.

    "right okay chat. i didn't want you all to find out this way but-"

    "wilbur has a child."

    "WHAT? TOMMY-"

    (username): I KNEW IT-

    (username): HUH?? with who-

    "CHAT NO. this is my younger sibling y/n. obviously if you didn't already see their sick and i told them to stay in their room."

    "but i missed you.." you say cuddling up to him.


    "well? what are you going to do will??" tommy asks smirking.

    "fine.. you can stay."

    "YAY!! fank you will" you say hugging him.

    (username): at least you don't have an actual child, its just your sibling.


    all three of you start laughing.

    the stream went great, wilbur and tommy taught you how to play minecraft after they finished their ylyl, and you all had a great time. chat loves you and wants to see more of you, especially when you play more minecraft with will and tommy.

    note: early birthday present for you nat, ilysm <3 can you see i can't write from a child's perspective??


    @techn-o @sunniewrites @lakifaki @deceptxcon @natalie2-exe @lavenderjacobs@wilczachannn @demeterly @joyfullymulti @imgaynweird

    #wilbur#wilbur soot #older brother! wilbur and younger sibling! y/n #bhc nox #birhday present for nat <3 #early**#mcyt imagine #mcyt x reader #mcyt
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  • heelysboo
    18.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    I cracked the code. the reason Wilbur and Ranboo hold onto each other for MCC teamups is that Ranboo dresses up for both of them.

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  • bellfort3
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SBI Fanfics of the Week (week 41)

    can I have this? by Drhair76


    labors of love by Drhair76


    sweetheart, you are sadly mistaken by Drhair76


    Guitar Strings and Keyrings are What it Takes to Build a Home by Anonymous


    i can't lose hope (what's left of my heart's still made of gold) by belladonna_belladonna


    and i'm nothing by RadioSilencer


    If you loved me by Drhair76


    When it's strange to take a walk downstairs by justsummr


    Brothers in every world by Rmbz


    extend by qar


    wider than a smile by wednesdayevening

    #Sbi fanfics of the week #week 41 #Sbi fanfics of the week week 41 #Sbi fanfics#bellfort recs #bellfort recs fics #tommyinnit#wilbur soot#dreamsmp#mcyt#sbi #sleepy bois inc #techno#sleepyblr#tubbo#philza
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  • randomfansstuff
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if i had a nickle every time a c!dream apologists tried describing c!dream but ended up describing c!wilbur instead i'd have... several nickles.

    #dream smp#dsmp#wilbur soot #c!wilbur soot #c!dream neg #mcyt
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  • stolentragedies
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    What had Wilbur done to deserve love?

    He didn’t know, not much apparently.

    All he knew was he stood above his charred, lifeless body that reeked of sulfur and ash. His hair was burnt down to the scalp towards the front of his face that took the brunt of the force from the explosion.

    He turned over the memory of that day, November 16th, the end of it all, in his mind. The edges were jagged and sharp like shattered glass, cutting into his hands examining it drawing dark, inky blue blood. from caressing the black bunch of darkness looking for light, looking for anything redeeming. All he found was death and destruction by his hand. No brightness, but there was relief.

    He gave, and gave, and gave. He gave so much to others that he lost himself to them as well.

    (read the rest here, it’s very short lol basically my interpretation on c!wilbur's death, pre-ghostbur. based on the headcanon that wilbur willingly forgot his memories from his life to start anew.)

    #dream smp#dreamsmp#mineblr#dsmp#sbi#wilbur soot #c!wilbur soot #c!wilbur #c!wilbur headcanons #c!wilbur writing #dream smp headcannon #dream smp theory #dsmp headcanon#dsmp writing#dreamsmp writing#dreamsmp headcanon#dreamsmp theory#dsmp theory
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  • wromsfircakez
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    (s)he's an absolute terror for ABSOLUTE TERRITORY

    do not repost w/o permission !! use as icon with credit

    #[🕸️] ─ gallery !! #quackity#quackity fanart #wilbur soot fanart #revivebur#revivedbur fanart #tnt duo fanart #tnt duo #this song has been stuck in my head 4 days send help /hj #did i make wilbur look dilf #idk i just slapped on a chin hair thing and boom #also long hair c!wilbur ??? pog ?? #quackity's scar was so fcking hard to draw #scars in general are hard to draw #tw blood #?? kind of ?? #my style and anatomy is as wonky as my brain #i love this?? but it could look better if someone else drew this #the colors make up for it #tw flashing colors #?? #Spotify
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  • diip-ali
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My little meow meow

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  • moonscape-lakes
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Another Wilbur headcanon, for the people:

    He can't actually smoke, because he's got too many lung issues from the Pogtopia ravines and explosions, but Tommy doesn't actually know what a cigarette looks like, so one day he saw Wilbur holding a torch weirdly and just went "Are you smoking??!"

    And ever since then Wilbur's made it his personal mission to make Tommy think he's an avid smoker using the most random items possible. One day it's a stick, another a stalk of wheat, a bone from a skeleton, an iron bar.

    Tommy starts up a one-man anti smoking campaign, and no one has the heart to tell him that tobacco isn't actually grown anywhere near the Dream SMP, because they see how diligently he works on his signs and shirts and posters, and doesn't he deserve this one thing?

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  • metaphoricalsmile
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    what is it with mcyters and the supernatural. wilbur doesn't believe in ghosts but has a shit ton of ghost hunting equipment tubbo and ranboo's house is haunted dream doesn't believe in them but challenged the ghosts in his house and now feels like he should. what.

    #not sure about the dream one but. yeah #shrugposting#dreamwastaken#ranboo#tubbo#wilbur soot
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