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  • fuck stereotypes! mentally ill people are allowed to express themselves through appearance! wear the alternative fashion you always wanted to try! dye your hair “crazy people” colors! get mental breakdown bangs! it is your body and ableist’s opinions cannot stop you!

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  • When tumblr is so ableist you can’t find aesthetics for your disabled/chronically ill/terminally ill muses so that any movies/literature/etc that deals with these topics is now watered down into inspiration porn or just sex between hot actors.

    I am really upset right now. Really, really upset. I’m gonna go take a shower to just get out the unpleasant feelings cause… I’m disabled and none of that really feels good right now.

    I’ll be back. Wasn’t expecting an immediate blow to the self esteem today. Ouch.


    That Mun on Fire

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  • never 4get how the university i had to drop out of made sure to refer to me using person-first language as their disability services program told me they would not offer me any accomodations :)

    #lol god#ableism #it's just such a representative little experience
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  • image

    “If you ever refer to someone with hateful or problematic views, please don’t try to insult them with ableist slurs. Because that indirectly compares those bas people to disabled people, whether you intended that or not.”

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  • We know that beauty is power, that beauty is political;

    we know that beauty standards come from the people with privilege in an unequal society;

    we know it’s unjust that being light skinned, cis, able bodied or thin is considered more attractive than being dark skinned, trans, disabled or fat;

    we know that female beauty matters so much because patriarchy;

    we know that our obsession with beauty is being provoked by advertising, the cosmetic industry and beauty influencers who are trying to sell us products;

    we know […] all this because we’ve all been sitting around critiquing it for decades because that’s what leftists do;

    we critique things,

    we are finely tuned detectors of racism, sexism, ableism, fatphobia, transphobia and capitalism […];

    we notice an injustice, we problematize it, we critique it and then we cancel it, but what’s next?

    When we’re done critiquing things, what are we supposed to do?

    Because I’m aware that conventional beauty standards are racist, sexist, ableist, fatphobic, transphobic social constructs designed to preserve power relations and sell products;

    but does that awareness mean I desire any less to be conventionally beautiful?

    No, I want it more than ever.

    The problem is that the intellectual exercise of critiquing things doesn’t usually affect my desires very much.

    Critiquing society may not change our desires, but it can motivate us to change society and changing society can change your desires.

    So how do we change society? […]

    I think there are ways we can work to loosen the grip of restrictive beauty standards without the futility of trying to stop caring how we look.

    I do think representation matters and I think having visible beauty icons who are dark skinned or trans or gender nonconforming or disabled or fat or over 35 or influencers makes a big difference.

    Beauty standards are social constructs. Social constructs can change. That’s why it’s so important to recognize that influencers are just as valid as other celebrities.

    But the problem with changing society is that it takes a long time. […]

    Where I can see an escape from my particular doom spiral is in style as an alternative ideal to beauty.

    You can be stylish at any age; you could be stylish whether you pass or not;

    style is a way of cultivating a personal aesthetic that you have complete control over.

    It’s like art and that originality is a virtue.

    Style is an individual aesthetic unlike the collective aesthetic of beauty standards. […]

    Even if you don’t conform to conventional beauty standards, through the power of original style, you can create the taste in which your unique beauty is to be appreciated. […]

    I know I’m dressed well, or my makeup is snatched I can easily abide any comments, any stare.

    I can be misgendered at Dairy Queen for all I care, it does not matter, I construct with confidence because I am basking in the regal knowledge of my own aesthetic superiority.

    Bow before me peasants, I proclaim to the drive through window,

    for I am serving a look.

    Contrapoints: Beauty. Youtube 2019, 24:24-30:51.

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  • theres this post going around thats like “this is the final boomer you face” of an old guy in a wheelchair and i dont know if OP left this caption but theres a caption making fun of the fact hes using a wheelchair (”Technology”) even tho hes a boomer and like um

    first off wheelchairs arent technology secondly even if the ywere dont fucking make fun of wheelchairs? i dont care if hes a boomer 

    #ableism #kermit.txt #ugh
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  • Everyone is all about loving and supporting people with mental illnesses and disabilities until they show their symptoms

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  • mmm. apparently some anti-vaxxer is arguing that “autism is brain damage” and that the meningitis shot causes brain damage.

    firstly, can I just say I’m so sick of allistics thinking that because we have a developmental disorder that we “suffer” to some degree? stigma and ableism in general is usually the primary problem we face, not the fact we have a disorder. we’re gonna have problems, yeah, but who fucking doesn’t? that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be treated like human beings, but nah so ahead and talk down to us like we’re subhuman.

    secondly, many of the diseases that vaccines prevent, like meningitis and measles, can also cause brain damage you absolute fucking troglodyte

    I’m tired

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  • Police Chief Kevin Karl Kemp of the New Austin police department, whose department is testing the robot, calls it “a rousing success” and “much more efficient.”

    (Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse, the newspaper from an alternate universe!)

    Author: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    Published: November 17th, 2019

    New Austin, Texarcana, United States of Vespuccia - Tech giant Aynrandia Industries has announced the results of their early tests of DARREN-23912191514, a robot designed to replace human police officers, and so far the results have been phenomenal.

    Freeon Lust, the CEO of Aynrandia Industries, had this to say about the prototype: “It’s been great. A normal human police officer only kills about 2 minorities a week on average, but this bad boy killed 20 and wounded 14 more in just three days on the job.

    "We haven’t quite figured out how to replicate other police behaviors, such as raping women they’ve pulled over or beating their wives, as the robots currently have no knowledge of sex or romance, but we’re working on it. Nor have we quite worked out how to replicate that inner gut feeling neurotypical humans get when someone is mentally ill or has a different neurotype. We’ve had to just manually give the command to open fire in those cases, it’s been a bit annoying actually, but hey, every system starts out with bugs. That’s why we run these tests, after all. Gotta work out the kinks.

    "Still, we’ve got the essential functions down: shooting racial minorities on sight, running red lights just because it can, and tricking people into speeding or parking violations, to gain more revenue for their precinct. It’s even got an algorithm that uses facial recognition to look up a citizen’s net worth before helping them, so that it doesn’t accidentally help somebody poor or homeless. Yeah, if you don’t make at least $100K a year, you’re shit outta luck with this thing. I love it! That algorithm also helps make sure it doesn’t oppress any of our wealthy citizens with speeding tickets or parking tickets. Once these roll out en masse, the wealthy will be able to murder people in front of one of these and get away with it, without even having a pesky annoying trial.”

    Police Chief Kevin Karl Kemp of the New Austin police department, whose department was called to test the robot, calls it “a rousing success” and “much more efficient.” He went on to say “I love this thing. When the other officers in the precinct tried to go on strike over their jobs being replaced, I had DARREN here just gun them all down. Then I just used the Grave-o-Matic 5000 Grave-Digging Machine, also made by Aynrandia Industries, to bury their corpses. I’m kinda sad about it, to be honest. It’s gonna take a lot of money to spackle over all the bullet holes in the building.”

    There are, of course, a few critics a little sore about the whole thing. Human rights violations this, lack of morality that, blah blah blah. You know the type. Whiny libtards with no respect for our great country or President-For-Life Adolf Hitler II, our first fascist clone President. (For a complete list of said critics and their ties to foreign terrorist organizations, turn to page 5A.)

    And of course nobody reads down this far, so I can say what I want now. Like I can say my boss is a real bitch, busting my balls for putting “fascist propaganda” onto the YOGAP website. She keeps going on about “YOGAP is better than this,” and “You’re only here because Stupirt Furdock bought the company out from under us and made us hire you at gunpoint.” She’s always complaining about annoying stuff like trying to remove the microchip in her brain that controls her every move. I say she’s right about that, but only because the damn thing is clearly defective, if it can’t get her to shut up for even five minutes. Fuck this, I need to snort some coke from a 13-year-old hooker’s vagina. Schmidt OUT, bitches!

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  • so. watched an anime that I’ve heard of for a few years now (or ig anime movie series, since that’s what I watched, but the movies are essentially the entire show combined).

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    Be warned, this may have a t o n of grammatical errors, and may not be super well-formulated, but here we go.

    My rating: 3/10 stars

    What I liked: I rather enjoyed some concepts and characters, and the whole sorta art style with the anime was intriguing. It took getting used to, but I quite like the idea of the witch labyrinths, with their usage of a sorta collage-esque style with lots of colors and textures. 
    At the beginning, I felt some sort of connection to a handful of characters (namely Madoka herself, as well as Sayaka and other characters I can not remember the names of as I write this). I liked the dynamic some characters had with each other, the dynamic Madoka had with her family was quite sweet.

    But now, its time for what I’m here to talk the most about;

    What I didn’t like: Hoooo boy is there a lot to talk about here, so I’m just gonna make a bullet list:

    -Homura. More specifically, what the plot did to Homura. The way her love of another girl, and her various mental illnesses and need for a happier life were essentially her downfall, showing her literally becoming a demon because of this is…disturbing. This young girl, essentially a middle school child, was turned into a demon because…she fell in love with another girl (ill get to that whole issue too) and she clearly had some form of PTSD from what she had been through. 

    -The outright misogyny. So…so much misogyny. The whole plot hinges on the idea that young girls are not allowed to want things ever or else they’re selfish or cruel. More than a little disturbing, seeing as how many of these young girls’ wishes are essentially “I want to be able to survive” or “I want to save/protect my loved ones”. Y'know, just some “selfish” things. Also how the main plot is literally about shitting on and beating up young girls.

    -The lesbophobia. The fact that the love one girl has for another girl is shown as obsessive and outright demonic is absolutely disturbing, and absolutely disgusting. Especially since when a girl liked a boy, it may have been shown to be a bit unhealthy in some ways, but never to the level that one girls love for another girl was.

    -The implications of what it actually means to become a “magical girl”. The idea that becoming a magical girl can essentially be a metaphor for things such as child sex trafficking while simultaneously showing that these young girls will become monsters/”witches” one day no matter what is. disturbing as all hell. The fact that the “bad guys” are shown to be these same young girls after being so broken, so hurt by society, being told they’ll never be able to be a human being ever again with no true in-canon idea to challenge that message is disgusting.

    -The fact that the plot had seemed to end on a note that would have made sense (Madoka changing everything so that “witches” and “magical girls” are on good-terms or w/e), but then they decided to rip that shit out right from underneath their feet and be like “You thought that was the end? Nope! They’re all fucked and will continue to be demonized and tortured til the end of time! :)”. fuck that shit.

    -The inconsistencies. Some characters one moment can be shown as these competent and level-headed people but the next literally just stare stupidly at this monster about to kill them (Yes I’m talking about the stupid scene with Mami and charlotte), all because the plot was like “Oh you aren’t important anymore”. Also the fact that some characters can hate each other’s guts but one second later one dies for the other. There’s more, but my brain has stopped formulating cohesive sentences.

    Final Thoughts: I really wanted to like PMMM, I knew it was going to have issues going in, but coming out I realized there’s so, so many issues that are rarely addressed. Things happen in the story purely because the creator wants them to, even if it makes absolutely no sense.

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  • #ask#anon#ableism#gif warning #*supports eugenics* im not ableist
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  • #*crosses myself* oh lord #ask#anon#ableism
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  • #'im autistic too so its okay that im being ableist' #shut up idiot #ask#anon#ableism
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  • one of the worst types of ableds is those who see an anti eugenics message and go “actually, this is violent & reactionary :/// very pro life and anti abortion of you :/// i thought you were better than that ://“ like literally please shut up and rethink your life choices

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