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  •  Signos do Zodíaco: CAPRICÓRNIO (insp. monxchvst)

    1. Rainha Silvia (Suécia): nasc. 23 de dezembro de 1943

    2. Marie Chevallier Ducruet (Mônaco): nasc. 28 de dezembro de 1990

    3. Savannah Phillips (Reino Unido): nasc. 29 de dezembro de 2010

    4. Príncipe Vincent e Princesa Josephine (Dinamarca): nasc. 8 de janeiro de 2011

    5. Catherine, A Duquesa de Cambridge (Reino Unido): nasc. 9 de janeiro de 1982

    6. Mia Tindall (Reino Unido): nasc. 17 de janeiro de 2014

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  • Daily Weather, 2.26.21

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    Aries: We often think of happiness as a matter of accumulation or gathering our favorite things around us. But what about the pleasure of giving? Compassion is not some far-away skill to be studied with your mind. It is presence. It is responding from your deepest, quietest place. And to be useful to another, if only with your silent attention, is a gift that goes both ways. See the emptiness of giver, receiver and gift this month. Find a way to dissolve through. 

    Taurus: Consider how you are being supported during this time. Are there networks you can talk to or people to call to pick you up in a crisis? There is support also in those you can make things with, whose ideas bolster and lifts your up. These connections will be especially prominent this month, especially where you don’t feel comfort relying on others. What do you do to deserve the care of others? Nothing. Find a way to keep it so. 

    Gemini: “It’s not meant to be a strife,” Björk sings on “Undo” “It’s not meant to be a struggle uphill”. She’s right and this especially applies to you, dear Gemini. You are more and more focused on climbing up your individual mountain and the climb yields better results when you follow a flow instead of muscling through. We are taught to see our vocational paths as only hard work but what if it could be easy, a pleasurable listening? Try it for yourself. 

    Cancer: In “Eros the Bittersweet,” Anne Carson makes a connection between desire and knowing: “Both mind and wooer reach out from what is known and actual to something different, possibly better, desired. Something else. Think about what that feels like”. I encourage you to heed this last sentence. Let your studies this month have the taste of eros: reaching, insatiable, physically felt. Search for what you feel you do not know until it becomes a part of you too. 

    Leo: Whatever touches you this month sinks to the very bottom, dear Leo. While not the best for temporary flings, it can be quite useful in healing deeper wounds. Give yourself plenty of space to explore the dark and be judicious about who you let witness your process. Be on the lookout for the resources these trusted others can give you. The more you let your deeper feelings wash over you, the less burden you have to carry alone. 

    Virgo: What’s in the air that makes everyone else seem so charming? No matter: relish in the beauty of all you meet, trusting that what you see mirrors what’s already in you. It may take some time to adjust to the porousness of the next month, but simply ask a trusted other for their help in that area. The joy of partnership of all forms is currently cresting for you. Even if one is going poorly, you have the power to let bygones be bygones. Relish all the people you can be. 

    Libra: We tend to see work as a place of frantic activity , thanks in part to our capitalist system of exploitation. But there’s a way to enter activity with a clear and open mind so you’re not just going through the motions but they’re going through you. Can you find wisdom in washing the dishes and shopping for groceries? Can you let your body feel good just by breathing? Trust the simple things this month and your ability to accomplish.

    Scorpio: Indulge in flings, dear Scorpio. Flirt. Let your charm out and watch it be returned. But know that just because a relationship doesn’t last a long time or is just talk doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. On the contrary, pay attention to the people you feel you’re supposed to know even if you’ve just met them. You have the potential to experience real, psychic meetings as well as a deeper growth. These people are just mirrors. What will you create with the results? 

    Sagittarius: What emotion do you feel entering your home or private space? Joy? Dread? Anxiety? Now’s the time to do what you can to bring luxury and beauty to your domestic sphere. Buy nice linens. Hang up art. Create protection rituals. Create a space that lets everyone who enter know that they are moving through somewhere sacred. Do the same with the part of you that no one sees. 

    Capricorn: In her poem, “Songs of Johannes,” Mina Loy writes of “[talking] till there were no more tongues/ To talk with”. Though words are clunky, poor approximations for our internal experience, they certainly aren’t nothing. Give yourself over the vivifying effect of good conversation. Let yourself be open to new ideas and find conversation partners who match your openness. The key word here is listening. That’s what allows the meeting to dissolve separation

    Aquarius: What is your relationship to your resources, dear Aquarius? Do you wish you had more? Do you feel guilty for what you do have? I would encourage generosity with both yourself and others. Give to mutual aid funds and black people in need. But also give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Let yourself make mistakes and do things just for the heck of it. Treat your (ethical) desire with reverence. Practice reminding yourself you deserve everything you desire. 

    Pisces: Turn the charm up, dear Pisces, and see where it goes. I am more than confident that you will use your blessings well this month, that is, with altruism and mutual benefit. Dress yourself up. Wear lingerie under your clothes, or, better yet, a lacy bra as a top. Don’t doubt your allure and glamour. Use it to invite the right people closer and help you lose track of where you end and others begin.  

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  • The Deities and Planetary rulers of the Nakshatras Part 6 of 6


    Originally posted by mossofthecosmos

    The planetary rulers assigned here is as per the vimshottari dasha system.


    Aquarius and Pisces



    Rahu is the planetary ruler of Shatabhisha. It’s deity and ruler is Varuna. They rule over the 6’40°-20° of Aquarius.


    Purva Bhadrapada

    Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Purva Bhadrapada. It’s deity and ruler is Ajaikapada. They rule over the 20° of Aquarius-3.20° of Pisces.


    Uttara Bhadrapada

    Saturn is the planetary ruler of Uttara Bhadrapada. It’s deity and ruler is Ahirbudhnya. They rule over the 3’20°-16’40° of Pisces.



    Mercury is the planetary ruler of Revati. It’s deity and ruler is Pushan. They rule over the 16’40°-30° of Pisces.


    If this helped you and you feel like tipping here’s my Cashapp: $NeoSxoul PayPal: africansoul Venmo: NeoSxoul

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  • Hey lol, I’ve been shifting to pjo and also a modern version of pjo since the end of September and I wanted to share Nico and Leo’s zodiac signs because they’re my besties and I feel like it’s important.


    Sun- Cancer

    Ascendant- Scorpio

    Moon- Leo

    (Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Cancer, Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, and Pluto in Sagittarius)


    Sun- Aquarius

    Ascendant- Leo

    Moon- Capricorn

    (Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo, Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, Pluto in Sagittarius)

    Okay that’s all bye :)

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  • When embarrassed, I make weird faces. 

    What about you?

    Zodiac Signs when embarrassed

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    • LOVE: Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
    • LUST: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
    • SOMEHOW BOTH: Cancer, Capricorn
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  • How do you communicate with the world based on your Asc?

    Imagine that you are a house. All inside is your soul and inner world. The door is your Ascendant. It is the first thing people see. In addition, it is the way you communicate with the outer world and let situations and people in. The sign your Ascendant is in shows not only the first impression of you, but also the way you let everything in from the outer world to your inner world. It is a bridge.

    Asc in Aries

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is direct, confident and abrupt. If the life situation needs, you will fight for yourself until the very end. You meet situations bravely and straightforward. You are ready to fight if you need. You want the outer world to be honest with you.

    Asc in Taurus

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is slow. You don’t decide quickly. If situations or people are trying to hurt you, you are not going to believe it at first, but once you realize it, your anger may be the fieriest.

    Asc in Gemini

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is words. You sense everything through words and logic. You analyse the situation and try to resolve it logically. If the world tries to limit you, you will use all the tools you have to leave the situation, whether it be lie or offensive jokes.

    Asc in Cancer

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is your heart. To be honest, I think it is the most difficult position for Ascendant, because you see the world through your heart. Cancerian energy is so warm-hearted and compassionate, that Ascendant in this sign makes you extremely vulnerable. You give too much warm energy to the outer world and others may take an advantage of you.

    Asc in Leo

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is bright and generous. You try to see the world in the best way possible and share you warm energy with others. You bravely meet bad situations and resolve them. You want to see the sun shining bright on your way.

    Asc in Virgo

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is careful and suspicious. You want to serve the world though your help and critical advices. When others try to push you down, you get anxious, but stand up for yourself in a resilient way.

    Asc in Libra

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is soft and fair. You try your best to set rules and some sort of contract of behaviour between you and the outer world. You may see the world through arts, music, fashion or relationship. You want to believe that the world is beautiful.

    Asc in Scorpio

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is suspicious and secretive. You are a detective when it comes to opening the door to your inner world. You will observe very long time before letting someone in. You are always ready for attack. If the situation or someone wants to hurt you, you already know it.

    Asc in Sagittarius

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is optimistic and inspiring. Even if your life is going not that well, you try not to be pessimistic. Your bright approach to life helps you to meet bad situations in the best way possible. You are curious and open-minded, so that you communicate with the outer world in a funny and sincere way.

    Asc in Capricorn

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is careful and pessimistic. You want to be ready for the worst, so that you always think worse than it is. However, when the outer world comes to you, you meet them in a practical and grounded way. You will be calm and determined. All the bad situations will be solved.

    Asc in Aquarius

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is friendly and open-minded. You see the outer world as an opportunity to try something new. Your approach to life is unique and creative. You always find ways to accept the world as it is and make it better.

    Asc in Pisces

    Your way of communicating with the outer world is soft and empathic. You don’t talk to the outer world, you feel the outer world. However, you often idealize the world and try to make it better in your head than it is in real. You want to be helpful for the world.

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  • Zodiac Loading Screens now available on my Patreon for free downloads!

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  • Women in Power and their charts

    Looking at charts of prominent women in politics now and in the past:

    Margaret Thatcher - First female Prime Minister in the UK, also longest serving one in the 20th century.

    Indira Gandhi - First female Prime Minister of India (And the only one up to date).

    Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany since 2005, de facto leader of the EU, the most powerful woman in the world.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -  Youngest woman to serve in the US Congress.

    SIrimavo Bandanaraike - First female Prime Minister in the world.

    Golda Meir - First female Prime Minister in Israel, Iron Lady of Israeli Politics.

    Hillary Clinton - former US secretary of state, US senator, first woman to be nominated for president of the US.

    Common aspect and placements in their charts:

    1. Ascendant/Midheaven in Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo

    2. Saturn in 1st, 10th House or strongly aspecting them. Saturn aspecting Uranus or Pluto.

    Saturn in 1st - they are practical in their approach, they are serious and tough, nothing seems to get to them. 

    Saturn in 10th - Strong professional ambition, persistence, they earn a lot of respect from others.

    Saturn-Uranus: Open to change, but patient and practical. 

    Saturn-Pluto: Great ambition, need for power and control over others.

    Indira Gandhi – Saturn square MC, Ascendant conjunct Saturn.

    Margaret Thatcher – Ascendant conjunct Saturn

    AOC – Saturn in 1st

    Angela Merkel – Saturn in 10th

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike – Saturn conjunct Pluto in 10th

    Golda Meir – Saturn conjunct Uranus in 10th.

    3.Venus in 1st/Venus conjunct the Ascendant

    They have charisma and people perceive them well, they appear trustworthy, they express themselves in a likeable manner. Good appearance or overall manners and look.

    AOC, Hillary Clinton – Venus conjunct Ascendant

    Margaret Thatcher – Venus in 1st

    4.Lilith in a strong aspect to ASC/MC/Sun/North Node.

    Using their charisma and others to get their way, ambition deep within them, lack of fear. 

    AOC – Lilith conjunct Sun in 10th

    Angela Merkel – Lilith conjunct MC

    Margaret Thatcher – Lilith conjunct North Node in 9th House

    Golda Meir – Lilith conjunct Sun, Lilith conjunct Pluto.

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike – Lilith conjunct MC.

    5. Jupiter in 1st/7th/10th

    Jupiter in 1st - Big ego, high opinion of self, a need to be heard by others. Jupiter in 7th - Others are accpetable of them, they are liked and trusted by people, many contacts. Jupiter in 10th - big influence and popularity, luck in their career, many professional opportunities.

    AOC – Jupiter in 7th.

    Angela Merkel – Jupiter in 7th.

    Hillary Clinton – Jupiter in 1st, Ascendant conjunct Jupiter.

    Indira Gandhi – Jupiter in 10th.

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike – Jupiter in 7th.

    6. Sun conjunct Mercury

    General sign of high intelligence in a chart, someone who expresses themselves with ease, good speaking abilities.

    Margaret Thatcher, Sirimavo Bandaranaike

    Hillary Clinton – Ascendant conjunct Mercury

    7. Mars in 1st/11th, Mars conjunct Sun or Ascendant

    Mars in 1st, conjuncting Sun or ASC: Someone who is outspoken, confident in who they are, bold in their approach to the world, someone who faces others with no fear. 

    Mars in 11th: someone who is passionate about social issues, someone who seeks justice and generally wants to do the best for others. They can be bold in social situations, confident in their place and who they are.

    Indira Gandhi –Mars in 1st

    AOC – Sun conjunct Mars

    Margaret Thatcher, Sirimavo Bandaranaike – Mars in 11th

    Angela Merkel – Mars in 1st

    8. Pluto in 11th, Pluto in a hard aspect with Sun, Mars

    Great infuence to larger groups of people, bringing change into society, having power and control over people. In aspect with Sun and Mars, it can show intensity, passion, a great need for action and power.

    Indira Gandhi - Pluto 11th

    Margaret Thatcher – Sun and Mars square Pluto

    9. Sun in a hard aspect with MC

    Can show hardships when it comes to pursuing their ambition, but it ca usually be positive as it shows even greater motivation, feeling stronger and more powerful after overcoming the struggles. Rising like a phoenix.

    Indira Gandhi – Sun opposite MC

    Angela Merkel – Sun square MC

    10.Uranus in 1st/7th/10th

    Uranus in 1st - Outspoken, wanting to bring changes, authentic with their opinions. Uranus in 7th - Bringing changes into people’s lives. Uranus in 10th - Wanting big changes for others, rebelling when in position of power. Usually apathetic to whether or not people like them.

    Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel – Uranus in 7th

    Golda Meir – Uranus in 10th

    AOC – Uranus in 1st

    11. Moon square Venus or Saturn

    Can show personal struggles and hardships that usually make them tougher and stronger. 

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike, AOC – Moon square Saturn

    Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher – Moon square Venus

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