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  • Thanksgiving story time! This little fic gives a glimpse into Charlie Scully and the elusive Mulder-Scully relationship, so you know it’s gooooooooooooood.

    Title: home for thanksgiving
    Author: @msrafterdark
    Summary: Set in season 6
    Length: ~550 words
    Classification: None provided
    Rating: G
    Spoilers: None listed
    Favorite line: She leans back, touches his arm, lets him steal food from her plate even though he has one of his own.

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  • In New Orleans, there have been two attacks on college kids. Unexplained deaths, talks of statues coming to life, survivors who are unable to leave their homes, and medical staff and police who are beyond stumped… must be an X-File.

    This is the first case fic I’ve ever written and I had a lot of fun with it. I hope you enjoy it! Written for @tinglingworld​ for the Case File Fanfic Exchange. 


    Chapter One


    Vacherie, Louisiana 

    October 31, 2017

    The music was loud as the car pulled up to the old, abandoned and rundown church, low lights set up in the broken windows. Someone walked in front of the headlights, a black cape billowing behind them.

    “God, I’m so ready for this party, y’all,” Arielle said, adjusting her top, reaching in and lifting her breasts and looking down at her cleavage. “So glad I bought this bra. It makes my breasts look amazing.”

    “Yeah, it really does, Arielle. Damn girl, how did I not notice that?” Farrah asked, turning off the car and looking at Arielle. “What kind of bra is that? I should have had you get me one.” She looked down at her own chest, finding it looking rather flat compared to the plumpy cleavage Arielle had going on.

    “Oh stop, Farrah. You have those fantastically big boobs that don’t need any enhancement. Mine are small and need the extra help,” Arielle said, rolling her eyes as she pulled down the passenger visor and opened the mirror. She took out her lipstick and started applying it. “You want to borrow?”

    “I will,” Desiree said from the backseat, leaning forward and taking it. “This is a great color. You always find the best things, Arielle.”

    “Half price too, or I wouldn’t have bought it. Never pay full price, ladies.” They all laughed, fixed their hair and costumes, then grabbed their flashlights, before stepping out of the car.

    “I hope Davis has a super sexy costume on, maybe a sexy fireman, or something that requires no shirt to go with it,” Arielle said.

    “Like an underwear model?” Farrah teased, as they walked carefully down the old broken pathway, their high heels clicking loudly.

    “Mmm, yeah. Some short boxer briefs would be more than acceptable.” Arielle nodded, shaking back her long dark hair.

    “I bet it would,” Desiree laughed, pulling her long blond Elsa braid over her shoulder, then tugging down the short sparkly blue dress she had made. “God, I think I got the measurements wrong. This dress keeps hiking up.”

    “Hope you’re wearing underwear,” Arielle teased and Desiree just shrugged. “Girl…” They all laughed and walked in through the doorway of the church, the front door long gone, and entered a room full of people.

    Walking further into the room, they saw many of their friends, all of them in Halloween costumes; though most of the girls were simply scantily dressed. They waved to the DJ, who pointed to his left and they nodded, the music too loud to speak as they continued walking through the church.

    Walking into what used to be a small kitchen, they found bottles of alcohol sitting on an old dirty counter, along with Halloween themed bowls of snacks- chips and pretzels mostly. As the church had no power, and the DJ system ran off of a generator, all the rooms were lit by camping lanterns placed around the room to fill it with light.

    In the middle of a counter sat a smoking black cauldron full of dry ice. Around it sat numerous bottles of alcohol and plastic black and orange cups. They reached for their bottle of choice and grabbed a cup.

    “Boo!” Yelled a voice and all of the girls screamed, dropping their cups to the floor. Turning around, they found Davis, taking off the half mask he wore as he laughed.

    “Ass!!” Arielle yelled, smacking at him with a smile. Looking him up and down, she tilted her head to the side. “So, what exactly are you supposed to be?”

    He stepped back and put out his arms, showing off the black cape tied around his neck. He was bare chested, his brown skin highlighted by the soft light, and he was wearing black board shorts. Spinning around, he smiled as he faced them again.

    “Well… what do you think I am?” He waited and Farrah watched Arielle look him up and down again with a smirk.

    “I’m not entirely sure, but I like the lack of clothing involved,” she said, her hands landing on his chest, pulling them away quickly. He laughed and looked at Farah.

    “You’re good at riddles. What do you think?” He gestured to himself and she narrowed her eyes, letting them travel over his body.

    “Cape, swim trunks, no shirt… hmm.” She tapped a finger to her chin and he spun around, his arms once again stretched out. “Some sort of swimming superhero? Someone who can swim the length of a pool or body of water very quickly?” She raised her eyebrows knowing that could not possibly be what his costume was, as it looked more like he had made no effort whatsoever.

    “Sounds as good as anything. I just grabbed whatever I could find to pass as a costume.” He shrugged and they all laughed, Farrah nodding, knowing she had been right.

    Picking up their cups from the floor, they tossed them into a large plastic trash can. Resuming the task they had set out to accomplish, they made their drinks, tasting each of them and exclaiming over how delicious they all were. Walking back to the main room, they danced with their drinks as they listened to the DJ.

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  • #i wrote this #i can't write rst #i will try again some day #hope you like it anyway anon! #msr#xf fanfic#my writing#my fic#Anonymous
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  • Author: @slippinmickeys

    For: isadub

    A mystical force in a small northern town is affecting the dreams of its residents – and it’s turning deadly. Mulder and Scully must get to the bottom of the mystery and put a stop to it before they lose not just themselves, but each other.

    Link Here

    #XFCaseFic2020 [1/20]

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  • #asks#xfiles fanfic#xf fanfic #'extensive' could probably be my blog subtitle
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  • Here are a bunch of very good X-Files fics featuring a casefile. Not enough? Check out all the recs in part 1. Enjoy!

    1000 Rainy Days by R. L. Montoya
    When Scully begins experiencing a strange form of empathy, it affects her work on an abduction case. Mulder reacts oddly, becoming more and more attracted to her because of it, but the consequences of and reasons for her new ability are more far- reaching than either of them realize.

    Abner by Anonymous
    Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate a possible serial killing in a small, very suburban neighborhood.

    Argus by Jintian
    Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders involving someone from Krycek’s past.

    Deluge by Oracle
    Something between them has been slowly melting, thawing like the winter cold, and maybe tonight it will wash away.

    Diametrically Opposed by mountainphile
    Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious disappearance of a college student in Ohio. Circumstances demand that they work from divergent ends of the spectrum, unearthing old wounds while opening new doors to the truth.

    Fish for Fallen Light by nevdull
    I started early, took my dog, and visited the sea.

    Floaters and The Pact by Madeleine Partous
    It’s an X-File with character stuff, creepiness and, I hope, humour. / Juan shows up in Washington with a knotty little problem: why are New York City’s addicts, hookers and homeless people vanishing without a trace?

    Kevin by Justin Glasser
    Scully gets a message from Kevin Cryder asking for her help.

    Locusts by syn
    An unexpected death begins a terrible journey for Dana Scully and Fox Mulder; one that threatens to tear their faith, their beliefs and their partnership apart.

    Malus Genius by Plausible Deniability and MaybeAmanda
    What’s *your* evil spirit?

    The Marfa Murder Mysteries by Katie Phillips
    Mulder gets tied up working on a case with VCU so Scully is forced to go undercover on her own down in Texas investigating mysterious deaths involving the world famous Marfa Lights. Problems arise and Mulder also goes undercover to make sure his partner is safe.

    Nights of Shining Armor by Gina Rain
    A tale of shared dreams, fractured fairy tales and great expectations gone awry. In short, Mulder and Scully investigate a serial kidnapping case.

    Nuts by dith
    (No summary provided)

    On Untying the Endless Knot, and Other Improbable Things by secondsflat
    A casefile revolving, in part, around the events in Demons. Mulder accepts an assignment relating to one of his and Scully’s past cases. With Mulder still suffering tranquilizer-induced seizures, how will he and Scully deal with how unexpectedly personal the case suddenly becomes?

    Paper Saints by Jill Selby
    Set post-“Fight the Future”

    Partial Abandon by MoJo
    Scully takes a twelve hour break in the Big Easy with Mulder for some pure MSR.

    Petrichor by @aloysiavirgata
    He could tell her that her prefrontal cortex was the revelation to the thief on the cross.

    Queen’s Gambit by Suzanne Schramm
    Queen’s Gambit: A chess strategy in which a player sacrifices key pieces in order to win.

    Skin by Annie Sewell-Jennings
    In a world where Mulder and Scully have never met, fate intervenes and brings two worlds colliding in the city of Charleston, as a vicious murderer reigns and a storm approaches.

    Skuamorph by tabulaxrosa
    Purposely investigating a throw-away case, Mulder and Scully find more than they bargained for. Set during Season 7.

    This House is Burning by Tesla
    (No summary provided, but this takes place early in the canon)

    The Watching Wall by amerella
    Cartography, he had said of her once.

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  • This story takes the grit and insolence of Mulder and Scully in season 3’s “Syzygy” and lands it with feeling in season 10. It’s a perfect mix.

    Title: Mercury, Mars and Uranus in conjunction, and the way you look tonight
    Author: Cuits
    Summary: Another place, another time, but the ripples of Comity still linger between them.
    Length: 3,405 words
    Classification: MSR, post-Syzygy kind of
    Rating: Mature
    Spoilers: Season 10, Syzygy
    Favorite line: The word falls of her lips as she searches his eyes with hers and finds them bright and alive, her fingers caressing softly the learned contours of his face.

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  • 3 Times One of Them Fell Asleep on the Other and 1 Time They Fell Asleep Together

    words: 1,276

    summary: A collection of moments, and all of them times that they probably should have admitted their feelings.

    warnings: none

    msr // collection of ficlets // tagging: @today-in-fic 

    read it on ao3 // my x-files masterlist

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    #tori writes txf #the x files #xf fanfic#fox mulder#dana scully#txf
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  • A little future fic where after a late shift at the hospital, Scully comes home to sit on the porch and drink some wine with Mulder, discussing her day and hearing about his own.

    I saw a poem on my timeline on Twitter and from six short lines, a fic was born. I hope you enjoy the story I have created. I love it very much. The fluff… 💙


    September 2022

    Scully walked into her office and sighed. The later shifts at the hospital were always harder, but she was happy with how the day had gone. Well, content anyway.

    She still had an hour to go, in which she would need to finish up her paperwork, leaving notes for the doctors on call in the morning. Sitting down at her desk, she sighed as he opened a file, rereading what she had written earlier, adding notes from the day.

    As she moved it, reaching for the next folder, she heard a buzzing sound, and turned to her left, seeing her cell phone light up with a message from Mulder. She smiled as she picked up the phone and opened the message.

    It was a picture of the moon, a bright full moon, taken from their porch, a small portion of the drive and the magnolia trees in the bottom corner. As she stared at it, the phone buzzed with another message.

    Opening it, she found a picture of their porch swing, the new pillow Faith had insisted on sitting in the middle; white with numerous rainbows upon it. She grinned at the picture and then the phone buzzed again.

    A picture of the porch chairs.

    Then a picture of two glasses of wine on the table between the chairs.

    She smiled, about to text him and tell him she would be home soon, when a message appeared and she sighed, the poetry of the words stirring her soul and arousing her all at once.

    “Come home
    Beautiful lady
    I’ve left the lights on
    Though the stars
    And the moon
    Are burning brightly”

    She exhaled, looking back through the messages and shaking her head; that man did know how to get to her. Exhaling again, she set the phone aside, not answering him, knowing it would only prolong things and she was now eager to hurry the paperwork along and get home to drink wine with him by the light of the moon.

    Her notes may have been shorter than usual, but they were thorough and contained what was needed. Placing them onto Doctor McKay’s desk, she gathered up her things, walked out the door, and smiled as she headed to her car.

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    #The X-Files#XF Fanfic #Family Life: The Story Beyond the Series #Fluff#Domestic Fluff#Happiness#Love#Moonlight#Drinking Wine #Discussing the Day #All the Colors #Cuddling and Snuggling #Family Fluff
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