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  • omnomnomdomcaps
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Little Christmas

    Another year is ending, And another year's been rough And the holidays are coming (Though they can't come soon enough)

    I suggest a Little Christmas I suggest some time to play I suggest you bring her comfort In that special, little way

    Tell her Daddy's here for Christmas there'll be little time abound and then hold your ears for safety from her cheerful-little sound

    See her eyes begin to twinkle. See them light and watch them glow. And you better grab some crinkles, ‘Cause those tinkles - oh, they’ll flow.

    *Keep her diapered after breakfast, Have her diapered for her nap, And you don’t want any uh-ohs When she sits on Santa’s lap.

    Make your favorite plans for playtime, Ask her wishes, know them well. There’ll be truly special moments ‘Tween a CG and an L.

    So get a stuffer for her stocking And another for her rear. And get stuffed with scrumptious yummies As you ring the season’s cheer.

    ‘Cause we need a little Christmas Christmas littles, have no fear. For that season’s now upon us, And that magic time is here.


    Image Credit: @littlejellybee

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  • preponderant2
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #caged sissy#caged slave#chastity slave#couplefun12 #danielle sissy cd #female led relationship #feminization captions#fendom#forced chastity #mistress and slave #collar#slavetnt #ab dl community
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  • dk-diaperboy
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Need to have myself Wearing diaper to make me feel like I am still so little and a baby. And look like it too in diapers with print.

    So then I have my diaper to use when i need to go so I make my diaper gets full and messy, instead of my cloth or bed.

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  • tiny-diapered-snorunt
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hi everyone... so I'm getting kicked out of my apartment.

    My bf and I split

    I'll be okay

    But I'll be distant for a bit

    I'm sorry

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  • diaperbabyteo
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Baby boy need a mommy dom 🙈🙈🙈

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  • nycbabyjoey
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    The Kids Table

    NSFW 18+ Only

    Contains ABDL Content

    "Make a wish!" Tucker teased as he pulled on his half of the turkey's wishbone. On the other end of the wishbone was his younger cousin Emily, the only cousin of his seven cousins that he was older than.

    Tucker's extended family was quite large, consisting of him, his parents, his grandparents, three aunts, two uncles, and seven cousins. As such, Thanksgivings were crowded and it was decided ever since Tucker was a little kid, that any children 18 years or younger would be banished to "the kids table."

    The two relatives had sparked a bit of a rivalry over the years of family Thanksgivings. As the two youngest, they had spent years together at the kids table as they watched their older cousins graduate to the dining room table year after year. Tucker admittedly used to pass the time of the boring Thanksgiving dinners teasing and bullying Emily as the youngest. Only small things, like putting ketchup on her turkey or pulling at her girly pigtails. Even this year, she was only twelve years old.

    But this Thanksgiving was the first that Tucker was 18 years old. And so, as crowded as it was, an extra seat was added in the dining room for Tucker where he could finally partake in conversation and a filling dinner with the rest of his family. Leaving young Emily on her own was quite cruel, even Tucker had to admit. But he wasn't about to speak up and lose his place at the table when he just earned it.

    After the family feast, Emily was offered a chance to make a wish on the wishbone. Immaturely, Tucker had missed teasing Emily and had decided to go against her in the classic Thanksgiving tradition to see who got their wish granted. Tucker wished for a new convertible as a high school graduation gift.

    Unfortunately, Tucker blushed as his six-year-younger cousin pulled the larger end of the wishbone as the eighteen-year-old held just a puny shard of the other end. The entire family laughed as Tucker endured the consequences of his hubris. "Whatever," Tucker said, throwing his bone onto his empty plate like a petulant child. "What'd you wish for anyway?" he asked. "An American girl doll? New backpack for school?"

    "I can't tell you," Emily said with a smirk on her face. "Or else, it wouldn't come true."

    Tucker went to wash his hands before dessert. Emily's mom, Aunt Sharon, had made his favorite: pumpkin pie. The family would eat dessert and then he'd join his older cousins to watch the Thanksgiving football game. Tucker left the bathroom, not knowing that that would be the last time he'd have the luxury of using one himself.

    As he made his way to the dining room, Emily's wish had come true in that moment and it had left Tucker feeling very different from before. He stopped in his tracks. He began to focus very hard on his walking, almost unable to stand up on his own two legs.

    As he looked towards his feet, he couldn't believe the sight. His nice Thanksgiving outfit was missing entirely. Rather than leaving him stark naked however, he was stood in the middle of his Aunt Sharon's home wearing a large infantile diaper.

    The shock did cause Tucker to tumble to the ground and he landed on his padded behind. Doing his best to not bring attention to his embarrassing outfit change, Tucker couldn't stop himself from crying. Not just crying, but sobbing and wailing as if he had broken his arm rather than falling softly to the ground.

    Tucker opened his eyes after a minute as he felt the ground disappear from under him. To his amazement, he saw that his own mother had picked him up from the ground and was now effortlessly holding the grown man against her hip.

    "There, there," his mom said patronizingly. "Did somebody have a little fall?"

    ""Mom? Mom!" Tucker yelled as he struggled to be free of her grasp. "What are you doing?"

    Tucker's mommy brought him into the dining room in front of his entire extended family wearing nothing but a diaper! Tucker hid his face and turned bright red. How was he going to explain his situation? He couldn't even explain it himself!

    After a few moments, Tucker peeked through his fingers to realize that none of his family was reacting to his humiliating attire or the fact that he was being paraded around by his mother.

    Tucker's mom responded to his inquiry, "Oh, we're just about to have grown-up food. I'm going to put you back in your highchair for some num-nums."

    Grown-up food? Highchair? Num-nums? What was anybody talking about?

    "What about the pumpkin pie?" Tucker asked. The family began to chuckle at his perfectly understandable question. "Oh, you've got a little genius on your hands, Kate," his grandma commented. "Yes, honey, the grown-ups are going to have pumpkin pie," his mom responded. "Babies can't have that, but mommy's gonna feed you some rice pudding, ok?"

    Tucker gagged in his mouth. Rice pudding?! This was awful! He wanted pumpkin pie. But it seemed like everyone in his family saw him as a baby who can't eat solids or walk around in diapers.

    "I can feed him if you want a break, Aunt Kate." Trevor didn't recognize the cousin that the voice came from. It took him a minute to put together who it was. Cousin Emily was the only member of the family in the room, or so it seemed. The unknown cousin was Emily, but now seven years older!

    "Upsy daisy," Emily said as she placed Tucker into an enormous highchair. He wanted to jump down, but the fall looked a lot scarier than it actually was. Besides, after his hesitation, Emily locked the tray into place trapping him in the chair. His cousin tied a bib with a cartoon turkey around his neck.

    "Still confused, lil cousin?" Emily asked as she deviously began to scoop a spoonful of gross white mush to feed her once older cousin. "It was my wish! To be old enough to sit at the grown-ups table and for you to be too young. I do have to say though, I feel a bit bad. I thought you would be sitting at the kids table again. But sitting in a highchair is even better than I had imagined."

    Tucker frowned as Emily giggled to herself. "Aw, don't be grumpy now," Emily teased. "Open your mouth. Here comes the choo-choo!" Tucker just crossed his arms like a true toddler, refusing to open up for the bland dessert. Emily simply pushed the spoon into his cheek, allowing the mush to land on the side of his face and dribble down onto his bib and tummy.

    "Oops," Emily feigned. "What a messy baby! Let's try again." A frustrated Tucker sighed and dejectedly opened his mouth, assuming that playing along with his cousin's cruel game would be better than appearing in front of his family covered in baby food. He quickly learned his assumption was wrong as he swallowed the disgusting rice pudding and immediately gagged on the taste of it.

    Emily continued to shovel spoonfuls and spoonfuls of mush into Tucker's mouth as a form of payback. Despite his wishes, Tucker did try his best to keep up with the seemingly large amounts of baby food, but that didn't stop more from falling from his mouth and onto himself. By the end of the feeding, he was covered from mouth to diaper in rice pudding.

    "Emily wiped the mush from Tucker's face and stomach with the bib and then unlocked the highchair tray to bring him back to the rest of the family. The family were in the living room, watching the first quarter of the football game that Tucker had been so excited to watch.

    Tucker was handed off from the now eighteen-year-old Emily to his Auntie Sharon. Sharon took him out of the living room as Emily sat down on the couch with their other cousins to enjoy the game.

    "Can't I watch the game?" Tucker asked.

    "Oh no, it's way past your bedtime, young man," Auntie Sharon responded. "Your parents have got to get you home."

    Tucker couldn't believe it. It was only 8:00. How long was he supposed to endure this infantile treatment? Auntie Sharon placed Tucker on the floor in a room upstairs. "Now wait here," Sharon said. "Auntie Sharon's gonna go get your mommy."

    Tucker tried his best to walk after her, but by the time he got to the door, Auntie Sharon had locked a baby gate that kept him inside. He fell again to his butt and gripped the bars, calling after his aunt, "Aunt Sharon! Aunt Sharon please!"

    After being ignored for several minutes, Tucker attempted to climb over the baby gate. Although it was larger than a typical baby gate, he should've been able to climb it with ease but he was much less able to stand on his own legs after the wish, let alone climb. Tucker found himself crawling around the room since it was easier than standing. Trying to keep his mind preoccupied, he found baby blocks that he stacked as high as he could. Despite how early it was, he found himself falling asleep in the process.

    Tucker closed his eyes to see three of his female family members surrounding him: Emily, Auntie Sharon, and his mom. "Wakey, wakey sleepyhead," Auntie Sharon said. "Mommy's gonna give you a quick diaper change before you head home."

    Diaper change? Tucker groggily looked down to see his diaper being untaped. As his mother raised his legs and removed the diaper from under him, he noticed that the back of the diaper was covered in shit. HIS shit.

    "Wow, what big messes for such a little boy," his aunt Sharon teased. Emily covered her mouth from laughing as her adult-presenting cousin had his stinky diaper removed. Tucker would've tried to run away, but he knew there was no chance at this point. Besides, he really was tired for some reason. He could barely keep his eyes open.

    So, as his mother began humiliatingly wiping between his butt cheeks like she did eighteen years ago, Tucker nodded off again. His last sight was seeing Emily waving goodbye to him with a large grin on her face.

    When he woke up again, he found himself in a large infant car seat. He pulled on the straps and was even able to push the unlock button on the seat, but he was stuck no matter what. He tried to call out to his mom and dad to try and explain that he was an adult. That he didn't need diapers or a car seat. But he was too tired, and hell, in his current state he wouldn't have believed himself either.

    After the hour drive, his mommy carried him into the house, placed him in his crib, and kissed him on the forehead. Tucker sobbed quietly, hoping that this nightmare would be over the next day. But as he ruined yet another diaper in his crib, he figured he'd be lucky to get a spot at the kids table ever again

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