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  • thinking abt the possibilities of air nomads using airbending to enhance their singing and chanting. have you ever heard tibetan throat chanting? imagine an air nomad ceremony where a mountain full of monks sing into the wind. the sound would carry all the way across the earth kingdom

    one day aang would return to the southern temple and sing on his own but the mountains would remember

    #i once had the chance to join a morning meditation at dawn in a tibetan monastery #and several of the monks chanted #it was incredible #aang#air nomads
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    • aang: sokka, how do I ask someone out?
    • sokka: well, first, you-
    • suki: don't ask him. he asked me out in a McDonald's bathroom
    • aang:
    • aang: and you said yes?
    #incorrect avatar the last airbender quotes #team avatar#aang#atla #Avatar The Last Airbender #incorrect quotes #Incorrect ATLA quotes #suki#sokka
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    • toph: I am going to take you out
    • aang: Great!! it's a date :)
    • toph: that was a threat
    • aang: see you at seven!
    #incorrect avatar the last airbender quotes #team avatar#aang gang#atla #Avatar The Last Airbender #incorrect quotes #incorrect avatar quotes #toph#aang
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  • #avatar the last airbender #mai and aang #mai#aang#maiaang#fic rec
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  • Taro Milk Tea: modern Sokka x reader (she/her)
    Part 18

    part one // part nineteen // modern atla masterpost

    A/N: Heyo I’m back! Uploading quick before I start dying again /j. But haha I just realized I left ya’ll in a cliffhanger for almost a MONTH, sorry about that. Enjoy!

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    #ah yes the quiet before the storm #is that a spoiler lmfao #nahh everyone knows conflict is coming #dfhgbhelhbj look forward to that #sokka#atla sokka #sokka x reader #sokka x y/n #sokka x f!reader #sokka x female reader #atla x reader #avatar x reader #atla#avatar #avatar the last airbender #modern atla#modern gaang#gaang #modern au atla #aang#zuko#katara#toph#modern sokka#modern toph#atla fic#atla fanfic#avatar fic#atla si
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  • image

    Hello there

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #aang#avatar aang#bernie sanders #help i dont know how to do tumblr
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  • #zuko #avatar: the last airbender #atla#katara#aang#anon#asks#answered #idk if this makes sense I just typed out the first things I could think of #my commentary
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    Aang my boy. My precious baby.. also edit

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  • Kya is to Katara what Gyatso is to Aang and what Ursa is to Zuko. 

    Anyway stan Kataang and Zukaang for clear skin. 

    #aang#katara#zuko#kataang#zukaang #i didn't include z*tara because i just don't like it that much #platonically#though
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  • Aang listens to David Bowie and one day he’s playing starman and all of a sudden Zuko belts the lyrics

    Aang is then like wow you listen to Bowie and zuko’s like Iroh listens to him during shifts

    Anyway Zuko and Aang have similar music tastes

    Toph listens to 100 gecs

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  • all i ever upload anymore are wips and kisses.

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  • Thought of the Day: Appa seeing Aang again after the war. 

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  • How the gaang reacts to Sokka breathing loudly

    Sokka: *breathes*



    Katara: Sokka shut up


    Toph: Are you doing coke without me

    #suki x sokka x zuko #atla#katara#sokka#suki#zuko#aang#toph#zukka rights#sukka#a:tla #avatar: the last airbender
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  • Another thing on the ‘Aang is in fact relatable’. Nightmares and Daydreams exists. Aang can’t sleep because he is anxious. Which is a possible symptom of anxiety that I share (sort of). Any well written character can and is relatable. Just because you personally don’t relate to them doesn’t mean the X other character is more relatable.

    #aang #aang has anxiety #aanxeity#anxeity #atla fandom problems #don't talk to me or my comfort character again
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  • So when the connection to the past avatars was lost they are alive in the spirit world. (so Korra or the next avatar can find them later). I don’t think they would just be fine no harm done to any of them. So I was thinking what if it left them open to negative spirits, like Koh. They would have gone to Korra if they could but what if they had to fight off these spirits and then recover. Or in the case of Koh he trapped them in his cave or something. Losing the connection wouldn’t only hurt Korra.

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  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    S03E13: The Firebending Masters

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  • Not sure how I feel about this chapter tbh. I think that I’ve reached a point where I actually don’t know what to do with this fic. Like I have several scenes in mind but I’m not sure how to get there without a bunch of chapters about aimless wandering, I feel like it would get a bit redundant so apologies if the time skip is jarring or lackluster. I usually don’t struggle with show don’t tell but idk; feel free to offer opinions on whether or not the pacing is weird. 

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    #Avatar The Last Airbender #Azula#Aang#Azulaang#Fanfiction
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  • I wonder if Bumi would know about Kuzon and Aang? If he did he would get to make fun of Aang by alluding to it all the time in important meetings and stuff. But imagine having a 112 year old Bumi finding out that his two childhood best friends were falling in love with each other. Either way hilarious. 

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  • https://archiveofourown.org/works/28904091/chapters/71020824

    Summary: Katara finds out she has to marry Zuko. Aang wants to talk to Zuko about their relationship.

    Word Count: 1,317

    Chapter 1: https://night-time-writing.tumblr.com/post/640963749784780800/the-eye-of-the-hurricane

    Chapter 2

    Katara looked around at the semicircle of young children in their tribe learning how to water bend for the first time. Even though it was years ago now, she could still remember the first time she water bended herself.

    “Knock, knock.” Sokka said as he walked in. 

    “You don’t have to do that every time you want to come in.” Katara rolled her eyes.

    “Your right, I’m sorry.”

    “What did you do?”

    “I need to talk to you in private.”

    “Okay, we will resume tomorrow, class.” she said to the rest of the room. Then turning back to her brother, “What did you do, Sokka?”

    “My favorite sister ever, who would never ever hurt her brother, especially for something he can’t control-”

    “What did you do?” She started to get frustrated. What could even make Sokka act like this?

    “Well, you see. The leaders were talking, and you know we are still trying to rebuild so some of us have to make sacrifices for our tribe and-”

    “And by us you mean me, don’t you?” She said while cutting him off again.

    “You know we need supplies and people, and we need better relations with the other nations-”

    “Yes, but what does that have to do with me? Just spit it out already, Sokka.”

    “You have to marry Zuko.” He rushed and put his hands up to block his face.

    It was silent for a minute. “I’m sorry, I must have misheard you, what do you need?”

    “You have to marry Zuko, well if you don’t want to then we can say no, but it would help us a lot if you did. They seem desperate.”

    “Why are they desperate? Zuko is dating Aang and last I checked they were happy. I feel like if they weren’t we would know. Aang probably would have come here.”

    “I don’t know. They just seem desperate. Maybe there is something going on in the fire nation that has caused them to need you. But will you do it?”

    Katara thought about it for a moment. To be honest, she wasn’t sure. It was a lot to take in all at once and to suddenly uproot her life that she’s come to know here to move across the world to be Zuko’s wife for some unknown reason was not something she planned on. “I’ll think about it. I’ll have an answer by tonight.”

    Sokka nodded before leaving her alone with her thoughts. She first thought about her relationship with both Zuko and Aang. If this was Zuko asking for help, she might have said yes, but she was unaware why they needed her help, and what was going on with Aang. Why would Zuko ask for her to marry him if they were still in a relationship? She didn’t want to hurt Aang, of course. Then she thought about her tribe. They were still rebuilding, and they were trying to establish relationships with the other nations. They need better trade. Right now it was still really just the northern water tribe that was helping them out. An alliance with the fire nation would be very beneficial, they could rebuild faster, and they could trade faster. 

    Before she realized it, it became dark, and she had to decide. But, if she was being honest, there was only really one right answer. She had to do what was best for her people, even if it was at her expense.

    She walked to her and her dad’s house to give her answer. As she entered the igloo, she saw Sokka was also there. She figured that was a good thing. This was something she would have to tell both of them anyway and saying it once was enough.

    “So I have concluded. I will go to the fire nation and marry the fire lord.”

    “Are you sure you want to do that, Katara? You don’t have to.” Her dad said. She could hear the sadness in his voice and she wanted to break and cry the way she used to when she was a little girl. But the sad truth is that she isn’t a little girl, and she can no longer hide behind her dad to protect her from the fire nation.

    “I know dad, but I want to. I want to help our people as best as I can. There are other water bending teachers, but there is only one way to make an alliance with the fire nation.”

    Sokka began to cry before running up to her and crushing her in a hug. “I’m going to miss you so much.” he wailed.

    Katara realized that this might be the last time she is with her family like this, and she hugs him back equally tight. Then her dad came over and enveloped them both in a bone-crushing hug. They all just stood there for a while, just hugging each other. Katara allowed a single tear to escape.

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