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  • driftingfeathermuses
    21.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    A world where something extinction level happens. Everything goes to shit. Maybe a comet struck the earth, a killer virus, aliens, anything really. But leave the usual trope of humans uniting against adversity and triumphing, and instead the soft protagonist watches the world around them crumble and burn until they're among the last humans left, and are a witness to the end of the human race. Make it about accepting the end of humanity more than the fight for survival.

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  • esta-elavaris
    21.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    {9/100} Days of Productivity

    Novel work!

    #handwriting#writeblr #writers of tumblr #100 days of productivity
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  • wakingseabyaivazovsky
    21.01.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    What's so easy about a pie?

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  • quotesthatpopinmyhead
    21.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    The worst actions are always made by people who assume they're right

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  • cbkcreativeblog
    21.01.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Prompt #175

    Write about a Shakespeare Festival. Your characters could be attending as audience members or participating as cast members. Does anything go wrong in the performances?

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  • thinkingofausername
    21.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Attention please

    This is the project I’ve been working on for years and it means the world to me. I’d really like it to be seen and known in case something happens and I don’t write my book.


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  • emelkae
    21.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    First Lines Tag

    Thanks for the tag, @talesofsorrowandofruin!

    Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favourite opening line, then tag some of your favourite authors!

    I... definitely have more than 20 stories, but I'll just list the recent ones.


    “Trees?” Lug pouted with a childishness belying his seven-foot frame. “I hate tree missions.”
    Claw gave Lug a good-natured bump on the shoulder from his seat. “I like forest combat, myself.”
    “Yeah, well, you would. There are loads of shadows for you to blend into down there. But I’m red! And I can’t run around!”
    “You can rip a tree from the ground and use it as a club, Lug.”
    That made Lug smile, his black eyes sparkling.

    WANDERER (the prequel):

    She felt the girl’s fear before she saw her. It was wild, desperate, and so strong that it announced her more loudly than her breath or her pounding footsteps. Margot took a step into the street to avoid that fear, her cloak swirling as a transport nearly clipped her in the shoulder, which freed up the sidewalk just enough for the girl to round the corner and roll to a splayed stop on the ground. Colors flashed in the night, packages of food falling into the pool of illumination thrown by the streetlight.

    The Strength to Wield:

    Above the roaring clouds were roaring stars.
    No. Just one star made that sound, and She Reached for the noise. Everything depended on the life inside that star.
    But it wasn’t a star, really, though it glowed like one in the sky.


    The Anpholene celebrated the discovery of their new homeworld by getting uproariously drunk. The Anphol II, old and fragile as it was, drifted above the blue-green planet virtually shaking with its passengers’ collective excitement, shining in the atmosphere as it never had before. Normally the Enforcement Department would have had their work cut out for them on a night like tonight, but as it was, Enforcement was celebrating the loudest.
    Aphris was on Sanitation duty.

    Oh god oh no I haven't looked at stuff that wasn't related to the War Machines in months. I can't afford to get distracted D: This was still fun though!

    No pressure tag list under the cut:

    @pepperdee @yejidoesthings @writingingraves @thewritercometh @the-writing-fandom @livvywrites @aalinaaaaaa @ghost-town-story

    @jmhwriterblog @muddshadow @night-academy @sailoraquila @red-the-dragon-writes @writting-in-blood @kjscottwrites @avrablake @introversiontherapy @authorlaurawinter @adayforducks @voidofteeth @rainbowpitofdoom

    @helvelloides @koldbrew

    @viva-la-pictochat @shydreamyechoes

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  • superbeans89
    21.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Someone: So how would you describe your work?


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  • the-finch-address
    21.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    hello and welcome back to another episode of Finch asks obscure writing questions without offering any prior context!

    For the low-fantasy writers out there, what's your method of knowing when something is too self-indulgent? Is there a point in between magic tricks where you stop yourself and go, is this too niche? is it cringe?

    #writeblr #followup question: if it IS cringe do you care? #does it matter?
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  • storyunrelated
    21.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Flash #3383

    "It survived a nuke?"

    "Yeah. Point blank, too."


    "Guess we'll have to try something else, huh?"

    "...are you aware of the conditions experienced 'point blank' to a nuke?"

    "Not really?"

    "I don't think there's much else we can try."

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  • autumn-oceanopromises
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    (721) we are so small

    from a galaxy away, we are so small. yet we dream of stars, wondering -

            we dream of stars, wandering yet         still, to our incandescent senses still, to our incandescent senses every person is a dim ember

           every person is a dim ember        thrown up by flame, drifting before darkness

    thrown up by flame, drifting before darkness, we have but one life to live, so live we must

           we have but one life to live, so live we must        marking our lives as lights, constellations, suns.

    marking our lives as lights, constellations, suns - from a galaxy away, we are so small.

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  • ishaapoetry
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    "I want you always to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?"

    Haruki Murakami

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  • autumnbellflower
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    So, these are all the powers and abilities I saw somewhere on quotev, though I can’t find the creator after searching their name. I just wanted to share this to people who might need it and I do really hope this helps or you get some inspiration for your own characters from this list.

    Fire/Heat powers

    Pyrokinesis - the ability to manipulate the element of fire at will

    Smoke manipulation - the ability to summon and control smoke at will

    Hot hands - the ability to instantly radiate heat from your hands

    Pyroportation - the ability to teleport over long distances through fire

    Heat breath - the ability to release fire or heat from the mouth when exhaling

    Fire absorption - the ability to absorb all fire from an area

    Fire immunity - the ability to remain completely immune to fire or heat

    Pyro telepathy - the ability to set objects, buildings or even people on fire with the mind

    Fire mimicry - to transform into or disguise yourself as fire

    Water/Ice powers

    Hydrokinesis - the ability to manipulate the element of water at will

    Cryokinesis - the ability to manipulate the element of ice at will

    Aquatic adaptation - the ability to adapt to any aquatic environment

    Aquatic respiration - the ability to breathe underwater

    Dehydration - the ability to absorb all water from an area

    Hydroportation - the ability to teleport over long distances through water

    Water generation - the ability to freely and endlessly generate water

    Water mimicry - to transform into or disguise yourself as liquid water

    Freeze - the ability to make use of low temperatures to turn liquid water into solid ice

    Freeze breath - the ability to breathe cold air from the mouth when exhaling, which turns anything into solid ice

    Blizzard - the ability to summon a harsh snowstorm at will

    Hail - the ability to summon a hailstorm at will

    Ice beam - to release beams of freezing cold ice from your hands

    Hydro Healing - the ability to heal others with water

    Psychic/Telepathic Powers:

    Telepathy - to summon, control or connect to anything or anyone with the mind

    Teleportation - to travel from place to place in the blink of an eye

    Soothsaying - the ability to foresee the future

    Scrying - the ability to see things from very far away

    Instant Linguistics - the ability to understand, read and speak any language just by hearing it

    Illusion - to make others see or hear things that aren’t there

    Cosmic awareness - to be able to recognise changes or imbalances in the universe

    Necromancy - to speak with dead spirits and bring them to life

    Aura Foresight - to be able to read the auras of others

    Vanishing - to become invisible to others around you

    Chrono magic - to be able to turn back, turn forward or freeze time

    Healing - to heal the wounds of others with the mind

    Revelation - to be able to see the true intentions of people around you

    Summoning - to have any object or person teleport to you in an instant/ to snap your fingers and have any object or person teleport to you in an instant

    Mind reading - to be able to read the thoughts of others

    Empathy - to connect with the emotions of others

    Levitation - the ability to float freely above the ground with the mind

    Mind manipulation - the ability to control the minds and actions of others

    Dream manipulation - the ability to control what takes place in the dream of others

    Dark and Light powers:

    Shadow manipulation/Umbrakinesis - the ability to summon and control darkness and shadow at will

    Light manipulation/Lumokinesis - the ability to summon and control light at will

    Umbraportation - to be able to teleport through shadows

    Luxoportation - to be able to teleport through light

    Night vision - the ability to see clearly in the night or in dark places

    Shadow camouflage - to remain hidden and unseen in the shadows

    Shadow mimicry to transform into a shadow

    Light/Darkness absorption - the ability to absorb all light and darkness from an area

    Light generation - to instantly release blinding beams of light from your hands

    Air/Wind powers:

    Wind manipulation/Aerokinesis - the ability to summon and control winds at will

    Weather control - to be able to control the weather conditions

    Aeroportation - the ability to teleport through wind and air

    Deoxygenation - the ability to suck all oxygen or air from an area

    Wind generation - the ability to generate winds from yourself

    Wind riding - the ability to transport yourself from place to place by riding on strong winds

    Cloud summoning - the ability to summon clouds

    Respiratory adaptation - the ability to breathe normally in any environment

    Sorry if there are any mistakes and uh I hope this helps. You can tell your favorite one among them if you want :)

    (it would be great if you like/reblog if this was helpful :))

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  • safeshadows
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Slogans stuffed in mouths

    Teeth shatter and are slapped with

    Polystyrene smiles

    - Suspended Ceiling Tiles 18.1.22

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  • roses-in-ink
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    How deep is the curve of memory?

    When I say sadness I mean

    blue flowers over yellow furnace.

    His voice fading into the darkness

    of my eyes finding light.

    Morning crawling through dirty curtains

    failing to reach this mess of a mind.

    The wearing furniture of a forgotten, abandoned house

    like the words falling out of my mouth in a jumbled waste.

    His hand over mine but it's only the silhouette

    of a memory I don't know how long I will remember.

    Like longing for the evanescent taste of his lips

    then learning it's not love but something sick and twisted.

    Sadness is a disease that grows out of you

    in search of something that might cut it out

    and ends up feeling lonely

    scaring people with the intensity of its flowering

    that only begs hungry eyes and turns away all others

    possibly what can hold and love

    (What can hold and love?)

    like the echo of a question ringing in an empty hallway

    left only to the sound of leaving.

    Like losing meaning in a poem you once found yourself in.

    I don't want to write about the past

    (what happened, happened) anymore.

    The ink is dry, the pen rusted.

    The paper screams back like white noise.

    Must I carry memory in words?

    Image: Memory Buys The Time Painting by Davide Cambria

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  • sunsakura
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    childhood best friends are literally just i miss you i hate you why did you abandon me will you ever come back do you remember that time in sixth grade when i cut myself and you cleaned my wounds do you have a new nickname can i still call you by the name that i know i liked your photo on instagram i unfollowed you do you ever miss me do you think about the life i have and how you would fit today is your birthday today is mine will one of us greet the other is blue still your favorite color do you think about me when you see the batman logo

    #writers of tumblr #writeblr #writers on tumblr #writing#poetry
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  • desideriumorsa
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I do not deserve you,

    And this knowledge is a mark on my heart,

    A warning sign,

    For when I see you,

    In this life,

    In the next,

    I will never deserve you.


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  • arielscribes
    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Amaranthine Library:

    Name: Amaranthine

    Location: The in-between

    Created By: The Blackwood, Windchester, Evermore, and Featherswallow family

    Ran By: Matt Windchester, Lorabelle Windchester, Jot Windchester

    Founded in: 1856


    Amaranthine was made by the Blackwood, Windchester, Evermore, and Featherswallow family. The place functions as a library on the first and second floor, holding books that are rare and dangerous. The books are taken care of by Matt, Lorabelle, and Jot Windchester. The royal families knew that they had to protect the books that were inside, but the library also came with a few more surprises. The thirteen floor is enchanted, and is the living quarters of those that work there. The tenth floor is made up much like a mansion, with three of its own floors. The door to the house is locked at all times when there are patrons in the library. Adding to this, the living quarters acts as a rehabilitation center for kids that have gone through something traumatic. The place mainly being for Moondancers, Nightfighters, Shadowspecters, and Duskwalkers; but from time to time, they will take in other supernaturals with the approval of the creators.

    Matt Windchester handles the library with the help of a few of the teen kings from the royal families. Lorabelle will handle the Coffee shop, a few ghosts working with her to keep the place running smoothly. However, the third floor and up is run by the older kids of the group that they take in. Matt and Lorabelle train them so that they can run the other floors without any hiccups and issues.

    Amaranthine sits on a large plot of land that floats in this place called the In-between. The library sits on a large plot of land that spans over 70,000 acres. Surrounded by woods and a gigantic moon garden, the Library is a sight to see, grabbing the attention of all of those that see it. The forest on the flying plot of land is as dark as Midnight forest, but the creatures that live in Midnight Forest do not live in this specific forest. It is filled with creatures that Matt and Lorabelle try their best to keep at bay. Especially when it comes to the kids.

    Lastly, the patrons of the library are not normal. While, from time to time, a Nightfighter, Moondancer, Shadowspecter, or Duskwalker would find themselves in the location, they are not the usual patrons, and they are usually told not to tell others of the patrons, due to how secretive the patrons are...and how vengeful they can become.

    Inside the Library:

    First Floor: The Library

    Second Floor: The Library

    Third Floor: Coffee Shop

    Fourth Floor: Bakery

    Fifth Floor: Ice cream shop

    Sixth Floor: Candy Shop

    Seventh Floor: Bookshop

    Eighth Floor: Toy Shoppe

    Ninth Floor: Antique Shoppe

    Tenth Floor: Music Shoppe

    Eleventh Floor: Flower Shoppe

    Twelfth Floor: Chocolatier

    Thirteenth Floor: Living Quarters

    Inside the House:

    Living room

    Family room



    Art room

    Dance room

    Music room

    Dining room

    Chef's kitchen

    Family kitchen

    Family pantry

    Chef's pantry

    Floors in the House:

    First Floor: Living area

    Second Floor: Hobby Floor

    Third Floor: Bedroom Floor

    The Demons:

    Natalia: Mirror demon

    Hector: Head demon

    Natasha: Second-in-command

    Blue: Little ghost boy

    Farrah: Drowned girl

    Fallon: Drowned boy

    Roger: Tea demon

    Wilder: Pond demon

    Nolan: Tub demon

    Eli: Portrait demon

    Quinn: Baking ghost

    Lavender: Blanket ghost

    Dahlia: Library demon

    Lyla: Note demon

    Bailey: Sweet ghost girl

    Rules of the Amaranthine house:

    Be in the library by 5pm.

    If you hear knocking after 9pm, do not answer. Lock the doors and windows. They are here.

    If you hear howling outside, that's not a wolf. Stay inside.

    The coyotes are not coyotes. Run, hide, and pray.

    If you hear tapping on the mirror, keep your head down and ignore her whispers.

    Never disrespect Hector. You'll surely regret it.

    Do not leave your room at 3am. This is when Natasha roams.

    Blue may take your things. Never yell at him for this. You will hurt his feelings.

    Never let Farrah, Fallon, or Wilder catch you too close to the pond.

    Make a cup of lemon ginger tea each day at 6pm. Leave it on the window seal. You have five minutes.

    If you feel hands on your head while in the bathtub, say a small prayer, and they will leave.

    The Baked goods are laced with wolf's bane.

    Take each blanket that Lavender makes. Unless, you want to end up as her latest project.

    Put the books away after reading them. Dahlia hates a messy library.

    Answer every note that Lyla leaves for you

    Don't let your feet hang off of the bed. They are waiting.

    Do not go into Matt's art room.

    Do not use Lorabelle's bathroom.

    Baby Jot sleepwalks. Never follow...never disturb him.

    No guests. The Library will not appreciate it.

    *There are passageways that the staff can take when they need to get to where they are going faster.

    In the basement, there are people that work on repairing books and even binding new ones that had been sent to them.

    *𝒟𝒾𝓈𝒸𝓁𝒶𝒾𝓂ℯ𝓇*: All of my work/worldbuilding is copyright protected. I WILL NOT hesitate to take legal action if I find that anyone has taken my ideas and my creations as their own. This is your first and last warning. If you want to use my work, ask for my permission. DO NOT repost my work without crediting me. The pictures I use as reference are not mine. They belong to their rightful owners/company. I only own the characters, NightFighters, and the Universe of Cimmerian and all of it’s information.
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