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  • NCT as Questionable thing I’ve done.

    Taeyong: Brought my stuffed animal everyday for a week to school in 11th grade.

    Taeil: Liking when I get mistaken for being younger then I am and even liking when I’m treated like a child because of it.

    Johnny: Straddled a bent over palm tree at my friend’s wedding.

    Yuta: Pierced my own lip with a sewing needle twice.

    Doyoung: Talked about how much a hated someone and forgetting they we’re in the room.

    Kun: Carried my 26 year old sister on my hip like a baby.

    Ten: In 6th grade danced to the Cheetah Girls in front of the class before the bell rang.

    Jaehyun: Using tinder.

    Winwin: Sat under the dining table with a bowl of candy during a party

    Jungwoo: Fed my hamster Cheetos when I was old enough to know better.

    Lucas: Randomly biting my friends.

    Mark: Wrote poetry in High School that got me sent to the school counselor. Multiple times.

    Xiaojun: Wore a mini skirt on the day I knew I had music which was just a class full of cute boys.

    Hendery: Drank out of the same water bowl as my bunnies to bond with them.

    Renjun: Destroying and lighting things on fire when they break before just throwing it away.

    Jeno: Picked up a stray kitten and brought it into the house and kept it as a pet for a few days until they decided they wanted to leave.

    Haechan: Skipped school and walked to the beauty supply store to buy hair dye just because I was bored.

    Jaemin: Sat behind the sink in class and started meowing until the teacher told me to stop.

    Yangyang: Chugged the remainder of the punch at a party straight from the bowl while watching a monster high movie.

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  • [11:53pm]

    Yuta rubs his hand on your inner thigh all while holding your waist. “Tent?” You ask Yuta in a whispered tone and he nods. “Hey, guys. Me and Yuta are gonna head to bed now.” You say standing up from Yuta’s lap. “That’s such an old excuse.” Johnny scoffed playfully but gets a smack from his girlfriend. “Goodnight love birds.” Jaehyun’s girlfriend cooed.

    Yo, make sure to use protection.” Mark slurred, he was a bit drunk. “Will do.” You giggled and ran in your tent. Yuta zipped up the tent after taking off his shoes and threw himself on you, attacking you with deep kisses. “Mm- get the condoms.” You said in between the steamy kisses. Yuta pulls away and digs through his backpack, pulling out a foil.

    He brings himself back into the steamy kiss and slowly slides his hands down your shorts and panties. He lightly rubs your cilt making you jolt and whine. “My little kitten can’t wait, can she?” He asked as you pulled on his shorts. Yuta pulls your shorts and panties off, throwing them by the doorway. The air breezing against your naked cilt.

    Yuta takes off his pants and underwear, then rips the foil open. He takes the condom out and slides it down his member. “Is my kitten ready?” You nod with doey eyes. Lets just say everyone who you both went camping with, also had great nights.

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  • (Part Three)


    One - Two - Three

    genre : Chaptered, Fluff

    pairing : childhood friends: soccer player! Nakamoto Yuta x single mom! Y/N

    word count : 1.3k words

    You’ll always be his Sakura.

    @ailoveyuta @loona-4-eva @aiforyuu @2-3-t-i@cosmiclatte28 @url-lindo-sexy

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  • Headcanon

    ⸰ֺ⭑Nct 127 - Ideal types⭑ֺ⸰


    ❥︎𑁍 Taeil

    Someone like the moon. Serene, a comforting presence, humble, but that still possesses various interesting facets and is able to light the darkest room. Someone with a magnetic aura, whose presence is subtle, but when they are not around, they are definetely missed. Someone soft who inspire romantic thoughts and actions. Someone cute but that doesn’t realize it. Someone silly who makes him smile and laugh at the smallest things, that vibes with him in a deeper level. Someone simple, as chill as him, as free spirited as him, who will be up to do anything with him. Someone who has the ability to make the most complicated thing look easy, that can vanish any bad feelings with a reassuring smile or touch. Someone that appreciates his entire being and all of his perfect imperfections.

    ❥︎𑁍 Johnny

    Someone like the sun. Spontaneous, warm, bright, inviting, that makes him feel that life would be impossible without them. Someone that smiles a lot and laughs easily, that is kind of random. Someone visionary, free, that just catches his hand and says “let’s go!”. Someone who is genuine in everything they do and say, that sees no problem in saying “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong”. Someone hardworking, that works more for others than for themselves. Someone with whom he can have cheesy pick up lines battles and that can make him flustered at the end. Someone that has firm steps and knows where they are going, that has a broad vision of life. Someone balanced, 50% emotional and 50% rational.

    ❥︎𑁍 Taeyong

    Someone like a lighthouse. Always there to guide him, to show him that he is not alone, to show him the way when he feels lost, someone he knows that will be there for him, waiting for him at that same spot, with unchanged feelings. Someone dependable and reliable, with a motherly instinct, but that still has their inner child jumping and playing at times. Someone wise, from whom he can always learn a new thing. Someone that can make him slow down sometimes to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. Someone that can read, match and change his moods, that knows exactly what to do in every situation, that makes him feel safe and understood. Someone that goes to him with open arms and always listen to him before listening to anyone else.

    ❥︎𑁍 Yuta

    Someone like a painting. Expressive, colorful, admirable, interesting, full of layers, that show themselves completely, but there’s always some detail yet to be discovered if you look at them from a different angle. Someone fair, just, loyal, that kind of person that you can trust completely. Someone that actually doesn’t fall for his pranks, because they are always one step ahead. Someone playful, sincere, open minded, free of judgements, that just want people to be happy and prays everyday for this world to get peace. Someone who matches his intensity, but is far from being competitive. Someone strong, maybe tough, but that has soft spots for a lot of cute little things. Someone kind and generous, that is always ready to help others.

    ❥︎𑁍 Doyoung

    Someone like a precious crystal. Beautiful, transparent, formed with a lot of patience, that takes the hardships in life to become a better person, that seems delicate but is actually very strong, extremely precious and valuable in every way. Someone with an extremely good heart and a charming great mind. Someone who forgives easily, even though they shouldn’t. Someone who is good with words, that expresses themselves well, that is honest with their feelings and share them with him. Someone who has the sense of commitment and give their all in the relationship. Someone who gets along with his family and friends. Someone who has eyes just for him, that is his supporting system, his number one fan, that recognizes all of his efforts. Someone who truly listen to others and keep in their hearts everyone’s story.

    ❥︎𑁍 Jaehyun

    Someone like an old love song. Filled with tender emotions, ageless, classic, someone who evoque sweet memories everytime he looks at them, someone who validates his thoughts and feelings. Someone who makes him miss them, that makes him smile with just one text message. Someone that doesn’t push or rush him, that is in the same wavelenght as him, that walk in the same pace as him, that makes him feel comfortable and relaxed, that brings harmony to his life. Someone encouraging, that makes him gladly go out of his comfort zone sometimes. Someone entertaining, creative, that comes up with the most brilliant and funny thoughts from time to time. Someone fascinating, charming, passionate, that speaks with their whole body when they get excited.

    ❥︎𑁍 Winwin

    Someone like the ocean. Deep, pacific, that makes him feel free and calm, that has the strong power to pull him to them, that gives him that feeling that the world is huge and there’s so many things he doesn’t know yet . Someone who gets his walls down, that makes him wanting to be the chaser. Someone who accepts him, who understands him, who doesn’t suffocate or pressure him on acting in a certain way. Someone considerate, respectful, a gentle and ethereal soul. Someone that people may label as traditional, but that has a truly rich inner world, that they share only with him. Someone that quietly takes care of him just for the sake of caring, without any greed or second intentions.

    ❥︎𑁍 Jungwoo

    Someone like a flower. Sweet, unique, fresh, that attracts people to them, fill everyone with happiness and with the feeling that at the end things will be alright and that life is indeed beautiful and worth living. Someone supportive, that will stay by his side and will make him their priotity. Someone who shows unconditional trust on him, on his feelings, on his thoughts, that makes him feel confident about himself. Someone with a hint of a genius mind, that can follow his thoughts, and that has thousands of hobbies, because they like to keep their mind running. Someone who won’t deny his affection and will give him all the hugs he needs.

    ❥︎𑁍 Mark

    Someone like the sky. Pure, sincere, soft, clear, that shelters everybody under their veil with no prejudice, that makes him want to fly high. Someone easy to deal with, that doesn’t like conflicts, but that also knows how to protect themselves and the ones that need to be protected. Someone who gets involved in his daily life, that shows interest on the things he does. Someone empathetic, positive, cute, kind, soft spoken, that sees the bright side of the world. Someone who feels like a best friend, that greet him with a high five followed by a sweet little peck. Someone overall calm and chill, but that also has lots of chaotic moments that makes him burst into giggles.

    ❥︎𑁍 Haechan

    Someone like the stars. Cute, special, lovely, that shines on their own and helps others find their own light, that is there even if you don’t see them, that makes his eyes sparkle. Someone as wild as him, as intelligent as him, that thinks quick and acts quicker. Someone sweet and friendly, that makes sure everyone feels included. Someone who recognizes him and takes him seriously, that talks to him about any subject: politics, food, tv shows, science, business, everything. Someone affectionate, that hugs him, kisses him, that says him at the end of the day “You did great!”. Someone that gently point him his hits and misses, that is always leading him to improvement. Someone mature yet carefree, funny and bubbly at their core.


    •° Anon, here is your request! I hope you like it! (I’m not actually satisfied with it, maybe I’ll change it in the future, but feel free to give me a feedback! )✨

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  • not so expensive • nakamoto yuta


    requested; yes | no (by @chenle-galaxy)

    pairings; rich boy!yuta x reader

    genre; fluff, rich boy!au

    warnings; swearing


    “why so grumpy today?”

    it was a peaceful day in the school garden, reading some of her favorite novels for y/n. that was- until someone decided to make her day.. maybe not miserable but also not great.

    “I wasn’t, well until you showed up.” the voice was very familiar for the girl, so she didn’t mind not diverting her attention from the book she’s reading. “what do you want now yuta? you already showed off every new expensive thing your parents bought for you.. whats next? an expensive girlfriend?”

    “on the first half, that’s kinda offensive babe,” yuta smirked. “but yeah, i’m gonna show off my beautiful not-so-expensive girlfriend.”

    upon hearing that, y/n’s head jolt up, finally looking at the boy infront of her, a smirk plastered on his face.

    the girl felt something tug at her heart, an emotion she’s not familiar with. maybe you can call it jealousy, but of course, she’s not gonna show it.

    “tss, first of all, don’t call me babe,” the girl warned, shutting the book she was reading, and finally giving her whole attention towards yuta. “second, who’s the unlucky girl then?”

    “how dare you call her unlucky?” yuta shook his head in a playful manner. “and besides, i’m looking at her right now.”

    y/n’s eyes widened at the last sentence the boy said. on the other hand, yuta’s lips formed into a victory smile upon seeing the girl’s reaction.

    “stop kidding me, why would I even date you? You didn’t ask, I never agreed, and i’ll never will.” the girl shook off the flustered expression and replaced it with a straight face, while saying calmly.

    “i don’t need your permission darling and i’m not kidding.” yuta said, that mischievous smirk still plastered in his handsome face. “i can get all i want with just a use of my money.”

    “actually ‘darling’ you need my permission.” y/n spits back, emphasizing the new nickname yuta gave her in a mocking manner. she secretly liked it, not gonna lie. “don’t expect me to just say yes to you because you have money, i don’t need it.”

    “ok fine, how can i get a yes as an answer then?”

    “take me out on a dinner first then i’ll consider.” y/n looked straight towards yuta’s eyes as she says those words sincerely. nobody knows except for y/n herself how much she has a crush on yuta, and of course she won’t let this opportunity slip away. yes he maybe was an asshole but y/n liked him so much, she couldn’t even deny it herself.

    “ok sure.” yuta winked at the girl as he tried to contain himself from smiling widely, but eventually failing. i mean, y/n has been his crush for a year now, how could he not smile?

    “i’ll pick you up tomorrow at 8pm darling, see you.” yuta skips away, a genuine smile stuck on his face. he probably won’t get any sleep tonight.

    “hey yuta!” y/n called out. “maybe i heard this wrong but did you just call me not-so-expensive? does that mean i’m cheap?” y/n asked trying to put on a straight face.

    “no babe! that means you’re not expensive and not cheap at the same time! you’re very simple and that’s what i love.”

    #yuta imagines#yuta scenarios#yuta drabble #requested by chenle-galaxy #yuta fluff #nakamoto yuta imagines #nakamoto yuta imagine #yuta angst#yuta moodboard#ly writes#marklywrites#yuta#yuta imagine#yuta timestamps #nct 127 drabble #nct fluff#nct imagine#nct imagines #nct 127 fluff #nct angst #nct x reader #yuta x reader #rich boy!yuta au #yuta au #nct x oc #nct x you #yuta x you #nayuta #nct 127 yuta #nct yuta
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  • 𝙗𝙤𝙮𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙗𝙚 𝙗𝙪𝙜𝙨 // 𝙣𝙖𝙠𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙪𝙩𝙖 ♡


    ⇢ [𝘴𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺]: Yuta and you have never gotten along ever since you were kids. He was a stinky boy with anger issues and you were a pretty girl with love and passion. All your life, the two of you have always hated each other. That hatred, however, began to slowly blur into confusion as you were forced to hang out with him for a school project.

    • ⇢ [𝘳𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘥]: It was for nct’s yuta… where the reader gets bullied by yuta a lot but one day he finds out about her feelings and he soon tells her his???

    ⇢ [𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘦]: slow burn, angst, enemies-to-lovers, college au, fluff, semi-suggestive, karate au

    ⇢ [𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵]: 14.9k

    ⇢ [𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘨]:  Boys Will Be Bugs - Cavetown

    ⇢ [𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴]: italics mean flashback, standard font means current timeline, mild cursing, bullying, degradation


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    #nct#nct 127 #nct x reader #nct 127 x reader #yuta#nakamoto yuta #yuta x reader #nakamoto yuta x reader #yuta fanfic #nakamoto yuta fanfic #yuta fluff #nakamoto yuta fluff #yuta scenario #nakamoto yuta scenario #yuta imagines #nakamoto yuta imagines #nct:yuta
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  • yuta x reader | genre: angst, small fluff | rating: pg | warnings: none | wc: 242 | summary: you experience betrayal from someone close to you and Yuta is there to comfort you |

    [11:53 am]

    The clouds are ominous and black, the wind and rain from the storm angrily pounding against your window. You sit in the dark, on the bed, allowing yourself to get swallowed into your feelings of sadness and hurt. The tears don’t stop, the pain in your heart grows more significant, and disappearing under the covers forever sounds ideal right now.

     You found out that your closest cousin talked about you behind your back, and when you went to vent to your mother about it, she took their side. You feel dejected, like a failure and without family; well, except for one person.

     “Babe, I’m here,” your boyfriend Yuta calls from the living room.

    You silently climb out of bed and open the bedroom door, the man you love staring at your tear stricken face. 
“Hey,” he greets you softly, pulling you into a hug.

     You don’t say anything, your heart too heavy from the betrayal. You sob into Yuta’s chest, and he hugs you tighter, rubbing your back and kissing the top of your head.

     “It’s okay,” he loosens his embrace and leads you into a kitchen. “I’m going to make some ramen, and you can tell me all about it, okay?”

    You nod and kiss him tenderly, thanking him for coming over the minute when you called.

    “You never have to thank me,” Yuta reassures you, returning your embrace. “I love you, and I will always be here.”

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  • taeyong accidently showing us a different kind of view… 👀

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  • Kibum has always been so supportive of NCT. Look how he completely intentionally stayed back with the rookies during this performance of Lucifer 😌

    #taemin’s look of disappointed disbelief vs minho just laughing lmao #i watched the reverse angle he just jumps down into the pit when the lights go down ow 😭 #shinee#nct#sm rookies#video#taeyong#ten#johnny#yuta#hansol#lee taeyong#chittaphon leechaiyapornkul#johnny suh#nakamoto yuta#ji hansol#lucifer
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