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  • lesbianladyeboshi
    23.06.2021 - 1 minute ago

    Summer solstice night, saw some fat racoons 🦝

    #Also others need words for my style that aren't hippie granola or boho...I hate being called that by white people & men who don't know words #like half the time i'm just wearing stuff from south asian import stores. #....also my phylactory choker arrived
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  • toosmallortootall
    23.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Lmao having a new conversation with a new person when you're autistic literally just feels like this gif

    #reading a book on autism by an actual autistic adult while at work and losing my mind like... yeah it sure do be like that #me frantically writing the social script im supposed to follow as the words are about to come out of my mouth: this is a normal experience #personal#autism tag
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  • flowersofjannah
    23.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #you're such a beautiful soul #noor shines through your words #allahumma baarik
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  • a-tour-to-self
    23.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    In this water pitcher,

    I see her picture.

    Oh my eyes,

    Your crafty lies!

    —A. T. S. ©

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  • whoreromancer
    23.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    don’t get me wrong lol i do think w*yhaven can be an enjoyable read and i wont give anyone shit for liking it bc. i have content for that game on my blog lol

    but the flaws the game has + the way the fandom sometimes behaves (and this isn’t even abt the plagiarism claims since i’m certain most of them are trolls pretending to be of color/w*yhaven fans. then they’re neither of those lol) makes me lose my patience. m*shka does have talent and it’s amazing that she keeps working on a schedule and producing so much content so fast so i don’t mean to fully belittle her.

    however. u need to look at how much money she makes on patreon, the fact that she’s able to get her sister to filter most of the interactions on her social media, and her overall privilege being cishet and white.

    most other “popular” wips don’t even reach that level of professionalism, most of them being written by people of color and/or queer who keep putting out massive amounts of work for free and out of nothing but passion. they’re alone behind their inboxes dealing with everything every person and troll throws at them, while still dealing with other life obligations like school or jobs. most authors are not on equal grounds with her

    what i meant to say is that i dont mean my anger to translate into “w*yhaven bad and you’re bad if you enjoy it”, but rather that you should give other authors way more credit for what they’re creating than her.

    #i debated posting this but fuck it lmao #y'all are frequently unable to forgive authors for significantly smaller things than what this woman does #i dont want it to be all negative though #if you feel s much passion and love for these other stories. then show it #create fanart. make headcanons. support the author's ko-fis/patreons. interact with their blogs #the negatives are outweighing the positives of sharing stories out there #you'd be surprised how just a silly drawing of ur mc can make an author's day #and how they're gonna share that piece w all of their friends #just dont reduce all of the IFs out there to w*haven exclusively because everyone deserves attention from time to time #anyway words censored bc i dont want this in the tags lol
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  • dawnz33
    23.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Hims tiny and he's angy 💢

    #isaac foster #angels of death #satsuriku no tenshi #zack foster#serial killer #purposely mispelled words
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  • pr
    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    game time, reblog with different taylor lyrics that start with whatever the next word will be, i'll go first:

    the way you move is like a full on rainstorm

    #so now the next lyric needs to start with AND #and then the next reblog uses the NEXT word and so on #taylor swift#ts lyrics#op
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  • learnjapanesebod
    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Japanese Word of the Day

    #Japanese #WordoftheDay 手荒 (てあら/teara) 'violent, rough' Example: 手荒なまねをしなくともママのお茶会からお前は 逃げねえ。
    — Learning Japanese (@LearnJPBOD) Jun 23, 2021
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  • thatnoizyboyy
    23.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I wanted to tell you all my secrets,but you became one of them instead!🙈😋

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  • urmomsstuntdouble
    23.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #sorry if this was weird im just rambling in a postivie way #would recommend following lorenzo if you dont already #he has really good and specific romano takes #also follow him if you're a cuba fan #(and cumano as well) #ask#strawberry asks#ceros posting#positivity #grrr i feel like every single one of these words is misspelled >:(
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  • the-breathing-pen
    23.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    "Ishq mohabbat baski nahi mere, kharab hai bahut aaj kal ka zamana,

    Yuhi nhi kisi ko dil saup sakti mei, zindagi ke kayi pehluo se padega aazmaza"

    "Ye ishq galat kabhi tha hee nhi jaaneman, galat hai toh ishq ko badnaam karne wale,

    Khair ishq tumhare sach mei baski nhi, tumne socha bhi kese ye haath hai zamane ke isharo pe kaam karne wale..."🥀

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  • wayward-wlw
    23.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    The thing about writing AU’s is it’s always like “Okay, how much do I want to fix”

    #In other words last night in a fit of insomnia #I wrote a thousand words of a new In the Wilderness fic #so look for that in a few weeks I guess
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  • penthethoughts
    23.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    it’s 5:25 in the evening/

    i am fascinated with the formations

    that clouds prevail in,

    admiring each one of them

    some have built a home in my head.

    cloud that looks like a lost lover/

    gulping the poisoned vapors down its throat,

    day-dreaming about fantasies,

    romanticising the idea of love,

    swaying on the chirping of birds,

    smiling yet crying dipped in salty sweet memories.

    cloud that looks like a muse/

    with the vacant eyes and filled hope,

    it is staring at everyone who never gave up.

    admiring the strengths of brave hearts,

    rolling the wheel of destiny

    to shower the blessings on those

    who are tired of stormy days.

    cloud that looks like a loner/

    glamour on face with the sealed lips,

    he is often drowned in his own mind

    creating the threads of thoughts,

    and keeping them restricted to himself.

    converting his insecurities into an art,

    stays alone, but soft from heart.

    cloud that looks like an achiever/

    enthusiasm is his favourite subject,

    curiosity being the closest friend.

    unfolding the sheets of bravery,

    he stands tall amid the harshest tides.

    cloud that looks like everything/

    accepting all his peers,

    far away from the criticising toxicity,

    he tells me even if everyone is different,

    they are all whole in themselves.

    it’s 5:29 in the evening/

    i wonder when we will accept

    that just like the clouds

    prevail in different patterns,

    so does people.

    everyone is uniquely same

    and everyone is similarly unique.

    the thing is,

    we need to be okay with that.

    — vishakha//@penthethoughts

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  • flowerbake
    23.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    if they wanna talk to you, they will. if they wanna be with you, they will. if they wanna make things work, they will. don’t let things be one sided. it’s not healthy, and it’s not fair to you.

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  • sunsets-and-moontalks
    23.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Koshish bhi kar

    Ummeed bhi rakh

    Raasta bhi chun

    Phir uske baad thoda sa muqaddar talaash kar.

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  • shadyufo
    23.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago
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  • darkrosa
    23.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I like to paint the sky black and blue but I'll paint it with warmer hues if you ask me to.

    #books & libraries #aesthetic#dark academia#quotes #poems on tumblr #poetry#pretty words #love and war #musings#author
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  • thoughtbubbleo-o
    23.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Do you want to dive in my deep thoughts and swim in my overflowing emotions? Or do you want to float with my hovering soul and see the light that reflects the mystery i see?


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  • eroticcannibal
    23.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Anyway post-pandemic I'm gonna start prepping for the next cus I refuse to get caught short by the next (which could well happen, epidemics are becoming more common) and best case scenario I wont need it but I'll teach some shit to Noah so that their kids will be ready.

    #i will admit all this has made me more selfish #the community wants people dead #so fuck u all i will keep my resources to myself #u can all get sick and die i do not care #word of god
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