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  • kogetanotenshi
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    InuYasha: [Nudges Kagome awake]

    Kagome: Inu, what’s wrong?

    InuYasha: Do you like me, Kagome?

    Kagome: InuYasha, I married you.

    InuYasha: Yeah but did you marry me as a friend or as a wife?

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  • princess-towa-positivity
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Hanyou no Yashahime - Setsuna 💛
    Episode 21 - Secret of The Rainbow Pearls
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  • kogetanotenshi
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    InuYasha episode 39, a summary.

    #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #rumic world #hanyo no yashahime #rumiko takahashi#inuyasha#incorrect inuyasha#incorrect quotes#Kagura#Naraku's Incarnations#Koga #This is basically what happened #Kagura of the Wind
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  • animekingfans
    16.05.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #hanyo no yashahime #inuyasha#seshomaru#anime
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  • gojocaninfinitymyass
    16.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Episode Five Notes:

    The episode starts with this human man getting slain on the gojo bridge. Jakotsumaru (tokotsu’s son) makes an appearance and he comments on the murderer’s bone structure. Jako uses his fan to suck the dude’s skeleton from his body.

    Scene changes and we’re back to our main girls. The situation plays out the same as it did in episode 4, where Towa makes the realization that she can’t go back home. The camera pans to the owl demon, Yotsume, before we’re shown lady Kyuki in her cave having a conversation with him through her crystal ball. Yotsume tells her that the girl [Moroha] who defeated Tokotsu has returned.

    Commentary - So...how did Yotsume just know that Moroha was back? Was he staying by the tree this whole time?

    We learn that Jako is collecting bones to revive his father and that he wants to take revenge. The scene changes to Moroha, who leaves her bag with Kaede. She tells Kaede to look after her stuff and that she’s off to sell the bones for cash. Kaede makes a comment about Moroha being similar to Kagome:

    Commentary - I guess this means that Kaede has never met Moroha before (makes sense); however, the fact that she can’t tell that Moroha is Kagome’s daughter?????? In episode one of Inuyasha, she could tell that Kagome looked eerily similar to Kikyo and it was obvious that she was making the connection, yet here she can’t put 2 and 2 together? What the fuck? Furthermore, she sensed root head’s energy depleting, but now she can’t sense Moroha’s spiritual energy????

    Scene changes and we have the demon slayers examining bones. Towa and Setsuna are with Kohaku who’s looking through old books to gain some info on the butterfly. He says that it doesn’t appear like the butterfly is an apparition, so Setsuna theorizes that it might be a shikigami or a puppet. Kohaku seems to agree and points out that the butterfly might be inhabiting Mt. Musabi. Towa turns to Setsuna and asks that they look for it there, but Setsuna ignores her and asks Kohaku for any available jobs.

    Commentary - This was kind of funny, bc Setsuna was engaging in the conversation but now she’s ignoring Towa’s request.

    Towa calls Setsuna’s name bc she’s bothered by her sister’s disinterest. Setsuna tells her this:

    Commentary - This was very Sesshomaru of her, but I still find it funny how she’ll have these moments of caring about the butterfly, but then she’ll flip to this uncaring attitude. Even in the modern era, she had a moment where she thought about Towa wanting to find the butterfly and she said, “it’s not like it’s bothering me,” so it’s obvious that she’s not completely disinterested in the curse. Even Moroha called her bluff. Plus, it seems as if Setsuna didn’t know anything about it.

    I can understand why she wouldn’t care that much, since she doesn’t suffer from the curse, but these shifts from interest to disinterest makes it difficult to tell if she really cares or not.

    And if she doesn’t care, then that seems kind of whacky (imo). Sure she may not physically suffer, but if I was cursed by a butterfly, and I knew nothing about, I’d at least want to get some answers. It’s obvious that she wasn’t cursed as a kid. Even Towa mentions this, so... Plus, she just learned that her dad has apparently walked the wrong path, so you’d think she’d wonder whether it was his fault or not 💀

    The scene changes to the girls on their first mission together. They’re looking at the boneless corpses in the village. Hisui asks Kohaku why he can’t do this mission by himself, and Kohaku explains that it’s bc of his hiraikotsu. He comments that Hisui’s weapon doesn’t work well against bone eater demons. Setsuna talks about taking the demon out and Towa pipes in saying, “let’s do our best.” Kohaku is surprised by this and asks Towa if she really wants to help, and Towa says, “of course. Leave it to us.” Kohaku remarks on how well they seem to get along and that he’s still surprised that they’re Sesshomaru’s daughters. Setsuna denies their closeness and says that they’re complete strangers. Towa replies with this:

    Commentary - This is kind of annoying. Towa just got to the feudal era and is already going on a mission???? She wasn’t even given time to fully process the change. I also hate how accepting she is of this shit. No one who’s been living in the modern era for that long will be this chill after learning that time travel exists. She legit just discovered that demons are real too, so how is she being this comfortable?

    I’m really disliking how overbearing she is with Setsuna. Like...sis...you just met your sister after being separated from her for 10 years. Let her breathe. Furthermore, you still haven’t proven to her that you’re related aside from displaying your strength, and that’s hardly enough evidence...

    I hate her manipulation tactic too. “I’m doing it for you.” Setsuna didn’t ask!!!

    Kohaku disrupts their bickering and tells them to get in touch if anything happens. He sends Kirara with them, and Hisui asks if they’ll be okay. Setsuna comments that she will be, since she has Kirara with her. Towa chimes in too and says, “she also has her big sister coming along.”

    Commentary - girl...respect your sister’s boundaries. She’s not the same four year old you knew.

    Scene changes to the corpse dealer jyubei and Moroha. Moroha gives him the remains of the centipede lady and the Hitokon. We learn that Moroha has a debt to pay. Apparently, Jyubei has been burdening her debt to, which is interesting. I wonder how that happened.

    Myōga appears and is happy to see Moroha again. Jyubei talks to Moroha and explains that the silver he gave her for bringing Tokotsu’s headless body was actually a deposit that she’ll have to pay back if she doesn’t bring his head. Raccoon dog is finally introduced. Jyubei asks for him to follow Moroha and make sure that she completes her task, since Jako is collecting bones to revive his dad.

    Commentary - how the fuck does this dude know that? Where did Myōga even come from and how does Moroha know him? Furthermore, why does she call him grandpa??? This could be bc he’s old, but it’s still interesting to note.

    Moroha asks where Jako is located and the raccoon dog tells her that he’ll take her there.

    Commentary - bootleg shippo needs to get decked...

    Scene changes and it’s night time. Setsuna and Towa are waiting by the bridge, when Jako appears with a wagon full of bones. A bunch of wolves show up and growl at him. Jako attacks the wolves and steals their bones. Setsuna goes in to strike, but Jako escapes. His kimono gets discarded and the wagon falls apart, causing the bones to scatter. Setsuna and Towa rush over and Setsuna holds up his kimono. Towa asks if she got him and Setsuna tells her that he escaped. Towa says this:

    Commentary - This is kind of consistent, since the first episode showed that towa didn’t want Moroha to kill Yotsume. It’s funny how she says she doesn’t want to kill such a cute kid. Am I supposed to believe that if he wasn’t cute, she’d have no issues killing him? At least with Yotsume she explained that it was to get info out of him, yet with Jako, she doesn’t have much of a reason to not want to attack him. Strange.

    I also didn’t like how Setsuna ran into the fight without having a plan. She doesn’t even know if this person has any additional powers, yet she was being reckless and put her sister at risk.

    They both look up and see a trail of red bones and note that Jako must be at the end of it. The scene changes and we have Moroha riding on top of the raccoon dog. He leaves her at the front gate of the building, and Moroha tells him to go hide somewhere safe. She senses a presence behind her and is happy to see that it’s just Towa and Setsuna. The twins wonder why Moroha is here and Moroha tells them that she’s not going to give them any info, since this bounty is worth a bag of gold.

    Commentary - so...uh...where’s Kirara???

    Myōga appears yet again and tells Moroha that Tokotsu’s head is actually worth more than a bag of gold and that the problem is the other four perils, since they won’t stay silent for long. Moroha has an internal monologue and says that she’s aware of this, but thinks that things might turn out well, if she gets the twins involved.

    Commentary - Kind of shady for Moroha to involve the twins, when she knows that Towa has no knowledge on the feudal era and how it works

    Setsuna notes that Moroha is scheming. Scene changes and we see Jako. He comments that Moroha is here, and again, how does he know that? Myōga starts explaining that he served the dog family for 3 generations starting with the great dog demon. He notes that Moroha’s blood is the closest to Toga’s. Um??? How???

    Moroha says that she doesn’t care about all of that and just wants to have info on the four perils. He explains that the perils are demons that crossed into the mainland during the Autum and Spring period.

    The twins are shocked to hear Kirinmaru’s name. Myōga asks why and Setsuna explains his plan to distort time. Myoga says that he can’t believe someone like Kirinmaru would have an ambition like that. Towa and Setsuna share a look before the scene changes to Jako trying to wake his dad up.

    Commentary - Interesting that Myōga says this. It makes you wonder if Treekiyo was lying. And if not, then what made Kirin turn evil?

    Moroha says that she didn’t know Tokotsu was Kirin’s underling. This makes Setsuna mad, since she realizes that Moroha is trying to rope them in. Moroha says that in return she’ll help them to find the butterfly.

    Commentary - I don’t dislike Moroha for this, but I do find it kind of crappy that she’s trying to rope the twins into her mess, especially when she knows that Towa doesn’t have any fighting experience (with demons). But I guess we’re supposed to understand that she’s the type to get what she wants, regardless of what she has to do to accomplish her goal

    Setsuna says that it’s not even worth it and Towa joins the conversation by commenting on Moroha’s strength. She asks her if the peril was just too weak and Moroha says that she doesn’t remember slaying it. She said that she woke up and took his pearl, and while she was taking the body to Jyubei, she got chased by his underlings. She didn’t know anything about his worth or that his name was even Tokotsu (until Jyubei gave her the info). Setsuna says that this must mean another person was at fault for killing him, and Moroha replies, “talk about false accusations.” Setsuna says that if they decide to kill the perils, then Kirinmaru will emerge and if Sesshomaru emerges, then they’ll have to kill their dad too.

    Commentary - Um??? That’s not what Treekiyo said in the previous episode. She said that if they kill Kirinmaru, then sesshomaru will emerge and vice versa. She mentioned nothing about the perils, so how is Setsuna coming to this conclusion????

    Myōga appears (again) and and is a little surprised that the twins are sesshomaru’s daugthers. How the hell does Moroha connect those dots through smell and Myōga couldn’t??? Furthermore, why isn’t Myōga shocked by Sess having kids??? I’m sure anyone would be surprised that a racist would have hanyou kids, especially when it’s only been 4 years after the main event of the series....

    Moroha asks the girls what they’re going to do, bc after they go behind the door, they”ll need to fight the peril. She mentions what it’s worth and says that they can split the gold. She then uses a manipulation tactic and says, “we’re buddies and we can help each other out for now on.”

    Commentary - Again, I’m not really surprise that she is this conniving, since she had to deal with scam artists like Jyubei, lol

    Moroha opens the door and Jako was already waiting for them. Moroha tells the twins to be on guard and Setsuna tells her that she needs to be more on guard, since Jako believes that she’s the one who killed his dad. Towa says that if she explains how she got the bounty based on pure luck, then maybe he’ll understand.

    Commentary - Okay, so is Towa dumb or what? There’s a big difference between being anti killing and being naive. Jako has killed plenty of people/animals to bring his dad back. Why would he decide to forsake his plan just bc Moroha says she was “lucky?” He doesn’t even have a way to confirm this anyways... like...come on Towa. I’m sure those bullies didn’t stop bothering you after you asked them to. Moroha decided to face Jako, but the moment she walks into the room, Tokotsu emerges and is pissed that Moroha took his pearl and sold his body.

    Moroha throws some jabs at Tokotsu and Towa tries to stop her by saying that everyone makes mistakes and that she needs to apologize. Setsuna rightfully calls her naive and asks her if everyone from her world forgave people simply bc they apologized. Moroha says that she’s not going to apologize bc bounty hunting is her job.

    Commentary - Why does Moroha need to apologize? If she’s not the one who killed the peril, what would she be saying sorry for? Furthermore, why is Towa acting like Jako hasn’t KILLED people. Like...I get she’s from the modern era and the writers are trying to make a distinction between the modern era and the feudal eras’ mentalities, but even Kagome knew when a person had gone too far. Towa is acting like being kind and forgiving people will solve the worlds’ problems, which is HILARIOUS, bc she got bothered by bullies and had to change schools multiple times. She has first hand experience dealing with people who have remained problematic, despite the number of times she had to beat their asses, yet now she’s forgetting this?????

    Moroha decides to attack Tokotsu and claims that she’ll have to power her way through. Setsuna laughs and says, “so you’ll pave your own path? I expect nothing less from my friend.”

    Commentary - This is cute. So far, I’ve been liking Setsuna and Moroha’s interactions. I like how they’re able to read each other and tell when the other is bluffing or being dishonest. Their relationship is what I imagine sesshomaru and Inuyasha’s relationship to be like had they reconciled their differences. Towa really looks like the third wheel here, lmfao

    Towa thinks about Setsuna’s comment about apologizing and decides to join in on their fight. She says that Setsuna is right. Some things can’t be resolved with apologizes, which is hilarious. I love how she just accepts this so easily and doesn’t even reflect on her beliefs. She then slashes the skeletons and says, “right. If I’m dealing with skeletons, I don’t have to hesitate. Bc they’re already dead.”

    Commentary - Interesting. They keep trying to make Towa take this moral high ground where she can’t kill living things, yet she can beat up the humans from the modern era and stab mistress centipede in the gut. Make it make sense 🤣

    Jako tries to attack Moroha but she spits the purifying salt that she kept in her mouth. Jako questions why a demon like her even posesses spiritual powers.

    Commentary - Interesting. How does Jako just know this? And I love how he calls her a demon

    Myoga appears and explains that it’s bc Moroha is Kagome’s daughter who happens to be the reincarnation of Kikyo.

    Commentary - Really? We’re still on this reincarnation bullshit. Kagome deadass killed Naraku and saved the entire feudal era, yet they’re still doing the “reincarnation of kikyo” line. The disrespect

    Moroha comments that she’s surprised Myōga hasn’t ran away. Myoga says that he might just do that, while Moroha takes out the rouge. Myōga gets overjoyed since he can finally taste Toga’s blood after 200 years. Moroha remembers the side effects and tells Towa and Setsuna that she’ll be out for a day, and that she’s counting on them to watch over her body. Myoga does another exposition dump and explains that the rouge was a gift from Toga to Izayoi. Whenever Moroha uses it, Toga’s memories get revived in her blood.

    Commentary - What the fuck does that mean? So like??? Does she get Toga’s memories???????

    The red aura that surrounds Moroha dissolves the skulls around her, which is interesting. How much stronger does this rouge make her? Jako and Moroha fight and Jako dies literally one second in.

    Commentary - How ridiculous. We get introduced to this character with a cool power and then he legit dies within a second???? What was even the point? We also learned that it was her claws that killed Tokotsu, so it really was Moroha that killed him.

    Towa looks sad that Jako died and says poor fellow. Setsuna looks at her with anger and rightfully so. Moroha uses her blood to set Tokotsu’s skeletal body on fire and then knocks out. Towa comments that she can only last a minute and how she can’t even make cup noodles with that amount of time.

    Commentary - So, Moroha is out for a day and can only use her demon energy for one minute. Good to know.

    Tokotsu turns out to not really be dead and Setsuna slays him. Towa asks if it was okay to do that, since they were in the wrong.

    Commentary - Towa...HOW!!!!!!! How are you in the wrong when his son has literally been killing people? Granted, Moroha did kill his dad, but clearly these people are unhinged af. For someone who claims to be against bullying, she’s surely turning a blind eye to the fact that Jako KILLED PEOPLE. What about their families??? Their kids???? I can maybe understand the idea that she doesn’t want to feed into the violence with more violence, but the father-son duo have already crossed that line. This is just self defense at this point.

    Setsuna explains that the boneless corpses would have only increased and Towa says, “I get it. They’re worse than us.” Bitch what?????? You haven’t killed anyone!!!!!!!! I-

    Setsuna then says a chant:

    “on meeting an arhat, slay the arhat; on meeting your parents slay your parents. Know that the light to your path lies there.”

    Towa uses her sword and slays Tokotsu. After he dies, the building disappears and we see raccoon boy flying ahead. Raccoon tells Jyubei that they destroyed everything and he says “good job Half demon princesses.”

    Commentary - Again, I love how Moroha is still being considered a half demon. Also, why does Jyubei know to call them this?

    Raccoon boy ends up leaving them. Towa and Setsuna are watching over Moroha’s sleeping form and Towa asks Setsuna about her chant form earlier. She explains that it’s something she heard from a traveling monk (Miroku). Setsuna then smiles down at Moroha and calls her interesting, since she’s a shihanyou with both demon and spiritual powers.

    Commentary - WHERE DID KIRARA GO!!!!!

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  • officialinuyasha
    16.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    #57 Zero's Character Design

    Director Satou Teruo: "As she was designed as Kirinmaru’s older sister, she had to give the impression of being someone with appropiate prestige. I established that after consulting with Yoshihito Hishinuma, the character designer. In that phase of development, the idea was that she wouldn’t take much action in the story, so she ended up as a character with an oiran image, even when it’s not historically accurate. I apologized to the animators given that, as the story advances, she fought a lot in the end of the first season."

    Translated by @julito-tradus

    Proof read by me

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  • rehncohro
    16.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Yashahime was alright. Shame it ended on a cliffhanger. Looking forward to season 2.

    #yashahime #yashahime princess half demon #inuyasha#inuyasha sequel#anime
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  • yashahime-confessions
    16.05.2021 - 12 hours ago


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