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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    it’s officially been a year since i started making hotch/thomas/cm content on tik tok🥲which is wild to me (especially since i had that whole thing where i had to start my tik tok over in the spring)

    ANYWHOOOO thanks for all your support this past year! whether it is here, tik tok, or wattpad, it means the world!

    just in case, here are my other socials:

    tik tok: @ h0tchr0cket_

    wattpad: @ h0tchr0cket

    here’s to another year simping for a senior citizen!

    and here’s a preview of my post on tik tok for my one year👀👀

    #criminal minds#aaronhotchner#hotch#thomas gibson #this was a wild year #cant wait to make more content
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  • h0tch-r0cket
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    just thinking about thomas in chicago hope 😩🦋😵‍💫✨

    my dvds shipped so HOPEFULLY by christmas, i can have them and try to upload it for you guys

    #danny nyland#chicago hope#thomas gibson#criminal minds#aaronhotchner#hotch#hot #this man in scrubs #i cant deal with this #he’s so hot #oh to be around for this time of his life #mans was in his prime
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  • h0tch-r0cket
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    ugh…hotch and haley 🥺🥺

    #aaronhotchner#criminal minds#hotch#this hurts #listen to this and tell me i’m wrong #i dare you #i always get sad when i hear this and think of them #Spotify
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    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago
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    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Excuse me sir🥵🥵

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  • ssahotchsbitch
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Bookstore Owner - PT.4 - And the curtains falls

    Summary: The team finally meets the unheard of Mrs. Hotchner.

    Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Reader

    Warnings: Fluffy, happy, rainbows and butterflies :)


    PT.1 - PT.2 - PT.3 - PT4

    2 Years Later

    “Reid, I know the place to get all best books.” Aaron smiled down at the young agent.

    The genius looked up at his boss, confused, he’s never confused, “Wha-“

    “We can take a team trip.” Aaron chuckled.

    “Team trip where?” Penelope gushed from behind him.

    “To a bookshop.” Aaron said flatly turning to his co-worker, his friend, who squinted her eyes to her boss and tilted her head to him, “Trust me, you’ll love it.” He smiled.

    Aaron walked to the shop as he as done many times, to go home, to see the love of his life. His wife.

    The street never changed; the streetlamps stood quietly humming, beaming a yellow light down upon them. Leaves piled up on the sidewalk, watching them pile up as they did every year when the trees that towered above them lost their leaves.

    “Hotch, what kind of bookshop is open this late?” Reid asked trying to catch up with his smiling boss.

    “I have connections.” He smirked, walking up to the door, taking out his set of keys and unlocking the glass door.

    “What?” Reid asked, looking around to the rest of them that have a confused look on their faces.

    “Don’t look at me kid, I’m clueless.” Rossi shrugged.

    As Hotch opened the door you walked through another door, one to the apartment upstairs. Once your eyes locked with each other, you let out a sigh and had a huge grin on your face.

    “Good evening to you… all.” You smiled over to the mismatched individuals, “Please try not to make too much noise I just got the twins down.”

    “Twins?” Penelope asked.

    “Yeah, does Aaron not talk about me?” You laughed wrapping your arms around your beefy husband nestling in the side of him, “Aaron, why do you not talk about me, am I not pretty enough?” You sarcastically laugh.

    “No, you’re too pretty,” He smiled pressing a kiss to your head, “I guess I should introduce you.”

    “Yeah, I guess you should, but first, I want to test my profiling skills.” You smiled releasing your arm around his waist, “David Rossi.” You pointed to the older gentlemen, “You’re easy I’ve read all your books, and well, stock them. Derek Morgan,” You nodded to the dark muscles in the back, “You’re the muscles.”

    “Muscles?” Derek smirked.

    “It’s all Aaron’s words.” You laughed, looking back to your husband. Who just playfully rolled his eyes and sighed at your shenanigans, “Emily Prentiss,” You held out a hand to the dark-haired women, “The Interpol agent right?”

    “Right.” She smiled

    “That leaves, Spencer Reid, JJ, and Penelope.” You shook hands with the right people, “I’m y/n, y/n Hotchner.” You smiled.

    “Hotch how long have you been married then?” Derek asks.

    “5 years.” Aaron smiled.

    “Like a ball and chain, aren’t I?” You smiled turning on your heel, you checked the baby monitor attached to your waistband.

    “Not in a million years.” Aaron blushed pushing a piece of hair out of your face.

    “Spencer. I want to show you something.” You smiled waving for the doctor to follow you.

    You let Aaron catch them up on everything that they’ve been hidden in the dark from, while you walked Spencer down to the basement.

    “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. Not my style.” You chuckled, you flicked on the light.

    Spencer looked in awe about all of the books that you had hidden down here, he glanced over the first couple piles and he’s never heard of these books, hell he doesn’t know what they were about.

    “I know your job can get stressful, and you want to run away from it all, so here your runaway hole.” You smiled, “Feel free to use it, some books are very rare and expensive, but Aaron tells me you can read a lot of words per minute, and I believe books should be read not sat in a dingy cardboard box.” You smiled.

    “Wow, this- this is amazing.” He picked up a book and started to flick through the pages.

    “It’s taken me 7 years to get here. I’m proud.” You smile taking a seat on the step letting out a deep sigh.

    “You, okay?” Spencer asked.

    “Yes, it’s just the first time I’ve sat down today.” You joked, “I used to hide down here, all the time, it was a lot different when I was a kid, not nearly as many books, and a lot more food things. Being my parents’ café, but now my bookstore.” You explained.

    The squeak of the step, made your head turn, “Telling Spencer the origin of the store.” Aaron chuckled.

    “Yeah, I’m mad at you for keeping me a secret.” You huffed.

    “I didn’t keep you a secret.” He smiled sitting down next to you.

    “You did.” Spencer piped up.

    “I did not, I have photos of them on my desk all four of them. I have a wedding band on, I have Ella’s very messy painting behind my desk”

    “Four?” Spencer asked.

    “Yeah, y/n, Ella, Adam and Lilly.” Aaron smiled, “Adam and Lily are twins, Ella’s the oldest. She’s 2.” He wrapped his arm around your waist.

    A squeal was to be heard upstairs, you turned back, and then down to look at the monitor, still asleep, good.

    “I think Penelope has found the cat.” Aaron smiled.

    “Are you a cat person Dr.Reid?” You asked.

    “I’ve never had a pet.” He stated uneasily.

    “Come on, meet the cats.” You smiled making your way up back to your extended family

    “Wish upon a star and the world is ours.

    Darling the world is ours wish for something else.

    I want for nothing else sweetheart.

    I long to be with you.

    You and the things that we’ve created together.

    A family.

    I don’t need any more wishes.”

    #aaronhotcnher#aaronhotchner#aaron #aaron hotchner x reader #aaron hotchner #aaron hotch hotchner #aaron hotch fanfiction #aaron hotch x reader #aaron hotchner fluff #aaron hotchner imagine #criminalminds#criminal #criminal minds incorrect quotes #criminal minds fanfiction #criminal minds #criminal minds fanfic #criminal minds imagine #incorrect criminal minds #Hotch#family Hotchner #fluffy aaron hotchner #hotchner x reader #hotchner x you #hotchner x y/n #thomas gibson#daddy hotch#hotch #criminal minds bau
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  • ssahotchsbitch
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Bookstore Owner - PT.3 - I wish I wish...

    Summary: The past 3 years was totally fine.

    Pairings: Aaron Hotchner X Reader

    Warnings: Slight angst, sorry,

    Word count: 2348


    PT1 - PT2 - PT3 - PT4

    3 Trying Years Later

    There was a lot fighting. A lot. Almost enough to break the relationship apart, though after Aaron was finished with Ambassador Prentiss you both hastily got married. Just the two of you and Katie as your official witness.

    It wasn’t the big white fairy tale wedding that you read in those stories as a child. It was a ceremony full of love, “With you till the end… Wherever you go I go too…” Those sorts of things.

    You wore a beautiful long, white dress which exposed your back. You wore a silver necklace to compliment the whole outfit.

    But soon after you got married, Aaron got a call, a call that would change your lives for the better. But it didn’t seem like that.

    It seemed that you were going to have to not see Aaron for a long time, and by a long time I mean a whole year. A whole year of not going to bed in the same bed, because he got an offer from the Seattle field office to run it. Like actually run it.

    You begged him to turn it down, being selfish, wanting him all the time. For yourself. The multitude of questions that ran through your head when he said he had to go. He had to go and make his career in the FBI. The thing that you both worked hard for him to get.

    You couldn’t go with him; you couldn’t leave your shop. Katie got a fancy job out west; you hadn’t had chance to hire another dopey college student like Katie since. You were saying goodbye to your two life supports. The two people.

    But you kept reminding yourself that: He’s the one, and he’s yours.

    But you didn’t speak to him for a whole week, you were beyond pissed that he left you in the same state that your parents died in, where he left you, where your best friend also left you.

    Wishing upon a star that this was a terrible dream. You didn’t even get a honeymoon.

    “You know that this is what I – us prepared for.” Aaron pleaded, he had a sad, puppy dog look to him. Staring down at you in your shared kitchen. The empty dinner plates left abandoned on the table.

    “But, what about me, you never said that you’ll be gone for a year.” Your glistening eyes threatened to break, but you had to be strong.

    Maybe you didn’t realise that you did need saving, from what I’m not sure, but Aaron did, Aaron swooped you up on his magic carpet taking you along with him. But dropping you down leaving you to fall through the clouds, not completely realising that he is completely obsessed with his work.

    Maybe you’ll never get to be a top priority now that he’s found something he’s truly happy with.

    Wishing upon a star, that he won’t find anyone better.

    Wishing upon a star, that you are his one.

    Wish upon a star, and maybe your dreams will come true.

    “I’ll be back, this is just the start darling. I understand that you can’t leave your store and I wouldn’t want you to sell it.” He moved closer to you cupping your cheek, his thumb gently rubbing your cheek. “It’s where we met.” He emphasised “we” he knew that you were his one.

    “But I won’t get to see you.” You whined, like a wet puppy wanting to be let in from the freezing cold

    “No, but I’ll visit, and maybe you’ll find someone like Katie to take over for a day or two, so you can visit.” He smiled, that damn smile. You could find that smile in a crowd of people. You never want to lose that smile. That smile that brought you too him in the first place, “I’ll call you as often as I can. You know how much I love your voice.”

    “Isn’t there a field office here that you can apply for. I mean Seattle wants you, someone, maybe here wants you.” You dipped your eyes down.

    “No, I’ve checked, begging and pleading can only get a man so far. So, wish upon a star for me.” He moved his thumb from your cheek to your chin pulling your gaze up to him, “I’m yours, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Trust me, princess, I’m yours, for the rest of eternity, like in those fairy tales.”

    “You know I don’t like those fairy tales.” You choked out a weak laugh, mixing in with the tears streaming down your soft face.

    “Learn to love them.”

    After a whole year of not being able to be in the same state, he came back. Of course, he did, he was a man of his word.

    He spoke highly about what he did, how he met many people, put people behind bars, met a David Rossi, who said that he’d put in a good word for him at the field office. He explained everything, who David Rossi was, an author (which after a good look you did actually stock his book, you quickly read through the entire series) and a co-founder of the BAU.

    The minute he got back he got a call, saying they had a spot open for him. Aaron quickly said yes. You were right next to him when he got the call, he rushed the next morning to go to Quantico.

    He called you the entire drive, exploding with happiness. You both were happy. Ecstatic.

    “Wish upon a star for me princess.”

    “Wish for us, darling, everything will slot together.”

    “Wish for a rose and you’ll get a bouquet.”

    “Wish, darling, wish.”

    Aaron climbed the ladder, climbed the ladder indeed, after a year of being there he became the unit chief. After a couple of incidents, he became the unit chief, which again meant long nights, but you were happy.

    Still. Somehow. Are people this happy for this long?

    It was October 12th, the day you met, Aaron came bursting through your shop door, holding a bouquet of flowers.

    “Aaron!” You snapped your head up from counting the money in the register, “You can’t scare me like that, not right now.” You joked holding your ever-expanding belly.

    “I’m sorry. It’s just our anniversary.” He smiled like a giddy child. Leaning over the desk kissing your lips.

    “Technically, our anniversary is March 22nd that’s when we got married.” You laughed, taking a deep breath.

    Aaron stared at you, examined, profiled you. He learnt a lot, you have too, reading over the profiling journals Aaron got given.

    “Stop that.” You warned, holding out a finger and walking away from the desk.

    “Stop what.” He bit his lip to stop the smile growing on his face, following you around in the store.

    “Stop profiling me, nothing’s going to happen. I’ve got Evan on standby; you know he does the heavy lifting now.” You smiled rearranging the displays, “You practically threatened him with the death penalty if he doesn’t.” You laughed.

    “I’m not profiling you, I’m in awe about you.” He saved himself, “But you are on the verge of practically exploding-“

    “Exploding!” You stopped in your steps and turned around to him, “I’m not due till next week, don’t worry if not, I’ll call you. And stop using exploding, I don’t like the thought of that happening to my poor vagina.” You laughed.

    “You’re right. You are already doing the heavy lifting.” He smiled wrapping his arm around your waist and gently pulling you closest he possibly could, “Have I told you how much you’re glowing.”

    “It’s the sweat.” You laughed, “I’m sweating in October. I didn’t think that was possible.”

    “I love you.” He smiled pressing a kiss to your forehead, “And the future baby Hotchner.”

    “We still need a name.” You sighed.

    “Well, I refuse to learn the sex of the baby, so I hav-“

    You took a deeper breath than before.

    “Now that’s something.” He said pulling himself off you and definitely profiling you.

    “I know that you found out I was pregnant through you mystic profiling skills, but I don’t need you to tell me that I’m in labour through the mindreading, thank you.”

    “If you are in labour, we need to go.” He said following your waddling body through the shop.

    “I’m not in labour. I’m walking around with a belly size of Russia, feet swollen, and a back that is absolutely killing me.” You sighed taking a seat at one of the plush brown seats.

    “Please let Evan take over from here, let him do everything, you can hover, watch, abuse your power over him.” He spoke with concern laced through his voice. He took you hand and rubbed the top of it with his hand. Aaron took a seat next to you. Putting your hand in his lap.

    “I know you’re scared.” He started, “I am too, but you are strong, you always have.”

    “Alright.” You sighed, “I’m not in labour. I swear, I’ve just been having contractions.” You glared at Aaron, who’s face dropped, “I’ve read about this, they are those Braxton hicks things.”

    “Don’t you think that a medical professional should tell you that.” Aaron said.

    “Will it make you feel better?” You asked staring at him.

    It was the hospital. That’s what freaked you out. You hated them, it’s where your parents died. Aaron dragged you from the car to get you to go to the baby appointments. While you knew that the doctors did everything they could to try and save them from that awful night, they still died.

    “Yes, it will, no offence, as much as I love this store, I really don’t want it to be the place where our baby is born, it’s not sterile.” He smiled.

    “Fine, but it’s the hospital.” You stared at him with worried eyes.

    “I know. I won’t let anything bad happen to either of you, okay.” He placed a hand on your stomach to feel a bit light bit of kicking and movement, “I love you.”

    “I love you.”

    “Wish upon a star for me princess.”

    “Wish for us, darling, everything will slot together.”

    “Wish for a baby, and I’ll get you a baby.”

    “Wish, darling, wish.”

    After a short drive, you started to remember all the things that you still needed to get. The nursey in your apartment was mostly set up. You had a baby seat in the back of your car, a crib with green blankets, a diaper table. Pictures of the ultrasounds. A ragged sheet of paper scribbled on with a bunch of different names.








    As you walked into the hospital Aaron got you a wheelchair to wheel you through the floor. The pain kept getting worse.

    “Aaron,” You spoke quietly thinking about your breathing, “I don’t think it’s Braxton Hicks.” You panted.

    “It’s okay, we are at the hospital. Everything will be okay.” Aaron spoke reassuring you, but in reality, he wasn’t ready. But everyone says you can never be ready for a baby, no matter how much reading you do, how much you talk to other more experienced moms.

    “Wish upon a star, things will work out.

    I’ll take that promise to the grave sweetheart.

    Everything will be okay if you just wish upon a star.

    For me, darling.




    You sat exhausted on the hospital bed; Aaron sat sleepily next to you on the uncomfortable chair. The kind nurses brought him a cot to sleep on, given that you weren’t going any for a night or two.

    He held the baby Hotchner on his bare chest. Talking incoherently to only the baby telling them little secrets, the secrets of conquering the world, tips to survive.

    “Darling. Go to sleep, Ella and I will be fine.” He smiled over to your exhausted state, “You’ve done more than enough.”

    “I love you, Aaron Hotchner.” You smiled drowsily.

    “I love you too y/n Hotchner.” He carefully got up and pushed a piece of hair away from you face and placed a kiss down.

    Aaron Hotchner was the man that had practically nothing. 4 years ago, he had nothing. No family that he was in contact with, his brother AWOL, his mother learning to cope from all the trauma of their childhood. He was completely and utterly alone. Now, 4 years later on the same day that he met you, he had a baby. A baby girl with your eyes, a reminder who got him on track. Who got him to where he wants to be.

    A family.

    Aaron Hotchner craved a family more than anything. He got two. The BAU family and you. You were more than enough, greedily enough he also got a baby girl. Ella. But he also got the BAU, an assortment of people who would not have been friends in high school. Whilst they didn’t know much about Aaron, he knew a lot about them.

    There was the co-founder of the BAU, I-have-a-mansion-not-a-house, fought in Vietnam, 3 failed marriages.

    The-once-emo-kid-who-didn’t-know-who-she-was, Interpol agent, rarely trusts anyone.

    The genius, the kid who knows too much for his age, is too wise too knowledgeable, but can’t strike up a conversation.

    The sunshine and rainbows in the darkest of time, a dropout of MIT, one of the most talent in her field.

    The muscle, the one that protects himself from his pasts, and others. A family man.

    The liaison, the kind-hearted girl from nowhere. With a kind smile.

    It was all more than Aaron could ever ask, he would do anything to protect any of them, and you. He wouldn’t – couldn’t – let anything bad happen to you.

    You were the one.

    He was the one.

    “That’s all you got to do…” He whispered not to wake you up, “Is to wish.” He smiled, gently stroking the little fuzz that the baby’s hair had on her head.

    Aaron swore he’s never seen anything so small. Anything so precious, that was his. That was his daughter that he was holding. He slowly swayed with the baby pressed against his chest to get her to go to sleep and place her back in her cot so she could so to sleep as well.

    #aaronhotcnher#aaron hotchner #aaron hotch hotchner #aaron #aaron hotch fanfiction #aaron hotch x reader #aaron hotchner fluff #aaron hotchner x reader #aaronhotchner #aaron hotchner imagine #criminalminds#criminal #criminal minds incorrect quotes #criminal minds #criminal minds fanfic #criminal minds fanfiction #criminal minds imagine #incorrect criminal minds #aaron hotchner fanfic #aaron hotchner fanfiction #aaron hotchner x y/n
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    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Bookstore owner - PT.2 - Moving on up

    Summary: Aaron and Reader's relationship progress, but Aaron needs a change.

    Pairings: Aaron Hotchner X Reader.

    Warnings: Referances leading to s*x, but nothing serious

    Wordcount: 1240


    PT.1 - PT.2 - PT.3 - PT.4

    “Aaron, come here.” You sighed.

    “What’s wrong now?” He smiled walking over to you in your shared apartment.

    Over the course of a year, Aaron had become a very successful prosecutor, but you could tell that he wasn’t happy. He need a change.

    “Your tie.” You smiled taking his tie, “It’s crooked.” You redid his tie, pulling him closer to you, “You can’t go to this fancy gala thing, with a crooked tie, it will look weird.”

    “I love you.” He chuckled, “You care about the smallest things, things that I wouldn’t care about. But you do.” He smiled checking himself in your apartment mirror.

    “Of course, I do, I want to make sure that you look your best.” You smiled running you hand down his tie, giving him a small peck on his cheek, “I love you.”

    He was quick to return his arms around your waist pulling you flush against him, “I’m so glad that I walked into your store that cold October afternoon.” He smiled staring at you in awe.

    “Me too.” You smiled up at him, he squeezed you tighter around him and planted a kiss on your forehead, “Now, are we going to stay here or go to this fancy gala thing.”

    “Stay.” He breathed, “I don’t want to go and talk to snooty people all evening, I want to spend it here, with you.”

    “We do that anyway.” You laughed; Aaron’s smile grew on his face.

    If you compared the years difference between you two, you could see some changes, but you were happy, Aaron’s face looked more tired from the amount of work he had been doing. The rushing around, the courts, doing what he does best. He kept it no secret that he was a workaholic, but you were happy, ecstatic even. Last October, you were happy, but you weren’t as happy as you could be. Aaron released that in you, made you the happy carefree person you are now.

    Sure, over the year, there had been arguments, ones where you lost, some where you won. Begging him to move in was the one that you won, and he apologised profusely, and hastily moved in.

    “One more night can’t hurt can it.” He smirked.

    “So, I got dressed up to talk to snotty rich people for nothing?” You blissfully sighed.

    “No, you look gorgeous in that blue dress. I want to rip it off you, but you look ravishing.”

    “Ravishing, huh?” You smirked, “You can’t rip it off, it was expensive.”

    “A man can dream.” He chuckled.

    There is one thing that you can be sure of is that he gotten better, he looks hotter.

    He’s the one.

    “Come on, we don’t want to be late.” You smiled trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

    “We don’t want too early either.”

    “Fair enough, but I don’t want everyone to stop and stare at the late couple.”

    “The hot late couple.” Aaron corrected, you let out a small chuckle burying your head in his chest.

    “Just promise me one thing.” You whispered.


    “Don’t leave.”

    “Never.” He smiled pressing a kiss on your hair.

    ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    A couple weeks later after the gala, spending as much time as possible with the one. People tell you all the time, don’t settle for your first, explore, you’re young, live how you please. Truth be told Aaron wasn’t your first official boyfriend, but he was the longest one that stood by you the longest.

    The one that brought peace, tranquillity, happiness.

    The one.

    “Good morning.” You smiled, wearing only lingerie.

    Aaron’s eyes fluttered open, already grinning, “This is a nice surprise.” He chuckled taking his hands around your bare waist, pulling you closer to him, “A very nice surprise.”

    “Good, I like surprising my lover.” You joked moving your legs so that you were straddling him.

    “I need to talk you about something.” He said running his hands up and down your body.

    “What is it?” You asked wrapping your arms around his neck and wrapping your fingers around his short hairs, twiddling with them.

    “I really want to go to the academy, join the FBI, climb the ladder, maybe even one day become director.” Aaron spoke looking up at you, “I’m fed up with letting the cases come to me when the people have already done what they did, I want to stop them. I want to be the one that knows for sure what they did and put them behind bars.”

    “Okay, what would this mean for us?” You asked still twiddling his hair on the back of his head.

    “It would mean that if I do join the FBI, I might have to travel. Not see you for a day or two.”

    “But you’ll be back?” You asked pulling yourself away from Aaron.

    “Yes, but it would be long days when I get there.” He explained.

    “Have you applied yet?” You asked.

    “Why? Do you think it’s not the right thing for us, for me?”

    “No, I think it’s perfect for you, I mean I’ll miss you, but I think if we deal with things as they come, we can get by.”

    “That is why I love you.” He smiled pulling you back down onto him.

    “I thought it was because of my ravishing looks?” You joked.

    “That helps.” He laughed.

    ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    20 weeks later

    Aaron enrolled in the academy and got hastily accepted, he worked hard, he’s a workaholic of course. It was like as he said long days and nights, sometimes you went a couple nights going to sleep alone, but he was there when you woke up.

    It took him 20 weeks to pass, doing everything to the best of his ability, with you helping him with the written parts, helping him all the way through.

    “You did it darling.” You smiled at his graduation, in his tux and you in a nice, long black gown.

    “I did, didn’t I.” Aaron smiled.

    “I’m proud of you.” You smiled, “Can we go home, and I can show you how proud I am.”

    “We can, but tomorrow I’m being assigned somewhere.” He spoke rubbing the exposed part of your back.

    “Where to?” You asked, watching people around you with happy smiles and their futures ahead of them.

    “I’m not sure, but I heard that I’m going to be doing some work with an Ambassador, Ambassador Prentiss, I think.” Aaron nodded, “I’m meeting with the team leader tomorrow at 6am.”

    “Have I mentioned how proud I am.” You smiled giddily.

    “Yes, you have, for the past 20 weeks. Thank you for putting up with me.” Aaron placed many kisses on your face, forgetting that he’s in a room full of many people. Knowing that he hates public displays of affection. He bent down to your ear, “Let’s get married.” He whispered.

    “Really?” You whisper back.

    “Really!” He pulled back to look at you, watch you, “I brought you a ring, which I would give you, but I forgot it in my sock draw.” He chuckled.

    You laughed softly at his antics. He made you feel so many things. So many things at once. The complete silence that he could bring you. You could be with him and just sit, listen to his rhythmic breathing. It was peace. It was heaven. It was everything you dreamed of.

    He is the one.

    #aaron hotch fanfiction #aaron hotchner #aaron hotch hotchner #aaronhotcnher#aaron #aaron hotch x reader #aaron hotchner fluff #aaron hotchner x reader #aaronhotchner #aaron hotchner imagine #aaron hotchner fanfic #aaron hotchner fanfiction #aaron hotchner x y/n #criminalminds#criminal minds #criminal minds fanfic #criminal minds fanfiction #criminal minds imagine #criminal minds incorrect quotes #incorrect criminal minds
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    The Bookstore Owner - PT1 - October 12th

    Summary: Aaron finds his way into a book shop which changes the course of his life

    Pairings: Lawyer!Aaron Hotchner X Reader

    Warnings: None, I don't think, lemme me know if there is i'm not perfect.

    Word count:


    P1 - PT2 - PT3 - PT4

    A/N: I told you that I was writing something, and here it is :3 Thank you for being patience. Love you - Sophie

    You was busy, always. Working on the shop that meant so much to you. Books piled higher than yourself. A small sitting area with comfy chair and a coffee machine for people to read and stay awake. A constant calming Spotify playlist in the store. Taking you about 3 years to get it where it was today, you were ecstatic with how it looks.

    The store was your parents, who unfortunately passed away 4 years ago, letting you to completely re do it how you wanted. It was once a café, but since you are hopeless at cooking you decided to go for a bookstore. Books had always been your passion, you read whenever you could, sometimes when you shouldn’t, but they were your escape, an escape to a world which has done you no harm, to a world where people love you.

    Despite always running around the shop, you had hired a college student to help around whenever they could, fitting it around their schedule. The student was sadly one of your closest friends, you both were basically the same age, though you decided to skip out on the college phase, it wasn’t the right fit for you, because you’ve always known what you wanted to do: be surrounded by books.

    More times than not you find yourself reading a book which you were meant to be putting out on display, being completely fixated onto the words written elegantly on the thin white pages. The smell of the books alone made you feel a sense of security.

    The store smelt amazing, you thought, and always will, this week the store smelt of pumpkins, getting into the autumnal mood that’s being created around your shop. The oranges, yellows and reds of the trees losing their leaves reflected into your shop.

    The day, which you could remember so vividly, October 12th, you was scurrying around with piles of books in your arm putting them in the right places. The crime novels go in the crime section, the classics in the classics section, so on and on. The bell rung from the front door; a man walked in. He was dressed sharp, a suit, a tie, proper attire.

    You gave him a bright smile, he instantly smiled back. He could already feel the unfamiliar butterflies in his stomach. He wondered around the shop, browsing the different section. You eagerly watched the gentlemen who couldn’t be more than a couple years older than yourself, he was starting to look to defeated.

    So, as any helpful business owner, you bounced over to him.

    “Can I help you, sir.” You smiled just a couple metres away, not to overly crowd him, but enough that you could properly have a look at this person. This stranger was beautiful, he had short black hair, which occasionally flops down to his forehead. He had strong chocolate eyes, they were beautiful a shimmer in them, a shimmer of hope, of a future that he’d setup for himself. But they also hid how lonely he was, alone in a city, no one, not even his brother.

    “Yes, I’m looking for this law book.” He smiled, “My professor, said that it was a needed to past the course, and well, I’m sure that you could imagine I really want to do well.”

    “You got the outfit you must be doing well.” You smiled harder; the man let out a soft laugh.

    “That’s the plan, even if I have to be in court today.” He brushed his beautiful hands down dark blue suit.

    “What’s the book you are looking for?” you questioned, “If we don’t have it, I could call someone else that’s down the road and see if they have it.”

    “Those statute books, I’ve been only buying the ones that come up in class, you know being a student, moneys tight.” He stifled a laugh.

    “Could say the same about being a business owner.” You grinned, “But yes, I have them, but I don’t put them out, they are in the back, follow me please, sir.” You turned on her heel and walked through the maze that you’d created.

    Once they got to the back there were two doors, one going upstairs and the other one going downstairs, she opened the door going downstairs. The staircase was littered with piles of books.

    “Careful.” You turned back to the gentlemen, “Try not to trip and fall, I don’t want to be sued by a lawyer.” you joked.

    “Wouldn’t dream of it.” He smirked.

    You carefully walked down the stairs, avoiding toppling the books over, so did the gentlemen, once they got downstairs, there were even more books. Towered higher than the gentlemen.

    “How do you keep track of everything in here.” He asked looking around in awe at the number of books.

    “A very complicated stocktake. Believe me, I have to close the shop to do that for a whole day.” You quipped, “Now, those pesky statute books, I know they are here.”

    You walked around the basement, searching for the books, while the gentlemen continued to look in awe about all the books hidden in the basement, some of the titles that he’s never heard off.

    “Aha!” You cheered. The gentleman hurried over to you, “I found them.” You opened up the dusty box, “Not many people come in here asking for these, they usually go to the bigger book shops, like Barnes and Noble, more of a choice there.”

    “Thank you, I’ll write you in my graduation speech.” He beamed digging into the box.

    “Anytime.” You smiled, “Take your time down here. Not many people get to see it.”

    You walked back upstairs and started to place books in their respective places like you were doing before. It was a quiet day, not many people around.

    The gentlemen soon returned upstairs carrying 3 books in his arms. He swept over to the register and placed them down.

    “Three huh? Got a lot of revising to do.” You smiled happily; the man chuckled.

    “Yes, I do, all before 4.” He sighed with a smile on his face.

    “I would help, but I know nothing about law.” You chuckled, scanning the books, “That’ll be $70, sir.”

    “Please, don’t call me sir, I’m not that old.” He sheepishly bit his lip.

    “Alright, what do you want me to call you?” You blushed, “Also, you don’t look old, it’s just a habit.”

    “Call me Aaron.” He pulled out his wallet, hiding his head with the ever-growing smile on his face.

    “Aaron, nice name.” You smirked.

    Aaron handed her the money that he owed, while she handed him the books in a bag, “Have a nice day, Aaron, and don’t be afraid to come back.”

    “I’m sure you’ll see me soon.” He smirked leaving the shop.

    Weeks went by and each day he came him, helped himself to the coffee and some book which he would read and buy. You both would make friendly conversation to each other, even some flirty comments here and there.

    One day You were holding a pile of books taller than yourself like you always would. You gave Aaron a happy smile as you walked past, Aaron on the other hand was looking quite worried about the stack of books you was holding.

    “Stop looking worried and help me.” You quipped.

    With immediate effect, Aaron shot to his feet and bounced over to you. He couldn’t deny it anymore how much he felt for you, he couldn’t decide if it was love or just general feelings of warm bubbliness, that only happened around you. No one else, just you.

    He took his own pile of books and followed you around, “So, how’s law school going?” you asked while slowly placing the books on the shelf.

    “It’s gone, I finished with the highest marks.” He smiled.

    “You finished and didn’t even invite me to the graduation.” You spoke shocked, “I remember correctly I was being written into your speech.”

    “That’s because graduation hasn’t happened yet.” Aaron smirked, looking at your hair flow down your body, and how you was the most beautiful woman he’s even seen.

    “So…” you dragged, “Do I get an invite?” your head turned to look at him, pushing the hair your shoulder.

    “Of course, it’s next week, on Thursday at 4, I’ll meet you beforehand?” He smirked.

    “That sounds like a plan.” You smiled.

    The final book in your hand, required it go right at the top of the shelfs, which unfortunately you couldn’t reach. Dragging across the stool you had hanging around the shop, you carefully climbed the stool and placed the book at the top. Just right.

    Aaron was carefully watching you, he was fixated on you, so when your foot slipped when you were getting off the stool. He swooped in and grabbed your waist. Aaron practically lifted you up and placed you down. Spinning on your heel you met his gaze, towering over him.

    His piercing chocolate eyes stared at your own in awe, within a snapshot his lips placed down onto yours. He pulled back with a smile, but before either of you could say anything you wrapped your arms around his neck, and snapped onto you tip-toes, pulled him back down with another, hungrier kiss.

    Your brain completely short-circuited, it was everything you’ve dreamed off and more. Something out a movie with one of those shots where the camera circulates around the two capturing how in love the oblivious two had been, you never thought you’d ever experience. He smelt amazing, you didn’t want to leave his mouth, and he definitely didn’t want to leave yours.

    Though coming back up for air was for the best, you both pulled off each other with red, swollen lips and a smile.

    “I don’t think I can wait until next week to see you again.” He mumbled.

    “Then, let’s change that.” You smirk.

    “I would like that, let me take you out to dinner.” He smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist, and pulling you flush against his body, “I’ll pick you up, tonight at 6, where do you live?”

    “I live upstairs.” You chuckled.

    “Good.” He bent down to give you one more kiss before finally letting you go.

    You called the college student to see if they could cover the closing shift while you go out, to your luck they could.

    So, when they came in at 4, you quickly dashed up the stairs and got in the shower. You dried your hair, slightly styling it with dry shampoo, carefully applying some light makeup. Not wanting to feel as if you had a full face of paint on your face, you settled with concealer, mascara, some light purple eyeshadow, and just a light shading of your eyebrows.

    After you were happy with your hair and makeup you skimmed your wardrobe for something to wear, whilst you weren’t the biggest on keeping up with fashion trends, you had small collection of dresses that you found rummaging through sales.

    You settled on a black mini dress and a small white bag. While you felt more comfortable with jeans and a tee, you never turned your back on getting dressed up once in a while. Looking at yourself in the mirror you felt amazing.

    When you were a little girl, you dreamt of castles and princes, like any other 7-year-old would, you read of the prince saving the helpless princess. You were now 23, the idea of that dreamt felt unrealistic, again like any other 23-year-old, you hated those stories, of the helpless maiden waiting for a prince to magically make things better.

    You felt like a modern-day princess, short dress, but you didn’t need saving.

    Looking at the clock which showed 5:30pm, you relaxed, and wondered back downstairs.

    “Hey, Katie.” You smiled to the friendly college student.

    “I thought you were going out for the night?” They smiled

    “I am, can’t you tell.” You run your hands down your dress.

    “It’s a joke, y/n.” They sighed, “But why are you down here, aren’t you going to wait for the man to knock at your door, and hand you a bouquet of flowers and walk you to his car.”

    “I wanted to make sure that you’re okay with locking up for tonight, I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

    “I’ve done it before, have fun with a man-friend.” They joked.

    “I will, don’t worry.” You softly smiled, looking up at the clock; 5:58pm. You rested yourself on the desk looking outside for any sign of Aaron.

    Soon enough a small black car pulls up outside, and Aaron pops out, wearing a relaxed suit, no tie, but still looking smart. He smiles as soon as he sees you, his pearly brown eyes fixated on yours. They drifted down your body, emitting a bigger smile when he notices what you are wearing.

    With the jingle of the bell, he enters the store.

    “Hi.” He slyly spoke.

    “Hi back.” You smile, “You sure your, okay?” You asked turning back to Katie.

    “Yes, go.” They smile, Katie leans into you, “He’s really cute, if it doesn’t work out, give him my number.”

    “You wish.” You smirked, gently hitting their arm.

    “You good to go.” He smiled holding out his hand.

    “More than ready.” You smiled taking his hand.

    Aaron probably smiled the harder than ever before, he led you all the way to the car. Holding the door open to his car, taking your hand a giving you a slight kiss on your hand before getting in his side of the car.

    When he drove, he found himself often looking over to you, watching you as you gazed upon the different lights, people and everything as the world went by.

    “Have you always lived in Virginia?” You asked, “Or are you just here for school?”

    “I’ve always lived here, my Mother lives out in Manassas, my younger brother is just about to go to college. He speaks about becoming a lawyer.” Aaron smiled.

    “Good to find a true Virginian.” You joked, looking at the features of the man sitting next to you.

    “What about you? Move here or lived here forever.” He smiled, he had the best smile in the world, you’ve only known this man for a month, but his smile was gorgeous. The way the line around his eyes crinkle up, the way that his chocolate eyes glimmer with joy when he smiles.

    If he could smile like that for the rest of his life, there would be peace. You were able to grab that glimmer of peace every time he smile around you. You never want it to stop.

    “I lived here all my life, lived above that shop all my life. It’s quite dull, but it’s home.” You happily smiled, “Did you know that my shop used to be a café, it was run by my parents before they handed it down to me.”

    “I wouldn’t call it dull, it’s beautiful around here, especially during autumn.” He quickly observed the surroundings, how the leaves lit up under the orange streetlight, how the moonlight shone upon them as they continued to drive along the street. How pretty you were and how much he would love to spend the rest of his life, unbeknownst to him, just a small inkling, “Especially you,” He smirked, “You look gorgeous.”

    You bit your inner lip to stop a huge embarrassing smile appear on your face, but it was too late, “You look pretty handsome.” You complimented back, but all you want to do was kiss this mans face again.

    The entire time over dinner you talked and talked, you learnt everything about him, he learnt everything about you. He was a complete gentleman; you were in absolute awe about him.

    Fixated on his face, the way his face smiled when you said a stupid joke, the way his glimmering chocolate eyes stared at your own.

    He was the one.

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    Infatuation (18+) {ah}: chapter 14

    summary: you needed a job. aaron hotchner needed a baby sitter. the rest was inevitable.

    word count: 6.7K

    contains: explicit language, smut (18+!), unprotected sex, fingering, penetration (p in v), oral sex (fem receiving), FLUFF too, 

    table of contents


    Needless to say, you spent the majority of the weekend tangled up in the sheets with Aaron. Not that either of you were complaining. It was a weekend well spent and you couldn't even remember the last time you had experienced so much pleasure and euphoria in such a short period of time that you were almost in a constant catatonic state for the entire trip.

    You wished that you could have stayed in that little paradise with the two of you forever, wrapped up in each other, never getting enough of touching one another and just being close to Aaron in general. You couldn't help but blush each time Aaron would whisper sweet nothings in your ear as you cuddled on the couch or how the man was such a goof when he would nuzzle his face into your neck, placing kisses anywhere he could reach.

    You'd never felt happier with someone before.

    And the fact that it was with Aaron? After the way you had started at the very beginning of your relationship, it still shocked you at the turn of the events. So much so, that you felt as though you had to pinch yourself to see if this was all happening, that you were truly and utterly falling for the man that you came to adore so quickly.

    But nevertheless, Aaron had to get back to work sooner or later, much to your disliking. Reality had its grasp on you yet again, ripping you out of your little cozy weekend. You moaned and groaned as you packed your bags, eliciting light chuckles from Aaron as he double checked that he had all of his belongings.

    "Ready to go?" he asked, slinging his bag over his shoulder.

    You scoffed playfully and stuck out your bottom lip. "Do we have to?" you teased, packing up the rest of your clothing.

    "As much as I'd love to stay here and do absolutely nothing but spend time with you, I can't miss any work. I have midterms to grade this week," he explained as he grabbed his car keys off the nightstand. "Besides, I have to pick up Jack from Jessica's later on tonight." Aaron held out his hand for your bag, raising his brows a bit when you didn't hand it to him at first.

    "Right," you said softly. "Jack."

    Aaron looked at you puzzled as he adjusted the bags on his shoulder. "What's that supposed to mean?"

    "Oh, nothing," you said quickly. "I just...What are we going to tell him?"

    Aaron let out a deep sigh and he shook his head. "It's up to you. I want him to know that we're seeing each other. But if you're not ready for that, it's alright. I don't mind either way."

    You wrapped your arms around yourself, squeezing your sides as you nodded in understanding. "Is it okay if we wait?"

    Aaron walked over to you, placing his hands softly on your hips. He pressed a lingering kiss to your forehead and nodded. "Whatever you want, sweet girl."

    "Thank you," you whispered, pecking his cheek quickly.

    Aaron smiled down at you, his warm caramel eyes glimmering with the hope that you came to admire in him. "Mhm. Anything."

    The two of you walked hand in hand out of the rental, your arms swinging as you walked. You made small talk as you loaded the car up with your belongings, making it a goal to come back to the lake house as soon as you could. And maybe by then, you could bring Jack along for the vacation.

    As you headed around the car to the passenger side, you glanced down and saw a rock that was split in half, the inside lined with a small layer of crystals around the edges. You by no means were a geologist, but you would recognize a geode when you saw one because of the crazy professor that you had for your geology class that you got placed in for a science credit. You picked it up and held it in your hand, examining the way the rock glistened in the sunlight. You smiled softly, thinking of how excited Jack would be when you gave it to him, so you decided to bring it home with you.

    Getting into the car, you got settled in your seat as Aaron started the car, adjusting the mirrors. He glanced over at you and nodded his head in the direction of your hands when he saw the rock you were holding on to.

    "What's that for?" he asked, adjusting the music on the radio for some background noise.

    "Oh, I found it next to the car. I figured Jack would love it. It is pretty cool, I have to admit," you said with a light laugh.

    Maybe it was that moment that made Aaron certain. He had an inkling before but as he saw the way you were holding the rock in your nimble hands, the way that the sun was making your features glow, and the way that your smile lit up everything around you, he knew.

    Aaron Hotchner was in love with you and there was no turning back. He could only see himself falling further and further until he was completely consumed by you.

    And he was ready for it.

    He hoped that you were too.

    He just had to think of the best way to tell you, when he thought that the time was right.

    But for now, he leaned over the console of the car and kissed you deeply, slipping his tongue in for a brief moment as he brought his hand to the back of your neck. When he pulled away, he pressed his forehead against yours, running his thumb along the curve of your neck.

    "You're amazing, you know that?" he affirmed.

    You kissed him again, feeling him smile against your lips. "I try," you laughed.


    "Hey, hey, hey,"  Esmé called out just as your hand gripped the handle of your apartment door to leave. "You just got home last night and now you're leaving me already? Y/N, I am in desperate need of me and you time. And you going off like this is not going to cut it."

    You laughed at your friend, rolling your eyes at her antics. "Esmé, I have somewhere to be. I will talk with you and hang out with you later on tonight if you're around."

    "Ah, I see. You get a boyfriend and leave little old me in the dust. It's alright," she said, shrugging her shoulders as she hopped up off the couch. "I guess I'll just have to fight him for your time."

    "Oh god, please don't," you laughed.

    "I mean, you just spent an entire weekend with him. And it's only been," Esmé started as she looked down at the watch that rested on her wrist, "about 16 hours since you last saw him. How magical is his dick that you're already running back to him this soon?" she teased, raising her eyebrows at you.

    You felt your cheeks blush from her comment. You shifted the lunch bag that you had on your shoulder to try to distract yourself, but it failed miserably. "I mean it's pretty-" you started, before cutting yourself off from finishing that statement.

    Esmé walked over to your kitchen table and leaned over it, propping up her elbow as she rested her chin on her fist. "Go on, Y/N. Spill more of the details. I am all ears." She tapped her fingers on the table to mimic her growing impatience with the conversation.

    You ran your hand down your face, shaking it slightly. "I never should have told you about this weekend," you murmured. "Would have saved myself so much trouble."

    "Oh please, Y/N. Anyone in the neighborhood could tell how genuinely fucked out you were when you got home. That post-sex glow was so bright, I almost had to put on a pair of sunglasses to look at you," Esmé hollered, slapping her hands down onto the table for emphasis.

    "You are a complete and utter jackass," you chuckled, trying to regain some of your composure before heading out to bring Aaron lunch at work. You had been texting him all morning and could tell that he was stressed out with his students' midterms so you figured he could use a little surprise lunch pick-me-up.

    "And yet you chose to live with me and tell me all your deepest, darkest secrets,"  Esmé said, her voice sounding like a villain out of a cartoon as she tapped the tips of her fingers together, like she was coming up with some evil plan.

    You opened the door, removing yourself from the conversation as quickly as you could. "Goodbye, Esmé," you said in a sing-song voice.

    "Say hello to the professor for me," she called out in a sultry tone.

    "I won't," you assured as you closed the door behind you.

    Thankfully, the ride to the university wasn't too bad. You had texted Aaron after you parked to see what he was up to so you could try to determine where he was on campus.

    Aaron Hotchner

    -What are you up to? <3

    -About to rip my hair out from these disastrous midterms.

    -Grading is a bitch.

    -But at least my office is quiet without Jack running around.

    -Don't stress about it. Take breaks if you need to.

    And with that, you grabbed the little lunch that you packed for the two of you and headed towards the buildings on campus. You asked for some directions on the way, being that you had never been to Aaron's office before. You had only been to the lecture hall that one day when you went to watch him teach for the first time.

    As your heels clicked on the floor as you walked, you were met with the closed door that had the plaque with Aaron's name on it: Professor Hotchner, Greek Mythological Studies. You couldn't help but feel a quick shock of pleasure roll through you at seeing his name on the door. You knew that Aaron being a professor, especially one that teaches Greek Mythology, was already a turn on for you. But seeing it written out and official on a plaque? You had to try your best to not lose it in the hallway.

    You knocked on the door gently, clutching the lunch bag at your side. You heard Aaron mutter a Come in from behind the door and you opened the door a crack, peeking in to see his pen moving vigorously on the paper in front of him. He shook his head in annoyance, his jaw clenching as his eyes scanned the submitted work of the student. He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose as he let out a deep exhale. "Yeah, exactly. Because it was Perseus who went through the 12 labors to try to make up for being driven mad and killing his family. And it was Heracles who defeated Medusa," Aaron muttered to himself. He dropped his pen and brought his fingers up to his temples, rubbing circles around them.

    You pushed the door open, closing it behind you, and headed towards his desk. "Hey, you." You took in his appearance: his crisp, white dress shirt, the way his hair was tousled from him running his fingers through it so frequently, the way his tie rested pristinely around his neck. It was a sight to behold.

    Aaron brought his attention to you and his face immediately softened as his fingers came to a stop on the side of his temples. "Y/N," he exhaled. "Well, this is a nice surprise."

    You held up the lunch bag and placed it on his desk. "I figured you could use a break and something to eat," you explained.

    Aaron ran a hand down his face and nodded a bit. He glanced back down at the stack of papers in front of him and chuckled lightly. "Do you know how many of these things I've gone through? And just when I think I see the worst of it, someone else makes the bar even lower. I just don't know what I did wrong for them to not understand all of these stories and concepts."

    You set the lunch bag on his desk and walked around to where he was sitting, motioning for him to push back his chair. He obliged, and you straddled his lap, cupping his face in your hands so that he would look at you and not the papers that were waiting for his attention. "Hey, don't beat yourself up over this. They probably just didn't study. I'm sure you prepared them just fine, baby."

    "I spent 2 classes doing review sessions. I held extra help. My office hours were wide open for them," he continued. He grabbed one of the papers from behind you, placing his free hand on your waist. "Look, here. Apparently Pandora's box was where Prometheus was hiding the humans from Zeus after he stole the fire from the Olympians. It's not that hard to know that Pandora's box once it was opened-"

    "Released all of the evils of mankind, like war and famine, into the world. But despite that, hope was also released," you interjected. You smiled softly at Aaron and pressed a kiss to his forehead as he adjusted his grip on your hips.

    He returned the smile, nodding his head at you. "Exactly," he whispered. He reached a hand up and brushed a loose piece of hair behind your ear. "I just don't know what else to do. I feel like I've failed my students," he admitted, his voice sounding defeated. "But I know that I've done everything that I can. I've explained everything ten times over-" Aaron rambled on.

    "Hey," you muttered, pressing a kiss on his nose.

    "Maybe if I spent more time on the different units, it would have been better or if I-" he continued, gesturing with his hands.

    "Aaron." Another kiss to his cheek.

    "I mean, how many days am I supposed to spend on the family dynamic? Well, really I could spend a whole semester talking about the complex relationships of all the Greek gods and goddesses if you think about it-"

    "Hey," you said more firmly, pulling Aaron out of his little rant. You hated hearing him talk down upon himself like that but you also appreciated the fact that he was so open and honest with you about the given situation and how he was feeling.

    You kissed him softly, your lips melding together as one. "You can't beat yourself up like this. I've seen you lecture. You're an amazing professor. Some students these days just don't have a great work ethic and there's not much you can do about it. I know it's hard, frustrating, and frankly, disappointing. But you're doing and did all that you could for them."

    Aaron leaned his head back on his chair, his hair flopping back a bit as he stared at the ceiling. He swallowed harshly, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat. "You're right," he murmured. "You're right."

    "I know I am," you laughed lightly. Aaron picked his head up from the chair, looking at you with such admiration that you felt your heart swell.

    "Y/N, you always know what to say to make me feel better." He shifted forward and kissed you deeply. "Maybe you're becoming my Achilles' heel," he mumbled against your lips.

    "Do I actually take that as a compliment? Because I am not trying to eventually lead you to your downfall," you teased as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

    Aaron pulled back from you and his lips turned up into the faintest of smiles. "I just mean that I..." He took a deep breath as he worked out his wording in his head. "I have never really opened up to people about this kind of thing. It's easy for me to shed my skin when I'm talking to you. I don't know. I just feel comfortable being a little bit....vulnerable, I guess, around you."

    You looked at Aaron, your eyes scanning his face. You felt your heart practically explode out of your chest at the thought that he was just so up front and honest with you. It wasn't something that you had ever expected to hear him tell you, but it still meant a lot that he did. Because now, you knew a bit more about him and how he operated. You knew that he was a hard worker and it made sense to you that he would have this sort of thinking that if his students failed that it was his fault. That he was the one at fault despite the very likely idea that his students just simply weren't listening or putting in the extra work that they should have.

    "Really?" you asked, still somewhat stunned that he was telling you all of this.

    "Mhm." He held you closer to his body, your chests pressed together.

    "You're really something else, Aaron."

    He squeezed your hips gently, circling his thumbs against them. "Thank you," he whispered. He sat there for a brief moment just taking in your beauty, still somewhat surprised that over anyone in the entire world, you chose to be with him. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that he would have fallen for someone so damn gorgeous, so intelligent, and so caring.

    The two of you sat in a brief moment of silence that was interrupted by the low gurgles in Aaron's stomach. You both glanced down at it, Aaron laughing loudly at himself. "Hungry?" you asked, raising a brow.

    "Apparently so," he affirmed, letting out another hearty laugh from his chest, the dimples on his cheeks becoming more prominent. It was the moments like this, where Aaron would laugh that laugh that you heard only once in a blue moon, that you felt like you were exactly where you were supposed to be. And that was wherever he was.

    "Did you even eat anything at all today?" you asked as you shifted on his lap to grab the lunch bag.

    "I had a bite of Jack's waffle this morning. That's pretty much it," he explained, taking the wrapped up sandwich that you handed him.

    You hit his shoulder gently, rolling your eyes at him. "You can't do that to yourself, hun. I get you're stressed but you have to eat more than that."

    Aaron shook his head gently, his eyes dropping to the sandwich in his hands. "I know. Thank you for this," he said, holding up the sandwich a bit.

    You grabbed your own sandwich and went to sit at the chair in front of his desk to eat. "You're welcome." You tucked your legs underneath you as you sat and the two of you started to eat your lunches.

    Your conversations were filled with thinking of upcoming plans of activities to do together, how Jack was doing, and even some mythology based conversations, something that you really enjoyed talking to Aaron about.

    "You know, if I really have to pick, I think I like the myth of Hades and Persephone the best. It's just a tale that even though it pulls at your heartstrings a bit because of the whole being kept in the Underworld against her will thing, but I think that at the end of the day, Hades truly cared about her. And I've read that she cared about him just as much after time went on. But obviously the whole situation should have been handled completely differently but I guess that that is how it was back then when these stories allegedly took place," you explained as you took a bite of one of the cupcakes that you had brought for you and Aaron. "I also just really enjoy it because it's a more interesting way to explain why we have spring and winter."

    "That is a good one," Aaron agreed as he wiped his mouth with his napkin. He threw out his trash into the garbage next to his desk and looked at you from across his desk. "Oh Y/N, you got a little icing over there," he said, pointing to the side of your mouth.

    "Where? Over here?" you asked, sticking your tongue out to the side to try to lick it off.

    "No, you missed," Aaron laughed. "I got it. Don't worry." He stood up from his desk and walked over to you, grabbing your face gently in your hands. He leaned down, swiping his tongue across the side of your mouth so slowly, as if to savor the flavor of not only the icing but you as well. Aaron's eyes peered into yours, full of lust.

    You sat there in awe, still not over the fact that he just licked your face clean...or the fact that you liked it. Like really liked it.

    Aaron brought his mouth back to yours, kissing you hungrily. He groaned against your lips, pulling you up to stand with him. He pulled you flush against his body , where you could already feel his hard cock starting to form in his dress pants.

    "The door," Aaron muttered.

    "Hm?" you questioned, feeling drunk on the taste of his lips. You couldn't process what he was saying when he was kissing you like he couldn't get enough of you.

    Aaron bit down on your bottom lip, pulling on it gently. You looped your arms around his neck as he began to pepper kisses down your jawline, following the curve of your neck.

    "Lock the fucking door," he growled against your skin.

    His words shot straight to your core, already feeling your arousal between your legs.

    The two of you stumbled back towards the door, lips refusing to leave on another. Aaron placed his hands on your hips, giving them a squeeze as your back pressed against the door. You slinked your hand to the side as Aaron continued his assault of kisses on your neck and shoulders, sucking and biting on your exposed skin. You fumbled behind you and locked the door, moaning softly as Aaron continued to leave hickeys along your skin.

    "All mine," he mumbled as he reached down to take off your leggings and panties in one clean swoop. He immediately got down to his knees in front of you, throwing your leg up over his shoulder. "God, you're so perfect." He swiped his finger through your folds, spreading your arousal along your pussy. He started to finger you slowly, before finding the pace that he knew you liked.

    If there was one thing for sure, it was that Aaron definitely knew your body well and so quickly, too, considering the fact that the you had only first had sex that past weekend. He lived to hear you moaning his name, to see you squirm from his fingers. So much so that he made it his mission to know just what made you tick, just what would give you the best orgasm and ruin you for anyone else. He wanted to make sure that it would only be him, his mouth, his fingers, and his cock that you would ever think about.

    And as he pressed you further against the door, he continued to curl his fingers at just the right pace to get you closer to your climax. He eventually added another one, opening you up wide for him as you moaned breathlessly, gripping onto his broad shoulders for support.

    "Oh god, Aaron. Just like that you," you moaned out.

    Aaron reached his free hand up and placed it over your mouth gently as continued to fuck you with his fingers. "Now as much as I love hearing that sweet little mouth of yours moan my name, I'm going to need you to be as quiet as you can. I don't think Dr. Pederson next door would appreciate hearing the way I'm about to fuck you while he is holding his office hours." Aaron turned his head and pressed a kiss to your leg that was still on top of his shoulder. "Think you can do that, my sweet girl? Just this once, I need you to try to be quiet."

    You bit down on your bottom lip, squeezing your eyes shut as Aaron's fingers continued to rub circles around your clit. "I can do it," you replied, breathing in deeply.

    "That's it, sweetheart," Aaron praised. He glanced up at you, eyes blown out with pure lust and desire to take you right there in his office on any space that he could. "How does that feel?" he asked as he continued to finger you.

    "Fucking amazing," you exhaled with a light laugh.

    Aaron removed his fingers from you and without any hesitation, he licked a long line up your pussy. The moan you let out was music to his ears. Aaron had decided that there was not a sound in the universe that he loved more than hearing you fall apart because of him. Nothing would ever give him the same gratification as hearing his name roll off your lips in pure pleasure and need.

    "You like that?" he asked smugly. He watched as you nodded your head vigorously against the door. He leaned forward again and licked even slower, taking his time. Your hips bucked against his face and the groan he let out sent an entirely new wave of pleasure through you. "I'll take that as a yes," he laughed lightly.

    "Don't stop," you begged.

    Aaron leaned forward again, dipping his tongue into you, thrusting it in and out of you relentlessly. You gripped onto his hair, pressing his face closer to you as he started to suck on your clit.

    "You really like that, hm?" he murmured against you as he continued to slip his tongue in and out of you.

    "Aaron, please," you said, your voice all but a desperate whisper.

    "Please what, baby?"

    "I need you."

    Aaron gave your clit a gentle kiss before dropping your leg from his shoulder. He held you steady for a brief moment, letting you regain your footing before he stood up in front of you. He kissed you tenderly, allowing you to taste yourself on his lips. You twisted your fingers around his tie and pulled him closer to you.

    Aaron leaned forward, caging you in against the door to his office. The room was filled with your moans joining together as one and the sound of messy kisses as you both continued to move your lips against one another.

    You reached your hand down between the two of you, palming Aaron through his dress pants. Aaron hung his head in the crook of your neck, letting out a series of short, breathy moans. He pressed a kiss to your shoulder, your neck, along your jawline as you continued to tease his rock hard dick through his pants.

    Aaron's hands fumbled with his belt as he worked to get himself out of his pants as quickly as he could. "You know, Y/N," he murmured as he brought his lips back to yours as the two of you worked to push his pants down from around his legs. "One of these days," he muttered as his cock was freed from his boxers, hard, leaking with precum and 1000% ready for you, "I am going to have you suck me off like a good little girl while I sit in my chair at my desk." He kicked his pants and boxers to the side as he held you against the door.

    You could have come on the spot from his words. The thought of being on your knees in front of Aaron, sucking him off in his place of work, sent a thrill through your entire body. Most definitely causing you to feel yourself growing even wetter in the moment.

    "But that day," he continued as he hiked your legs up around his waist, pushing you up further against the door, "is not today." He looked you in the eyes, grazing his fingers down your neckline as he held you up firmly with his arms. "I need to feel your tight, little pussy around my cock." He moved one of his hands down, bringing the head of his dick to your entrance. He dragged it along your folds, coating it in your arousal. Keeping you up against the door the best that he could, he sank you down onto his dick, both of you groaning in tandem at the delicious way he filled you up.

    "Holy fuck," you groaned out, gripping onto his shoulders.

    "I know, baby," Aaron murmured as he kissed you underneath your earlobe. He stood still for a few moments, just wanting to feel how snug your pussy was around his cock. There was one thing for certain that Aaron would never get over and it was how perfect he fit inside you, like you were meant for him.

    Aaron began to thrust into you, your back sliding against the door. You felt Aaron's arms flex around you as he held you up, keeping a steady rhythm. He sucked in a breath as he fully unsheathed himself from you, before slamming your hips back down.

    You hung your head down into Aaron's shoulder, rocking your hips to meet his thrusts. You felt the sweat beading on your forehead as Aaron continued to pound into you. And from the angle that he was holding you up, he was hitting your g-spot just right.

    "Y/N, I can't hold out much longer," Aaron grunted.

    You nodded your head, trying to tell Aaron what you needed but your brain was failing to come up with comprehensive sentences because all of your focus was on the lewd sounds of his cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy. "More. More, Aaron," you whimpered.

    "More?" Aaron's chest rose and fell rapidly from his panting but he grunted into your ear. "One second," he murmured. He stilled his body from moving, holding you tighter against him as if he was refusing to slip out of you. You clutched onto him like a lifeline as he carried you away from the door and over to where he had a couch in his office. He gently laid the both of you down, his body hovering over yours all the while having his cock nestled inside of you. "I'll give you more," he muttered as his hips returned to thrusting into you. He brought his hand down to your clit, rubbing it in tandem with the way his dick was pounding into you.

    "Oh fuck!" you let out, a lot louder than anticipated. Aaron clasped his hand over your mouth, eyes wide.

    "Quiet, baby," he said sternly, before breaking out into a small laugh. "If I knew you were going to be this vocal, I should have fucked you here in my office ages ago."

    You couldn't help but laugh along with him as you ran your hands down his still clothed chest. You picked your head up off the couch, capturing his lips with yours as you felt the precipice of your orgasm building. "I'm so so close," you murmured against his lips. You clenched your walls around his cock and Aaron threw his head back in pure ecstasy.

    "I know, baby. I can feel it," he assured as he continued to finger you. "Let go. Come for me the way I know you can." Aaron continued to fuck you, silently praying that you would find your release soon. He always found himself having a stronger orgasm if he was able to get you off first. It was always his desire to make sure that your needs were being put well above his own when it came to the two of you having sex.

    Aaron stared down at you, his hair flopping gently onto his forehead. "Holy fuck, Y/N. You're so gorgeous. How did I get so lucky?"

    You felt your cheeks grow warm at his words, even more so when your orgasm rippled through you like a wave. You leaned forward, biting down on Aaron's shoulder to stifle the scream that threatened to escape your lips. Aaron groaned loudly, his eyes squeezing shut as he hooked your leg around his waist.

    He fucked you through your high, wanting to ensure that each and every last drop of your cum was coating his dick. He panted lightly, feeling his own orgasm coming on. Aaron gripped onto your hip with one hand and brought his other up to your chest, ripping your shirt open to free your tits to him. He groaned at the sight, watching how even through your bra, your tits bounced to each and every thrust into your body.

    Aaron brought his hand to your breast, and kneaded the flesh in his grasp. He pressed his lips firmly to the valley between your breasts and in an instant, everything turned into a flash of white as he reached his release deep inside your pussy. He thrust his hips a few more times before stilling inside of you. He chuckled softly against your skin as he laid on top of you. "God, Y/N."

    You carded your fingers through his tousled hair, pulling his head up from your chest. You smiled softly at him, seeing that post sex glow hanging around his face. "Hi," you whispered.

    "Hey," he murmured back.

    "So is this what office hours are for?" you teased as you worked to get your buttons back together on your shirt.

    "With you? Absolutely. Any fucking day of the week," he laughed. He pressed a kiss to your lips before pulling out of you. You felt the combination of cum drip out of you as he sat up on the couch. Aaron cocked his head as he looked at your soaked pussy, swiping his finger across it to catch whatever cum was falling out. He pushed his fingers, and the cum, back into your pussy before he stood up from the couch. "Can't have any of that escaping now, can we?" he said smugly. He walked over to his desk, still baring his bottom half, and opened up some of his drawers. "I, uh, don't have much here to try to clean you up," he laughed lightly.

    You propped yourself up on your elbows and watched as he kept looking for something for you. "Aaron, it's okay. I have to run home and shower anyway."

    Aaron peered up at you from the rim of his glasses and shook his head. "You know that that is not how this works," he said, his voice in a somewhat stern tone. You had to admit though, you loved the fact that Aaron always wanted to clean you up after you had sex. You couldn't remember any of your past partners being so intimate and caring like that.

    Aaron let out a small oh as he pulled out a small stack of napkins. "It's the closest thing I have," he said as he walked back towards you, grabbing the panties and leggings that had been discarded earlier.

    Aaron sat down on the couch next to you, gently wiping you down the best he could. "Thank you," you said softly.

    Aaron's lips curled up into a small smile. "You're welcome." He continued to clean you up as much as he could before helping you slip back into your bottoms. Aaron also put his own boxers and pants back on, redoing the belt around his waist.

    You sat up on the couch next to him, nudging him with your shoulder. "I think I definitely learned a lot from you, Professor Hotchner," you said in a sultry tone.

    Aaron felt his cock twitch in his pants and he had to take a deep breath so that he wasn't stuck with a boner going into his next lecture. He adjusted himself to face you on the couch, cupping your cheek with his hand as his thumb rubbed along your jawline. He pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, so gently in fact, that had you not been paying attention, you would have missed the contact from his lips entirely. "Thank you," he muttered against your lips.

    "For what exactly?" you asked, straightening out his tie on his chest.

    "For being you. And for making me feel better about the whole, my students are shitty and maybe that isn't my fault, rant," he said, using air quotes to emphasize his words.

    You pecked him on the nose and smiled softly at him. "You're welcome." You placed your hand over his that was still resting upon your face, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

    The two of you sat on the couch for a few minutes in silence, just taking in each other's warmth and general presence. And then Aaron had a brilliant idea that he couldn't not ask you.

    "I have an idea," he said abruptly, pulling the two of you out of the silence. "I've been thinking about it a lot to be completely honest with you."

    You placed your hand on his thigh, giving it a small squeeze. "Don't hurt yourself with all that thinking," you teased.

    Aaron rolled his eyes at you, trying to hide the smile on his face from your sarcasm but in the end failing miserably as the smile crept up upon his lips anyway. "Ha ha. Very funny," he said in a monotone, unenthused voice.

    "What is this genius idea of yours, baby?"

    Aaron placed his hand on top of the one that you had resting on his leg. "What if you did a guest lecture with me? I mean, you know the content better than my own students. You're so intelligent, I can't even believe it. And maybe hearing from a different voice will get my students to pay attention to the content that they are expected to know."

    You felt your cheeks start to blush once again from the words of Aaron Hotchner. "I mean, that does sound like fun, but I don't do too well talking in front of crowds."

    Aaron moved your hands so that he could interlace your fingers together. "I'll be up there with you. Besides, I think you'll be a natural once you're up there."

    You exhaled loudly, resting your head on his shoulder. "I don't know, Aaron. That's not something I've ever really seen myself doing."

    "Tell you what," he continued, turning to press a kiss to the top of your head, "think about it. Really think about it. And then let me know. I think it would be a good benefit for you and for my students." Aaron held on to your hand tighter on his lap before letting it go to place it behind your back. "Besides, I am dying to see this sweet piece of ass own a room," he teased as he squeezed your ass a bit.

    You gasped at his touch before playfully hitting his chest at his comment. "I better be a hell of a lot more than a sweet piece of ass to you," you scoffed, mocking his tone of voice

    "Of course you are." Aaron scooted you closer to him on the couch, pressing your sides together firmly. "You're everything to me and more," he whispered into your ear.

    You turned your head, your lips meeting his in a passionate kiss. "I like the sound of that a lot better," you murmured against his lips.

    The two of you continued to share some more kisses and gentle touches on the couch for a few more minutes until Aaron glanced at his watch and groaned. "I have to go. My next lecture starts in about 5 minutes. Are you alright walking back to your car by yourself? I lost track of time otherwise I would walk there with you."

    "I'll be fine." You kissed him one more time before standing up to gather your things from his office. "I'll see you later, okay?" you said as you unlocked his door.

    Aaron was behind his desk, getting his papers together in his satchel quickly. "Mhm. See you at home."


    You could definitely get used to hearing him say that.


    authors notes:

    hello hello! i hope we're all doing well!

    i am hoping to have more regular updates once this semester is over.

    thank you for sticking around with me. I really appreciate it :)


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    thomas gibson in as the world turns in 1989

    young thomas owns every inch of my being😩🧎🏼‍♀️




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    Don't come back

    Summary: "Being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling" Author unknown.

    Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Reader.

    Word count: 2311

    Warnings: Alcohol,


    It was all quite literally sunshine and rainbows, you spent nights, days, mornings, all the time with him. Running your hands through his fluffy dark hair. Spent time with each other, whenever you could. Despite Aaron having a very busy schedule, constantly on the road, in another state. Being together was quicksand.

    The night of your favourite was when Aaron got in early, you, him and Jack went to a restaurant to have dinner. It was the time of your life. Jack was ecstatic that he got to spend time with you and his dad for a whole night. You all were so full that you took dessert to go, and spent the night crawled up on the sofa watching Captain America Civil war while nomming on your respective desserts.

    Jack fell asleep with ice cream dripping down his chin, on your side, whilst you were resting on Aaron’s shoulder slowly falling asleep. Once you and Jack were both out for the night, Aaron first carried Jack to his room, you slowly stirred awake when you felt your pillow and the tiny person resting on you leave your presence, but before you knew Aaron was back.

    “It’s okay sweetheart, go back to sleep.” He hummed scooping you up like you were nothing and carried you bridle style to your shared bed. He helped you get off you clothes and into your pjs, he did the same and brought you close to his chest.

    “I love you.” You hummed half asleep.

    Aaron’s smile grew into a warm smile as the deep breaths of your sleep took you in. With the rhythmic breathing of you, Aaron was soon lulled to sleep.

    Despite it being a very boring evening to most people, it was your favourite night, you were surrounded by your boys. Aaron who loved you dearly and Jack who loved you even more.

    What was even better, when you woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon wafting through Aaron’s apartment. A few moments later you two boys walked into the room, Aaron holding a tray full of food and Jack with two drinks that his small hands could manage.

    “Is this breakfast in bed?” You asked grinning from cheek to cheek. It was unusual that Aaron was able to stay for the morning, usually you’d drop Jack off at school or Jessica’s depending how busy your schedule was, and you got on with your day, waiting for Aaron to come home.

    “It is my love.” Aaron smiled placing the tray on your lap, Jack, after placing down the two glasses of OJ on your bedside table scrambled to his father’s side, who helped him up. Sandwiching himself between you and Aaron.

    Aaron took his plate and Jacks plate, allowing them to eat their breakfast. While everyone was getting settled, Aaron turned on the tv to one of Jack’s favourite morning shows. Allowing him to be fixated on the show, rather than the two love birds stare at each other like the world was ending.

    It was possibly the best Saturday morning that you could ever imagine.

    Though the moment was soon shattered by the ringing from Aaron’s work phone, which had a different ringer compared to his personal phone. You could hear the sigh from Jack, which only caused you to bring him closer to you. His little head resting on your on stomach.

    Before you knew Aaron was dressed in his suit and giving you both a goodbye kiss and a ‘I love you’ before running out of the door.

    Good things must come to an end.

    This case seemed to drag on a lot longer than the both of you realised, as by Wednesday you were getting a call from Agent Prentiss that Aaron was in the hospital.

    You dropped everything and rushed to be there, even though when you got there he was in surgery. He didn’t even tell you he got back from his most recent case. You didn’t even know he was in the state.

    The even so bubbly Penelope Garcia was sat in the waiting room with her laptop and her phone.

    “Sweetness, come here.” She urged more or less dragging you to the seat next to hers, “I haven’t heard anything, and I’ve been haranguing the nurses for any little bit of information.”

    “I didn’t know you guys got back.” You sighed.

    “Oh, the team got back Tuesday afternoon, I thought everyone went home.” Her eyes became wide with sorrow.

    “What happened, tell me what happened.” You begged.

    “We were in the roundtable a new case came in with a child abduction, that’s where the rest of the team has gone, while we were presenting the case, Hotch was out of breath and then he collapsed on the floor.” She explained, “Emily called you immediately after it happened.”

    You let out an exasperated sigh, “He’s been working himself too hard, I know what you do is important, but he needs to start putting himself first, before he’s going to kill himself.”

    “I know sweetie, make sure that he does that.” Penelope smile rubbing your shaking knee.

    After what felt like hours, it was hours, a doctor came out, you both stood to attention hoping for any news that he wasn’t dead.

    “He’s okay, the wounds that he suffered 5 years ago, seemed to be causing him problems, we’ve gone and repaired that.” The doctor smiled.

    “Can I see him?” You asked looking like a lost dog.

    “Yes.” He smiled.

    You and Penelope followed him to the ICU to see an asleep Aaron Hotchner, with tubes in his nose. He looked so tired, so worn. It wasn’t him.

    You sat down on the uncomfortable chair next to him holding his hand.

    Penelope on the other hand was calling the team updating them that Hotch was out of surgery.

    “Y/N?” He mumbled.

    “I’m here.” You sighed, “Jack’s on his way, with Jessica.” You informed him.

    He gave a slight nodded.

    “Please take more care of yourself. You take all these risks for people you don’t know, and I love and admire you for it, but please think about yourself.”

    Aaron couldn’t respond to you; he didn’t know what to say. But he didn’t need too, Jack and Jessica burst through the doors, Jack almost immediately pouncing on his father.

    “Careful buddy.” He softly said as he wrapped Jack in his arms.

    You seemed to fade out to the background, especially once the team burst through the door, wishing him well.

    Feeling out of place, having nothing really in common with the rest of team, and Aaron who was absorbing the wish’s, you faded out alone.

    You knew you should have stayed, but there was no point, he had many people who loved him surrounding him, so he wasn’t alone. You sat in your shared apartment, getting everything a lot cleaner than it was. Ready for Aaron to come home.

    It felt like this for a couple weeks, every day Prentiss came to pick him up whilst he healed, he headed out saying goodbye and left a lukewarm pot of coffee for you.

    Is this what it feels to be forgotten. To not be loved anymore. Is this how all relationships go, forgotten, unloved, being forced to look after his kid – Not that you don’t love Jack, Aaron usually had a plan in place in case that you had to go at the same time as him, but now he acts like you live only to serve him – Where was the love that he’d given you a couple weeks prior, he treated you like a first class citizen, making sure that you are okay, that you were treated the way you deserve. It’d had only been a year of being fully committed to each other.

    Did he want you anymore? Did he crave you as much as you craved him?

    Do you still love him?

    Nights went passed, and he was staying out later and later, Penelope looped you in when the team is supposed to be back, but Aaron wasn’t at home. You didn’t want to pry, he had his own life, one that you thought you were involved in.

    One night, the last night of peace, Aaron came home, tipsy, bashing through the door, you jumped on the sofa, looking over to the door, looked a ragged Aaron.

    He’d lost his jacket, and tie, who knows where they’d disappeared to, “Aaron?” You inquire quietly, “What happened?”

    “I nee- I need to go…” He slurred.

    “Go where?” You asked fumbling to your feet to help steady his footing.

    “Home.” He softly spoke.

    “You are home Aaron, let me put on some coffee to get you sobered up.” You smiled helping his to the sofa.

    You did what you said, you put on a pot of coffee and some ibuprofen as well, to help with the oncoming headache. Placing the items down on the wooden coffee table he reached for them, taking a sip of the coffee just how he likes it, as well as the medicine.

    “What’s wrong?” You asked shuffling your legs into his lap and you fingers brushing through his short black hair.

    “Nothing’s wrong.” He spoke softly, at least the coffee is working.

    “Something is, you never come home anymore.” You sighed, “I miss you in our bed, I miss our time together.”

    “I can’t help that I work all the time!” He spoke defensively.

    “I know, you love your job, I wouldn’t want you to give it up.” You smiled gently, “It’s just-.” You stopped yourself, not really knowing what you were about to ramble about.

    “Just what?” He asked

    “I’m worried about you and everything else, but it isn’t a conversation for when you are drunk.” You sighed.

    Aaron looked down to your legs and gently rubbed them, “I’m sorry.” He mumbled out not sure what he was apologising for, but did it anyway, knowing in some way that he’s upset you.

    “Lets just get you to bed, huh?” You smiled moving your legs off his and holding out a hand to help him in bed.

    Once you got him to the bed, you helped him remove his shirt, trousers, socks and helped him into his PJs. He quickly got himself comfortable in the warm sheets, you got in next to his already dead asleep, and pushed his hair back.

    “Sorry isn’t going to be enough anymore.” You whispered softly; you couldn’t wake him once he was out. Aaron Hotchner was asleep there was no way to wake him up until the smell of coffee engulfed his nose.

    The next morning you made breakfast for everyone, and an extra caffeinated coffee for Aaron. Jack was quick to scramble to the breakfast bar eagerly waiting for the eggs and bacon.

    Aaron soon after looking grumpy, you handed him a coffee and he replied with a short “Thank you.” And sat next to Jack.

    Breakfast went down quietly, usually it would be Jack rambling on and on about some random topic, but today he could sense that something was wrong, so he stayed quiet. Aaron didn’t look at you, he could remember what happened last night.

    After a rush getting Jack ready for school, Jess came and picked him up to take him to school, it was just the two of you left.

    “About last night-.” He started

    “Forget about it, Aaron.” You sighed, getting the left-over plates and glasses from breakfast, and putting them in the dishwasher.

    “No, I can’t forget about it, what’s going on? With us?” His voice were stern, looking at you, worried, scared.

    “I said forget about it.” You huffed, “Don’t you have work?”

    “No.” He looked down at his replenished coffee, “So, we have time to talk.”

    “I don’t want to talk, because if I do, I’ll say something I don’t mean.” You said standing on the other side of the kitchen.

    “I can take it.” He mumbled softly.

    “Aaron, you’ve been acting differently, I don’t know if I’ve done anything wrong, but you never come home anymore. Or you come home drunk, you leave me to look after Jack, not that I don’t love him, I really do, but I’m not here to look after just him. Have you forgotten everything that you love about me? Or do you just don’t love me anymore?” You stared at him with the same look he gave you; worried, scared.

    Aaron was silent.

    “You know what, Aaron. I can’t do this, I can’t wait for you to eventually come home, I understand that you job is everything to you, but you have two people waiting for you at home, our home. I know life has not been kind to you, but you forget about people.” You spoke sternly, standing tall.

    “You know what, y/n, if you don’t love me anymore, leave.” He seethed.

    “That’s the problem, I do love you.” You stressed, “But I don’t want to live a life where I’m forgotten by the people, I love the most, 3 weeks ago, I was prepared to marry you, and now…” You shrugged, “Maybe we should just stop, it’s obviously not working.”

    “Leave then. No one’s asking you to stay.” Aaron spat, standing up from the breakfast bar.

    You walked away, straight to the bedroom and packed everything that you could fit into your suitcase and backpack.

    Walking out again, Aaron was still in a sour mood, “You’re actually leaving?” He looked at you shocked.

    “I said I would, I can’t be here if you aren’t that’s not a relationship.” You sighed walked towards to the door

    “If you leave, don’t come back.” He seethed.

    “Good with me.” You shot him a look, and walked to the door, unlocking it, “Goodbye Aaron, tell Jack that I love him.” You weakly smiled.

    With that you were gone, out, on your own.

    No, I will not be writing a pt2, suffer 😘

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    Hotch is a ballroom dance I take no criticism

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    To be back with each other.

    Prompt/ Summary: https://arsonhotchner.tumblr.com/post/665507016539799552/okay-this-is-a-weird-out-of-the-blue-sort-of

    Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Reader.

    Warnings: Teenage pregnancy, Swearing. A few time jumps, Angst, soft,

    Words: 6899


    “Aaron?” You asked holding the sheet to cover yourself as you watched your one-night stand get off the bed.

    “I have to go.” He said only partly turning his head.

    “Oh, okay.” You sighed, slumping down onto your bed staring at the ceiling.

    Well, that’s the last time you spoke to Aaron, you saw him everywhere after that. Ignoring the feelings that he brought up. You’ve always had a crush on him, you saw the opportunity when his current girlfriend broke up, it was pretty common knowledge around school. Hayley Brooks was the school theatre nerd and Aaron Hotchner was the kid that snuck cigarettes to school and smoked them in the bathroom. It was a pretty odd combo.

    Knowing he might need some sex to just help him get over Hayley, you kept edging closer to him, putting out some feelers, he understood and messaged you today asking if he could come over. He did, 2 hours late, but he turned up.

    Over the next couple of days at school things started to change, Hayley started giving you dirty stares, you started to figure out that they’d got back together again. Holding hands in the school corridor, being that gross, obnoxious couple that everyone either wanted or despised or both.

    Your best friend Olivia was there for it all. She told you not to do it, told you in her words, “You are going to regret it, he’s going to ruin your life. He’s only using you for sex.” You should of listen to her, she was of all kinds of smart, taking AP classes all the way, getting an amazing GPA. She spoke how she was going to go to Harvard, or MIT to be the next “Big thing” You were totally supportive. Wanting your best friend to grow into something amazing.

    You didn’t want to go to an Ivy league, something in the next state would do, studying law, or criminology, something along those lines. Piss off your parents by not going as well which was a benefit. Your younger brother would be fine without you, he was the smart one, as everyone said, you were just the pretty one.

    Let’s be honest, you were smart, you had a class schedule that was littered with AP classes a GPA to prove it, but everyone told you different.

    After a month, a whole 4 weeks, nothing changes you feel tired, nauseated with your decision to let a boy use you like that. You thought it would go away, but it was here to stay.

    “y/n?” Olivia asked laying on your bed staring at some movie actors that you stuck up there.

    “Yes?” You groaned into the pillow.

    “When was the last time you had your period?” She asked turning her head to you, slowly peeling your face off the pillow.

    “Um…” You thought, “It’s been a while.” You admitted.

    “Do you think that these, ‘symptoms’ maybe…” She dragged out not wanting to say the word, not wanting to release the worry into your head.

    “I can’t? Can I? I’m 18, I- I can’t look after a baby? His baby.” You seethed.

    “Are you on the pill, did he use a condom, do you have the implant, did you take the morning after pill?” She interrogated.

    “I ran out of my birth control a month ago, I haven’t had time to get it replaced, and I don’t know about the condom, I- I should have made sure.” You sighed planting your face back into the pillow, letting out a scream, it was cathartic at least.

    “Stay here, okay.” Olivia spoke getting up from the bed and grabbing her things, “I’ll be back in 20.”

    She left, your thoughts were all that you had, I might be pregnant? Why? This will really piss of my parents – not everything is about them for gods’ sake, this is about me. What will I do? I could keep it. Wait. We haven’t even gotten there yet. I’m going to have to tell Aaron it’s only polite. Well, it’s not a bitch move, he wouldn’t want me anyway he has perfect Hayley. Will he tell Hayley, oh god she’s going to kill me.

    I can’t do this alone, but who else is going to help. My parents wouldn’t even want me in the house after this, ruin their views of their perfect daughter. People have flaws for fucks sake, why can’t I have flaws. Wait, I could be pregnant. I’m 18, I can’t, I’m meant to go to college, get a stable job, then have a baby with who ever I please, not Aaron Hotchner, the reject that he is.


    “y/n?” Olivia asked slipping back next to me, she sighed as you weren’t responding to anything just staring at one of the pictures, “Your thoughts aren’t helping.” She cooed.

    “I know, but there are so many possibilities.” You sighed.

    “How about, instead of your detective brain, we use the side of your brain that’s relaxed, because maybe, you’re not pregnant.” Olivia nodded, “I brought you a couple things.”

    She pulled them out of her bag, a pregnancy test and a bar of chocolate, well two, “We can eat chocolate while we wait, okay? I’ll be here all the way through this.” She nodded pulling you into a hug, that you desperately wanted, needed even, “I love you.”

    “I love you too.” You sniffled, “Thank you.”

    You got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom, examining the box as you walked a familiar path.

    Closing the door behind you, and sitting down on the toilet, opening the box.

    “I’m right here, I just don’t want to watch you pee.” Olivia spoke, partly muffled by the door.

    “Okay…” Your breath shakily answered.

    Your heavy breath opened the box and followed the instructions, placed the cover on where you peed and place it in your jacket pocket, you wanted to forget about it. Walking out of the bathroom, looking at Olivia’s worried face.

    “It’s going to be okay, you’re smart, everything will fall into place.” She softly smile wrapping her arms around you, “Onto the fun time, chocolate.” She happily smiled.

    You walked back to your bed and turned on some old rerun on the tv and sat close together eating all the chocolate and just doing what best friends do best, make you forget.

    Laughing at the jokes that you’d heard a million times before, laughing at new jokes, inside jokes. She was your only person, the only one that you needed.

    “Now.” Olivia quietly spoke in your ear.

    “No, please, one more episode.” You quietly begged pushing your head into her neck.

    “No, you can’t put if of anymore.” She whispered, “It’s all that you are ever going to think about.”

    “Can, can you.” You sighed, “Also, when I do something like this again, slap me.”

    “Can I have that as written consent, so when I do it, you won’t yell at me.” She smiled, resting her head onto yours.

    “Okay, it’s in my pocket.” You sighed, closing your eyes as she rummaged around in your pocket, you couldn’t tell but her eyes were closed too.

    “3… 2… 1…” Olivia breathed, “Ready?”

    “Nope, but we have to go for it right.” You sighed.

    You both opened your eyes staring down at the pregnancy test. And there it was, the answer that you didn’t want. The answer that caused more problems.

    “Fuck” You cursed, taking the stick off her, “What the fuck do I do?”

    “You have options.” Olivia went on explaining what you could do and how she’ll be there every step of the way.

    “I have to tell him though, don’t I?”

    “Yes.” She sighed, “But! I’ll be there… well couple steps behind he’s kind of intimating.” She chuckled.

    “Tomorrow.” You sighed, putting your head back onto her shoulder.

    That’s how you fell asleep. Watching some stupid show that you’ve never even heard of, letting your thoughts, your dreams take over. Your thoughts, you had a baby growing inside of you, yours. No one else’s, yours.

    The next day at school, you saw him with Hayley attached to his arm. You couldn’t just shout it out, the school year was almost over, everyone was prepping for college, not you though, not anymore. Well, you could, you just needed someone, and Olivia wasn’t going to be that person, you didn’t want Aaron to be in the picture, you didn’t want to destroy what he had going on with Hayley, because as much as you wanted to kick him, or punch him or do all the nasty thoughts that were rushing through you head, he looked happy. They were happy.

    Strolling through your day hopping from class to class acting as if nothing was wrong, until one moment your being dragged into a supply closet.

    “Wha- what are you doing?” You hissed to the leather jacket wearing ass.

    “You need to tell your friend to back off.” He hissed back.

    “What?” You squinted at him.

    “She’s been staring at me, giving me dirty looks all day. Look it was just a one-night stand, get over it.” His brows furrowed, giving you a dirty glare.

    You sighed pushing your face into your hands, “Aaron.” You took a deep breath, “I’m pregnant.”

    “Your what!” He shouted.

    Your head shot to the door, wondering if anyone would walk into that door and pull you both out, or if anyone heard the conversation, then you are utterly and truly fucked.

    “I’m pregnant.” You repeated.

    “And… It’s mine?” He said looking anywhere but at you. Where you needed him to be.

    “Who else, Aaron, I wasn’t the one who slept with everyone who looked your way. Does Hayley know what you did through your 2-week breakup.” You seethed,

    “I- I, I don’t want to be apart of the baby’s life, if that’s what you want. I have a life; I’m going to college in the new year. I- I can’t.” He faltered.

    “Fine.” You huffed storming out of the closet.

    9 months later.

    You’ve moved out, taking the funds that your parents set aside for you, they basically offered it when you had to tell them, you moved near Olivia who was busy with her studies, but you managed to find a job which helped, but not really, replenish the money that your parents offered you.

    You hadn’t heard, seen Aaron since your last day of school. You didn’t turn up to graduation, didn’t want to be known as the girl that got pregnant. People knew, it somehow got around, but no one knew who the father was. You were enraged by that, by the fact that he was shielded by your own kindness.

    But in hindsight, the baby got you out of that god-forsaken town and somewhere where you loved, it may have been Massachusetts, but it sure as hell wasn’t Virginia.

    Getting the final things ready for the baby, you were almost there, by almost, it was just the hard part. Doing everything on a budget, it wasn’t the life you aspired to have but you were happy. You were the happiest that you’d ever been, apart from feeling like an elephant.

    The only thing you longed for was college, it was weird you never wanted to go, you had the grades to go, you had the money, but you didn’t want that, now you did. To get to do the things the Olivia got to do.

    “How can I help you today?” You asked, smiling as always to the customer that came through the door.

    “Just browsing.” They politely replied and continued into the store.

    It was like that for about 3 hours until your water broke, you were very glad that it broke when you were on break so that you could just slyly say that you had to leave early and go on maternity leave.

    You left a voice mail for Olivia knowing that she was probably in class, but she was adamant that she wanted to know.

    Getting a taxi to the hospital and being wheeled in by the poor taxi driver, tipping him extra hard.

    After pain what could not be experienced in words, but after 10 hour of labour you gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She was the most beautiful thing ever. She was smiling, which you knew was gas.

    But she cooed and cried and did the little stretching thing. The light that brought you out of the shit hole that you were stuck in.

    Her eyes were yours, but her hair, well the tiny fuzz on the top her head was his. His dark hair was hers.

    As you watched her sleep with Olivia scribbling away on a piece of paper finishing up her essay, you couldn’t stop thinking about whether Aaron told Hayley, where he was right now, if he knew what was happening.

    No point in a call, no point in a text, you disappeared from his life, he disappeared from yours. He didn’t want his life planned like this. He got his act together apparently, stopped smoking, stopped wearing leather jackets, started dressing casually. Like anyone else. All of this was heard through snippets of someone who you purposely kept in touch with, just so you could keep eyes on him.

    To know how he was doing.

    “Get out of your head.” Olivia whispered.

    “I’m not in my head.” You mumbled.

    “Yeah, you are I can hear the gears turning in my head, I’m trying to be a surgeon here.” She partly chuckled.

    “I’m sorry, I guess I should start asking the proper questions.” You smiled turning towards to her on her makeshift desk.

    “And they are…” She put her pen down and looked up to you with her head in her hands.

    “Well two things,” You smiled, “One would be, will you the godmother?” You held up you finger to shush her, “Two, how do you feel about the name Lila Olivia y/l/n?”

    “Can I speak now?” She bit her lip and looked up to you.


    “Okay, one yes, I would love to be godmother, it’s not like I’m going anywhere, two, I love it. I love you. I know you don’t hear about this enough, but I’m so proud of you.”

    “I love you and I’m proud of you too, look at you, my on-call surgeon.” You smiled.

    “Not there yet.” She smiled reading through her notes.

    “Well, you managed to sit through my labour without fainting or throwing up, so that’s something.” You quietly chuckled, “Don’t you have class in 3 hours.”

    “Yes, but I need-.”

    “No, sleepy time, look Lila’s asleep you should be too. I’m a mom now, I get to boss people around.” You smiled looking at your sleep deprived best friend.

    “Only if you do too then.” She huffed placing her stuff into her things into her bag.

    18 Years Later

    “I want to meet him.” Lila spoke, she had grown so much over the years of course. Remembering when she was tiny, remembering her first day at nursey, remembering the day she graduated from preschool, middle school, and almost high school.

    She had long black hair, your nose, and eyes, she was a smart little bean, growing up with two positive female figures made everything better. Olivia helped a lot, through her studies and finally becoming a surgeon.

    You all moved back to Virginia, a moved into an apartment near the hospital that Olivia was doing her residency at. She had found a smart doctor and got married, with you by her side and had a baby, which you helped look after, just like she did all those years ago.

    She had a baby boy, Milo, a cute little thing. He was perfect in everyone eyes.

    You were doing amazing, you got around to doing college, in Virginia, to practice law, and were becoming a successful lawyer.

    “Okay, I’ve told you all I know about him.” You sighed sitting on the side of her bed.

    “His names Aaron Hotchner?” She asked writing everything down.

    “It is, I believe he stayed in Virginia all this time, he knows that I was pregnant.” You relaxed on the side of the bed, “I haven’t heard from him since my last day of high school.”

    “That’s 19 years ago?” She questioned looking over to you.

    “I know.” You met the eyes of your daughter, “You have his hair.”

    “Well, I gathered that much.” She smiled, “Can I ask you one thing?”

    “Technically you did, but you can ask another.” You bit your lip to stop you from saying something wrong.

    “Why didn’t he want me?”

    “We were young, he got back together with his long-term girlfriend, he was a kid, who couldn’t look after one. He had plans.” You explained, “I don’t hate him for choosing what he chose, I just- I should have told him more, but he didn’t deserve that. You didn’t deserve that.”

    “Oh, but you were a kid, you didn’t get a choice.”

    “Yes, but you were an opportunity that I would have killed someone if I chose differently, I was finally able to leave my parents house, and they acted like I never existed, until my brother got married, and I turned up to the wedding with 11-year-old you. I was asked to leave, but my brother made me stay. So, we-.”

    “Sat in the back, I remember.” Lila smiled, “So, if I can find him, I can go and visit.”

    “It’s not my choice,” You softly smiled.

    2 weeks later.

    Lila managed to find out exactly everything she wanted, she found an Aaron Hotchner, the only one in Virginia, he was a lawyer just like mom she thought, but now he’s a unit chief of a prestigious FBI unit.

    She got a taxi to Quantico and got a visitor badge after completing the various background searches. She pinned her badge onto her leather jacket, which she’d covered in patches and colour.

    She knew how proud her mom was of her, she would constantly say that she explained all how she first started out with moving to a different state and having an extremely busy friend who made a lot of time for the both of them. How sometimes you wouldn’t be able to feed both of them, so when she could afford it, you would choose to feed her.

    Lila knew how much it meant that her mom put her first, but she wanted to prove to her mom that she could be successful, you kept reminding her that she was. She made it through high school and got a scholarship to some fancy school.

    You were beyond happy, proud, amazed at what Lila was, she was honest, not too honest, smart, she was herself, able to express herself, which she did with her bold leather jacket and doc martens.

    Walking through the lobby of the FBI and straight to the elevators, the men at the door said the BAU is located on the 5th floor, so she pressed the number 5 button.

    As the short elevator journey went up, she was left with her thoughts, just like her moms, rushing past at 90 mph, What if he doesn’t like me, what if he doesn’t want anything to do with me. I just want to know who he is. What he fully looks like.

    Will be look like me, well genetically he would, but what if he-

    Her thoughts were cut off from the ‘ding’ from the elevator, opening up to a walkway going 3 ways. 2 leading to small doors, but the 3rd leading through a glass door with the FBI emblem. She chose the obvious option going through the glass doors.

    She was utterly and completely lost. What am I doing here? She shyly walked through but remembering her mom’s words: “Keep your head up high, you are a y/l/n’s, that means we are resilient, we are brave, we are prepared.”

    Her feet taking her away from the glass doors, and walking to the desks, maybe someone would know, she stopped at the desk of a bold, black man, with amazing eyebrows, “Hi, um, do you know where Aaron Hotchner’s office is?” Lila asked with a kind smile.

    “Yeah, it’s up the ramp, it’s that door.” He smiled pointing to the first door on the raised sections, “I think he’s out at the moment, but you can talk to me while you wait.” He returned his gaze onto her.

    “I think, that if I start talking to you, I’ll forget why I am here. So, is it okay that I wait in his office?” Lila asked looking at her nails.

    “Of course, do you think that I could get to know why you are here?” He leaned back on his chair, showing off his pearly white teeth.

    “I think it’s best if you don’t” she smiled, “See you later, mysterious man, with great eyebrows.” Lila waved walking up the ramp and entering the office.

    The first thing that she noticed was the picture of the blonde and a picture of a young boy. It was placed on one of the lower shelves so he could still reach it. He had a full wall of books ranging from law books to profiling books.

    His office was smart, professional, nothing about him was like when you told Lila about him. Nothing about the kid who smoked, the kid who wore leather jackets and listened to rock music 24/7, someone who maybe got his life together, and lost something that he loved most about himself.

    On his desk there was a pile of files that he had to look over, a pen on top of them, another picture of the kid with the dirty blonde hair. Lila figured pretty quickly that the blonde woman was his wife and that was the kid he wanted.

    Taking a seat in one of the seats in front of his desk idlily flicking her nails. Waiting for her dad to arrive back.

    The blinds were open, she could see the crowd of people slyly taking to each other looking over to the office. They all stopped with a tall, brooding man walked into the bullpen. He seemed to tell them that they had work to be getting done, but the man with the amazing eyebrows told him that someone was waiting for him, as his head shot to his office.

    He thanked the eyebrow man and hurriedly walked to his office, opening the door, “Sorry, for keeping you, can I help you?” He asked dropping his briefcase onto the sofa and walking to his own seat.

    “Yes, I’m Lila, Lila Y/L/N.” She introduced holding out an arm for him to shake, he took the hand. The name, the last name didn’t click for him.

    “So, how can I help you?” He brooded furrowing his brows, as he would do with anyone, taking a sip of his coffee.

    “Do you know Y/N Y/L/N?” Lila asked tilting her head. Something must have clicked in his head; he blinked a couple times too fast.

    “Yes, I went to school with her.” He paused.

    “I’m your daughter.” She smiled awkwardly.

    He froze, his coffee in mid-air, his face lightened up, but he was fixated on Lila, her features.

    “Sorry, to spring that on you, I just had to get it off my chest. I heard everything about you, and I wanted to meet you.” She rambled not knowing what else to say, and hoping to break the face that he was in.

    “You’re my daughter?” He finally spoke, carefully placing down his coffee.

    “Yes. My mom, y/n, says that you are the father, she also said that she told you about it.” Lila explained.

    “She did, but I thought- I thought she-.”

    “Got rid of me.” Lila chuckled, her dimples that were her fathers, showed.

    “I didn’t hear anything from her, so I just assumed.” He bowed his head.

    “It’s okay, she said that you were a kid and didn’t want to look after a kid, so she thought it best if she didn’t tell you.” Lila looked down to her shoes.

    “I’m sorry.” He frowned, “I’m sorry that I was-.”

    “It’s fine, you got to hide behind the kindness of my mother, while she suffered for the two of us, because she was a kid too.” Lila interpreted.

    “I didn’t know her that well, you must understand, after high school I went to college, went to law school, got married, became a lawyer, went to the academy, joined the FBI, had a kid.” He explained, “I wouldn’t of- I wasn’t aware of the sacrifice.”

    “Can I ask you something?” Lila asked quietly.

    “Go for it.”

    “Did you tell her?” She asked looking at the picture of the blonde.

    Hotch’s head turned looking at the picture of his late wife, “No.” He sighed.

    “Right, I just wanted to meet you, so I see that you’re busy, so I guess I should go.”

    “Stay, I want to ask you some questions.” Hotch spoke holding out his hand to tell her to stop.

    “Okay…?” Lila tilted her head.

    “Your mom, what does she do now?” Hotch started

    “She’s a lawyer.”

    “What’s your full name?”

    “Lila Olivia y/l/n.”

    “Like as in Olivia Dempsey?” Hotch smiled

    “Yes, she’s my godmother, we live down the road from her and her family.” Lila smile

    “your mom and Olivia were joined at the hip, anywhere that she went the other one followed.” Hotch smiled remembering his high school life.

    “I know, they still are, even though Olivia’s a neurosurgeon.” Lila expanded, “I spent a lot of time in the hospital that she did her residency at, and the one that she’s at now, it makes sense that I want to become a surgeon.”

    “You want to be a surgeon?” Hotch smiled getting to know his daughter.

    “Yep, I’m not sure what speciality yet, but I figure I have a lot of time to figure it out.” Lila proudly smile.

    “You remind me a lot of her.” Hotch smiled looking at his daughter with intrigue, “Bubbly, happy, smart, extremely smart, you mother must be proud.”

    “She is.”

    “Does she know you’re here?” Hotch smirked leaning back in chair.

    “Well, she knows that I want to meet you, but no, I thought if things went well, I would tell her. Do you want me to give her your number, she’ll probably be in a yell-y mood when I tell her.” Lilia laughed.

    “I’m not getting yelled at but yes, I would love to speak to her again.” He softly smiled handing her his card, “Tell her to call me.”

    “I will, I have to get going, I have SAT prep in an hour.” Lila smiled, “It was nice meeting you Aaron.”

    She offered out her hand again, which Aaron took and softly smiled as he watched his daughter walk of his office and then disappear from the bullpen just as quickly.

    He sat in his chair taking it all in, he had an 18-year-old daughter, she was ambitious, but she was more her mom than she was him. Aaron couldn’t pick up a pen, just staring at the other side of the wall.

    His hand gazed over his mouth and moved to rest on his arm rest of his chair.

    Soon Morgan walked into his office, “Can I ask what that was about?” He smiled closing the door to his office.

    “I have, I have a daughter.” He spoke taking a deep breath, still not believing it was true.

    “Holy shit man.” Morgan quickly took a seat, the same one his daughter chose, “What’s she like.”

    “She’s smart.” He smiled.

    “Did you know you had a kid?” He asked.

    “Yes, her mom told me when she found out.” Hotch explained, “But, I was in denial all this time, I didn’t know she kept it. I didn’t deserve to know anything. I didn’t know if she had a girl or a boy.” He sighed.

    “Congratulations.” Morgan smiled, “This is a good thing, right?”

    “Yes, I guess it is.” Hotch’s lips quirked back up to a smile, “It’s just the guilt, I knew, I should have sent her money, or something to help. I should have been there.”

    “It’s good you know now, though.” Morgan encouraged.

    “I thought she would have got an abortion or gave the kid up so she could- so she could have her own life. We were 18.”

    “You’re not 18 anymore, you can make better choices now. Call her, call her mom.”

    “I gave my number to her, for her mom to call me, so we could talk, but if she doesn’t want to hear from me, I understand. I was an asshole.”

    “I’m sure you weren’t man.”

    “I was, she was an object for me to use, I had broken up with Hayley for 2 weeks and like she said I slept with anyone who looked my way, it was disgusting.” Hotch sighed resting his head on the back of his dark red chair.

    “I didn’t know that was teenage Hotch.” Morgan bantered, “So, there could be a gaggle of Hotchner’s walking around.”

    “Morgan.” Hotch sternly spoke, “For all we know there could be a gaggle of Morgan’s tottering around.”

    “Okay, okay, no need to get a mans blood pressure up.” Derek laughed, “But, there’s nothing wrong with wanting her to be in your life now, you are all grown up, maybe even Jack would love an older sister.”

    “I’ll tell Jack when I know she’s staying, or her mom is okay with all of this.” Hotch nodded.

    “Your daughter is 18, she can choose for herself.” Morgan reminded him.

    “I know, or well I think I know, but her and her mom seem really close, if she doesn’t want her in my life, then she probably wouldn’t.”

    “She’s you as well, Hotch, she looks like the type of person who does what she wants not what other people tell her to.”

    “Yes, that what worries me.” Aaron laughed, “I guess that we should go back to work, if I want to get out of here at a reasonable time tonight.”

    “See you later.” Morgan smiled getting up from his seat, “Congratulations Hotch.”

    “Thank you.”

    The next day.

    “You what!” You shouted.

    “You knew I wanted to meet him.” Lila argued.

    “I know, I know.” You sighed, “I just, it takes me a second.”

    “Here.” She handed you a piece of paper, you looked down at the card, “He would like you to call him, to talk.”

    “Fine, I’ll do it today.” You smiled, “I’m sorry for shouting.” You spoke pulling her into a hug, “It’s just you’re the best thing that happened, and I don’t like sharing.”

    “I know, but he might like you.” Lila encouraged pulling away from you, “Did you know he has a son?”

    “No, I didn’t. They must have gotten married, he seemed like that type that would do the whole dance, and-.” You took a deep breath, “-and, have a son.”

    “Yes, mom, a son.” Lila smiled.

    “Don’t you have homework to be doing or something, it looks like I’ve got a call to make from a booty call 18 years ago.” You laugh playfully pushing your daughter off the sofa, who then scurried away to her room.

    You fiddled with the card and your phone. Biting your lip and just staring at the paper, admiring the letters and numbers. The card was simple, his name, his email, his phone, his job title, and the FBI emblem.

    Taking a deep breath typing the number in and quickly called it, it rang exactly twice before he picked up.

    “Hotchner.” His voice rung through the phone, it’s deeper, tired as well, within a couple of seconds, “Hello?”

    “Ummm, Hi, it’s y/n, I believe that you met my, our, daughter.” You started, breathing really quickly, “I feel as if we should figure things out, maybe even yell, if I feel like it. I really want to yell, but it’s not directed at you, it’s just it took me ages to get over you and I don’t want you in our lives if you don’t want to stay. We are a hand full, and Li told me you have a child, only that and I don’t want to know anymore if I can’t stay.” You rambled.

    “We can talk, coffee today, 4, before you can change your mind.” He chuckled, “At the coffee shop on main.”

    “Okay, I’ll see you there.” You smiled and hung up the phone. Sighing as you turned on the tv.

    The noise of TV drew you there forgetting everything that was trying to race through your hand, not hearing the door close, Olivia stormed in and seating herself next to you.

    “You did something stupid, didn’t you?” She said scanning your face.

    “What no…” You smirked.

    “What did you do, let me hear about it because I don’t want to think about what’s waiting for me at home.” Olivia smiled resting her head onto your shoulder.

    “Well, it started yesterday when Li met her dad-.”

    “What!” Olivia shouted, she looked back to Lila’s room, “What.” She repeated quieter.

    “Then she’s hands me the card.” You flashed her Aaron’s business card, “And tells me to call him, and I did.” Once you finished the sentence Olivia’s hand gently slapped you, “What?”

    “You said when we just before we found out that you were pregnant, if you do something stupid, I get to slap you, I have it in writing, somewhere, Milo’s taking up everywhere.” Olivia chuckled, “So, what’s happening now?”

    “Coffee on main at 4.” You sighed.

    “It’s 3:45.” Olivia looked down at her watch, “We got places to be, come on, get up.” She jumped up and dragged you off the couch.

    After a quick outfit change you found yourself outside of the coffee shop with Olivia next to you. You took a deep breath and scanned the inside of coffee shop looking for that booty call that changed your entire life, for the better I may add.

    “Go on, order a coffee sit.” Oliva spoke staring at your face.

    “Fine.” You sighed, staying exactly where you are.

    “I know it took a while to get over him, the baby didn’t help, I guess, but you are a grown woman, and choose who you want in your life.” Olivia smiled.

    “I know, but I’ve always liked him, even when I wanted to strangle him, I’ve liked him. But he didn’t want me like that. He wanted Hayley.” You sighed hitting you head on the back of the car rest.

    “He wouldn’t be asking you out to coffee if he was still with her.” Olivia explained, “Oh, that’s him, he’s grown up, he’s a lot less skinny.”

    “He cut out cigarettes and started to eat. As well as working out by the looks of things.” You hummed.

    “Go on, wait for him to go in, then go, don’t want it to look like we have been stalking him.” Olivia spoke, her pager rang through the car, “Oh shoot, I wanted to watch, I have to go 911.” She smiled.

    “Go, I’ll fill you in on everything.” You smiled getting out of the car, “I love you.”

    “I love you too, now get me a muffin.” She smiled waving as she zoomed off.

    Taking a deep breath, closing your eyes. Taking a minute to think. It’s just coffee, all it is, and a muffin for Olivia. Just coffee and to talk, catch up from the past. 18 years has it really been 18 years.

    Your feet found themselves walking to the coffee shop.

    “Y/n?” Aaron said standing up from the seat.

    You walked up to him, smiling, taking pulling him into a hug, “Aaron, it’s nice to see you again.” You bravely spoke, his smell is intoxicating, pine, coffee. His face was tired, worn, he still looked good, tall, short hair. Your daughter’s hair. He was muscly but not too muscly, the perfect amount. God, you missed him even though you weren’t even together.

    “It’s nice to see you again as well, how’d you take your source of caffeine?” He smiled.

    “Usually through an IV, but a regular coffee, white, with sugar.” You shrugged.

    “A regular coffee, white with sugar coming up.” He nodded and walked to the counter.

    You took a seat looking out of the coffee shop, watching everyone go past, getting on with their own life.

    It’s just coffee.

    Taking a deep breath and releasing, one of the many things that Olivia taught you when you got overwhelmed.

    As much as you hate to admit it, he looked good, more than good, pretty, handsome, extremely hot in that suit that hugged his body to perfection. The feeling you had 18 years ago arose all over ago.

    “Y/n?” Aaron asked sitting down handing you your coffee.

    “You treated me terribly, I knew it wasn’t going to last, so part of it was self-inflicted, but you used to me, you twisted my feelings and gave me the best thing that’s happened to me, so I don’t know why I’m so angry at you.” You huffed, taking a sip of the coffee, “This is good, thank you.”

    “I’m sorry, the last I heard was an angry shouting match between you and your parents, few minutes later you had bags over your shoulder and getting into your car, I did come to talk. I really did, I just didn’t know where you went.” Hotch sighed, “And it’s okay, I owe your more than a coffee.”

    “Lil’s told me you have a son now.” You spoke looking down at your coffee.

    “I do, his names Jack he’s four.” He slightly smiled, “I don’t know how you did it, for 18 years on your own, I’ve only been a single dad for a year. And that kid- he’s so rambunctious all the time.”

    “Yep, that was Lila 14 years ago, just have to keep them entertained somehow, I used pasta and paint, that kept her interested when I went back to college.” You smiled, “What about Hayley? How’s she doing?”

    “Hayley, Hayley died, a year ago.” He bowed his head down.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, really,” you spoke with your hands in your lap, “How have you been?”

    “It’s been a lot, but we’ve been okay.” He sighed.

    There was a brief moment of silence, “Lila’s amazing.” He smiled.

    “That she is, she’s gotten a scholarship to Harvard, just like Olivia, she’s amazing.” You blushed.

    “I want to be in her life.” Hotch stated.

    “I don’t control her; she wants you in her life then she can go for it.” You smiled, “Maybe we could do thanksgiving dinner, it’s my turn to host.”

    “Maybe we could, but, but the question I really wanted to ask is that I want to be in your life.” Hotch corrected himself.

    “You know, I had a baby, I had boyfriends, but once they found out I was a 20 with a 2-year-old they couldn’t do it, then I was 30 with a 12-year-old, there was this one guy who stuck around, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t get over the guy who fucked me over 12 years ago.” You chuckled softly, “So, please if you want to be in my life, you have to be sure, but letting you in again, because I have a life now, I’m a successful lawyer, but I haven’t moved out of the apartment that I first lived in when I moved back here.”

    Hotch nodded taking it everything that you rambled on about, “I want you in my life, those feelings I had 18 years ago, didn’t leave me. I left you for Hayley, I know, but apart of me wanted to be with you. You listened, your kind, you are beautiful.” He smiled, “I was stupid, but I let the worries of my parents, the shouts of them guide me, you didn’t you didn’t take what they had, and you left.”

    “I had too, Olivia wasn’t going to go to Harvard, if I didn’t go. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to be the person that stopped her from doing what she wanted.”

    “And your selfless.” He softly smiled, “I want to be in your life, and I want to kiss you.”

    “Then kiss me Hotchner.” You smirked.

    He lent over the table and cupped your cheeks helping you to meet him in the middle, he smiled before pressing his lips onto yours.

    When he pulled off you, he smiled once more, you wanted to push in for another one, but you held back, biting your lip.

    “Thank you.” You hummed.

    “No problem.” He chuckled, “My schedule can get hectic, so, can I call you when I can get it sorted out, and take you out to a nice date, to a nice restaurant, maybe talk more about thanksgiving.”

    “Sure, I’ll wait like a lonely housewife by the phone, waiting, dreaming.” You chuckled.

    “Sounds good to me.” Aaron smiled.

    You looked down at your watch, “Oh shit, I have to go, work.” You smiled, “I’ll be waiting.”

    “I’ll make sure I won’t keep you waiting,” He smiled, “Again.”

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