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    †"Xiao is literly plunging into your insides"†

    Warnings- smut, heavy smut, rough sex, bondage, oversimluation,
    xiao is Under some forbidden curse and is fucking y/n non-stop


    Choked moans and heavy groans mixed with animalistic growls.

    were one of the many forbidden sounds that were drowning out the bloody red domain.

    As the yaksha who was once bounded up by blooded strings, is now rutting inside the maiden as if some wilde animal while she cries and begs for him to slow down.

    "I b-beg! Of y-you--! Slo-"

    Cut off once more by the adptus as he harshly slams into her once agian grazing this one spot which made her see stars.

    Ahh yes what an eventful day it is,the poor maiden called y/n just happend to chase after her lover inside a darkened temple when he had started to cough up blood and yelling at her to leave him.

    Her worry for him got the best of her as she ran after him and inside the temple only to get harshly sucked in, a pool of red under the ground.

    The moment she had entered she was faced with a red blooded atmosphere with Xiao bounded in the middle of it all as he screams in pain.

    His bone chilling scream completely made her cry up as she tries to free him off his bounds.

    The very moment she reached up, her shacky fingures grazing his ankles as her pathetic weak hands try to free him, almost every single blooded string disappeared into thin air making Xiao fall down his knees.

    Out of insane concern and worry she quickly runs to him taking his head into her hands as she stares into his-

    Feral eyes

    Completely being unaware of the toxic that had been set off inside xiaos head and body she cries to him asking if he's alright completely drowned up in worry.

    Xiao on the other hand. Wasn't even aware of what was happening.

    The moment his body was unbounded by those venomous strings he felt as though he had been drink somthing, his body felt hazy and warm instead of the usual pain, his head felt heavy and his eyes became clouded.

    The moment his eyes opened they came in contact with Her, her dishevaled form, her half ripped of yuukata revealing her tender thighs, her bare shoulder.

    He himself wasn't aware of what kind of monster came over him but he remembers ripping all her clothing to shreds before burying his head inside her her nude flesh as his mouth bites, sucks at almost any fresh skin he could find.

    He remembers going feral as he folds her up pushing her legs up chest as he rids himself all his clothes before plunging inside her like an animal completely disregarding all her screams and cry.

    Oh all of these forbidden acts of adultery that the 2 had been indulged in felt as if hours if not eternity itself.

    For xiao this felt as if paradise the pleasant feeling of her walls sucking him in felt oh so good the feeling of her hot liquids realising every few minutes felt oh so good the feeling of her walls suffocating him every time she squirts felt oh so euphoric. Xiao saw stars every time she squirted and he had gotten highly addicted to that, completely destroying her insides every moment to feel the same pleasure once more as a mantra of "mine" leaves his lips between animalistic growls and thurts.

    Meanwhile the poor maiden on the other hand felt as though this insane amount of pleasure was going to be the death of her, every time she felt a wave of pleasure over her she felt as though she'll die if another one would come, the poor girl was so drowned by pleasure she couldn't even form any words anymore.

    Xiao felt oh so dedicated by the thought of making her squirt and making sure that almost all of her is filled up by him that even her belly button ends up spilling up his white load, he still keeps on plunging inside her even though being oversimulated himself.

    "Hush~! Love let me claim you-!"

    Art credit ⬆

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    ❦ happier than ever

    0.2 - charity case
    ❥ send an ask to be added to the taglist!
    taglist: @amillionfandoms-onlyoneme @joy-laufeyson @anime-meme-sanctuary @bakugouswh0r3 @lilith412426
    a/n: ok suna kinda sounds like a dick i didnt intend that but yeah
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    i've been watching a lot of velvet revolver's videoclips and live performances since last night and all i can think of is rockstar!bucky wearing scott weiland's (rip) wardrobe

    and i'm talking like the lowest rise, tightest jeans you can find. that a-size-too-small ramones tee. the vest with no shirt under it. those fucking shiny leather pants with the strings?

    head empty, slutty rockstar!bucky only

    #he won't leave me alone #bucky barnes x reader
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    Find my masterlist

    This is a sort of companion piece to A Reason to Fight but can be read separately. 

    This one is Frankie x gn!reader. Please let me know if I missed any pronouns/descriptions.

    Okay before you guys read this please know that I am okay. I promise I’m fine. This is very deeply personal, this covers issues that I had/have and still deal with, but I promise I’m not doing anything stupid or harmful. Please take care of yourselves first and foremost, my friends. Mind the warnings. Mind the tags. 

    Once again the playlist mentioned is one of my actual playlists. Let me know if you want the link to it!

    Warnings: Past self-harm, self-inflicted wounds, scars, talk of previous addiction (self-harm), description of panic attack, description of depressive episode. This is some heavy shit. Take care of yourselves.

    It was your day off, which meant cleaning. Someone had to do it, and things were starting to drive you nuts. So you turned on your music and worked through the morning, humming along. Frankie was off early, or was supposed to be. Hopefully the two of you would go out and grab food after. 

    It was a pretty good day, but something just felt… off. You weren't quite as settled as you usually were. So you did what you usually did: you turned on your "Get your shit together" playlist. That was usually a good release for whatever you needed, and good to work to. 

    And for a while, it worked. You sang a few lines here and there of some songs, skipped one or two. The playlist was doing its job and giving you a good outlet. 

    The song switched, and you paused. Of course you knew this song, you built the playlist, but. 


    You went still, listening. It was… something was hitting differently today. You swallowed hard, looking down at your hands. At the scars on the backs of your hands. At the one scar on your wrist. At the scars on your mid forearms. 

    You'd done that. You'd done that and it could never be undone. 

    You gasped, your chest tight, your vision blurry. You shoved one hand over your mouth, suddenly desperate to not make a single sound. You sank slowly to the floor of the bathroom, ruthlessly trying to regulate your breathing so you didn't cry. A sob hitched in your chest, and you bit down on the meaty part of your thumb to keep quiet. 

    At least if you could stay quiet, you were still in control of that much. 

    Which is how Frankie found you some indeterminable amount of time later - curled in on yourself on the bathroom floor, shoulders shaking as you cried, completely silent, thumb red and raw. 

    "Baby?" Frankie immediately dropped next to you, hands gentle but insistent as he pulled your face up to give you a visual once-over. "What happened?"

    You shook your head, swallowing thickly. It took a few stuttering breaths to find your voice. 

    "I don't--" You stopped and shook your head again. 

    "Look at me, baby," Frankie murmured, thumbs rubbing softly at your cheeks. He waited until you met his gaze and then smiled a little. You could still see the stress in his eyes. "Let's get you settled on the couch, hm? I bet you'll feel better out there." 

    You nodded slowly, swallowing against the painful lump in your throat. Frankie stood first and then took your hands, helping you to your feet. As soon as you were up, Frankie pulled you into a gentle hug, letting you tuck your face against his shoulder. 

    "I've got you," he murmured, resting his cheek against your head. "I'm here. I've got you." 

    The two of you stood there for several minutes as your breathing slowed and calmed. Your tears finally stopped, leaving your cheeks sticky with drying tracks. 

    "C'mon," Frankie murmured once your breathing was more or less back to normal. He guided you to the couch and had you sit. Before you could open your mouth to ask him to stay, he was gone. But he returned momentarily with one of the super soft fluffy blankets you preferred. He draped the blanket over you before he settled next to you, letting you curl into his side. "You wanna lay down, baby?" 

    You shook your head, hands curling into the blanket to pull it up to your chin. You closed your eyes, focusing on the feel and sound of Frankie's heartbeat under you. 

    You weren't sure exactly how long you sat there, curled up into him, one of his big hands cupping your shoulder with his thumb rubbing back and forth gently. 

    "You wanna talk about it?" Frankie finally asked. 

    You opened your eyes to find him peering at you, clearly still concerned. You'd probably given him a minor heart attack. 

    "I was fine," you croaked. Oh, gross, post crying jag voice. Ick. "I don't know what exactly set me off, I really don't know. But I just… got stuck on my scars." You tapped meaningfully on the two on the back of your hand. He knew they were self-inflicted, so you knew he'd catch your meaning. 

    "Oh, honey." Frankie sighed and grabbed your hand, pressing a kiss to those scars. "They're bothering you today?"

    "They weren't, and then they did, and then I couldn't stop thinking about it," you told him miserably. "God, I was so dumb."

    "No." His voice was firm now, and he somehow pulled you in even tighter to him. "No, you weren't. Was it the best thing you could have done? No. But you could have done worse. Besides, you stopped. You stopped on your own, honey. I know you know how impressive that is." 

    You swallowed. You did, in fact, know. You'd stopped very nearly cold turkey, after all. 

    "Baby. Yes, I can understand that they bother you sometimes, but they're part of you. This is part of what makes you you." He stroked the back of your hand gently. "It's okay to be upset about it. Just don't linger on that, hm?" He pressed his lips to the scars again.

    You very nearly started crying again at that, but managed to simply inhale shakily and nod. 

    "Good. Now, what do you need? Movie or quiet?" Frankie kept his voice low and soothing. The two of you had figured out early on that only presenting two options was easier for the person deciding, rather than completely open ended questions.

    "Movie," you decided. 

    Frankie nodded and grabbed the remote, flipping to one of your favorites without asking. "Dinner from out, or am I cooking?"

    "No." You immediately latched onto one of his hands. 

    "Okay, I'm not moving," Frankie promised. "I'm gonna make an executive decision for us both for food, okay?"

    "Fine." You squirmed your way into his lap instead of next to him, rearranging his arms so you would be more comfortable. His chuckle rumbled pleasantly against your back, and you relaxed into the sound and the soothing warmth. He always ran warm, and right now it felt wonderful. 

    Frankie moved just enough to get his phone out, and then he settled again. His free hand ran up and down your arm, shoulder to elbow and back, in a soothing rhythm. 

    “We need to get some water in you,” he murmured a little while later. You weren’t really aware of time passing in a manner that made any sense. The movie was nice background noise, but you weren’t at all involved in it. 

    “Alright,” you agreed. You knew he was right. It was just… difficult to care much right then. 

    “Up,” Frankie told you, patting your thigh. “Water, and I’ll make some of your tea for you.” 

    You heaved a put-upon sigh but stood, taking the blanket with you and draping it around your shoulders like a cloak. The shuffle to the kitchen was honestly a little amusing - you were attempting to keep yourself as wrapped up as you could while not tripping over the blanket. But you got a glass of water, taking sips until you realized you were thirsty, and then draining it one go. As promised, Frankie was working on making you tea, keeping half of his attention on you while he did. 

    Frankie answered the door when food arrived. Frankie plated the food and gently bullied you into sitting on the couch again, plate in your lap, cup of tea and cup of water on the table in front of you. Frankie kept the movie playing, and then switched to another one when this one ended.

    It was hard to care about much, right at the moment, but Frankie had you, and he wasn’t going to let anything bad happen.


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    Just giving him a comforting hug 🥺😩

    (Seriously I’m still not over this scene 💔😢)

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    Not From This World (Barbatos x GN! Reader)

    Genre: Fluff, Barbatos x Gender Neutral Reader

    Summary: Barbatos is puzzled when his visions contain no trace of the reader. He becomes intrigued as they become more and more mysterious to him. 

    A/N: Slight spoiler for Barbatos’ powers. I am not very far into the storyline, so I apologize for any inconsistences with the OM! plot. I also tried to use more formal language to really emulate Barbatos.

    [ Barbatos POV ] 

    I, quite literally, have always had the world in my hands. Being able to manipulate realities at my will is a burden I have grown accustomed to carrying. Thus, surprise is a considerably foreign feeling to me. It would be a lie to say that such trivial feelings never piqued my interest, but all hopes of getting to experience these emotions were squandered by my abilities. That is until I met them. 

    They came into my life, unexpectedly. I had already foreseen the human that would be summoned for Lord Diavolo’s exchange program, but none of the realities included said human being accompanied by another. For the first time in my long life, I felt surprised. Needless to say, I spent that night going over every reality available to me, just trying to fathom what this unexpected guest could mean. Multiple thoughts ran through my head, ‘Are my powers fading’ and ‘Do they pose a threat to my Lord’ being the most common ones. I found no answers that night, but I was determined to discreetly keep an eye on them by befriending them under the guise of Lord Diavolo’s command. 

    It started off simple. I gave them a slice of cake and offered to show them around the academy. They seemed shocked as a smile grew on their face. My heart race at the sight as I could feel my ears turn red. I felt compromised, even further perplexed by them and the way they made me feel. As I showed them around the academy, I got to learn a little more about them. Though, the information gained from this experience was of little help to my investigation. As such, I planned to spend time with them again. For the sake of research.

    Or so I thought. But as we spent more and more time together, I found myself growing attached to them. They brought something fresh to my life. Being able to see all possible realities led to a dull existence.  Yet, for the first time, I wasn’t bored of living. In fact, I was excited for the days to come, awaiting what other things they would bring into my life. As our days together breezed by like the wind in May, they began to open up to me. They trusted me with their thoughts and feelings and, unknowingly, I began trusting them with mine as well. 

    We were having tea on a balcony at the Lord’s palace, the cold breeze sending a pleasant chill down our backs. I looked over at them and observed them as they looked out onto the horizon. I slowly took in all their features. Everything about them was perfect to me. All their flaws and imperfections found a place in my heart and their smile made me feel alive. That’s when I knew, they were no longer just a “safety pro-caution investigation” to me. That reasoning became an excuse fairly long ago to spend time in their presence. As I continued to watch them, a little smile growing on their face as they brought the tea cup to their lips, my heart filled with love and I knew that they were so much more to me than that. 

    Though that memory has now passed, the feeling of utter love and devotion to them grew stronger and we became a couple. Currently, they are sitting at the kitchen table while I finish dusting the cabinets. I stopped my swift motions as realization slowly dawned on me. ‘I never thought to ask them why they are not in my visions”. Originally, I figured that it was no use since they would likely have no clue on such a thing. As time passed, I just stopped caring about the issue. However, with this realization, I became quite curious on the answer.

    “Barb”, their voice shaking me from my train of thought, “are you alright?” I turned my head in their direction, my heart filling with joy at the worried expression on their face. I smiled at them, walking closer as I bent down to give them a light peck on their lips. “I am fine darling, I just got lost in my thoughts”. I let out an endearing laugh when they tilted their head, eyes growing wider with curiosity. “Can I ask you about something, darling?” 

    They nodded their head, as I moved to sit across from them. I grabbed their hands in mine as a way to calm them down, but that seemed to make them more worried. I let out a deep breath before explaining their absence in my visions. After I finished explaining, an air of silence settled around us. I figured that they did not know the answer and was about to comfort them on such when they spoke, “I actually have a good idea on why I’m not in your visions”, I took in their reluctant expression as I nodded for them to continue, “I am not from this world. Before coming to the Devildom, all of this wasn’t real. It was a part of a game. I was playing the game when I was suddenly summoned here. I understand if you don’t believe me, bu-”. “No, that sounds completely plausible actually”. I accidently cut them off, but my thoughts were to jumbled at the moment. 

    Suddenly, everything started to make sense. Why they were so calm when they were unexpectedly brought to the devildom, how they knew a lot about the brothers. It all made sense. “I know it may be hard to wrap your head around, but I swear that I really do care about this place and the people I’ve met here. I swear that I really do love you Barbatos.” I looked into their eyes, filled with determination and love, as I kissed them deeply. Holding them tightly in my arms, as if they would disappear if I held on any looser. I pulled away and pressed my forehead to theirs, “I love you to, more than anything in this world”. 

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    Family Business (Part 8)

    Characters: Nat x sister!reader; Clint; Laura Barton and family

    Summary: The truth is revealed and you react in a drastic way, setting off a chain of events even you can’t foresee.

    Warnings: Swearing; very brief mentions of torture; a whole lot of angst

    Words: 1570

    Taglist: @blackxwidowsxwife​; @chickenhavewisdom​; @ima-gi--na-tion​; @slytherinchevy​; @kj-1130​ (If you want to be tagged, just let me know!)

    Forgot what happened last time? Part 7 is here!

    Can’t remember where you left off? The chapter list is here!

    Clint and Laura went upstairs to check on the children as Natasha sat with you at the dining table. She sat by your side, her chair turned towards you, hands gripping her knees. Her posture was slouched and her head bowed, you’d never seen her look this vulnerable before. Picking at your fingernails and your knee bouncing at its own will, you waited for Natasha to tell you the truth. It was silent for a long time before she sighed and finally spoke, “We were teenagers. One of our tutors failed me on a test which meant I would be eating scraps for a week. Madame D, do you remember her? She said I cheated and I was pissed off. So… during a fitness session I snuck into the caretaker’s shed and stole a fuel canister. Then, when everyone was in the main hall for movie night, I slipped into her office, poured the stuff everywhere. Then I used her lighter that she always kept with her cigarettes in her drawer. It worked a little too well and I had to run out before I got caught by the flames, forgetting I had the lighter with me.” Natasha paused and you felt her eyes on you. Memories poured into your mind as she spoke, building into a very potent headache. You heard Natasha shuffle in her seat, “It took them a long time to put the fire out, almost all night, and the next morning there was an announcement of a search before breakfast- no one was to leave the dorms until it was done. I knew they were looking for the lighter, that I had to get rid of it.”  “So you gave it to me.” You added, looking up to meet her surprised expression. “You asked me to hide it.”  “Yes,” Natasha was crying now, the tears flowed but her voice only faltered slightly, “You were so good at hiding things, and I knew you wouldn’t say no because we were so close. But they came in just after I gave it to you. You didn’t have time to-” She looked away and squeezed her eyes shut before taking a deep breath, “They dragged you out and I didn’t see you for a week after that.”  “Because they tortured me.” You said, eyes blurry and heart pounding. Your voice cracked, “I remember now. Madame B would ask me the same question over and over and over. And every time I refused to answer and they would make me do gruelling and horrific tasks, or they’d just beat me for the sake of it.” Your expression contorted into rage and you met her eyes again, “You kept quiet. I suffered because of you.”  “I didn’t know what they would do-”  “Of course you did!” You shouted, “You knew exactly what they were like and THAT’S why you kept your mouth shut!” The tears felt cold against your burning cheeks. Natasha just stared at you, unable to form an answer other than the unspoken truth. You scoffed and shook your head, “And you’ve known this the whole time, I told you about my dreams, the chanting in my head, but you remained silent. You’re just as bad as him.” You stood up and went to move past Natasha but she grabbed your arm, “Y/n-”  “NO Natasha!” You snatched your arm away from her, “You’ve had plenty of opportunity to give me the peace of knowing my past but you refused because it didn’t fit with your agenda. And now you’ve been caught out because what? You almost lost me? Proof that you just wanted a little lap dog that you could slap an ‘Avengers’ sticker on… well I’m sick of the secrets and I’m sick of being used as a puppet. NO MORE!” You stormed out and up into your room, slamming the door shut.

    Leaning against the door, you held your hands over your mouth tightly and let the hushed sobs escape. Head pounding and heart broken, you were once again let down by the people around you. This time it felt worse- Natasha was supposed to be your sister, the person to reach in and find the hero in you. But clearly that was never their plan. You heard the stairs creak and you sat in silence. Soft footsteps moved to your door, waited, then slowly moved away, followed by the closing of a door. With a sigh, you looked out of the window, a thin line of daylight was threatening to show, morning soon upon you. You couldn’t stay here. They had no interest in helping you to become someone better, so why bother? You looked down and pulled out the fork from your joggers that you had taken after leaving the table, then glanced down at your ankle tag. For a moment you felt a hesitation, a flicker of doubt, but you reminded of yourself of who you are- or at least who you were. An assassin, someone who survived torture as a teenager at the hands of the KGB, someone who had their life determined by others instead of themselves. Enough was enough.  You pulled the prongs of the fork until only one was sticking out, then pried open the casing of the tag and began routing around the inside. After about 10 minutes of frustration and delicate movements, you heard a snap and felt the band around your ankle loosen. Scrambling it off you, you sighed in relief and rubbed your ankle before glancing back up at the window- the sky growing lighter by the second. Quickly changing into some clothes, you shoved anything of use into the pillowcase- clothes, hair pins, a few ornaments you could probably pawn for cash- then moved to the window and very slowly pulled it all the way up. Leaning out to check the route below, you remembered the door and turned back. You should probably do something to the door to delay any discovery of your absence. Your eyes fell to the chair by the dressing table, and you shoved it under the door handle at a good enough angle to cause them trouble entering. Moving back to the window, you slipped out and – with a final glance around the room- slowly pulled the window closed. The route down was easy, you crawled across to the porch roof and slowly climbed down the column until your feet touched the ground. You wiped your hands on your thighs and gave the house another look, your newfound morals toying with your conscience. “Fuck it.” You muttered, before springing into a jog, following the main path through the fields, over the cattle grid and towards freedom.

    Nat barely slept as her thoughts constantly drifted to you. She felt so guilty for not telling you sooner, especially when doing so could have stopped last night from happening. She gave up trying to sleep around 5:30am and she dragged herself downstairs for a coffee. You usually came down at 6am so maybe she could try and speak to you then. Sitting on the kitchen counter, her eyes dropping, she rested her head just for a moment as she waited for the coffee to kick in. “Nat?” A voice woke her with a start. She turned to see Laura smiling at her with Nathaniel on her hip. “Hey, bed’s upstairs you know?”  “Yeah I couldn’t sleep so I came down.” She looked at Laura and gave her a light smile, “I don’t see any bruising.”  “Oh yeah,” Laura replied, touching her cheek, “Y/n just lashed out, nothing intentional, I was spooked more than anything.” Nat nodded and her eyes fell to the oven clock: 07:37. She frowned, “Have you seen y/n this morning?”  Laura shook her head, “No, her door is closed so I assume she’s still asleep.”  “Or avoiding me.” Nat sighed standing up, “I’ll go see if she’s up.” Giving Laura a quick smile, she left the kitchen and made her way upstairs and towards your room. Leaning her head against the door, she didn’t hear anything, then gave a light knock, “Y/n?” No answer. She went to open the door and almost bashed into it when it didn’t budge. “What the hell? Y/n?” She called, knocking louder this time. “Nat? Everything okay?” Clint asked as he stepped out of the bedroom, brows furrowed. “This door won’t open.” She answered, stepping back when Clint moved forward. “Let me try.” He said, turning the handle and pushing hard against the door. “Y/n?” He called loudly through the edge of the door. Still no response. He looked at Nat and they seemed to have the same idea. “Oh god no Y/n.” Nat muttered as Clint began barging the door, straining against the wood as a gap slowly appeared. He reached his hand around and Nat saw his eyes widen. She watched him pull the door to him and flick something with his other hand before the door was finally freed. “A chair.” He told her, before opening the door wide and cursing out loud. Nat stood in the doorway and felt her heart sink when she noticed the mess, the now broken chair and the ankle tag on the carpet. “Shit.” She muttered as she entered the room and turned to face Clint. He ruffled his hair then rubbed his face before looking back at her, “You can tell Fury cause I sure as hell ain’t.”

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    Honestly the real villain is the fucking tva

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    when i don’t belong, you say i am yours || erik johnson


    Author’s Note: Bonjour! I’ve officially hit a wall with the Tyson Jost fic, so I’ve decided to try to write other fics to see if that’ll help me figure out how to continue it. The best way forward is through, right? And to do that, I just gotta keep writing and hope something happens, I guess. Anyways. GIF credit to samgirard!

    Warnings: I have no clue if this is even worth a warning, but. The reader is the parent of a disabled child. The disability is specifically mentioned to be autism, though it’s only used as a general term. I don’t want any pitchforks or torches showing up at my door, so I’ll just go ahead and say I am autistic myself. So, yeah. Don’t think there’s anything else. Feel free to let me know if I should warn about anything else though.

    Word Count: 870 (short boi)

    Title: You Say by Lauren Daigle

    Additional: The reader is gender-neutral again. I’m just trying to go along with that survey that my friend and I did where people said they preferred the reader to have they/them pronouns. Which, to me at least, meant they wanted a gender-neutral reader. So, I’m doing the best I can to live up to that. Anyways. I hope you guys enjoy this!

    Being the parent of a special needs child wasn't easy. Most of the small things about life, such as getting dressed, usually became big things. You knew this all too well. Your son, Hunter, was severely autistic and required quite a lot of supervision. Despite this fact, you were very patient with your son. You knew that Hunter couldn't really control the way he acted, so there was no need for you to get angry with him; it wouldn't solve anything.

    However, your ex-husband, Tony, didn't get that. He would constantly yell at Hunter if he wasn't listening or if he was having a meltdown. Even though you and Tony had been high school sweethearts, you knew that you had had to divorce him and cut all ties with him. He was toxic to Hunter and being toxic wouldn't help your son thrive.

    Today was the first time since the divorce was finalized eight months ago that you were going to take Hunter out in public without the help of one person or another. To say that you were nervous would be an understatement.

    After spending twenty-one minutes exactly dressing Hunter in his coat and shoes, you both embarked on your journey to Hunter's favourite hamburger restaurant. You were thankful when the ride ended up being uneventful, save for the brief outburst of sorts that Hunter had when his favourite song came on the radio. Not one to disappoint your son, you had turned the radio up and listened with a smile on your face as he clapped and did his best to sing along with his limited verbal skills.

    Once you were at the restaurant and seated at a table, Hunter started fidgeting. You reached across the table, grabbing Hunter's hand and rubbing small circles into it. That usually calmed your son down tenfold. This time, however, Hunter began to make noise.

    People that were sat near you began to stare. You began to apologize profusely, somewhat embarrassed by Hunter’s outburst. Despite your apologies, a couple of people gave your son looks of disgust. One guy even stood from his seat and walked over to your table.

    "Why don't you control your fucking child?" The guy seethed. "He is disturbing me."

    Before you could answer, a man with blonde hair approached the table. You prepared yourself for more insults, but the guy, instead, turned to the guy that yelled at you.

    "Look, buddy." When the man spoke, you saw that he had a couple front teeth missing. "The kid can't help it. It's kinda obvious that he's severely autistic."

    "Oh, that explains it," The other guy snickered. "He's re--"

    "Don't even say it," the toothless guy interjected. He glanced at you, to which you quickly mouthed 'thank you.' He nodded quickly before he looked back at the other guy. "Nobody is that. Just because he's different than you doesn't make him any less of a human being."

    "This coming from a guy that has no front teeth," the rude guy chuckled darkly. "I wouldn't be surprised if you had such poor hygiene that you got terrible cavities that caused them to fall out."

    "If you must know," the toothless guy pointed to the Erik Johnson Colorado Avalanche jersey that was hung on the wall above your table. "That's my jersey up there. I lost my teeth because I'm a hockey player." Erik sounded angry as he pointed an accusatory finger at the rude guy. "Now, if you don't leave these poor people alone, I will call the cops on you for harassment."

    The rude guy raised his hands in surrender and walked away from your table. A chorus of applause echoed through the small dining room. Erik raised his hand in appreciation.

    You slid over in the booth to allow Erik to sit down beside you. Erik pulled his phone out and handed it to Hunter, who clapped in excitement.

    "EJ! EJ!" Hunter smiled as you watched him click onto YouTube.

    "That's right, bud." Erik ruffled Hunter's hair before he turned to look at you. Your facial expression was one of relief. "You're welcome before you even say it."

    "I appreciate it so much," you said, a small smile on your face. "This is the first time I've brought him out on my own since I got divorced eight months ago."

    "Mind if I asked why you got divorced?"

    "My ex-husband was incredibly toxic to Hunter. Tony was a lot like the guy you just shooed off. He would always yell at our son for not listening. He couldn't understand that Hunter couldn't help it."

    Erik grabbed a napkin from the dispenser and a pen from his pocket. He scribbled his phone number down on it. He handed it to you. "Whenever you're ready to date again, give me a call. I would love to have you and Hunter come to a game."

    You blushed deeply. Erik smiled as he grabbed his phone back from Hunter and slipped out of the booth. As soon as Erik was gone, you grabbed your phone and punched in Erik's number.

    "Hello?" Erik answered after a couple of rings.

    "It's (Y/N), the one whose son you defended. I'm ready for that date."

    #erik johnson #erik johnson x reader #erik johnson/reader #erik johnson fic #colorado avalanche #colorado avalanche fic #hockey#hockey fic#hockey fanfic#hockey fanfiction#nhl#nhl fanfiction#nhl fic#nhl fanfic#fic#fanfic#fanfiction#robin writes#writing #gender neutral reader #self insert#imagine#nhl imagine #erik johnson imagine #colorado avalanche imagine #hockey imagine #hockey self insert #nhl self insert
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    I want some one to do an obey me request with my fluff prompt list

    The obey me masterlist is almost empty😭😭😭😭

    #obey me x reader
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    If storms don’t last forever, will love?

    Pairing: Sirius Black x gender neutral reader

    Word Count: 1,079

    Warnings: Mentions of blood, panic attack, death, possible grammatical errors

    Type: Angst

    Prompts used: 3. I guess this is the end then

    17. I really thought we would last

    A/N: This was written for @pregnant-piggy 2K celebration and also that this is my first fic so not many people will come across but if you do i hope you like it and please do consider leaving a comment which will really help me improve my writing. Flashbacks in Italics. Prompts are in bold.

    It was heartbreaking, painful but you knew you had to do it. It had been a rough couple of months but you’d be lying to yourself if you said it started a few months ago when you knew it was almost a year ago.

    Sirius should have been home 3 hours earlier. You heard a faint knock at the door, taking your wand in your hand you opened the door to a heavily injured Sirius. He was bleeding profusely, his clothes were torn and you could see his torso smeared with blood. Sirius immediately told the password and being a healer by profession it was a tad bit easy for you to analyze and treat his pain and bruising but being his girlfriend and doing this took a toll on you. Mainly because this is not the first time and the fact that you knew it won’t be the last. You gave him a strong sedative and could see he was sleeping peacefully. You stayed awake the entire night to make sure he didn't feel any discomfort, pain or nightmares which were very common after a mission.

    You were looking at the photo beside your shared bed. It was a photo of you and Sirius which you took from a muggle camera. It was your graduation that day and after all the festivities at the castle was over both of you were sitting by the Black lake and discussing your future. It wasn’t anything big, you decided you’ll be living in muggle London with the rest of the marauders and also the fact that it was near to St. Mungo’s Hospital where you’ll be joining as a first year resident. You were smiling, reminiscing those memories.

    You knew a war was coming. You knew you had to fight. Hell, you wanted to. Being a healer they were your natural instincts, to help and heal the people in the forefront. But none of you anticipated things would take a turn for the worst. Within a span of short time you lost almost most of your friends from school. You knew it was only a matter of time since you lost your family too.

    You couldn’t do this anymore. The fact that he might not return home after the next mission swallowed you alive. You had talked to Sirius about this but it was of no use. You wanted to leave but he wanted to stay and fight and be a freakin hero! It went from a talk to an argument where both of you were yelling at each other for no apparent reason. That's how almost all ‘talks’ regarding this matter ended.

    You decided you had to talk to him. You had talked to Lily and even though she didn't fully agree to it she did say she’ll think about it considering Harry and the fact he deserved to grow up in a peaceful place. Well on your part it was selfish to even think about leaving in the midst of a war and boy were you guilty, yes you were but the fact that you might your loved ones seemed to kill you more.

    A part of you knew that this ‘talk’ would end much like the previous time.

    Halfway through your talking you noticed that sirius wasn't saying anything, he was listening which was odd because all the other times when you had the ‘talk’ he would tell you that the world needed saving and both of you were doing their part, how you cannot flee because that’s what cowards do and his whole dramatic speech about being a hero which sent you fuming and well it was mostly just two people who love each other yelling at one another.

    What you didn't expect was his silence where he patiently listened. If you hadn't known any better you would have said he was at least thinking about your decision but knowing Sirius he wasn’t going to agree to it this soon and this was what you feared the most. That part of your brain that always kept reminding you that nothing lasts forever. It was like your worst fears coming true. You managed to have a calm face but your insides were exploding. Your breathing became slightly ragged and you were constantly wiping the sweat off your forehead. One thing you were thankful for was from where Sirius was sitting he couldn't notice your fear or so you thought. Sirius came to the couch and sat beside you. He kept his hand on your thigh and the tears which you were holding back came streaming down. You turned your head away. You could hear him sniffling back a sob.

    You knew he wouldn't run and you couldn’t stay like this in constant fear of what might happen and who might die. It was taking a severe toll on your mental health and you’ve reached your breaking point and as much as you hated to say it, it was true.

    “I guess this is the end then.” You could see the pain and regret in his eyes, his lips quivering. All you wanted to do was to hug him and tell him everything will be alright but you knew if you did both of you would never be able to let go of the other and you knew deep down this was bound to happen no matter how much you denied it.

    “I guess it is” was all that he said before he turned his face away letting the tears run down freely. You got up and packed all your stuff. You stumbled across a piece of clothing. It was a red sweater you got Sirius for Christmas. It was from ‘Mickey’s Twice upon a Christmas, a Disney movie you made him watch. It didn't exactly belong to Sirius, it was more like a shared piece of clothing which both of you wore when you missed the other. You picked it up and smelt it for one last time. It smelt of musk with a tinge of firewhiskey, a smell which you could well associate with Sirius. Trying to fill your entire body with his fragrance you folded the sweater and kept it inside your once shared cupboard and left.

    Sirius was sitting downstairs in one of the dining chairs, his eyes bloodshot. He managed a weak smile. Before opening the door you turned back and said “I really thought that we would last”


    Tagging: @iamninaanna

    A/N: I want to thank @iamninaanna for giving me push I needed to start writing again. Thank you taja =)

    #dev’s2kwritingchallenge #Sirius black x reader #Sirius black #Sirius black imagine #Sirius x reader #sirius black #marauders era x reader #marauders#marauders imagine#post hogwarts #Harry Potter imagine #Harry Potter #Sirius x gender neutral reader #gender neutral insert
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    𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚛 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎

    𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚜 𝚡 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛

    𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚜: 𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚍

    𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜: 𝚙𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔, 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚏𝚕𝚞𝚏𝚏 𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚍𝚎𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚎

    𝙰/𝙽: i'm so sorry but this is just pure dumbassery because i need a good laugh and this made me laugh so i'm satisfied. don't read this with thinking you're gonna get tooth-rotting fluff bc your really not



    Sends you pictures and videos of random things

    The video that she sent you a couple of minutes ago managed to amaze and terrify you at the same time. It's totally out of the ordinary. Maki usually sends you pictures of flowers or tiny bugs with captions like "Reminded me of you" or "Thought you might like this one". You love Maki's photography more than anything. Frog photos with terrible lightning and videos of children throwing a tantrum are a great thing to see during a bad day. But this was not it. You glanced over your phone again, tears in your eyes and you let out an ugly laugh again. This time, it was a blurry video of a seagull stealing her chips with Maki yelling profanities in the background.


    Writes random messages on sticky notes

    When did he start giving you those sticky notes with sweet messages written on them? You have no idea. Sometimes they are a sweet check-up note, telling you to drink water and eat something. On some days, they can be a beautiful poem that could've only been written by a wise old poet, who is hopelessly in love. You rubbed your eyes, grabbed the pink sticky note on your bedside drawer and read the message on it: "Are you sure you're brushing your teeth? Your toothbrush has been dry for a suspiciously long time. Please brush your teeth :D - Your swaggiest partner in crime, Toge"


    Always holds your hand

    Yuta leaned his head on your shoulder and listened to you rant about Inumaki and Panda and how they managed to piss you off again. His hand linked in with yours, Yuta couldn't ask for a better way to spend time with you. Before the long Africa trip, Yuta wanted to spend as much time with you as possible. Your hand felt so soft and warm linked in with his that he couldn't help but bring it up to his lips and plant a sweet kiss on it. You let out a chuckle and continued to ramble about Inumaki and Panda, plotting your evil revenge against them. But goddamn his sweaty ass hands made you die inside.

    #jujutsu kaisen#jjk #jjk x reader #jjk imagines#zenin maki#inumaki to/ge#okkotsu yuuta #zenin maki x reader #inumaki to/ge x reader #yuta okkotsu x reader #jjk maki#jjk inumaki#jjk yuta #jujutsu kaisen x gender neutral reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen imagines
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    At Daybreak

    Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

    Synopsis: Yesterday's rejection made an awkward morning more awkward. Mix in a ghost and a cookie jar, this morning is bound to be interesting. Who knew that the Bakugou Katsuki knows how to tease girls?

    Word count: 1401

    "Bakugou-kun good morning!" you greet him with a wide smile as soon as he sat down on his chair. He didn't acknowledge your presence and only leaned back, scowling. Your confidence wavered a bit but you didn't let your smile falter. You let your fingers play with your hair as you scooted your chair closer to his desk, it was unbelievably convenient that you are seated in front of him.

    "H-hey so uh...I'm pretty sure that you've heard about this All Might movie...and since there's no classes tomorrow, do you wanna like go...see it with me tomorrow?"

    Your foot bounced as you held your breath as you wait for him to say something. He was giving you a deadpan expression now.

    Bakugou was used to your antics, being so obvious with your feelings for him. You think you're being subtle with how you defend him from 1B's snide remarks, to giving him water bottles and towels after training but this is the first time that you actually did something so forward.


    Your smile dropped a bit this time. Your fingers gripped the edge of his table as you leaned closer to his desk.

    "But I thought you like All Might? We can even ask your friends to come with us and-"

    "Shut up, you're annoying me. I'm not going on a date with a lovesick creep like you." He said in a straight face and your lips twitched to a frown.

    "Okay...sorry." You said softly as you turned to face your own desk.


    The common room was still dim, it was just the crack of dawn and Bakugou was already up and on his way to an assigned training ground to start his everyday work out, he appreciated peaceful mornings like this, well, at least before that short tranquility is broken when something white flashed in his peripheral vision, the movement made him stop dead on his tracks.

    Somebody's going to die again today.

    Hell would freeze over before Bakugou backs down from a ghost that dared to try to give him a heart attack. He crouched his back and squeezed his hand close before releasing it again, his sweat dampening his palm. His eyes remained forward as he stalked towards the kitchen.

    There was a grumble and a whine.

    Bakugou rolled his shoulder a bit and his posture shifted, almost like how a spring would before it snaps and releases the tension, in a blink of an eye he leapt forward with his hand in front of him, ready to disintegrate the ghost when he was met with a startled squeak and big baby eyes.

    "What the fuck dumbass!?"

    Bakugou yelled as he straightened his posture and glare at the girl in front of him. You looked scared out of your wits. Your eyes almost tearing up and your chest rose and fell in a pace as if you were being chased, but that's not what caught Bakugou's attention.

    It was how you were still in your white thin night dress with your hair still disheveled as you hugged the cookie jar close to your chest as if you're clinging to it for dear life and how there's a cookie poking out of your mouth.


    Bakugou shook his head before walking towards you and he removed your iron grip from the cookie jar as you appear to still be frozen in fear. He smirked when he saw a chair near the cupboard, thinking that you must've used it to reach the cookie jar.

    After closing thecupboard, he spun around to face you, crossing his arms and is shamelessly showing off his muscles that can be seen as he is only wearing his black tank top for training. Your brows were furrowed as your nimble fingers now hold the cookie that was previously on your mouth. Your eyes were downcast and he can almost feel the warmth from your cheeks.

    He raised a brow at you and the corner of his lip twitched upward. "Why is your jumpy ass out of bed this early? Done drooling on your pillow while dreaming of me, princess?"

    You scoffed at him before murmuring, "Screw you and bold of you to assume that I slept."

    Why did you say that? Where did this courage come from? Bakugou raised a brow as if he's asking the exact same questions. You swiftly spun your heel and started heading to the elevator, almost slipping due to your haste to just gET AWAY FROM THIS AWKWARD SITUATION. You're already halfway there when he caught up to you, his hand pulling on your night gown, just below your nape, he was successfull in preventing you from taking more steps forward, but did he seriously had to hold you like how a mother cat carries her kitten?

    "What is it Bakugou-kun?" you sighed and turned behind you to give him a confused look. This is awkward...and weird. He didn't really interact with you unless it's a requirement for school. Sure you have a huge crush on the guy and you'll gladly jump at any excuse to talk to him but not this time, you wanted the ground to swallow you whole as your head wandered to the events from the previous day.

    His scowl was back and he let go of your night gown, his pinching created a soft crinkle on the fabric, he watched your night gown get swayed with a soft breeze before meeting your eyes.

    Bakugou was about to speak when he saw the tiny cookie crumbles in your chin, he gave you a soft grunt before wiping your face with the the back of his hand, thinking that if he used his fingers, it might appear too intimate.

    His action made you freeze, your big doe eyes stared up at him, your heart doing back flips and you felt your hands starting to get clammy and he sighed at your expression.

    "Let's do it"

    Your brows met and you gave him a weird look. "Do what?" you're glad that your voice didn't break, saving what's left of your dignity.

    He glared at you as if it's your fault that you didn't understand his very vague statement and you're ready to bow down and apologize when...

    "That date."

    Your mouth formed an "o" as you nodded softly in understanding. Did he hit his head or something? It's not like him to just change his decisions like that. You quickly nodded, realizing that you haven't responded yet.

    "S-sure! I'll text Mina and-"

    Bakugou made a small groan and he glared at you harder that it almost made you ask for forgiveness again. "Why the heck would you invite other people to our date?"

    Our date

    You blinked at him. What? But just yesterday he can't even bother to have a proper conversation with you. You mentally scratched your head and held your chin. Did he perhaps make a bet with his friends? Was his dinner for last night spoiled? Was his training with Todoroki yesterday a bit too intense?

    You opened your mouth to say something but you seemed to have lost your voice. Your bewildered look made his glare soften.

    "Snap out of your daze dumbass, go back to your bed first, get some sleep before I knock you out myself."

    You jolted, almost dropping your cookie but you clumsily caught it and you made a beeline to the elevator. Your fingers quickly searched the button but a hand beat you to it. You held your breath and you dared not move a muscle as you felt Bakugou's warmth behind you.

    What the fuck is wrong with him?! You won't be surprised if you wake up any minute now and find out that this is all just a dream.

    You quickly stepped inside the elevator when it opened and your finger started jabbing the button to your floor and you tried to ignore his presence and you can tell from your peripheral vision that he's trying not to laugh. You felt like you're going to combust any minute.

    As the doors started to close, you risked a peek at him and you immediately wish you didn't, your brain short circuited.

    Bakugou was already looking at you, biting his lip to stop himself from laughing, he shook his head before turning around to head out to his original destination.

    "See you later for our date princess."

    #Bakugou Katsuki #Bakugou Katsuki x reader #Bakugou Katsuki x y/n #bnha#mha#Class 1A
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