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    Alrighty! I have decided that for a period of time, I will have Charlem.agne from Fate Ext-ella Link as a guest muse in this blog as a way to test him out and see whether I feel him enough as a muse to actually make a blog for him or not! this doesn´t mean I won´t keep rping Carmilla, and if you are not interested in seeing him appearing in your dash, feel free to blacklist the following tag! #guest;charlie . So from now on, feel free to send asks directed to him, or let´s rp if you want!

    #guestmuse#important#about#guest;charlie #so for a limited period of time; feel free to send him asks or let´s rp yeah! #i just love charlie he is great! #if asks are not specified they will be answered with carmilla as usual yes ye s
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  • “v/von seems like insane or freak(?)-” oh, all the best kind of people are kinda crazy /  insane also “freak” sometimes. little bit different than others. all the best kind of people are kinda crazy. they didn’t know our past nor our backstories or our suffering or anything much. they know nothing. Nothing much. you don’t know actually anyone at all and what ever they had to go through in their path or what ever they had to felt about something, you don’t know, what ever it, is so don’t judge. there’s always a little bit of pain, a little bit of death, tired, hurt, tears, wounds, sorrow, fear, struggle, something bothering or loneliness in everyone. etcera. so don’t. there’s some secrets in this life or with people that you never will get to divulge or dig much. guess the way you give judgements, probably I’m just gonna assume that you’re a god? oh, probably you’re a demi-god i guess? or probably … a king, royal i guess? how much billions did you have in hands right now? or probably you’re super rich people i guess. did you live in palace or probably have relations with diplomatic bloods or higher ranks people on somewhere, you know, sort of have whole armies in your hands? .. you have all the powers to say mean things about me and others so you can decide to kick others or me for no reasons. probably you’re the one who made Hell and heaven gates too I guess so, & you kinda …. have all those judgements for me or anyone you wanted because you’re perfect 150%. because you know you can judge also etc. so, I guess you’re powerful. how powerful you are? how much souls did you have in hands? so did you put my soul in me? you brought me and chose me to be this way? so you’re the one who’s controlling me and my whole life? so you think you can judging everyone just the way they are and the way it is? did you created me and the whole universe? so is it you whose determined I should be and etc? so you’re the one who wrote my life? you basically have mean mouthed and etc for no reasons, so you’re the one who’s a FREAK . you’re the one who disturbed people peace. my PEACE. for unknown reasons. fuck off fuckers/asshole. I didn’t settled for no one. but my own. I didn’t do anything. it was you whom disturbing me with saying those things like that. not my fault. it’s just your fault, all due to your hands and those bad things you have to say about others. you’re judgemental. I owe you nothing. you’re being a bitch on others for no reasons. if only you can talk like that in front mirrors , facing yourself or record voices or record yourself, you’ll know how negative and toxic also mean af you’re giving to others. try to read that again and again and hear it by yourself. I just wanted good and caring people for me in nowadays. unfortunately people like you aren’t one in it nor in my list. just go away or something. try to encourage or care for people. it’s more better. 

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  • #Donut Media #Bumper 2 Bumper #Donut Media Bumper 2 Bumper #About#British#Car#British Car#Rolls Royce #Rolls Royce Cullinan #Luxury SUV #Luxury SUV Car #Luxury#Luxury Car#SUV#SUV Car #Sport Utility Vehicle #Sport Utility Vehicle Car
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    i couldn’t stop thinking about this banana that was rotting in the kitchen so i made tiny banana pancakes

    hand for scale :^)

    #me making banana pancakes while listening to happy by mitski at 3am: #could a depressed person make this??? #about #tbh i ate most of them #but i did leave some for my family #im nice like that #im real nice and normal :)
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  • isn’t that MUNDUNGUS FLETCHER? yeah that is HIM outside the three broomsticks! they used to be in SLYTHERIN but apparently they now work as a CLERK in THE JUNK SHOP. sybill once said they looked like JAIME LORENTE, and that they reminded her of tobacco smoke clung to the fabric of an oversized coat, fingers ghosting over a fully stocked shelf, an emptied pocket turned heavy, a reputation that crosses the threshold three steps ahead, bulky silver rings weighing down calloused hands, innumerous whisperings of ‘alohomora’ and the disillusionment charm, eyes flicked back over his shoulder, forearms lent across the bar and an order for firewhisky, nabbing the full bottle once their back is turned, a cupboard cluttered with loose odds and ends, and lies poised on the tip of his tongue. anyway i’ve heard they’re still a bit LARCENOUSDISHONEST and SHAMELESS, they’re TWENTY-ONE now but some things never change! i wonder how being a HALF-BLOOD is affecting them after hogwarts? i guess only time will tell…  


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    #petrificus.intro #intro#about #only a teeny bit delayed #gambling tw
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  • Rules are pretty simple, same as every one.

    No godmodding, meta modding, don’t speak for my character etc…

    if we have an rp going but i haven’t replied in two days please poke me either in im’s or an ask, i tend to forget things

    If you’re taking a while to reply or don’t feel it anymore please tell me and we’ll drop it or work something out, i won’t rush you for replies. Let’s keep the focus on fun after all!


    Call me Pugs or Mai, i’m 26 and go by any pronoun but “it” 
    i’m more afraid of you than you are of me so don’t hesitate to strike a conversation in private or on the blog

    i’ll add more things as they come but for now this is the whole blog! it’s my first time pokemon rp’ing so take it easy on me please ;w; 

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  • will’s primarily attracted to women and honestly kind of a closet case, but there was a time when he genuinely didn’t know he also liked guys

    he spent his formative years so busy wishing he looked like the other guys that he never realized he wouldn’t mind being with some of them. once will began medical transition, he did notice those feelings about dudes, but chalked it up to the hrt making him horny

    from there he was too stressed out to really date much cause the whole disclosure of his trans status thing gives him hella anxiety. there was a serious girlfriend or two along the way, none of those relationships went the distance

    then he meets hannibal (though the emotional connection came first for will before the sexual attraction and romantic interest) and will’s reminded ‘oh yeah i’m into men’

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  • Muse survey: Battle edition

    Does your muse, whilst fighting...

    fight honourably  /  fight dirty  /  prefer close - quarters  /  prefer range  /  chat during  /  go silent  /  low pain tolerance  /  high pain tolerance  /  attack in bursts  /  attack steadily  /  go for the kill  /  aim to disarm  /  fight defensively  /  strike first  /  provoke easily  /  provoke their opponent  /  tease  /  get visibly frustrated  /  shout while attacking  /  use strategy  /  focus on their battle  /  experience conflicting thoughts during battle  /  rush in recklessly  /  try to read their opponent before fighting  /  fight wildly  /  fight calmly and / or apathetically  /  fight with anger  /  fight with excitement  /  fight because they have to  /  fight because they want to  /  fight without regards to wounds  /  run away when wounded  /  hide wounds  /  take a blow to protect another  /  prefer a blade  /  prefer a gun  /  prefer to use their ability  /  prefer a bow  /  prefer a shield  /  prefer a pole arm  /  prefer a personalised weapon  /  prefer magic or spells  /  prefer brawling  /  their greatest weakness is physical  /  their greatest weakness is mental  /  their greatest weakness is emotional  /  transform for battle  /  fight as they appear  /  rely on strength  /  rely on speed  /  use everything they have  /  hide their full potential  /  exhaust quickly  /  high stamina  /  doubt their strength  /  proceed with caution  /  behave arrogantly  /  brag after landing a hit  /  belittle their abilities  /  use psychological tactics  /  use brute strength  /  avoid civilians  /  strike down civilians  /  damage surroundings  /  avoid damaging surroundings  /  signature fighting style  /  making it up as they go  /  mastered their skillset  /  learning their skillset  /  fancy footwork  /  sloppy footwork  /  messy fighter  /  elegant fighter  /  accept defeat  /  refuse defeat  /  beg for mercy  /  compliment their opponent  /  insult their opponent  /  use unnecessary movements ( flips, twirls )  /  move efficiently  /  barely move  /  prefer to dodge  /  prefer to block  /  defend their blindside  /  has no blindside  /  use all available advantages ( ex: use a gun but also throw punches, kick out while blades clash, etc. )  /  strictly use one main method  /  play around  /  hold back  /  fight ruthlessly  /  show mercy  /  wait for opponent to be ready  /  strike when opponent isn’t ready  /  fear death  /  fear pain  /  fear killing  /  has ptsd  /  avoid fighting  /  has lost a fight  /  has won a fight  /  has killed  /  refuses to kill  /  want to die standing  /  would succumb slowly.

    tagged by @seidrborn​  thanks bby
    tagging: @wcrthpride@actualrealliveanna@awreckageofstarss​ (any muse you like!) @ofthesouthernisles@freyanir

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    Join Sam and Magda Barnes on their latest adventure!

    While helping their friends Merle and Branston plan a new feature for their dude ranch, they are visited by the spirit of a young woman. Never ones to let things be, they rally their psychic friends for a séance to try and determine who she is and why she’s so sad.
    Meanwhile, Magda’s intuitive Birman cat, Crystal, begins to act strangely … well, not so strange for this cat! What clues will Crystal provide this time!

    A must-read about chocolates, a psychic cat, séances, a ghost town … and murder!

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  • …i wanna gif so bad you guys it is literally killing me. I am going to get a new drive for my desktop tonight so fingers crossed it will work.

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  • Name: Minerva Rhiannon Blake

    Age: 26

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

    Time lived in Atlanta: One Month

    Occupation: Mechanic

    Lives: Small two-bedroom house in Kirkwood

    Character Quote: “my mother sensed a war in her womb, and so she raised me to fight.” - hafsa atique

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  • I want to live in the feelings of Jim Croce songs

    #personal#about #all of them are stories and soft and beautiful and funny and I love them
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  • Levante originates from the verb levantar (Spanish: to rise) and refers to the fact that the sun rises from the east…a levanter wind is an eastern wind that blows through the mountains 

    I wanna be myself (I don’t care)
    Even if it’s still strange (Just don’t care)
    As soon as I broke away from you, I can see myself
    Everything, all before my eyes
    Now I know (Now I know)
    The one I needed has been me
    I walk as my feet take me
    I feel the light, I feel the light

    #cant believe stray kids wrote an entire album around w i n d i m a g e r y #its like they KNOW #about#music #god i love stray kids
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  • Take me home

    Just. End this end this please

    I want to die and be at peace

    #death tw#trauma#about #i think im loosing my mind
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