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  • “Wait for it” is my shit! Also Leslie Odom Jr. has the voice of an 😇

    #hamilton musical#aaron burr #leslie odom junior #leslie odom jr #singing#musical #it sound even better in my truck too
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    Burr really was like a rat catcher with his magic flute but for young men

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  • Thursday 22nd October 2020 6:03pm - There are times you have to be quiet. There are times when being loud and outgoing and bold aren’t going to be good attributes so you have to revert back into your introverted self and that’s okay. Sometimes the quietest people make the biggest sound, just look at Greta Thunberg. You can do great things whilst being quiet. That doesn’t mean you can’t be loud but sometimes it’s better to be quiet and wait till you know what’s going to happen. Wait for it.

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  • Since Aaron Tveit can still technically lose, how the heck would they handle that during the ceremony?

    Leslie Odom Jr: “And the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical goes to… *opens envelope, starts sweating, all of the light leaves his eyes*

    …no one!”

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  • Two voices are better than one

    John Laurens x Black!Reader. High school Au.



    1. Cursing
    2. Mentions of sex
    3. A tiny, pinch of salt of smut

    A.N: Here it is, the first chapter of TVABTO, hope you guys like it. Anyway, this is kinda from John’s side of things but is still written in second person. Oh and please think of them as the original Broadway cast because well, yeah. Oh and please keep in mind, English is not my strong suit nor is it my first language. Sorry if it sucks❤


    John sat in the office waiting for his class schedule impatiently. To say that he was upset would be an understatement. Starting at a new school 2 months into his senior year was an inconvenience at best. Imagine going from captain of the basketball team and most popular guy in school to being a complete nobody all because your dad’s jon transferred him from South Carolina to Manhattan. It was infuriating for John. “Mr Laurens, your guide will be here in about 2-,” the lady was interrupted by someone barging into the office. John turned around to see a kid about his height with his hair tied into a ponytail, wearing a bottle green jacket, a white t-shirt, bottle green khakhis and white sneakers at the door. “Mr Hamilton,” the secretary said dryly.“ "Ms Read,” he said curtly. “I’ll take it from here, thanks,” the kid added. The kid that John only knew as “Mr Hamilton” beckoned him to follow him out of the office.

    “Alright so my name is Alexander but my friends call me Alex or Lex, but for now you’ll call me Alexander. I’m the treasurerer of the student body council and co-captain of the debate team, I’m a senior and I’ll be your school guide till further notice. Any questions? No? Lets move along then!” Alexander rambled as they walked down the hall. John listened intently as Alexander explained the school rules until they reached his first class which they shared being English.

    “Hamilton, you’re late,” man in a beige suit with a handlebar mustache and a reseeding hairline said. “I was assigned to show the new student around Mr Adams, and its only been 2 minutes,” Alexander groaned. Adams ignored Alexander and shifted his attention to Laurens. “Care you intoroduce yourself young man?” he asked leaning onto his desk. Laurens let out an annoyed sigh before moving to the front of the class. “Well what do ya wanna know?” he asks the class. Immediately the girls started yelling over each other. “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Are you single?” “You busy this Friday?” “Yout phone number!” “What’s your name?” a girl in a corner at the back asked, silencing the entire class. She was wearing a red cropped hoodie with red slouched sweats and red Jordans. Her dark curls although not tied up, were neatly in place and she was really hot. “John. What about yours?” he asked. “Maria,” she replied. “You play any sports?” a guy with a bouncy afro wearing a magenta hoodie with jeans and a denim jacket asked. “Yeah, basketball,” John shrugged. “Where you from?” Maria asked again. “South Carolina.” After answering some more questions about himself, Laurens took a seat next to Alexander right in front of Maria. He kinda liked her and wanted to get to know her better so he turned around to tell her to meet him after school, but before he could say anything, the intercom went off. “Can Ms Maria Reynolds please make her way to the studio as soon as possible,” a young female voice announced. Maria packed her stuff and left the room and a disappointed Laurens.

    The hour went by fast and Mr Adams’ lesson was over. Before they could leave the class, the intercom went off again. “May the teacher please escort all the students to the main hall. Thank you.” John knew that the person speaking was too young to be a teacher and wanted to ask Alexander who she was. But he decided not to because he didn’t wanna seem like a creep. “Alright so you’ll be sitting with my friends and I so I can introduce you to them. Is that okay?” Alexander asked him. “Yeah its cool,” John shruged.

    They make their way to the hall, well they stopped about 15 times so that people could talk to Alex about who knows what. They walked into the hall and it was divided in two. Alex lead John to the side that basically looked like a bar, with the round tables and bar stools. “We’re the most privileged class of seniors in Washington high school history. They reopened and renovated the senior cafeteria after 9 years for us, we got our own garden where we can hang out, sports grounds are always open to seniors, we have our own locker rooms for sports and our normal lockers are bigger because also after 9 years they finally decided to reopen the senior lockers,” Alexander explained. “How come?” John asks. “Because we’ve been doing the most for this school since freshman year. Winning international competitions, putting our school on top of the map academically, being the best in sports, etcetera,” Alexander stated, pride evident in the way he spoke. “We even had presidential elections last year. Thats how great we are,” Alexander added. “Thats awesome.”

    They stopped at a table where two guys were seated. One looked a lot like one of the kids in his class. Tall, and built. What was his name? Tyler? Kevin? Nah it was Thomas, the magenta wearing jock. The difference was, this kid had his hair tied up in a neat bun, and his hoodie and sneakers were royal blue. The other one was bigger and buffer than his friend. He just wore a nike hoodie with nike sweatpants and nike sneakers the same colour as Alexander’s outfit. They were engaged in an argument and John swore he heard a French accent coming from one of the two. “Well these are my dumbass best friends,” Alexander groaned. “Guys,” he said, getting their attention. “This is John Laurens. The new kid and now our friend,” Alexander announced making John smile. “Oh. Bonjour mom nouvel ami. Je m'apelle Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, but you can call me Gilbert or Lafayette,” the taller one said with a French accent and a friendly smile. “I’m Hercules Mulligan. You can call me Herc,” the buff one said with the same friendly demeanor. “Its nice to meet you guys,” John nodded.

    Alex and John sat across from Lafayette and Hercules and the boys got to know each other. John learned that Lafayette and Thomas are twins but Lafayette grew up in France because their parents got divorced and their mom wanted to go back to France. They lived there for 9 years until their parents got remarried. Thomas on the other hand grew up in Monticello Virginia with their dad until they moved to New York while the boys were in 7th grade. Lafayette talked about how even though he and Thomas lived an ocean away from each other, they were still close. Their friend groups just weren’t meant to mix. Hercules on the other hand is an only child, both his parents are Irish and he was born in Ireland. He and his family moved to America when he was 12 years old and thats just about it. John also learned that Hercules was an excellent designer and was going to NYU school of fashion after high school. Alexander’s story made John cry. Well Lafayette and Hercules cried too. Born in the Caribean, his dad left him, his brothers and his mom when he was 10 years old. When he was 12, his mother died of cancer which left him and his brothers orphaned. They moved in with their cousin, who commited suicide. The brothers were separated. Alexander said he wrote his way out of that life. When he was 14, he wrote an essay so impressive that he was sent to the United States. He was adopted by a wealthy family and was sent to the best schools because of his writing talent. He spoke about how much he loves his foster family and how they treated him with love and care, but he still couldn’t help but miss his mother and brothers. John was born in South Carolina to pretty wealthy family, the oldest of 5 children. His mother died when he was 5 years old which prompted his dad to move to England. They stayed there for 7 years before returning to South Carolina. He started high school when he was 13 and was one of the smartest students there. He also took up basketball as a freshman and became captain that exact same year. He and hisfamily had to move though because his dad’s transfer to New York. He spoke about how other than his mother’s death, he had a pretty good childhood.

    Their moment was interrupted by the sound of the microphone turning on. “Testing, testing. Can everybody hear me? a mocha skinned girl wearing a pastel turtleneck, a violet pleated skirt and a violet blazer. Little pearls and violet hair clips decorated your large afro. Your violet Dr Martens made you seem taller than you already were. "Alright. Good morning students of Washington High. My name is Y/N L/N and for our freshman, I’m president of the student body, captain of the girls basketball team and co-captain of the decathlon team. I would like to say welcome back to Washington High to the returning students, we are delighted to have you back. And for our new students and freshman, Welcome to Washington high, we’re glad that you’ve taken the road of excellence down your high school path. We hope that your educational journey with us is prosperous and fulfilling. This is our first assembly of the year and we’d like to get through it with little to no casualties. Without further ado, I would like to call upon our principal. Mr George Washington,” you announced before leaving the podium. John couldn’t help but be flustered by your beauty and general presence.

    “Whatever you’re thinking man, forget about it. She’s practically untouchable,” Alexander said, snapping John out of his daydream. “Who? Her? Nah, I wasn’t thinking about her,” John lies nonchalantly. Hercules looked skeptical. “Oh yeah? Then who were you thinking about?” he asked. “Her speech?” John offered pathetically. “You are a terrible liar mon ami,” Lafayette chuckled. “Whatever,” John groaned.

    The boys listened as the principal spoke with pride about the school and the students. “Well let me end my speech, wouldn’t you want our new students hating me on the first day. To conclude this assembly our resident show stoppers and 4 time winners of the National eclipse will be performing,” Washington announced. “Washington high, give it up for The Metronomes!” Washington cheered with the rest of the school before getting off the podium.

    The hall darkened and fell silent. “The what?” John asked. “Shhh,” Alexander hissed. John looked at Lafayette and Hercules expectantly. “His girlfriend is in the band,” Hercules whispered. John nodded. A pink spotlight shone in the middle of the hall on a girl, decked in coral pink and denim. Even her guitar was coral pink. He was beginning to sense a theme. The sound of an electric guitar cut through the hall and was soon joined by a synthesizer. The moment the synthesizer started playing, another spotlight appeared but on stage this time, on a girl wearing an oversized, royal blue flannel, an oversized, white, nature tee, baggy ripped jeans and white sneakers. The synthesizer she played marched the colours of her outfit. “I live my life in a magazine,” a female voice sang. The lead guitarist and synthesizer players’ lights went dim as there instruments were replaced by a base guitar. Alexander smiled extra brightly when the light blue spotlight appeared on the stage over a girl wearing a blue, cropped, sherpy, quarter zip, sweater with baby blue cargo pants and Balenciaga sneakers to match, playing a baby blue and white base guitar. ‘Is that-’ As if he had read John’s thoughts, Hercules nodded in confirmation and mouthed “The girlfriend.”

    “I live my life on birth control…” John found himself lost in the purple spotlight in the back of the hall. There you were in all your violet glory, with the voice of an angel. “And I-I-I hear the sirens calling…” another voice sang accompanied by the base and now drums. Now only three spotlights shone through the hall. A yellow one on stage, on a girl who had her dark curls tied into two buns. She wore a yellow, graffic, New York sweater sweater with ripped jeans, playing on a yellow.drumset; and a red light following Maria as she danced and sang her way towards Y/N. “Sex. Body. We’re gonna crash your party. Let’s get: Screwed!” the guys sang. John noticed how close and intimate you and Maria got as they performed. “What’s up with those two?” he asked Hercules. “Nobody knows,” the teen said as he danced. “Wanna get screwed on a holiday,” Maria sang. Everyone who knew the lyrics to the song was singing along. “I WANNA GET SCREWED LIKE AN ANIMAL!” you exclaimed with Maria.

    You and John made eye contact while Maria kept singing and even held it while you sang along with her. “Sex, body. We’re gonna crash your party,” you recited with a tinge of lust as you sauntered away from him backwards. Y'all made eye contact again when you and Maria were in front of the hall. “See everything is sex. Except sex, which is power. You know power, is just sex. You screw me and I’ll screw you too.” you licked your lips and winked at him as you swayed your hips sensualy in Maria’s hands and in turn, John found himself biting his lip and holding back a growl. He hadn’t even spoken to you before and yet there he was with the thoughts of fucking you senseless showing through his boner. He wasn’t ashamed though because he knew every guy in the school was horny just by watching the performance. You and Maria shed the sexual energy quick as the chorus reapproached and began to dance around the hall again. “Angelica’s skills with the strings are undeniable,” Lafayette commented from behind a senior girl whose waist his arms were around. “Oui Laf. Too bad she has to be such a bitch,” the girl mumbled. “She’s not a bitch Adrienne, she just said one thing about your sneakers not matching with your outfit in ze 9th grade,” Lafayette sighed exasperatedly. “Yo, which one’s Angelica?” John asked Hercules. “Lead guitarist. Scariest person you will ever meet but really a sweetheard once you get to know her. She and I are close friends,” Hercules explained before sipping his coke. “Lets get screwed. I don’t care,” you sang as you walked down the senior section. By the time you had reached John, you had to repeat a line you knew drove him crazy. You stood in front of him and pushed him to sit back on his chair. “This is about to get really sexual. You comfortable?” you whispered in his ear in genuine concern. He nodded in response. You moved back into his view and your eyes were dark with lust. “See everything is sex,” you recited as you slowly dropped into a squat. “Except sex which is power.” Yoh ran your hands up and down his thigh, driving him insane. “You know power, is just sex.” You grabbed his knees and opened his legs. “Now ask yourself who’s screwing you,” you said with a smirk at the sight of his boner as you got up to rap.

    John gulped and tried to catch his breath and stabilize his heartbeat as you walked away, confidently rapping the last verse. “Fake news, fake boobs, fake food. What’s real? Still in the matrix eating on the blue pill.” The moment he heard the girls singing backup vocals, he knew that he was okay again and took deep breaths. He caught his new friends snickering at him from where they were after witnessing the whole scene unfold. “I’m tired of hoteps tryna tell me how to feel, for real.” The music went silent as the wild cheers roared through the crowd. Alexander clapped and cheered especially loud as his girlfriend shot him a wink and a smile. Mr Washington made his way to the podium for his last announcement of the assembly. “I trust that you all enjoyed the performance. Welcome to Washington High, have an extraordinary year,” he said cheerfully.

    As John, Alex and Hercules got ready to leave, a teacher approached John with a note in his hand. “Hi, can I trust you to run backstage and get this to Ms Y/L/N?” she asked him kindly. He opened his mouth to tell her that he was new and wouldn’t know where to find you, but then he thought about it for a second. He could just ask one of the guys to tell him so he can have a “chat” with you. “Yes ma’m,” he chirped as he accepted the note. She smiled and walked away from him. “So, where can I find Ms Y/N,” John asked his friends with a smirk. “Depends on why you’re looking for her. If its to "talk” to her, then you’ll find her at the end of the rainbow next to the leprechaun’s pot of gold. But if you’re looking to pass her that note…“ Alex proceeded to direct John to all the places where he’d most probably find you.

    John stepped backstage expecting to find you busy with your friends. Oh how wrong he was. Well you were busy with one friend, but the definition of busy wasn’t what he had in mind. He stopped in his tracks when he saw you sitting on a table with your head thrown back and her eyes closed with a familiar dark haired girl who had her head buried in your thighs. "God Maria, fuck yes,” you moaned. “Right there. Ri-ah-” you gasped as Maria hit a sensitive spot.

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  • 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓷𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓫𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓔𝓶𝓹𝓲𝓻𝓮…

    Open Character: Aaron Burr

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any  one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations  and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms  became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the  land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our  wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the  time for us to rise up.

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  • * hamilgang playing among us *

    jefferson: it’s alex i saw him venting


    eliza: alex please stop capslocking


    burr: uhh so we’re voting alex out

    alex: WHAT??????

    * the game finishes *

    burr, reading the screen: VICTORY!!

    alex: but… we lost

    burr: you guys lost. me, jefferson and madison won

    alex: *angry and weird noises*

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  • EVERYONE can we talk about the sheer beauty of the song “Wait for it”


    “I am the one thing in life I can control.

    I am inimitable, I am an original.

    I’m not falling behind or running late,

    I’m not standing still I am lying in wait.”

    also Leslie’s voice. I’ve been crying for 3 years how is this man so precious.

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  • Earth, Water, Fire, Air…for the REVOLUTION!!!

    Open Character: Aaron Burr

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the time for us to rise up.

    This is an 18+ literate fantasy RP based on the Hamilton musical, but takes place in an alternate universe where elemental bending exists like in Avatar: the Last Airbender. The countries in this universe, and these 13 colonies here, are much more diverse. We intend for the story of this revolution to be kinder, and hopefully create a more compassionate America in the process.

    We’re a brand new server, so most of our canon characters are open and OCs and Turn characters are welcome. Please feel free to come look around! We’re friendly to all, intersectional social justice is our jam.  

    ||Join Here!||

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  • Washington: I see your resume, Burr. Why should I hire you?

    Burr: Yes, I have a whole speech, please consider.

    Washington: Nice, nice. Hamilton? Why should I hire you?

    Hamilton: I’m Hamilton.

    Washington: HIRED!

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  • #yes#dick Cheney #bro imagine ur name is dick like... #sucks to suck dawg #Aaron burr
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  • Colonel Hamilton from Turn


    I actually never finished this but oh well

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    I- I did a poster for the Duel

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  • Earth, Water, Fire, Air…for the REVOLUTION!!!

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the time for us to rise up.

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    burr literally said I’m the master and you’ll obey me

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    You ever just look at this picture and imagine Alex is the one being “bullied” by Jefferson, Madison, and Burr?

    #hamilton#alexander hamilton#thomas jefferson#james madison#aaron burr#jamilton #? #ships? #maybe#hamburr#kinda #madison x hamilton #is that even a ship? #jefferson is the one in front of hamilton #burr is holding him from behind #and madison takes the blondes place #oh and hamilton is in the place of the girl wearing like five different shirts #shitpost #someone please draw this in the name of god
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