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  • lilyisatiger
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    It’s taking a lot of self-control now to not go on a Lalaloopsy spending spree bc I just spent $30 allowance this week and I don’t want to splurge it all

    I need a job ;SOB;

    #btw this is abt large doll misty #like I’ve been wanting to get her and she’s $20 lowest but AAAARGH #my parents lowkey shade me for spending money on toys like all the time #i don’t want to make stupid spending decisions in the future #also in the low chance she does end up coming back in the reboot somehow #highly doubt it but at the same time I doubted Confetti and look where we are now #HELP #RESIST TEMPTATION LILY #RESIST #also NY taxes ugh uuuugh
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  • mechandra
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    this is now a kishi himeko propaganda blog.

    #komisan #komi cant communicate #komi-san wa komyushou desu #mechandra draws#kishi himeko #we FINALLY got to see her face unobscured by a word bubble #for ONE FRIGGIN FRAME AAAARGH #(this is a scream of celebration as i crumble into the a heap on the floor) #need more pics of our tall princess knight #do u kno how hard it was trying to scrape together refs for this pic #im so. tired
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  • euesworld
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    "Aaaaargh I'm a cuddle monster and I'm going to get you!!"

    Hahahaha.. better look under your bed cause I could be anywhere - eUë

    #aaaargh#cuddle monster#cuddly#cuddles #cuddle with me #cuddle me#cuddle#cuddling#sweet#cute #I'm going to get you #under the bed #monster#monsters#adorable #you are adorable #i love you #I'm a dork #funny#spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#love quotes#love #love quote life quotes #love quote for her #quoteoftheday#romance#romantic #i like you
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  • cherry-bomb-ships
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Does anyone else have noises that make you really uncomfortable or upset and you hate hearing it with all your being

    Cuz that's honestly me with the sound of liquid filling up a cup

    #like when you pour water into a glass and it makes the noise that gets higher pitched the more full it is #I HATE THAT SO MUCH FOR NO REASON AAAARGH #it makes me so uncomfy and i will never be able to describe why #real neurodivergent moments in here this morning hdbxbf #ruby rambles
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  • dazeracha
    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    also following on my thoughts i love the feeling of caressing someone's body with really really faint touches and you can feel them shivering under you

    #jane.txt #AAAARGH #i need to kiss their skin and grab their body with my hands #and sigh out of contentment while i do so #and just feeling their body on my palms and trailing my lips everywhere #i am drunk of this thought #so so so touch deprived
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  • verymidnightowl
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    allrighttt this is a rambly post in an attempt to curb my anxiety

    also my stomach is a bit bleargh >.>

    anyway tomorrow we’re gonna go and check out a car from a private seller, specifically the prado 90 series... meanwhile there’s social anxiety and i haven’t practiced going out in a while, THEREFORE

    like, basically a 4wd would be greatttt but i don’t want a lemon. and i don’t want to spend money on a thing and then find out it’s a lemon. ofc there are checks in place but yeahhh /worry worry

    a 150 series would be cool but they’re too exxy. anyway, you’re not getting that much more... i think the only basic differences between the 90 and the 150 series is like... active suspension, traction control (?)... and some 90 series prados don’t have ABS? and the 150 series has hill start thingy but like who cares, i have a handbrake lol (my usual car is a 1998 toyota camry csi okay XDDD it has wind-up windows, i love wind-up windows, i don’t need all the funny extra techy things /old-fashioned (legit why i love the 70 series landcruisers, last i heard, power windows were still optional XD)). what i do like about the 150 series though is the fuel consumption, iirc it’s reportedly like 13.8L/100km whereas the 90 series is 15L/100km....... on the other hand though, the ARB mods for the 150 series are more exxy than the 90 series mods... /rambleee

    also i already knew since yesterday that i wouldn’t be in the headspace to write (ditto for yesterday lol but i did edit something into superpowers fic at least) sooo i am gonna use that time to catch up with some tanking because the pretty christmas garage will be disappearing after jan 10 :((( and i need more small boxes to get more shards so i can get more camos 8D HOWEVER as usual i get major choice paralysis over this fucking game lol

    like, i have to spend 1.2 mil credits (in-game money) on equipment to play the skorpion... i have 6 million credits... why can’t there be a (50% off) sale...

    meanwhile, when there WAS a sale on recruiting new crew members, i could’ve gotten T67 100% crew members for 100 gold instead of 200... ofc i completely forgot about it


    #rambly post is rambly #trying to get rid of anxiety yo #and i have to sleep early tonight too! dun dun dunnn #me.txt #anyway i guess i HAVE to spend 1.2 mil credits now for the skorp or else i won't easily be able to do the ~do 2500+ dmg mission #well with a crew that has no skills.. idk how that'll go haha #wot#superpowers fic#4wd#// #AAAARGH i have 4.8 mil credits now #OBVIOUSLY
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  • lizlensky
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I done goofed up, instead of borrowing the book I deleted the hold and now the book won't be available until February, which is after the book club discussion

    #aaaargh i thought to have read the book before the meeting for once! #it's not mandatory to have read it but it would be more fun #maybe ill dig up a copy from the high seas.... #just annoyed at my own technical incompetence #this time I can't even blame it on ADE :') #liz talks
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  • writingquillsandpainpills
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    i have 47 tabs open on my laptop and its glitching

    #im attached to all 47 #its like 14 years old (my laptop) #passed down from father to brother to me #aaaargh
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  • mysynthfetish
    26.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    English Polivoks Schematics

    So back when I had a Polivoks (yeah yeah I know, I sold it, and do I miss it? Not really. Sometimes) I worked on translating the schematics from Russian into English, with the gracious help of my pal Egor. First, I scanned everything, then straightened and cleaned the images up in Photoshop. Then I erased the Russian text and stuck English in its place. Took a while to do, but when my Polivoks went haywire (it really is a matter of when and not if) it was a real help to have these in English. In my case it was just the ginormous smoothing caps went kaput, so replacing them with new equivalents solved the problem. I also figured out how to mod the LFO speed (which I'm sure I posted about here aaaaages ago). Anyway, here's a link to jpg files:

    If anyone actually uses these and finds them helpful, I'd love to hear about it.

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  • artwitharpita
    25.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    #sketch #artists on tumblr #aaaargh#pixel art
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  • marnixuwu
    22.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #AAAARGH I COULD ALSO ADD LOLA THAT ONES ALSO GOOD #no #I'm sticking with this list #ong but emily/ elle me dit is also good #NO #this is good #anyway they also differ depending on what mood I'm in #so a sad mood could also add Underwater #so yeah lmao
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  • this-is-krikkit
    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    this is of no interest to anyone here or elsewhere, but i just want to say that i will never be over S5E16 Temperance Brennan's broken i know when she rejects Booth and he tells her he's got to find someone else

    #temperance brennan#bones #bones x booth #as well as her face when he says he's got to move on #this whole scene really but that specific ''i know'' AAAARGH #she so sure she doesn't deserve this life with him #even tho she wants it #GOD I LOVE THAT WOMAN
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  • leandra-winchester
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago



    #is it march yet #day 7#buddie#aaaargh
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  • destielficarchive
    11.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #unforth replies #aaaargh tumblr why #destiel favs survey
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  • deweydecimalchickens
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I bought a respectable grown-up interview dress. It has pockets.

    (Why yes this is how I'm sublimating my anxiety about whether I want to change jobs or not)

    (And some ankle boots that are hopefully just Witchy Practical Librarian enough)

    #Aaaargh #I love my job #This is a full-on #People don't leave jobs people leave management #Situation
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  • mysterioususerx
    24.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    *playing Genshin Impact*

    La la la la la *wandering and exploring anything because it’s there* Huh. Big empty stone area. I have a bad feeling about this.

    ACK! What the hell is that cube thing? Level 36?! Anemo Hypostasis Beth?! *tornadoes begin* SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!! FUCK! SHIT!!! 😳😱😳😱😳😱😳😱😳😱

    OMG. How the hell did I survive that? My party was adventurer level 18, and each were level 28. Got that thing though. They were freaking binge eating mint jelly and chicken mushroom skewers, and assorted side dishes, let me tell you. They’ve most likely got reflux now. 😰😵‍💫

    …alright. I’m done for the night. 😵😵‍💫

    #genshin impact ios #what the hell is this #anemo hypostasis beth #aaaargh #god I’ve missed playing RPGs #anemo hypostasis#genshin impact
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  • fetch-the-hammer
    22.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Jason Newsted | 1986

    #AAAARGH#GHFJKDLSA;KF #if i looked like this i would ascend to another plane of existence #gender gender gender #metallica#jn#80s
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  • electricshoop
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    what kind of idiot has an across-the-body-strap-thing-purse that is both wallet and phone case, somehow manages to Not Close The Shit Thing, get through an entire train ride, get off the train and then realise that it lost the entire content* of said purse inside the stupid fucking train which is now on its way to Zurich as I'm typing this?

    *no fine thats exaggerated Ig the most important things are still there miraculously I'm just still v upset abt it

    #guess. #guess what kind of stupid idiot. #good news: my id; debit card; health insurance card and some polaroids of my bro and i are still in there #(as well as funnily enough one (1) stamp I never knew was in there in the first place) #which. I guess. is the important part. #bad news: some stupid sentimental things are definitely gone incl. the first ever letter where my parents addressed me as Charlie #Also I have genuinely no idea what else was in there (50 bucks which. okay. fine.) which *should* mean #that it wasn't anything important that I'll miss #but. #I'm after all the idiot this happened to in the first place so I can't be sure!! #aaaargh#op#personal #edit I know what important thing I lost! my ticket! my public transport ticket that's still good until February #I can get a replacement tho #it's probably fine it's OK it's probably OK I don't think there were any other important things in there
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  • sandraugiga
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #its lit#lindsey ellis#tolkien#dragon age#briefly #contructed fictional languages #in which i am still fuming about elvhen langueges being a cypher instead of an actual language #just hire someone to make a good language dudes #aaaargh! #Youtube
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  • ladywind
    16.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Rejoice! Comp season be upon ye

    #Ohhhhh godddddddd state meets soon AAAARGH #phroggie.txt #gym #THIS WILL BE FUN .
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