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    Happily Ever After

    I'm just soft and love my husband, okay? Contents are just sickly-sweet fluff with Mac
    Tag list: @abandonedhearts
    ((Want to be on the tag list? Drop me a dm!))

    "So where are you taking me?" MacCready asked in a hushed voice as he climbed the concrete stairs of the old stadium, eyes watching for Diamond City guards since this area was technically off-limits.

    "I wanted to show you something, so hurry up slow-poke!" Ollie smiled as she looked back at the man behind her, reaching a hand back and motioning for him to take it. When she felt his hand securely in hers, she squeezed it reassuringly. "Trust me, it'll be worth it."

    Finally, hiding in the shadows, the duo made it to the top. Sitting on a bench, Mac wheezed before commenting, "I'm not a young man anymore, Ollie, you can't drag me up these stairs."

    "Babe, I'm over 200 years old and just did the same climb you did and I'm fine." Ollie teased.

    "You can't fool me, hon, I can see your cheeks are pink." Ollie rolled their eyes as she gently pushed his shoulder before sitting next to him. "Is this what you wanted to show me?"

    "Yeah.." she sounded far away, eyes sparkling and reflecting the glow of the city below. "Have you ever seen Diamond City from up here?"

    "No, actually. It's incredible. Is this what this place used to look like?"

    "Kinda. The seats were filled with people, buildings weren't in the middle of the diamond. Everyone was cheering, two teams down there-"

    "They didn't actually beat each other, did they?"

    The laughter that bubbled up from Ollie's lips made MacCready turn red as he stammered. "No, they didn't, Moe's fulla crap." They continued to explain baseball, eyes glazing over as she was transported back 200 years ago. MacCready found himself studying her face as if he was trying to burn it to memory. When she turned to look at him, he felt his cheek ignite again. "Hey, you okay?"

    “Can I be honest? Falling in love with you wasn’t a part of my life plan, but I don’t regret that I did. Looking back, I was miserable. I never thought I'd love again, then you came waltzing in." His eyes locked onto theirs as they interlinked hands. "I know things haven't been easy since you left the vault, but having you by my side has made me the happiest man in the Commonwealth."

    "If I had known what kind of future was waiting for me outside of the vault, I would do it all over again just to meet you. I also wasn't planning on falling in love again, but that's the funny thing about it: it finds you when you least expect it but need it most." Ollie was pressed against his side now, head leaning against his shoulder. "I need you, Mac, and I'll always want you in my life. After all, who's gonna watch my back as I run into a fight with a hammer?"

    MacCready chuckled as he admired their interlocking fingers, loving how he could see the reflection of the lights in his wife's wedding ring. "You got me there. I love you. Always have, always will." Leaning back, he cupped their chin with his hand as he kissed her tenderly. He'll never forget how she felt against him, solid and reassuring. Placing one last kiss to their nose, he leaned away and sighed happily. This was his happily ever after, and he planned on holding onto it for the rest of his life.

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    Commission for: @abandonedhearts

    here's the other com, by richie! however this is actually, surprise, a gift! hey, hi and hello! this here is a surprise for you, @peachships!

    #zach ships#zach arts#richie tag#others ships #fallout 4 fanart #sole survivor#fallout 4#maccready #fallout 4 maccready #maccready fanart #fallout 4 maccready fanart #maccready fallout 4
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    Second half of the ask from @abandonedhearts !

    Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:

    Honestly it's 50/50, Boozer and I love to sleep in

    Who’s the one to make breakfast:

    Depends on who wakes up first HSKSGSJS

    Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

    I like bringing him breakfast in bed tbh it's cute

    Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

    I'm sorry I'm so lame but again it's 50/50

    Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

    Me, I'm lazy and love lounging with my husband

    Who chooses the movies:

    We share! Depends on what we're wanting to watch but we always come to an agreement

    Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

    Will, for sure, he's so cheesy

    Who orders lunch:

    I make him order lunch because anxiety lmao

    Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

    Both of us. It's the "hey look over there" *steals food*

    Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

    Him, he likes to cling to me and fall asleep. He'll lock his arms around my hips and pass out

    Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

    Me because I'm a little shit

    Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:

    Also me

    Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

    He likes taking pictures of me and claims he's not but his camera roll begs to differ

    Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

    Oh we both do

    Who cooks dinner:

    He does! It's well-known in the MC that Boozer is the one to go to for good recipes, especially chili or any kind of steak/burgers

    Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

    I clean up afterwards

    Who stays up until 2 reading:

    Me for sure

    Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:

    Both tbh. I like seeing his face relax, he likes seeing me feel peaceful

    Who kisses their partner while they sleep:

    Both <3 especially Will, wherever he can reach when he's holding me he'll kiss
    #blueberry smoothie #worth living for #peachy asks #okay to rb! #okay to interact!
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    #minors do not interact #self ship community #self shipping community #fictional others #chatting with natlyia #answering asks with natlyia #peter pettigrew x persephone pettigrew romanov #the marauders and princess persephone
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    Self Ship Dialogue Prompt #2!

    Requested by @abandonedhearts ! The second one is in another post!

    Prompt: “I love you, but please stop whatever it is that you’re doing.”

    Click. Click click. Click. Click click click.

    Raymond looked up from where he was reading, cozy in a pillow pile on the corner of his bed. His first, and irrational, instinct was that he was under attack somehow, but a quick glance around proved that definitely wrong. Barney would have looked up from his spot reading at the desk, his senses more sharp than Raymond's.

    Probably someone walking down the hallway, he figured, and went back to reading.

    Click. Click. Click click click.

    This time, as Raymond's train of thought was interrupted, he didn't look up, instead trying to see if the sound was coming closer or farther down the hallway.

    Click. Click. Click.

    It wasn't actually moving, Raymond realized, and furrowed his brow. Now he wasn't going to be able to get back to his book at all with this sound driving him crazy. It was going off in sporadic intervals, random rhythms, and not in a large enough frequency for him to pinpoint it right away. Most infuriatingly of all, Barney didn't seem to notice the sound at all.

    That's when it, well, clicked. Barney didn't notice the sound because he was making the sound.

    "Hey babe," Raymond called, sitting up a bit from his cozy pillow corner. "“I love you, but please stop whatever it is that you’re doing.”

    Barney stopped mid-click and looked back at Raymond, confused. "I'm reading?" That's when Raymond noticed the pen in Barney's left hand.

    "Yeah babe no, that's fine," Raymond clarified, and pointed at the pen, "You've been clicking that pen the whole time while you were doing it.

    Barney looked, a little surprized at the pen in his hand. "Oh huh, my bad." He set the pen down, out of his reach, and went back to reading.

    "Thanks babe, I love you!" Raymond chimed, turning back to his book.

    That lasted about five minutes.

    Tap. Tap tap. Tap. Tap.

    Raymond paused, and listened for the sound to repeat itself, then sighed.


    "Huh?" Barney asked, turning again.

    "Do you know you're tapping?"


    Raymond sat up, and crawled to the edge of the bed closest to Barney. "Yeah love you're tapping. Do you even notice?"

    Barney gave a half hearted shrug. "I mean, I think I kind of did, but I didn't think I was bein' too loud. Sorry." He sounded pretty guilty, and looked a little stress. That worried Raymond, and he took his boyfriend's hand in his.

    "Hey, hey what's wrong?"

    "It's not that big a deal," Barney tried deflecting, but Raymond's gaze said he was going to push if he didn't elaborate. "I just uh. It feels real bad not to do something with my hands? When I'm reading. I get real stressed out, like I've got an energy stuck in me that I gotta let out. But I don't wanna bother you any, so..." He trailed off.

    "So," Raymond began, "You're stimming? If that's the case babe I can help you find something that works for both of us."

    Barney tipped his head slightly. "What's stimming?"

    Raymond had to blink a few times to process the question. How in the absolute hell had Barney spent all his time with him, Alyx and Gordon and not figured out what stimming was.

    "It's like..." Raymond began, trying to find the best words to explain it. "You know how when Alyx has two band-aids on her hands, she'll rub 'em together over and over? Or how Gordon will do that thing where he takes a string in his mouth and pulls it, then like, plucks it like a harp? Or taps his knuckles on the side of his head when frustrated? Or like, you know when I get real excited I flap my hands real fast, sometimes my whole arms?"

    Barney nodded, and smiled. "Yeah, it's real cute when you do that."

    Raymond stuck his tongue out bashfully for a second, then continued. "It's all types of stimming. It's a sensory-seeking thing, really common in neurodivergent people, but I think neurotypicals do it too? But if you're doing it because it sounds good, or feels nice to do, and it feels real bad if you don't, that's probably stimming."

    Barney paused for a second, thinking. "Does ADHD count as neurodivergent?"

    "...Yeah, absolutely Barn. Like, one of the big two that people tend to think of when they think about neurodivergency, though they're for SURE not the only ones. The other one's autism- that's me and Gordon, probably Alyx too but I don't know if she's said so or not so I don't wanna assume. I just know that me and Gordon have talked about it before, so I know for sure with him."

    Barney nodded slowly, as if some pieces were clicking into place. "Have I ever told you about the time I went to college?"

    Raymond also started putting together the pieces, and grinned. "Yeah, you said you suddenly couldn't manage anything going on and had to drop out your second year. Are you about to tell me you got a diagnosis."

    Barney laughed, and grinned bashfully. "Yeah, I sure am! I didn't know that was part of the whole deal! They weren't very clear.... An' I never bothered doin' the research because all of it was in these. Impossible to read huge blocks of text with a bunch of technical bullshit, and it always talked about kids?"

    Raymond rolled his eyes dramatically, not at Barney but the situation, and nodded sympathetically. "Yeah, a lot of texts like that are really... just inaccessible to the people who need 'em most! It's crazy frustrating, and I don't have the focus problem. God, Barney this legitimately explains so much about you right now, I love you so much."

    Barney went red and chuckled softly. "It that noticeable?" He asked, a bit insecure suddenly.

    "Only if you know what you're looking for," Raymond admitted. "I sort of have a special interest in mental health stuff, specifically neurodiversity, remember? And I know you real well, and it like... explains so much. I cant believe this never came up before!"

    "Well," Barney admitted, rubbing the back of his neck, "I didn't think it mattered any. I was good at my job and I've managed, so why bring it up? Didn't wanna trouble anyone with it..."

    Raymond shook his head. "It's not trouble babe, I promise!" he insisted. "Just like Gordon being nonspeaking isn't trouble, any symptoms you've got going aren't going to be any trouble."

    Barney shrugged. "Guess I don't know what my symptoms are? It's been so long since I read anything about it, an like I said, it was really too dense for me to work through..."

    Raymond nodded. "That's fine babe! Step one, for sure, you stim, and thinking about it I can think of other examples, but the clicking tonight for sure. Step two, what I'll do is see if I've got any books on ADHD, especially in adults, and I'll run through it and help you get some info." He was beaming, doing his slightly excited wiggles at the prospect of helping his boyfriend along with something that related directly to his special interest.

    "I'd like that," Barney replied with a smile, then shrugged halfheartedly. "Sorry for bugging you with the stimming thing though."

    Raymond shook his head again, emphatically. "No babe! It's not the fact you stim that was bugging me, it was that it was getting distracting for sensory reasons. But that just means I gotta find you like, one of those buttons that you can push but its quiet? But still gives the satisfying give. Like a remote! Or some other way to stim. You shouldn't suppress that sort of thing, yknow? It's normal, and also good for you."

    Barney thought for a moment, before marking his place in his book and closing it. "Thanks, Ray," he replied with a grin. "You're so damn good to me."

    Raymond stuck his tongue out again and chuckled. "You're good to me first."

    "Nah, that's you. Can we cuddle a bit?"

    Raymond grinned. "Absolutely, so yes."

    Over the next few days, Raymond found Barney starting to cautiously stim more openly, and while he didn't directly address it, he could tell that Gordon and Alyx were excited by the prospect in turn. The group took turns showing their favorite sensory seeking behavior, and gradually Barney settled into a comfortable routine of a few core stims, even if he didn't always display them as publically as the rest.

    After a while, Raymond started falling asleep to a soft click click click.

    #self ship ask game #self ship writing #canon x oc #writing promt#my writing #Good Books Good Beer #a little long I think and dialogue heavy but MAN #it is time for that good neurodivergent heacanons in MY fucking chilis
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    Self Ship Dialogue Prompt #1!

    Requested by @abandonedhearts ! The second one is in another post!

    Prompt: “Stop. I’m done listening to you make excuse after excuse, starting now you need to make changes.”


    Raymond sat, curled up in a hideaway hole at base, reading one of the books he had recently picked up from one of his older caches. He'd had time recently, after the incident, to spend bringing the books in from the caches, finally feeling safe enough in the aftermath of the occupation to consolidate a library. He'd buried himself in the work, and his reading, specifically to avoid the burden of his newest responsibility.

    With his leg and his mind so severely injured after his capture, Raymond was expected to be getting extremely frequent checkups, along with the best physical therapy that the medical team could put together with the supplies they had. Plus, some talk therapy, now that someone with the skills had settled in on base and volunteered their services to the group.

    He didn't really... register how much time had passed, that he had missed meals and check-ins today, wrapped up with his reading as he was. Raymond was all smiles as Barney walked up to him, until he recognized the look of fear on Barney's face.

    "Ray, where the hell WERE you all day?" The older man asked, clearly shaken. "No one's known where you were, you missed out on physical today, where WERE you?"

    Raymond shifted uneasily where he sat. He did miss out on that today, didn't he? And on purpose, if he was being honest with himself. He swallowed, but played it off with a light laugh.

    "Just been here, babe," He replied with a gentle hand-wave, closing the book on his hand-made bookmark. "I must have gotten wrapped up in reading again, that's my bad."

    Barney huffed, and his residual fear had started converting to frustration. "All day? You've been here all day?"

    Raymond paused, and held his book a little tighter. "...Yeah...?"

    "You've been here all day, missing your appointments, not talking in or checkin in with anyone, had me worried you got taken again-" Raymond flinched as Barney raised his voice. "Jesus Ray, have you even eaten today?"

    Raymond didn't answer, instead opting to focus on an interesting piece of drywall, and held his book close to his chest.

    "God- Ray, you can't just keep doing this-"

    "I'm sorry, alright?" Raymond interjected, cutting Barney off with a bitter spit. "I just got wrapped up in my reading okay? I didn't mean to worry anyo-"

    "Well ya did!" Barney snapped back. "Do you have any idea how scared I was? You go out today to empty one of your fuckin, book caches again, which you shouldn't be doing until your leg is better-"

    "I'm fine, Barney!"

    "The hell you are! You're not going to your appointments, you're going awol not telling anyone where you're going-"

    "I said I was sorry, okay??" Raymond snapped, raising his voice significantly. "I just got caught up with-"

    “Stop." Barney started, cutting Raymond off completely. "I’m done listening to you make excuse after excuse, starting now you need to make changes.” He huffed a sigh and ran a hand through his hair. "Your physical therapy isn't just about you yknow! Back before everything it woulda been, but we need everyone on board right now, especially with winter coming soon. And I can't have you just, dissapearing on me when there's still-"

    Barney trailed off, noticing Raymond had a sudden deer-in-headlights look about him, face pale. His heart sunk, and he let out a heavy breath, trying to let go of what he was feeling for a moment.

    "I'm sorry for yelling," he mumbled, sitting down across from Raymond to face him, so that he wasn't standing over the man. "I just... I really was scared something-"

    "I don't wanna think about that." Raymond cut in, voice small. He wouldn't look up at Barney, shaking a little.

    Barney paused, and nodded thoughtfully. "I know darlin. Me neither. But I got scared, yknow? You've been missing out on therapy so much that it's starting to worry me too, so let's talk about that instead for a sec, huh?"

    Raymond shook his head.

    "Why not?"

    The younger man paused, holding his book to his chest in a way that covered his lower face, as if trying to make himself small enough to disappear behind it. "Cause it hurts," he finally answered, speaking clearly an immense effort.

    "I know," Barney replied, and placed a gentle hand on Raymond's knee. Raymond didn't reject the touch. "But it's the first step to getting better, yknow?"

    "I know," he admitted, and sniffled. He didn't realize that he had started tearing up. "I just.... If I don't, I can pretend its normal."

    Barney gave him a concerned look. "Pretend what's normal, love?"

    "That... everything. That it didn't..." he trailed off, and Barney understood.

    "It's scary to face head on like that, yeah?" he asked, trying to make sure he was right in his assumption. Raymond nodded weakly, shaking just slightly. "I figure it would be. Can't imagine what you're going through right now. But you can't just pretend it didn't happen, Ray. Even if you're not ready to talk about it."

    "I know," he answered again, voice breaking a bit. Barney reached out and gently ran a thumb over his cheek, brushing away the tears that fell. "Just scared..."

    "I know darlin, I know." Barney murmured. "What's the scariest part of goin', besides thinking about what happened? Maybe I can work somethin' out so its easier for you."

    Raymond thought for a minute, reaching up to hold onto Barney's hand tightly. "Being alone," he mumbled, and sniffed. "White room and exam chairs and you're not there...."

    Barney nodded. That made perfect sense actually, and he was kicking himself now for not noticing. "Would me bein' there help you out any?"

    Another pause for thought before he nodded. Raymond didn't like the idea of having to confront what happened, to see the extent of the damage to his body, but with Barney... maybe it could work out alright. Barney smiled softly.

    "Alright, how's this," He started, "I'll see if I can get my shifts swapped around with someone so I can be there with ya at your appointments for a little while? And you try your best to check in more often through the day, an' make sure you're getting your meals in. Maybe do your readin' in the mess hall?"

    "Noisy in there," was Raymond's only objection.

    "I'll ask Gordon if you can borrow his headphones," Barney countered, and Raymond nodded. "I'm sorry again for yelling. I gotta work on that."

    "I'm sorry for scaring you," Raymond replied, shifting to move closer. "It's okay, too. 'm not mad."

    "Me neither," Barney answered. "You wanna go grab dinner together?"

    Raymond nodded, and Barney helped him to his feet, giving him space and time to get situated on his crutches. Barney took his backpack, frowning a bit at how heavy it was.

    "You're not able to walk on your own, how the hell are you lugging this thing around?"

    Raymond gave a bashful smile. "It's my baby, Barn, I'd be able to carry it around if they took both my legs."

    Barney laughed, and kissed his boyfriend on the forehead. "You're somethin' else, Ray."

    "But you loooove meee..."

    "I sure do."

    #writing prompt#self ship #self ship writing #self shipping #Good Books Good Beer #fighting tw #mentions of disordered eating tw #happy ending! #my writing #mentions a thing I havent posted about explicitly on main here eheheheheeheh cant wait to finish that segment of his story to show yall
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    Commission for: @abandonedhearts

    this is my second com, the other one i've already given to the first commissioner! here's for u, richie!

    #zach ships#zach arts#richie tag#others ships #karl heisenburg fanart #karl heisenberg #resident evil heisenberg #heisenberg fanart#re village #resident evil 8 #resident evil fanart #resident evil village #re8
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