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  • God I look at you

    I know I shouldn’t

    But when I do I don’t see a person I know

    It feels like I never knew you

    And I probably never did

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  • Omg ! Pretty soul, i cant get you out of my mind 😍😍☺️☺️

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  • “It seemed that” - |74|

    “It seemed that” – |74|

    We were ready to cross this new borderline, and it seemed even one of the latest, but with Zora was who directing at least this part of the game, we didn’t knew nothing.Like  for the others borderlines, we had must to go first and face up to each obstacles she was putting us in front.At the beginning we hadn’t noticed, but more we believed to go on, more we remained where we were. It was another…


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    #Am Writng a Fantasy #Am Writng a Romance #emotions#feelings#Luke Arnold#Me #Our Parallel World #sensations#Tale#together#urbanfantasy#you
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  • Valentine Event: The Other Side of Love (Prologue)

    ???: Love… is something precious, right?

    ???: It is.

    ???: So why do people reject it? Why do people trample over it?

    The voice of a child whispers to the empty night sky. His sibling casts a wistful look to the sky.

    Child’s sibling: I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s a part of love.

    Child: N-No way…

    Looking over the world, the two siblings share a painful silence.

    Child: …Then, I want to change that!

    A sudden determination overtook the child as he turned to his sibling.

    Child: Would you help me, Brother?

    His sibling hesitates before flashing a small smile.

    Child’s sibling: Of course… Brother.


    The morning sunlight draws in to mark the beginning of a new day. However, this week is the most crucial for those looking forward to the important day of receiving and giving love.

    Shiro: Finally, I managed to get those ingredients!

    Ryota: Yeah, the queue was really long. No wonder why Choji said we should head over early.

    Looking at the crowd of people purchasing ingredients for chocolates from the nearby stores, your attention was drawn to a loud sigh from Kengo heaving more shopping bags over to Shiro and Ryota.

    Kengo: You guys seriously bought too much!

    Shiro: That’s why you are here, aren’t you?

    Ryota: Plus, we did promise to help Choji in exchange for some yummy chocolate he’s making.

    Kengo could only grumble as his argument was deemed invalid.

    Kengo: Damn it, if it’s not for the chocolates…

    Looking over to your empty hands, Ryota eyed you curiously.

    Ryota: Aren’t you getting anything? Most of the chocolates are going to be sold out soon.

    ❤️: I already bought mine yesterday.

    💙: I don’t really have anyone to make chocolates for…

    💛: I can get them some other time.


    Ryota: S-So fast!

    Shiro: Oh, are you making some too?

    Kengo: Seriously? You’re going to share some with me, right, Partner?


    Ryota: A-Ah! Don’t be sad!

    Shiro: You don’t? That’s a surprise. Maybe I should prepare some for you.

    Kengo: Hey, it’s ok. We can try some of their chocolate together then!


    Shiro: You might want to try another store then. Most of the chocolate around this area would be sold out by the end of today.

    Ryota: And nothing’s more sad than staring at an empty shelf!

    Kengo: That’s just the opinion of your stomach, Ryota!

    Walking past the stores, you realised something important is missing from your bag.

    💛: Ah, my wallet-
    💙: -It’s not here.

    💛 and 💙:

    Shiro: It should still be in that last store we went. Go ahead. We’ll wait for you right here.

    Kengo: You better hurry! Before Ryota starts eating the chocolate from these bags!

    Ryota: Hey! I’m not impatient!

    With a nod, you hurried back to the store, moving past the crowd of people excitedly leaving with shopping bags of chocolate. Upon reaching the packing area, you found your wallet tucked away next to a shelf of plushies on display and reached for it.

    ???: Got you.

    Suddenly, your entire body is paralysed by an invisible hold. Your surroundings start to shift and the world literally spins around you. Unable to withstand the violent motion, you squeezed your eyes shut until everything comes to a stop. By then, you were lying on the floor, barely able to grasp that you were staring at the ceiling when you felt yourself being picked up.

    ???: Brother! Brother! Look! I caught my first mortal!

    ???: Calm down, Brother. You’re going to suffocate them – hugging them like that.

    At the two child-like voices you opened your eyes to meet a pair of blond haired twins. Both of them appearing bigger than you are with their excited smiles.

    Happy-go-lucky Child: They look so cute like this. It’s a shame that we can’t keep them for ourselves now.

    Mature-looking Child: Mm, but we can play with them later. After they are done with our game that is.

    You tried to struggle out of the hold around your waist. Only to realise that you can’t move the fingers in your hands. That was when you realised that your hand was…

    ❤️: It’s soft…
    💛: …like felt?!

    ❤️ and 💛:

    Happy-go-lucky Child: That’s right! You’re a plushie now!

    Staring at the plushie-like hand that was undeniably yours, a sense of dread and horror overwhelms you as you try to move the rest of your body.

    Mature-looking Child: There is no need to fear. That form is temporary. But only if you can complete the game we have prepared for you.

    The other child gives you a sly look as he strokes your head tenderly. Just then, the door to the store opens and you see three familiar faces enter the packing area.

    Kengo: Yeesh, what’s taking them so long?

    Ryota: They’re not answering my messages… You don’t think-

    Shiro: I doubt it. They should still be around here.

    💙: Shiro!

    Shiro: Huh?

    💛: Kengo! Over here!

    Kengo: Eh? Was that-

    ❤️: Ryota! Help!

    Ryota: D-Did you guys hear that?

    Right there and then, the rest of your words were muffled by one of the twins’s arms against your mouth. Your friends looked over to the two children.

    Shiro: Sorry excuse me. Did you see someone with the same uniform as us here earlier?

    Happy-go-lucky Child: No!

    Mature-looking Child: Not really.

    The children beamed while lying through their teeth – putting on a façade that any adult would fall for.

    Shiro: Ah, I see…

    Shiro pauses upon noticing you in one of the twin’s arms and smiles.

    Shiro: That’s a cute plushie you have there. Where did you get it from?

    You could barely comprehend the words spilling out of Shiro’s mouth as the twin holding you responded.

    Happy-go-lucky Child: My Mum made it for me.

    Shiro: Oh wow, she’s really talented. It almost looks like-

    Ryota: Hey, doesn’t it look like…

    Their line of sight now at your uniform, you struggled even more against your captors.

    Kengo: W-Whoa?! That plushie can move?!

    Your struggle however came to a stop at the sensation of a finger pressed against the back of your neck. A sudden spurt of energy shoots through you.

    Mature-looking Child: Now, now. That’s not how it works.

    The next thing you knew, your mind shut down. The last few words echoing in your ears before you heard your friends call out your name.

    Mature-looking Child: To go against the Gods of Love-

    Happy-go-lucky Child: -Would mean a punishment!

    Mature-looking Child: So sleep for now, little mortal. And when you wake…

    Happy-go-lucky Child: You will play your role…

    Mature-looking Child and Happy-go-lucky Child: …To witness the other side of love.

    To be continued…

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  • do i still run through your mind or am i hopelessly thinking of someone who never thinks of me

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  • do you regret the nights we spent together?

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  • Κρύο.


    Εγώ είμαι πάλι.

    Ξέρεις… κρυώνω. Κρυώνω τόσο πολύ!

    Μάλλον, είναι επειδή το φάντασμά σου είναι εδώ πάλι. Κι ας μην έχεις πεθάνει.

    Ξέρεις… η ψυχή μας ταξιδεύει όταν κοιμόμαστε. Αυτό πιστεύω εγώ.

    Απόψε, ξανά, διάλεξες να με ονειρευτείς. Το κάνεις συχνά τελευταία.

    Κι όταν πέφτω για ύπνο, σε βλέπω μπροστά μου, πιο ζωντανό από ποτέ. Ξυπνάω και νοιώθω πως όλο το βράδυ σε άγγιζα.

    Ξυπνάω και αισθάνομαι σαν να σε φίλησα μόλις πριν λίγα δευτερόλεπτα.

    Έχει τόσο κρύο σήμερα. Μάλλον έπεσες για ύπνο από νωρίς. Αυτό το κρύο, ξέρεις… δεν αντέχεται.

    Όσα σκεπάσματα κι αν βάλω από πάνω μου. Όσους ανθρώπους κι αν ξαπλώσω στο κρεβάτι μου. Ακόμα κι αν άναβα μια φωτιά στο κέντρο του δωματίου, θα ήμουν ακόμα παγωμένη.

    Ξέρεις… Δεν αντέχω. Έχω αρχίσει να πονάω από το κρύο. Κι όμως… δεν έχω βρει τρόπο να ζεσταθώ, ακόμη.

    Ξέρεις… έχω αρχίσει να μισώ τον τρόπο που σε αγάπησα, γιατί νομίζω πως, πλέον, αυτός είναι ο λόγος που ταξιδεύει η ψυχή σου για να βρει τη δική μου.

    Επειδή οι ψυχές συνδέονται βαθύτερα από τα μυαλά και τις καρδιές. Οι ψυχές έχουνε βούληση δικιά τους.

    Ίσως οι ψυχές μας αγαπήθηκαν τόσο πολύ, που δεν αντέχουν να ‘ναι χώρια.

    Αγάπη μου… κρυώνω. Τα χέρια μου παγώνουν. Τα ακροδάχτυλά μου δεν είναι ικανά να συνεχίσουν να σου γράφουν για πολύ.

    Αρχίζω να μη νοιώθω το σώμα μου σιγά-σιγά. Μπορώ να δω τα χνώτα της ανάσας μου πλέον. Τα μάτια μου, μετά βίας, παραμένουν ανοιχτά. Τα δάκρια που κυλάνε έχουν γίνει σαν δύο μικρά διαμάντια που πέφτουν απ’ τα μάτια μου.

    Αγάπη μου… ΚΡΥΩΝΩ! Ξέρεις… δεν είμαι δυνατή, όπως νομίζεις και τελικά θα εγκαταλείψω. Αυτές ίσως είναι οι τελευταίες γραμμές που θα διαβάσεις από 'μένα.

    Κι αν δει ποτέ κανείς αυτό το γράμμα και σε ρωτήσει ποια είμαι εγώ και τι είναι αυτά που γράφω…

    Πες του πως είναι καλύτερο να μη ξέρει. Πως δεν θα ήθελες να μάθει κανείς πως κατάφερες να παγώσεις τον πιο ζεστό άνθρωπο που σε αγάπησε.

    Αγάπη μου… σε αφήνω. Λυπάμαι. Το κρύο στη ψυχή μου απόψε είναι ανυπόφορο.

    Σε παρακαλώ. Μη μείνεις άλλο. Θα με σκότωνε η σκέψη πως η ψυχή σου πάγωσε εξ’ αιτίας της δικιάς μου.


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  • Even in the people we think we know the most lyes a part of them we will never get to know. The part before everything. Sometimes it’s the part after too. Are you here just for another chapter of my book or will you make it to the end? Will I even make it to the end?

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  • Sono tornataa!

    Perciò stasera scrivetemi qualcosa che vi rende felici 🌅

    (siate originali😏)

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  • Ogni volta che tu ti senti un po’ abbattuto, cerco di tirarti su il morale e di darti tutto il mio sostegno però alla fine, non so come, sono io quella che crolla e tu in un secondo ti trasformi, sfoderi una forza incredibile e riesci a farmi stare meglio.

    Quando hai un momento di sconforto avresti bisogno che io diventassi la roccia alla quale puoi appoggiarti ma non so dare aiuto, sono in grado soltanto di chiederlo.

    Mi dispiace tanto…

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