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    [ @aaetherius​ ] || [ dFSÑDSFDf thanks for reminding me to open the submit page, so now you have free real estate with length of asks!!! ]

    Kiss day was something the Singularity had mentioned to him before, and something he was already familiar with due to Sandalphon once citing it as a reason for suddenly stealing a kiss from him a day that felt like less than a breath ago. But when it had come up again in conversation with the airship's stalwart leader, whom Lucifer, unfortunately, happened to get far too much information from when it came to the customs Skydwellers held, he had learned just how scared a holiday it was. Now he was utterly determined to return the favor to the archangel. But Sandalphon had slipped from his grasp early, and in his sleep-touched daze he hadn't truly registered the other's missing warmth against him until he had groggily sat up on a collection of tangled sheets as his palm lazily patted the mattress in search for the other only to find the area beside him empty. A few blinks and he woke to a room devoid of the Supreme Primarch, losing his chance to gently wake him with a kiss.
    Swiftly following his first failed attempt to ensure he celebrated the day properly - as the Singularity had ensured him not doing so would have dire consequences, and he would not wish for anything ill to befall Sandalphon - he quietly made his way over to the cafe where he expected the other to be. The smell of coffee had been fresh in the air when he had slowly poked his head in, but, alas, by the time he had gotten there Sandalphon had already left. With his wings sagging against his back, he carefully followed after any trace of the archangel, the Singularity even popping in from time to time to help him locate the other. But every time he came close to, he could sense Sandalphon's presence begin to fade. By the time sunset had become to trickle in through the windows of the Grandcypher, his core is heavy with worry. He's scarcely seen the other all day, and he fears Sandalphon is working himself too hard once again. It morphs his excitement into dread until, finally, he spots the other beneath the orangey-pink hue of the dwindling light, and allows a breath of relief to flutter past his lips. His core, the fragile thing that it is, simply can't wait to embrace the other, and instead of following the advice the Singularity had given him (urging him to surprise Sandalphon), he simply rushes over to the archangel.
    His strong arms come to wrap so tightly, yet still somehow gently, about the other's waist that he nearly, unintentionally, lifts Sandalphon off of his feet. Burying his face into the crux of the other's neck, he allows the scent of coffee to almost overwhelm as he nuzzles softly into the other's skin, and the fabric of his shirt. "Sandalphon," he whispers faintly as he slowly lifts his head after a few moment, gingerly holding the other as close to him as he can manage. "Forgive me, I pray you have not been working too hard, but I have missed you." Slowly, he leans forward to give the other the gentlest kiss upon the tip of his nose. "The Singularity has informed me it is Kiss Day, and I wish to celebrate it, together, with you, if you will allow me to."

              All the day spent with the other’s footsteps trailing his heels, and Sandalphon wasn't doing it for any ill intention at al - no. It was just fond fear, Lucifer now most prepared than ever with newfound knowledge he really has to someday question it’s sources had the former Supreme primarch much more giddy and all the more determined to properly 'celebrate' days such as these. The itch to go and throttle the life out the captain bubbling like a gentle fire fueled by petty alone, but the chance for retribution never once dawning for his hands hold that little trouble seeker. No, instead the danger loomed dangerously close, always sensing the other's presence no matter where Sandalphon manages to excuse himself to. From somehow making it out the bed without waking the former, to at least opening the cafe until time had called and he left someone else to serve for the time being. Manage to hang some laundry without much trouble and then unceremoniously scramble from the other's field of vision. And again, it wasn't for naught nor because he did not wish for Lucifer's love at all. It's just that he knew that once the other's strong hold embraced him, that's all for the supreme primarch; it's mark his penance and be showered upon kisses and kisses until left a complete breathless mess laughing like an idiot, feathers sticking everywhere and his hair a worse mess than it somehow manages to look certain mornings, as if a strong storm had hit the airship while taken by slumber.

               Yet sundown is already before the Grancypher's periphery, strong orange rays painting sepia the grand vast of skies and dots of what could be lone islands within the distance to be seen - And worry paints Sandalphon's core now that it's been a while, the chase having drawn enough to at least spare the other and left Lucifer find him, finally. So he stops, the handrails that make the best part of the airship's edges so no one would fall a good leverage to let his palms rest atop them, leaning a bit so his armor less frame meets the edge and take in a gasp pf air that his lungs had begged for a while now - unable to shake the fluster that weights his core and the slight guilt that also hangs from that branch, which he knows wouldn't last. Fate sealed when those footsteps once more meet his ears and muscles reflexively tense a bit, but then relax with silent relief; praying the skies to be prepared and let all that contained love the other bleeds with overwhelm his soul, whisper an apology for purposely hiding from the other in some sort of childish play the younger crew members often entertained themselves with considering the grand amount of rooms, corridors and places to hide they could choose and test their abilities. Yet it all proves for even more naught, no matter how much he braces himself or trains his mind and body to somehow meet the other's presence and simply melt with it - his strength rips the air from his lung, that bold hold striking the deepest parts of his core and cold blod rush through his entire body as blinding lightings and leave trails of scalding heat in their stead. Unceremonious noise, akin to a gasp and squawk unfiltered past lips that part with the surprise clearly painted across sharp visage and that's how he knows that not even today Sandalphon was going to survive this man's shamelessness. yet, as always, there will never a better way for Lucifer to express his emotions like this, it is something he'd never change or wish for it to cease in any way. Just prays his own core can somehow build enough stamina to not painfully throb at each and endless ways Lucifer finds to express himself outrageously.

             " L-Lucif— " Strained voice barely manages out, a higher pitch as hands had somehow found where Lucifer's circle his waist, relishing on his the tip of his heels seem unable to meet the familiar worn wood of the deg's surface as the other holds his smaller frame as if his life depended on it - and probably it does, because now that he finally has a look, from over his shoulder, to Lucifer's messy strands as they veil from sight how his visage might be. Yet even without looking Sandalphon already can feel the relief dawning upon the other, how that intake of air simply nourished his core with everything that is right and bright. It doesn’t fail to dust his cheeks a faint rosy color, and it doesn't help too the bashful chuckle bubbling from the depths of his chest as it heaves out within their silence. " I... Missed you too. I apologize for my absence. " But he doesn't have the heart yet to say the truth, not when it had somehow burdened the other now that he thinks of it; did Lucifer think something worse? But nearly tangent thoughts banish the second he processes the kiss laid upon his nose, blinking his own worries away in a miraculous spell as he slowly shifts to face the other better, and rest his hips upon the handrail as it lazily creaks with the newfound weight added to it. Sound that gets carried away by the gentle breeze along the downy pale skirt that flutters slowly under the belts that keep them upright, laying his palms at the edge where those long gloves end, and skin peek from Lucifer's biceps. " If to celebrate it with you somehow fills for the time we spent apart, then I would never say no. " It was impossible to deny further the other, his core also yearns for it even as they have exchanged more touches and kisses than the two thousand of years worth of silence could dare and even recall. Oh how Lucifer's soft tone was all in the world to undo his own stubbornness, the only thing along; stronger than Lyria's beady eyes or Gran's unbearably kind soul, that could sway his core into caving and forget about responsibilities for once in a while, even if his war torn body aches to do things, to meet battles or go around the airship doing things. So one of his hands, the one even now adorned with the shining golden ring carefully traces where that pale skin radiates warmth, touches with featherlight gentleness against the other's broader neck where fabric edges with golden rims, and then cups the taller primarch's jaw with an unspoken apology all written on his eyes as they soften when he meets his gaze with one of it's own. Thumb tracing aimless circles where the a rosy hue paints the edge of the other's lashes with life and admiring how the sunset's light never cease to frame his visage almost as if he had been descended from the stars themselves. " I hope this counts as an apology, too, dearest Lucifer. " He tries to sound a bit timid, but it's impossible to not let his adoration drip from his tongue, head tilting as eyes relishes on Lucifer's clear senseless and unconditional worry even now having a strong hold to Sandalphon's own guilt, one he will make up no with endless spoken apologies, but with actions that would tear the remaining hours this day was left with, and simply let himself be engulfed by the cocoon of feathers the other may subject him with, if his own didn't manifest first and steal Lucifer for himself in a selfish streak.

    #Nostalgic Flavor; [ 1 ] #and our fleeting paradise collapses into a new garden; Lucifer || [ aaetherius ] #aaetherius #[ and this is how sandy dies he cannot escape love #[ he couldnt escape gran's love nor he will be ever be free from lucifer's grand affection!!! #[ omg now all i can picture is a ultra sleepy Lucifer slowly patting the empty space where sandy was with him #[ and lucifer going the sleepy version of math lady meme just to realize that nope he's alone in bed. this is a crime!!!! #[ Gran ur in for an ultra knuckle rubbing into ur head and arm wrestle if sandy ever spots u #[ lucifer taking it so seriously my heart..... he's trying his best!! he has to protect sandalphon!!!!
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    @aaetherius​ || starter call

    The rhythm of soles upon the ground plays within his ears, washed clean by a thousand raindrops and then a thousand more. There was laughing and whining, cheers, other voices complaining about the weather.. What they were doing, he was not able to tell it all as he awaits the end of the rain shower under one of the roofs of the buildings but it was nevertheless a scene to enjoy. A silent partaker who would move on once the rain came to an stop. “The rain this time around seems to bring joy to many of the people, don’t you agree?”

    #aaetherius #( hnn i hope this is alright? >3< ) #( I left it open about verses but if you want I can totally throw him into gbf like judar uwu ) #•.*「Xiao Xingchen」*.• .ic #•.*「Xiao Xingchen」*.• v. tbt
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    @aaetherius​ liked for a starter!

        [Malkavian]- It wasn’t often that many things got the drop on Rozen these days. Many younger creatures, mortal and not, got the idea that just because they were married, meant they were soft. Easy to target. Simple pickings. That usually went south after Rozen sent their ‘pickings’ back to their ilk in a string wrapped box after feasting on their corpses with their wife. Always had to save the hearts for her though.

        When someone did cat Roz by surprise, that usually meant they were either very lucky. Or very, very old. And if the sheer weight of this one’s scent and power was anything to go by, the vampire lord wagered it was the latter. Removing their glasses, Roz rose from their seat to address the newcomer. The club’s lights were mostly off save for the neon displays behind the bar, casting the area in a soft multicolored glow.

        “This establishment is technically closed, however, certain exceptions can be made for certain guests. What can I do for you at this time?”

    #Bite Me like you Love Me (ic) #v; Cozy Cryptids (present) #aaetherius #eyyy thanks for the like! #this is gonna be fun ;;
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                   ❛ What are you reading? ❜ This little café was a new spot for him today, he was working earlier and a quick fix of caffeine would do to wake him up. He had been ordered his coffee awhile ago but he couldn’t help to notice the barista had books around him, so he quickly assumes that he enjoyed reading. Lawrence hadn’t much to do but make idle conversation, they seemed nice enough after all. 

    #aaetherius #█║✧ in character : closed starter #█║✥ verse : earth » a mirrored land #( idk much about gbf so i chose modern for us akwjhdkjh here you goooo !! lawrence is nosy about most stuff so lol )
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    @aaetherius { ❤ : What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?☘ : Does your muse believe in luck? How about fate? }

    random headcanon meme!

    ❤ : What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?

    Diantha thinks love is both a magical and a fickle feeling, one she feels she understands completely but yet knows she could be too naive about it thanks to her lack of experience in knowing what it entails. Love, in that sense, is perhaps the most powerful thing in her mind. And she wants it to not lose its luster or importance to her, yet she wants to learn about it even in situations where it hurts her ( because she’s heard the expression “love hurts”, and in her later years on the cypher she probably knows more of what that truly means ). She’s resolute in her love for someone when she realizes her feelings ( though she’ll be kind of shy and dance around the subject until she confesses to them or they do it first ) and is especially wanting to express her love often for them afterwards if they get together, yet also doesn’t want to be the only one doing or feeling that way, so she almost suppresses herself if it seems like her partner doesn’t love her or love her love, because again love is a precious thing to her and she doesn’t want to ruin it ( for anyone but especially for herself ). But if her partner expresses that they love love, then she is willing to shower them in it whenever time allows it, mostly in subtle ways or providing a more loving touch to her caring for them, but also occasionally in not-so-subtle ways, especially when she feels a bit outspoken.
    For just Base Diantha ( aka not in a relationship ) I feel like she does believe she’ll find a perfect someone for her, yet she kind of struggles to think about it too. Because, on the one hand, she wants a fairytale romance like she’s read in her books, and she wants all the exciting and romantic moments that those hold. But she also wants to stay grounded in reality and knows that both a perfect someone won’t just land at her feet, and that any relationship she gets into won’t always be perfect. 

    ☘ : Does your muse believe in luck? How about fate?

    I think she very much believes in both luck and fate ( being raised on Xolotl’s prayers and the fate/luck-based maiden picking ceremony will do that to ya, but of course it’s lessened when they meet their god dog ), yet also has a firm belief that you can change your luck for the better and defy your fate by doing so. She used to take whatever luck or fate brought her and just rolled with it; even after she stood up for herself to try and become her own person rather than the maiden her parents’ wanted...she still became a maiden anyways, which probably made her feel a bit beat down and tied to her fate. But then fate threw her the grandcypher, and ( even if she thought it was her fate to do so ) she had friends by her side to let her know she didn’t have to face Xolotl alone. And with just that tiny bit of defying what she thought was the life she was stuck with, she instantly goes against the grain of her life up to this point in order to be free from it; joining the crew to just be away from that fate, but to also find herself and her own identity and fate that she craved on her own. She’s still very much tied to the idea of fate in general, but certainly not in a sense that the word is allowed to define her anymore; it’s more now a symbolic word for her to both appreciate and overcome.
    #;prompts#;ask#aaetherius#;Headcanons#;hc #( thank you for sending this in hun! #tbh i wrote the drabble i did because i started thinking about the love part; made myself sad with bluh; and then remembered #'oh yeah i had this sad thing for diantha; hold on' #fhxfghfcghfhg hopefully diantha grows out of the sad thing with gran #she is certainly gonna try and shower him in more love; it's just that point where it's like 'aaaaah can i be cute here or no~?' #you got this diantha!!!!! i believe in you!!!!!! )
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    「 @aaetherius​​ 」 — writes:

    { 🍌 and 🍇! }

    still accepting → fruity headcanon prompts !!

    🍌  :    is my muse inclined to help others,  or will they only do it when it benefits them,  if at all?  what makes them this way?  has it ever gotten them into trouble,  or inconvenienced them?

    Vivian takes her role as the ‘manly heroine of justice’ very seriously, so yes, she will help others out, even if it doesn’t benefit her. Naturally, this is partly due to her being kind at heart and her wanting to be admired for her valiance, but either way, she is not the type to stand idly by while someone is getting attacked. Of course, more often than not, this leads to sheer recklessness on her part, causing her to get injured as a consequence.

    Why, like with Lancelot, she isn’t above shielding a person from a devastating blow, which usually ends up backfiring on her; still, it’s not something she’ll regret, no matter how much pain she has to ultimately undergo. Basically, though, she won’t hesitate to protect others, yet at the same time, if it’s someone she despises on a contemptible level, she might just leave them to fend for themself.

    Honestly, despite how morally righteous she is, Vivian does have a petty love for revenge; therefore, she will gladly watch karma be enacted upon those she personally believes aren’t deserving of kindness.

    🍇  :    how would my muse describe their childhood?  how much has it impacted the person they are now,  or will become as an adult?  around what age did they or will they start to mature,  and why?  do they wish to go back to their days as a child,  or have they embraced adulthood?  

    To put it simply, Vivian would describe her childhood as a confusing and lonely period of her life. Honestly, growing up, she always struggled to make sense of the world as a young, autistic girl, meaning it was a constant process of adapting. Due to the fact she could never communicate well with others or make that many friends, Vivian always felt like the black sheep of her family, especially since unlike her older sister, she had always caused problems by being herself.

    Not only were there instances where she would pass out after being forced into clothes, her surroundings often proved overwhelming, to the point where she remembered frequently having meltdowns. Despite it all, however, her parents always coddled her, meaning Vivian constantly had her way if she threw a tantrum or begun crying.

    The older she became, however, the less it stopped working. Why, somewhere along the way, her mother grew more meanspirited and her siblings made it no secret she found her embarassing to be around, which efffectively changed her; in fact, upon turning thirteen, she stopped resorting to temper tantrums altogether and just rebelled by dressing less femininely.

    Though she hadn’t completely matured by then, Vivian still became a bit more diginified, but had a tough time, being percieved in a postive light by her peers, because she was eccentric and wierd; either way, her childhood ended up having such a huge impact on her, it ultimately made her personality the way it is now. Still, despite this being the case, she doesn’t wish to go back, because as a kid, she was definitely that pathetic little crybaby who heavily relied on her mommy.

    That being said, however, she hasn’t quite embraced adulthood yet. Why, after puberty, Vivian feels like things have only just gone south from there, especially considering she now has to deal with menstruation, hypersexuality, and her body having needs she could really do without. Seriously, though, she could honestly stand to be less horny all the time when time and time again, actual people keep disappointing her.

    #aaetherius #▓ ▌❛ ⋯ ABOUT 📨 ◢  the tomboyish writer!! #⊰ published ⋮ ☇ ❦ ⊱ #⊰ headcanons ⋮ ☇ ❦ ⊱ #⊰ queued for the library ⋮ ☇ ❦ ⊱ #[ THANK YOU FOR INDULGING ME NOISE... ] #[ ngl i ended up going on another tangent when it comes to vivian's childhood BECAUSE HOO BOY ] #[ did she not have the best time ] #[ in fact since he was pretty much her only friend i'm sure gran would have noticed how she always struggled to fit in ]
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    plotted starter from Jasper || @aaetherius​

            The café is small, quaint, and with a few regular customers. Jasper enters the small café to order the same coffee he always orders: black. With a book in hand, he settles into the same corner of the shop he always settles into and pulls out another book to read. It’s been awhile since he’s visited and he’s only seen the owner once since he’s started visiting. It doesn’t help that he comes later in the day and that he comes irregularly for a “regular.” There’s no set schedule for Jasper, given his work, but it’s not that hard to tell that he is a very busy man.

            It’s another few weeks before Jasper finally returns to the shop. This time, coming up to the counter, his gaze connects with the cashier: Lucifer. The shop has just opened so it’s rare that Jasper is appearing when their doors open.

            ❝Morning—a black coffee please,❞ Jasper orders, an aloof and impassive expression settling on his handsome features. His complexion is a little pale and light seems to be lacking from his gaze when he looks over the screen. He pulls out his phone, his thumb running over the screen as he responds to an email. Quickly paying for the coffee, Jasper sits down in the corner away from the main foot traffic of the café. It’s there that he pulls out his phone again and a tablet.

    #aaetherius #「⚔」verse. i // more than meets the eye. #「⚔」thread // past connections. #『✲』love & light joins through a smile // starter. #( hope you don't mind that it's short... ) #( i figured as the thread gets going ) #( it'll get longer ;v; ) #( i got excited and wrote this TvT ) #『✲』q.
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    @aaetherius:  He had always been aware of the rifts that occasionally form in the skies, though he had never personally come across someone who had been pulled into one before becoming a member of the crew. And though he no longer holds his former title, he feels a slight tug in his core for the young man's current situation when he spots him alone while the others are taking part in the various traditions of Valentine's Day - a holiday he learned of for the first time himself rather recently.  He didn't wish for the other to be stuck on his own so he offers him a warm smile before presenting him with a small, neatly wrapped box filled with white, dark, and milk chocolates he had been toiling over in the kitchen until early that morning - as good as they look there's still something almost eerie about them. "Good morning, I pray this day finds you well. I am afraid I do not know much about Valentine's Day myself, but I hope these chocolates will help ease your mind."

    The clouds floating lazily in the sky and the abundance of sunlight was new; to have it be accompanied by the knowledge that no Shades would appear to disrupt this unfamiliar peace more so. Still, worry never eases over young heart. As much as Nier had agreed to stay with the crew until a way back was found, this was followed by the uncertainty and the looming threat of returning simply be a possibility. 

    The fact that he did not mind helping in return for all of this made him approachable, but it was not unusual to find the young man distanced from others, lost in thought. Every second in this place is a second that he feels Yonah slipping away from him, and it is almost impossible to hold himself down and grab the Captain by his shoulders to find a solution... but instead he finds himself pacing around the ship. 

    Weiss would surely tell him to calm down, and Kainé would just yell at Nier to stop acting like an idiot, while Emil would hurriedly hover over. It made him realize how much he missed his companions. 

    His thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice, and then a gift offered. Much like Lucifer, this was not something he was used to. Nier accepts it without saying anything, and then there is a respectful bow. The fact that the ex-Supreme Primarch’s cooking was as notoriously bad as his sister’s was something Nier himself would find later. The gesture is appreciated, and his words are genuine. As cloudy as his path looks now that his reason to fight was forcibly wrangled away from him, there were still rays of kindness beaming through. 

    This would be remembered, and debts would be repaid at a later time. For now, simple words of gratitude were all he could offer. 

    “... Thank you.”

    #reclaimer of what was lost ; nier #aaetherius #i love how u sent me something rly nice and here i am writing this man losing his marbles as usual
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    @aaetherius { 5 and 6! }
    unasked muse questions

    5. What book has influenced them the most?

    Diantha would call it cheesy and embarrassing (I would say it’s unbrought up lore / hc) but it was the first chapter book her father ever picked out for her to read when she was a kid. She thought the title was nice, the little synopsis talked about adventures through the never-ending skies with relationships forged and tested, and it was also a very beautiful-looking but also old-looking book that intrigued her. That’s not embarrassing from that outset, but the truth she found out about it was that it wasn’t just an adventure book...It was a romance adventure book~ But the author did such a good job sewing the plot together, and all the character’s motivations and actions are fully realized and understandable in the sense of their personalities and pasts, and the romances (plural yes~) are actually incorporated into the stories very well and had her as invested as the descriptive imagery and stunning action - She could talk on and on about how much she loved the book when she was a kid, and could still probably go on and on about it if brought up. But she’s more than likely to just buy you a copy should she find it or request it from Sierokrate; it’s the one book she’d never lend out because of the sentimental value it holds. She also understands that the sentimentality also hinders her true observance of the writing in a way, but this book both truly inspired her to dream about a world outside of her little island, and to actually view her upbringing and all the goings on around her with a more understanding and objective lens, and, to that extent, her ideal travels away from her past and into an adventure-filled future. It was also the book that interested her in writing, though in main verse that’s only ever seen in her Xolotl book, which is essential a collected biography and not a never-ending fantasy~

    6. Do they think there is such a thing as a soul?

    “Well...I mean Ferry exists; though, she is more of a ghost than a soul by her own admittance...But there’s also the captain and Lyria’s bond, and they basically share a life, which is like sharing a soul...So there has to be such thing as one if there’s evidence right there, right?”
    That would probably be Diantha’s answer if asked directly with not much context, but her own belief, even with that out-loud thought process is unsure at best. With so much magic in this world that could bring back the dead (especially in phenomenons like Ferry and Lyria’s deus ex machina for captain and cagliostro’s existence and *points at your Lucifer and also the wmtsb3 scene; you know the one*), she would very much believe that there’s a presence in every living being (not just skyfarers because again *points at Lucifer and wmtsb3*) that would qualify as a soul. But there’s also the thought that it’s also just magic; an equivalent exchange or strange power born in a person or infused in a primal to heal or resurrect. And with the world she grew up in being so magical she’s unsure if Ferry is a soul or just strangely magical-infused undead; if Lyria and captain are sharing a soul or some sort of magical essence that, with Lyria’s gigantic powers, is just keeping captain alive like a pacemaker would; Cagliostro claims her alchemy, but is that just pure scientific and magical brilliance, or is there a soul fusing to multiple bodies; Lucifer is resurrected via the feather he left behind, but is that truly a part of his soul, or the magical and scientific raising of the undead and constructing of a living being whose admittedly much weaker than he once was? If Diantha thought on this topic too long, her throat would be completely dry from spouting these types of questions, and she would get no sleep before someone would finally tell her “this topic isn’t that important; lay down please”. Luckily, she’s also never really thought about the in depth before (unless Lucifer or Gran wanna hmu with angst/fluff talk of souls and existence).
    #;Headcanons#;hc #( i forget which tag is my main hc tag whoops~ ) #aaetherius #( thank you for the ask hun!! #me rereading this: .................would diantha and cagli get along? dgxgfxgjxfj )
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    #aaetherius#asks;#replied; #{I'm sorry for posting this late but I hope lucifer likes his present}
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    #aaetherius#asks;#replied; #{happy valentine's day}
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    [ @aaetherius​ ]
             Ever since learning of Valentine’s Day from Lyria curiously inquiring about whether or not he planned to make chocolates for someone special, Lucifer had spent nearly every hour researching and testing various molds and flavors in order to make the perfect sweets for someone who didn’t like them to begin with, but it was the thought that mattered - or so the girl in blue had assured him after his many failed batches. But the day to present his work to his special someone is finally here. Inhaling against the telltale scent of coffee and with something a little extra mixed in, he gingerly holds a neatly wrapped box in his hands. One covered in a shimmering, red paper with a beautiful auburn bow. Atop it sits a much smaller box in matching paper. The packaging alone was a direct result of him staying up far too late to ensure it was perfect. From what he's read and overheard, this holiday is dedicated to loved ones, and he wants to make certain it's special for Sandalphon.
              So he slips inside the cafe of the ship - the early morning sun spilling in through the windows and scattering light upon the countertops and tables until they were sprinkled with tiny particles that resembled gold dust. It's still well before Sandalphon usually opens it to the public, and much of the crew is still asleep, but above the scent that wafts from the chocolates he's made he can pick up the distinctive smell of black coffee so he knows the other is already inside. Tucking the box behind his back, he uses his wings to completely shelter it beneath beaming, blush feathers as a gentle smile slips onto his rosy lips. "Good morning, my love," comes his soft voice that he hopes doesn't give away his budding excitement as he makes his way over to where the other stands, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek in greeting as large plumes shiver visibly in his joy and bright, blue eyes seem to shine in the sunlight - it's painfully evident he's up to something."Have you heard of Valentine's Day?" He wastes little time leaping into the subject, unable to contain the delight bubbling up in his core. "Lyria informed me it is a holiday in which one makes chocolates for those they love. Though I have never made sweets before, given the purpose of the holiday, I wished to make some for you this year. In all of the skies, Sandalphon, you are the one I have always loved most. So, I pray you will accept this gift. Happy Valentine's Day."
            Wings part and he gingerly places the pair of boxes atop the counter, eagerly awaiting for the other to open them. Inside the larger of the packages is a box that contains the fruit of his labor - coffee flavored milk and white chocolates shaped in little wings. A few of them are stuffed with some highly questionable filling Lucifer would claim is cinnamon.They look good, but the taste is suspect if Lyria gagging as she gave him a thumbs up yesterday before dashing off was any indication. Inside the smaller is a delicate but simple white gold promise ring with a set of six wings painstakingly engraved inside the band. The meaning of such a gift had been unknown to him until recently when he had gone shopping for chocolate supplies and Siero had spotted him struggling. With her guidance, he had managed to get everything he needed, but not before she asked after whom he was making chocolates for and, with a knowing laugh, she introduced him to a jeweler who told him about them.

             Morning breezes with it's own peaceful divinity when sunlight casts it's serene grace to the lone cafe whose only inhabitant, for the time being, was the crowned supreme primarch. Up at early hours as an usual occurrence - and also a curse considering it wasn't, most of the time, at his own accord but always somehow door busted at unholy hours of early morning by certain scavenger mortal whose questionable tendencies of dragging his body out the confines of soft mattress and a pile of blankets was deemed an extremely necessity. Sandalphon doesn't question it, not anymore and knows best than to struggle against the captain's wishes, knows best to step away given the past day's usual ruckus whenever yet another holiday was just at the horizon to come. And ah - even his own gift for Lucifer, one he had made with so much care and dedication sat atop shelves where, usually, bags of coffee beans would decorate in it's place. Right now they had been moved somewhere else, somehow, in they place what decorates the shelves are a set of truffles coated in various saucers each, various vanilla scented cookies in various shapes varying on tiny set of wings, with slits at the base perfect enough so they can fit atop the rim of a coffee cup, others shaped like hearts, and a cradle shaped one - the specifics of how was he able to find molds for each a mystery to never be found. Something unique and of valuable effort just for that certain someone he knew was going to, also, grace his presence at the built - sublime in all it's way for Sandalphon who awaits the one who he knows, might have in mind the holiday too. It had been a fleeting comment from the girl in blue, and it was only the obvious considering the Grandcypher in general would make each one and every celebration a big deal that the dawning realization could come from any corner of the airship itself, and... Sandalphon can't help the flutter inside his chest, The way his core all but rattles in anticipation considering Lucifer's been absolutely up to something, yet he had never the heart to blow those endearingly awful attempts at not letting such excitement and the glow on azure eyes blow away it. No. Not when, apparently, he had been just as painfully obvious, to some of the crewmembers.

              Sole of shoes echo past the door that gives to the cafe's entrance, it doesn't even take a look to know whose presence had graced the always welcoming of worn wood, musk of freshly cleaned and moped floor by the archangel's very own hand. Another of those habits to keep his mind away from the bad things, to not overthink and instead, channel newfound energy into keeping his body moving, doing things, enjoying every second of it as cups, vases, each utensil and surface of tables, chairs and even the petite lamps adorning the room were clean and shining against sepia light that passes by the various windows which graced anyone's gaze with the mold of uneven clouds, winds that blew them away until their shapes all but morph into endless mysteries, and the expanse of the skies could be seen from most of what those frames and their curtains could offer.

           Sandalphon was done with a set of two brews, one awaiting for the former supreme primarch as he senses the other approach and pace in a slow but steady pace, scarlet yes looking up as hands keep expectedly pouring the hot drink on the second up and blossoming a warm smile, licked in some exhaustion all too familiar for the archangel whose hours of sleep usually never went past eight to nine hours at best. " Ah, Lucifer! Good morning, I hope I didn't disrupt your needed rest while I had to leave the room too early. " But he knew the answer to his light anxieties. Knew that he'd not mind nonetheless considering yet Sandalphon never stops with those worries, it was an habit, one that never brought harm and somehow, had always made the other, even if he dismissed his claims over and over, smile in a way that made even the farthest flowers come anew with life. So he lets the last of drops plop with a gentle noise to put away the used pot now dried of anything left, pace from behind the counter to meet the other's terribly obvious delight that seeps from any crack his attempt at feigning calm could try to be. Ah, each day Sandalphon was terribly aware just how everything about Lucifer was enough to affect his core, mold in in ways that twisted his and then reshaped it anew without a crack yet still feeling light into the heavens airborne the puffs of clouds, and as if a blade had embraced it with it's edges, about to bleed out and scatter like mush — Yet, as always. Plays along, head tilting to the side once he's infront the other but letting his back rest his weight against the edge of the counter. Wonder plastered all over his calm exterior. " Valentine's day. I have an idea about it given... the crew had asked me for recipes these last days. While I like the idea of trying making my own for the rest as a pastime, if they want to truly envoy their feelings for those said gifts are aimed for, they should have the guts to try themselves... " There's disdain in his voice, comical exasperation that cannot replace the way his core beats in anticipation. Oh those wings are hiding something, isn't it? And whatever feigned calmness dies little by little into utter fondness that becomes unbearable, along the realization that he's overlooking the simplest, but most horrifying detail about it all.

             " You... Did. Oh, Lucifer... " Oh he knew exactly the grave he's digging for himself. Knew exactly what await for him in the eternal life he was grated by where nothing could compare to the terrors those heavenly, delicate porcelains could conjure if he dared to try doing anything but coffee when calloused digits glide over the top of the larger box, and his curiosity is rewarded with the sight of handmade sweets. And yet, it's because Sandalphon couldn't, even if his very life depended on it, tell Lucifer about this meager detail that seemed everyone had overlooked, much as Katalina's own kitchen nightmares she had managed to produce whenever anyone had taken their eyes off her and allowed her to aid at the task. This does not defeat the archangel's resolve, but he does swallow dry, and brace himself when the other presents his heartfelt gifts, to receive them and ah - even if they looked edible, adorably crafted and everything, who knows what Lucifer had added on each one's mix. " You really shouldn't have to... Wait - is this a ring, too? " And his attention redirects from those absolutely not sweets to the glimmering ornament when he had gone and haphazardly also open the smaller looking box. " I... don't get it why would you give me this, but the shape... Are those yo-  My inherited wings? " And just like that, whatever perfectly disguised grimace in the form of fondness now truly becomes into whatever he feels now. A mix of genuine curiosity, wonder, joy... A lot passes over the smaller archangel before it settles into a melancholic but tender expression as lips draw upward shyly, and lift the ring to let it slip on one of his ring finger. It fits perfectly, resting with it’s shine perfectly - and is enough to let him completely overlook the little bombs of poison that lies close to his free hand, aimlessly reaching for one to take a bit and,

              " GhK — " It was terrible! Why in the skies had he put spicy powder on sweet chocolate and coffee!? Oh heavens, everything burned, yet somehow Sandalphon still could meet the strong, awful taste with an unflinching smile, and not breaking a single sweat despise the way every muscle wanted to scrunch into itself and let the void devour his existence. And he has to advert his gaze a bit before forcing the sweet inside and swallow it clean before it'd sap centuries off his eternity as he can still stand, and live like nothing had happened. " I-It's so good...! Haah — Oh Lucifer, you... really planed this, don't y-you...? " And he decides to focus, instead on guessing he's very much poisoned himself, on the ring, shaking off what best he could of the dread of whatever he had put into his mouth, brow arched a tad. " This ring... Lucifer. A promise ring, dare I ask, out of curiosity, why...? " And ah, even when he feels like he's dying all over again, the meaning about this other item had been something that flew over his head, from genuine ignorance considering rings and jewelry weren't things Sandalphon usually studied beyond their use cosmetically. Not beyond what they could mean in traditions the mortals partake, so it just felt right to ask, and delay the inevitable that is his share of gifts that await contemplatively at the coffee shelves, within their grasp but still not yet the time for them.

    #Nostalgic Flavor; [ 1 ] #and our fleeting paradise collapses into a new garden; Lucifer || [ aaetherius ] #aaetherius #[ Sandalphon dies; the series #[ this time? death by absolutely not chocolates he's going to keep consuming and stomach each and every one of them because he #phisically cannot tell Lucifer's hand at cooking is terrible ] #[ this is so endearingly painFUL sFJDSÑFDF Oh sandy im so sorry..... wHEEZES
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    @aaetherius​ / Starter Call

    ✴ ;

      The sun’s brilliant rays begin to climb into the horizon, the night sky turning into the early morning.  Orange, yellow, and gold begin to take over the inky black as he watches it in a rare moment of simply enjoying the sight.  

        It’s been too long since he’s slept so he’ll blame it on that.

         Even the lab he was cooped up in suddenly felt stuffy and made him seek out one of the high points of Canaan.  An old gazebo became his makeshift workplace and he simply worked by candlelight as he scribbled his rambling notes into proper sentences.  His thoughts were always racing faster than he could record them much to his annoyance.  Talking about them was also a waste of time since most simply stare as if he spoke in an alien language.  

          Belial was off doing his own tasks which left him alone most of the time with only his musings--but it falls silent as he watches the colors dance and blend into each other.  

          It’s a rare moment of silence.  

        The fluttering of wings sound behind him but he doesn’t take his eyes off the sky.  

         “Did you retrieve the items I needed?”

    #aaetherius #✴ ; ic: astral ; creator #(faa: i was def not wasting time)
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    11.02.2021 - 5 monts ago
    @aaetherius { 1 and 12 for anyone/at random since most of the muses I'm writing with at the moment are your no ship ones, so surprise me with someone or even more than one I want to know about all of them! }
    Vanilla Sunday Meme

    First Muse RNG: Kaede

    Second Muse RNG: Juza

    Third Muse RNG: Amethyst

    1. Is your muse a romantic? Do they dream of love and marriage?

    For Kaede, yes and no. She certainly thinks romantic things and can both be very romantic and act romantically really well. But while she’s probably thought about love and having that type of connection, I don’t think she’s truly thought about marriage or settling down with someone in that way (though translators out there please prove me wrong if need be; give me the mobage or deresute card/story translations~). Not that she’s opposed to marriage, and she’d certainly say yes if her significant other proposed because she wants to be with them. But I get more the sense that she’s the type to find the closeness and love she’d share with an s/o to be enough; she doesn’t need a title and official documents or fancy traditions to prove her love and how she wants to stay with someone for the rest of her life. All that matters to her is the love; ceremony is an afterthought.

    For Juza, I’d say a solid...Not really? Juza isn’t the best with expressing his feelings when it comes to the more personal like hardships or growing love, but I also don’t think he’d really go out of his way to doing something romantic unless it seemed like his s/o was into that sort of thing, so I wouldn’t see him as the biggest romantic. Romantic situations with him are more everyday life stuff, or very natural caring bits, or something to do with sweets (people who have played more A3! than me, prove me wrong if need be). And his recent wedding-type card is translated so yay~...But it doesn’t give you much insight into his thoughts on marriage, so this is all still mostly hc~ So, on that note, marriage and even dreaming of love isn’t quite at the forefront of his mind either. He’s rather just living in the moment and not to concerned about the future on those types of fronts; he’s more focused on strengthening his relationship and familial love with Muku and Kumon, and in romantic love he’s just focusing on the here and now and how to deal with being in love at all.

    For Amethyst, it’s again a yes and no. She’s like Kaede in that she can be romantic when she wants to be, though more in an excitable way and gestures (*jazzhands at her amazing cooking; the winner in all dinner dates*) rather than Kaede just being very good at being romantic, and is probably the most open about admitting to loving someone and into a bit of pda, but also like Juza in that romantic situations or tendencies are more so just natural occurrences or just stuff that happens in everyday life (though at least unlike juza she can probably recognize when something might feel romantic to her or to someone else). But, like the others, marriage and love isn’t really dreamed about all that much. She’s more like Kaede in that her love for an s/o doesn’t need to be defined by something like marriage, and that all that matters is that they love each other and what to be with one another. 

    12. Is your muse easily flustered? Do they blush, swear, etc.?

    For Kaede, I would say not often. She can take any compliments or advances or attempts to fluster her with stride if she has her game face on. She’s usually the one flustering the other, and will try to find an opportunity to turn the tables on their s/o until they’re blushing and can’t speak a word. Kaede alone with s/o, however, is easier to make blush for being the surprisingly introverted and shy person she can be. And, even after turning the tables on s/o, she’s probably blushing profusely with Sanae and Mizuki over beer; she can just act very well and knows how to tango, but is secretly panting backstage afterwards.

    For Juza, I would say yes. He’s not really used to pda or anything explicitly romantic, so doing something like that is a sure fire way to make his cheeks red. Compliments and romantic words thrown his way also catch him off guard; if it’s on his general acting he’s fine, but anything specific that seems pretty romantic gets a blushy “...Thanks.” And he can’t really dish it out back or deal with it afterwards; whatever made him flustered is probably on his mind for the next week.

    For Amethyst, I would like to see you try (that is a friendly threat and offer to all who see this). Not to say that Amethyst isn’t blushy or anything upon being on the receiving end of something romantic or fluster-worthy (it makes her feel very special when she gets that kind of stuff), but she’s just as great at turning it on her s/o or even anyone in general who tries, because they deserve right back for either being so sweet or for trying to just get her flustered just because. Even those genuine heartfelt speeches about how much she means to someone (chef kiss of a way to fluster any of my muses; love straight forward confessions) or like random kisses and such may make her blush and silent for a moment, but you bet that speech is returned and that kiss is coming right back at ya! No attempts shall topple her into fluster mode; she’s so strong.

    #;her hero hopes hurrah! ( amethyst ) #;LONER ( juza ) #;koi kaze ( kaede ) #;prompts#aaetherius #( thank you for the ask hun! #typing this at 2am...........theraputic; good for the soul; my head hurts because i need sleep fgvghgjcgkh #it's almost 3 actually ruh roh scoob #but yay this was fun! #halfway through i remembered kaede was an introvert through gbf event fgcjghccg #the most character i have for her besides the anime #where she has one? ep #showing that being a top idol but also very loyal to her fanbase and her growth in her career #makes her seem very wise and attune to things like feelings and stuff #gbf shows more of her airhead/drinker side #the one time you see it in anime is a little thing #and the cingeki where she just goes to a german beer festival; counts down in german with a beer in her hands; and that was the comic #also if you didn't get it: she likes beer hhjbvjxghcg #juza is very much hc with mixed bits of what i get from him #although i'm very dedicated to him i can't be bothered to progress in a3! right now; brain spin right round like loading circle #and amethyst is my oc so i make the rules~ #all of these might change overtime #especially if/when these charas get ships to flesh out this side of them #but for now *nods head and then nods off to sleep* )
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    @aaetherius​ said: { ✥, ✣, ✦, ✪ , ❇! }
    send me one or more
    ✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great
    ✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)
    ✦ I like seeing you on my dash
    ✪ You seem like a cool person
    ❇ I love the way you write

    All of the above right back at you! I’m not cool at all, just a small potato but you’re definitely one of the sweetest beans ever! Ahh I’m so bad with words but you’re so sweet and nice! Thaaanks soo much <3

    #❊ • ☽||::. answered #❊ • ☽||::. ooc #aaetherius
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    o’ promised child,  you’ve always been favoured by him,  haven’t you?  appointed morning star,  an exemplary mirror of perfection without a flaw;  oh how our serpent grew covetous of such attention.  pensive eyes brimming with hell’s desire watched,  observed how lucifer and lucilius exchanged words with mutual interest,  neither one nor another receiving a single statement of accusation or insult.  ❝   hmm.  ❞   the serpent expressed,  consumed by gnawing jealousy,  yearning for acceptance from his creator  ---- that hidden level of adoration for morning star.

    ❝   supreme primarch,  ❞   sultry voice raised,  coaxing his attention to be shared.  with lucilius’ departure,  some alone time between them sounded just about right.  ❝   do you have a moment to share?  ❞   an amiable request,  pleasant enough to hide what hideous façade hid beneath our serpent’s hidden agenda.  belial nonchalantly remained resting against the marble pillar,  situated in the great hall,  between the angelic war room and the primarch’s throne room.

    ✯ │ @aaetherius​ s.c 
    #aaetherius #why hello there ~ #let me know if this works for you #if not #don't hesitate to approach me
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    ♢*  @aaetherius ​ ​​/ s.c. (based off this ask)

           (  — ᴄᴀᴛᴀʟʏsᴛ. ♕ ) ┊His head throbs with every word spoken to him, no matter how docile the voice that delivers them. He strains to keep his eyes open, worried that if he allows them to close, he’ll fall into a deep sleep he’s been working his whole life to stave off. Instead, he focuses on timing his breaths with the cadence of this radiant stranger’s voice. The pain lessens gradually. By the time the other has made his offer, it has settled in the base of his skull as a dull, bearable throb. 

          After taking a short, steadying breath, Visal raises his gaze. Light momentarily blinds him as he attempts to gather his bearings. The silhouette of the figure before him grows hazy and then abruptly sharpens as his vision adjusts. His eyes go wide. Beautiful..... He’s never seen someone as beautiful as this stranger. It makes him wonder: ‘Am I dead?’ The question nearly slips from his partially parted lips as he gazes in wonder up at the other. His fingers skim across grass too soft to be real, his lungs filter in air too clean to be real. This person-- he can’t be real. He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s gone and passed on without accomplishing a single thing for his dying country. 

          “Coffee...” he repeats the word slowly, letting the shape take root on his tongue and ground him in the moment. A slight smile flickers to life on the prince’s lips. “I’m afraid I... don’t know what that is. But if you wish to make some, I’ll gratefully accept,” he replies, voice stronger than his body feels. He dips his head to signal his gratitude for the offer, his polished horns catching the sunlight and sending prisms glistening into the open air. He catches sight of them and sucks in a sharp breath that immediately stutters out. “Ah...” 

           Without warning, he lets himself fall onto his back. He grunts at the impact against his thin frame, but aside from that shows no sign of pain or discomfort. He gazes intently up at the cerulean sky. His long lashes flutter against fallow brown cheek, and he feels his skin warm in a way he usually only feels after soaking in a heated bath for hours in an attempt to bring some life back into him. His tail curls in the grass, waves about as he revels in the hollow peace. He can hear the resounding emptiness, can taste something akin to loss tainting the pure air. It reminds him of his home, of his lost people. And yet he cannot dislike it. His heart thuds heavily in his chest, yearning, bitter. He swallows back an acidic hatred for everything about this unknown place and asks the only question that’s been on his mind since he opened his eyes following the ritual he’d performed. 

          “I don’t mean to be so rude and interrogate you before I introduce myself, but... where are we?” He looks through the dual-toned bangs settled haphazardly across his face. “I was trying to reach... somewhere beyond.”

    #* closed#aaetherius #ic : visal #〈♕*〉visal ╲ THREADS #* hello again! your ask response was simply too good not to base this off <3 #* i also remember our chat in the DMs about plotting out a little scenario for them! #* i decided to go with that c: #* i also got to thinking about how vis could've ended up here #* and since vis is connected to the 'great star in the sky' in his canon i decided he would have tried to find a way to- #*- communicate with said star; and perhaps instead of bringing him to the star it brought him here #* im always down for talking more about what could happen!!
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    #ciri vc: i appreciate nice ppl but doesnt this one have brain rot i mean doesnt he need my cash ummm #aaetherius
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  • caelumsaltator
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    Anonymous wished for:  🌈 (Take this as a chance to talk about whoever you want!) || fandom positivity - Accepting!

    HEY NOISE ( @aaetherius​ / @caeruleis​ ), C’MERE FOR A SECOND.

    You’ve been around for a while, across from a few blogs we’ve both had. I first want to say thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration, and for allowing me to test out my writing skills with you. No matter the thread or the muses, we always vibe and tend to write a lot. And I love that! I love all the information and effort you’ve put into your characters, both present and past -- canon and ocs. They’re so enjoyable to read, and I can’t help but adore them with each interaction I see. It’s clear to see how much you care about them, and how much you take the time to think about their actions. I’d rant about them all, but I got smooth brain. ;^; Or, as you know, I would.

    I know I’ve said this in the past, but thank you for pulling me into GBF’s RP scene. Fully, and not with just Kamui. You’re such an enabler, y’know, hahah! Seriously, though, I think of you as a good friend of mine and would never turn down the chance to write or talk with you. <3

    Also, if y’all aren’t following Noise’s blogs, do it. I love them very much and they’re too good for this earth.

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    #nhfdshfgd WHY must you call her out on her NOT HAVING ANY SENSE OF PRIDE OR SELF-WORTH #no self-hatred either but ciri's just 'bro im literally just average' jghfdgs #dont ask her to praise herself SHE CANT DO IT.... u must do it for her #she also is a lil more playful around friends but you'd never hear her say it bc she doesnt rlly realize it much herself #aaetherius
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